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  • Obsidian's new game is Project Eternity, a fantasy RPG

  • HarryTuttle 15/09/2012

    fuck yes. backed. Reply +1
  • Interplay appears to be resurrecting Black Isle Studios

  • HarryTuttle 22/08/2012

    What a joke interplay have become. Caen wrecked that company and destroyed black isle but keeps on trying to milk its legacy, though I doubt they'll ever produce a working game again. Reply +1
  • Father blames Microsoft as son spends Ł1150 on Xbox Live

  • HarryTuttle 13/07/2012

    I play a shit ton of games but don't know all the ins and outs of profile settings on my xbox; should we expect a middle age non gamer to know how it all operates? The whole point of FIFA card packs is to gouge the unaware or stupid parents of naive or selfish kids. I'm a teacher, and the money some of my pupils have shelled on that crap boggles the mind.

    Yes, he should have kept a better eye on his kid and card, and yes, his kid probably knew what he was doing, but microsoft and EA are greedy bastards who operate a pretty slimy business model. Plenty of blame to spread around imo.
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  • It's time to kick back against gaming bigots

  • HarryTuttle 03/03/2012

    Hear, hear. Reply 0
  • BioWare: we finished Mass Effect 3 before working on DLC

  • HarryTuttle 23/02/2012

    @mattroberts 'Gimped' was certainly an overstatement, but comparing ME characters to 'walking codexs' isn't any less ridiculous. The sharacter interaction is (for me) key to ME; take it out and you have an average shooter/rpg with a hokey story and a nice atmosphere. Also, I know this is the internet, but please try and stay civil. Manners are free. Reply +3
  • HarryTuttle 23/02/2012

    @Dave Thing is, this particular DLC doesn't just extend the gameplay a bit or offer some new toys, it includes a fully fleshed out and presumably unique character whose absence will have an impact on the whole experience. It materially diminishes every minute of the product you did pay for in an effort to make the consumer cough up some more dough.

    It is some cynical shit.

    I agree though, if people are unhappy they'd better vote with their wallet. I know I will.
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  • HarryTuttle 23/02/2012

    Fuck this.
    I've always tried to support Bioware because I love their games, and I was dumb enought to defend project $10 when others (rightly) called it out as the thin end of the wedge, but seriously, fuck this.
    I'll pick it up 2nd hand or wait till the price comes way down, but no way will I pay the cover price for a gimped product, and Bioware can go fuck themselves.
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  • Firaxis' XCOM: Enemy Unknown announced

  • HarryTuttle 06/01/2012

    That headline had me from six to midnight. Happy days! Reply 0
  • Games of 2011: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  • HarryTuttle 28/12/2011

    Definitely can be saved on 360, though it took me ages... I said non-lethality be damned (they were trying to kill Malik FFS!) and went on a rampage. Had to work out an efficient line (jump off to the right, kill the 1st guard on the run, cloak and sprint to the heavies, drop typhoon, get into cover, magnum the third, EMP the bot, take out the last ground guy, blow the barrels & pop the snipers) too, and when I got it right it felt fucking epic. My bleeding heart stealth character forced into serious violence by the circumstances - and wrecking everything against the odds...

    What a game.
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  • Dragon Age 2 response surprised BioWare

  • HarryTuttle 03/08/2011

    DA2 is certainly open to some pretty severe criticisms, but can we please get past the nonsense that it's a button-masher? Claiming otherwise just shows you didn't change the difficulty. 'Normal' was designed for button-mashers, RPG veterans were expected to ramp it up somewhat. Do that and, IMO, the combat is far harder and requires more tactical organisation than in DA:O, where a couple of well built mages could pretty much level everything by midgame.

    Buggy? Yes. Linear? Yes. Over-reliant on reused assets and constant enemy spawns? Yup and Yup. But mindless action game? Not on your life.
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  • Tour de France 2011

  • HarryTuttle 06/07/2011

    I'm with Reihn and Concrete. I love the tour (good luck to Cavendish this avo!) and am genuinely tempted despite the slightly ropey feel of the video, but have no clue what the game ultimately entails. The caption for the photo-gallery contains as much info on controls as the rest of the review (which was an otherwise very good read) so I'm left somewhat in the dark. Reply +2
  • Lionhead has "super secret second project"

  • HarryTuttle 01/07/2011

    Secret new Lionhead project "Press X to Win" unveiled!

    Features a revolutionary new gameplay style! Designed to allow unfettered accessibility, "Press X to Win" will ensure that even drunk quadraplegics using one pus encrusted eyelid can see the adventure through! Alternate Kinect control options allow the hyper-immersive new modes "Burp to Win" and "Twitch-Spasmodically to Win"! Includes a digital animal!
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  • Tour de France: The Official Game

  • HarryTuttle 21/06/2011

    Jeeze, developers will pedal any old crap these days... Reply +1
  • Dragon Age 2 DLC to address fan feedback

  • HarryTuttle 17/06/2011

    I really don't get why people think DA:O was so deep. I mean, I love the game, but mages are way over-powered, the linear skill trees result in only a few viable builds with predictable skilll progressions and levelling up boiled down to pumping each class' principle stat. Baldur's Gate it was not.

    Yes DA2 has serious flaws - reused enviromnents and a shocking slew of bugs chief among them - but give the game credit for what it did right. Class balance and synergy was better and the setting was a refreshing break from the norm. Bioware tried to be innovative and got mixed results. Of course 'innovation' is a dirty word for a lot of RPG fans - I remember the boards bemoaning DA:O's development for not being D&D enough. Plus ca change...
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  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

  • HarryTuttle 15/06/2011

    Jeez, just watching the trailer had me a little misty! So many brilliant moments that came flooding back... I fucking love this game. When I first completed it I remember just putting the controller down and sitting in awe for a good five minutes. But I can't justify getting a 3DS... balls. Balls. Balls. Reply +1
  • Star Wars Old Republic intro cinematic

  • HarryTuttle 09/06/2011

    Great video. Shame the actual game still looks a bit cock. Reply +2
  • Obsidian working on 2D RPG?

  • HarryTuttle 31/05/2011

    Wheel of Time? God, I hope not. That series is fucking interminable dross. Reply 0
  • Deus Ex hack: "Game not at risk"

  • HarryTuttle 13/05/2011

    Jesus, hackers are colossal twats.

    Please fuck the fuck off and stop fucking up the net for the socially competent.

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  • Beautiful Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim shots

  • HarryTuttle 18/04/2011

    Is it just me or is that helmet pure 'knightmare'? Reply +8
  • Wii 2 to be revealed at E3 – report

  • HarryTuttle 14/04/2011

    Makes sense for ninty for the reasons outlined above; a saturated wii hardware market, low attach rate of games per console and, I'd imagine, growing concern over the app store's future impact on the casual scene. They have bags of cash right now and no new PS or Xbox seems imminent, so I get why they're going for it.

    Still wish they wouldn't though.

    Why the fuck do we want a new console arms race? Developers can barely afford to make games for the current gen and it's resulted in a slew of bust companies and shite 'low risk' modern combat fpses. That's only getting worse next gen, and balls to that I say. Things are ok right now; decent fidelity visuals, very few single platform exclusives and a few years of stability. If it ain't (completely) broke...
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  • Guild Wars 2: How to make MMOs better

  • HarryTuttle 14/04/2011

    Looking really good, though I doubt my creaky old PC will get near it. :( Reply 0
  • Did BioWare work on Jade Empire 2?

  • HarryTuttle 14/04/2011

    Jade Empire was the one boiware game that left me completely cold. I guess I expected a martial arts game to feature some, you know, martial arts rather than dull as shit rock-paper-scissors. Though now that I think about it I had just finished Shenmue 2 when I played it, so it was bound to suffer by comparison... Reply -1
  • New Dragon Age II PC patch goes live

  • HarryTuttle 13/04/2011

    Err... I hope 'various minor gameplay issues' includes the never ending armour stacking on shield users, because that's pretty much totally wrecked my game and it's been sitting for weeks while I pray for a fix. If it's not included I'll will be fucking raging. Reply 0
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic Jedi trailer

  • HarryTuttle 25/03/2011

    Was that reallly the best they could do? If the combat in the *trailer* looks so fucking stilted and lifeless god knows what the gameplay's like... I love bioware, but this really isn't looking great right now. Reply 0
  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

  • HarryTuttle 07/03/2011

    Salvatore and McFarlane are total fucking hacks: these men can't write for shit.

    Not holding out much hope for this one.
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  • SEGA will "probably" let Suzuki make Shenmue 3

  • HarryTuttle 02/03/2011

    Creator wants to create game. Bosses won't let him. Same story for ten years.

    This is not news. Since Sammy (a pachinco company) took over Sega shenmue has been pretty much dead and, much as it pains me to say it, this remains the case. Prick teasing name drops and shitty browser games aside we will never get to know what happened in that cave or what's so special about the sodding white tree/s. Yes, this blows, but the truth hurts. I'll be damned if I'm getting my hopes up again.

    /runs to shenmue dojo to see if he should get his hopes up again
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  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  • HarryTuttle 24/02/2011

    FUCK. YES. Reply +1
  • First Dragon Age: Redemption footage

  • HarryTuttle 17/02/2011

    I'm pretty much a bioware proselytiser. I've loved almost every game they've touched (fuck you Jade Empire and your godawful rock-paper-scissors, I expect martial arts in my martial arts RPGs) and sing their praises to the CoD playing masses. But christ on a bike, casting nerd-bait in a metal bikini to sell your RPG really isn't doing much to challenge stereotypes or expand your audience. Colour me unimpressed. Reply +3
  • Channel 4 news report shows Halo 5

  • HarryTuttle 09/02/2011

    @GamesConnoisseur: You're using the Star Wars franchise as an example of why it 's a *good* idea to keep pumping out installments? I guess you watched a different set of prequels than me... Reply +5
  • Dark Souls plans late 2011 release date

  • HarryTuttle 03/02/2011

    As a 360 owner this has put me from 6 to midnight. Been enviously eyeing Demons' Souls from afar, can't wait to get my butt kicked by this game =] Reply +3
  • The Last Story tops Japan charts

  • HarryTuttle 02/02/2011

    88 thousand people bought a game about fancying your little sister?

    What the fucking fuck.
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  • Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

  • HarryTuttle 01/02/2011

    so if you time a Hyper Combo badly and need to escape punishment, or just want to combo two Hyper Combos together, then a well timed X Factor cancel is only four simultaneous button presses away. And when you factor in Delayed Hyper Combos, it's fair to say that linking four harbingers of doom into one satisfying combo has never been easier.


    Never worked out what the hell was going on in MvC2, looks like this will be no different. Given that I royally suck at SF4 where I do at least know what's going on, might have to give this a miss.
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  • European Nintendo 3DS Conference

  • HarryTuttle 19/01/2011

    What do you call a snowman with a piano? Meltin' John. Reply 0
  • Piss on SEGA's new game machine

  • HarryTuttle 07/01/2011

    What do you do when you're losing the multiplayer? Rage-shit? Reply +9
  • Sony shows off 3D headset

  • HarryTuttle 06/01/2011

    Choice of where to focus isn't the only headache causer though; the lens of the eye has to remain focused on the screen while eye alignment changes to track the virtual image you are looking at. In normal vision these two processes always work in concert; in 3D displays they almost never do. I believe this is less of a concern in a cinema than at home because you are further from the screen so the eye lens can just focus in to the distance. The screens here are right in front of your nose, (one of the problems with the virtual boy I think) but the lens in the headset will make it appear further away. Just how far away they can make it appear without distorting the image might go a fair way to determining whether this is a breakout tech or just a vomit inducing curio. Reply +2
  • Keep the 3DS still while playing

  • HarryTuttle 04/01/2011

    @makeamazing: I was talking about restrictions on use from an adult standpoint. Obviously young kids should not be using it if it will have deliterious effects, just like young kids shouldn't handle knives or have access to pornography. Will some kids play it? Undoubtedly; just like some kids play with knives. A shame, but we don't ban knives. And I speak as someone with a permanently lazy eye because 6 year old me refused to wear those damn eyepatches. Reply +2
  • HarryTuttle 04/01/2011

    Jeez. Glasses free stereoscopic 3D, on a handheld device, and everyone's bitching about a few limitations? Guess what: all artificial 3D comes with limitations. Your lens focus and eye alignment do different things and this eventually tires your brain out. This is unavoidable. From my reading of the article, the dev was suggesting that if the screen is shaking you'll get tired faster, not that the 3D won't work - again, this seems unavoidable. Which would be rubbish, except there's a 3D slider on the side so you can turn it down if you feel a headache coming on or you're in the 5-10% of the pop. who don't process simulated 3D. So where's the problem? Reply +5
  • Deus Ex gameplay detailed

  • HarryTuttle 18/11/2010

    Jizzed. In. My. Pants. Reply +1
  • Fable III

  • HarryTuttle 26/10/2010

    I take it they've yet to add anything as course and unseemly as optional difficulty levels? Because I just got so bored of the combat in no 2 that I stopped playing half way through. Though if the AI's still rubbish that wouldn't really help much I guess... So I think I'll pass till it's a tenner in a bargain bin. Reply +4
  • Interplay: Fallout Online launch in 2012

  • HarryTuttle 22/10/2010

    Eric and brother Hervé are the tossers that nearly destroyed fallout to begin with. After buying out Interplay they canned the original fallout 3 (codenamed Van Buren, google it if you like to read mass fan bitching) for the execrable abortion basket of a game that was brotherhood of steel and drove off all their development talent by being generally clueless cunts. They have no more claim on the soul of fallout than I have claim on Beyoncé's buttocks. Reply +3
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  • HarryTuttle 20/08/2010

    I am now officially reallyfuckingexcited for this. The more I hear and see the better it sounds =] Reply +3
  • Fable III

  • HarryTuttle 19/08/2010

    While there are some elements I really liked in the first two games, I never even finished II as it eventually bored me rigid. The games are, for my tastes, too linear, too repetitive and far, FAR too fucking easy. One button combat? Seriously? But hey! if you're really good at pressing one button you get rewarded by having no scars! Except that's not a reward, is it, as I never had the scars to begin with. It's just the game making shit players' and young children's characters look like Freddy Kreuger in a three corner hat and frock coat.

    Think I'll pass.
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  • No Move, Kinect for Fight Night Champion

  • HarryTuttle 02/08/2010

    A really good first person boxing game is just about the only thing that could convince me to buy a kinect right now, so I guess this is a shame, but honestly I have to agree with EA. I've been doing martial arts for a while now and bag work is about as tiring as it gets. Fitness isn't my only concern either; the canned animations of wii boxing leave me totally cold and a game using one-to-one motion control would reveal rather swiftly that most folk are pretty terrible at boxing. I seem to remember the devs of The Ashes saying they chose not to use 1-to-1 tracking on the wii version because everyone bar professionals would get bowled out for a duck. Hell, 1-to-1 wouldn't even work anyway as there's nothing for your fist to recoil from... The more I think about kinect the more it seems utterly fucking useless. Reply +1
  • For Ten Dollars More?

  • HarryTuttle 21/07/2010

    If project ten dollar offered value for money it would be failing spectacularly to do its job. Its purpose is to inhibit second hand sales and not really to make money off them, so if they were priced in line with other DLCs they would be just that: other DLCs. As has been pointed out they exist to persuade a customer choosing between a fractionally marked down used copy and a new one to plump for the new, and as long as the incentive is not gamebreaking I see no problem with this (which is why I see Shale as probably the worst example of P$10, as the game is materially diminished without her). Assasin's 2 has also been mentioned, and as I understand it the DLC is pretty gamebreaking there. I avoided the game for that reason. (though that's hardly EA's fault)

    Someone compared this to a car manufacturer ripping bits out of used mercs, but that really isn't an apt comparison as cars depreciate in value naturally leading to the used vs new markets regulating themselves pretty well. That doesn't really happen for games and allows the likes of GAME to rip folk off and cream it in on used copies just post release. Is that a healthy market? Personally I'd prefer to have the choice between a new copy with some extras and a used copy at a significantly reduced price point (preferably through ebay. I really hate GAME.) and that's not a choice that's currently available. We'll see if this kind of initiative brings it in.
    Reply +3
  • Molyneux: Fable II was "rushed"

  • HarryTuttle 16/07/2010

    Yes, yes Pete it most certainly did. And yet I fell for it. AGAIN. Because the first chapter was so awesome, and the premise sounded so good, and the reviews were so positive, and because I had no idea how goddamn fucking bored rigid I would be two-thirds in by the utterly shallow challenge free gameplay and the paper thin joke of a plot. And since I felt the same way after Fable I (which I at least managed to finish) I really should have known better. Shame on me. But I will swallow no amount of hype for the next one, Fable: go to hell. Reply +3
  • SEGA making hardcore Kinect game

  • HarryTuttle 24/06/2010

    Until told otherwise I'll pretend that it's shenmue 3 with full motion control. Yes, I know, but I can dream, right? Reply +4
  • Kotick wishes COD was sub-based MMO

  • HarryTuttle 22/06/2010

    One day there's going to be a news post quoting Kotick *not* being an outrageous money-grubbing c*nt. Except it'll be a typo. Reply +3
  • Square Enix announces Mindjack

  • HarryTuttle 16/06/2010

    That trailer is totally, *totally* shit. I can't help feeling that Squeenix publishing some decidely ropy games has kind of tarnished the expectation of quality I used to attach to their name. Reply +2
  • GameStop gives Kinect $149.99 price

  • HarryTuttle 15/06/2010

    So how's that attempt to crack into the casual games market going microsoft? What's that you say? It's prohibitively expensive and none of your target audience have really even heard of it? Well, good luck with that. Reply +2
  • Demon's Souls - first 15 minutes

  • HarryTuttle 11/06/2010

    Can't afford a PS3, and this game makes me jealous. :( Reply +1