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  • Tech Analysis: Halo 2 Anniversary

  • GreatBlackthorn 08/11/2014

    No mention of splitscreen again, just like the Advanced Warfare face-off.

    Are us local multiplayer fans going to get attention in Digital Foundry articles or am I going to have to go off unreliable sources?
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  • EA brushes off "worst company in America" award

  • GreatBlackthorn 04/04/2012

    Anyone who voted for EA above Bank of America - a cartoonishly corrupt company who ripped billions of dollars off the public and was one of the main players in the housing market crash - needs to grow the fuck up. Seriously. Reply +19
  • First Assassin's Creed 3 details - report

  • GreatBlackthorn 02/03/2012

    Also: "Not all the Colonists will be cast as good people, and not all the British will be cast as evil oppressors. They're trying to focus on how both the Assassins and Templars viewpoints exist in a gray morality as the Templars really believe they're saving the world." Reply +10
  • Saturday Soapbox: Past Remasters

  • GreatBlackthorn 26/11/2011

    I'd like to know Martin Robinson's views of Blu-Ray in general, because I find standard definition content glaringly inadequate on modern displays. I can understand backlash to the Halo remake, but aren't the (well handled) HD remakes the gaming equivalent of releasing an old film on Blu-Ray? The original assets are preserved, they're just presented in modern viewing standards.

    As for low framerates being part of SotC's original vision, that's laughably illogical. If Team Ico could have had the game running smoothly at the time, they would have.

    Also, what about PC gaming, where the ability to "HD remake" a game is as simple as increasing the resolution. Doesn't that prove that art assets and gameplay are the true content and vision rather than resolution or framerate?
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  • New Eurogamer iPhone app

  • GreatBlackthorn 22/08/2011

    Anything marked "Article" still doesn't appear, such as Digital Foundry and retrospectives. I'll be sticking to the perfectly fine mobile site until that's fixed. Reply +1
  • Day one patch for Resistance 3

  • GreatBlackthorn 04/08/2011

    Well if you'll be playing the online you'll be able to download the patch anyway. None issue. Reply +16
  • Retrospective: Metroid Prime

  • GreatBlackthorn 26/06/2011

    One of my favourite games of all time. It's aged fantastically I feel, I replayed it in the Wii collection recently. What impressed me most going back was how each room is completely unique; handcrafted with it's own textures and assets, with a consistent architecture and ecosystem across each zone. Such detail is still rarely seen today, and no game has made me feel as immersed in a world so convincingly alien. 

    The comments on difficulty baffle me a bit. It's been a long while since I've played with the GC controls, and I don't reckon I could go back, but though bosses were certainly hard, a solution was easily figured out by scanning or observing. Meta-Ridley was a bastard, but he was also a space dragon, and you really ought to be near overpowered yourself by that stage. 

    There's a definite trend in lamenting bosses in contemporary criticism, which irks me. Sure, a boss for the sake of a boss is always terrible and obvious in it's irrelevance, but there's few moments in gaming as exciting and satisfying as an intelligently designed boss. The boss battle feels like a lost art, and I see the Prime series up there with MGS and God of War as examples of bosses that aren't only integral to design and pacing but also high points of the game. 

    Unfortunately critics seen to treat bosses as an archaic relic rather than a lost art. I truly miss great bosses, and if the next generation sees their permanent retirement I'll be heartbroken. Though admittedly there are 5 Jokers for every 1 Crying Wolf, I don't want the baby thrown out with the bathwater. 

    Back to the MP series, my first thought when WiiU was announced was how I could keep on playing the Trilogy for another 5 or so years. Until another Prime comes out (ha!), I'll keep on going back. 
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  • EU PlayStation Store update 22nd June

  • GreatBlackthorn 22/06/2011

    NFS: Hot Pursuit for download at a price that isn't dumb? Tempted. Reply 0
  • Sony details mid-June PSN Plus offers

  • GreatBlackthorn 22/06/2011

    If it's a discount, you keep it regardless of subscription. If it's free, a subscription is required. No more complicated than that. Reply +22
  • 60,000 lines of dialogue for Skyrim

  • GreatBlackthorn 03/06/2011

    Hope I can import a save so I still get "THE HERO OF KVATCH!" yelled in my face by two potato faced peasants at once. Reply +26
  • Witcher 2 patch 1.2 arrives tomorrow

  • GreatBlackthorn 02/06/2011

    Whew, a hefty patch!

    Stopped since I reached Chapter 2 in anticipation of new patches. Such love for their product.
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  • Zynga announces GagaVille

  • GreatBlackthorn 10/05/2011

    This sounds like a bad romance of ideas. Reply +4
  • Brink

  • GreatBlackthorn 10/05/2011

    People who keep claiming the article was altered to please advertisers have clearly never worked for a gaming website, known anyone who does, or even put a slight bit of thought into how they are run. Editorial and advertisement are two entirely different teams who in all likelihood have minimal communication. Many of the sites who gave harsh reviews also advertised Brink. If you don't agree with a reviewer's opinion or the construction of their article, find a more intelligent way of expressing this rather than resorting to baseless conspiracy theories. It irritates me people believing it is naive NOT to assume bribery, when doing so is nothing more than ignorance. Reply +4
  • Ubisoft wants new console gen

  • GreatBlackthorn 11/04/2011

    If this generation is anything to go by, more power does not equal more creativity. Reply +50
  • Darkspore open beta goes live

  • GreatBlackthorn 28/03/2011

    You give the surplus away. So if you have 3 interested friends you split the savings. Reply 0
  • Is DA2 "unrealistically bisexual"?

  • GreatBlackthorn 25/03/2011

    @Shinetop: I said interested, not attracted. At no point in my life has a gay/bisexual man pursued me after knowing I'm straight. Nor would I do so to a lesbian. Reply +7
  • GreatBlackthorn 25/03/2011

    Well in reality gay men will be interested in gay men. The sexual free-for-all approach doesn't strike me as realistic. Choosing orientation at the character create screen would solve it; not to have everyone suddenly gay or straight or lock out gay characters, just to have the world treat you appropriately. Also not having all your party a bit so quick to bed would be nice. The current method doesn't discriminate against straight males though. What a dumb thing to say. Reply +4
  • Heavy Rain dev staying PS3-exclusive

  • GreatBlackthorn 23/03/2011

    I sure as shit wouldn't snub a blank cheque and creative freedom. Reply +39
  • Latest Crysis 2 campaign footage

  • GreatBlackthorn 20/03/2011

    @EthanWoods: Couldn't agree more. If anything this video reassured me against the 'console port' argument. No chance in hell you'd be able to do such in-depth customisation. In fact that's clearly MORE complex than the first game. Reply +2
  • Uncharted 3 video reveals cut-scene

  • GreatBlackthorn 09/03/2011

    Fucking quality. Reply +2
  • Microsoft admits Games For Windows flaws

  • GreatBlackthorn 08/03/2011

    Well they've come a long way from it being a subscription service. If they try releasing games exclusively on GFWL they're not gonna get far though. Most of all they need to free up the patching process before developers will use it with any frequency. If you're trying to maintain an online game slow MS certification is the last thing you need. Reply +1
  • Microsoft seeking staff for next-gen Xbox

  • GreatBlackthorn 08/03/2011

    Before you make a console, you've gotta make sure one of your team is level 5 in every job. Reply +27
  • The Making of Killzone 3

  • GreatBlackthorn 06/03/2011

    @anomagnus: I hope the series never becomes like Halo, CoD or Crysis. Not that I have much against them (love Halo), but Killzone has it's own identity. It's a cover-based shooter at heart, the parts I enjoyed least were when it strayed too far from it's original nature. I'd love to see the cover mechanic implemented elsewhere myself, it gives a tangible use to cover instead of just being somewhere to hide and recharge your health. Popping up from cover to mount an LMG to mow down an enemy is a great feeling. So is sliding from cover to cover into the perfect flanking spot and popping their heads from the side. If you were dying too much in cover, you may not have been thinking tactically enough. It's a slower pace than the moment-to-moment firefights of Halo. For me at least, it's what I play Killzone SP for. Totally agree about the resurrection mechanic though. Made it all too easy to make dumb decisions and face no consequences. I hope they add the option to turn it off. Overall I found Veteran too easy. It annoys me (in any game) having to unlock the highest difficulty. Playing elite now and I'm enjoying it so much more Is the idea that they patronisingly assume you're not ready for the highest difficulty right away? Or is it just a cheap way to make you replay? Either way I want it gone, or at least detect I'd completed the last game and I'm ready for the challenge. Oh and a funny aside: in the MP yesterday I saw someone trying to bunny-hop in a mech. God damn CoD players. Reply +2
  • GreatBlackthorn 06/03/2011

    Muzzle flash definitely casts shadows.

    Don't understand comments about KZ2 looking better, I checked out the opening of 2 after finishing 3 and while still very impressive, and a far better opening than in 3, the blurriness is very blatant. Everything has a kinda Vaseline-y sheen to it. There are really overdone bloom effects too, especially when you first go indoors. I agree that explosions have either been reduced or have their low resolution less well hidden by the sharper MLAA. I definitely noticed them more. But if this is the trade for a smoother framerate, which was TERRIBLE in some MP matches in 2, then it is certainly worth it. Other than that I only see improvements. Particles still bounce around, smoke is still dragged around by the wind, texture resolution and geometry are increased, there's a far greater variety of shaders and the number of light sources is staggering. I could not believe the fireflies in the jungle level actually lit the walls as they passed. And the swelling sea in the ice level! Phenomenal.

    Want to add the lighting really impressed me in 3, light rays cascade realistically across the ENTIRE level instead of just being the usual 'god rays' trick (which I'm so sick of, it's the lens-flare trend all over again) when you look at the sun, which is far from realistic. Shadows are far smoother and are still cast by multiple light sources and I'm pretty sure they added subtle ambient occlusion too.

    I didn't feel as blown away this time, since 2 was such a huge leap over anything else seen in consoles, but I'm not sure how 3 can be seem as a step back. Possibly it is simply as aesthetic preference? There's quite a bit I miss of the old industrial/ brutalist vibe of 2, but that game is still there if I want to play it and Guerilla just making more of the same would've been worse. What is clear either way is how much smoother 3 performs, not noticed a single dip in all my play so far, which is very impressive. The maps in the retro map pack feel fantastic in the updated engine. I just hope next time they hire a writer that knows how to tell a compelling story.

    Edit: Just checked, full object motion blur still present. People really should examine their claims before making a statement.
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  • Warhammer 40,000 Dawn Of War II: Retribution

  • GreatBlackthorn 04/03/2011

    Not to mention ridiculous MS certification required on every tiny patch, delaying them significantly. Upping gamerscore is nice, but at too high a cost. Looking forward to this, but not even started Chaos Rising yet, which is part of a huge and growing backlog. Reply +7
  • Pixeljunk Shooter 2

  • GreatBlackthorn 01/03/2011

    Good review, last paragraph is weakly argued though. Is the suggestion here that difficult games are out of Pixeljunk's character? Because I doubt this'll be as tough as the brutally hard Eden and Monsters. Shooter was more untypical in terms of difficulty, so 2 would seem to be more a (welcome or unwelcome, depending) return to their usual punishing nature. Also was that conclusion reached by what is suggested by the studio's name? Because that really has no critical context. I could be called DEATHEXPLODE and still make a cute puzzle game. Shame to hear about the ramping up if gem hunting. I enjoy tend to enjoy collecting, but there are a couple of bastard gems in the first game that I still can't find and have given up on. Reply +12
  • David Braben slams PS3 hackers

  • GreatBlackthorn 25/02/2011

    If you can't afford to buy something, then that means you haven't worked enough or saved enough to have any right to buy it, not that you have a right to fucking steal it. That's the whole basis of our economy. Hackers who promote the 'freedom' argument and fools who buy into it are simply exploiting the fact this new digital age of ownership muddies the waters. It is still stealing no matter how anyone attempts to justify it and anyone proud of doing so should take a moment to think of long term effects of their actions. No matter how much people bitch about DRM, it is piracy that has weakened the legitimacy of the PC market, and should it become as large scale on consoles then the same will happen too. I dread The Witcher 2's launch because of how many deluded, lazy destructive thieves will shit all over CD Projects hard work by stealing the software and then act as it was their RIGHT to do so because they own the hardware. Only cloud technology has a chance of beating the pirate problem and it cannot come soon enough. Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy III iPhone announced

  • GreatBlackthorn 22/02/2011

    At least it's one step closer to 4. Reply 0
  • Geohot: Call of Duty hacks not my fault

  • GreatBlackthorn 21/02/2011

    "But your Honour, I didn't burgle the house! I just picked the locks and left all the doors wide open." Reply 0
  • New Dragon Age 2 trailer

  • GreatBlackthorn 08/02/2011

    So glad we get to customise his face. Reply +1
  • Huge festive PlayStation Store sale now

  • GreatBlackthorn 20/12/2010

    @wizlon: Cheers for that, saved me a couple of quid. Reply 0
  • Two mins of pure BF Vietnam footage

  • GreatBlackthorn 14/12/2010

    If this was a fair and honest world BFBC would do so much better than Call of Duty. Reply +1
  • Killzone 3 split-screen co-op confirmed

  • GreatBlackthorn 14/12/2010

    Looks like I'll be fighting to not be Rico then. Reply +14
  • Stunning Uncharted 3 in-game footage

  • GreatBlackthorn 12/12/2010

    @Segnit: I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm negging you just because it's so funny how pissy it makes you. Reply +3
  • Mass Effect 3 gets explosive reveal

  • GreatBlackthorn 12/12/2010

    Starring Jason Statham. Reply +8
  • The Lord of the Rings Online

  • GreatBlackthorn 15/11/2010

    There is PVP, it's called Monster Play. Reply +1
  • Assassin's Creed: Ascendance explained

  • GreatBlackthorn 12/11/2010

    Worth noting the suggested retail price is $1.99. Reply 0
  • Shops slam Steam "monopoly"

  • GreatBlackthorn 11/11/2010

    As far as I'm concerned, Steam is a platform in of itself like Xbox, Playstation or Wii. The PC is simply the tool for displaying the image, much like a television is for consoles. You cannot claim a PC is a platform the same way a console is as there are infinite variations on the hardware itself, especially with Steam now available on Mac. Valve have every right to promote exclusivity, especially when the exclusive features it offers are not available anywhere else. Reply +1
  • Next COD to be set in space?

  • GreatBlackthorn 09/11/2010

    Killzone 3. Reply -1
  • Alan Wake: The Writer

  • GreatBlackthorn 12/10/2010

    "...The Writer gives us our closest look at the luminescent interloper yet. It turns out that Zane is like the charmer who catches your eye with an insouciant smirk from across the room..."

    Oh shit, I'm back in uni with a bunch of upper-middle-class white guys measuring each other's dicks with vocabulary.
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  • Gears of War 3 delayed

  • GreatBlackthorn 01/10/2010

    Couldn't they just tell us it's for additional development? Lie to me Microsoft, lie to me! Reply +4
  • Beyond Good & Evil HD confirmed

  • GreatBlackthorn 30/09/2010

    Made my morning. Reply +1
  • First Resistance 3 images?

  • GreatBlackthorn 28/09/2010

    Some seem in engine, some are concept art.

    I like the direction they seem to be going in. More civilian survivors than cliché military men.
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  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

  • GreatBlackthorn 28/09/2010

    I'd like to see a developer do to Castlevania what Retro Studios did with the Metroid series with the sublime Metroid Prime.

    This still looks fun, but I won't stop dreaming.
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  • Sucker Punch on inFamous 2

  • GreatBlackthorn 28/09/2010

    Uh oh, someone blew the idiot whistle. Reply +3
  • Free Super Meat Boy DLC revealed

  • GreatBlackthorn 23/09/2010

    It's not "fuck you to the system", it's "fuck you to that system". Reply +1
  • ICO, Guardian films being "fought for"

  • GreatBlackthorn 23/09/2010

    The reason SotC worked was because it was a game; because it was you climbing and slaying those massive beasts and exploring the desolate world. As a movie it would just be a series of boss battles.

    I'm tired of the assumption that movie narratives and game narratives work in the same way.
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  • ICO, SOTC Collection due spring 2011

  • GreatBlackthorn 16/09/2010

    @axman303: It's an interesting point, but I doubt the developers saw the framerate as an artistic choice given how variable it was. In less complex scenes, the FPS jumped right up and the controls in turn felt far more responsive.If it was intentional, to mimic movie reels, the framerate would've been locked at the 18-or-so it dips to in the Colossi fights in order to make to effect consistent.

    So it seems more likely that as the games are now unrestrained by the hardware limitations of the PS2, this is truly the way the developers wish the games could have always been presented.

    On another note, when I recently played SotC I noticed that the environment textures are actually incredibly impressive (when you look at them from straight above) for the time, but the lack of texture filtering meant you could barely notice this since they became a pixellated mess more than a few feet from the character. Being able see detail of the textures is the aspect that perhaps excites me most, as that was the visual weakness that was most jarring.
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  • ICO and Shadow of the Colossus footage

  • GreatBlackthorn 16/09/2010

    Platinum-ing these games is going to make me feel so f'ing proud. Reply +1