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  • Rain World review

  • GreyBeard 29/03/2017


    Its still a straw-man argument. And one of dubious relevance given this is survival game rather than a simple platformer.

    Look at it this way: When a reviewer cites Mario jumps they do it because WE ALL KNOW exactly what sort of feel they are referring to.
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  • GreyBeard 29/03/2017

    I do wish reviewers would stop using fucking Mario as a yardstick for how every platformer is supposed to "feel". Its stifling, and frankly stupid.

    Is the game called "Mario in Rain World"?
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  • Dark Souls 3 gets a very basic PS4 Pro upgrade

  • GreyBeard 26/03/2017


    No it won't, all mechanics are time-relative so its not like the action is speeding up or slowing down. The only difference is the cadence of presenting new frames.

    It is PURELY a cosmetic difference.

    Ironically responsiveness has very little to do with frame-rate, as the main things that impact it are input poll frequency, animation/event queuing, and the like which add a fixed delay to event processing.

    Similarly display processing on the display device is far more impactful because it too adds a fixed delay between the tv/monitor receiving the video data and it being presented on-screen.
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  • GreyBeard 25/03/2017


    They complained about that part, but not the rest of it, and in any case people were raving about how great the game was on the whole DESPITE that.

    That is how fraudulent and meaningless this obsession with perfect frame-rates is.

    Its like DF has historically made a big deal over "responsiveness", yet suddenly when this game gains an average 50% framerate increase (and consequently reduction in latency -as DF have never been big on differentiating the two-) it doesn't matter because its not a "solid" 60.

    Its moving goalposts to ensure they have something to moan about, and has absolutely nothing to do with actual play experience.

    Its shameful and deplorable.
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  • GreyBeard 25/03/2017

    Seriously DF should really shut the fuck up about 30fps being in any way problematic. Its asinine PC master-race rhetoric that they should be ashamed of.

    Demon's Souls ran at 30 peak, with heavy and sustained drops in places, and gave birth to the franchise. Dark Souls again, 30fps with heavy drops and noone complained about its playability til the PC port came out and suddenly "below 60fps is too laggy".

    Its fucking feeble.
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  • What's up with Nier: Automata on PC?

  • GreyBeard 23/03/2017


    I'm not angry, I'm just amusing myself.

    Seriously though, go back and read my original post. My comment had a singular target, and a simple point about not being able to brute-force past bugs!

    It wasn't having a go at you, or pc gamers in general, it was a comment about the article and the tone in which it was written.

    It was mild as milk and fair criticism :D Comical that got me so many rate-downs.
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  • GreyBeard 23/03/2017


    I posted initially because the snotty, hyperbole-laden, tone of the article pissed me off, to be truthful.

    There are a couple of bugs, mainly the full-screen mode, but they are easily worked around with borderless gaming.

    It says a lot that Durante (of DSFix fame) has no major issues with the port and has basically been playing rather than joining in this pitiful bitch-fest.

    I know this because I fully intended on double-dipping on the PC version in addition to the PS4 copy if my aging PC was up to the task.

    Hence my interest in this article, and the topic generally.

    I didn't start any console war bollocks, that was suzakuseven - check the post history idiot before casting aspersions.

    Its a shame, I'd be more into PC stuff if the scene wasn't so infested with argumentative, quasi-elitist, bell-ends.
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  • GreyBeard 23/03/2017


    Your loss chief. I got just short of 100hrs pleasure from the game on a console that cost me significantly less than your gpu by itself.

    Marginal frame-rate improvements wouldn't make my time more enjoyably spent, and I didn't have to stress over bugs and patches at any point.

    Oh yeah, and I got it a week sooner!

    Guess it just sucks to be a console peasant, eh ?!?
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  • GreyBeard 23/03/2017



    Its amazing how selective that term is. Yes, the FAR fix drastically lowers gpu requirements but people are starting to notice that the shader was actually set to 128 cells for a reason. But hey, enjoy the lighting downgrade :D
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  • GreyBeard 23/03/2017

    Tiresome PC wonk discovers that games sometimes have bugs that you can't brute-force past even with ludicrously over-specced "rigs".

    News at 11.
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  • Big No Man's Sky update out this week

  • GreyBeard 08/03/2017


    Yeah, cos the fact that it was being made by a tiny team wasn't well-known and in fact traded upon from the start!

    Nothing says AAA to me like a staff of less than a dozen.... LOL

    The truth of the matter is that there were a lot of mixed messages in the marketing, however the positive points were obsessively fixated upon by certain, *cough* "fans" (i.e. idiots) and blown up into mountains, whilst the contrary points were completely ignored.

    "Sort of's" became "promises" because they were so caught up in their own unrealistic fantasies, it was pathetic to watch.

    When the reality check happened, of course these same idiots couldn't accept their own culpability in over-inflating their expectations, and instead lashed out like angry toddlers.

    And yes, I know, I'm being MEAN by calling all the disappointed, disillusioned fans idiots. But honestly, I couldn't give a toss.

    Because this is what's known as a teachable moment. The lesson being take responsibility for your own expectations and purchasing decisions. Noone was forced to buy ANY game sight-unseen EVER.

    If it's sight-unseen, buyer beware. Do your due-diligence or simply exercise a bit of patience before jumping in, as that will minimize the chance of disappointment. I say minimize not eliminate because ultimately there are no absolute guarantees you are going to like a piece of art or entertainment no matter how much everyone else loves it.

    This is what responsible adults do.

    Its a neccessary survival-skill because if you think the worst deal life's going to throw at you, ends up putting you out of pocket a measly $60 for a game, you are either the luckiest motherfucker on the planet, or really, sadly mistaken!
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  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild already up and running on PC

  • GreyBeard 08/03/2017


    Nintendo's hostile position stems from UltraHLE doing to the N64 in 1999 what CEMU is doing now.

    UltraHLE was the first true high-performance emulation of a "live" system. Bleem! Technically I think pre-dated it, but its compatibility was never that good, and its performance was never so high as UltraHLE.
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  • GreyBeard 08/03/2017


    Emulation should be about preservation, not actively competing against the hardware being emulated.

    When this happens it basically sets up a situation where the platform holder is compelled to defend their business, typically by placing emulation in the same category as piracy. Which is bad for the whole scene.

    Bottom line, if someone came up with a piece of hardware that essentially copied the functionality of a console (minus copy protection), you wouldn't be surprised if that platform holder went at these competitors with every legal means at their disposal.

    So, tell me, why should a software equivalent be treated any differently?
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  • GreyBeard 07/03/2017

    I'm pro emulation generally, but I have to say that when the system in question is still "live", its very difficult to defend it on moral and ethical grounds. Reply +1
  • Microsoft announces EA Access-style Xbox Game Pass subscription

  • GreyBeard 01/03/2017


    Both are subject to infrastructural and traffic issues end-to-end. Same Achilles heel, except the "cloud power" gimmick imposes the potential risk on a circumstance that otherwise wouldn't be affected.

    It always was a shit idea as the benefit (visual gimmickry in the case of Crackdown) nowhere near compensates for the additional "always-on" requirement and the potential disruption caused by congestion/interruption anywhere along the pipe.

    Either way, I thought it was amusing that MS' actually admitted to this aspect being a negative albeit in the context of bigging-up their latest attempt at turning every part of Xbox into a service model.
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  • GreyBeard 28/02/2017


    Its amazes me that some people haven't yet figured out that "cloud powah" has the same awesome future as Kinect!

    But hey, pretty sure the same devotees will be equally oblivious to how this little venture is just yet another case of Xbox recycling old software in absence of anything new.

    Its kinda sad, truthfully.
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  • GreyBeard 28/02/2017

    Gotta say, the bit in the PR about "not having to worry about streaming, bandwidth or connectivity issues" made me chuckle. Weren't these motherfuckers bragging about "the power of the cloud" not so long ago?

    Guess that functionality has been quietly stripped from Crackdown now that they have the "power of scorpio" to big-up this year!
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  • GreyBeard 28/02/2017


    I wouldn't worry about it as just like PSNow, most publishers won't want to touch this service with a 10ft bargepole.

    Its a different deal than say EA Vault where its a single publisher taking all the revenue, it has to be spread between everyone who has material on the service.

    So, basically its not particularly lucrative, and it effectively devalues the property on all platforms.

    Expect mostly 360 back-catalogue titles and a smattering of first-party offerings to draw the rubes in.
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  • Jim Sterling comes out on top as lawsuit with Digital Homicide dismissed

  • GreyBeard 22/02/2017


    The plain fact is that most so-called asset-flips would go unnoticed and unsold were not attention being drawn to them by stuff like Jim's.

    It feels really contrived and lacking in any sort of merit to me. Its not making Steam a better environment its just an exercise in getting cheap-pops by going after the lowest of low-hanging fruit.
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  • GreyBeard 22/02/2017

    The problem I have with Jim is that he switches between serious commentator and comedic heckler as and when it suits him. Its all pretty dishonest, particularly when he uses it to shield himself from any responsibility and all criticism.

    Bottom line is that his "entertainment" is based on him shitting on people for cheap laughs, hardly the most noble of occupations especially when there's so much petty vindictiveness toxifying the games scene as it is.
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  • Nier: Automata's PC release date same as PS4 in Europe

  • GreyBeard 22/02/2017


    Yes, and the PS4 version is launching later in NA and particularly EU because SE hates foreigners...

    Doff the tinfoil-hat, and take a deep breath for a moment. Everything isn't a conspiracy dear.
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  • GreyBeard 21/02/2017


    Nier actually started out planned as an early 360 title, development got dragged out because it was switched to being a multi-plat a fair way in.

    That being said, the overwhelming majority of its sales ended up being on PS3, because 360 was always a niche in Japan. Given the situation with Xbone there is even worse, unless the game really blows up sales-wise in the west justifying a port to that platform seems really unlikely for business reasons.

    The exact same thing is applying with their vagueness about the PC version's release date. No matter how much internet PC-fanboys rant and rave, the fact remains that its an entirely unproven and predominantly export-focussed market for the franchise, and as such of secondary importance.

    In this regard protecting sales on PS4 - where they are getting a nice bit of co-promotion from Sony Japan- has more demonstrable value than keeping PC nerds happy.
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  • GreyBeard 21/02/2017


    As apparently is Eurogamer, given that the trailer with the date for Steam got pulled rapidly from the press pack.

    Or maybe it hasn't... who the fuck knows (or cares) anymore.

    Its amazing how anal some people have gotten about this port despite a complete an utter absence of any solid information like system requirements and feature-set... Hilarious really.
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  • GreyBeard 21/02/2017


    Dream on.
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  • PS4 Pro 'boost mode' runs unpatched PS4 games more smoothly

  • GreyBeard 06/02/2017


    re: MS taking a hit on Scorpio pricing.

    Not likely unless they are straight-up discontinuing the Xbone Slim.

    The closer in price Scorpio is to the existing model, the more it cannibalizes their own sales as much as Sony's.

    The fundamental issue is that even if MS could get superior parts for Scorpio at an equal cost to what Sony are paying for Pro components (not likely given both come from the same supplier), Sony still have a year's lead in assembly and supply chain maturity - not to mention the ability to re-engineer the board at reduced cost without interrupting supply.

    Whatever they do, Sony should be able to undercut them price-wise, so trying to compete on cost is a lose-lose situation.
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  • Developer admits "we screwed it" after game website exposes review blacklist threat

  • GreyBeard 18/01/2017


    There is no coercion here though; the presumption being made is that a positive review (even one from a no-name outlet like the one that publicized this mess for their own benefit) has "value", ergo the "threat" not to put future works to them for evaluation weighs more heavily on the developer than the outlet as they lose access to this dubious benefit!

    So who's losing out here really? Its not like they are running the (unspoken rule) playbook of big publishing who can and will redirect marketing spend towards sites that give favorable coverage over more critical ones.

    That's undeniably coercive in a way that Badfly's "threat" isn't, and while its shady as fuck its 100% real and legally bullet-proof.

    So long as they aren't so naive as to blab about it and leave themselves in a position where the outlet(s) involved can leverage it in an attempt to make themselves look like some shining beacon of integrity.

    The real deal is that Badfly were stupid for allowing themselves to get hung out to dry like this, particularly as they stood to gain nothing from it. And also that Cog-whoever-the-fuck-they-are-gaming are serving only their own business interests by making a "story" out of it.

    This is not pro-consumerism, its just one bunch of bottom-feeders leveraging another.
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  • Sources: Microsoft and Platinum part ways on Scalebound, development ceased

  • GreyBeard 09/01/2017


    Phantom Dust and Project Spark also got shit-canned, Below and CupHead are stuck in indie-dev purgatory despite years of work and every new IP they've launched has tanked to some degree.

    Lets face it, the nearest thing they have to a "new killer franchise" is fucking Ryse, a mediocrity grandfathered in from the 360 era.

    Seriously, if we haven't reached the point yet where its legitimate to point at MS and conclude they have serious problems with their software line-up, what's it fucking going to take?
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  • GreyBeard 09/01/2017

    Proving once again, if its not Halo, Forza, or Gears, MS don't have any faith or a fucking clue how to make it work. Reply +3
  • Microsoft's 2017: momentum at last, and a golden opportunity

  • GreyBeard 07/01/2017


    There's nothing about Scorpio for Sony to be anxious about for the obvious reasons I outlined in my posts.

    Its just not that big a deal if you don't blindly buy into MS' spiel about its "power".

    MS have 2 options:

    (1) Release it as an optional higher-end/lower volume sku (just like the Pro) until the base model gets phased out.

    (2) Risk alienating their existing audience by treating it as the new, primary platform from the get-go and put the OG Xbone directly into "maintainance" mode. i.e. 3rd party support only.

    Option 1 basically guarantees that sales aren't going to change much, because the mass-market consumer is always going to favor the lower priced option. Especially after they've done such a good job of muddying the waters for non-technologically savvy punters with Xbone Slim's faux-4k performance!

    Option 2 is the hail-mary pass. Basically burn everything in order to gain a definitive head-start generationally. Particularly the poor schlubs soaking up the remaining xbone stocks still in the channel- guess they better really like UHD bluray lol.

    Main downside is basically starting from an install base of zero while Sony will be sat around 60million or higher.

    When weighing up the pro's and cons of these options never forget that Xbox as a brand has minimal cachet outside of NA, UK and a few minor territories. Becoming competitive outside those regions is just not likely to occur under any circumstances because MS has historically failed miserably at establishing the xbox brand there.

    This is why PS3 outsold 360 globally every single year despite the media in the US and UK endlessly pushing the message that Sony was "dead". Its also worth considering that post 360 launch Sony shifted an additional 50m PS2 units to developing markets.
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  • GreyBeard 07/01/2017

    Software drives hardware sales, and the thing that's remained consistent over the years is that MS first-party line-up is thin and in a state of terminal decline.

    Halo and Gears are both sliding sales-wise, Fable is dead, noone gives a fuck about Forza despite it being the one bright spot because racing is a niche genre these days. Every new IP they've attempted to float has laid an egg, and the 2017 offerings might just be the weakest yet.

    Sea of Thieves; Look, for one thing Rare hasn't made a hit since they got bought by MS in 2002, and that they seem to have their new property being shoe-horned into the still gently-smoking crater left by Fable Legends should not fill anyone with fuzzy good-vibes. Its going to tank. Period.

    Crackdown; there's a reason this franchise has lain fallow since 2010... it didn't sell once the crutch of a Halo MP beta was taken away. 7 years on, its really going to do so much better. Honest guv, power of the cloud innit!

    Scalebound; Platinum have two games out this year, and this isn't the one with the advance buzz. Nier: Automata will outsell this game comfortably, and I don't expect that game to set the world on fire. Thats how badly Scalebound is going to tank.

    As to the rest of it... well you never know they might actually start promoting Halo Wars 2 as a RTS at some point, rather than hiding it like some sort of shameful secret behind teaser trailers like they did in December.

    At some level you got to feel sorry for the poor bastards behind Cup-Head, how long have they dragged this out for now thanks to the prodding from MS to make it more than the boss-rush game they originally planned? Seriously, its a cool art-style, but c'mon!

    Same deal with Below, Arty Indie games simply aren't the novelty they used to be, allowing these projects to drift along for the same duration as the high-end of AAA is demented. No one cares that much.

    Bottom line guys; until the press stops sucking up to MS and giving them a pass on their shitty curation of their library, nothing's gonna change. The only reason they look half competitive right now is that they've thrown practically everything they have from the entire life-span of Xbox at the wall already.

    They brought back Voodoo Vince for fuck's sake! What else can they dredge up from the bottom of the barrel, Blinx the time-sweeper?!?
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  • GreyBeard 07/01/2017

    Wow, what a hilarious article. Its rare to see a writer bend over backwards so hard and so often to create a puff piece.

    An honest reading of the situation gives an entirely different picture.

    The core of this notional "great comeback" is that Scorpio is somehow going to be a game changer sales-wise despite the modest bump provided by PSPro re-emphasizing that the console market is extremely price-sensitive with the low-cost sku's ALWAYS bringing in the bulk of the revenue.

    Scorpio is not going to change a thing. At best they'll have the bragging rights for "most powerful console" for the couple of years until Sony's next refresh, but even so, that honor has NEVER EVER been synonymous with market leadership. The original Xbox was far more powerful than PS2 and it didn't save it from being an also-ran. Wii dominated despite being a generation behind its competitors technologically... Its hilarious, the only reason Scorpio's power is a big deal is because ITS MS' SALES PITCH that its a big deal! There is no other reason!
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  • 2016: A year in review

  • GreyBeard 28/12/2016

    Kinda funny comparing that they are writing off VR after 2 months, yet it took EG fucking years to admit how utterly worthless Kinect was... Reply +19
  • No Man's Sky changed the video game hype train forever

  • GreyBeard 27/12/2016

    Main thing it showed me was the gutlessness of the press, and how they sit on the sidelines watching internet assholery of the highest order so long as it isn't directed at one of their political "sacred cows".

    Remember kids, shitting on and abusing developers is fine, so long as they aren't self-identified as women, minorities, or members of the LGBTQ community.

    And that's not a slight against those groups, they deserve respect and support, but you really have to question how much of a virtue-signalling sham the protestations are when the exact same shitty behavior gets a pass as "active consumerism" when its directed at anyone else.
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  • Watch: 23 minutes of Nier Automata gameplay

  • GreyBeard 22/12/2016

    People really need to bear in mind this is a RPG, not a pure action game. So the demo features low level enemies and ability sets in what amounts to a dungeon/mission from the original Nier.

    This is shaping up to be a shoe-in for my GOTY 2017.
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  • Let's remember GamesMaster's most infamous incident, broadcast 20 years ago

  • GreyBeard 20/12/2016


    The "boys club" of gaming is media-created horseshit.

    Going back as far as the mid-80's when I started in the business practically every studio I've worked at had a significant female presence, often in senior roles. The only exceptions being tiny start-ups without any sort of real hiring policy.

    I hate how this politically convenient myth has been allowed to spread unchecked.
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  • GreyBeard 20/12/2016

    Perry is a prick, I say that as someone who once had the misfortune of dealing with him. Truly a legend in his own mind. Reply +10
  • Final Fantasy 15's story is being patched

  • GreyBeard 08/12/2016


    Making one chapter easier because some people apparently struggle with the limitations imposed during it, and adding in some extra backplot to a supporting character isn't going to change anything much.

    Its still going to be 80% open-world and 20% scripted FFX/XIII style!

    Chapter 13 is basically a long dungeon, with a bunch of exposition in it. Its not the strongest part of the game, but its surely nowhere near as problematic as the chicken-littles are making out!

    It really is MGSV all over again, another fucking great game that while it offers a shorter story than its predecessors, more than makes up the defecit with non-linear content.
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  • GreyBeard 07/12/2016


    The internet has given a lot of dumbfucks a giant megaphone with which they can broadcast their dumbfuckery to the rest of the world.

    Its not about "criticism" its about empty-heads who in absence of having anything worthwhile or insightful to say simply shit all over everything.

    Nothing is ever good enough for these dorks because all they are doing is reflecting the emptiness of their worthless little lives. Misery loves company, and they just want to bring everybody else down.

    There was a time when "fans" were united by a shared love of something, what we have now is not that.

    It more often than not seems to be a fuck-witted contest in which the most hyperbolically negative viewpoint "wins". People spend more time telling/being told why they shouldn't enjoy stuff (*cough* DF) and trying to score "points" for being snarky and dragging people and things down.

    Its shit.
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  • GreyBeard 07/12/2016


    Moaning and doomsaying is the official sport of the internet. Its demented and sad, but that's basically how things are these days.
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  • GreyBeard 07/12/2016

    The story is perfectly follow-able and complete, the only thing being added is side-story stuff to flesh out the motivations of certain support characters. Which is cool I guess but hardly a game-changer! Especially as the whole experience is focused so heavily on the core party and their friendship.

    Feels like MGSV all over again in a way, where internet idiots think that adding in redundant exposition sequences will somehow change a damn thing. When the real issue is that the way the game is structured is different from the boilerplate approach they expected, and unable to wrap their tiny-minds around it, get their jimmies rustled really badly.
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  • Final Fantasy 15 worldwide launch makes it series' fastest-selling game

  • GreyBeard 02/12/2016

    Very enjoyable game, glad its doing well.

    The whole boy-band meme is so parochial and pathetic though, I hate that after all this time western journo's still feel entitled to sneer at the "wacky" Japanese devs. As if a group of four teen male friends is somehow less palatable and relatable than the inevitably overly muscled/ovesexed walking cliches in most WRPGs.
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  • Watch nine minutes of The Signal From Tölva gameplay

  • GreyBeard 02/12/2016

    No two battles may ever be quite the same, but when it all looks so dull...

    Not to be mean, but that video does a terrible job of selling the idea of the game, I lost interest and clicked it off around the half-way mark because it just seemed like such an unfocused mish-mash of ideas.
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  • The man who dared call educational Minecraft a "gimmick"

  • GreyBeard 01/12/2016


    Hmmm, your argument sounds to me like a Life Of Brian-style: "only the true messiah denies his own divinity".

    I really hate when people use bullshit "no win" arguments like this.
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  • Performance Analysis: Final Fantasy 15

  • GreyBeard 30/11/2016


    From the above:

    "All of which leaves the base PlayStation 4 - the most important platform in terms of the size of its potential audience - right at the bottom of the pack"

    Right at the bottom of the pack despite running at a higher res, average framerate, and less excessive AA solution. That hardly seems cut-and-dried to me!

    And lets not forget, judging by Dark10x comments on Neogaf, DF has yet to look at Xbox performance in the areas that tax the PS4 build the hardest.

    So, if the framerate on that platform dips during normal combat, its entirely possible that the results could be even worse.
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  • GreyBeard 30/11/2016

    FFS its debatable whether hard-vsync with irregular pacing is better than adaptive with tearing and frame-drops.

    There is no absolute truth here, its just a matter of taste. And saying when PS4 is at the "bottom of the pack" despite running at a higher average frame-rate, resolution, and level of IQ than the Xbone version REALLY plays to the narrative that Richard is a MS fanboy.

    Without debate though, this proves once and for all that all DF are is the fucking frame-rate police, as they don't appear to give a shit about any other technical aspect.
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  • Final Fantasy 15 review

  • GreyBeard 30/11/2016

    I like it so far, its rough around the edges but that's par for the course with this sort of sprawling structure.

    With all due respect "high standards" are frankly a rock for consumer's backs. A game either entertains you or it doesn't; it really is that simple. Its my primary issue with DF's technical nit-pickery that it encourages people to feel dissatisfied for no reason of substance.

    The reality is that games are richer and better than ever, and yet judging by internet commentary, user satisfaction is at its lowest point I can ever recall.

    I'm not saying critics shouldn't criticize stuff, but just pointing out that if a person has such a low tolerance for imperfection that they rarely find anything they like because of it, they aren't winning a damn thing! They are simply denying themselves entertainment for no gain whatsoever.

    Seriously, people are so uptight about everything these days, its kinda tragic.
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  • Should games and politics ever mix?

  • GreyBeard 26/11/2016


    I got my "A" level in politics back in the early 80's thanks, so take your condescension and shove it up your over-entitled millennial arse. Fuckwit.

    Its typical of your blinkered ilk that any suggestion that a flawed strategy may be the cause of your lack of success sends you scampering towards ad-hominem ripostes where everyone who criticizes you is a Breitbart-reading alt-right chuckle-head... or worse a filthy sell-out moderate.
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  • GreyBeard 26/11/2016


    Unless the left changes, rather reverts to its original purpose of serving working-class interests, they are basically unelectable.

    Both in the UK and the US what we've seen is not the rise of a new right-wing, just the utter collapse into irrelevance of the left.

    And until they recognize this, things are just going to move further and further right.
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  • GreyBeard 26/11/2016


    That article you link to is pathetic doom-mongering garbage that simply serves to validate its writers existing political viewpoint.

    The rise of Trump and Brexit is simply testimony to what should be a blazingly obvious fact: During times of recession, unemployment and mass-hardship, identity politics and high-flown idealism don't grab as many votes as offering people a dream of prosperity.

    Its really that fucking simple.
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  • GreyBeard 26/11/2016

    Every proponent of politics in videogames tends to downplay that what they really want to see and think is important is THEIR politics reflected in the media.

    Its less about widening discourse than turning the form into a pulpit from which they can preach and propagandize.

    Which would be great if everyone was drinking the same Kool-Aid, however as evidenced by recent political happenings... clearly we aren't.

    See, the problem with politics is that like religion and football, its a divisive subject. People get worked up and angry about it, which considering the hair-trigger mentality of a lot of people on the internet is not a fire particularly in need of being stoked.
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