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  • Batman: Arkham City ships 6m copies

  • IN4ARIOT 08/02/2012

    I finished PC version and loved the game itself , but they really bolloxed it up for that platform. DX11 issues and "that" Joker fight super laggy slowdown mess and I lost my saves twice . Shameful port indeed . Reply +2
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic beta test weekend goes live

  • IN4ARIOT 25/11/2011

    Downloading Batman:AC..which is 17gb.... sheesh... wish I had FTTP so I could play both this weekend.. Reply 0
  • Retrospective: Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

  • IN4ARIOT 05/07/2009

    seriously , despite the flaws, a remarkable game I'll never forget playing .. ta for the memories Reply +2
  • Aion beta keys now activated!

  • IN4ARIOT 29/06/2009

    Here's the client downloader if you're having trouble finding it..
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  • Aion closed beta key giveaway

  • IN4ARIOT 26/06/2009

    @ZuluHero, glad to help and inform m8 ... As far as I'm aware the keys are for this w/e only... I got a pre-order key so I'm covered for all and pre-order doodads .. it took me 4.5 hours on a BT connection to DL it .. then 5 hours to my other pc.. but I think it's worth it if you're into MMO's .. personnally I'm well into it after the last 2 CBs ...

    update: I've got a spare key ...I'll check in later to see if anyone wants it ..
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  • IN4ARIOT 26/06/2009

    The DL is about 5.33GB , unzips to 7.83 GB . Other are having the serial key prob..but u can DL the client before the event
    You need to change your launcher region to North America (under File -> Settings -> Advanced). Then you can just click on Aion and click install. Once it's finished installing change the region to Europe to log into the EU servers next weekend.
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  • Microsoft denies backing wrong horse

  • IN4ARIOT 03/04/2008

    "There is a certain percentage - not a massive percentage - of consoles that were experiencing disk failures or CPU failures, or whatever word we want to use," added Thompson.

    bollocks ... 4 ppl at my place of work have 360s , one's rrod'd twice , mine and another mate's gone once...the other guy's just waiting till it goes... I got mine back after xmas when it broke , i've updated it and not played it since , preferring my ps3 for BD and games now..
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  • CoD4 PC demo spotted

  • IN4ARIOT 12/10/2007

    OOOOOooooohhh.., loved this , defend the tank bit was well intense . OmFg another essential pc purchase...I wonder how much I can sell the cat for?.. Reply 0
  • Team Fortress 2 beta live

  • IN4ARIOT 18/09/2007

    How wonderful.. I pay how much for games I already have ? (HL2 and EP1) ..but hey I can "give " them to m8s..sheesh..I only want Portal and TF2 , but no you have to buy the lot in one go .. no discount there , just buy stuff ta..but I'm missing out...bast marketing gits.. bollux anyway. Reply 0
  • Guild Wars: Eye Of The North

  • IN4ARIOT 12/09/2007

    A real half-arsed "aw , do I have to review THIS"....EG has usually got better quality control than this dogs dinner of a review ...
    I've played for a few houres now and I kinda like's not the "drag it out for a bit longer till GW2" thingie that was HM on the other's more of the other 3 with new bits , but funnerer...
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  • 2K quiet on BioShock DLC

  • IN4ARIOT 06/09/2007 funniest tape in whole game..." you little *7%%6" ! ...
    -off topic I know, but scariest tape was the Cohen one with the rabbit ears.. -
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  • BioShock

  • IN4ARIOT 23/08/2007

    Got mine an hour ago , can't do anything with it 'cos 2k servers are stuffed and I can't DL the patch .... You HAVE to be online then they go off..sheesh!! ..'aint technology wunnerful?...pffffffttt .... basts!!! Reply 0
  • Guild Wars breaks 4 million

  • IN4ARIOT 22/08/2007

    Gratz ncsoft .
    Anyone got their sneak peek w/end keys yet?.... A Bioshock/GW:EN w/end. Mucho gaming happy happy joy joy indeed....
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  • E3: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky

  • IN4ARIOT 14/07/2007

    Well I had no technical problems with S.T.A.L.K.E.R. to end...cried a bit it was all over..shorted G15 keyboard.
    I have heard of big probs for some ppl getting from Pripyat to Chernobyl NPP "personally " goes in my post.
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  • IN4ARIOT 13/07/2007

    So re:NHS comments you now get M.R.S.A and irradiated?....way to go topical....
    It's not broken..
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  • E3: New Stalker game uncovered

  • IN4ARIOT 12/07/2007

    Loved S.T.A.L.K.E.R. glitchy bits an' all , even started looking at videos of Pripyat and Chernobyl because the story got my curiosity sparked so much . Hope the new game ties in real events again to put more meat on the bones. I agree with HybridR the engine's fine as it is , the grittiness adding to the charm, depth and original look... I would also like to see the bits cut from the original put in a GOTY edition purty plzz... (Stadium anyone?) Reply 0