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  • Gal Gun reveal trailer

  • GreatBlackthorn 15/09/2010

    And to think people called the Move a dildo. Shame on them... Reply -1
  • Halo: Reach

  • GreatBlackthorn 12/09/2010

    Can anyone tell me how the local split-screen is handled? I couldn't stand the boxed-off areas in Halo 3, a more full screen approach here would convince me to buy since I love local multiplayer. Reply +2
  • Valve: XBL patching a "train wreck"

  • GreatBlackthorn 10/09/2010

    His issue is that Microsoft only allow a certain amount of content to be released for free, the same issue that was encountered by the developers of Metro 2033 with their Ranger Pack DLC. Since the launch of TF2 on PC, Valve has tripled the content through free updates, but has not been able to do so on Xbox due to the restrictions.

    This article is hideously misquoted, I suggest people read the entire interview.
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  • The new Xbox 360 controller

  • GreatBlackthorn 01/09/2010

    Well this certainly reassured me they're not abandoning the hardcore. Reply 0
  • Rare urges core gamers to try Kinect

  • GreatBlackthorn 27/08/2010

    Someone should tell Kinect PR that pleading isn't a very inspiring marketing strategy. Reply +29
  • Ebert: "I was a fool for mentioning games"

  • GreatBlackthorn 01/07/2010

    @PlugMonkey: Oh of course, I'm not saying they have to be an established movie or music critic, I'm just saying they have to be respected. To be succinct, it needs to be 'professional' critics who argue this, not commenters on gaming websites. It'd be like the Twilight community telling me that franchise isn't a load of bollocks; there's simply too much bias and vested interest to take such an argument seriously. Reply 0
  • GreatBlackthorn 01/07/2010

    @Sunyavadin: You seem to have misconstrued my point a little. I agree, once the older generation no longer holds sway over opinion then we will see a shift in attitude. But nonetheless, it will have to be someone as established as respected as Ebert for the argument to be legitimised. It'll be a new, younger Ebert, one more sympathetic to our views, but an Ebert still.

    @JoeGBallad: Let neither of us be cared about together.
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  • GreatBlackthorn 01/07/2010

    @JoeGBallad: Excellent post on the "games are art" topic, a little +1 just didn't cut it this time, so here's a nice long post.

    I reckon, given time, when gamers don't have to call themselves "Gamers" and melt into the general population of media consumers, that games may be considered art. As you said, a hindrance on the argument is the community itself. You don't find people who watch films calling themselves "Watchers" or people who listen to music "Listeners". The current "Gamer" mentality is one of us vs. them; that a communicatively-impaired teenager who maxes out their level in Call of Duty is a "Gamer", but a middle-aged woman who plays Farmville every day isn't.

    How can games be considered art when their primary patrons are so vehemently restrictive of what a game is and so hostile towards those who play games that don't fit within their blinkered criteria? Even something like Shadow of the Colossus or Half-Life 2, games with their own respective validity as art, are best appreciated by those who have learned over many years how to play games. For me, The Void on PC is certainly art, and the experience it gave me would be impossible in any other medium. But the game is so relentlessly difficult and obscure in its rule-set that very few people will be able to experience it or even bother to.

    For all the backlash from the "Hardcore Gamers" against casual games, the only way games will ever be legitimised by the wider population and the hordes of Ebert-liks is when they are integrated into general human existence like movies, music and art. Casual games can also serve as a stepping-stone, and more people will be tempted to play Shadow of the Colossus, Half-Life 2 or even The Void. Or maybe they'll just play Flower and be convinced. As it is now, the community (at least the vocal one) is too restrictive, elitist, deluded, hostile and immature for this argument to find any feet. Let's face it, no one really gives a shit about comments on a website. Only when an established critic whose opinion has weight and renown, like Ebert, champions games as art will there be progress in this argument.
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  • PlayStation Plus available now

  • GreatBlackthorn 30/06/2010

    @ronuds: Excuse me? I clearly stated my principal was that I shouldn't have to pay to play games online. That isn't being removed by Playstation Plus, which would save me money considering the amount of content I buy over the year over PSN goes well in excess of Ł40. The discounts included in PS+ are on top of the existing weekly discounts available to all users. How is that contradictory or sensationalist? Do you think I would be critical of the Live service if online game access was free? My problems with Live are perfectly valid, and PS+, I feel, is an example of a value-add strategy rather than the punitive method employed by Microsoft which I dislike.

    I'm not a fanboy trying to defend their camp, which you seem to suggest with your slyly derogatory "your Playstation" comment, and I'm not active enough on these forums to give a damn about web-posturing. I'm stating my preference of one business strategy over another in two systems (both of which I own and use regularly) and why the PS+ is attractive to me.
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  • GreatBlackthorn 29/06/2010

    @ronuds: I meant connect to the internet in the context of games. Which, of course, you knew. Reply -1
  • GreatBlackthorn 29/06/2010

    Hey, at least they're not charging for basic functionality. I've never bought Xbox Live out of principle; I can't justify paying a subscription on top of my existing broadband bill just to connect to the internet. If any other device did that, there'd be an uproar, and the only reason they continue such an unfair model is because they can.

    This I'm actually considering, since I buy plenty of PSN content. One thing this article and many of the less (probably deliberately less) informed commenters here do not mention is that PS+ also gives discounts of 20-50% across a wealth of content. For anyone who buys plenty of PSN games, this more than pays for itself. All I need now is a bigger hard drive.
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  • Fable III "first step" of big PC push

  • GreatBlackthorn 22/06/2010


    There already is a big PC push. It's called Steam.
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  • LOTRO to relaunch as free-to-play

  • GreatBlackthorn 04/06/2010

    Great news for a great game. Reply +2
  • Fable III confirmed for PC

  • GreatBlackthorn 21/05/2010

    So basically a Ł40 "Fuck you" to the millions of Steam users.

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  • Global Agenda

  • GreatBlackthorn 16/12/2009

    I was also disappointed to see the nonsensical phrase "I could care less" in a Eurogamer article. Perhaps the most significant reason I visit this site is the outstanding quality of writing, so it's a shame to encounter such a basic error. Reply +2
  • Not so High Definition

  • GreatBlackthorn 03/10/2009

    What I find hard to understand is why the best looking games of this generation, the likes of Gears of War 2, Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 manage to run at 720p with anti-aliasing and v-sync, yet other games that aren't pushing anywhere near the same number of effects can't manage this. It would be understandable if the very best looking games couldn't run at full 720p, and the less graphically impressive ones could, but for the reverse to be true is simply baffling. Reply 0