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  • Konami apologises for PES 2014 Xbox 360 online issues

  • Huntcjna 04/10/2013

    Not good enough I am afraid Konami. You have been giving the exact same answer for two weeks. Nothing has changed and the supposed 'update' you are providing on your website is the same message every day with the date changed. The whole thing has been absolutely farcical.

    The saddest part of this is that your design team have created probably the best recreation of the game I have ever played but forcing an early deadline to beat FIFA with an unfinished product has made a mockery of what they achieved. Hell you couldn't even get the game out on Steam despite promising it for release.

    You only have yourselves to blame for the resulting drop in sales once again.

    I personally have moved back to FIFA 14 since release and say what you want about EA but they have improved the menu experience in every single way and the online components (Ultimate Team, Seasons etc...) have been rock solid in my experience however I wasn't playing over release weekend. Its a slightly vapid and rage inducing experience at times but its still better than the clusterbomb of bugs and missing modes you shit out to hit sales projections.
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  • EU PlayStation Network down

  • Huntcjna 21/04/2011

    Down for unannounced maintenance. Worldwide. Really. Pull the other one Sony its got bells on. Reply +7
  • Section 8: Prejudice

  • Huntcjna 20/04/2011

    This is a massive buy for me. Sounds absolutely fantastic. Reply +3
  • Two Worlds II "uncertain" for UK - source

  • Huntcjna 22/02/2011

    Ok so when the rumors of yet another delay started to leak through yesterday I got a little aggrieved and did a bit of sleuthing and this is what I found out.

    Game are no longer stocking the title at all. They confirmed this to an EG forum user via their #Gamedigital twitter account yesterday. As a result neither are any subdivision of Game Stores group i.e or Gamestation their listings have either been removed or cause the site to crash.

    Amazon still have it listed for a Friday release date at the moment. but guess what, if you can't wait you can buy the game direct from Topware's amazon marketplace account right now on 360 for £44.99 + £3.99 delivery, on PC for £32.99 + £4.08 delivery or on PS3 for £39.99 + £4.09 delivery. Oh and its the PEGI rated version direct from their German office! So any chance of a direct press statement Topware since you are shilling the game directly?

    Its reality pump that loses out here. I know the game isn't going to be a world beater but it deserved a proper launch for the people interested enough to pick it up. Its a mess of epic proportions this.
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  • The boy who stole Half-Life 2

  • Huntcjna 21/02/2011

    This was a superb piece by Mr Parkin and something I would certainly like to see more of on the site. Great work EG. Reply +3
  • DC Universe activation prevents trade-in

  • Huntcjna 14/02/2011

    I have to say I think this is incorrect. A friend of mine bought this second hand last week as new copies were scarce. He bought a 30 day sub via the DC Online section of PSN and then booted the game installed it and went about his business. As long as the game sees an active subscription it seems to work without any problems. Reply +5
  • Two Worlds II UK cargo "wrecked"

  • Huntcjna 02/02/2011

    This sounds extremely shifty to be honest. Southpeak reported (via VG247) yesterday that US version was selling out and they were printing more copies ASAP. Any chance that the UK launch was delayed to allow for additional stock to be shipped to the US and this is just a nicely designed apology cover or am I just being cynical? Reply +1
  • Borderlands GOTY out next Fri in UK

  • Huntcjna 08/10/2010

    Im not sure if everyone is aware but I don't think any of the add on content is on the disk. The GOTY edition includes 'tokens' to download all the add-ons and a fold out pandora map. Your not going to get very far buying this without a hard disk and a connected console. Yes its cheaper for those picking up the game for the first time but get prepared for some hefty downloading when you get home. Reply +1
  • APB "plug to be pulled" within 24 hours

  • Huntcjna 16/09/2010

    Its a very tough sell for an administrator this to be honest with you. Its clear the game was released with a wave of technical problems as a necessity due to Realtime Worlds cash flow being effectively non-existant. They as such most likely released a sub par game due to financial necessity despite it being very close to the dev teams heart and not quite the vision they wanted. Taking into account the negative reviews and low sales on release they must have had huge debts prior to the game coming out to force an insolvency procedure so quickly.

    Any administrator has a duty to those creditors to sell that asset as a functioning game/community at as close to its true valuation as possible. Now those other creditors are likely industry related (middleware, mo-cap, engine licensing etc) that are going without payment and HM Revenue & Customs (thanks for taking away the tax breaks new government you are meant to be protecting the creative industry!) and they need the maximum amount of money back to justify the Company being in administration. In administration they cannot sell that asset at an undervalue. As such with the best will in the world in this climate nobody is going to want to purchase a game arguably at the peak of its user base for full market value. It takes a huge leap of faith on any purchasers part to think they can undo all the negative press and attract new users and profit from a purchase this size the risk is too great.

    The sad part is the game related creditors, users and staff are the ones that suffer here because its now likely the Company will go into liquidation and APB may get sold in the firesale for possibly a third of what they were trying to sell it for in administration. The truth is it cannot be making anywhere near the monthly revenue they are claiming because if it was the administrator could keep the game running as long as it was covering its month to month costs which it cannot be doing.

    Its a real blow to the UK industry as a whole and I for one hope that someone actually takes note of what benefit those tax breaks would have brought to the table to prevent situations like this. I wish the staff well and hope that someone does eventually pick it up, pull it back from the brink and bring those staff back in to run it to support the user base that were enjoying it.
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  • DeathSpank

  • Huntcjna 13/07/2010

    I can appreciate the reviewers concerns here but I don't really share them as Lou said repetition is defining in this type of genre and a strong reason behind their popularity for most players. I personally think the combination of tried and tested loot em up gameplay edged with Gilberts humour is going to be hard to disappoint.

    It would be a real shame too if this didn't do well its not a genre that's really supported on xbla/psn with possibly the exception of Arkanian Warriors from a couple of years ago. I'm certainly intending to pick this up and judge for myself.
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  • Bungie signs 10-year Activision deal

  • Huntcjna 29/04/2010

    Holy shit! Thats something of a coup given the current situation. Reply +29
  • EA's 2010 FIFA World Cup confirmed

  • Huntcjna 26/01/2010

    I will probably be paying £30 for a game I enjoy the specialist modes on yes. Its not really the engine that interests me as much as the scenario modes. The engine changes are just an added benefit really. Reply +3
  • Huntcjna 26/01/2010

    I think people are being a little harsh towards this. Personally prior to Fifa 10 EA's Euro 2008 was as near immaculate a football game as you could get. In many ways it even eclipsed Fifa 09 for pacing and AI.

    I always look forward to these incrementals because not only do you see a glipse of how the engine will change for the next major installment they tend to have specialist modes built just for the game. The jewell in the previous crown was always the scenario mode where specific goals had to be met within a set time limit in classic and current matches.

    Its been a while since EA dropped a duplicate of the previous years FIFA with only world cup branding people need to look a little closer its not 1998 anymore.
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  • Darksiders arrives with the new year

  • Huntcjna 20/10/2009

    Dantes Inferno if anything looks more action orientated and in direct competition with God Of War. This has held my interest for a long long time mostly due to Joe Mad's influence as design director but secondly because of the structure and approach which is in that Zelda/Metroid mould. Add to that Mark Hammill doing voice work (we know how good he was in Arkham Asylum) and they may have a great little package to start the gaming year with. Reply +3
  • Sony wants you for reality PSN series

  • Huntcjna 04/09/2009

    Probably worth mentioning that applications are open to US citizens only, so unless your a Yank on EG coming to find out how much better European games journalism is this news won't really be of any consequence. Reply +4
  • No LAN support for StarCraft II

  • Huntcjna 30/06/2009

    Dumbest decision ever. Is it really that hard to have a LAN option? Reply +7
  • Darksiders: Wrath of War

  • Huntcjna 19/05/2009

    I have been looking forward to this for bloody ages. I really hope it lives up to its potential but to be honest I was always going to buy it for the artwork by Joe Madureira (Deadpool/X-Men/Ultimates) I just never thoutgh it would actually get finished as he is creative director and is notorious for missing deadlines and then having projects canned. Reply 0
  • Lode Runner arriving on XBLA tomorrow

  • Huntcjna 21/04/2009

    1200 Points? Really?

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  • Champ Man for iPhone "shortly"

  • Huntcjna 16/04/2009

    Inspired. I may actually buy an iphone game for the first time ever. Reply 0
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum

  • Huntcjna 16/04/2009

    It still sounds decidedly like Splinter Cell: Batman Edition to me in which case I won't be going near it but I still hold a glimmer of hope. Reply 0
  • Far Cry 2

  • Huntcjna 21/10/2008

    You certainley have something coming out of your ass oxymoron, but it doesn't smell like culture and sophistication... Reply 0
  • Huntcjna 21/10/2008

    I read it bill you Jezzabel! Reply 0
  • Huntcjna 21/10/2008

    Hmmm it still sounds like I will enjoy it despite its obvious limitations. One of those destined to be a marmite title I think. Very good review regardless. Should sit nicely next to Fable 2 in my weekend gaming pile for a bit of ying yang gaming. Reply +1
  • FIFA 09 - Adidas Live Season

  • Huntcjna 04/09/2008

    But you would play more attention to players performance week in week out. Besides you can turn it off if you so choose. Reply 0
  • Minor 360 dashboard update released

  • Huntcjna 06/08/2008

    Great news story Rob fancy uploading it again with some actual news in this time as opposed to just a title and a horribly broken page? Reply 0
  • Comic-Con 2008

  • Huntcjna 04/08/2008

    Its comic con woman crack a smile why don't you! its not like you were doing any real work! Reply 0
  • Blizzard announces WOW Authenticator

  • Huntcjna 27/06/2008

    Can you pick me up an authenticator?

    /waves tenner
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  • Top Spin 3

  • Huntcjna 25/06/2008

    Awwww damn this wasn't allowed to be good!

    /looks at woeful bank balance
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  • PES 2009

  • Huntcjna 23/06/2008

    I remain entirely unconvinced that this will be a better game than EAs Euro 2008 let alone Fifa 09 which has confirmed 10 v 10 multiplayer.

    Konami are going to have to go some way to repair last years damage. They effectively ruined one the highlights of my year.
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  • Battlefield: Bad Company

  • Huntcjna 23/06/2008

    Really looking forward to getting stuck into this, hopefully my pre order will arrive Thursday! \o/ Reply 0
  • SNK classics coming to Wii, PSP and PS2

  • Huntcjna 12/06/2008

    Im actually contemplating importing this right now on PSP. Reply 0
  • GTA IV Eurogamers 360 leaderboard

  • Huntcjna 29/04/2008

    I managed to get about 8 achievements in 6 hours last night, but Im not rushing it. :D Reply 0
  • More Assassin's Creed coming

  • Huntcjna 25/04/2008

    Maybe they can make it an actual game this time instead of a glorified tech demo. Reply 0
  • UEFA Euro 2008

  • Huntcjna 16/04/2008

    Good detailed review of the modes but I would have like to have heard more about the gameplay tweaks. Regardless the game itself look sgreat hopefully my copy will be with me tomorrow and I can get stuck in. Reply 0
  • Rock Band gets official Euro date

  • Huntcjna 08/04/2008

    Its ridiculously priced. Regardless of the pedigree of the game and developer they can do one if they think I am parting with that kind of cash for a box of plastic instruments and a game disc. How much was the US PS3 version? Reply 0
  • Battlefield: Bad Company

  • Huntcjna 31/03/2008

    If the keys were transferrable I would offer mine up so another EG reg could try but alas they aren't. Reply 0
  • Huntcjna 31/03/2008

    Im really enjoying the beta to be honest. On the camping issue I haven't had a problem as once the sniper reveals himself by killing you he is a permanant fixture dot on the map. He can run to the other side of the map and I can still hunt him down and find him from the little orange dot. A swift jog around to his hiding place and a knife in the back means I get his trophy dog tags and he learns not to camp.

    I think its very well balanced. While I was initially concerned about the weapon buying on Live (which I won't be partaking in). A quick look at the actual items in question on the unlock screen shows that they have no benefit. All the rest of the unlock weapons seem to supercede them in the main combat areas.

    Based on how much fun I am having with the beta they would have to seriously break it for me no to buy it.
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  • Sequel to Dawn of War coming

  • Huntcjna 28/03/2008

    If it use the CoH engine then greaty, great. Reply 0
  • Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack in April

  • Huntcjna 19/03/2008


    CEX are currently selling it 2nd hand for £20 in all their stores.

    I loved Sidewinder but 800 points is a bit steep. :/
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  • Damnation

  • Huntcjna 06/03/2008

    Gears of War: Wild West Edition

    Any chance of a company actually licencing the UE3 engine for anything new.
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  • FIFA Street 3

  • Huntcjna 18/02/2008

    Its a good review, I could be tempted if I saw it sub £20 but not at full price. Just fancied a light hearted sports title to break up the endless adventure/FPS's I have on the go at the moment. Reply 0
  • The Club

  • Huntcjna 05/02/2008

    Hmmm now I am wondering if I should pick this up, I thought the demo was abysmal though. Reply 0
  • FIFA Street 3

  • Huntcjna 24/10/2007

    EA really are starting to grate respect out of me with ideas like this. Reply 0
  • Turok gets Hollywood talent

  • Huntcjna 03/10/2007

    How can ROn Perlman not get an article mention. The man was Hellboy for gods sake! Reply 0
  • NBA 2K8 demo on Live

  • Huntcjna 19/09/2007

    I will probably stick with 2K7 I can't see them bettering it gameplay wise to be honest. Reply 0
  • Huntcjna 19/09/2007

    Ironically enough the video option known as 'reelmaker' was available on the 2K7 version aswell for a measly 400 points. :/ Reply 0
  • Argos breaks Halo 3 street date

  • Huntcjna 19/09/2007

    Lets start a store mutiny and get them all break date!

    Somebody who lives near the GAME central depot go paint 'Argos are selling Halo 3 early LOLZ!!11' on there front door in huge red letters.

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  • Meet the TF2 Engineer

  • Huntcjna 12/09/2007

    Ha, that was ace. Looking forward to the 360 release. Reply 0
  • COD4 beta registration tonight

  • Huntcjna 21/08/2007

    I thought this was for US only can we get that clarified please? Reply 0
  • Michael Owen fronts PES 08

  • Huntcjna 20/07/2007

    Konami blatantly ran out of marketing money on this. Reply 0