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  • Clicker Heroes studio abandons upcoming sequel's free-to-play model for “ethical reasons”

  • GreyBeard 21/11/2017

    "That's a bold strategy Cotton, let's see if it pays off." Reply +3
  • Lucasfilm reacts to Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot crate controversy

  • GreyBeard 20/11/2017

    Lets be honest, the last good SW movie was in 1981.

    "All about the fans" died with Jedi's replacement of Wookies with the more merch-friendly Ewoks.
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  • Jelly Deals: PS4 Pro with FIFA 18 and Crash Bandicoot for 299

  • GreyBeard 20/11/2017


    Considering that with these deals the price difference between a Pro and a One S is less than between Pro and One X, its essentially the mid-price option.

    This casts its performance benefits in a more positive light because it doesn't need to be better than a One X.

    The reality is the performance gap between the Pro and the One S is far larger in all respects, and that's enough.
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  • EA has switched off Star Wars Battlefront 2's microtransactions

  • GreyBeard 19/11/2017


    "It's one thing to unlock stuff with money in a mobile game that costs $5, it's another to pay to unlock your progress in a $60 game."

    No. its not.

    If your issue is the mtx, the buy-in price is irrelevant. The whole argument is based on the idea that you are going to get fleeced over a long period of time buying stuff. Meaning the more you end up paying over time the less relevant the initial buy-in is.

    In simple terms if you pay $60 upfront and $40 long-term, you are still paying less in total than a "f2p" title you end up stumping up $120 for micro-transactions.

    The lack of critical thinking on this topic is so frustrating to read.
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  • GreyBeard 17/11/2017


    If I was shilling I'd be trying to encourage people to play the game, which I'm absolutely not doing, nor have I done at any point.

    I just enjoy poking fun at the rampant stupidity of internet gaming culture.

    Easily done when you stand outside the bubble of petulance and outrage and simply look at things objectively.
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  • GreyBeard 17/11/2017


    That explains a lot, but still I find it doubtful that every "outraged from chiswick" has in fact played the game, and more likely just joined the wah-mbulance in order to feel self-righteous about something.

    As to your point about game balance, it really depends on the individual. If a person buys a game late, any "earned through play-time" advantage is going to stand against them competitively - so to them being able to catch-up (at a price) is actually better for them than not having the option at all.

    None of this is about game balance though, the vast majority of people won't have played it and are basing their judgment based on theorycrafting of dubious accuracy on Reddit.
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  • GreyBeard 17/11/2017


    Middle Earth: Shadow of War.

    You know, the last game Stirling campaigned against due to the "pay to win" aspect in a full-price-game.

    Not to mention them getting shat on over the whole charity thing which was made out to be a whole lot more than it was.
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  • GreyBeard 17/11/2017


    Yeah, it really killed ME:SoW didn't it!

    Again, pre-release people like Stirling made out like it was the worst thing ever, but in the end it turned out to be not so bad after all.
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  • GreyBeard 17/11/2017

    Who was actually ripped off though? The game only comes/came out today so all this hysteria is actually based on... what exactly?

    Keep rating down fuckwits, doesn't change the launch date from 17/11.
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  • How to fix Star Wars Battlefront 2

  • GreyBeard 18/11/2017

    Being absolutely serious, looking at the price of those cards you'd have to be an utter idiot to pay for them. It kinda freaks me out that any but a handful of (money is no object) people would seriously consider them to be a realistic option.

    But again to be perfectly honest, buyer beware. If you don't trust yourself to not allow yourself to get exploited all for the sake of doing a bit better at a fucking video-game, or are unwilling to take responsibility for keeping those too young to know better away from your credit cards, you deserve what you get.
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  • GreyBeard 17/11/2017

    Lets play devil's advocate for a minute:

    If progression is earned through play-time, anyone buying late is starting at a disadvantage, and not just in actual experience. How do you square that with the fanciful idea of a level playing-field?

    There is an argument to say that late-comers need access some sort of a boost in order to allow them to catch up to where the majority of players are in order to ensure a deep pool of competitors.

    So either you accept that the idea of a level playing field is bogus, or you decide that buying boosters isn't actually such a bad thing.

    Not to mention the fact that in most areas of real-world competition, particularly professional sports, being able to BUY an advantage is normal.

    Also, if a game is balanced to be playable with every character, how is locking key figures like Vader behind an unlocking system not just another sort of cosmetic?

    Different skin/different character is not exactly a great leap. Just because you have a particular attachment to something doesn't make intrinsically more valuable. For example take flag type skins, if its your home-nation its more relevant to you, but to somebody native to a different country its nothing.

    Also what's this lunacy about minimizing the value of serialized content not being locked behind the paywall of a season pass. Is this an argument that content locks that split the userbase is a good idea? Or that (heaven forbid) as it turns out those much bemoaned season passes aren't so bad after all...

    Lastly I've just got to poke a big hole in the idiotic notion that a game that's free-to-play (but pay-to-win) is in any way a different beast to a game that requires an initial purchase. If its a one-off payment, wouldn't it make sense to judge the difference solely on what you get for that initial purchase price?

    I mean, if both games ultimately turn into wallet-ravaging beasts, whats the diff? Especially as these post-sale purchases are what everyone's jimmies are rustled over :D

    Sorry, it all sounds like a bunch of double-speak to me. You want to play a MMORPG, in many instances you get to pay to buy the initial base game, then need to maintain a monthly subscription to maintain any access, then get to pay additional money for large-scale add-ons/expansions down the road. How is that different, and where are the torches and pitchforks for that?
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  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot boxes investigated by Belgian Gaming Commission

  • GreyBeard 17/11/2017


    Gambling commissions? Not at all, investigation would take months and affect a whole lot more games than this single example. Retroactive punishment is unlikely as no laws or regulations were breached at the time of publication, and the sheer number of parties potentially affected would likely mire it in court for possibly years of arbitration.

    What makes me laugh is that all this kerfuffle has blown up pre-release. All this anger is based on hearsay and conjecture alone as the game hasn't even come out yet.
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  • GreyBeard 17/11/2017


    Seems EA have done the smart thing and just disabled the loot box system completely at launch to let things calm down.

    No doubt they'll just hold off until the furore has dissipated and people realize that progression without "boosters" isn't actually all that bad. So when they decide to cash in down the line, they'll have the numbers tweaked nicely to ensure it hits their targets.

    Expect them to flip-flop on the no paid DLC too, they will claw their money back somehow - make no mistake about that.
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  • GreyBeard 16/11/2017


    Nobody expects the Belgian Gaming Commission :D
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  • GreyBeard 16/11/2017

    The fact that people are getting excited over the Belgian gaming commision saying they might be looking into this just shows how desperate and detached from reality this whole kerfuffle has gotten!

    It sounds like the punchline from a Python sketch for Christsake!
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  • DICE fails to quell Star Wars Battlefront 2 controversy in reddit AMA

  • GreyBeard 16/11/2017

    I play games every day, and I never have to deal with this stuff. And its certainly not like I only play indies and art-games.

    If you look at how many titles that companies like EA and Activision put out every year, its actually a remarkably small number. Its not like ignoring them results in a barren release schedule.

    Most of all remember that reacting to a certain type of monetization strategy is reacting to a symptom, not a root cause. Expecting legislation to save you is a futile because frankly there are a head-spinning number of alternative approaches that could (and will) be employed to circumvent any laws in place.

    Basically vendors of non-essential goods can charge whatever they feel like; the only restriction is asking for as much as the market will support while allowing them to turn a profit.

    The best and only "defence" is to support products that do things the way you like. That way you get MORE of the good stuff, and as a result there's a lesser proportion of things to avoid.

    Stop trying to stop things, its less effective than promoting whats good.
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  • GreyBeard 16/11/2017


    "The end of video games as we know it"

    Oh come on. Even if every AAA game had loot-boxes in them there'd still be hundreds upon hundreds of other titles out per year!

    Honestly it feels to me that a lot of sites these days just parrot the current outrage meme in a desperate attempt to try and appear relevant.
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  • GreyBeard 16/11/2017

    No one quells internet harrumphing. You just have to wait it out until the perpetually outraged move onto the next target :D Reply -2
  • Jelly Deals: Wolfenstein 2 discounted to 29.99 today

  • GreyBeard 16/11/2017


    That's going to be a great comfort to One/One S owners.
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  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 review

  • GreyBeard 16/11/2017


    Lets see where it goes first. If nothing happens just like it did in the UK, are you going to concede the point to me?

    See as usual my points are driven by fact as demonstrated by precedent, whereas you appear to be driven by an emotional desire to see your view reflected in legislation.
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  • GreyBeard 16/11/2017


    I understand that perfectly well, people can be compulsive about anything from food and exercise through gambling and arguing on the internet!

    The point is though if you try and stop the excessive consumption of/indulgence in those things you don't have the same issues as a penniless dissolute gambler trying to get that "big score" that'll clear his debts.

    There's a big difference, and if you can't recognize that fact you really shouldn't interject your opinion because you have no perspective on the matter.

    The doubling-down to get out of debt factor is hugely important.


    Having an "investigation" is a long way from making a ruling, and honestly it'd be a political clusterfuck if they did. Because this game is far from the first game to use this method, and trying to make retrograde rulings against every title that could potentially fall under this umbrella is a lot of legislation and legal arbitration to cut through.

    That article is pretty silly with its dire predictions of fines and removal from sale.
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  • GreyBeard 16/11/2017


    Even if they did put an 18 on every game with a lootbox aspect do you honestly think that'd make any difference?

    Cos you know, every CoD player is over 18... honest guv.

    But what can you do about irresponsible/absentee parenting... Is that gaming's fault too?

    See my theory is that if adults actually behaved like responsible adults, not whimpering infants, we might all dig ourselves out of this shit.
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  • GreyBeard 15/11/2017


    How many times do I have to spell out that buying mtx services like this have more in common with Panini stickers than gambling for money.

    If you have an issue with gambling in general, you'd be in agreement with me what a despicable abomination stuff like Foxy Bingo is.

    That being the case, you'd also agree the way and to whom that product is being marketed is a far more concerning issue than mtx stuff.

    Especially when the ceiling on expenditure on mtx services, is largely speaking finite, and doesn't have the doubling-down/compound loss issues of real gambling.

    You don't have to like it as an approach to take the rational stance that its far less dangerous than actual gambling, even if it employs similar psychological principles.

    So, unless you fancy making panini stickers 18+, you need to moderate your stance somewhat.

    Furthermore you then need to factor in its application in pure F2P services, where the mtx are the primary source of revenue. Are they ok if they don't have an upfront cost?

    Can you not see how the peculiar specificity of the circumstances under which this topic has become a hot-button issue all of a sudden demands that the charge of nimbyism be given credence.

    Nimbyism is of course all about assumed privelige and entitlement.

    All this being said, you need to engage with the fact that my argument is entirely rational and reasonable.

    I'm arguing this for fun but I'm not being dishonest or disingenuous to score internet points.

    This matters because my viewpoint is likely to be shared by people outside the gaming bubble. By people who see it all as being silly and trivial, and that anyone foolish enough to dig themselves into financial trouble by a desire to be more competitive a fucking video-game is likely to be eaten alive by the real predators of the world.

    That this trivia gets play in the mainstream media is only testimomy to the 24hr news cycle's ravenous desire for attention-grabbing content, not that anyone actually takes it seriously.

    At best you get what you see with SW, a bit of token massaging of the points in the monetization scheme. Nothings going to change, even if by some chance mtx got chased out of gaming it'd be replaced by something else, possibly worse in the same way that online-passes were succeeded by this.

    The only way out, is to take personal responsibility, because with that they have no hold over you and their money-bilking machinations are irrelevent.

    Be a an adult. Don't ask the state to treat us all like weak-willed infants.
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  • GreyBeard 15/11/2017


    I don't need another barrage, you haven't refuted the points I have made already.

    And honestly, I wouldn't expect you to given its just a smokescreen.

    If you actually had a clue, you'd engage with my point about the pervasiveness of REAL gambling these days. But instead you're trying to bait me into saying something classless about your "credentials" as a parent.

    Bottom line you could be a great dad or you could be Fred West, I don't know and I don't care.

    Either way, judging you by your argument I find you insincere, insecure, and lacking in wit and intelligence.

    You aren't winning this argument.
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  • GreyBeard 15/11/2017


    I only slag off deserving targets.

    Example, weak-minded types like yourself who'd rather cede power to the state than exercise a modicum of self restraint.

    But hey, think of the children amirite?

    Have you seen the ads for Foxy Bingo on the TV? Online casino fronted by what looks like a character from Sesame Street... who's that being marketed at? Particularly on the tea-time slots where its shown?

    You don't have your priorities straight my man, which is why I can bin your horseshit deflection and say you actually don't give a fuck about the social implications.

    You're just another butt-hurt manlet throwing his toys out of the pram when he can't/won't pay the asking price.

    That you disregard claims of entitlement all of hand says all that needs to be said, bit too close to home eh :D
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  • GreyBeard 15/11/2017


    Are you familiar with the concept of "nimbyism". In a nutshell its about people getting on their high-horse when something is happening on their street, but when its "over there" or only affecting those people, its not an issue.

    Sound familiar to what's happening now that mtx stuff has made its way into full-price games at all?

    So all the mobile and other ftp games employing this revenue method for years and where was the campaigning? Where is the complaint about online bingo and casino's advertising their services during kid's TV time?

    It takes literally zero effort to identify that concern over the social implications has little or nothing to do why these toolbags are suddenly jumping out of the woodwork. Its driven purely by self-interest.

    And the truth is I see the exact same disingenuity in pretty much all online debate these days. People hide behind "causes" so they can get their jollies imposing their will on other people, ostracizing or destroying them if they can.

    Here's the thing: At no point have I said you should support these practices, all I've said is if you act like this is an existential crisis or a blight on society you are talking shit.

    All it requires, is not to buy products you don't like. It takes the merest amount of self-control and a willingness to take responsibility for ones own actions.

    That basic level of life-skill and wisdom is all that's required. Yet some numpty's are trying to turn this into a crusade where there's some convenient "evil" to be defeated.

    Its utter horse-shit, and you know it.

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  • GreyBeard 15/11/2017


    I think reality is a foreign concept to you.

    The most socially damaging aspect of gambling is when the addict doubles-down in order to cover their losses. Its a horrific spiral because to a desperate individual, it offers what seems like their only chance of financial escape, but more likely just puts them further down a deep, dark, hole.

    This cannot occur with any system where gaining money is not the reward.

    Wanting to do better in a multiplayer match is not the same pressure as needing a good night at the arcade/bingo-hall/casino/track in order to pay monthly bills and food.

    Trying to draw any degree of parity between these two scenarios is contemptuous of anyone who's ever struggled with a real gambling problem.

    But I'm the "deplorable" un-empathetic one here right, pfft.
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  • GreyBeard 15/11/2017


    Why are you talking about "rights" when noone is forcing you to buy the game in the first place?

    Seriously, there is no power "balance", its really fucking simple: People either buy, or don't buy.

    No coercion, no pistols to the temple, its just another product to choose from.

    The funny thing is its people like you who are the ones trying to impose their will here. Its hilarious, it seems like these days the ones spouting loudest about "rights" are the ones trying to enforce their view on everyone else... But I digress.

    Check your own privilege. The way you dictate what products are on the market is simply by not buying; be it not buying the product or simply not indulging in mtx purchases after the fact.

    Both send a far more compelling message than ranting like a twat on a forum about how its all a conspiracy and how much you despise the "lapdogs" who have the temerity to take a more moderate position than yourself.
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  • Making our own adventures in Dragon's Dogma

  • GreyBeard 15/11/2017

    Dogma's combat and traversal systems are so much better than Witcher 3's its simply no contest, and although the world itself is pretty standard mediaevelism, the whole meta-plot relating to the cyclical existence of pawns, arisens, dragons is a clever touch. Reply +7
  • EA's response to Star Wars: Battlefront 2 hero unlock fury isn't going down well

  • GreyBeard 14/11/2017


    The same people throwing a shit-fit about this, are the same as those who throw similar conniptions over every other sort of additional monetization strategy.

    As per usual never about what they are getting for their $60, its what they could and should (in their minds) be getting if every extra available was thrown into the base product.

    Its entitlement, plain and simple. All you have to do is simply IGNORE all the extra stuff, see if the basic product works for you, and say yay or nay based on that.

    Is it too grindy for you? Ok, pass on it because that's a fair reason - but don't pretend that it has any relationship to the material worth of what is on offer for the $60.

    You know some people actually do prefer grinds to streamlined experiences right?

    Its like the whole thing that any additional content that dovetails neatly with the base game *had* to be have been cut from the game. This is just fucking irrational. Are developers supposed to deliberately separate stuff off (creatively or temporally) as a psychological band-aid to avoid the complaint from know-nothing whiners on the internet?
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  • GreyBeard 13/11/2017


    Sounds more like the usual doublespeak where the only sort of micro-transactions that are alright are the ones the complainer thinks are pointless :D

    Because that's what this invariably boils down to. The over-entitled assumption that because they could have something if they paid, they deserve it gratis. Because its unfair... boo-hoo-hoo.
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  • GreyBeard 13/11/2017


    Says someone with no skin in the game.

    Honestly, given how pissy people get over the price of games, its hilarious when they handwave off the cost in both money and labour hours it takes to make the product.
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  • GreyBeard 13/11/2017


    No, its more like some people just want to say that they've "beaten" a game with the minimum amount of effort.

    The simple, sad, truth is that there are certain people out there who get more enjoyment from talking smack about games than actually playing them.

    Its where the hilarious idea of "games not respecting your time" comes from; as if any game is ever more than a time-waster in the first place.

    Its not a criticism to say that either, its just entertainment, not some life-mission or vocation.
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  • GreyBeard 13/11/2017

    If EA didn't have the license, it'd be another huge multi-platform publisher because they are the only ones who could possibly afford it. And being that sort of organization are likely to monetize it in exactly the same way.

    Certain figures and companies becoming hate figures just shows the idiocy and immaturity of the gaming community. That their community rep has fielded death threats over this shit is embarrassing beyond belief.
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  • Xbox One X UK launch sales match Nintendo Switch, beat PlayStation 4 Pro

  • GreyBeard 13/11/2017

    Seriously though, stop and think about their almost tunnel-vision fixation on "power" as a difference-maker this gen.


    I'm not saying that's all they've done, but it is by far their most pervasive and consistent marketing tack. And since the announcement of Scorpio they've really doubled down on it. Meanwhile ignoring or fobbing off all pleas to invest more heavily in unique software.

    Sorry, I think its really quite peculiar.
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  • GreyBeard 13/11/2017

    I've got to say as well, MS' fixation on "power" as a selling point has to be one of the most conspicuous examples of corporate insecurity ever.

    From day #1 they've been worrying the issue like a man with a broken tooth they cannot help but probe incessantly with their tongue. The ESRam will make the difference, the DX12, the increased clock-speeds, the "power of the cloud"... they threw the kitchen sink at the problem to try and catch up with Sony and got nowhere!

    Now, at least they have an unequivocal solution. Problem is, its a whole new box (again) and this time it costs 450. Yay. Go Xbox, you are finally on top power-wise.

    Its bizarre.
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  • GreyBeard 13/11/2017


    Wii U did what, 40k in its first week. And that was from a standing start, the thing about OneX is that its basically starting out pretty much as compelling a proposition as its ever going to be.

    Its not getting any unique content, so there's really no way for it too differentiate itself above what we've seen already unless MS decides to cut One S off at the knees.

    Maybe you're right and there's a strong demand, but quite honestly based on how PS4 Pro has done I just don't see a precedent for that outcome.

    The truth is what we're seeing is that new games are getting a bit closer to native 4k than Pro versions do, but they aren't running at double the frame-rate or are otherwise functionally better.

    That's not a meaningful differentiation to the mass-market punter. Its a nice thing for dedicated gamers who haven't yet thrown their weight behind either PC, PS4 as their primary ecosystem for visual spectaculars.

    You can't expect a mass exodus from platforms that are well established, the bread-and-butter of the OneX market is going to be drawn from the ranks of existing Xbox fans.

    And honestly, good for them. Its a nice option to have. But by the same token if you're the sort of person who has a nice collection on one of its competitor's platforms, its a much less compelling value proposition - especially at the mid-point of the current console cycle.
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  • GreyBeard 13/11/2017


    Different situation completely. Switch is absolutely its own thing; there's no product like it straddling home/handheld, its accessibly priced and elevated by a consistently stellar first-party software line-up.

    None of this is true about the One X, all it has going for it is that its a more capable Xbox. That's a self-limiting niche.

    My comment may have come across as dismissive, but it was a straight read on my part. A strong start was nothing unexpected, however I see little evidence or precedent that it'll have legs.

    Give it 3 months and see where its at.
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  • GreyBeard 13/11/2017

    80k after a year's worth of hype and no supply constraints at launch isn't exactly blowing the doors off.

    Expect it to drop like a rock once the initial rush of brand loyalists dies down.
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  • Super Lucky's Tale review

  • GreyBeard 10/11/2017

    Let 'em neg away, bless their little cotton socks.

    If someone can't/won't compose a retort, who cares. It takes exactly the same amount effort to hit like or dislke, either way knowing that my post made them click, warms the cockles of my little black heart. :D
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  • GreyBeard 10/11/2017

    Poochie died on the way back to his home planet... Reply -4
  • Halo 5: Xbox One X's most impressive 4K upgrade?

  • GreyBeard 10/11/2017

    Got to feel bad for xbone/s owners right now. Coverage of their platform is an afterthought, and when it is its mostly used as a base-line to show how much better the X is. That has to feel pretty shitty if you don't have the 450 to upgrade to the superior experience.

    Also, seriously, how badly is this going to undermine sales of the older SKU's this holiday? I mean by create a talking point about raw power they have created one hell off a rock for their own backs.

    I think history will look more favourably upon Sony's gentler messaging than the bullish way MS have gone about this.
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  • Diablo 3: Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro dynamic res showdown

  • GreyBeard 08/11/2017

    First-party stuff will heavily leverage FP16. As will any new game using checkerboarding, these old retro-fitted patches are obviously going to favour raw-grunt.

    Which lets not forget comes at a price premium; its like expecting Xbone S to match PS4 Pro in any face-off. The result is a foregone conclusion, but you need to pay upfront for the benefit.
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  • Sonic Forces focuses on PS4 with clear issues on other systems

  • GreyBeard 07/11/2017

    Devs focusing on the SKU with an install-base bigger than the others combined. Shocker. Reply +4
  • Should you buy an Xbox One X?

  • GreyBeard 07/11/2017


    Or you could just get an Xbone S and save yourself 250.

    You could buy a Switch with that and cover all bases.
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  • Watch: Blizzcon reacts to Overwatch's sexism problem

  • GreyBeard 06/11/2017


    Better cancel your internet connection then because abuse is everywhere online.

    So long as there's anonymity, there will be a presumption of no accountability.
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  • GreyBeard 06/11/2017

    Keep giving these dickheads attention and they are going to continue doing it, and if they are going to get maximum reaction from being dicks to women, they are especially going to targeting them "for the lulz".

    There's a strong element of "Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me" in all of this. Its immature, reactionary, and generally pointless but its the mentality of a lot of young guys.

    I think its generally overlooked and a basic "hurr durr they misogynists" explanation applied because frankly people in the media don't want to accept their culpability in encouraging this culture by presenting an orthodoxy for these fuckwits to rebel against.

    They don't want to accept that Gamergate and everything after came into being as a reaction against the leftist politicization of the gaming media. They were all for pushing the notion that politics needed to be interjected into gaming culture, however they didn't stop to think that they'd end up with more than their "good" politics.

    So here we are, and they still haven't figured it out.
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  • GreyBeard 05/11/2017

    Does anyone honestly believe that the dumb-fucks who come out with this sort of abuse are all super-nice and polite to members of their own sex? Or do you think they are pretty much guaranteed to be equally hateful and obnoxious to everyone they encounter?

    Anonymity seems to bring out the worst in some folk unfortunately.
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  • Microsoft Xbox One X review

  • GreyBeard 04/11/2017


    Very fair assessments, and I agree that it does appear to be a quality product.

    I'm just pretty skeptical about the wisdom of where its landing in the overall landscape at the moment.

    I really believe if it was branded XboxTwo and had a few legitimate exclusives it'd likely do better.

    From my perspective the kind of incremental upstep both in capability and price point offered by PS4 Pro is a much easier sell as a mid-gen upgrade.

    1X by comparison has a much larger delta with its older sibling, yet it is being undersold and weakened by its lack of differentiation whilst simultaneously making the base model seem less desirable due to the larger power disparity.

    It just feels to me like the worst of both worlds, despite being a lovely bit of hardware in its own right.
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  • GreyBeard 04/11/2017


    Despite what you may think, my criticisms are fair, valid, and basically impartial.

    Every statement in that list stands against the X1X success as a product offering in the current marketplace.

    450 matters because its almost double the price of PS4, X1S, and Switch. Its an extreme outlier being over 100 more than the PS4 Pro, a sku that sells as a minority share of all PS4 consoles.

    The justification for the price-point is purely that of performance, which has no clear precedent as a sales driver. There is no unique service or software to prop it up either - it has no "killer app", just prettiee versions of multi-plats and pre-existing XBox exclusives.

    MS have already been to the well of new hardware in the last year with the S, don't you think this is addressing the same market, and can;'t you see how diminishing returns may set in due to the way that piece of hardware was promoted.

    Weak software line-up is, admittedly the point closest to being subjective, but simply looking at the sales numbers, and comparing MS' slate with their competitors justifies the comment.

    The final 3 points are not about Xbox directly, they simply summarize the state of the competition - all of whom are in a good place. To be a success Xbox needs to overcome these competitors , and the plain truth is they are the ones losing ground and momentum.

    In a nutshell, its simply asking the question as to whom is seriously going to buy this (admittedly nice) piece of hardware?

    The answer for me is not many people, and of those the majority will already be committed to the Xbox ecosystem.
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