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  • Bungie finally squashing one of Destiny's most annoying bugs

  • Grayvern 30/01/2015

    @Crea To be fair things like pointless mandatory loot upgrades, the heavy ammo bug, and risable load times are issues that would be ignored if the games other problems weren't so big. Reply 0
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 review

  • Grayvern 24/01/2015

    @Yautja_Warrior if you look at actual retail prices it's more like 180 vs 280.

    Price is an important part of a hardware review, hardware isn't entertainment and price therefore becomes a more important and less iffy metric.

    Dashed weid that people are equating careing about price with left wing rhetoric given that part of the rhetoric around capitalist competition is about lowering pricing and increasing efficiency. Or that a key contradiction of capitalism is that a dual reliance on both consumer spending and reliance on keeping wages low to maximise profit creates crises.

    The more sensible reply isn't too engage though, and given most people place on the earnings bell curve simply point out that only a fool doesn't care about price.
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  • So, what do you actually do in No Man's Sky?

  • Grayvern 22/01/2015

    @Skirlasvoud procedural generation means built by computer program. It can mean the creation of a random environ but it can also mean pre-baked but originally created by program. Reply 0
  • Video: Resident Evil HD - what still works and what doesn't

  • Grayvern 16/01/2015

    Resident Evil HD is probably best played with original controls.

    It weirds me out though that people claim that the only way a modern game could replicate such an experience would be to use obtuse controls rather than systemic restrictions such as stamina systems etc astounds me.
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  • Destiny image reportedly reveals major Plague of Darkness expansion

  • Grayvern 02/01/2015

    @mystacon common understanding connotational differences that aren't necessarily without merit, and aren't worth being so fatuous about. Reply +1
  • Face-Off: Lords of the Fallen

  • Grayvern 01/11/2014

    There seem to be some glaring qa problems with the game regardless of performance or platform though, I lost 7 hours of progress because my charcter clipped into some stairs and would die and respawn in the exact same place unable to move, in a nevernding death loop. Reply 0
  • Legend of Grimrock 2 review

  • Grayvern 21/10/2014

    @George-Roper But everything in Grimrock that was interactive was clearly signposted with visual and auditory clues. Reply +1
  • Anita Sarkeesian cancels university speech following school shooting threat

  • Grayvern 15/10/2014

    @StahlWurst It's ironically irrational to assume rational motivations in spree killers. Reply +1
  • Grayvern 15/10/2014

    @Needs_More_Tang Well choosing to fundamentally misunderstand the arguments and therefore not even have a hope of engaging with them obviously doesn't help. Reply +1
  • Grayvern 15/10/2014

    @StahlWurst You mean a bunch of people with probably no to little training firing off mildly , at best, inaccurate handguns raising the death toll considerably. Reply +2
  • Let's have more games that show rather than tell

  • Grayvern 11/10/2014

    @George-Roper there is a difference between day and date with game correct information and wiki's which are built on the kindness of strangers. Reply +1
  • Grayvern 11/10/2014

    @George-Roper It gave THAC0 tables and a complete spell list in the manual.

    Those also aren't good examples if you chose spears in BG 2 the game screwed you over. CRPGs still regularly do this for no good reason.
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  • Grayvern 11/10/2014

    @George-Roper you are arguing for blind character building. Just because the level 1 abilities of a character appeal doesn't mean the level 10 or 20 ones will. Mechanical discovery in crpgs is a shitty replacement for good story and or scenario design. It's a crutch used to excuse the obvious flaws in comparison to tabletop rpgs , an unneeded crutch given Chris Avellone is probably a better storyteller than your DM, but whatevs.

    The mark of a good RPG is replayability with different characters yielding different results not forced mistakes in the name of discovery.
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  • Grayvern 11/10/2014

    @George-Roper I mean every buyable skill throughout the game as well as proper formulas for damage etc. Reply 0
  • Grayvern 11/10/2014

    @George-Roper With all due respect that's complete garbage nearly all videogame RPGs are shitty with bad design as they don't give players the information relevant for character building straight off.

    Divinity original sin is terrible in not having a plain text list of all abilities from the get go, no tabletop RPG does this because blind character building is bloody stupid.
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  • Microsoft's indie parity clause exists so Xbox One owners feel "first class"

  • Grayvern 10/10/2014

    @Burner220 I doubt it's anything that would stand up to any serious scrutiny if the targets of the policy were capable of challenging it.

    The it's a business defence is also risable, but whatever.
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  • You can push The Evil Within beyond 30fps on PC

  • Grayvern 09/10/2014

    @TPReview Because without testing and adaptation it's entirely possible 60fps could break or harm elements of the game. BioShock's physics were crappy on PC because of that.

    This could very well indicate that the company didn't want to spend the time making sure the PC animations etc run framerate agnostic.

    PC users aren't a charity if xbox one games can be programmed for 32mb cache then PC games can recieve proper ports.
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  • Demon's Souls still feels fresher than its "Dark" successors

  • Grayvern 03/10/2014

    I've always much preferred Demons Souls story too.

    The garbled mythology of Dark Souls which assumes interest without ever really seeming to work for it, was never that interesting to me. It isn't a mystery it's just Lucille Bluth manipulatively announcing "look at me getting off, being withholding".
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  • Eyes-on with PC Shadow of Mordor's 6GB ultra-HD textures

  • Grayvern 01/10/2014

    Everything on ultra on an MSI gaming 970 the only reason I'm not going to play this way is that the only way to eliminate the vsync related judder is to juggle settings.

    Specifically I need to drop textures to high and turn both vsync and 60 limit on.
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  • Bethesda warns: you should have 4GB of VRAM to play The Evil Within PC

  • Grayvern 26/09/2014

    @PaulLFC Yes but by basically saying bugger it lets put out uncompressed textures to make it seem as if we care about pc, they ironically reveal how little they actually do as a quick glance at any hardware survey would let them know that they could be optimising for less vram but way higher gpu power.

    Look at mass effect 1, 2 and, 3 in which the main perceptual difference in graphics doesn't come from high quality textures but much better lighting.
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  • Grayvern 26/09/2014

    @kingcrowbar Not really crysis 3 used like 2gb vram and I bet witcher 3 will use les than 4gb.

    The 970 has 7ghz bandwidth on it's GDDR5 compared to 5.5ghz on the PS4 which by the way only has around 4.5 GB + 500 mb total for games, not total vram total, for the entire game.
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  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 review

  • Grayvern 25/09/2014

    @Suarez07 The reason pc gaming is so windows bound isn't exactly a mystery it's because microsoft ran a very clever marketing campaign for Direct X and open gl apparently was and is a mess.

    Not that I understand the tech stuff, but you don't need to humans including programmers are a pretty irrational bunch, and solution choice isn't solely dictated by logic.
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  • Grayvern 25/09/2014

    The article prices may be suggested rrp but in reality you are looking at 280 (290 inc delivery) for the msi and well appointed gtx 970 cards and the 980 seems to not have a stable price at the moment. Reply +1
  • Wasteland 2 review

  • Grayvern 19/09/2014

    A lot of RPG combat gets dull though even Divinity's, at a certain point the incentive in Divinity was how efficient I could be: Boreas in two turns etc.

    The thing with wasteland 2 from the 30 hours I put into the Beta was that I actually had some investment in the world and story, the writing in Original Sin lacked the charm of larians earlier efforts.
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  • Valve adds thumbstick to latest Steam controller prototype

  • Grayvern 25/07/2014

    It's still a bizarre solution to a problem no one had, if you are using a steambox or pc hooked up to a big living room tv, then given that games still regularly have no UI scaling options, the type of mouse centric games that the controller makes a case for will be basically unplayable.

    Valve is essentially building the controller equivalent of an Georgian folly.

    If it's just for navigation then a pad of eyes a phone a trackpad keyboards or trackpad can be used for navigation.
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  • "Approximately half" of PlayStation 4 users now have a Plus subscription

  • Grayvern 23/05/2014

    @null To be fair sony has been going above and beyond with the vita content though.

    If you were talking about the consoles though the PS4 hasn't been around long enough and is selling well enough not to need the boosts the vita got and a lot of PS3 offering are mostly good for conveniance not price over pre-owned.
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  • Telltale's The Walking Dead writer lands Star Wars film

  • Grayvern 23/05/2014

    I get the negativity but for how average Book of ELi was at least Whitta got that post apocalypse stories dating from Canticle are all about a relationship with hope. Reply 0
  • Dark Souls 2 review

  • Grayvern 11/03/2014

    Given that in Dark souls you can get to near every boss by running by enemies and grinding even unintentional could make the game easier removing enemies from areas cuts both ways.

    No comment on whether as per pre release interviews the enemies are more aggressive and pursue you longer, which would also counteract the lessening of enemies.

    Dark Souls dipped majorly in quality in certain areas, ash lake is pretty but dull as hell and everything between the underground bell and bed of chaos just isn't all that good.
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  • PS4 sales do the business for Sony

  • Grayvern 06/02/2014

    @Arvind1324 Except that isn't true now is it.
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  • Indie devs troll King's "Candy" trademark as Banner Saga targeted

  • Grayvern 23/01/2014

    From what I understand you do not have to send out cease and desists to even the tangetially related in fact I'm not sure you have to send any (m)any at all, because not going after potential infringers does not equate to abandonment. The second half of the EFF article contains the applicable stuff.

    Also given the USPTO's continuum of descriptiveness/distinctiveness I don't see how candy aren't considered gereric terms in videogames titles.

    It's still difficult as a lay person to understand how stuff like this happens.
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  • This piracy-enabling 3DS flashcard tried to prevent itself from being pirated

  • Grayvern 20/01/2014

    @el_pollo_diablo Copyright law was created to protect the original creators of books from the printing press, paintings are a terrible analogy, books do go out of copyright and the true argument is over the legitimacy corporate backed distortion of copyright law to extend it well past the point of sales revenue for most products, vs the benefit of an increased body of public domain work to society.

    That copyright can be passed on, lasts a number of years after the creators death even after he/she has lived to 80 or can be held by a corporate entity for more than 30 years is frankly ridiculous.

    That and you can as far as I know own a perfect replica of any painting as long as you don't try and sell it as the original. Only reason more people don't is prints for people with less money, oh look you don't need copyright to make money off of an artistic work, and the fact that anyone with the large sums to commision a replica would be in circles that would consider it gauche.
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  • Bravely Default review

  • Grayvern 04/12/2013

    @andrewwinn Just checked for anyone worries when you use the option to update data on the internet in the save menu in the full game you get random 'friends' which add to your villager count, this can only be done once every 24 hours. Reply +2
  • Sony issues PS4 "blinking blue light" advice as customers report DOA consoles

  • Grayvern 18/11/2013

    It's really weird how people are reacting to this, It's a massive bummer if it happens to you, but there is no evidence so far of the kind of design flaws the og xbox 360 had. Reply +4
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds review

  • Grayvern 15/11/2013

    @darkmorgado I kinda think that mechanical implementation spoilers are far worse for a TLOZ game, even as restrained as they are in this review; but if you need your review you takes your chance.

    -I would also defend to an extent peoples right to complain about spoilers in the type of review we are talking about here, which is intended as a buyers guide and not critique.)
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  • New Zelda: A Link Between Worlds trailer shows off "Lorule"

  • Grayvern 12/10/2013


    Don't forget the Eshop games: Steamworld Dig, Pushmo, Crimson Shroud, Attack of the Friday Monsters.

    Bravely Default should be on RPG fans radar (out on December 6th)

    Bitter over Shin Megami Tensei IV especially it's now coming to Korea before the end of the year and therefore probably before Europe.
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  • Matsuno returns: Final Fantasy Tactics creator on his new game

  • Grayvern 20/09/2013

    Matsuno's work has an air of historical awareness and understanding that really lifts it above many works of magical medieval fantasy. Reply +2
  • Nintendo 2DS hands-on

  • Grayvern 30/08/2013

    @SpaceMonkey77 I am unsure how pointing out that the 2ds could be a success in targeting hardware to a certain section of Nintendo's potential player base is equivalent to excusing their other numerous failings. Reply +2
  • Xbox One pre-orders trending ahead of Xbox 360 pre-orders

  • Grayvern 19/07/2013

    I'll probably pick up the PS4 at some point because there will probably be a few exclusives I'll want and Sony are more likely to keep pumping them out past the first 2 years unlike Microsoft.

    But owning both eventually and purchasing one at launch seems foolish when I could wait 2 years purchase one of them for a lower price and in the meantime replace some of the guts of my PC.
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  • The Last of Us isn't the solution to sexism in games, but it's a start

  • Grayvern 06/07/2013

    @Apaar I'm unsure what you mean by society singular, but across most societies there has been no such imperative that women be treated well and protected.

    You seem to be under the assumption that male to female spousal abuse, especially in the past, was solely a pathological rather than a societal/ governmental/ legal problem, I cannot believe anyone has such a narrow conception of history.

    Also it isn't necessarily an ad hominem, scruffpuppies could be referring to the understanding of society through qualitative co-operative participant research present in a few sociological methodologies.

    Or that arguments from a position of privilege often ignore the standpoints of those with less power.

    Using non contextual blind philosophical arguments ignores the practical reality of human life, that what is known is often determined by power relations and not logical or empirical validity, even when contextual litmus tests, determined by those on the dominant end of the power spectrum, are followed.

    As to the article mostly agree but even tacit biological essentialist implications want to make me scream enculturation and remember feral children, but that's just me.
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  • BioWare RPG classic Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic ported to iPad

  • Grayvern 31/05/2013

    @Widge You could make the exact same argument about Europe in terms of all game releases.

    I would counter that it doesn't make sense to alienate users of what looks to be the ascendant platform.

    It's not a fair comparison payment wise when google's store (the biggest) does not allow purchases in many countries.

    The data earlier in the thread only infers the possibility that single large app purchases like KOTOR are more prevalent on IOS.

    Given that the data doesn't discriminate between in app and point of purchase transactions you could just as easily draw other hypotheticals from that graph.

    It would not seem unreasonable to propose that the nostalgia/ specialist press driven demographics, who are arguably most likely to purchase KOTOR, mean that assumptions based on general sales figures are also less applicable.

    (It goes without saying that the likelyhood of a 6.99 app catching on with the how dey do dats seems massively unlikely.)

    Not that any of this or levels of piracy is pertinent, only whether a game has good potential to make profit on a prospective platform matters which given that EA keeps releasing on Android seems likely for them.
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  • BioShock Infinite ending explained

  • Grayvern 04/04/2013 What I don't get is that no one spoke up when Bioshock came out and pointed out that Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines, the story of Jacks Deception not your story did this better in 2004 and let you go on believing the game was your story to the point where it got you killed. Reply 0
  • Grayvern 04/04/2013

    @Mindstorm I actually ended up missing some of the finer points of the ending because of my automatic dismissal of time travel stories.

    But then Bioshock Infinite uses persistent memories and even bodies that can exist outside of time and space, it's not strictly Doctor Who, which is what saves it for me.

    I think your franchise assumption is wrong in that listening and watching Levine interviews esp the first Bioshock Infinite anouncement one with giant bomb, and the fact Levine and Irrational didn't make Bioshock 2, points to 2K essentially giving him carte blanche.

    I think Levine just likes strange enclosed cities, it's not as If you would accuse China Mieville of the same thing even though most of his books are fake magical reality london or other cities.

    @dr.glyndwr That's actually quite simple and explained in Lady Comsotocks voxophones Comstock believes he was forgiven and chosen and uses religion to justify his actions.

    Booker on the other hand has no Crutch and lives with his guilt keeping him from becoming a monster.
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  • Grayvern 04/04/2013

    @Gedeye Were shown examples of memories being transferred from the Dead to the living as dimensions shift through Elizabeths power. Reply +1
  • Grayvern 04/04/2013

    @DeeEss Booker prime causes only the Bookers who take the Baptism to drown, not those who walk away before getting baptised.

    If Booker prime made the Bookers who walked away get baptised and drown then that would only mean that the Bookers who otherwise would have walked away would drown not necessarily the pre Comstocks.

    I look at this through the in game examples of Chen Lins memories existing though one had died, Booker is dieing to weaken the resolve of and Drown the pre Comstocks who accept the baptism.
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  • Grayvern 04/04/2013

    Several things it's not paradox the game shows multidimensional memory transference going on with other people such as Chen Lin.

    It's not Elizabeth prime that drowns Booker she isn't wearing a necklace.

    It's not all Bookers that die only the ones who don't walk away before baptism.

    The fore mentioned transference and the fact that in 1893 when Booker calls out Anna's name with such passion could well mean that it is Booker prime in the denouement.

    When you combine this with the fact that Anna may be in the crib it explains why it's not your Elizabeth that drowns you but an amalgamation of them as Bookers specific version of Anna/ Elizabeth is in the crib.

    So stealth happy ending.

    Comstocks wife is the same women as Bookers it's just in the reality where Booker walks away the machines of Lutece never make him sterile so Bookers wife dies giving berth. The ghost is explained by the way in which she is brought back with Elizabeth's power imprinting some of Elizabeth's feelings onto her. This is probably because there is no living host for the memories to merge with so things go wrong.
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  • Gamer anger grows as SimCity debacle threatens to turn ugly

  • Grayvern 07/03/2013

    From the Alex Navarro/ Giant Bomb review:

    'And while I expect many will fall head-over-heels in love with this SimCity's cooperative design, at its best, the game feels more like a really thoughtfully designed multiplayer mode for a larger, single-player capable game that, sadly, doesn't exist'
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  • Thoughts from New York: PlayStation 4 feels less visionary than its predecessor

  • Grayvern 21/02/2013

    This is kind of a weird article for me, it's not as if we could have expected be wowed by the box given the constraints on consumer spending and the fact that PC has been front and center for the past year.

    In the PS1/2 era it was easy to wow because things were so much more primitive and hardware was severely behind PC even on release, rather than now where the best consoles can hope for is to steal 2 years worth of PC thunder.

    In the past Sony was able to hold it's dog and pony shows touting the emotion engine and the cell because we were all less technologically, development and business savvy.

    I don't think that it's possible to excite with the technology in the box anymore it's not as If we haven't been burned by the tech out of the box and frankly I think it was more of a failure on sony's part to articulate just how important increases in processing power are for engendering truly different gameplay experiences.
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  • Dead Space 3 review

  • Grayvern 06/02/2013

    It's always weird to me that people come at dead space with the preposition of survival horror given that it's closest relative is resident evil 4 which isn't really all that scary or massively ammo limited if my attache cases were anything to go by.

    However looking at Dead Space the by the quality of it's slower paced action in light of Resident Evil 4 or Dead space 2. and the fact that there simply aren't that many slower paced action games out there it's hard not to feel disappointed.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: Buy-to-let gaming

  • Grayvern 26/01/2013

    @Grogmonkey Trying to argue that business concerns don't affect games negatively also seems a little disingenuous .

    Both you and Stanton are arguing from positions that aren't empirically sound, because the game hasn't been released yet.

    Having said that there are some key points of speculation.

    Financial concerns seem to have severely impacted EA games in the past. Seems to have been behind the problems with Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3.

    I should also imagine that all the way up the food chain to Riccitiello and like a lot of companies there are either concrete targets or promises surrounding revenue.

    Assuming that design decisions exist in a vacuum from the expected revenue of monetisation of mechanics seems a little naive.

    As I said though it's all speculation
    until the game comes out who know's but EA not caring about the bad PR is telling as to their opinion of consumers.

    The points you make about journalism I'll ignore because the ability to write well factually or fictionally ,outside the context of almost universally averagely written academic texts(not polemics), is a skill not a denotation of superior reasoning skills.

    (The fallacy that craftsmanship equals intelligence is the reason that people go to such lengths, with tenuous connotation, to lionize so much of literature)
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  • Uncharted: Fight for Fortune review

  • Grayvern 26/01/2013

    Just one step closer to Uncarted. Reply 0