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  • Okamiden

  • Hog-lumps 15/10/2010

    @Ninja_Tino Colour men beyond excited.

    Unfortunate typo there :)
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  • Serkis: Games need a "unified concept"

  • Hog-lumps 11/10/2010

    "Games should never lock a player into watching any cutscenes. There should always be a way to skip."

    However good a cutscene, this should always be the case. I once worked at a place where some people didn't want the cutscenes to be skippable, because they had cost money to make and therefore they wanted players to have to watch them. I don't even know where to begin with how profoundly stupid that is.

    I personaly would prefer cut scenes to be locked the first time you watch them (this stops you accidently skipping them - and having to redo the level again just to see the cinematic) - but agree that on subsequent viewings they should be skippable - especially if you're forced to watch them before a hard section of gameplay!
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  • Rock Band 3 Pro tracks to cost extra

  • Hog-lumps 30/09/2010

    Does this extra charge only apply to the download songs or does it also effect the transfer of RB1/RB2 songs to RB3? - could be expensive if so! Reply 0
  • MS advises against "clutter" for Kinect

  • Hog-lumps 29/09/2010

    I take it this means I'll have to move my coffee table whenever I need to play? Reply +2
  • Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

  • Hog-lumps 29/09/2010

    This sounds good, but I personally found the continuous strumming in the metal songs of previous games to be more tiring than enjoyable -so the new focus on these types of tracks does put me off a little…… Reply 0
  • Mobile Games Roundup

  • Hog-lumps 27/09/2010


    Hang on, some of us enjoy reading an article about a 2/10 game you know! :)

    Also, I think knowing which game to avoid is as useful as knowing which game to buy......
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  • Hog-lumps 27/09/2010

    Isn't screenshot 2 incorrect? Reply 0
  • El Shaddai

  • Hog-lumps 24/09/2010

    This looks gorgeous - hope the gameplay isn't too shallow in the final build Reply +2
  • Capcom reveals Kinect Steel Battalion

  • Hog-lumps 16/09/2010

    From my experience, most Anime that features big stompy robots usually contain scenes that cut to the internal cockpit view of the pilot (usually a school girl) who is posing dynamically and miming the actions of the robot…....

    ....so maybe a kinect isn’t such a crazy idea for this? :)
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  • Wii GoldenEye 007 to blow up campers

  • Hog-lumps 14/09/2010

    Wouldn't it be better if they had a time limit for a particular sector/grid ref of the map (ala "Battle Royale" the movie)? Otherwise won't people camp by shuffling backwards and forwards to reset the timer?

    In fact thinking about it, battel royale would make a great multiplayer game - complete with random kit loadouts at the begining of each round - fingers crossed you don't get the 'pot lid' :)
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  • Vanquish

  • Hog-lumps 31/08/2010

    Normally in games like this we get drip-fed new abilities as the game progresses

    Maybe unlocked early by the developers for the purpose of the preview?
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  • MS confirms voice control for Kinect

  • Hog-lumps 24/08/2010

    I assume the voice action will be 'turned on' via a download able patch?

    If so, what if you haven't got an internet connection? You're stuck without that functionality?
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  • Mafia II

  • Hog-lumps 24/08/2010

    EG France gave it a TEN and the Czech edition gave it a NINE.

    I can't help but wonder how how the English edition's scores have become so erratic.

    Maybe because it's somones opinion and opinions by their very nature, vary?
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  • Hog-lumps 24/08/2010

    Hurrah for Eurogamer (and Edge magazine) where 5 really does mean as mediocre as a bog-standard-comprehensive and not 8, and for using full range from 1 through 10 thus not rating everything between 7 and 10.

    Not forgetting GamesTM of course! :)

    For me this review describes a below average game and the demo played as a below average game - so I'm not surprised by the below average score.
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  • uDraw GameTablet

  • Hog-lumps 17/08/2010

    Pictionary's approach to handing out objectives, interestingly, relies on an honour system, with everyone agreeing not to peek at the screen when a new card is drawn. It's effectively doomed in my house.)

    I think they missed a trick here - they should have used the wii remote speaker against your ear like a phone to quietly announce objectives. (didn't no more heroes do this?)
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  • A Guitar Hero game every year "a given"

  • Hog-lumps 09/08/2010

    "What we saw at the end of Guitar Hero 5 is that, after a month of release, about 40 per cent of the audience were playing on expert. The core has got to a pretty high level, so we really want to up the challenge."

    Isn't this a mistake though? Rock band 3 will surely be better placed to serve the 'hardcore' with the new pro-mode real guitar and pro note charts.

    So surely it would be better for them to stick to pursuing the causual gamers (like they were doing with band hero)? At least that way they won't be both chasing the same audience?
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  • COD map packs surpass 20m sales

  • Hog-lumps 03/08/2010

    I've not really played MW2 saince the map packs have been released - has there been a noticable split/change in the player base? i.e. have all the hardcore players moved onto the map-pack only playlists or will I still get my head shot off the moment I spawn? :) Reply 0
  • Garriott wins $28m from NCsoft

  • Hog-lumps 30/07/2010

    It's not that unusual if you consider what the house is supposed to be.

    From the Wiki article you link to;

    "In 1997 the house was broken into by a deranged fan. Garriott held him off with an Uzi, firing a warning shot while waiting for police to arrive."

    Crikey! :)
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  • Limbo review

  • Hog-lumps 19/07/2010


    Braid can be completed in 45mins, yet that game kept me occupied for ages!

    I'm sure this will be similar - hunting out the secrets, getting stuck on puzzles, etc. will surely lead to a play time much longer than 3 hours........
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  • FreeStyle happier with DJ Hero 2 price

  • Hog-lumps 08/07/2010

    I'm confused, is the second turn table for 1 player games (i.e. 2 records like a real DJ) or is it for 2 player battles/bands?

    If it's the former - then how will the original single DJH 1 turntable be compatable? - is it simply dumbed down?
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  • Videogames linked to ADHD

  • Hog-lumps 08/07/2010

    When I was a child, it was the nerdy kids like me that were stuck indoors playing games for hours (but getting good grades) while the naughty ADD types were outside playing football/throwing bricks at puppys etc.......when did the stereotypes switch???? Reply +9
  • Medal of Honor Multiplayer Beta

  • Hog-lumps 22/06/2010

    "No opportunity to progress, no opportunity to shine through a bit of nimble footwork and clever anticipation. It just ends up being a skill-free slug fest of the worst kind: one where it takes umpteen hits to down people. "

    Sounds like you're playing it wrong - lone gun 'rambos' will always suck on BFBC - it's team based shooter with job classes for a reason.
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  • Vanquish

  • Hog-lumps 14/06/2010

    sounds fun! Reply 0
  • Dreamcast games heading to PSN/XBLA

  • Hog-lumps 11/06/2010

    All I want is Guardian Heroes! Reply 0
  • Download Games Roundup

  • Hog-lumps 11/06/2010

    Thats Numba-wang! Reply +28
  • MW2 Resurgence DLC at 6pm UK

  • Hog-lumps 03/06/2010

    ">It's only 3 more fucking pounds!

    You keep saying that. Where are you getting this £3 number from? 1200 isn't £3. "

    Maybe he means the price per map??
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  • Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer

  • Hog-lumps 01/06/2010

    Yeah sorry Dingo75, got confused between achievements and challenges which are 2 seperate things as whizzo points out. Reply 0
  • Hog-lumps 01/06/2010


    Ah OK, as you were then.


    Edit: message meant for whizzo
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  • Hog-lumps 01/06/2010


    Unless I'm mistaken, I think you can start a private free roam mode if all you are after are the achievements?
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  • Hog-lumps 01/06/2010

    @Thelittlesthobo *Puts hand on gun*

    "Puts paw on hand gun" surely? ;)
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  • Hog-lumps 01/06/2010

    @Aeon Just a correction, there are Expert Aim only matches, they're called Hardcore matches and you unlock them by ranking up.

    Does an expert aim free roam mode unlock? I find I keep getting 'griefed' when I spawn by auto-aim peeps and it's harder to defend oneself with expert aim :(
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  • Average age of gamers is 32, says study

  • Hog-lumps 28/05/2010

    An 'online survey'?- This hardly seems a fair sample of the population to make the conclusion of average age - I mean how many 5 year olds are going to fill out an online survey? Reply +13
  • Trauma Team

  • Hog-lumps 24/05/2010

    So is this going to get a UK release? Reply 0
  • Red Dead Redemption

  • Hog-lumps 17/05/2010

    I've always loved the Western genre, so this game sounds fab to me despite the flaws.

    I certainly won't be worried about the 'stilted running animation' as real cowboys don't run :)
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  • Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love

  • Hog-lumps 15/04/2010

    Great review, told me exactly what I wanted to know. This sounds right up my street, although I'm not sure what the other half will make of me playing the dating sim aspects.......... yikes. Reply +2
  • BioShock 2 creators to resurrect XCOM

  • Hog-lumps 14/04/2010

    Maybe i'm over-optimistic, but 'Valkyrie of The Battlefield' showed that you can successfyully do a 3rd person turn based strategy - maybe a 1st person turn based strategy is not that unfeasible either? Reply +1
  • Nintendo pondering DSi purchase transfers

  • Hog-lumps 29/03/2010

    @smelly - a lot of people bought the dsi before the dsxl was even announced - some of those people may want to upgrade to dsxl at some point in the future - for example reasons of worsening eyesight with age - like me :)

    Bit unfair to classify these people as 'fanboys' I think....
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  • Super Street Fighter IV

  • Hog-lumps 22/03/2010

    What I want to know is whether they've replaced Seth with a boss oponent who is actually fun to fight against. Reply +6
  • Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

  • Hog-lumps 18/03/2010


    The rival raiders on the island could even be realtime players like a mini MMO treasurehunt? This could possibly increase the excitement knowing there are real players looking for the same valuable trinket as you are? Clues/treasuremaps could be given out at certain times like missions and it would be a massive race to locate the treasure......maybe you could even combine clues/missing parts of maps to work together and split profits?
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  • 2K explains BioShock 2 on-disc DLC

  • Hog-lumps 15/03/2010

    Why don't pubishers just bulk out the download file with un-used code to increase the file size? that way people might not notice it's already on the disc :) Reply +2
  • Rock Band 3 out this autumn

  • Hog-lumps 10/03/2010

    All I want to know is whether I can transfer all my previous songs across, ala RB1 and RB2. Reply +5
  • Valve teasing L4D2's Midnight Riders

  • Hog-lumps 19/11/2009

    Wow, major spoilers there! :( Reply +7
  • Melty Blood: Actress Again

  • Hog-lumps 12/11/2009

    Anyone notice the flasher in the second picture with the large horn?

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  • L4D1 gets 4v4 competitive matchmaking

  • Hog-lumps 10/11/2009


    That seems like a strange statement to me - in my experience, the 'L4D rambos' die very, very quickly when separated from the pack - one pounce of a hunter or tongue lash of a smoker and its game over for them - that's pretty much the purpose of the special infected as they dictate that teamwork is essential. :)

    What difficulty are you playing at? Maybe you should try increasing the difficulty as good teamwork/coordination is paramount to completing campaigns on the higher levels.....
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  • DJ Hero

  • Hog-lumps 30/10/2009


    I would have to come up with an appropriate DJ stage name ;)

    DJ Steam?
    DJ Laundretto?
    DJ Crisp Sheets?

    Hmmm, these names need a bit of work ......
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  • Hog-lumps 30/10/2009

    The review recomends standing up with the turntable sat on a high flat surface.

    The only surface I can think of high enough for this at home is my ironing board - wouldn't really fit with the uber-cool DJ aesthetic! :)
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  • The Beatles: Rock Band

  • Hog-lumps 07/09/2009

    I believe they are equivalent to the RB2 instruments with slight tweeks. Reply +1
  • Hog-lumps 07/09/2009

    I think 'All You Need is Love' is an x-box download 'exclusive' only (proceeds go to charity) while the Abbey Road and Sgt. Pepper albums will be available for both consoles. Reply +2
  • IW confirms dual-wield for MW2

  • Hog-lumps 26/08/2009

    This is a game where you can recover from getting shot five times in the chest by hiding behind a wall for ten seconds.

    Unless you play on a higher diffuculty setting of course - where you can absorb tiny damage only and the opportunity to heal is reduced significantly ;)

    Anyway as Kanga says, the real worry is that possibly unwise additions like these might add up to spoil our total immersion in the game. Yes it may be still fun, but may not be the dark and gritty game we were after....
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  • Hog-lumps 26/08/2009

    @red panda
    perhaps a degree of role-playing is required where you know its there if you want to use it but its a foolish thing to do.

    I suppose that's one way to look at it :) - although that illusion may be slightly ruined if AI enemies can dual wield, or perhaps when you venture into MP mode?
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