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  • Dark Souls PC release date announced, Games For Windows Live support confirmed

  • Headache 12/04/2012

    I'd heard great things about this game and was really looking forward to playing in PC, GfWL though? That means it's a write off for me. Finding people who've never had a problem with GfWL is like finding a unicorn. Reply 0
  • EA announces starry Syndicate voice cast

  • Headache 10/02/2012

    @Gaiduku Whiny? Are you sure you're thinking of the right Brian Cox? This is the Brian Cox we're talking about.

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  • Steam switch boosted Dawn of War sales

  • Headache 21/04/2011

    Can we make sure that any other developer considering using GfWL is made to read and consider these comments before they continue down a path that only leads to frustration and complaints from gamers please. Reply +11
  • The Men Who Stare At Protoss

  • Headache 13/11/2010

    I'm glad others have mentioned HDGamer's casts, he along with Husky and Day9 are who I go to for my SC2 fix. I only started watching SC2 casts within the last month and I'm already hooked, I've watched tonnes of videos and I'm sure my game play has improved just having a vague idea of what I should be doing too.

    @Zo - I have to disagree about your commend that Day9 is boring, have you checked out his "Funday Monday" casts, they've been some of the best I've watched. He sets his viewers the challenge of playing under a particular constraint and then they send him their replays. The week where they had the 2vs2 where each player could only build one unit type was amazing.
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  • Valve: single player games have a future

  • Headache 09/11/2010

    Surely the more sensible route of developers is to focus on a great single player experience. With the likes of WoW, Halo, Starcraft 2 and Call of Duty wildly popular most of the people who passionately love multi player gaming will be doing so on one of those platforms. That's a tough market to break into (as most MMORPG makers are still discovering.)

    Whereas a great single player game will always have an audience ready to try it out because (for the most part) they don't have the same replay value of a great multi player game meaning that no matter how good the game was, once completed, its players are ready to move onto the next great game.

    Basically, Valve +1
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  • Grab a WOW: Cataclysm beta key!

  • Headache 12/10/2010

    Not working for me, I click "Claim your freebie" and it just refreshes the page. I assume this means all 200 are taken and/or the ticket system's crashed. Reply 0
  • GAME to shut another 85 shops

  • Headache 28/09/2010

    Not surprising, ever since GAME bought Gamestation the writing must have been on the wall for a whole load of stores. We've still got both running in my city but I could easily see them closing one to save costs. Reply +4
  • Telltale reveals crossover Poker game

  • Headache 03/09/2010

    The Heavy from TF2 is an interesting choice. I'd have liked to see the Spy there personally if I had to pick a single class but it'd have been great to have them all and just pick which one you wanted to play as. I can imagine the Pyro's poker face would be particularly good. Reply 0
  • Blizzard forums to require real names

  • Headache 07/07/2010

    I find it interesting that only those people who've said this isn't such a bad idea are getting lots of negative ratings, regardless of whether their post is "bad" or not.

    Personally I agree with anomagnus, some people are creating a level of hysteria over this unwarrented and unhelpful to the discussion. There are certain dangers with using your real name on the internet but for the majority of people who already have their names displayed on the likes of facebook this won't be such a massive problem. Of course there are people with daft or silly names that might not want to be ridiculed and others such as teachers who might not want their pupils to know they play but I genuinely don't think it'll be the end of the world for most gamers.

    I can see Blizzard's reasoning in this and frankly if it leads to better behaviour from players in game and on the forum then I'm all for it.
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  • Microsoft working on cheaper slim 360

  • Headache 15/06/2010

    So when Microsoft finally bring out "the console you always wanted" 4 and a half years after the 360 first launched instead of consolidating the brand and kit into one fully featured SKU they plan to go back to the 2 model idea probably taking out some of those features we've always wanted to bring the price down.

    Two steps forward, one step back Microsoft.
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  • Photogenic family plays Xbox Kinect

  • Headache 14/06/2010

    Ouch, done not make we want to buy. Or play. Reply +1
  • MS investigates sweatshop allegations

  • Headache 19/04/2010

    I like how they've announced they're going to take a look at the factory next week, giving the owners time to hide and remove all the children until the inspection is over. Reply +14
  • Nintendo dates Q2 line-up

  • Headache 08/04/2010

    SMG2 coming out the same day that the World Cup kicks off, are Nintendo trying to make us choose between them? Reply +3
  • FFXIII PS3 includes FFXIV beta invite

  • Headache 10/03/2010

    Argh! I've got a PC and 360, as much as I'm looking forward to FF14 I'm not going to go out and buy a PS3 to get into the beta... probably. Reply 0
  • Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising

  • Headache 10/03/2010

    Well I wasn't planning on buying this but you might have just sold me on it now. Reply +1
  • Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce

  • Headache 08/03/2010

    @DFawkes What no splitscreen co-op? Well that's a no-buy for me then, one of my favourite things about the DW games is playing it with a mate. Reply 0
  • Infinity Ward studio heads sacked?

  • Headache 02/03/2010

    @L0cky And I imagine that being fired might invalidate some of their contract agreements anyway (I hope!) Reply +3
  • Buy Psychonauts for a quid on Steam

  • Headache 27/01/2010

    I bought this last night, I might never even get around to playing it, but at £1 hell why not? Reply +1
  • Mass Effect 2 launch trailer

  • Headache 21/01/2010

    Some great music in that trailer, I've been thinking I'd hold off and wait to buy it when it gets discounted on Steam but all these trailers are doing their job damnit. I might just have to bust the cash on day 1 after all. Reply +3
  • Kim Swift leaves Valve for Airtight

  • Headache 08/12/2009

    Maybe she just wanted to work for a company that ships more than one title per five years?
    Was the wait for Left 4 Dead 2 so bad?
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  • Player clocks WOW achievements

  • Headache 02/12/2009

    The mind boggles over how much time all that must have taken! Reply +2
  • Valve teasing L4D2's Midnight Riders

  • Headache 19/11/2009

    This being Valve I'd expect that the DLC will be free on PC and cost on XBOX. Reply -5
  • AVP Alien campaign, multi detailed

  • Headache 19/08/2009

    "There's more to playing the alien than just the fun and rape games, however."

    Really? Rape?
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  • Microsoft gamescom conference

  • Headache 19/08/2009

    ...that's it? Wow, amazing waste of an opportunity to hit back at Sony there. I don't think many people will be talking about the first announcement of Fable 3 in the coming weeks compared to discussion on how the PS3 Slim and price drop will affect the market. Reply +3
  • Headache 19/08/2009

    Judgements sound rubbish, I don't care about peasants. I'd thrown them in jail on principle. How dare they come and disturb me?

    Let's face it, who in a game wants to have to sit there and listen (or read) about people complaining about their lives. Surely we get enough of that in our schools/uni/work places. No I don't want to go walking through the streets trying to find some random person's house to find out whether or not they do have food on the table. I'd much rather be leading an army to battle or exploring an unknown land.

    It sounds like Mol's managed to take the adventuring and magic out of Fable. Of course his example isn't actually in the game, so how can I even judge!
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  • Monkey Island remake next week

  • Headache 07/07/2009


    Yeah, sorry I didn't get that across in my comment. I knew LucasArts have done that for Monkey Island but I guess what I was trying to say is that I'm only interested in paying for Indy, Day of the Tent and Grim if they're given the same treatment that Monkey Island has recieved.
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  • Headache 07/07/2009

    I'm interested in The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, but only at the right price. Much as I love LucasArts old games, I've bought and played them before, unless they do something similar to this new release of Monkey Island and update those parts of their games that have aged badly I won't be buying any of these games again. Reply +3
  • Pre-order L4D2, get early demo

  • Headache 07/07/2009

    There was little point pre-ordering L4D as well all got to play the first part quite early and those who did pre-order got bitten on price. I think I paid around £23 for L4D from play compared to my mate who pre-ordered, got to play for an extra week beforehand and paid £35 for the privilage. Not worth it in my opinion.

    Much as I like buying my games on Steam I'll only do it if the price is competative and aside from their odd weekend special offers it's still generally cheaper to get your games from play or amazon.
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  • Vivendi sues Brutal Legend developer

  • Headache 05/06/2009

    If they wanted to publish Brutal Legend why did they drop it in the first place? Petty moves by Activision, bugger off. Reply 0
  • Games Workshop's got "forgotten IP"

  • Headache 29/04/2009

    As for the DRM concerns, just release it through Steam and be done with it. Reply 0
  • The Art of Dante's Inferno

  • Headache 25/02/2009

    How much are you getting paid for all this coverage? Reply 0
  • Valve to convert pirates into payers

  • Headache 19/01/2009

    So have Valve explained why you still can't purchase EA games off Steam in the UK yet? Reply 0
  • EA signs Wheel of Time games

  • Headache 16/01/2009

    "EA clearly has faith. Do you?"
    No. If it's anything like the books the first half of the game will be derivative but fun before losing focus in the second half and sinking into a pit of tedious drudgery.
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  • Coming Attractions: Fighting & Strategy

  • Headache 15/01/2009

    I think if we knew for sure that Starcraft 2 was coming out this year then it should certainly have been the Star Attraction. However with Blizzard still trying to tell us that the game is in pre-alpha with no hint of a release date yet I think it's perfectly fine to choose something else as the main pick. After all you don't want to do a Spore, proclaiming it "game of the year", for years before its eventual release. Reply 0
  • Left 4 Dead 360 update beats cheaters

  • Headache 07/01/2009

    Forget their names," Richard Kennedy got his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management"

    If I have two boxes of Rice Crispys and one bar of chocolate, what is the likelihood that people will buy our cereal to lose weight?
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  • EA on Steam, but so far not in Europe

  • Headache 22/12/2008

    Seems to be available for "most of Europe" now according to announcement on Steam but doing a search for Mass Effect, Spore and Football Manager 2009 still turns up nothing. I guess "most of Europe" doesn't include the UK. Reply 0
  • One Life Left live from Nordic Game

  • Headache 14/05/2008

    Why would her hair be playing Harvest Moon? Reply 0
  • Square Enix dates FFXI 2008 bundle

  • Headache 01/05/2008

    There are sometimes I still think back to the great times I had in FFXI, interesting areas, challenging fights and great teams and guilds to play with. I think of these and am very tempted to return. Then I remember the aching loss of xp when you die and the fear of leveling down, the tedious grind for gil to be able to afford the spells, weapons and armour you really do need to have to be able to fight effectively and the time wasted sitting around 'LFG' and I know I'll never ever be able to sink the time I once did into Final Fantasy XI all over again.

    So long FFXI! I loved you then and a piece of me still does, however it will never be the same. I've played WoW since.
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  • Crytek drops PC exclusives

  • Headache 30/04/2008

    "We are suffering currently from the huge piracy that is encompassing Crysis."

    Shouldn't that be "We are suffering currently from the lack of PC's able to run Crysis."

    Making the latest, greatest, most graphically cutting edge games is a nice bragging point, but if people can't run the damn thing on their PC's they aren't going to buy it.

    All this is showing is that there is a corrolation between people who spend a truck load of money to keep on the cutting edge of gaming hardware and those that pirate games... wait that can't be right, can it?
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  • Nintendo not cutting hardware prices

  • Headache 25/04/2008

    Nintendo in continuing to print money shocker!

    While the system continues to sell as well as it is there's no reason for them to drop the price, and as their financial estimates for 08/09 show they expect to sell even more over the coming year (and with a higher profit margin I'd imagine too.)

    I'm interested to see what they'll be unveiling at E3 that will get people buying more games in their millions in the second half of the year.
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  • US/Euro Wii Fit will weigh your pet

  • Headache 25/04/2008

    I can't help thinking it would be much more fun to use this to weigh other things, maybe younger siblings or relatives, parcels or drugs. Reply 0
  • Smash Bros. Brawl Euro date

  • Headache 24/04/2008

    *slow handclap for NoE* Well done you bunch of arse sniffing monkeys only 6 months behind its original release in Japan! Reply 0
  • Get a Mythos closed-beta key

  • Headache 22/04/2008

    I very much hope my PC can run this! Reply 0
  • Mercs 2 PS2 is "true sequel to Mercs 1"

  • Headache 17/04/2008

    Because one game doesn't get enough attention when it's the lead article on the front page! Reply 0
  • Telltale doing Wii Software game

  • Headache 10/04/2008

    This could be amazing, only Trogdor can tell. Reply 0
  • Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball delayed

  • Headache 10/04/2008

    "On the positive side it gives us a chance to go back and add-in additonal content to the game."

    That better mean they're going to be adding Zombies!
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  • Ubisoft adds portfolio to Steam

  • Headache 02/04/2008

    So what excuse are Ubi going to be using to explain away the fact that a European publisher is not allowing its games to be sold through Steam in Europe? Reply 0
  • Warhammer Online delayed again

  • Headache 26/03/2008

    Good. From the videos and screenshots I've seen it really does look like it needs more time spent on it. Animation routines as well haven't been looking the best either.

    As for releasing against Wrath of the Lich King, it would probably be in their best interests to release WAR a couple of months after WotLK surely. Beforehand and you'll get people migrating back over to WoW to try out the new content, afterwards and you'll probably find that people get bored of the new content after a while (see Burning Crusade) and are then ready for something new.

    I'm happy to wait until it's good and ready, FFXI and WoW stole enough of my life as it was, I know WAR will probably do the same when it is released so I'm in no hurry to spend a few months living in the dark again!
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  • One Life Left #67 tonight

  • Headache 04/03/2008

    I should hopefully be listening to this tonight, can't wait. Reply 0
  • One Life Left on Eurogamer tonight!

  • Headache 26/02/2008

    Well I'm annoyed. This is great news and I can't wait to hear it (even though nothing much is really changing by the sound of it) but sadly I won't be able to listen to it live. Why oh why did I agree to go see Rambo tonight! Reply 0