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  • EGX Rezzed heads to London for 2015

  • GundamJehutyKai 16/09/2014

    @rauper unless there are plans for 2 shows in London and one other location, I don't see people cheering for joy. Reply -2
  • GundamJehutyKai 16/09/2014

    Never thought I'd say this, being a Londoner and all, but isn't it getting too London-centric? There are other parts of the UK who would like to go to events without having to travel a few hrs and prob would like to not organise an overnight stay... Reply +6
  • Microsoft to buy Mojang for $2 billion - report

  • GundamJehutyKai 10/09/2014

    @Maturin if that's truly the case, then the move is even more ridiculous and stupid than first believed.

    Minecraft is already out in the wild so the deal will only be valid for future expansions and titles. They can't just yank off the other versions as I'm sure the previous agreements regarding the release of the game on other platforms. So the pricetag is basically for exclusive dlc and a possible Minecraft 2 ( which will be the same as MC1 but exclusive)
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  • GundamJehutyKai 10/09/2014

    Given microsofts track record of what happens to studios after they buy them... Who wants to take bets on how mojang will fare? Reply +1
  • Dead or Alive 5: Last Round announced for PS4 and Xbox One

  • GundamJehutyKai 02/09/2014

    @Yautja_Warrior most people hated sf3 not because of the changes (though that played a part In it) but because it was so incomprehensibly hardcore. There was no pick up and play factor. If you wanted to play it, you really needed to dedicate the time and effort to learn it. You couldn't just play a few rounds of casual matches like SFII or SSFIV and that scared off a lot off people. There are basically 2 levels of sf3 playing, good and go home. Reply +2
  • GundamJehutyKai 01/09/2014

    @bad09 not quite sure how you came to that conclusion. DoA dlc is 90%cosmetic costume options and (currently) 3 extra characters. If you get the free "core fighters" then there's lots of extra stuff but it's cheaper just to get the full game.

    It's not anywhere near capcom levels with game-wining gems and 2 dlc updates which provide new characters and balance changes but no actual new game changing features. Doa5 had doa5:U. SFIV had super SFIV, super SFIV arcade edition, ssfiv:AE ver 2012 and now ultra SFIV...
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  • GundamJehutyKai 01/09/2014

    I wonder if the versions will allow matches between their older versions. Will ps4 players be able to compete with ps3 owners of DoA5:U? That could be a big deal... Reply +6
  • PlayStation Plus gets Velocity 2X, Sportsfriends and TxK in September

  • GundamJehutyKai 27/08/2014

    Not really anything for me this month but seeing as I've been subscribing for nearly 2 years and this is only one of a handful of "dud months" sony are still doing a good job! Reply -2
  • Leading creators back latest Tropes vs Women video

  • GundamJehutyKai 27/08/2014

    @bobomb and how much change did the campaign actually manage to accomplish beyond someone on the street saying "oh yeah, wasn't that the video thing that happened a few years back?"

    Awareness means little when it comes to promoting change and trying to credit these series of videos to an increase of news posts about female characters is naive! It's right up there with when Obama won the novel peace prize for things he *planned to do* as opposed to what he had actually done. Much of the news about female characters tend to be negative anyway. Prob not the best legacy to lay claim to

    I respect what (I suspect) sarkeesian wants to do but what she is doing isn't pushing thing forward. It's just flame bait for trolls and the seedier elements of our hobby.
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  • GundamJehutyKai 27/08/2014

    @bobomb that's just it! The videos are akin to going to a white supremacy forum and posting a pic of a mixed race family with the line "imma just gonna leave this here"

    The videos themselves would better promote change if it presented the arguments itself instead of relying on viewers to promote discussion among themselves, which will die down quickly as any attempt to make a change to the status quo will be judged so harshly by those who wanting a change that it'll never get off the ground.

    The sarkeesian videos are about as effective as the kony2012 video in this regard for raising awareness.
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  • GundamJehutyKai 27/08/2014

    While I have no problem with sarkeesian making these videos, I question their effectiveness in actually addressing the problem. She only points out examples in a matter-of-fact way which comes off as dry and condescending while not actually promoting discussion or even providing examples of how the issues can be addressed.

    Pointing at the pink elephant in the room won't make the elephant go away. It very much feels like the videos are as effective as the kony2012 campaign or those Facebook charity posts trying to gather as many "likes" as they can. A like does not miraculously transform to whatever is needed in *insert crisis area here*

    Also, did she really need to do a kickstarter to fund this series? Where did all the money go towards?
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  • Freedom Wars gets European release date, pre-order DLC

  • GundamJehutyKai 19/08/2014

    I think if prefer god eater 2 but I'll still gladly take freedom wars. Reply 0
  • Hohokum review

  • GundamJehutyKai 18/08/2014

    The game reminded me a lot of noby noby boy in terms of the freedom provided and lack of any real direction/objectives. But it also meant that hohokum also had the same marmite feel to the idea of making your own objectives (until one pops up here). Some will love it, others really won't get it. Reply +1
  • Snake moves with the times, Lara doesn't

  • GundamJehutyKai 16/08/2014

    I'm ok with 3rd party platform exclusivity if the platform in question is so far ahead in install base that the competitors are just a footnote. But this hasn't happened since the PS2 days (wii doesn't count as the control system made it too difficult to implement traditional controls as well as a lack of other features which gamers came to expect, like HD support). The install base is much more even now, even with lagging sales of the Xbone so 3rd party exclusivity doesn't make sense.

    Think of it his way, steam is so ubiquitous as THE PC platform that nobody bats an eyelid if a game isn't released on a competitor. If we had a similar situation with consoles, I would not be too aggrieved if a 3rd party went platform exclusively the one with the largest install base but we don't have that situation and haven't for a very long time. The one thing people won't stand for is a company paying thru the nose for exclusivity to try to get a leg up on its competitors.
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  • The Crew won't release on PS3 and Wii U due to different "technical infrastructure"

  • GundamJehutyKai 14/08/2014

    I cry bullshit but why bother with a prev gen version at all if it was designed specifically with current gem in mind?

    Wouldn't resources be better spent on the main current gen versions as opposed to a single prev gen game with features left out just so it will run?
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusive to Xbox One

  • GundamJehutyKai 12/08/2014

    This news doesn't bother me as much as it probably should. But the implications are very worrying. As many have noted, it make little to no business sense to limit this game to the xbone. It has a much smaller install base and is a weaker console in general.

    Some may show parallels with when TR2 was ps1 exclusive but it's the opposite! PS1 had a larger install base and the Saturn could barely handle running TR1. Frame rate was atrocious! Now, if TR2 was made a Saturn exclusive, that would be a comparison.

    Still, going up against uncharted? I don't see the sony execs breaking a sweat.
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  • Remember Me dev announces new game Life is Strange

  • GundamJehutyKai 11/08/2014

    Good to see that the guys are still trucking but I do hope that this title is more memorable than their ironically named debut title... Reply -3
  • Bayonetta 2 is a sequel to savour

  • GundamJehutyKai 08/08/2014

    Maybe I just need more time with it but from what I've played thus far at events, bayonetta 2 takes the "more of the same" route and takes it quite literally. It felt more like a 1.5 than a full sequel tho that didn't stop it from being any less fun.

    Maybe I was expecting too much. It's still very good but it didn't set me alight like the early demos of the original did.
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  • Resident Evil 1 remastered for PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

  • GundamJehutyKai 05/08/2014

    A remake of REmake? I'm totally down for this. Remake RE2 and it would be perfect!! Reply +24
  • Sony says EA Access program isn't "good value"

  • GundamJehutyKai 30/07/2014

    Can't really blame sony for taking that stance. If they can still get EA games for ps+ why put in an extra charge? Reply -10
  • You've got male

  • GundamJehutyKai 19/07/2014

    And there I was thinking we could go through one weekend with out another article on EG about sexism in gaming.

    It's all good to rally behind a good cause and get on a soapbox to raise awareness about issues but when you do it too frequently and without proper engagement with the audience, it eventually just becomes noise. Where is that line you cross when it becomes noise? EG, look behind you. No, not at your feet. Waaaay back. See that line far in the distance? That was the line.
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  • The Evo fighting game tournament has a new champion

  • GundamJehutyKai 14/07/2014

    @FuzzyDuck I've been using rose as a solid secondary character since vanilla SFIV so I saw her improve steadily as moves became more effective. But I can't really play her either.

    The only sad thing about BBCP is that, despite the incredible hype of that final, it'll likely not appear at evo next year. Instead we'll get P4U and Xrd.
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  • GundamJehutyKai 14/07/2014

    @FuzzyDuck rose has been progressively buffed in later sf games. She's not great but not bad either.

    And chrono phantasma is already out. PS3 and digital only tho
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  • GundamJehutyKai 14/07/2014

    @SpaceMidget75 you can buy adaptors to plug older ps pads to a new console via the USB port. Reply +2
  • GundamJehutyKai 14/07/2014

    This years evo was just ridiculous. Massive blowouts on SF, a French champion, Justin Wong annihilating the mahvel competition, a really tight KoF final and a legendary blazblue final!! And to top it off, UK got a top 16 finish on BB!! Reply +2
  • NIS America Europe online store launches with "ridiculous prices"

  • GundamJehutyKai 02/07/2014

    Well, there goes my future purchases. Do the stores even have parity? My first purchase from NIS America was Sakura wars 5 on ps2, purely because it wasn't going to get a UK release. We never got the limited edition neptunia games either. Reply +4
  • Hands-on with PlayStation TV Remote Play

  • GundamJehutyKai 20/06/2014

    @BabyBabyBabyOh ps TV does have 1 USB port for pairing up and charging controllers but it's unknown if it also accepts input data from non DS controllers. Reply 0
  • GundamJehutyKai 20/06/2014

    Query: does playstation tv support 3rd party controllers? Specifically, the arcade sticks which require a USB connection? Reply +4
  • Don't call Crackdown on Xbox One Crackdown 3

  • GundamJehutyKai 17/06/2014

    If they want to retcon crackdown 2 out of existence, I'm OK with that! Reply +24
  • Code Name: STEAM is XCOM by way of HP Lovecraft

  • GundamJehutyKai 13/06/2014

    The steam bar fit actions makes it sound more like valkyria chronicles than xcom. Which is something I'm more than happy with. Reply +3
  • Nintendo announces 3DS game Code Name: STEAM

  • GundamJehutyKai 12/06/2014

    It's great to hear about this new IP but it's also depressing that Nintendo are treating the legacies of 3rd party game titles and characters better than the companies who own them! Mega man and sonic in smash and now they're taking on valkyria chronicles...

    Then again, Japanese figure maker volks treat VC with more respect than sega...
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  • Final Fantasy Type-0 coming to PS4 and Xbox One

  • GundamJehutyKai 11/06/2014

    No love for the vita *sniff* Reply +17
  • Xbox One without Kinect matches PS4 price in Japan

  • GundamJehutyKai 27/05/2014

    Not trying to sound too harsh or fanboy like but can they say dead-on-arrival?

    And wasn't that swery game a kinect one?
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  • Watch Dogs review

  • GundamJehutyKai 27/05/2014

    Better than I expected, seeing as how the embargo lasted until release day but I guess we can't be too surprised that the game failed to fulfil the lofty ambitions we set it after it was unveiled. Reply +3
  • Now there's a free-to-play Soulcalibur mobile game

  • GundamJehutyKai 08/05/2014

    Didnt expect a very long update to download as soon as you start (what is it with SC and stupid load times?) nor did I expect it to constantly crash on my iPad while updating... Good going bamco! I'm guessing you don't actually want people to actually get to gameplay? Reply 0
  • Soul Calibur: Lost Swords review

  • GundamJehutyKai 06/05/2014

    The f2p elements didn't piss me off asi expected (they're annoying but I can ignore) but the load tunes absolutely kill it for me. They are just criminal. Reply +3
  • Evolve community manager fired after Twitter racism controversy

  • GundamJehutyKai 02/05/2014

    As a community manager, he should have known better but on a personal level, he does have a point. Sterling is a bigot and what he said is wrong but it was a private conversation and he is entitled to his views, no matter how much we may disagree with them.

    If he was publically promoting that view, that's another matter.
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  • Namco's great free-to-play gamble

  • GundamJehutyKai 24/04/2014

    The ace combat beta gave the idea of paying for fuel to allow you to play more rounds. This gave me the impression of it being like the old arcade games, where you paid for credits to keep posting once you lost all your lives.

    If done correctly, that may be given a more warm welcome, especially if the games are designed for quick blasts as opposed to more lengthy endeavours.
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  • All is fair in love and Super Robot Wars

  • GundamJehutyKai 22/04/2014

    @Cacophanus the bigger issues are the older mecha shows whose licenses have expired and basically nobody knows who owns what. Many of the super robot shows from the 70s fall into this category. And legend has it that there was an attempt to bring super robot wars alpha to the west. Supposedly, it fell through when ADV asked for an extortionate amount of money to allow the use of the evangelion license (which was shit hot back then) Reply 0
  • GundamJehutyKai 21/04/2014

    @Cacophanus argh. My mistake. But now, I'm reminded that the game exists and is in my collection Reply +1
  • GundamJehutyKai 21/04/2014

    @MattEvansC3 I'd say much of the complexity comes from a lack of understanding of the pilot skills. The mechanics are incredibly basic for a game of this type but you will struggle badly later on if you don't know the skill that doubles the damage your attack does it gives you a 100% chance of hitting your enemy for example. (Or if there are special stipulations like when you need to defeat all the boss units within the same turn)

    SRW games are very easy to get into and lack the tactical nuance compared to other stablemates (tactics basically are just variants of "take out the small fry to build up will and then relentlessly attack the boss unit) but we're really in it for the battle animations and music, especially trombe!!
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  • GundamJehutyKai 21/04/2014

    Have to say that the article makes it feel like the author knows what he's talking about but is having a hard time getting it through. But with a series as convoluted as SRW, I guess that can't be helped.

    It is a shame that the games will likely never see a release over in the west bar the slim possibility of the OG game but the games are easy enough to understand how to play without understanding Japanese, tho you'll lose the story for the most part.

    For my games, I lean heavily on real robots but he supers I do have are basically damage sponges and tanks. They can't dodge to save their lives but with their ridiculously high defence, they don't really need to. Especially when they have a sword which is over twice the height of the mecha itself.
    And Another century episode 3 wasn't just a disappointment, it was an abortion!!!
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  • Sony sells all its Square Enix shares for 28m

  • GundamJehutyKai 16/04/2014

    @null yes, I am aware but sony computer entertainment is one if the few profitable parts of the company. Much as the board would like sony to operate as 1 entity, it's still very separate. SCE won't sell some of their portfolio to help out the struggling TV section. They'd only do it for themselves. Reply +5
  • GundamJehutyKai 16/04/2014

    Diminishing returns most likely. I don't see S-E shares rapidly rising in value in the foreseeable future and I don't think the stake held is large enough to influence the company direction.

    perhaps sony are shoring up funds for a large gaming related purchase too?
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  • The Hong Kong Massacre gets a bloody good debut trailer

  • GundamJehutyKai 16/04/2014

    Little bit concerned about the aesthetic changes they mentioned the game will have to go through but I'll reserve judgement until I see the new 3d gameplay.

    Then again, if they stuck with what was in the trailer, they were likely on a winner.
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  • Surprise Bravely Default success sparks Square Enix rethink

  • GundamJehutyKai 31/03/2014

    Wake up mr sqweenix. Wake up and smell the ashes!!

    Now, hopefully capcom will make the realisation too. That will help them improve part way at least.
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  • OMG Zombies dev unveils Vita exclusive Flame Over

  • GundamJehutyKai 26/03/2014

    This is one game I can definitely get behind. All it needs is a sci-fi setting, jump packs, be fully 3d, maybe a jazzy soundtrack and I'll hail it as a remake if the fantastic burning rangers!! Reply +4
  • Wii U Virtual Console gets first GBA game next week

  • GundamJehutyKai 26/03/2014

    So basically the 3ds ambassador program games plus a few.

    Wonder if the games will reach the 3ds eventually too
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  • Hotline Miami 1 heading to PS4 as Cross-Buy

  • GundamJehutyKai 24/03/2014

    Here's hoping hey do the same with the sequel! Reply +1
  • Microsoft bosses still "extremely committed" to Xbox

  • GundamJehutyKai 10/03/2014

    He should tell that to the Far East markets too! But it's way too early to judge. Killing off a console do soon after release would kill their books. A better indication would be several years down the line and see if they plan on having a xbone successor... Reply 0