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  • Unravel review

  • GreyBeard 08/02/2016

    Reviewer sounds like a right misery-guts. Bet he's fun at parties, getting all indignant about sentimentality and such...

    Can't help but feel that taking that sort of attitude is really missing the point when its heart-on-sleeve emotionality and pastoral pleasantries are a core part of its pitch.

    Still. Opinions/arseholes etc.
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  • Watch: What makes a game indie?

  • GreyBeard 06/02/2016

    Indie is a marketing term. Nothing more.

    Games have been made by individuals since day #1. Games have been made with an artistic as opposed to commercial core creative impulse since day #1. "Small" as opposed to megabudget titles obviously came first, because originally the market wasn't large enough to support such enterprises.

    There is nothing new or pioneering about them, if anything they are a throwback to the early cottage-industry days.
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  • 22cans pulls controversial Godus Wars microtransaction after player outcry

  • GreyBeard 04/02/2016


    It wasn't that the person I called out was raging at Moly, they were calling for the jobs of the everyone at that company. Astonishingly classless, especially given the tiny sum of money involved and that the need to actually pay it being predicated on presumably enjoying the game sufficiently to want MORE of it.
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  • GreyBeard 04/02/2016


    Yeah, put people out of work because you're too much of cheap piece-of-shit to fork out a measly $4.99.

    Get over yourself.
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  • "It was tempting to retire…"

  • GreyBeard 03/02/2016


    He was contractually obliged to be the face of Fable. Lionhead were really up shit creek at that point.
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  • GreyBeard 03/02/2016

    I'm no fan of Peter, but all this shit getting flung at him says more to me about how internet losers need to demonize people in order to feel good about their insignificant lives than about anything to do with gaming.

    As to that RPS interview, the only thing that surprised me was that he'd proceed with it after such an offensive opening remark. And no, the "I'm only asking questions" angle is transparently disingenuous, its a Bill O'Reilly scumbag excuse.
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  • The Division has graphics settings we're not used to seeing on console

  • GreyBeard 29/01/2016


    The tone and content of your post insulted my intelligence.

    By your logic colour-grading in film is made to cover indadequacies in the stock, and every bit of footage should be shot during "magic hour" as otherwise it'd look ugly.

    Do you understand the concept of stylistic choice? Especially when its informed by the overall tone of the work.

    The inference that post-fx are "cheap" is also laughable given that when a project is built for low-cost fixed spec hardware like consoles the image-quality options are limited.

    "Cheap" would be the complete absence of such techniques being implemented.

    Sorry, but I'm sick and tired of every stylistic choice/effect that doesn't chime with the philistine internet brains-trust being dismissed as some kind of cheap trick. Is it so hard to comprehend that your particular taste is not some immutable universal truth that everyone is obliged to observe? The narcissism of it makes me want to puke.
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  • GreyBeard 29/01/2016


    Wow, congrats on a post that simultaneously manages to be both incredibly snotty and ignorant at the same time.

    You're an inspiration to twats everywhere.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Far Cry Primal

  • GreyBeard 28/01/2016


    Sorry, but I don't believe you. Given your post history here of unbridled PC zealotry, I can't see why anyone should.
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  • GreyBeard 27/01/2016


    Well, yeah. Sadly noone is more authoritarian than self-professed "liberals" are these days.

    Its quite sad really, because they are really having the opposite effect of what that ostensibly intend.

    On the internet political correctness runs amuck, whilst in the real world Donald fucking Trump is solidifying his status as top Republican candidate for the presidency... yeesh.

    This is what happens when moderacy is deemed unacceptable.

    All this is by-the-by regard IronSoldier though, who's disingenuity in kicking up a stink over this is glaringly obvious.

    Especially given that judging from his post history, the derogatory part of that particular epithet is not the use of an oppressed minority, but the "console peasant" platform he so despises.
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  • Warner accused of abandoning Mortal Kombat X PC players

  • GreyBeard 22/01/2016


    Actually, I am going out of my way to be a dick.

    To you.

    Because you deserve the mockery, for all the reasons I've outlined, and for the torrent of purulent "master race" bilge in this thread.

    You're butt-hurt because a game that you don't like, from a publisher you don't like, is not getting a piece of DLC (which you don't like, because all DLC is shit and a rip-off), and *gasp* console "peasants" are.


    You're Like a spoilt little brat who has to act out if he/she sees a sibling getting something they aren't, even when they don't really care that much about it specifically.

    If it was simple disappointment being expressed, fine. I could get behind that. But oh no, its anger and recrimination, because it comes from a place of entitlement and ego.

    So no. Fuck right off. You had it coming.
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  • GreyBeard 21/01/2016

    Jesus tap-dancing Christ, talking to the three stooges here must be a similar experience to engaging in a debate with Donald Trump or some other fuck-witted demagogue.

    Here's how it goes:

    Me: You're being a douchebag. Stop please.

    Them: You're just jealous. Peasant.

    Me: That's your retort to everything, don't you get that your shitty attitude is the problem, and why everyone outside your little clique hates you?

    Them: No! You're just a jealous hater, we're awesome!

    Me: No, you're just giant douchebags with the self-awareness of a box of rocks.

    Them: We're so cooool, and you are so stupid.

    Me: Jesus tap-dancing Christ!

    (- repeat ad-nauseaum -)
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  • GreyBeard 21/01/2016


    Since you ask:

    This "cunt" uses a pc to get on the internet, and makes these posts as a bit of light relief whilst playing an MMO on the same pc. Multitasking innit!

    Now get back on the naughty stool.
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  • GreyBeard 21/01/2016


    Yes George, my post was incredibly disrespectful because... ... I have no respect for your cretinous ilk.

    Let me just lay it all out for you again:

    Your choice of platform does not make you immune to the many small annoyances facing all gamers.

    You are not special, unique, snowflakes, deserving of exceptional treatment regardless of how much you paid for your kit.

    So when you start throwing your toys out of the pram after not getting all your own way -which is precisely what this is- somebody needs to roll up their sleeves and metaphorically spank you like the spoilt little shits you are.

    Daddy's home.
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  • GreyBeard 21/01/2016

    Once again, the point is missed entirely by our resident PC zealots.

    I'm taking the piss out of your ludicrous and entirely unjustified sense of exceptionalism, and you retort with how the only reason someone could call you out on your shitty special-snowflake attitude is because they are jelly of your awesome PC-ness...

    You're just proving my point, idiots!

    Talk about shooting fish in a barrel... I'm almost embarrassed by how easy it is to clown you people.
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  • GreyBeard 21/01/2016

    Special snowflake race thwarted again!

    I know you kids think you have some sort of special entitlement privilege that renders you immune to the occasional shitty port and guarantees "the definitive version (tm)" of every title that comes out on every other platform, but guess what?

    That's not the reality. Your expectations would be a stretch if PC was "the only game in town" so-to-speak, but it isn't even that.

    Publishers have plenty of other options, so pitching a hissy-fit everytime something doesn't go your way is only going to bite you on the arse in the end.
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  • Metal Gear Solid fan remake looks lovely in Unreal Engine 4

  • GreyBeard 18/01/2016

    Sorry, but projects like this SHOULD get shut-down. If you have the ability to make a game, make your own damn game, don't just clone somebody else's and act all hard done to when they tell you to stop.

    The reality is that by doing this you are hi-jacking somebody else's work in order to draw attention to your own, which is not cool. Its just disrespectful.
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  • David Bowie dies aged 69

  • GreyBeard 11/01/2016

    Gutted. Reply +1
  • The Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusives due out in 2016

  • GreyBeard 04/01/2016


    Has anyone actually seen what ReCore looks like yet?

    That there is literally zero gameplay footage in circulation for an alleged spring release should set alarm bells ringing.
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  • GreyBeard 04/01/2016

    That's a thin looking list, padded with betas, re-issues, and titles of indeterminate scope. Sorry, its the truth. Reply -3
  • Readers' top 50 games of 2015

  • GreyBeard 02/01/2016

    More evidence here of the waning relevance of MS keystone titles. Halo at #16, and Forza at #33 says it all, especially as these were both well-received critically and by fans.

    Next time some nugget/shill contends that MS can "win" the holiday quarter just by rolling out these two old chestnuts, remember this result.

    EDIT: To the rate-down fairies. The point I'm making is not that these are bad games, or "xbox sucks". What I'm pointing out is the relative lack of interest shows how off-base it is to contend that these franchises alone are enough to prop up MS holiday season forever more. PARTICULARLY if you are Xbox fan (and more power to you if you are), you should recognize that MS need to do more... even if their "friends" in the press say everything is fine and dandy.
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  • Eurogamer's top 50 games of 2015

  • GreyBeard 01/01/2016

    This reminds me of the year that Little Big Planet got GOTY based on a similar contributors poll, much to the obvious displeasure of the EIC and other senior writers.

    And sorry, but it really does provide further proof of how horrifically out of touch with reality Oli's Xbone hagiography was. "Textbook year" my arse.
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  • Xbox in 2015: A textbook year, but it's time to innovate again

  • GreyBeard 31/12/2015


    Honestly, I neither know nor care whether the issue is that they are paid to shill for MS, or are simply staffed predominantly with Xbox fans, but the persistent imbalance in coverage has long convinced me that if you cut this site, it would bleed Microsoft green.

    I accept that as fact, and as something that simply isn't going to change.

    Bottom line is that its only really hurtful to Xbox fans, as it just ensures they'll continue on their present course.

    Had the press been honest about Kinect being the shit-show everyone knows it was, its likely they wouldn't have had to spend 2 years scrubbing it from the Xbone's OS and firmware.

    Similarly, them not being called out for coasting the last few years of the PS360 gen with minimal real exclusives and an utter absence of new IP helped to set the stage for Sony's comeback every bit as much as the botched Xbone launch did.

    That suddenly this sort of strategy is problematic now that Sony are doing it just shows how unbalanced the coverage has been historically, and continues today.

    That being said, despite this alleged "complacency", Sony still managed tp push out 3 high-profile new IP this year, as well as leaning on their PS3 back-catalogue for remasters and cross-buys.

    MS problem is that while Sony aren't blowing them out the water, they are keeping comfortably ahead whilst keeping their powder dry for the next round.

    I predict 2016 will be a very good year for Playstation, and will see them extend their lead very substantially over Xbox. At which point there will be literally no way back for the platform and will ensure an accelerated hardware refresh.
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  • GreyBeard 31/12/2015


    Yeah, I focussed on the weak hardware and slack software line-up for the year as a whole because those things are kinda crucial.

    Like I said. Facts are facts.
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  • GreyBeard 31/12/2015


    Everything I wrote is 100% provable fact. Not opinion.

    If someone wants to discuss, go ahead and try and disprove my points.
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  • GreyBeard 31/12/2015

    How can it be a textbook year with a release schedule almost entirely bereft of worthwhile exclusives outside of the holiday quarter?

    Even then, the same-old Forza and Halo pairing as 2014 (and many years before that), bolstered by an under performing timed-exclusive are allegedly enough to take the final quarter...

    MS aren't going to improve unless the press stop apologizing for them and actually spell out what's really wrong.

    And no, the perception remains that PS4 is technologically stronger, a situation that will persist for as long as the overwhelming majority of multi-plats display a tangible advantage on that platform. Something that simply isn't going to change because no amount of fiddling with clock-speeds and software isn't going to magically make the Xbone's weaker GPU magically as capable as the one in its rivals. You can't fake fill-rate.
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  • PlayStation in 2015: Goodwill ensured that the party continued

  • GreyBeard 30/12/2015


    I see no signs of Sony showing "presumptuousness and arrogance", slow but steady seems like the most accurate description of their approach.

    That there has been less change on PS4 than Xbone is just an indication that only one of those platforms was basically broken from the start and needed major work.

    As you point out, looking past all the chest-beating MS aren't actually offering anything terribly impressive. Hell they seem to have spent most of the last year trying to convince us that the performance shortfall versus PS4 can be magically fixed through software.

    MS has been the one making dubious, hyperbole-laden pronouncements all year long; everything is apparently the "best ever", so honestly I'd say they deserve the arrogant presumption tag far more than Sony do.

    Just because they aren't failing as hard as they were 2 years ago doesn't make them winners.
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  • GreyBeard 30/12/2015


    Sony aren't perfect, but the truth is they still offer the broadest selection of titles, the hardware is better than their competitors, and they've made the best strategic alliances this gen.

    Big games are too expensive, and take too long to make for any single platform holder to lock-down exclusivity on everything that matters. As a result dominating the multi-plat sales is key to victory. Sony getting in bed with Activision on CoD and Destiny, and with EA on SW:Battlefront is just smart business.

    Far more so than the pumping millions into yet another Halo, especially after the catastrophic MP fuckups of MC:Collection had thoroughly soured the ground the year before.

    I see MS being in the same position Sony were in last gen, the dominoes will continue falling while they desperately try to straighten up their past mistakes.
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  • GreyBeard 30/12/2015

    If you want to know why Sony are winning, people need to open their eyes and recognize what MS and Nintendo are doing wrong. Because they are both doing plenty wrong.

    PS4 is forging ahead because the competition is piss-weak and unwilling and/or unable to change tack from their tried and tested strategies. Nintendo, to some extent are kind of boxed-in by decades of expectation and tradition, but MS just don't seem to grasp that Halo, Forza, Gears, and (lol) Fable have been milked-dry.
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  • Fox Engine director Julien Merceron joins Bandai Namco

  • GreyBeard 22/12/2015


    They may own the "Dark Souls" trademark, but honestly it doesn't seem like that's actually all that significant.

    The important parts in terms of brand recognition are FROM and Souls, neither of which they own, and Bloodborne is essentially a "Souls" title in all but name.

    That they'd willingly cede Japanese publishing back to FROM is noteworthy to me. Why would a publisher give up a territory (their home market to boot) and yet negotiate a deal where they have the right to make derivative works?

    To me, the prospect of Bandai Namco making a Dark Souls game without FROM's involvement is about as likely as Sony making a Bloodborne or Demon's Souls sequel without them.
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  • GreyBeard 22/12/2015


    FROM self-published Dark Souls 1 & 2 in Japan, indicates conclusively that Bandai Namco merely purchased the overseas rights. Similarl to how Demon's Souls was sub-licensed to Atlus for NA, and Bamco for the belated European release.

    The situation is highly unlikely to change especially given that FROM are now owned by Japanese mega-publisher Kadokowa.

    So no.
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  • Keith Stuart on violence in crime fiction and video games

  • GreyBeard 19/12/2015

    What a stupid article.

    Complaining about all the shooting in Uncharted is like going to the ballet and complaining that there's too much dancing, or going to the opera and complaining about the singing "detracting" from the plot.

    Repetitive mechanics like shooting are intrinsic to arcade-style action games. You just go with it because its a requirement of that FORM of artistic expression.
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  • Hacker group Phantom Squad launches DDOS attack against Xbox Live

  • GreyBeard 18/12/2015


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  • Rare and the rise and fall of Kinect

  • GreyBeard 16/12/2015

    Its failure was inevitable.

    No matter how well executed the technology was, the fundamental limitations of motion based input ensured that it could only have niche uses. Direct, nominative input is an absolute necessity for most games, because players need to feel confident that their will is accurately and immediately reflected on-screen.

    I knew this to be the case months before Kinect came out, and I highly doubt I was the only one to see it for the sham it was.
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  • Final Fantasy 7 remake is episodic

  • GreyBeard 12/12/2015


    I don't know whats more tragic, your failure to grasp basic economics, or inability to spell "diddums".

    Either way you're an idiot.
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  • GreyBeard 11/12/2015


    Cynical? Nah, just the usual over-entitled ignorant fucktards who have no understanding of how much labour is involved in upgrading the volume of content in the original game to the visual and technical standards expected today.

    Morons in short.
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  • GreyBeard 07/12/2015


    Would much rather see it done right, and spread across multiple episodes, than see it "streamlined" into what FFXIII became.

    If you just want it the way it was, you can pick up ports of the original on most platforms already.

    The whole point of a remake as opposed to a remaster is that you can deviate from the original, hopefully improving on it in the process.
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  • GreyBeard 07/12/2015

    It amazes me how out of touch with reality some of the poster's here are.

    What EVERYONE with a bit of understanding of the logistics of game production has known for years is that the main issue with remaking a game like FF7 was the sheer amount of hq assets and content needing to be created.

    There's a reason why every single FF game created post 7 has less content - and its not down to "lazyness" or lack of effort on the part of SE. Its because games don't magically fall out of developers arses, every part requires manpower, time and money to create. All of which needs to be squared (hoho) off against potential revenue, or its just financial suicide.

    In the real world, staff and costs need to get paid. Stop being so damn selfish and entitled and stop and think about what is actually involved here.
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  • Quantic Dream addresses Beyond PS4 skin tone changes

  • GreyBeard 04/12/2015


    Please don't reward sites when they employ such tawdry tactics. Just ignore and move on.
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  • It looks like Beyond's PS4 version has lightened the skin tone of Saudi characters

  • GreyBeard 03/12/2015


    Its just clickbait, no need to overthink it.

    Its just sad and rather despicable to see racism, or more accurately, suspicion of racism being so cynically monetized.
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  • GreyBeard 03/12/2015

    What a pathetic piece of schlocky clickbait this article is.

    "Eurogamer has contacted Sony for comment on the changes."

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  • Xbox 360 at 10: The touching dreams of Lost Odyssey

  • GreyBeard 25/11/2015

    The text passages in LO were pretty good, but they were clumsily inserted into and only tangentially relevant to a main storyline that was frankly, utter crap.

    Nier (also on 360) did it all immeasurably better. The text was just as manipulatively emotional but was at least somewhat artful and sparing with the schmaltz, whereas LO basically beats you over the head with it. More importantly it was much more smoothly integrated into the overall narrative.
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  • Watch: Are we getting tired of re-releases?

  • GreyBeard 23/11/2015

    Tell you what, I'm tired of whiny op-ed shite like this on sites that fail to cover half the titles released in any given week of the year. Reply 0
  • SXSW adds Online Harassment Summit after canceling panels due to threats

  • GreyBeard 15/11/2015

    What never fails to piss me off about this shit is that it conflates abuse on the internet with abuse in games/gaming. Just because a phenomenon occurs at a certain venue or within a particular arena, it does NOT follow that there's a causal link between the two. Its like blaming football for encouraging racism, when its just some nuggets spectating in the stands that are the real culprits,

    Look at the list of speakers and you'll see how little this has directly to do with games and gaming. The only developer is Brianna Wu - an utter nobody within gaming who's profile is almost entirely due to her victimhood.

    Imposing progressive politics onto gaming is not going to "clean up" the internet! Its transparently obvious, and yet this ludicrous charade rolls on and on...
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  • Zoe Quinn's memoir Crash Override picked up by Ghostbusters reboot producer

  • GreyBeard 07/11/2015

    Its kind of a shame that there really is a truly fascinating story here, because its so rawly emotional and mired in polarized rhetoric that right now any sort of "real talk" is impossible. Reply +5
  • Rich Stanton on: From Billions to Bedrooms

  • GreyBeard 31/10/2015


    Heh, Tommy was a quite a bit more than a "local businessman"! Not sure how insulated SP was from his other interests, but yeah...

    We might have bumped into each other at some point, I didn't get my first job til '86 ish so I came in just as things were starting to settle down a bit. Was still pretty wild and woolly though, I think at that point the scuttlebutt was that JSW was only finished by Tommy locking him up in a room with a load of speed and steak and kidney pies :D

    Probably apocryphal, but its a funny story.

    Actually I only met Matt on the way out of RCL around 2000ish. Shame he couldn't make it work out, but in Hooley's house of fun (now there's another character and a half), who knows!
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  • GreyBeard 31/10/2015

    It wasn't the "bloodsuckers" that ultimately were the problem, it was Sega and Nintendo and their cartridge-based systems replacing the Amiga, Atari ST, etc. As the platforms of choice. As the documentary explains, procuring x quantity of tapes or floppy discs is a whole lot less expensive than ordering a run of carts.

    From a coding standpoint it didn't seem so bad at all. Going to the 65816 in the SNES wasn't bad at all if you competent in 65x0 assembler, and switching from the Amiga to the Megadrive was a doddle given both shared the same 680x0 CPU. Not to mention that the console's VDP (display) hardware was a whole lot more straightforward than the miggy's battery of custom-chips.

    Happy days.


    Tragic what happened with Matthew Smith, but thankfully I can't say I recall any other casualties of that time. Mind you, off-hand I can't think of too many bosses like Tommy Barton...
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  • Nier's sequel will have all the weirdness of the original, plus a little more polish

  • GreyBeard 29/10/2015

    Funnily enough Nier started out as a 360 exclusive, one of the reasons it took so long to eventually launch was that Cavia had to shift to PS3 and 360 during development.

    So you never know.
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  • GreyBeard 29/10/2015

    What a shame about the random DLC endings! That's so Yoko-san... The troll-king of Japanese gaming.

    I guess he's probably just going to revert to his standard MO of multiple bad-endings, with each sucessive one being more depressing than the last culminating in final FU to the player.
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  • SXSW considers harassment conference after pulling game panels over threats of violence

  • GreyBeard 29/10/2015

    Its all bullshit. All of it.

    It doesn't matter which "side" people are allegedly on, its just a loose coalition of bad actors which can be divided neatly into two categories.

    Cat 1: The gullible. These are people who actually believe this overblown troll-fest is actually about something.

    Cat 2: The shysters. These fuckers know the score but are using it to push their political agendas and to make money/increase their profile.

    The only person I have a shred of sympathy for in all this is poor Zoe Quinn, who might not be a particularly great person, but unequivocally didn't deserve having her private business splashed all over the net by a cunty ex-boyfriend, and kickstarting this whole fiasco off when a variety of douchebags decided to jump in and use it as a vehicle for their vicious "entertainment" and/or their political goals.

    Consider how none of the significant figures involved in this mess had any sort of profile whatsoever before this all kicked off. Marginal at best, most of them complete non-entities outside their little fringe circles.

    Who gave a fuck about Breitbart? How about Brianna Wu? Arthur Chu was a fucking game-show CONTESTANT and sometime blogger... Hell even now I struggle to put a name to any quasi noteworthy pro-GG figure other than the Breitbart dude. Kinda shows how serious a movement that is :D

    This whole thing is like an itchy and scratchy cartoon of American politics (which is enough of a circus as it is!) where the lunatic left and right have decided to have a knock-down drag-out battle royale.

    Its demagogues shouting slogans at each other, whilst dickheads of varying levels of tech savvy send abusive tweets or try and dox each other.

    The way I see it its basically come about largely as a byproduct of the incredibly polarized state of politics in Obama's America. A society of Tea Partiers and "truthers" cannot coexist with hardline Progressives and PC champions. Neither side is interested in compromise and of course on the internet, EVERYTHING IS TURNED UP TO 11.

    Which is great for bloggers and those involved in monetizing internet conflict as you've got a volatile political background and a large mass of largely uneducated and unsophisticated footsoldiers to use as cannon-fodder. There is no barrier of entry to this "debate", any idiot can contribute and there's never going to be a shortage of other idiots to react to that contribution and...

    ...Oh my, how the clicks roll in!
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