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  • Microsoft unveils wired Xbox One controller for Windows PC

  • ISmoke 17/09/2014

    Meh, I just bought a Xbone pad a few weeks ago and used a old USB lead kicking around.

    All I've used it for so far is One Finger Death Punch :)
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  • Face-Off: Destiny

  • ISmoke 13/09/2014

    Think it's worrying for both boxes that they could only manage 30fps at 1080p

    I'm also not buying that the PS4 could've hit 60fps and that the Xbone is holding it back. Both are under powered just the Xbone is the weaker of the two.
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 gets November PS4 and Xbox One release date

  • ISmoke 12/09/2014

    @mega-gazz - Nope. Saying we have/should have a better version is exclusive to the PC Gamer.

    I couldn't ever imagine a PS4 Gamer laughing at a Xbone gamer saying they have a slightly lower resolution or anything like that.

    I definitely didn't read anything like that happening in the recent Destiny thread, oh no.
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  • ISmoke 12/09/2014

    Must admit, I'm not fond of seeing a lot of people saying that they'll pirate the game. Either pony up or don't play it.

    I am a hypocrite though. I pirated the stick of truth and within a few hours I noticed how good of a game it truly was and I felt bad so bought it off of Steam. other than that I haven't pirated a game since the first Crysis to see if I could run it and since then I've bought it both on physical and on Steam.
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  • ISmoke 12/09/2014


    Did GTA IV look better on my PC than console counterparts - Yes.

    Did GTA IV run better on my PC than console counterparts - Yes.

    Did GTA IV offer me mods on my PS3 - No

    Will GTA V look better on my PC than console counterparts - Yes (1440p>1080p)

    Will GTA V run better on my PC - More than likely.

    Will GTA V offer me mods - or at least the possibility of mods - on XBO/PS4 - No.

    Even with its flaws, GTA IV was still better on PC
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  • ISmoke 12/09/2014

    @andrewrafter You'll take that back when we have the definitive version.

    As always.

    I'm sure mods will be fun in the console version... Oh wait. Nevermind, perhaps the higher than HD resolution will be worth... Uh Oh.
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  • Video: Could this be the ultimate COD?

  • ISmoke 11/09/2014

    @bad09 - That is the first thing that came to mind! I do miss my dreamcast. Sega Bass Fishing was fun. Closest I've ever been to real fishing. Reply +1
  • Radeon R9 285 review

  • ISmoke 02/09/2014

    Since I ditched my HD5870 XFire set up AMD have really upped their game. I hope their driver support is better now as that was what pushed me away to team green

    Unfortunately for them I've recently got myself a GSync monitor so I'll be sticking with Nvidia for the next few years and upgrades.
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  • The Crew has artificial 30fps lock on PC

  • ISmoke 27/08/2014

    For what it is worth. I have a lowly GTX780 SC and on my new 1440p 144Hz GSync screen BF4 was running at 55-65FPS on Pearl Market all settings at ultra but I took AA off and now it is buttery smooth. Though I think that is to do with GSync.

    I must admit, I will be getting another GPU soon though.
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  • You can't trade items with other players in Destiny

  • ISmoke 26/08/2014

    Eh, not too miffed about it not coming to PC. Looks like borderlands 3 will be my co-op go to shooter Reply +1
  • Here's a 35 minute The Witcher 3 gameplay video

  • ISmoke 19/08/2014

    I don't like the new Geralt, he looks like he has put a bit of weight on and looks a bit more like a human than in TW2:AOK. Still looking forward to playing this though.

    I originally only bought the 2nd game because I just bought myself a new 120Hz monitor at the time and I heard the game looked amazing graphically and also CDPR were doing the whole NO-DRM thing in a time Ubisoft was shafting everyone so I decided to support them and ended up loving the game even when RPGs aren't my genre usually.
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  • Steam's Summer Sale has begun

  • ISmoke 20/06/2014

    @Gabbo I'm not a rpg fan by any stretch and I only bought The Witcher 2 at launch because I heard it had no DRM and wanted to support the developers (and it had super pretty graphics and i just got my new 120Hz monitor so wanted eye candy at the time) but I actually loved it. I hated it at first as I found the fighting very challenging. A certain fight in a courtyard towards the begining of the game almost had me breaking my new screen! but it is very rewarding, defintely worth buying. The fact you even ask at the price it is makes me think you don't deserve to play games ;) Reply +3
  • The next-gen Digital Foundry PC: chasing the 1080p60 dream

  • ISmoke 09/03/2014

    @Knobhead I just built a PC for 2500 and it doesn't have an optical drive.... Reply +4
  • Video: How a town is born in DayZ

  • ISmoke 26/02/2014

    Eurogamer puns and strap lines are the initial reason I fell in love with the site Reply +1
  • Kiefer Sutherland working on new Mortal Kombat game

  • ISmoke 24/02/2014

    @CraigC8 series 1 was the shittest season of 24! I always advise people skip it. Reply 0
  • Unreal Tournament retrospective

  • ISmoke 24/02/2014

    It's crazy how a map as simple as facing worlds stays with everyone. I loved it though. They had the updated version where it was on a space station which was longer but not quite as good.

    Morpheus gets another honourable mention for me.

    Back when I was addicted to UT I must've been about 11/12 and I used to play with the arrow keys rather than WASD! Think I used right Ctrl for jump. I look back on it now and it was a very weird set up to use! Though I never used jump as much as others. I just double tapped directions and flipped everywhere instead as made you a harder target.

    Oh those were the days!
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  • ISmoke 24/02/2014

    @JudicatorPlusOne I got a few frags by doing that occasionally. Though after you do it once they tend to shoot Any corpse left on the floor.

    Oh how the voices of UT stay in my mind
    "Ha Ha Ha"
    "Yeah Baby"
    "I just slaughtered that guy"
    "Target eliminated"
    "And stay down"

    And of course the obligatory pelvic thrust when you delivered that last winning flag on a round of CTF.

    One thing I was awful at was trying to kill people with my transporter. Some people were amazing with it.
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  • ISmoke 23/02/2014

    @Mekismo - Very true. I mainly played CTF on Facing Worlds, Hall of the Giants and Lava Giant with that Instagib red shock rifle. Made my aim so much better for PC games Reply 0
  • ISmoke 23/02/2014

    Best FPS ever. They don't make them like that anymore.

    "You like that?"
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  • Watch Titanfall on Xbox One at 60fps

  • ISmoke 14/02/2014

    @jest0r You mean like how it is priced on PC?

    I'd pay full price for this game.
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  • Amazon goes and lists Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC

  • ISmoke 22/01/2014

    Bring on the mods. I want to play as Iron Man and The Hulk in Los Santos Reply 0
  • It looks like there's going to be a pre-release Titanfall test

  • ISmoke 16/01/2014

    Got excited. Noticed it isn't for PC and only Xbone. Got upset.

    Looks like a game that will provide many, many hours of fun. One of my most anticipated titles of the year
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  • 2K Czech restructuring, Mafia 3 moving to US?

  • ISmoke 10/01/2014

    The city in Mafia 2 also felt so alive. Little things like how speeding got your in trouble made it very immersive for me.

    and seeing people slip in the snow!
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  • ISmoke 10/01/2014

    As others have pointed out. that 4/10 was a ridiculous moment for a website that I hold highly for good reviews.

    I actually thought it was better than GTA IV by a country mile. That scene with the triad and butchers knives was a brilliant moment in gaming for me.
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  • Titanfall maximum player count is 6v6

  • ISmoke 08/01/2014

    Whilst i've been spoiled with games like BF3/4 offering 64 player fights, DayZ having 40 player servers and messing around on a JC2 server with 500 people I actually like that teams will be this small. I think I know of 5 friends buying this with me so we can play as a full team and talk on TeamSpeak. Perfect :) Reply +2
  • South Park RPG release date tweaked to 7th March

  • ISmoke 07/01/2014

    Great pun work guys! Reply +6
  • DayZ week-one sales rocket past 400,000

  • ISmoke 02/01/2014

    @andrewsqual It wouldn't look as good as the PC version full stop. Reply +3
  • DayZ sneaks up on Steam Early Access

  • ISmoke 17/12/2013

    @Architect_z DayZ and trust in the same post? There is 0 trust in DayZ unless you are playing with people you actually know. On the rare occasion it was fun to try and group up with strangers but I found it more fun to hunt said strangers and kill them.

    I'd never group up with someone then kill them at the last minute. That just seems low. All within the game though.
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  • ISmoke 17/12/2013

    Some of my best gaming nights consisted of DayZ Mod, Teamspeak and 8 good friends running around Chernarus on late nights. We'd spend hours just looting and trying to survive, we ended up building an amazing base camp that had about 20 tents filled up with weapons, equipment, food and supplies along with many vehicles stashed away in the forest. Had a massive notepad document with loads of different coordinates on for where we hidden things! Good times indeed.

    I remember there was a time when 2 of us were online and my friend and myself had ghillie suits and sniper rifles were doing some looting around the NWAF and some other players were talking about meeting up near by over global chat so we decided to try and find them and follow them back to their base so we could loot it. We stalked them for the best part of 2 hours keeping our distance by about 400m and as we got real close to their base (we presume)down by Stary Sobor a group of bandits came out of no where with an SUV and ran two of them over and shot the others. They didn't see us and had no reason to assume they were being watched through the scopes of our DMRs so whilst they were busy looting the corpses we took the chance and wiped out their squad.

    We wasted 2 hours trying to find someone's base to loot but it was worth it for taking out 4 bandits and driving off in their loot filled SUV. You are never safe in Cherno!
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  • Assassin's Creed 4 DLC will let you play as Blackbeard

  • ISmoke 20/11/2013

    Bristol Represent! Reply +1
  • Roberts vows Star Citizen "will NEVER be dumbed down for a lesser platform"

  • ISmoke 19/11/2013

    @UKPartisan Indeed we are. Remember when we had to compromise between 1080 p or 60fps?

    oh wait...
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  • ISmoke 19/11/2013

    All i've got from the comments are the following.

    PS4 Gamers are allowed to look down on XBone gamers due to PS4 being more powerful
    Xbone gamers are allowed to look down on Wii U gamers due to Xbone being more powerful

    PC Gamers aren't allowed to look down on any platforms whilst being vastly more powerful because we get called Elitists... hmmm
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  • Call of Duty: Ghosts PC patch drops 6GB RAM requirement to 4GB

  • ISmoke 19/11/2013

    i haven't played this since launch day. BF4 has been getting my PC love. While no title was free from bugs at release i had a much smoother experience with BF4 than i did with the laggy games of CoD I had. I almost thought my PC couldn't handle it (3GB GTX780SC, I7 3930K, 16GB RAM)

    I'll check it out in the not so distant future. I believe there is enough room in the FPS for both COD and BF4. I play BF when i fancy some objective game types and CoD when I want to go Rambo and have some mindless fun. Both games are perfect at achieving what they set out to be.
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  • Face-Off: Call of Duty: Ghosts

  • ISmoke 12/11/2013

    @zrdle +1 Kinda' set myself up for that one Reply 0
  • ISmoke 12/11/2013

    What's a virus? i haven't had to deal with one of those in forever... Reply +8
  • Mass Effect 4 teaser images released by BioWare

  • ISmoke 08/11/2013

    Maybe I'm in the minority but the ending of ME3 didn't leave me with a bad taste in my mouth. I loved each game from the start until the very end. Saying that.. The Mass Effect games are the only games I've completed several times over this generation. Played through ME1/ME2 3 times each and i'm on my 2nd with ME3 Reply +2
  • ISmoke 08/11/2013

    Well isn't this a nice bit of news :) Reply +10
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts review

  • ISmoke 05/11/2013

    Bought it for 33 last night on PC. I'll get my moneys worth. Reply +1
  • Face-Off Preview: Battlefield 4 next-gen vs. PC

  • ISmoke 29/10/2013


    I use CJS-CDKeys quite regulary. They have BF4 for 33 inc China rising.

    If you buy their russian games, which i occasionally do, you need to use a VPN to activate it on Steam but the game is often still in English. I've done it for a few games now.

    Batman Origins for 15 and Arma 3 for 12. Can't complain with those prices.
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  • ISmoke 29/10/2013

    @TheEarlOfZinger - See im fortunate not to have many responsibilities in that regard. I have the disposable income to spend.

    Regardless, everyone has a different financial situation and i'm not judging that.

    My post is directed at those who are bickering over 720p v 900p as if it is genuinely a massive gulf. I'm still looking forward to my PS4 pre-order but to say i'm disappointed that the new generation can't even do 1080p@60fps is an understatement. 1080p isn't even a demanding resolution anymore. I feel bad that I haven't got a 2560x1440 display for my machine but i chose 120Hz above resolution.

    People will enjoy the game wherever they play but I find it funny with Sony fanboys acting as if the PS4 has the definitive version.
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  • ISmoke 29/10/2013

    Whilst console only gamers are bickering about 720p and 900p I'll just play this on PC (Y'know, where it is supposed to be played) with ultra settings at 1080p and a comfortable 80fps, if the beta is anything to go by.

    Oh how I love PC gaming. No compromises :)
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  • Apple to unveil new iPad models on 22nd October - report

  • ISmoke 16/10/2013

    My New iPad (No no, not the newest one. The older one that was called the new one)still gets a lot of use. One of the best purchases i've ever made.

    While i'm still happy with it if they release an iPad mini with retina display then i'll snap one up. I always get jealous when i'm using my heavy one and i see my friend using his small one effortlessly.
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  • Two Daz Dillinger tracks are in GTA 5 - and he's not happy

  • ISmoke 11/10/2013

    So if I offer R* 5 when GTA:V hits PC and they don't like my offer. i can just download it for free?

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  • F1 2013 review

  • ISmoke 03/10/2013

    Been playing through these games on PC (though i skipped 2012) and I'm looking forward to this one.

    I remember how chuffed I felt when I came 2nd in Monaco with a Sauber as my drive after I cam 8th in qually. I felt like I won the race.
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  • DICE: Battlefield 4 beta rollout times

  • ISmoke 01/10/2013

    @Slikz which PC gamers do you know that plays at 900p ? lol Reply +10
  • Expect larger, more open campaign levels in Call of Duty: Ghosts

  • ISmoke 26/09/2013

    Lol. They can't win can they. People complain about corridors, they remove said corridors and the people still complain. Reply +4
  • Switch from playing Final Fantasy 14 on PS3 to PS4 for free

  • ISmoke 19/09/2013

    @menage He could jump back on his old PC and continue playing Reply +1
  • Live: Sony's PS4 TGS 2013 keynote

  • ISmoke 18/09/2013

    Damn. I thought I read 2:30 pm Reply 0
  • DICE looking into Kinect head tracking for Xbox One Battlefield 4

  • ISmoke 18/09/2013

    I'm not buying an Xbone but some of you make out like this is a serious problem? Only good can come from this. Are you trying to tell me that leaning, which i bet most of you do when playing anyway, that can be replicated on the screen is a negative thing? Reply +13
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD review

  • ISmoke 18/09/2013

    Oh god... the memories are flooding back. Wind Waker was the first game i pre-ordered and bought with my own money that i saved up for weeks from tiny bits of pocket money.

    The day it was released it was a girl in my tutor groups birthday party and I wanted to stay at home playing my game. I was forced to go though.

    All i can hear in my head now is the sailing music... What a game... might have to pick up a Wii-U for this.
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