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  • Gearbox explains why it should be dropped from Aliens lawsuit

  • GreyBeard 31/07/2014


    The key thing is this:

    If you hire somebody to do a job, and they aren't doing it well. Who's the asshole for not doing something about it?

    You're the boss, and the work is going to go out to all your customers under your banner, and you let this shit roll on for fucking years...

    This isn't a one-time thing, there will be numerous stages at which you can take the situation by the scruff of the neck and sort it out. But you don't, you let it roll on and eventually push it out the door regardless...

    If you allow that to happen, YOU are the asshole. Because it's not just a case that you facilitated the whole fiasco, you gave it your stamp of approval all down the line.

    That's not something anyone else can do!

    By accepting those milestones and making payment for them, SEGA took complete responsibility for the state of the project.

    The buck literally stops there.
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  • GreyBeard 31/07/2014


    Not a chance in hell.

    SEGA knew what they were getting every step of the way. Every milestone build would've been put through QA in order for it to be ratified as fulfilling the contractual terms. Without that assent, why would they make the payment? They wouldn't.

    If that didn't happen -for whatever reason- then they are incompetent, negligent, idiots who clearly don't give two shits about the quality of their product, and as such its all their fault.

    More likely they did QA, and decided, "Fuck it, its good enough".

    They certainly made that choice with the final build, which they were clearly happy enough with to mass produce.

    So basically, regardless of whether Gearbox "fucked" SEGA (which is only possible due to SEGA's own incompetence at managing the project), or not, they (SEGA) were the ones that "fucked you", the buyer, by duplicating, promoting, and selling the thing at full RRP.

    That choice to publish and be damned was nothing whatsoever to do with Gearbox, because that is a publishing decision.
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  • GreyBeard 31/07/2014


    You clearly have no idea of what a milestone is. Because if you did, you wouldn't have made such a moronic statement.
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  • GreyBeard 31/07/2014

    This should be all on SEGA. If you disagree you know nothing about how game development and funding work. Reply -16
  • Sony says EA Access program isn't "good value"

  • GreyBeard 30/07/2014


    Why should PS4 users pay the same for a smaller vault? Where's PS4 Titanfall, how about the timed exclusivity on Garden Warfare?

    Based on EA's current policy of favouring MS' platform over theirs, its blatantly obvious that this isn't the same value proposition.
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  • When too much is not enough

  • GreyBeard 26/07/2014

    No piece of software is ever finished, only abandoned.

    Always been true, always will be true, because there will inevitably be things that can be improved and/or modified to benefit function. Especially from the perspective of a developer who has been living daily with a piece of work for months and years and is intimately familiar with every detail and flaw in a way no user ever will be.
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  • You've got male

  • GreyBeard 19/07/2014


    Its not that it makes EG look "racist or sexist", it makes these articles look opportunistic and frankly a bit hypocritical.

    You can't rail at inequality in the rest of the "industry" and be taken seriously when you aren't reflecting that in your own business!

    Its ridiculous, and the fact that its so baldly obvious shows utter contempt for the intelligence of their readership.
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  • No PS3 to PS4 upgrade discount for The Last of Us Remastered

  • GreyBeard 16/07/2014


    The PS4 remaster in terms of content and pricing matches up very well with standard "GOTY" or "Gold" editions. The only real difference is that rather than simply being a repackage on the same platform, its on a different one.

    Its weird to me that it seems to be being regarded more harshly specifically because its on PS4. I mean I can't recall such furore about buyers not being able to upgrade to "GOTY" editions at a discount!

    Similarly that the game is "only" a year old, again seems to be used against it by certain people. Like being newer somehow makes it offer less "value" than the decade (and older) content in the MC collection.

    Realistically with (as trumpeted on the box) "over 200 game of the year awards" this merely year-old game is pretty much STILL as good as it gets within its genre. I mean, I can't think of another title that's come along and superseded it over the last few months.

    The root of the "problem" seems to be that its on PS4 not PS3, which is a really weird state of affairs if you ask me!
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  • GreyBeard 16/07/2014


    Ignorance isn't a defence.

    If the PS4 was capable of and/or was promoted as being backwards compatible then you would have a point.

    Similarly if TLOU had been promoted from day 1 as being PS3/PS4 cross-buy or having some kind of future discount system in place, your argument would be sound.

    However as neither of these things is true, what we are seeing is people pulling expectations out of their arses and complaining bitterly that they are being abused because these same expectations aren't being met.

    Its ludicrous.

    If you bought TLOU on PS3 last year then you got what you paid for. End of story. You (the buyer) don't get to turn round a year on and try and unilaterally renegotiate the terms of the sale - the world doesn't work like that!
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  • GreyBeard 16/07/2014


    If the shoe fits...

    Some people do have an inflated sense of their own entitlement. Porting a game between two platforms is not a 5 minute job, especially when their architectures are as dissimilar as PS3 and PS4.

    Its offensive to me that such a substantial amount of work is treated as insignificant and unworthy of reward.
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  • The best games of 2014 are actually from 2013 - and that's okay

  • GreyBeard 12/07/2014


    Sean Penn called. He said to "dial it back".
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  • GreyBeard 12/07/2014


    You're being overly cynical about this. Getting paid for your work/investment isn't a bad thing you know.

    As for it being solely "about the money" that's not exactly how it works when it comes to making a retail product. If noone is interested in buying it, you aren't going to make any money.

    Its all about opportunity cost - basic risk/reward stuff that any commercial enterprise needs to square off if they wish to stay in business.
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  • GreyBeard 12/07/2014

    It seems that many people here have failed to notice that fewer and fewer companies are around to make AAA boxed-product titles as time goes on.

    It takes time, and a LOT of money to make a AAA "new experience". You are talking about 2 year plus development cycles, thousands of man-hours of work. Its not a trivial undertaking because for the entire duration of that lead-time its all expenditure and zero income.
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  • How strong exactly is PlayStation's 2014 line-up?

  • GreyBeard 09/07/2014


    I just don't think its that big of a system-seller. Although I can well imagine a lot of 360 players wanting it, its not the sort of thing that is going to make me shell out 350 for a console just to play it.

    Especially when there's so much competition from other FPS behemoths at that time of the year it strikes me that Sony are being much smarter with their launch timing for TLOU -getting it on shelves before the heavy-hitters arrive seems like the best plan.

    Also, gotta admit that although I genuinely like and admire Ted Price and the whole Insomniac crew, I really don't see Sunset Overdrive doing well at all. Its the sort of title that the internet loves, but mainstream gamers just don't get excited by. Its JSR all over again... and God knows that game looked amazing when it was launched but it just tanked at retail.

    Third quarter is going to be owned by third-party multiplats imho.
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  • GreyBeard 09/07/2014


    Why would I want an Xbone to play 10 year old FPS titles @1080p when I have a perfectly good PC that can do that already?
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  • "It's not historically accurate!"

  • GreyBeard 07/07/2014



    To be "surprised" by this topic stirring up controversy would require that person to be wholly unaware of what's happened/happening elsewhere in internet media. Something that as EIC of major news site, I doubt tremendously...

    And I'm sorry but given this site's track-record for setting gaming fans at each other throats via "console war" type click-baiting, I really don't buy the philanthropic/social justice aspect one bit.
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  • GreyBeard 05/07/2014


    No, its just that some of us don't enjoy being patronized and proselytized at.
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  • Rainbow Six Siege has male and female hostages

  • GreyBeard 25/06/2014


    Hey, did you not actually watch the Anita Sarkeesian video, people who claim NOT to be sexist, are often the people who are the most sexist. Research has proved it. (Honest!)

    I really wish I was making this up, but hey, remember kids, in the culture wars you are either with the self identified forces for "social justice", or you are part of the problem.
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  • "See those mountains?"

  • GreyBeard 14/06/2014

    That Zelda demo is funny, considering the pitch is open-ness that whole boss sequence is totally scripted and linear. Reply -4
  • Directly to you: Nintendo wins E3 on its own terms

  • GreyBeard 13/06/2014

    Sorry Oli, but the dismal sales of the Wii-U matter a lot. Especially to the rest of the industry who will continue to give Nintendo platforms a wide-berth.

    And that matters because as the higher the tech level gets, the longer it takes to make games and the fewer and further apart the first-party releases become.
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  • Far Cry 4 "almost" had female co-op characters

  • GreyBeard 12/06/2014


    If race/gender/sexuality is to mean ANYTHING then it needs to be reflected in the way the character interacts with other npc's and the game's fiction as a whole.

    If it's just swapping out a "male" model for a "female" then its exactly as meaningful as swapping a bald model for one with long hair.

    And I'm sorry, if you have an issue relating to a character in a videogame on the basis of their gender, race, or sexuality then YOU are the problem not the game.
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  • GreyBeard 12/06/2014


    Why is it better when it makes no functional difference whatsoever? Its basically reducing gender to the equivalent of a hairstyle!

    Anyone who genuinely gave a shit about the issue would know better than to trivialize it with this sort of bogus controversy.
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  • GreyBeard 12/06/2014


    The sad truth is that a lot of "gamers" are happy so long as they have something -ANYTHING- to argue and rage about.

    And internet media is just cynically feeding off of this.

    What annoys me the most is how transparent it all is. Re-skinning a male character as a female is not representation, and its sure as hell not progressive. Same deal with race and sexuality - unless that factors into the gameplay or fiction it is superfluous.
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  • Assassin's Creed Unity is a backward step for progressive games

  • GreyBeard 12/06/2014

    Awesome. Lets waste resources by throwing "Smurfette's" into roles that have absolutely no gender specification.

    Tokenism is not being "inclusive", it's a sop. Where's the benefit in having different genders when gender makes no difference to how that character relates to the game-world and it inhabitants?
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  • Sony had more wow moments, but Microsoft has closed the competence gap

  • GreyBeard 10/06/2014

    This constant moaning about lack of big titles this third quarter is so stupid when it is ALWAYS a time dominated by the same few big hitting franchises that suck all the air out of the market.

    You'd have to be mad to want to push anything new out, especially in the heavily contested genres like FPS/TPS, unless you're something like Destiny that's doubtless got a huge marketing push behind it.

    The plain truth is that as good as Sunset Overdrive looks, its going to be facing a storm of competition and most likely isn't going to set the charts on fire. Its not a full-blown family title like LBP3, which I suspect will outsell SO simply because it is at least accessing a different demographic.

    The problem with MS conference as a whole was that it was way too familiar, if you had a time machine and went back and showed it to someone 5 years ago they would recognize virtually the entire roster. That's not good.
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  • Sony's E3 conference

  • GreyBeard 10/06/2014

    Easy win for Sony. Reply -3
  • Brand new Witcher 3: Wild Hunt gameplay footage

  • GreyBeard 09/06/2014


    Combat didn't look in the same league as the Dragon's Dogma equivalent. Climbing onboard and fighting, burning the wings to keep him grounded, all while NPC's are doing their own thing...

    Not a favourable comparison at all imho.
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  • Microsoft's E3 press conference

  • GreyBeard 09/06/2014

    90 minutes of non-stop trailers turns out to be, frankly, pretty boring... who knew :(

    Lots of wonderful craft on show, but desperately lacking in innovation, interest and I almost hate to say it, excitement.

    I can't fault MS for the effort, but I found it all pretty boring.
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  • Why online shooting peaked with Bungie's decade-old Halo 2

  • GreyBeard 09/06/2014


    It'll all make sense at MS keynote at E3...
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  • Xbox One dev kits receive more GPU bandwidth

  • GreyBeard 06/06/2014


    The real problem is that the 68GB/s bus is far more important than the 200GB/s one to the ESRAM, which is ultimately just a work/scratchpad area. Its too small to keep all the needed data resident, which means that the vast majority of the data is being pulled initially from the main UMA pool at the severely lower rate on that bus.

    Its a huge bottleneck that you simply cannot workaround... 32mb is fine for a framebuffer, but what about the gigabytes of textures and other data?
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  • Face-Off: Watch Dogs

  • GreyBeard 30/05/2014


    Main thing I notice is how different the importance of these disparities in frame-rate and resolution are now that its MS looking like being on the end of generation long beating.

    Last time around almost any difference -no matter how marginal- was seen as sufficient justification to dismiss the lesser performing platform, yet now there's more than a whiff of apologia about the whole thing.

    Its a blatant double-standard especially given that the differentials (particularly in resolution) are far more mathematically significant this time around.
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  • Why Xbox One's ambitious media strategy failed

  • GreyBeard 17/05/2014

    The bottom line about XBone is that it was a machine built from the ground up to "own the living rooms of America". It was the culmination of Bill Gates' long held belief that MS could dominate that area as thoroughly as Windows dominates the offices and dens of the US.

    Kinect was key to this as although the box as a whole acted as a bulwark ahead of all other incoming tv streams, (muxing its output on top their content), Kinect was the means by which valuable audience response data could be collected and sold back. Essentially it was a plan by which MS could monetize ALL TV in America passing through their box.

    The beauty of it being that they didn't even need to provide or own the content, it simply had to pass through... It was like placing a next-gen Nielsen box in every home.
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  • Xbox One without Kinect "levels the playing field" with PS4

  • GreyBeard 13/05/2014


    True, nothing is set in stone as yet... But the bottom line is that MS have squandered what should have been a very advantageous market-position. What's worse however is that throughout their travails, Sony have been able to leverage things pretty damn nicely to their advantage.

    If the PS360 generation showed us anything, its that dominant mindshare once established, is a very difficult thing to compete against.
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  • GreyBeard 13/05/2014

    Kinect always was more of a marketing exercise than a usable technology, as any game designer worth their salt could have said from day #1.

    It was never a case of the industry "failing" to find an interesting use for it, because it was always going to be something that was only viable under certain circumstances.

    You can reinvent the wheel if you are building a clown car, but you can't take that shit on the road for obvious reasons!
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  • GreyBeard 13/05/2014

    LOL. The way this is being spun as a price-cut is kinda funny. MS are essentially just offering LESS for LESS money. More importantly they are giving up crucial elements of differentiation from PS4, which truthfully plays into Sony's hands as their hardware is simply better! Reply +39
  • Nintendo refuses to allow same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life

  • GreyBeard 10/05/2014

    So much for tolerance... Non-representation is not oppression, enforced inclusion however is just as bad as oppression because it taking away individual artistic freedom of expression.

    Its the whole "Freedom is the only way now" thing... that's not freedom, its just another sort of tyranny and in the end it leads nowhere.
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  • Grave business: ET, Atari, and the reason some games need to be buried

  • GreyBeard 03/05/2014

    The "great videogame crash of '83" is largely an internet myth, its borne of the way that the American 'gaze' skews and distorts history and is seemingly kept alive by people who simply weren't there at the time.

    The collapse of Atari and the failure of bandwagon-jumping toy manufacturers like Mattel (intellivision) and MB (Vectrex) was basically a blip outside of North America.

    As can be attested to by any EUROPEAN gamer over a certain age who fondly remembers the microcomputer revolution. The rise of home computers is what derailed the consoles. Spectrum and C64 games looked better than any console title and were sold at a fraction of the cost of a VCS cart.

    This shift toward computers was inevitable as consoles simply could not keep pace with the rate of technological advancement, especially when the market leader (Atari) was still riding their business on a machine launched in 1977!
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  • Game jam reality show cancelled as indies wouldn't put up with its s***

  • GreyBeard 03/04/2014

    Jealous? Hell no! Although I understand why you might think that.

    Truthfully, the internet as a marketplace and a promotional platform (an absolute necessity because without visibility anything you do is just another needle in the haystack) is such a double-edged sword its really off-putting.

    Thing is, back then nobody really gave a shit that we were making games... and that gave us REAL freedom. Nowadays on the internet, its a free-for-all where every raging idiot has to have an opinion and bullshit "controversy" is the common currency. This "issue" being a classic example of the kind of pabulum that gets pushed forward as being somehow of interest to the gaming public... when its not really interesting or valuable and in the final analysis, is just fodder for clicks.

    Yes, back then fewer people got stinking rich overnight, but then again there was no cyber-bullying of devs for their sexual orientation, politics, or business strategy.

    Nowadays there's so much mindless hatred and rage in gaming. Its sad to me.
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  • GreyBeard 02/04/2014


    I'm glad you understand that its a all about self-promotion and marketing, which is why volunteering to appear on, then noisily walking off a "reality" show seems like such an obvious ploy for attention to me.

    As an older person its impossible to ignore how all the self-important posturing endemic in today's "indie" scene feeds into the whole "cult of personality" internet-marketing model.

    It strikes me as being dishonest to today's kids and disrespectful to the efforts and achievements of those that have gone before them.
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  • GreyBeard 02/04/2014


    I managed to turn it into a 20 plus year career in the biz, I'd still be in it now if burnout hadn't eventually caught up with me.
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  • GreyBeard 01/04/2014

    As one of a generation of kids who way back in the 80's were making games by themselves and for themselves on their home computers... it never fails to bring a wry smile to my face how astonishingly pretentious this current generation of "indie" game developers are.

    Yes its bad that they nearly got sucked in by the Dorito and Dew-shilling "man", but truthfully they are making waaay too big of a deal about their "integrity" as games makers. Seriously.
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  • Sony layoffs hit three UK studios

  • GreyBeard 27/03/2014

    End of tax-year layoffs. Standard practice at Sony. Reply +1
  • Spec Ops lead making "existential, surreal horror" indie game

  • GreyBeard 18/03/2014


    Rape has never been used exclusively as an adjective for sexual violation. e.g The Rape Of Nanking. As a general term it means to take by force.

    You can take issue when its used frivolously in relation to a person or some other entity that is gendered, but when applied to something neuter like a game mechanic... its being used properly.
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  • Be advised: I was wrong about Titanfall

  • GreyBeard 19/02/2014

    Dear Tom.

    The Thing most people are "jaded and dismissive" about Titanfall is the endless hyping of it from the enthusiast press. Which is why there's quite a lot of cynicism here about you writing an article that in the final analysis is, despite your protestations that it somehow "changed your mind", simply more of the same hype.

    I wish Respawn all the best, but I think the pot has been stirred well enough at this point, any more and its just encouraging backlash.
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  • TV review: How Videogames Changed the World

  • GreyBeard 05/12/2013

    Ultimate Robocop tune remix:


    Although, I'm also very fond of Joegir's 1993 Amiga rendition, because it retains the melancholic tone of the original,
    Hope this link works:!_T01_ORG.mp3
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  • GreyBeard 05/12/2013

    The C64 version of the Robocop music is the best, obviously, because SID was vastly superior to the shitty AY chips of its contemporaries. Reply -1
  • PS4 looks set to break records at launch

  • GreyBeard 29/11/2013

    Funny thing, most of the people within the industry crying about the "death of consoles" are heavily invested within the mobile/tablet arena.

    Also, referencing your chart, it pays to note that over 50m of those PS2's sold occurred post 360-launch. In terms of global demand, over the time-period of the Wii/Ps3/360 generation things were an even bigger upstep from what has gone before despite the rise of iOS, browser/facebook gaming etc.
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  • GreyBeard 29/11/2013

    Yeah, the tone of that piece was typical Wesley, lots of half-truths, and negativity towards Sony whilst sliding in pro-MS propaganda through the back-door.

    I love this myth that MS advertising might is some kind of magic bullet, I mean its really saved Surface, and Windows phones hasn't it? And as can be seen by the current global shipment figures for PS3 and 360, and the launch performance of these new machines, they have just killed the Playstation brand...

    And for Christ' sake, stop with the shilling for Titanfall already. However good it is, its just another online FPS, which will appeal to the same market that is already well supported by CoD, Battlefield, Halo, and soon to be joined by Bungie's Destiny... All title incidentally that will be available on Xbone (as well as Ps4 in all but Halo's case), making its presence as a system-seller somewhat doubtful. I mean, its not opening up a new market in the way that say, Wii Fit did, its just an augment to an already healthy roster.

    Similarly the doom-saying about how console gaming is about to die coming off of the back of a generation where more units of console hardware than ever was sold by a huge margin is frankly laughable. The core market may contract, but collapse? Dream on. The natural limitation of the tablet/smartphone market is that of discoverability of content, this is what ensures that the "winners" in that particular field exist at a lottery-like scarcity, and even then are almost always only successful because they play to the rules of that marketplace.
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  • What the hell is that?

  • GreyBeard 16/11/2013

    Reviewers have gotten far too jaded and cynical for my liking. This launch has really shown how joyless and lacking in any real enthusiasm most of them are.

    What annoys me most is the chickenshit way they soft-pedal the bile on popular titles, and save it for the easier targets. Good case in point being the way that Killzone:SF is berated for the shortcomings in its single-player campaign, whereas the equally by-the-numbers offerings in CoD and Battlefield get a pass.

    For all the talk about lack of innovation, this pussyfooting around is what is preserved the hegemony more than anything else. Its always the soft targets that they show their true colours on, the behemoths get protected.
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  • "It's less to do with specs and more to do with what you do with those specs"

  • GreyBeard 07/11/2013

    Funny how framerate/resolution only became a problem when they were the ones with a defecit... Reply +3