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  • Intel Skylake-X: Intel's new six, eight and ten-core CPUs reviewed

  • Hotcooler 23/07/2017

    @OnlyJoeKing Your i5 fits exactly the same as a year ago. Just replace 7740X with 7700K and you get all your comparison points. Otherwise probably everything in this review is faster. Reply +2
  • Landing on a planet in Star Citizen looks spectacular

  • Hotcooler 20/08/2016

    @SuperBas That's fans, it's an event for fans. Reply +27
  • Rainbow Six: Siege now offers a budget-priced Starter Edition on PC

  • Hotcooler 03/06/2016

    Welp, was sort of tempted to check it out may be.. but still it's RU language only on steam for me (I'm in Russia, but my god I hate when companies decide which language I want to play my games in...), decided to check uplay, ad for it is there, the actual page you go to buy it - 404.

    I guess I did not really think I'll play it anyway. Overwatch has me in it's grips.
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  • Watch: How Overwatch's sound design makes you a better player

  • Hotcooler 14/05/2016

    @Bratterz Most are free nowadays, some might require you to disclose an email address for mailing list purposes I imagine. But otherwise it's mostly free. Reply 0
  • Hotcooler 12/05/2016

    IMO you should really post a link for a full presentation, since it's free, has much more detail, and after all the video is basically a recap of it.

    For any one interested here is it :
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  • In Theory: Can AMD Polaris regain the mainstream PC graphics market?

  • Hotcooler 09/05/2016

    @karlrossmann Well.. AMD has no choice but to support the older cards since... well.. they've been selling the same GPU with a different name for past 5 years. Reply +1
  • Hotcooler 09/05/2016

    @Vlad27145 It's not that Nvidia gets slower with time, no if you check it's actually getting faster with driver updates or stays the same most of the time.

    The reason is simple, hardware wise AMD has great products, but their drivers were shit a lot of the time. So they gain much more improvement with time, since AMD now give a bit of shit about their driver situation, plus they also benefit from console ports half the time.

    So yeah, AMD did catch up a bit, but that's not because Nvidia slowed down, it's just that AMD finally started giving a shit about drivers.
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  • Enter the Gungeon sells 200k copies in a week

  • Hotcooler 13/04/2016

    @MrDurandPierre Also not all the copies were sold at that price, I wager at least 30% of sales if not more on PC were from regions with at least 50% discount on the game compared to stated price.

    As an example :

    I'd guess they got a million on their hands.
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  • The Division beta PC players are giving themselves godlike powers

  • Hotcooler 01/02/2016

    @KanevilPS_ It was just developed for console, and while it's still bad to disobey "Never trust the client" it saves you money on servers.. and closed ecosystem will keep them relatively safe. Reply 0
  • AMD reveals 'Polaris' next-gen graphics architecture

  • Hotcooler 04/01/2016

    @Bagpuss We'll have to see what NX is, if it's a 8-10 inch tablet thing, than sure, it can have AMD stuff in it, otherwise I seriously doubt it. Plus AMD needs a new CPU to put in there too, remember that. Since no one will make a mobile part without system-on-a-chip.

    Plus well we assume it's a mobile thing, but if it's not - all bets are off.
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  • Hotcooler 04/01/2016

    @Bagpuss If NX is a mobile unit, it wont have any AMD parts in it. It'll be your regular mobile affair - ARM CPU with most likely PowerVR GPU (possibly Adreno or Nvidia one, but rather unlikely. Might also be Mali, but that's also in the same realm of fairy tales).

    Since even your GPU for thin and light notebook with draw way too much power for a portable system.
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  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 2GB vs 4GB review

  • Hotcooler 18/10/2015

    I actually had gta5 running at a locked 1080p@50 on a 1gb gtx750 with something like medium settings. So you can still do quite a bit of gaming on such cards, albeit with some tweaking and\or lower refresh rates. Reply +1
  • Ashes of the Singularity: the first DX12 gaming benchmark tested

  • Hotcooler 17/08/2015

    @L_A_G Only issue with your theory is that DX12 should be always faster, yet DX11 wins out at times on Nvidia. Reply +3
  • Face-Off: World of Tanks

  • Hotcooler 01/08/2015

    @Freakachuu Basically when you're going for 30fps, you really do want motion blur to make the action feel that little bit smoother. At 60 it's much less of an impact, but I do think some amount of good quality motion blur is never bad. Unless you're going PRO and play something like quake 3 at 144fps. Reply -2
  • Project Cars 2 announced, launches crowdfunding campaign

  • Hotcooler 22/06/2015

    @MonkeyMagik @jetfire10 You all forget about the fact that The first game crowd funding included revenue sharing, that will be paid somewhere in august and from that point on for two or three years after. Reply +2
  • Watch Hearthstone's longest ever turn clock in at over 40 hours

  • Hotcooler 25/03/2015

    @wyp100 Proper link for replay - Reply +2
  • Media-streaming app Plex now available on PS4 and PS3 in Europe

  • Hotcooler 17/12/2014

    @Quikky Plex is not really that much about local stuff, it's more about sharing media (if someone somewhere has Internet - he can probably watch your stuff even on 3G) and having it wherever you are. At least that's what I love about it. Reply +1
  • Hotcooler 17/12/2014

    @MrDurandPierre Theoretically if the server owner has PlexPass, and adds another user to "Home" group, that user will have PlexPass capabilities along with access to free apps, have not really tested it after that was added in a recent update on XO. PS4's app probably has that capability out of the box.

    Source :

    "Plex Pass requirement now supports Plex Home

    Shared users who are all part of Plex Home can use the application, even if they don't individually have Plex Pass subscriptions

    All in all after all the stuff gets updated only server owner actually needs PlexPass really.

    P.S. All this is currently in Beta really, or "preview" if you wish.
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  • Hotcooler 17/12/2014

    Just a bit of PSA on what is actually Plex and why they want your money.

    Plex is the media server, the thing that will organize your content, get descriptions, ratings, theme music, covers e.t.c. For your TV, Movies e.t.c. Wrap it in a nice way basically, and allow you to set up your own Netflix for you and your friends if you wish. So share your content easily and conveniently. Track what you watching and do much more on the convenience side.

    What they subscription really does is enable additional features like Extras and Trailers for Movies (as in interviews with the cast, BTS e.t.c.), allow you to sync content with mobile devices and cloud services and have access to beta features. And get some apps for Free. Since basically both XO and PS4 apps in beta, they require the subscription until they are feature complete, so eventually you'll either have them for free or for something like 2.99 or something.

    So you dont actually pay for streaming content to your devices, you can do that for free, but you pay for beta features (if you need to use XO and PS4 apps RIGHT NOW) and additional stuff like sync, multi user management and extras, it'll change some time later. Otherwise you can stream to your roku, PC, Smart TV, android, chromecast e.t.c. for free even now.

    I do somewhat agree that paid access to beta's is somewhat strange, but on the plus side Dev's actually listen to your feedback and respond, plus actually fix stuff you mentioned.

    Plus a bit of a personal opinion, Plex is actually THE BEST media server there is, it does a lot of really neat and useful stuff like transcoding and manages to look good, so while I might not look at it in the same light since I got lifetime sub at 72$ a while back, I still think it's worth it for some people with large collections of stuff.
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  • Hands-on with the Steam in-home streaming beta

  • Hotcooler 15/02/2014

    @StooMonster I have something similar to this in size, only more Chinese. It's completely silent - no moving parts at all. size wise it compares to well.. half of xbox one. And slightly slimmer.

    And if you really want it out of the way, you can easily find a case you can attach to the back of the TV, though I do not really think that this sort of size will be a problem for anyone. IMO it's small enough for me at least.

    Plus if you want something silent - going with NUC on I5 probably is not the best way. Since it will be actively cooled 100%, and with it's size it probably will be noticeable when under load. Plus you dont really need all that power if you're gonna stream.
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  • Hotcooler 15/02/2014

    @StooMonster As the article stated there are bay-trail D mobo's out there for 60$ or so. That is if you can find it obviously. I've recently built a system on that exact Gigabyte one, and it's pretty cool. Case + SSD + Ram with that mobo ended up at about 180-200$ for the completely silent passively cooled PC, that can run everything Plex can throw and it, does not have problems with 23.976hz and works like a charm with in home streaming 1080p@60 @ 30mbps (current max).

    Plus if you have a spare case or ram or something else, it can be quite a bit cheaper.

    Power wise - I have a very bad PSU for it that draws about 2.4W with nothing connected to it, but even with it it draws 12-14W for steam streaming or watching a movie (with wi-fi active). And full burn cant exceed 20W.
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  • Tech Analysis: Next-generation game broadcasting

  • Hotcooler 08/12/2013

    @jellyBelly Plus video quality is better than on youtube right now. Reply +5
  • Hotcooler 08/12/2013

    @TelexStar More or less, I guess :) Basic idea you open it up, go to network tab, then select video quality in the player and press play, and the link to the file will pop up in that tab. Reply +2
  • Hotcooler 08/12/2013

    @TelexStar There are much easier ways to grab vids from facebook, if you dont fear the developer console in your browser that is ;) Reply +3
  • Twitch battles non-gaming PS4 PlayRoom streams

  • Hotcooler 25/11/2013

    Well you can probably stream everything else to Ustream. Reply -1
  • Valve set to demo its own Virtual Reality hardware

  • Hotcooler 19/11/2013

    @GAmbrose They got rid of people working on Augmented Reality - AR. Since they thought that VR was the future AFAIK. Reply +4
  • Questing for heroism in MMOs

  • Hotcooler 07/09/2013

    @swoopeh Think of MMO Rogue like like EVE Online but with some other setting and more direct interaction.

    You have something like a nearly indestructible "soul", and a fragile "body" that can be destroyed, you wont loose much of your progress when you die, but it will be very expensive to die, in say gear, gold or something.

    Granted it wont work with the current design in say WoW, where when you're on the cutting edge on hardmode progress you can and probably will die hundred times to a boss in like a day.But with some new innovative design, it might be a very compelling and interesting formula.

    After all it works for EVE, and it makes interacting with other people meaningful to some degree, think of I dunno day-z or something along thouse lines. It could be pretty cool, sure it wont be fully rogue like, but something akin to Rogue-lite like can be very compelling in my mind.

    P.S. About the buff bad players and get better loot, it wont work. People will 99% of the time opt for the best possible stuff they can get their hands on. Though I do probably think from the wrong point of view. For random people and friends it might work just fine, but not for the other groups.
    Ramblings :
    Speaking of current MMO's though, WoW is still probably the best out there, there are games that have some parts done better, but overall, no one managed to make something truly awesome and/or new. GW2 had the best levelling I've ever done in an MMO. But that was only because I did it at launch, if I go there now as a nw player I will not get the same experience, not even close. And I truly dont know how to solve that, the fact that people gravitate to end game with time. (Not that GW2 had PVE end game though, the biggest problem of the game for me personally). On the other hand I had the best raids in WoW by far, had most fun, most rage, most disappointment in other people, most of every feeling there. And looking back it was glorious, but I did that for years, and I got older, I just want something else now.

    EQ next sounds awesome, but that's long ways off. Rift was not bad, but beeing not bad is sadly not enough. Same with Neverwinter e.t.c.

    Personally I would like to see more movement towards procedurally generated challenges, but that need to be truly procedural, not like placing premade mobs that you can still get the guides for, but more akin to rare mobs in Diablo. I want to go there and see some truly evil monsters and try to overcome that challenge, and go there next day and have a nice pleasant easy time. I do want basically to never know what to expect. But sadly that is also quite impossible, since there will be finite combinations and someone will eventually figure out and share the best ways to deal with any of them.

    To sort of TLDR it, I was on every level of an MMO player, for a new casual guy that wandered around in AWE, to the hardcore raider that basically done that as a second work in the evening 5 days a week and claimed realm firsts in a very competitive enviroment (also realm first'd time runs in wow pandas for example), and enjoyed it all, but even I got bored of it all. And the worst part, I dont even know what I want from these games any more. I think I want more of the same, but better, but probably I just truly desire something new, whatever it might be.
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  • Microsoft details its Games With Gold initiative

  • Hotcooler 21/06/2013

    I'm pretty sure you can redownload PS+ titles even with no PS+, you cant start them yes, but if you renew your PS+ you can play them once again, so I dunno why everyone worries what will happen if subscription ends.

    Or am I wrong here?

    Q: What happens to the games I downloaded from the Instant Game Collection if I decide to not renew my membership?

    A: You will not be able to access free games downloaded with Plus if you choose not to renew your membership. However, if you decide to re-activate your membership, you will once again be able to play all games downloaded from the Instant Game Collection.
    Seems like I'm not.
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  • Poland and Portugal not supported at Xbox One launch, importing near ruled out

  • Hotcooler 13/06/2013

    @telboy007 Till 2011 they did not actually think that Russia existed. So yeah..

    Also "Xbox One games are for activation and distribution only in specified geographic regions" might be seriously annoying if they decide to limit for example VO/subtitle languages. I for one, even if I wanted Xbone would've really hated to be forced to play in Russian for example, like some of EA Origin titles do.
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  • Sony details final PlayStation 4 tech spec

  • Hotcooler 11/06/2013

    @ahrmon If you cut through the attention grabbing title. It's exactly the same that we have now.

    On a basic level, if EA wants to do Online Pass again - Sony does not really care.

    And they really cant limit single player, since console can be used offline.

    The only way the can do that is the game itself will require internet connection, and well. there will be a sticker on the box for that e.t.c.

    All in all. Do not panic. Same stuff that we have now.
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  • Hotcooler 11/06/2013

    @uncharted86 You obviously can. That's why it is there in the first place. @Ezzy_525 just meant that it does not look very good and comfortable. And since you have 3.5mm jack you can plug in something better. Or well use bluetooth headset. Reply +1
  • Live: Nintendo Direct E3 Conference

  • Hotcooler 11/06/2013

    Well to be honest I really want to play Bayonetta... I loved the first one. And they have really bad choice of platform sadly. I fear I wont be able to find a living soul that has Wii U... Reply 0
  • Live: Sony E3 2013 Conference

  • Hotcooler 11/06/2013

    So it is an mmo Reply 0
  • Hotcooler 11/06/2013

    and then they fail Reply 0
  • Hotcooler 11/06/2013

    welp.. game crashed Reply 0
  • Hotcooler 11/06/2013

    Versus! Reply 0
  • Hotcooler 11/06/2013

    Still... Sony knows nothing about how to create proper conferencces.... Reply 0
  • Hotcooler 11/06/2013

    Music wise SuperGiant games never disappoint. Reply 0
  • Hotcooler 11/06/2013

    Well... I'm quite sad I dont have fast forward on live stuff... Reply 0
  • Intel Core i7 4770K review

  • Hotcooler 02/06/2013

    @Bagpuss Sadly same applies to Nvidia... That's why we had no Titan as GTX680, and now have bunch of old stuff as 7xx series..

    No one to compete with.
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 shown off in three new trailers

  • Hotcooler 30/04/2013

    I'm pretty sure these trailers running on current gen. Just looks much less detailed then previous ones, those were probably running on PC.

    Still looks pretty good!
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  • It's Activision's turn to demonstrate real-time face rendering tech

  • Hotcooler 28/03/2013

    That is the same bald man from Nvidia!? Reply 0
  • The Hall of Heroes: BioShock Infinite's Fort Frolic?

  • Hotcooler 27/03/2013

    I'm really surprised at how many people did not understand the ending at least at a basic level. And I agree there's much more to discover here, game absolutely warrants a second play through just to test and understand the stuff that you learned in the end.

    And for why articles like this so soon? There's a ton of people like me that finished the game in a day absorbed as much of it as they could and now aching to talk about it, compare theories, think about this and that.

    P.S. There's a ton of little, subtle things that shed quite a floodlight on what's happening here and there. So please, people, pay attention when playing this game, it will reward you for that in the end.
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  • An entire top-end Dust 514 load-out costs around $0.24 in real money

  • Hotcooler 13/06/2012

    Well point is I guess you can buy all that stuff with EVE currency, so you dont have to get into the real money thing (or at least not you personally, but your eve buddy). Plus you dont have to get every piece of equipment with real money or get it at all, so I would imagine a top end gun costing something like 2-5 cents. All in all me thinks EVE online money will rule the game, not the real money. (Or real money converted to eve money transfered to Dust can work too I guess). Reply +12
  • Ubisoft's Watch Dogs unveiled, platforms not yet disclosed

  • Hotcooler 05/06/2012

    This was running on PC for sure. It looked too good for current gen IMO. But it will have 360 and PS3 version for sure. And most probably WiiU.

    Overall it was utterly brilliant and beautiful. I must admit, that despite the tradition of having terrible hosts, this time Ubisoft nailed it. From the pleasant madness of Far Cry 3 through evolution of AC3 to Watch Dogs that blew my mind. That is was e3 should be all about.
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  • Ubisoft's E3 2012 Conference

  • Hotcooler 05/06/2012

    Watch Dogs for GOTY for sure! Best game of E3 so far and by far! Reply +10
  • Hotcooler 05/06/2012

    Don't let girls that can't pronounce words shoutcast.... they should've stuck with TB... Reply -3
  • Hotcooler 04/06/2012

    Dis is a disaster.... again...

    It gotten much better, but the hosts.... the hosts... why....
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  • CCP: players' attempt to destroy Eve Online economy is "f***ing brilliant"

  • Hotcooler 29/04/2012

    @captain-future Speaking of it, another very good read :

    "The Great Scam"
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  • Guild Wars 2: The Inside Stories

  • Hotcooler 23/04/2012

    Picture 39 QR code links to this : Reply +1