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  • FIFA 17 demo out tomorrow

  • Guff-Pipe 14/09/2016

    Perhaps rooney would get sent off like he should before that, and City far out of sight before half time! :)
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  • Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D trailer

  • Guff-Pipe 10/05/2011

    Ace! Love they way its something different to your average game trailer!!! Reply +1
  • Bionic Commando - The arm

  • Guff-Pipe 22/04/2009

    Sweet trailer! Looks cracking!! Reply 0
  • R* denies GTA IV content claim

  • Guff-Pipe 19/12/2007

    Sorry Guff mate, it's just once you try poking the snout it gets really addictive ;-)

    Guess so, her crack is like...well...crack.
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  • Guff-Pipe 19/12/2007


    Can you stop drilling my mum now?
    She barely has time to make me tea you selfish freak!
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  • Yet more MotorStorm downloads

  • Guff-Pipe 14/12/2007

    Fair play, but I'd just like to say in my defence, Your mum is a pig (as you just admitted) and it's kinda hard to get a full on boner with a sow, she was trying to snuffle for truffles in my crack and I just couldn't hold a stiffy :(

    Did you film this act perchance?Sounds bloody spicy! I think as its my mum, at least one of us should get a stiffy at least, so might as well be me. Perhaps you could put it onto blu ray for me........oh.
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  • Guff-Pipe 13/12/2007


    Erm...And "Pig Fucker" is a grade A insult I suppose? Anyway, I'm still sorry for doing your mum (even though she was gagging for it) so no hard feelings eh...

    no hard feelings, which is exactly why my mum gave you a D- for your perfomance, even though she was gagging for it.
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  • Guff-Pipe 13/12/2007

    "This is a trait of a pig Fucker."

    Sorry mate, Look, I know she's your mum, but I swear man, it only happened the once...I'm really sorry.

    Hmmmm, Not the best comeback in the world,

    C+ Must try harder.
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  • Guff-Pipe 13/12/2007

    So lets get this straight. When the game is running it looks ace, yet you take the piss out of select screens???
    This is a trait of a pig Fucker.
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  • Street Fighter IV - Cinematic

  • Guff-Pipe 18/10/2007

    Plastic Mound??? Time for a wank methinks... Reply 0
  • Early PS3 buyers may feel cheated, admits Sony

  • Guff-Pipe 08/10/2007


    Okay, as long as everyone is clear on that.

    I mean I like a good few of the games I've played on it, Motorstorm, Virtua Fighter 5, Colin McRae, Virtua Tennis to name a few.

    But even at £300, it's offering nothing more than tarted up PS2 stuff, or stuff that's available on Microsoft's machine for £100 less.

    I want Sony to do well, I want everyone to do well. But this price cut is not enough.

    I See your point,
    For me personally its great for me as I use it not just for games, but for web browsing on my TV, and also for HD films and for all my music collection and Photos, so for me the price I payed, with all the functionality I use, was well worth it. However, I fully understand that a lot of pople dont care about these features and just want to play games, which means the cheaper 360 is a much more attractive option. I will be buying a 360 close to Christmas as there is a load of stuff I want to play, but as far as hardware goes in my opinion the Playstation is a great bit of kit.
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  • Guff-Pipe 08/10/2007


    Nothing on your list compares to Gears of War, Halo 3, Bioshock, Wii Sports or Zelda: Twilight Princess in my opinion.

    Games maketh the machine.

    PS3 isn't completely without software, but to suggest it has a better lineup than the other two machines I think is wrong.

    I dont think anyone is suggesting it has a better lineup, its fairly apparent that it hasnt. What is being said is that its not as bad as everyone makes out, and a lot of people are happy with their purchase and having a lot of fun with it.
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  • Guff-Pipe 08/10/2007

    Guff-Pipe: LOL @ ESIV & VT3.

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  • Guff-Pipe 08/10/2007

    'six months of enjoyment'

    You've got to be kidding, right?! What's to enjoy then?

    Virtua tennis
    Being able to watch HD films and surf the Internet on my TV
    Could be better I admit. But could be worse.
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  • Halo 3

  • Guff-Pipe 23/09/2007

    This game is doing a Bioshock in review scores, it's the real deal. I wonder what kind of a dent this will put in PS3 sales for the rest of the year.

    Should be interesting...

    Quite a bit I should imagine. Im all ready to F*** my ps3 off now and get a 360 after this and bioshock. Prob wont though coz use it for all my muisc and multmedia guff. looks like I will have to do some overtime and have both.
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  • BioShock

  • Guff-Pipe 16/08/2007

    Not going to sell my PS3 but looks like ill be getiing a 360 too now.
    Overtime city here I come!!
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  • Heavenly Sword - Making of Part 2

  • Guff-Pipe 14/08/2007

    Sword. Reply 0
  • Bourne game taken seriously

  • Guff-Pipe 09/08/2007

    4.1? Eh? 8/10 Minimum. 8.5 if they get Richard Wilson to voice it. Reply 0
  • Guff-Pipe 09/08/2007

    Er... 4/10???? Its got a Samiad in it! Reply 0
  • Guff-Pipe 09/08/2007

    Apparently it has a Samiad in it. Cool. I cocking love Samiads! Reply 0
  • Heavenly Sword

  • Guff-Pipe 30/07/2007

    Both Lair and HS were made backwards from day 3 of development. Thats the fundemantal problem. This lead to a "lateral sixaxis" problem with the main GPU. A 360s GPU is spherically round and the PS3s is mostly square so a load of teraflops can get gnarled up in the "bloody bottleneck" (barney 7.8) which is a problem.
    Hope this helps.
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  • Church of England attacks use of cathedral in PS3's Resistance

  • Guff-Pipe 11/06/2007

    I wouldnt be surprised if sony contacted the church, Told em, "look! shooting the holy guff out of aliens in your church! Ace eh?
    Church goes bloodymental
    Media all over it
    Front page/headline news
    Game sells more copies.
    Job Done.
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  • Guff-Pipe 11/06/2007

    In history hasnt the church not people out on crusades murdering REAL PEOPLE? Reply +1
  • VF5 as good on 360

  • Guff-Pipe 16/05/2007

    I heard that the 360 devs had to hold back on the GFX so that it wouldn't show up the PS3...

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  • Forza Motorsport 2

  • Guff-Pipe 03/05/2007

    Sounds Top! Reply 0
  • DMC 4 same on both consoles

  • Guff-Pipe 02/05/2007

    @sport true... :o)

    But remeber that they are made from recycled Aldi Baked Bean tins which is why the Xbox 360 is louder too...

    The ps3's are made from recycled Heinz Baked Bean tins which is why its quieter but costs more...


    This is Fact. my mates uncle worked at both factorys!! You must know him!
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  • Guff-Pipe 02/05/2007


    At least all those extra's will fill the your spare time while you wait for games to play....

    /holds hands up to cheap shot, goes back to his 360, his frigging 4th!!!


    LOL I live in hope!
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  • Guff-Pipe 02/05/2007

    PS3 Extras? Plural? As in more than one?

    See my last post.
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  • Guff-Pipe 02/05/2007

    If you're worried about reliability on the 360, you could buy two Core 360s for less than the price of one PS3.

    Didnt really wan to get into this guff again as its pointless and I realise its horses for courses, but reliabiltiy aside what happens if i want, internet browsing through my main screen, a large HD (where I can store video), built in wiFi, free on-line service, built in HD movie player, HDMI output and no need for a play and charge kit? I had a 360 and it was fantastic, but in the ned I just wanted one box that had everything in. Nothing wrong with that is there?
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  • Guff-Pipe 02/05/2007

    The people who paid £430 for a PS3 instead of £200 - £270 for an Xbox 360?

    Suppose a little but, but the extra cash for a more relaible machine and all the extras (if you want them) will make sense for a lot of people.
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  • Guff-Pipe 02/05/2007

    Doesnt he say
    "The the plan is to make them identical"?

    Surely that means they are identical on purpose, regardless
    of any technical adavantage each machine may have over another
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  • OPM to remove dead goat pics

  • Guff-Pipe 30/04/2007

    Free publicity for the game and magazine! Bet Sony arnt that bothered. Reply 0
  • PS3 doubles Folding@home power

  • Guff-Pipe 25/04/2007

    Xiphos = Pipe Reply 0
  • Guff-Pipe 25/04/2007

    I agree with Mkreku. Good point. Reply 0
  • PS3 - TV ads

  • Guff-Pipe 05/04/2007

    Well, It is selling. Sorry. Reply 0
  • Wii beating PS3 2-to-1 in Japan

  • Guff-Pipe 04/04/2007

    Brilliant!! Reply 0
  • Guff-Pipe 04/04/2007

    Vin, You cant afford a PS3 can you? Reply 0
  • The Eurogamer TV Show - Episode 9

  • Guff-Pipe 04/04/2007

    Tesco, You cant afford a ps3 can you? Reply 0
  • PS3 "Home" rumoured

  • Guff-Pipe 02/03/2007

    I wasnt refering to the features themselves, besides its all pure speculation at the moment, but I was commenting on the general view. Surley the addition of new (imporved)? features etc as all brands compete is a good thing for the consumer, why are most people on here so misrable and negative. Pure noncery!!! : )
    if anyone commentson my spelling and grammer they can cok off. Ive been to the pub on lunch break!
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  • Guff-Pipe 02/03/2007

    Its seems to me as far as most people on here are concerned sony are screwed if they do or if they dont. if they "dont" then they are behind and becoming stale. If they "do" then they are copying or trying to catch up. Get a grip people. This is pure cocksuckery. Reply 0
  • Crackdown

  • Guff-Pipe 26/01/2007

    markypant, I need to drill you. x Reply 0
  • Guff-Pipe 26/01/2007

    Im washing my dog twice a week, and saving a pound each time, so this will be through my letterbox come release day. yeeehaaa!! Reply 0
  • Sony confirms 23rd March, £425 PlayStation 3

  • Guff-Pipe 26/01/2007

    ""I sold my 360 because I was sick of playing a ton of western generic "man with gun" games in the 360. PlayStation game libraries are inherently more varied for my taste"

    Whilst I get your point I find it at odds with the fact that the only really decent exclusives on the PS3 thus far are..a "man with gun" game and a "man with car" game. Does Snake like guns?

    Better still, let me counter that argument with:

    I sold my PS2 because I was sick of playing a ton of eastern generic "androgenous man with pointy hair and sword" games. Xbox libraries are inherently more manly for my taste ;)

    Well Well Well.
    I have a 360 and last tuesday I tried to fit the hard drive end up my bum bum. Not much happened but a sliver of filthy poo came out rendering the joypad useless. When the Ps3 arrives ill try in fight it with a tea towel and a tampon grenade. I hope this makes sense. Chrsimas Weasil.
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  • Guff-Pipe 26/01/2007

    Half the people in this forum are probably complaining about the price because their parents pay for all their games. Not wanting to feel like they're missing out a group mentality forms to slate the PS3 in order to feel secure and believe that the console will fail so they feel happier.

    Most others, including those with a Job, will complain so they they don't feel bad about what they have already spent in the last year on x360/Wii stuff and the prospect of something possibly better coming out. PS3 might not be better, it is a bit early but.... I sold my 360 because I was sick of playing a ton of western generic "man with gun" games in the 360. PlayStation game libraries are inherently more varied for my taste.

    I have an alright good job, knew how much this would be long ago, so saving £10 extra a month to sort of subsidise the cost was no problem and I imagine wouldn't be for the working members of the forum. I'm not saying £425 is cheap! I just feel like it's worth it.

    Long story short, stop complaining and trying to feel better about having bought a 360 when the ps3 is coming out!

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  • PS3 price points for UK and Ireland revealed

  • Guff-Pipe 17/01/2007

    I wish i was russel brand. Apparently he gets loads of growler. Im well bored of jacking off to the littlewoods catalougue. Reply 0
  • Guff-Pipe 17/01/2007

    Im so godamn rich im buying 4 PS3`s and making a "designer table" for my lounge!!! Theni ll jizz all over it and the 360 can finger my bum bum. Reply 0
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - What lies within

  • Guff-Pipe 12/01/2007

    Bloody Brilliant!!!! I want to play this game till both my eyes fuse together and my chap turns inside out!!! Reply 0
  • Sony responds to Moore barbs

  • Guff-Pipe 11/01/2007

    Goats are much more fun than consoles any hoo. Reply 0
  • MotorStorm

  • Guff-Pipe 05/01/2007

    If a launch game can look technically this good, it bodes well for the future I guess. Reply 0
  • Gran Turismo HD - Japanese trailer

  • Guff-Pipe 22/12/2006

    Very Very nice Reply 0