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  • The World Ends With You is back on iOS

  • Grim 29/06/2015

    Played this to death on my old DS.

    Great game!!
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  • Guild Wars 2 community reacts angrily to Heart of Thorns expansion pricing

  • Grim 19/06/2015

    The main beef, certainly in my case, is the perceived lack of content for the price.

    To quote from am official forum post:

    From what we have been told in the past six months, we content of Heart of Thorns is so minimal that our guesses at its size is not worth $50. If ArenaNet wants to calm folks down, the best way to do such is to give us a ballpark figure of how much content we are paying for.

    We paid $60 pre-purchase for (the original game) 80 levels, 5 races, 8 professions, 15+ storylines, 2+ dungeons, 5 regions which included 11+ maps and Ďall open betasí. That is the core game that we knew when the pre-purchase showed up.

    We are paying $50 for 0 levels, 0 races, 1 profession, 9 sets of new skills (guessed 54-69 skills) 1 storyline, 0 dungeon, 1 region which includes 1 maps, and Ďall open betasí. That is HoT pre-purchase and what we know.

    Price is basically the same, content is not.
    I'll be hanging fire on any purchase for the time being.
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  • GDC preview: Windows 10 vs SteamOS

  • Grim 07/02/2015

    Bought a laptop with Windows 8.1 last weekend. My first direct experience with the OS.

    A week later I detest it with passion and have installed the open source classic shell.

    Classic Shell

    I think EG over estimate Remdonds commitment to PC gamers.
    Plus, Microsoft's apparent pursuit of nickel and diming everything will fuck up Window 10.
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  • The Secret World post-mortem: "No, it's not going free-to-play any time soon"

  • Grim 02/10/2012

    I would give the game a spin if they had a decent trial time of say....10 days?

    Unfortunately it appears that the client install is over 30 gigs from what I've read on the forums.

    So offering a miserly 3 day trial is a bit of a joke to be honest, when it would take me at least a week to download it.

    Also, a 3 day trial is not long enough to get a feel of any MMO.

    "It's absolutely on us to show people that we are delivering"
    You need to try harder I afraid....
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  • Saturday Soapbox: Magical Manuals

  • Grim 30/06/2012

    The manual for Falcon thats a manual!

    You could break a toe if you dropped it accidently.
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  • Tech Comparison: Crysis 2 PC

  • Grim 26/03/2011

    Enjoying the music on the comparison video's......who is it? Reply 0
  • Brutal Legend soundtrack leaked

  • Grim 10/08/2009

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  • LOTRO Book 8 for EU on Thursday

  • Grim 23/06/2009

    Ahhh... another festival...
    Hopefully I can complete the Shire pub crawl this time......!
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  • SEGA working on PS2/Xbox Monkey Ball title

  • Grim 08/09/2004

    Fantastic news!!

    Love SMB1 on my cube and wouldn't hesitate to buy the Deluxe version for my XBox..

    ...Monkey Fight is my favourite mini game ever..can't stop laughing when I play it.
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  • What's New?

  • Grim 06/08/2004

    Quote: "For a start, if you're reading this on a computer (and not on some sort of scorched hard disk you just dug up from the post-apocalyptic remains of Eurogamer Towers using one of your mutated shovel arms whilst being whipped with lasers by the now-dominant giant ant people)"

    Think someone needs to ease off the herbal tea...
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  • Half-Life 2: $40 million in, still Steaming forward

  • Grim 22/03/2004's a shame....Gabe had some cred until he started using Steam as a smoke screen to cover up other problems.

    People are interested in the game not a delivery system.

    FarCry will steal alot of HL2's thunder IMHO.
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  • KOTOR patched to 1.02

  • Grim 05/02/2004

    heh...I'm wondering when LucasArts will actually pull their finger out and patch the XBox version....

    ...Oooo...look.....a flying pig...!!!
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