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  • He's done it! He's reached level 1800 in Overwatch

  • HeroJez 29/11/2016

    Looks like he only got it by exploiting Roadhog's AIMBOT hook.

    Scumbag. Haha. ;)
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  • Rollercoaster Tycoon World review

  • HeroJez 22/11/2016

    Soooooo... you're saying it's okay? Reply 0
  • Overwatch's latest hero Sombra is now live on all platforms

  • HeroJez 16/11/2016

    She seems like a decent addition. Hacking lasts too long on Medkits, and I'm not sure I like her 'prepare-to-hack/protect my nails' stance when she runs. But with a bit of 'iteration' they'll fix any balance problems.

    Not sure they've made a good move with the Arcade stuff. Some heroes are stupidly op in 1s and 3s brawl. But I suppose anything outside of Comp can be taken with a pinch of salt.

    ... Well,.... salt is probably the wrong word.
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  • Sony announces two third-party pro controllers for PS4

  • HeroJez 11/11/2016

    Naaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Reply +4
  • Blizzcon 2016 live report

  • HeroJez 04/11/2016

    Warcraft 4 please. Reply 0
  • NX is now Nintendo Switch, a portable console with detachable controllers

  • HeroJez 20/10/2016

    Hoping for touchscreen, 1080p, Tegra 2 (in power).

    With a touchscreen, Nintendo can split ONE portable system into a device for 4 players (or more) 1-4 on the screen, and another two with a Joy-Con each. 6players? Yeah, go on then. :)

    I know it's just a gaming device, but there are so many great gameplay features through touchscreen, and if Nintendo is going to offer a Netflix service, then having WiiU games work (somehow) will be crucial to delivering good value.

    Knowing Nintendo, they might take shortcuts, but I sincerely hope that a touchscreen is not one. A great touchscreen and good connections will make all the difference to a lot of people.

    It's a shame it doesn't seem to have the power to connect to the TV AND the screen, thus mimicking the WiiUs functionality. Having the tablet as a keyboard and a browser on the screen would be nice.
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  • Nintendo to unveil NX this afternoon

  • HeroJez 20/10/2016

    Nintendo wiped my 11,000 Star Points when they introduced the new system (and conveninently a shitload of cool new things to buy) so I HATE THEM!

    Bought every single console though. Sap.

    Hope NX is cool, and they hit some decent benchmarks. But, as ever, it'll be about the games. And the fact it'll launch with Zelda BotW, and a Mario game means it'll get more than a look in--and should get the ball rolling.

    It must be time for a new Metroid, too. And some backwards compatability would be nice--although x86 framework would be handy for greater 3rd party support.
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  • Red Dead Redemption 2 is named...

  • HeroJez 18/10/2016

    See you in 2018, then. It will get delayed---but same financial year, so they won't care. Reply -1
  • The Overwatch kid who challenged ageist stereotypes

  • HeroJez 14/10/2016

    Squeaky Voices. Haha.. Ahhhwwww. So cute. :D

    Oh to be 13 and just love gaming again.
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  • The first post-Kojima Metal Gear is a co-op survival game set in an alternate reality

  • HeroJez 17/08/2016

    To those surprised by this, you shouldn't be. It was Konami's only option. The IP was there; the assets were mostly there; the fanbase was there. So in a world where the company's footprint in the console world is getting smaller by the day, they needed to go for a gametype that people enjoy (co-op/survival) and apply it to an IP that players know and love. No other game was ever going to be made.

    It's not Metal Gear SOLID, of course... so it isn't really the next game in the saga. It's something that is relatively cheap to make, and relatively easy to market. People want co-op games, and survival is more tense than anything else. Look at the hype for EVOLVE. Okay, it wasn't a huge hit, but the hype was there--and not just because it was different. People want to play together, and XBL/PSN make that easy.

    It'll probably be average, but if, in the end, it funds another good MGS, maybe it'll be worth it.

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  • Yes, Final Fantasy 15 has a season pass

  • HeroJez 03/08/2016

    I have NO idea what you're supposed to do in FF15. What even is it?! Reply -2
  • Sony has nearly 21m PlayStation Plus subscribers

  • HeroJez 29/06/2016

    Andrew Mansion. That's so bad, but I laughed out loud. Reply 0
  • Torbjorn's turrets being nerfed in Overwatch - but only on console

  • HeroJez 27/06/2016

    Multiples are the problem. Torb is supposed to hold his own, fine.... but his turret reacts quicker than most humans, spotting enemies way too fast. Also, blizzard don't seem to factor in the fact that when facing 3-4 Torbs, you have an extra 3-4 targets to aim at and process. I know countering comps is part of the fun, but for Quick Play CBAs that main something and don't look back, the extra targets and laser vision can be a bit much. Same with Bastion in turret mode. They need to check the range, imo. Still. Early days. Reply +1
  • What you actually do in Sea of Thieves

  • HeroJez 16/06/2016

    What you actually do in Sea of Thieves
    And yes, you can play it solo.
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  • Overwatch: Blizzard answers the big questions

  • HeroJez 09/06/2016

    All I know is that with an i7/670/12GB PC, running the game on High-Ultra at 60fps through Virgin 152mb internet, I CONSTANTLY get the Lighting Connection Icon on the top left-side of the screen. Overwatch is the ONLY game this happens with. No problems on WoW, BFBC2, TF2, etc.

    So, whatever, you can talk about the game being mechanically this or that, and tick this, or 60hz that, but actually, while it's fun, it hasn't been made well enough, in my opinion. Too many people have connection problems for the fault to lie anywhere but in the network code or at Blizzard HQ.

    As for hero balance, they should have sorted that out during development. There's ZERO chance that the designers played all through alpha, closed beta, and open beta without being Flash-Fanned by McCree as a tank. He should just fan upto three bullets, not 6. :/

    Not sure where I stand on the Zenny topic. On one hand, he's brutal if played well in Quick Play. But the low HP, LoS orbs, and mobility are an issue. Personally, I would drop some of his Discord damage, allow 100%-no LoS uptime on healing orb, and keep his Ultimate. I'm just not sure you can protect healers in OW the way you can in other games.
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  • Yooka-Laylee is shaping up nicely, despite a delay until next year

  • HeroJez 07/06/2016

    Something doesn't look right. Took me a while for it to click: the vast majority of the ground textures are VERY bland, there's no density or bulk or Y-axis to the foliage in many places. It feels like a student-developed game, where the assets are there, and there's some decent polish, and great art in general... but the worlds just aren't dense enough. The levels (from the outdoor ones I can see) are raised up, and fail to deliver that submersed/immersed sense of density that BK and Conker did. Starfox Adventures was another one; you felt like you were in a world instead of on it. Hopefully PTG take the time to polish and pack the worlds more. Still, looks promising. :) Reply +1
  • Overwatch cheaters will be banned for life, Blizzard says

  • HeroJez 13/05/2016

    Playing Mei is cheating. Reply +1
  • The Division has 9.5M registered users, exceeding Ubisoft's expectations

  • HeroJez 12/05/2016

    Registered. And about 60 active users, right? The Division is shallow, repetitive, and buggy as hell. I'm embarrassed to have bought it and won't be buying anything from UBI for a good while after release--and that's if the reviews are flawless. You just can't trust them. After Unity, Division, Blacklist, and so on. Ł30 isn't a bad price to pay to protect yourself from their games in the future.... it's just a shame that it was a game that so many friends pinned their hopes on. Oh well. Time for Overwatch. Reply +3
  • Why Blizzard can't please everyone playing World of Warcraft

  • HeroJez 10/05/2016

    The spider thing a lot of people don't care about. The problem with a lot of Legion development is that many of the changes (Prot, Brewmaster, MM, Survival, Ret) seem to have yanked the specs either A) back in time, to when the game was simpler, slower, and less homogenous, or B) in a completely new direction that the players didn't ask for.

    Brewmaster was intentionally a difficult tank to master, but the new designs change that playstyle... and what's come of it is a playstyle that just doesn't fit in with modern WoW raiding (leaving the tank to drop HP). And they can say what they want about 'It'll be different in Legion, etc' but they've said that in nearly every expansion since TBC. It never is. PvP, Raiding, Mana, Mobility. Eventually their grand plans for stuff to 'matter' fall by the wayside and FOTMs thrive. Healer mentality isn't to let tanks drop when they could top them off. Mythic raiders might 'get it', but for the movie casuals that the changes seem to want to entice? God knows how changing the class that they're struggling to learn ONCE AGAIN will help?

    So, yeah, I get the idea that they want the spider mount to be special, but the issues of communication and design are bigger than that. IMO, at least. They've changed so many specs for no apparent reason than 'class fantasy' that the new players never experienced, the old players don't want back, and the former players won't come back for. :/
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  • Overwatch open beta extended by a day

  • HeroJez 09/05/2016

    From limited Level 23 experience:

    Mei's Ice Wall is a good counter to Bastion. You can block LoS for a few seconds, ready for Widow or Hanzo to line up some shots. Or protect Reinhardt's Charge from incoming enemy fire for a few seconds but you have to time it right or he'll hit the wall. (Mercy should have damage up for the hit and first swing, and then healing while Reinhardt regroups.) Junkrat's Concussion Mine works well, too, if you can protect him well enough to let him throw it.
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  • Watch: Mafia 3 gameplay shows a 1960s open world that feels fresh

  • HeroJez 24/04/2016

    The soundtrack is gonna be ace! Reply +3
  • Microsoft discontinues Xbox 360

  • HeroJez 20/04/2016

    Despite its faults, the 360 was a great console. The red ring was a... sore spot... (hehe) for a few people, but so was the YLOD? on PS360GB? I reflowed my PS3 once and lost a 360 to RROD. It was just a tough time for manufacture, obviously. We got HDMI, Bluray, and some superb games, but learnt a valuable lesson at the same time. Some great games, but more than that some great multiplayer experiences on 360 that will no doubt stand out as the consoles best feature. Reply +1
  • Ubisoft threatens to "punish" The Division players who use a popular exploit

  • HeroJez 18/04/2016

    I admit being persuaded to play The Division on the pretense that most of my gaming mates would play it, but I regret the decision and have for a while. It's so shallow, and unless you can get people online every time you are, there's nothing to do but the same quest copy-pasted into different areas. Frustrating. Reply +3
  • Watch: How does Overwatch play on consoles?

  • HeroJez 30/03/2016

    Jeffrey is such a nice guy. Reply 0
  • Firewatch has sold half a million copies

  • HeroJez 21/03/2016

    Firewatch was decent, in no short part because of the incredible aesthetics. I'm not sure the game would have done anywhere near as well without the looks, though. It was also quite linear, which is fine, but it felt like they could have done more for explorers, and have included more wildlife and natural hazards. Steam players called it a 'Walking Simulator' which was funny, but true in a way. It felt like there was just a fraction of 'something' (a gameplay element, perhaps some collection stuff) that was missing that would have added a touch more depth.

    I'm happy for Campo Santo and for gamers that Firewatch was a success. Not sure what they'll do next, but I hope they get Olly Moss back and really test themselves.
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  • You have to level up a new World of Warcraft character to get the next Hearthstone hero

  • HeroJez 15/03/2016

    Ugh. Blizzard. zzZzzzz Reply -3
  • WildStar studio Carbine sheds nearly half of its workforce - report

  • HeroJez 12/03/2016

    It all felt a bit too tryhard for my liking. They were really upbeat (understandably) about Espers and Nexus and someshit but everyone else was just like: whatthefuck?

    It was beautiful, as you'd expect in 2014, but there was something missing. Unfortunately, whatever that 'something' was, it wasn't a colossal grind! That was there, in abundance.

    Oh well, it's a shame, but the era of MMOs are probably done for most people. The Division is fresh, sure, but I'm fairly sure that shooting humans over and over will get tiring, despite the updates. Still, who knows. Perhaps Wildstar's zaniness was just too much for people--and those same people had invested too much of themselves into WoW to justify jumping ship. That Shadowmourne isn't going to polish itself.
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  • Meanwhile, at Rare...

  • HeroJez 09/03/2016

    I'm going to send a photo of a Kinect camera, because Sea of Thieves can't be anywhere near as bad as all that animals shit or the outdoors jet-skiing bollocks -- and that in itself is exciting.

    I mean, really, who takes the creators of Goldeneye, Banjo, and DKC and tells them to make something for Kinect. Depressing.
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  • The Division's first two paid expansions have 30-day Xbox exclusivity

  • HeroJez 07/03/2016


    I was hoping the other systems would get it first so they could sit through the 4 weeks of bugs before the game and UBI servers are actually any good. #XBETAONE
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  • Pokémon Sun and Moon will rise on 3DS this year

  • HeroJez 26/02/2016

    Pokémoon. Reply +10
  • Street Fighter 5 modders restore R.Mika's butt slap

  • HeroJez 19/02/2016

    Can't tell much of a different with the actual double-bum squash. Am I missing something? Reply +1
  • The Fallout fan made to destroy his records for a refund

  • HeroJez 05/02/2016

    In other news, a Eurogamer staffer is taking Bethseda to court over injuries sustained after being forced to 'destroy' and 'damage' one of its faulty products in order to obtain a refund. Bethseda had the following to say:

    "Bollocks! This is awful PR, and that guy could have lost an eye. What a bunch of shitters we are. This will cost us some credibility and some future orders. Arse!"

    Eurogamer takes a 1-0 advantage going into the second leg.
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  • Uncharted 4 PS4 gets a Drakeover

  • HeroJez 04/02/2016

    @Snake_2011 Not sure it beats out the anniversary PS4, but I agree it looks slick! Probably would prefer it without the picture of Drake, though. Just the latin and the blue colour would be nice. Reply +1
  • Why the internet is in a flap about Nintendo's NX console

  • HeroJez 20/01/2016

    900p. Haha. It has HDMI. Therefore 1080p is always an option and the gameworld and code would determine any framerate. What a crock. lol Reply 0
  • More pictures of the Turok remaster excavated

  • HeroJez 07/12/2015

    That Tek Bow, though. Get shit on, Rex. Reply +4
  • PlayStation Experience keynote set for Saturday

  • HeroJez 02/12/2015

    I'd like a new Crash Bandicoot. Reply +1
  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is 60 FPS on PS4 but 30 on Xbox One

  • HeroJez 01/12/2015

    How have they NOT managed to get 60 FPS out of a game that old and that basic.

    Really, that can't be on the XBONE. That's got to be on the (Torn banner?) devs. :/
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  • PES 2016 finally gets latest transfers on 3rd December

  • HeroJez 26/11/2015

    Celebrate the 2016 FA Cup Final with the PES 2016 January Transfers Update FREE on PSN! ¬_¬ Reply +5
  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare heads to PS4, Xbox One next month

  • HeroJez 19/11/2015

    One doth not jouuuust in Chivalry, sir. One lungeth, and slasheth, and basheth! Reply +1
  • Sonic Twitter account taken over by Dr. Eggman

  • HeroJez 14/11/2015

    Oh dear. SEGA?! What happened? :/ Reply -3
  • Watch: the first Warcraft trailer

  • HeroJez 06/11/2015

    They just haven't got the CGI right at all. Look at 1:15 when they meet in what looks like Deadwind Pass. Durotan should tower over Medivh/Lothar, or whoever it is. But they're the same height in that shot. LotR got Gandalf and the Hobbits right in 2001, I can't believe Legendary haven't even got these basics right in 2015.

    Hopefully it'll be decent, although you do wonder if the Horde victories will go down well with Hollywood types, who love a good-guy ending. I guess Durotan is a goodie, but it'll take some doing to get that across--and even more so if they try and do it without him allying with the humans.

    I wonder how far from the original story they'll drift.
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  • Watch: Street Fighter 5's new tutorial stars young Ryu and Ken

  • HeroJez 05/11/2015

    I hope they add Gouken and Sagat to the roster. Reply +2
  • Watch: Should games be made about 9/11?

  • HeroJez 31/10/2015

    @Psiloc -- I didn't say it was solid steel, you daft cúnt. YES, it was pretty much supposed to crumple on the surface and fall down... and NOT disappear INTO the building, leaving the WRONG type of engine in the 'wreckage' below. Missile, bomb, pick one. You can't take thermite in your hand luggage. Most blast energy was exerted in the first few seconds, and the smoke is a telltale sign of a struggling fire. Oh, yes, those explosive office chairs and printers. GOOD POINT!... ¬_¬ Reply -6
  • HeroJez 31/10/2015

    @brider -- No. It pretty much can't. It is subject to the laws of physics, and burns at a lower temperature that the one required to melt steel.

    @riceNpea -- No. I haven't closed my mind off. I've made an informed decision on evidence of the facts. Technology ages horribly, and there's just too much wrong with the official report and post-even actions of the US government for me (and I believe any other intelligent being) to believe otherwise. I appreciate this probably isn't the right place for a debate, so I'll leave it there.
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  • HeroJez 31/10/2015

    @WhiteUmbrella -- I agree completely. How people can believe that a hollow, aluminium plane can crash INTO a reinforced STEEL building is beyond me. People don't want to admit it, but 9/11 was a scam, a fix, and flat out murder by the American Empire. The footage of the plane wing DISAPPEARING and the actors reacting to it; The fact the perpetrators were SAUDI yet they invaded Afganistan; the freefall collapse of WTC7.

    You can make a game or tell a joke about anything, but 9/11 is a terrible template, not least because such a game would only perpetuate the crumbling deception that the whole series of events was anything but an inside job perpetrated by the CIA, DoD, and co in the interests of Big Business.

    Don't believe me? Watch the videos for yourself. And listen to the analyses of scientists, eye-witnesses, and architects AND engineers.
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  • Scribblenauts dev announces F2P action-RPG Anchors in the Drift

  • HeroJez 22/10/2015

    Looks decent. Plenty of depth, and the sort of thing you can chip away at over a few months or more. Hopefully the story is engaging. Reply -1
  • YouTube confirms paid subscription service

  • HeroJez 22/10/2015



    Anything to do with Tube Red will automatically flag up porn. They should have picked a better name.


    Even if it's generic, it can't be worse than Red. :/
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  • Firewatch signals a February release date

  • HeroJez 12/10/2015

    Can't wait for this. It looks awesome. Here's hoping Campo Santo deliver a solid experience! Hope for some real depth, too. Reply +16
  • Stone Age-set Far Cry Primal launches in February

  • HeroJez 06/10/2015

    That poor mammoth. Don't Ubisoft know the rules? You can't let the animals die - just the women! Reply -1
  • Battlefront's styling is pure Star Wars, but it's a Battlefield game at heart

  • HeroJez 05/10/2015

    Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew.... zzzZZZzzzzz... Just me or did that gameplay seem boring as hell? :/ Reply +15