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  • Does Heroes of the Storm need saving?

  • Heavy_Rain 27/04/2017

    Will 2.0 truly let you have a fair chance at winning those elusive skins and mount, or are they still stuck behind a paywall?
    Yes, skins can be found in chests now. They can also be crafted with shards.
    If you played 200 games you'll get a few chests already. It's explained here.
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  • Heavy_Rain 27/04/2017

    Weird how it keeps popping up that the game is not punishing enough or that the chance for a comeback is a bad thing.
    If your team is dominant you can finish a match in fifteen minutes.
    If you destroy two or all your opponents keeps they are under so much pressure that they constantly have to defend against catapults or risk losing. So, the team has to constantly balance this against taking objectives, camps (especially bosses) and map presence.

    You just have to understand how the late game in HotS works. If you screw up or get reckless past level 20 it can lose you the game, yes. Being a good player/team also means knowing when to finish a match.

    The alleged lack of complexity also seems strange. Itís obviously more accessible than Dota, but there is more than enough depth for the players who want it.
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