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  • Obsidian's new game is Project Eternity, a fantasy RPG

  • Groggen 14/09/2012

    Almost 400k... I have a feeling this will hit the roof fast. Signed up and pledged for a copy.. :) Reply +4
  • AION headstart floods servers

  • Groggen 22/09/2009

    Maybe because Lithuanians, Turkish and Hungarians etc etc etc probably understand English better than German/French?? And if they by any chance prefer German I am quite sure they will go there... Reply 0
  • Runes of Magic leaves beta in March

  • Groggen 09/01/2009

    Hmmmm... I will definitely try this one out as soon as I can. How I will get the time to actually play this between LOTRO and War is a completely other issue. :) Reply 0
  • WAR doubles XP for open-world warfare

  • Groggen 23/10/2008

    I am on Burlok server and have gotten quite a lot of keep action as well in tier 2 and 3. Sure, all RvR areas aren't exactly crowded with full blown battles but once some guild gets the ball rolling the action usually heats up from my experience.

    Mike P... I was also involved in a major RvR keep battle this monday in Tier 3 (Tabalecland and High Pass) together with the Shadows of Sin guild on destruction side. Were you there as well? :)
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  • Mythic details WAR early access dates

  • Groggen 02/09/2008


    Can you provide a link that confirms that the cut content (cities and classes) will be added in a paid-for expansion? Or did you mean that the expansion they are planning for is a free one? This is the latest official statement on the cut content- issue from Mythic that I could find:

    Quote from Mark jacobs on 07/12/2008 12:45PM est
    2) Regarding this content going in as paid expansion packs, not likely. We want to give out plenty of free/subscription content, just like in DAoC, if you're a subscriber, you get the content as part of your monthly fee as these things are part of the plan. Now, just so we're clear again, I'm not sure that these 4 careers will go back into the game now or ever. They'll only go in if they are great. We want to get the next city pairing in as soon as possible but only after we are sure that we've had enough time to fix what will inevitably go wrong with the the first pairing and make sure that it goes into the second pairing. We do not, repeat do not, have any plans to make this content available as a separate expansion pack.

    If they do decide to put in this content in a paid-for expansion they will be in world of shit and hate from the community. But who knows...
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  • LOTRO: Moria pre-orders open

  • Groggen 31/08/2008


    You will just have to buy the retail box and continue playing. Your lifetime sub covers Moria.. :)
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  • Groggen 28/08/2008

    Regarding the strangeness of lifetime subs..

    It might very well be a stroke of genius for the survival of the game. Ok, they might not get as much revenue in the end but it will keep lots of players active in the game, buying expansions etc. More active players also means that arriving newbies wont be greeted with "empty" servers. I know I can't draw conclusions from just a few friends but I regularly play with around 10 people in lotro and all are lifetimers... Most are going over to WAR but will buy the Moria expansion as well and play both. We would probably have cancelled our accounts before Moria if we were on a normal sub.

    Anyways.. I am really looking forward to this!
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  • Exclusive: Assassin's Creed - Gameplay

  • Groggen 13/11/2007

    Looks very nice! Reply 0
  • Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar

  • Groggen 24/04/2007

    Played this a bit in beta and now in early access. So far it has been ace! Mind you , I only got to level 15 with a couple of chars so I haven't seen any mid-end-game material. One of the best aspects so far is that they have instances/raids that doesn't take 5 hours at least to complete. I've done some instances so far and none have taken more than 30 mins which is a good thing for a casual gamer like myself. In WoW I always felt left out since I couldn't dedicate at least 5 hours straight for even a newbie instance.

    The only thing I don't like is the rather few alternatives in characters. But they are a bit restricted by Tolkiens background material so I don't mind that much.

    Hardware reqs are not very steep. I run it nicely with medium settings at 1680*1050 with 3.4ghz, 2gb ram, X850XT.

    I promised myself never again an mmorpg but I am hooked once again!
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  • Neverwinter Nights 2

  • Groggen 05/11/2006

    Played a few hours last night and there's one thing I don't understand.. what's so bad about the camera? I just use the "top-down" view and increase the mouse wheel sensitivity for the zooming.... Seems to work just fine. Reply 0
  • Heroes of Might & Magic V

  • Groggen 30/05/2006

    This is the first game in ages that I get the just-one-more-round-feeling with. Love it! Reply 0
  • Revolution's real name

  • Groggen 28/04/2006

    Hehe... still after 400 posts I find this thread funny.. :) It's quite refreshing to indulge in some silly humour once in a while. Reply 0
  • Groggen 28/04/2006

    I heard Pee Wee Herman will do the marketing.

    Also, I think most of the countries in Europe where English is commonly used as second language will associate Wii with urine. I am from Sweden and the first thing that popped to my mind was.. well, you know.
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  • Oblivion horse for PC gamers

  • Groggen 07/04/2006


    Correct me if I am wrong but I have a very hard time to believe that MS and Beth have a contract that states that all PC plugins should cost money. If that is the case, the business is even worse than I thought. I can understand since they cost on the 360 they have to charge PC as well due to other reasons (profit, morality, equality etc etc)

    Why would anyone want to buy a 360 version if the PC plugins were free? First of, Morrowind sold like hotcakes on Xbox and was available on PC for much cheaper price. Second, not all people have the PC power to run the game at the same quality as a 360. Thirdly, many like the idea of a couch, huge TV and controller. If we should follow your logic, NO games would be sold on console except for exclusives since it's always cheaper on the PC.

    What we are trying to argue for is that we might (I say might since none of us can predict how Beth will handle this in the future) end up paying 200-300£ for the same amount of content that previously cost us 80£(MW+expansions+free plugins). Instead of having the "bloodmoon-for-OB" for 20£ they might instead choose to release 100 mods for 1-2£ each. Is that a good direction for us customers??

    But in the end, it's all up to Beth and what marketing plan is the most profitable for them. They are a business and are fully entitled to whatever they want to do. If we want it, fine.. if we don't want it, it's their loss I guess..
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  • Groggen 07/04/2006

    It's so easy to just say "Don't like it, don't buy it, quit whining etc etc".... But you fail to see the problem here.. _If_ this turns into a goldmine for Bethesda, why on earth would they want to release big worthwhile expansion packs for 20£ when they could release the same amount of content as plugins amounting to 200£.

    And if they do release an expansion pack it will for sure be stripped down since much of the content they produced have already been released as plugins. Or they have had less man hours into the expansion pack since some resources have been busy with the creation of "useless" plugins.

    I think most of us doesn't simply "refuse" to buy any content at all.. most of us just want good value for our money. Think Bioware's premium content, 5-10 bucks for -5-10 hours gameplay, new items, new music etc etc... Now, that is value for money, at least perceived value. 2 bucks for 2 skins, or a room with a few alchemy items, or a house aint good value for money in the long run.
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  • Oblivion horse armour on Live

  • Groggen 04/04/2006

    Another thing that is worrying is... will we get any worthwhile expansion packs for OB if this becomes a gold mine for Beth? Why distribute a huge pack for 30 euros when they could release the same amount of content for 200 euros divided in 100 plug-ins? Reply 0
  • Gothic 3 dated

  • Groggen 08/03/2006

    Do you have to play the first game to understand/play the second game? It seems the first game is quite hard to find.. (in my regular stores anyways).

    I've had these games on my play-some-day-in-the-future list but haven't gotten around to it yet.
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  • WOW hits 5m subscribers

  • Groggen 20/12/2005

    It would be really interesting to know the cost of running WoW one month just to know how much pure profit they gain from the fees. It's not many companies that rake in 50 million quid a month. Reply 0
  • WOW hackers defeat Warden

  • Groggen 07/11/2005

    I can't even in the slightest way understand how they (Sony etc) can believe a shitty protection-thingy could lessen the rampant piracy. If you can listen to the CD, you can copy it no matter what. Simple as that.. If they somehow manage to prevent a pure rip on the computer, just plug in the trusty CD-player and sample it.

    The only thing this does is punish the people who actually buy the CD....

    Soon, the only way of having the freedom of choice how and when you want to listen to music is to revert completely to piracy.... pretty weird..
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  • Winter Assault demo

  • Groggen 03/10/2005

    Oddly enough.. I haven't gotten around getting even the original game. Especially since I am a 40k tapletop player since 15 odd years and haven't heard anything but positive things about this one.

    But I tried it out at a friends house yesterday and played the first 4 or so missions. Great game! The gold edition will be mine soon I reckon.

    Some of the things I really liked:
    1. Base building seems to be at a reasonable level. Not to important but you still need it.
    2. Reinforcing squads at the frontlines. It reduces some of the transporting...
    3. Orks!
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  • Groggen 30/09/2005

    Isn't it quite unusual to release a demo for an expansion pack? Reply 0
  • Dungeon Siege II

  • Groggen 12/09/2005

    I can't say the graphics are that bad... a tip is to manually turn on AA and AF through the control panel since there are no in game controls for it. Looks much better after that... For those of you with large monitors you can also set whatever resolution you want with a simple ini-file edit. I run in 1680*1050 with full AA and AF on and I got nothing to complain about. Reply +1
  • Parental controls on Xbox 360

  • Groggen 22/07/2005

    Maybe it's a pointless feature for those parents who don't give a shit either way... But the kids don't get games _only_ from their parents. I actually believe it's more common that they get the games from less restrictive stores, second-hand market, friends/relatives etc... It's impossible to control everything your kid does so for those parents that actually do care this is a good thing.. Reply 0
  • Station Exchange launches

  • Groggen 21/07/2005

    Well... I guess the character transfers between the sellers and buyers accounts.. while if you go through e-bay you buy the whole account. So, this service eliminates quite a lot of hassle if you just wanna sell/buy one character and therefor might be attractive even if there's a fee involved. Reply 0
  • WoW expansion on way

  • Groggen 23/06/2005

    The end-game discussion is rather pointless. If they raise the cap, they will introduce new challenges for those levels.. people will in time move on to this new end game content instead of raiding easier dungeons all the time.

    You might as well say that the level 20 dungeons are imbalanced since a level 60 can solo it easily.
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  • Supreme Commander detailed

  • Groggen 20/06/2005

    I got a goooood feeling about this.. Reply 0
  • Child dies as parents play WoW

  • Groggen 20/06/2005

    Of to the Asylum with them.. for life!

    You don't leave a four month old baby alone like that for heavens sake! I get so upset by these things.. especially after I got kids myself...
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  • No calm in the Blizzard

  • Groggen 13/06/2005

    Well, most mmorpg devs give away some free content now and then. It could be a minor dungeon, some new equipment etc etc. An expansion on the other hand is expected to be something bigger.. Usually involves a whole set of new zones, new race/class/profession, new level cap, a whole bunch of new weapons and stuff etc etc. That requires a lot more planning/development/testing/balancing/tweaking so at least I like to think that it justifies a new expansion cost for the players. Reply 0
  • EverQuest II auction site planned

  • Groggen 20/04/2005

    EQ2 team desperate? This is one more weird move from SOE and leaves a bad taste in my mouth at least. This will prolly lead to that no good items will be for sale in-game but only for real-life money....and that sucks major balls... Reply 0
  • WoW! Lots more copies!

  • Groggen 03/04/2005

    Ooooh... you pulled out the "get a life"-argument.. And even managed to throw in "dwarf costume" as well, impressive! Only one thing, you forgot about the beard! Always include the beard in your rpg-insults! Reply 0
  • Groggen 03/04/2005

    I am soooo glad they actually do something about silly names... Not that I care very much but the kids/doods/whatever needs to realise that this is not CS.. But it's an uphill battle Bliz is fighting with idiots like Urban that doesn't understand the problem naming a guild "Anal Kungfu". For every silly name deleted, five is created.. Reply 0
  • WOW players banned for selling gold

  • Groggen 15/03/2005

    I think they are in their full right to ban accounts that doesn't follow the rules set by the company. After all, you are playing on their servers and use their services. They can't take it to court I guess but the reverse is prolly just as true..

    Compare to the pub for example, if a customer starts to misbehave, not in a criminal way but just being a complete jerk, the owner should have the full right to throw him (paying but jerk customer) out, right?

    Then again, I am no lawyer..:)
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  • Europe WOWs Blizzard with Warcraft MMO uptake

  • Groggen 15/02/2005

    Seems like Bliz got a huge fanbase and managed to grab the attention of a broader market than the relatively small mmorpg-crowd. Reply 0
  • Rome: Total War

  • Groggen 01/10/2004

    This looks awesome.. :) How many little fellas can there be on screen at one time?? The battles looks massive! Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy XI

  • Groggen 18/09/2004

    $1 per month and extra character??? How many are you allowed to have from the basic subscription? Reply 0
  • Bill Gates interested in buying Nintendo

  • Groggen 04/08/2004

    Well... as any other businessman he would be a fool not to be interested in buying a company like Nintendo. He's just doing what others dream about but naturally when you're the biggest gun around you get a lot of flak for stunts like these. Reply 0
  • Sudeki gone gold, US retail date July 20th

  • Groggen 19/07/2004

    I was very much looking forward to this.. haven't tried the demo though so judging by your comments this is one to try before buy it seems. Reply 0
  • Ultima X: Odyssey canned

  • Groggen 01/07/2004

    They prolly realised the competition would be to stiff with EQ2, WOW and the other giants being released earlier(well, maybe) than this. In the long run they pretty much fight over the same target group. Reply 0
  • Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War

  • Groggen 12/06/2004

    Seems we got a little agitated here.. ;)

    I don't think most of us who "critizised" the game think it will be bad from a general viewpoint. For all we know this might be the best thing since sliced bread. A really good RTS with the 40k flavour can certainly be a good thing. What we(me) want is a "proper" conversion of the tabletop game to the computer since all previous attempts seems to be lacking a bit to much.
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  • Groggen 11/06/2004

    /agrees with previous posts

    Gaah.. why can't anyone do a proper conversion of the 40k game? I haven't even bothered with many of the previous games since they seem to fall short of the target.

    Remove height advantage? Remove morale? Remove damage directions?

    I think they should rename this as "Generic RTS #1456".

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  • Ninja Gaiden stripped of decapitations

  • Groggen 21/04/2004

    I gotta say.. I don't really care about the decapitations etc etc.. I'll prolly buy the game anyhow BUT... as been mentioned above, what really makes me annoyed is that legislation and censorship in other countries somehow affects the way things are here. In sweden censorship is a thing of the past.

    The last known case (outside the world of porn I guess) of censorship here was some scene in the movie Casino I think.
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  • KOTOR gets downloadable content

  • Groggen 09/03/2004

    I must say I was very excited about kotor and thought it was great for quite a while.. but all of a sudden I just took the disc out and haven't touched it ever since. There's something about it that just doesn't make me wanna play more. A shame since I worship the very ground Bioware resides on and have played all their previous games to death. Reply 0
  • No hard drive in Xbox 2, says M-Systems boss

  • Groggen 06/03/2004

    I am satisfied as long as I get enough mem out of the box (pun not intended) so I NEVER EVER have to buy a frigging mem card. I could even survive buying the thingy extra but in that case it must be big enough for an almost "infinite" amount of saves. Reply 0
  • Beyond Divinity demo released

  • Groggen 03/03/2004

    I didn't like DD either. Seemed promising and I really tried to like it but in the end it was just... meh... Reply 0
  • What's new?

  • Groggen 20/02/2004

    Are the expansions for Morrowind big/good enough to warrant a purchase of the goty edition if I already played the "vanilla" version? I played it on a rather crappy PC so I don't want to go through more slideshows with the PC expansions.. ;) Other than that I very much enjoyed MW. Reply 0
  • Chris Taylor hints at Total Annihilation follow-up

  • Groggen 09/02/2004

    I would love to see a sequel to TA since I still rank it as one of the best rts games ever made. Haven't played it in years though so I am not sure how well it would stand the test of time. (lost the cd's way back...*sob*) Reply 0
  • Terrible start for N-Gage, Cube still lagging

  • Groggen 15/10/2003

    "Why? I want my pieces of kit seperate."

    Well, I for one think it would be nice to not having to drag around a piece of machinery in each frigging pocket I got. I don't believe that should be a concept to hard to fathom...
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  • Groggen 14/10/2003

    What the.. The N-Gage cost around 300 euros. That's like 100 euros less than the latest Ericsson phones if I'm not mistaken. For those 300 euros you get a mobile phone with all the bells and whistles, mp3 player and you can, as a bonus, play games on it that is actually more complicated than tetris. I haven't even seen one in real life so I can't judge how good or bad the games and design is but I don't see a problem with the pricing in comparison with other phones...

    Plus, it's silly to compare it to GBA. It's pretty much the same as complaining that GBA sucks because you can't play mp3 nor use it as a phone.

    Oh well, I am definitely not interested in an N-Gage but see it for what it is: The first real shot at combining 3 great things into one unit. Nokia should be applauded for trying even though the end result could've been lightyears better.
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  • Bard's Tale revamp planned

  • Groggen 01/10/2003

    Bards Tale series.. oh yes indeed. Those games hooked me like no other game since then. As stated in the article the character development system was way ahead of it's time, especially the mages stuff.

    And those dungeons.. oh dear, I still get nervous cramps just thinking of all the graph paper I used up to map down each step I took.
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  • FFX-2 due early next year

  • Groggen 22/09/2003

    Can someonen enlighten me how difficult it is to optimize a pal game to 60hz? Some people (pal gamers I guess ;) ) say it can be done on the lunch break and some people (frigging lazy companies) say it takes months and months to do...

    Hell, 90% of the DC games had that magic 60hz switch so it can't be THAT complicated.
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