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  • Waking Mars on sale for $1.99 to celebrate Curiosity landing

  • Hypacharry 07/08/2012

    What happened to App of the Day? It gradually tailed off into oblivion a while ago. Reply -2
  • Diablo 3 item hunt "not enough for a sustainable end-game", Blizzard admits

  • Hypacharry 05/07/2012

    Funniest part of that to me was this bit ""But honestly Diablo 3 is not World of Warcraft. We aren't going to be able to pump out tons of new systems and content every couple months"

    Couple of months in WoW? Try 6-9 and pretty much 12 by the time WorldOfPandas comes out.

    This game was so shamelessly tweaked before release to cater to the £$ AH, that's what killed it. Time to reinstall D2!
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  • Tiny Tower developer shows off Pocket Planes launch trailer

  • Hypacharry 14/06/2012

    Indeed, hope you AOTD it soon, it's pretty much digital crack. Reply 0
  • Blizzard addresses Diablo 3 account hacks, outlines security measures

  • Hypacharry 22/05/2012

    @rodpad Have you only read this story and not looked elsewhere? There are multiple tales of accounts being compromised which had authenticators attached. The hack allegedly involves your sessionID which means there is no client side protection from it i.e. the same type of hack that happened to Rift and caused them to introduce coinlock etc. If this turns out to be true then heads should roll from then not learning a lesson from other companies mistakes.

    People are being booted off midgame and their group members seeing them still moving around talking to vendors etc. Check the wording from Blizzard above again, they mention there has been reports about a compromise then don't actually address it at all. They only say authenticators "can help" secure your account as they know in this instance it doesn't make any difference.

    The safest way to play at the moment is to make your games "Friends join only" as most reports seem to indicate playing in PUGs before they lost control of their character.
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  • App of the Day: Rune Raiders

  • Hypacharry 02/04/2012

    It's not 69pence now, it went up to £1.49 a couple of days ago.

    Still probably worth it but the review just missed the post launch sale.
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  • Former Fable developer unveils Rogue Star

  • Hypacharry 29/03/2012

    @JorgeLuisBorges Exactly, Galaxy On Fire 2 HS is as good a demo of what the new ipads can do as are the Infinity Blades. There's also the much older Warpgate which is a pretty decent Elite clone.

    I hope the Rogue Star dev has played those as GOF2 especially has set the bar pretty high for an ios Elite game.
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  • ShopTo pulls "bad taste" GAME Reward Card promotion

  • Hypacharry 27/03/2012

    @addugg Well you are of course entitled to your opinion but I think more of ShopTo than a retail chain refusing to honour refunds, reward points and gift cards they sold in good faith.

    Anyone who reads this kind of site of course knew to bail out but Game knowingly selling gift cards etc from Friday onwards when they knew they were going into administration was as low as a business can go.
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  • App of the Day: Armed and Gorgeous HD

  • Hypacharry 26/03/2012

    This app has gone free tonight apparently.

    As to the grumbling about them looking at stuff from off the beaten track, bah! The popular stuff will be covered everywhere, personally I like them sometimes digging up stuff that probably hasn't had a lot of talk about it, good bad or ugly. So long as they discuss it entertainingly I'm all for it.
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  • Sony Online Entertainment back online

  • Hypacharry 15/05/2011

    Apparently every game you've ever bought and regged with SOE has been given 45 days of free time whether you had a current sub or not. You have until the end of August to "claim" it by logging in to start the 45 days.

    For EQ, EQ2 or maybe even SWO fans etc it's probably worth another look sometime. For everyone that bought Vanguard, I share your pain :p
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  • Howard Stringer's letter to PSN users

  • Hypacharry 06/05/2011

    Even if there was, don't you lose access to the decent downloads if you let your sub lapse? Reply +8
  • Grab a WOW: Cataclysm beta key!

  • Hypacharry 13/10/2010

    Aye working here as well, thank you EG! Reply 0
  • Dead Rising 2

  • Hypacharry 24/09/2010

    Is there any local multiplayer? I thought I'd heard about drop-in co-op locally but is that wrong? Reply 0
  • Square unveils FFXIV currency

  • Hypacharry 22/09/2010

    The way the article is written implies thats the only way to pay which isn't true, it's just one of the options. I'd read this somewhere else as well but speaking to someone who was brave enough to buy the CE, he said there was also the standard pay options via credit card and even an option to pay via paypal.

    Everything other than Crysta is run through a 3rd party payment processor but so are my water bills etc so that's not a big deal.

    No excuse for the crappy currency conversion though, direct2drive did the same damn thing in the last week with their $6 = £6 promotions

    Edit: Couldnt do appropriate > . < figure at the end"
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  • Tiger Woods Online is not free

  • Hypacharry 06/04/2010

    Just a few days before they went live they put in a new patch which seemed to turn a bunch of the greens into ice rinks, people who were shooting -8 the day before were hitting +5 etc.

    The balance will probably never be fixed, people in the beginner tournament brackets were hitting -18 a round with others at higher levells hitting -25. Birdie is the new par!

    Also, we pay 50 pounds a year, yanks pay $60. Go go typical thieving conversion rates...
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  • Warhammer Online delayed again

  • Hypacharry 26/03/2008

    It's nowhere near ready, this was their only sensible option.

    However, to delay again would put them a bit too close to the probable late year release of WOTLK and they will drown in the great flood if they do end up releasing anywhere near that.
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  • Hellgate: London

  • Hypacharry 02/11/2007

    I imported the Collectors Edition from the US, I know, I'm a muppet...

    The multiplayer version downloads a patch the first time you login and the problems pretty much started from there.

    I havent managed to go three rooms in a row without a lockup yet, it doesnt matter if I use the DX9 or 10 engine, the 10 engine looks prettier but crashes slightly more often. Im on nvidia using the latest drivers and have followed all the bits Flagship were putting on their tech suport forum but they were overwhelmed with people shouting it doesnt work.

    It's a real shame, theres a really decent time killing game buried in here from the 15 minutes here, 10 minutes there I do manage before it locks up yet again. Another couple of months polishing it and it would have been a sure fire winner, as it stands at the moment - I would approach with huge caution!

    It's not just me, on another forum I'm on out of 20 odd people that bought the game, 15 plus are having stability issues with it.

    Single player works after a fashion, well, it doesnt lock up as often. The npc voices are mad though, perhaps they were meant to be placeholders which they forgot to switch :)
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