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  • Ark: Survival Evolved, Company of Heroes and Mount & Blade free to play on Steam this weekend

  • ISmoke 28/08/2015

    Trust Ark to be playable the weekend I wont really get to play my PC. Boo! Reply 0
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 review

  • ISmoke 24/08/2015

    @UKPartisan - If you're only a console gamer it's quite hard to see the benefits of the PC platform. I own a relatively high end machine and a PS4. The PS4 is great for a cheap games platform but it doesn't offer the same feeling of playing on my PC.

    These cards are great for building someones first PC or someone who just wants a PC which can take on the PS4/Xbone
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  • ISmoke 22/08/2015

    Seems like a really good card for those wanting a cheap gaming PC and aren't fussed with all the bells and whistles. Reply +1
  • Digital Foundry vs ultra-wide 21:9 PC gaming

  • ISmoke 23/08/2015

    @Simatron3000 - that would be beautiful but the power to move those pixels makes even my over locked 980Ti shudder in fear Reply 0
  • ISmoke 23/08/2015

    Cinematic you say? I hope it comes with a 24Hz refresh rate to really capture those cinematic feels ;)

    Seriously though I bet it looks georgous in the flesh. I bought a fancy 2560x1440 144Hz Gsync monitor last year so don't think I'll be getting a new one for another 4 or so years yet. Bummer
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  • Blatant plug: Simon Parkin's Death by Video Game is out now

  • ISmoke 21/08/2015

    @lone_wolf_uk - This is the real reason most stay I bet.

    I live for the brilliant tag lines
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight's PC "interim patch" due in the next few weeks

  • ISmoke 21/08/2015


    Perhaps, but with many good games coming out over the next few months I rather play, it will wait.

    Arma 3 Exile mod has been released today. That's ahead of batman for me.
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  • ISmoke 21/08/2015

    Lost my hype for this game very quickly. Just another icon in steam I probably wont play. Glad I didn't pay for this.

    Goob job, WB.
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  • Pokémon fighter Pokkén Tournament lands on Wii U in spring 2016

  • ISmoke 21/08/2015

    Guaranteed way for Nintendo to sell a tonne of Wii U's: Make Pokemon Gold/Silver into a proper 3D Pokemon title.

    I could play that for eternity
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  • PC to get game-sharing via Nvidia GeForce Experience app

  • ISmoke 21/08/2015

    interesting. Might try it once or twice Reply +3
  • McDonald's Mario toy fingered in wank prank

  • ISmoke 19/08/2015

    Reply 0
  • ESL to test pro Counter-Strike players for cannabis use during Cologne tournament

  • ISmoke 12/08/2015

    I've banned myself from attempting to play multiplayer games when I'm stoned. Performance enhancing. Sure :lol: Reply +3
  • Video: Why Cities: Skylines won't sell you DLC in bits and pieces

  • ISmoke 11/08/2015

    Because they aren't console developers

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  • John Wick VR shooter announced for 2016

  • ISmoke 08/08/2015

    @Ajent This one :)

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  • ISmoke 07/08/2015

    Yeah, John Wick made me smile pretty much from the house invasion onwards. Reply +7
  • Intel Skylake: Core i5 6600K review

  • ISmoke 06/08/2015

    @Drunk-Si I love the look of hardline but it seems much less forgiving than your traditional tubing but i love the authentic 'plumbed' appearance it has. I'm a sucker for the push fit fittings too.

    Ha, we share a similar taste. I have an Obsidian 800D now and considering getting the Fractal Design Arc Mini R2 for my next main build
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  • ISmoke 06/08/2015

    @FMV-GAMER Yeah, it'll be tough to build it but the challenge of the build is part of the fun, right? That's why we build!

    Well, I've got my eye on a Fractal Design Arc Mini R2. Seems to be the best small case I can find with good water-cooling potential (360mm and a 240mm radiator in a tiny case!

    You can fit a full length GPU in there so I could put my 980Ti inside or another flagship GPU by the time I start building it
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  • ISmoke 06/08/2015

    @Suarez07 - I find they're the least offensive on the eye. There's some cases I see which are cool but I would be a bit ashamed of them after a while.

    The Cooler Master HAF 922 was my most 'gamer' case.
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  • ISmoke 06/08/2015

    @FMV-GAMER - Indeed I have. Just think it sets it off nicely. I think a green build would look very striking and has me dreaming one up. Thing is, my GPU doesn't actually have any green on it, the block I replaced it with was also black.

    I know the case you mean. It was very eye catching. I'm not sure I could have it though, was a bit too in your face for myself. I like things subtle.

    My PC looks very basic (when you don't look through the window). 800D is a very uninspiring case but that's why I love it. Coupled with my keyboard which also looks plain (Ducky Shine DK9008), Corsair SP2500 speakers which also look pretty boring!
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  • ISmoke 06/08/2015

    @FMV-GAMER -
    Some closed loop/AIO coolers are very good. My friend uses the NZXT Kraken for his CPU and gets very good temps. He has the original 6 core CPU intel first produced.

    Truth be told, I haven't really looked at motherboard technology since getting my RIVE.

    My current build is all housed in a Corsair 800D which is quite a large case. I want something much smaller for my next main build but that means moving away from the top end of motherboards. I'll be going for something like a Mini/Micro ATX.
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  • ISmoke 06/08/2015

    @FMV-GAMER Thanks man :)

    I used to have white tube and white fan rings but fancied a change and figured the motherboard is black and red, my case is black and my PSU is also black and red so the red seemed like a natural fit. Plus it matches my RoG monitor :D

    CPU only has a moderate overclock. 4.2Ghz but it's 6 cores and nothing has made it really work yet so no need to push it further.

    It's the GPU I need to get overclocking. Just haven't had the time recently.

    edit: sorry, it's an i7 3930K
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  • ISmoke 06/08/2015

    @Drunk-Si - God knows. Some people will neg anything on here.

    Thanks for the kind words though! You have a super eager eye as well as you named everything perfectly! :)

    It'll be hardline next build. Eek!
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  • ISmoke 06/08/2015

    @AceGrace - Can't argue with that, really.

    Might be worth seeing what PSU it has? could switch out that 660 for something like a 760ti/960
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  • ISmoke 06/08/2015

    @skunkfish - I wish I took photos of how badly it leaked! my first loop was perfect first time but this loop caused me issues. I couldn't seem to get the outlet on the 120 radiator (the outlet feeds to the CPU) right and it leaked really badly.

    It's a lot easier than you would probably think though
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  • ISmoke 06/08/2015

    @Simatron3000 - Yeah GPUs can get quite hot. I saw my friends 690 hit close to 100 once!

    But yeah, water-cooling isn't cheap and truthfully, it's not really worth it because it costs so much. But if it is something that interests you it's a very fun thing to do

    That's my PC whilst I was leak testing. The paper has since gone :lol:
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  • ISmoke 06/08/2015


    It's hard to sell watercooling to someone. It's not cheap, at all. My custom loop is made up of 2 radiators 360+120, pump, waterblocks for a 980ti and 3930K, reservoir, compression fittings, 4 fans and tubing. I've spent probably best part of Ł650-700.

    I did it mostly because I've always wanted to. In terms of performance. I have the superclocked EVGA 980ti. I should've checked the temperatures before I changed it to watercooling but now I've never seen it go past 46 degrees and that's after playing games (BF4/Witcher 3/AC:Unity) for a few hours

    From memory when I was looking it up before, I think the 980Ti would get ~70-80 degrees with the same games.

    So if I wanted to I have plenty of headroom - heat wise - for overclocking but I've not got around to doing that yet.

    For what it's worth, now I've been watercooling for the last few years, I wouldn't go back to air cooling.

    Edit: regarding the temps. I have my fans set to 1000RPM, they can go right upto 1400RPM. So my GPU sits at about 28 degrees idle and then up to 45 when under load. If I had my fans set to faster then I would have even lower temps. My CPU seems to sit around 50-60 after a few hours of gaming.
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  • ISmoke 06/08/2015

    I'm sticking with my i7 3930K for a while longer. But these look like good chips.

    I really want to get a small PC case for my build (Fractal Design Arc Mini R2, specifically) but that means getting pretty much a whole new PC as my motherboard wont fit. Looking forward to building a small fully watercooled PC though. Just have to be patient
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  • Dynasty Warriors dev is making an Attack on Titan game

  • ISmoke 06/08/2015

    @Hiya - I'm looking forward to watching it. Should be really good as there are a few twists coming that I really didn't see happening. Reply +1
  • ISmoke 06/08/2015

    @Hiya - Yeah, I have a very good comic book store next to my house which is both a good thing and bad thing. It's very hard to resist temptation when I get to the end of a book and usually end up running around the corner!

    You can read them online for free here

    I've never got along with reading on a screen though, I like turning pages.

    You'll want chapter 34 if you want to carry on from exactly where the Anime ended. I ended up buying from the beginning though.
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  • ISmoke 06/08/2015

    @Hiya - I started it on Netflix a few months ago. Finished the first season in about 2 sittings. Brilliant stuff. I loved it so much and needed to know what was going to happen that I've been reading the manga. I'm on the 11th volume out of 15 so far. The anime ends about half way through Volume 8. judging by what I've read so far, some very interesting things will be in the next season. Reply +2
  • Bungie ditches Destiny's Dinklage dialogue for Nolan North

  • ISmoke 05/08/2015

    @Faramis - I've racked up about 300 hours on Destiny across 3 characters who are all level 34. I haven't played in several weeks but I know the moment I start playing again I'll be hooked.

    If they announced it for release on PC today I would jump back in instantly for the added benefits. Plus most of my friends are PC only so it would actually give me more people to play with rather than rely on LFGs
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  • Quantum Break release date revealed

  • ISmoke 04/08/2015

    @arcam - Yeah it's probably my favourite TV show in the history of ever. Though I haven't started The Sopranos yet.

    She was telling me that Breaking Bad wouldn't be beat by it. I'm setting out to prove her wrong. She didn't even find season 2 that bad. I keep telling her to wait for the school, Marlo, Kris and Snoop.
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  • ISmoke 04/08/2015

    @arcam - My girlfriend hadn't ever watched The Wire before. Rather than break up with her I thought of it as an excuse to watch it all over again. Just starting season 3 now. Can't wait to see Clay Davis fully again.

    And Marlo *shiver*
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  • MGS5: The Phantom Pain bumps PC release forward to match consoles

  • ISmoke 04/08/2015

    @Negotiator Never used that website before. I typically use CJS-CDKeys and if I can't find what I want on there I use

    G2A currently has it for Ł28
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  • ISmoke 04/08/2015

    Easy-peasy specs right there. 1440/60+ fps (hopefully).

    Almost the definitive experience right there!
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  • ISmoke 03/08/2015

    Oh wow, not often you get a game brought forward. Great news Reply +19
  • Why DirectX 12 is a game-changer for PC enthusiasts

  • ISmoke 02/08/2015

    Ha, Brilliant!

    Console gamers trying to get one over each other on a PC specific article. I have news for you. Stop arguing, you're both playing on inferior machines. Just enjoy your games!
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  • Iron Man mod swoops into Grand Theft Auto 5

  • ISmoke 31/07/2015

    Oh I do love PC gaming. GTA 5 just needs private servers and it could be perfect. A Marvel superhero server would be all kinds of fun Reply +12
  • Mafia 3 reveal set for Gamescom

  • ISmoke 28/07/2015


    Had to go watch that scene on YouTube after this. Brilliant
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  • ISmoke 28/07/2015


    That 4/10 still irks me till this day
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  • ISmoke 28/07/2015

    FUCKING YES!! Reply +18
  • Dishonored: Definitive Edition is half-off if you own the original

  • ISmoke 23/07/2015

    @Bush_Killa-73 - no. You'll need to trade in your PS3 version and buy the PS4 version.

    Otherwise what is stopping everyone using the same disc and getting the discount?
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  • ISmoke 23/07/2015

    @blerk2000 - not doubting it was a great game.

    I just find it amusing that some people will pay more money to buy a game they've already beaten with a few higher settings, better resolution and a better frame rate.

    Are they going to start calling the PC versions of games the 'definitive editions' since they boast higher frame rates, resolutions and textures?
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  • ISmoke 22/07/2015

    The way console gamers lap up these 'remastered' games is beyond funny. Reply -9
  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 reveals first gameplay trailer

  • ISmoke 14/07/2015

    @NipplePinchy - well played! Reply +1
  • AMD Radeon R9 Fury review

  • ISmoke 12/07/2015

    @Suarez07 - I'm with you there. I'm sure AMD have gotten better but you know how it is when you've invested into something and it just doesn't feel like you've had good value for money?

    My friend has a R9 280x and he said it's been flawless so I have no doubt they've got better. Mind you, he just plays hearthstone now :)

    I only have 1 980Ti currnetly but it's more than enough for 1440p currently. Having it watercooled gives me the option to give it a heft overclock soon.
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  • ISmoke 12/07/2015

    I've mostly always been Nividia the one time I went to the red team was enough to send me running back to the greens.

    I had a XFire set up of 2 XFX HD 5870's Black Editions. These cards were incredible on their own. I got them due to them needing lest power and running cooler than the GTX 480. On their own they were beasts. Run them in XFire and they were a shambles. I actually think I sepnt more time running them on their own for less headache. Essentially wasting Ł350 odd.

    It was really really bad in MW2 and The Witcher 2.

    I've since had 780 and now my 980Ti and I'm so glad to be back in the green team.
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  • Grip looks a lot like a modern-day Rollcage

  • ISmoke 09/07/2015

    Oh, what a feeling. Driving on the ceiling. Reply +3
  • Bulletstorm dev People Can Fly regains independence

  • ISmoke 24/06/2015

    I'm so glad to see the love for Bulletstorm in this article. It was one of the best games of last generation for me. Genuinely a fun and pleasing game.

    I would too would rush out and buy BS2 in a heart beat.
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  • Destiny: The Taken King director defends Ł40 expansion price tag

  • ISmoke 23/06/2015

    Nicely done, EG. You went Jeremy Paxman on him.

    Saying that - Can we get Jeremy Paxman to do game interviews from now on?
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