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  • Evolve is getting a second Season Pass next week

  • Gojiratron 18/06/2015

    Those who purchase the Hunting Season 2 pass will receive exclusive skins for each of the five new characters.
    That's handy so that other players can identify the mugs validating this cynical business practise and mock them accordingly.
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  • Shenmue 3 sets Guinness World Record for quickest video game crowdfunding

  • Gojiratron 17/06/2015


    I got my JP Dreamcast and the first Shenmue the week of its Japanese launch and even still have the original completion save file on a VMU. I played and loved them then, even in Japanese and played them again about 6 months ago. I'll try and put how I feel about them into words.

    In many ways the original games haven't stood the test of time as well as other DC classics because they were such ambitious games. Controls are clunky because there's only one analogue stick, textures look terrible up close, janky framerate and uneven pacing. They require an element of goodwill from the player to fully enjoy the game now but here's the thing, if you're willing to accept the flaws they're still wonderfully compelling experiences.

    Up close it doesn't look so good, but when you're walking through the streets there's so much variety in the texturing that the game world looks incredibly alive, especially for its time (and especially through a VGA box). The thing is that Shenmue let you get up close and personal with the environment in a way few other games did so its limitations are more apparent than other games of the time. There's so much personality and the whole thing still feels so unique, despite the relative mundanity of the setting, that the worlds of Shenmue 1 & 2 still rank among the best ever created. In fact it might be because they're so grounded in the real world that I can relate and accept the settings more readily than all the sci-fi, fantasy and exaggerated Hollywood depictions of the real world that have come since. For all the advancements in graphics tech over the years, I don't think I've ever played another game that's felt so alive and meaningful. There's so much enjoyment to be had from the silly little things like getting a can from a vending machine, playing Outrun and Darts in the Arcade, driving the forklift or just chatting with the residents. And it's hard to explain why because they should become real old, real quick. But they're an integral part of that world and you want to be part of it.

    I'd say that as games they have their problems, but as gaming experiences they still retain their magic wonderfully. They're games that are far more than the sum of their parts even if it's difficult to explain exactly what it is I love so much about them.
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  • Troll creates fake Shenmue 3 Indiegogo campaign

  • Gojiratron 17/06/2015

    The word troll has lost all meaning in the past decade or so.
    When I were a lad trolls lived under bridges and bothered goats. :p
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  • Gojiratron 17/06/2015

    People are a little confused over Sony's involvement in this. It's NOT a Sony game and they are not running the Kickstarter. It's a high profile indie game that's getting financial and logistical support from Sony not dissimilar to No Man's Sky. The Kickstarter is a way of raising funds and gauging interest with Sony willing to back them up and help it get made providing it met the $2million goal, which it has now done. If it was just a Sony game you probably wouldn't be getting a PC version as well. Reply 0
  • Kickstarter campaign launches for Shenmue 3

  • Gojiratron 16/06/2015

    For those wanting Shenmue 1 and 2, Sega are the ones you need to be tapping up as they have the rights. There was a story a while back that the intellectual property regarding some of the tech involved was in dispute as the company that owned it went under. It's now unclear as to who does own the rights and that's why 1&2 HD was never released (despite being supposedly finished). Reply +4
  • Gojiratron 16/06/2015


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  • Gojiratron 16/06/2015

    I'm guessing that this is being part funded through Sony's pub fund, that the Kickstarter campaign isn't really necessary and is really for generating publicity and/or gauging interest. Reply +16
  • Gojiratron 16/06/2015

    This will forever be known as the night the internet died with this, the FF7 remake and Last Guardian. Reply +55
  • Media Molecule reveals surreal sandbox Dreams

  • Gojiratron 16/06/2015

    I don't have a clue what this was about but I wants it. Reply +9
  • EA E3 2015 conference live report

  • Gojiratron 15/06/2015

    Just be thankful they don't have a baseball franchise as well. Reply 0
  • Gojiratron 15/06/2015

    She's talking as if it's a new IP. GET ON WITH IT Reply 0
  • Gojiratron 15/06/2015

    You have one job tonight EA: don't screw up Mirror's Edge. If you start gushing about how great CQC is now you can bugger right off. Reply 0
  • Gojiratron 15/06/2015

    Jesus wept this is mortal. EA have completely lost the plot tonight. Reply 0
  • Gojiratron 15/06/2015

    I can't imagine a great deal of overlap in the "people who are watching the E3 livestreams" and "people interested in the Minions game" Venn diagram Reply 0
  • Gojiratron 15/06/2015

    Fuck the haters, I'd rather play this than Grimdark Shootbang 2015 Reply 0
  • Gojiratron 15/06/2015

    What. The. Fuck. Reply 0
  • Gojiratron 15/06/2015

    Not what you'd expect to see from EA, I wonder how he got them to run with this?

    Hope it doesn't have IAPs up the ass...
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  • Gojiratron 15/06/2015

    I'd be shiteing myself too so I'm not gonna take the piss out of the poor guy. Reply 0
  • Gojiratron 15/06/2015

    They'll have someone's eye out. Reply 0
  • The E3 Bulletin: Monday

  • Gojiratron 15/06/2015


    You're right, the first Shenmue was one of the biggest sellers on the DC and sold over a million copies. IIRC the second game was released after Sega had announced they were ditching the machine and was also not released in the US - the DC's biggest market by far - so its poorer sales need to be taken in context. It was an expensive game and lost money but I think Sega always expected it to.

    I'd like to see it but I'll believe Shenmue 3 when I see it though. Even a 1/2 remaster/remake revealed tonight would surprise me. I've been down this road too many times before to get my hopes up. :(
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  • Inside the UK's first gaming school

  • Gojiratron 16/02/2015


    32 whole Ks of RAM :D

    Still have and use it and it works fine after over 20 years of loyal service. :)
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  • Gojiratron 15/02/2015

    I used to make games in school... on my trusty TI-82 graphics calculator. Good times. :) Reply +2
  • In media Rez: the return of Tetsuya Mizuguchi

  • Gojiratron 08/02/2015

    Legend. I love music and games so naturally this dude is the King. :) Lumines ES was the first game I had for the Vita but I had to stop playing it on the bus because I would go into a trance state and kept missing my stop. ^_^

    I have a copy of Rez signed by the dude as well:

    Edit: I've also heard tales that he has a unique Space Channel 5 Dreamcast.
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  • The next Sonic game is Sonic Runners

  • Gojiratron 03/02/2015

    With good level design this could actually work; Mega Drive Sonic only needed a jump button. I don't have a great deal of confidence it will however and will end up just another runner game with a recognisable mascot. Reply +2
  • Spotify headed to PS3 and PS4

  • Gojiratron 28/01/2015

    Music Unlimited won't be missed. I tried it for a while after my DAP died to see if it was a viable alternative. It was decent when it worked but often crashed, hung or would take ages to get a song to play then hang again. Android app was often useless. Shameful quality for a paid app. Reply +1
  • Unreal Engine 4 tech demo looks unnervingly realistic

  • Gojiratron 27/01/2015

    Very impressive but the stiff camera isn't doing it any favours. Reply +12
  • Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered is coming to Steam

  • Gojiratron 26/01/2015


    Actually, no I havent. :p
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  • Gojiratron 26/01/2015

    It's a poor game that's well made and the single most over-rated game I ever played. The story is okay for the first half then nosedives into the most generic, clichéd rubbish imaginable so it doesn't even have that as a saving grace. Reply +2
  • Bringing out the Dead: Tim Schafer reflects back on Grim Fandango

  • Gojiratron 26/01/2015

    I'm so stoked for this. Never played the original but always wanted to. Reply +3
  • A guide to gaming's most valuable treasures

  • Gojiratron 25/01/2015

    Others you may want to consider adding:

    Eyeful Home (Sat, JP) : Only about 50 were made and you're probably looking at £500+ for a copy.
    Mega Drive Tetris (MD, JP) : Only about 8 are known to exist. Can sell for £10,000+
    Maximum Carnage (MD, JP) : Japanese version is rare and will set you back several hundred quid. Other Acclaim JP titles are also rare.
    Daytona CCE Netlink Edition : (Sat, US): Rarest US Saturn game. Again, several hundred for a copy.
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  • Theme Hospital is free to download on Origin

  • Gojiratron 21/01/2015

    I picked up the PS1 version for 2 quid in a junk shop a couple of years ago and converted it for the PSP. Still a really enjoyable game and I played it quite a bit on the bus to/from work. Reply 0
  • Video: When remakes improve on the originals

  • Gojiratron 21/01/2015

    Having played Majora original after OoT 3D I have to say the game will be improved massively through easier switching of masks via the touch screen.

    The effort that went into Persona 4 Golden was impressive. Not just the game but all the extras like the videos, lectures and quiz show.

    I'm gonna cheat and include Castlevania IV as well. :p
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  • Xbox duo's card game Exploding Kitten taking Kickstarter by storm

  • Gojiratron 21/01/2015

    I interpreted the article title as a game for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One on Kickstarter. :)

    Looks interesting, good luck to them anyway.
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  • Resident Evil HD Remaster review

  • Gojiratron 20/01/2015

    Interesting review. A little harsh in its conclusion perhaps but it does raise valid points about how anachronistic certain aspects of the game's design feels in 2015. Reply +21
  • Axelay saw Konami at its 90s peak

  • Gojiratron 18/01/2015

    It's sad how things have changed and how reliant Konami are on Kojima now. Back then they consistently made great games across multiple franchise and were one of the most highly regarded companies amongst gamers. It's impressive that they could lose the talent that formed Treasure and continue to make great games.

    Notable games just on the SNES and Mega Drive that I can think of:
    Contra 3, Contra Hard Corps, Super Castlevania IV, Dracula X, Castlevania Bloodlines, Rocket Knight Adventures, Sparkster, Zombies [Ate My Neighbors], Legend of the Mystical Ninja, International Superstar Soccer Deluxe, Gradius III, Turtles in Time, Pop 'n' Twinbee, Sunset Riders, Parodius
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  • Microsoft clarifies rules for game content usage on YouTube, Twitch

  • Gojiratron 16/01/2015

    How on Earth did it take more than 2 years to 'clarify' things? Sounds like a policy change in disguise.

    Edit: That's exactly what it is. Fron 2012 article:
    Rule number three - you can't use the game's name when titling your creation. "Red vs. Blue gameplay" is fine. "Halo 4 gameplay footage" is not. "We want to make sure consumers don't get confused," Microsoft explained.
    How is "Halo 4 gameplay footage" confusing? Fair play to them for changing but why try and bullshit us?
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  • Minecraft to receive The Simpsons skins on Xbox

  • Gojiratron 15/01/2015

    Did you get that from Here

    If so, why omit the bit at the end?:
    Stay tuned for more information on THE SIMPSONS downloadable content pack on other platforms.
    (You might want to add it ;) )
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  • Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid Prime Trilogy headed to Wii U eShop

  • Gojiratron 14/01/2015

    For the love of God, every Wii U owner please buy Sin & Punishment! Reply +4
  • Did you know Gaming? runs through the Sega Dreamcast

  • Gojiratron 13/01/2015


    Cheers. It's just out of sheer curiosity, I wouldn't want you going out your way and digging it out if it's packed away safely or anything. :)
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  • Gojiratron 12/01/2015


    Nice Claire DC. :) There was slightly more than that released as there were 30 additional S.T.A.R.S that weren't numbered given away in a Famitsu competition and 50 unnumbered Claire models sold through D-direct. I believe there's also units with 000 designations (maybe prototypes) giving 231 and 1851 units respectively.

    Just out of interest is your model numbered and if so, what is it?
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  • Gojiratron 12/01/2015

    The DC has some of the coolest limited edition variants as well. Maziora DCs with their pearlescent green/purple paint are stunning. Putting the 12300 PS4 20th anniversary models into perspective, only 500 were made - and it's not even the rarest. Here's mine:
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  • Gojiratron 12/01/2015

    Sony didn't kill the DC, Sega did by spunking away money and customer goodwill throughout the nineties. The lack of cash meant they couldn't afford to include a DVD drive like they originally wanted (a HUGE selling point for the PS2) and wouldn't drop the price when it was clear they needed to. A tepid JP launch thanks to chip shortages didn't help though. It was an uphill battle from day one over there thanks to that. Reply +8
  • Gojiratron 12/01/2015

    Microsoft worked with Sega by providing a modified WinCE for easier porting to/from the PC. They had been working towards the Xbox for a while and through the DC they were able to effectively test out a console API, tools and support with minimal risk to themselves. They tried to buy out Sega of America and Sega wanted Xbox DC compatibility as part of that. MS didn't want that and also wanted Sega to use WinCE to make their games so they could be ported more easily. Sega wouldn't do that because their own API was more powerful and the deal fell through. Reply +5
  • Awesome Games Done Quick speedrunners raise $1.5m for charity

  • Gojiratron 12/01/2015

    Great result for a great event. Didn't see as much as I hoped but caught the awful games block. No matter how many times I see them, F-Zero GX runs never fail to impress. :) Reply +1
  • The Untouchables brought ragtime and ultraviolence to 8-bit

  • Gojiratron 11/01/2015

    Only movie tie-in game I bought back then was the Master System version of The Terminator. I remember it being fairly decent (better than the NES version AVGN reviewed anyway) but rock hard. Stuck fairly close to the movie as well. Start off in the future to fight your way to the time machine, blast The Terminator through the Technoir, a shoot-out in the police station and factory at the end where you had to blast the exoskeleton into a press. Cool attract screen as well with large letters of the title scrolling past while a pretty good 8-bit rendition of the score played.

    That's my memories of it any way. 25 years is a long time. ;)
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  • Ultra-rare recalled NES game being sold for $40k on eBay

  • Gojiratron 09/01/2015


    You send them a sealed game and some money, they put it in a box and give it a number. A lot of the collecting community hates them because they're not transparent about the process, they've been caught out with fakes, are inconsistent with their grades and are indirectly pushing up prices as people put graded stuff on eBay for inflated BiN prices. What they do is worth no more than lots of good high-res photos.

    Quick, Heavy Rain for only £95!!!
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  • Gojiratron 09/01/2015


    I'd smash that stupid VGA coffin first. God knows why people give those guys money.
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  • Indie platformer Rogue Legacy confirmed for Xbox One

  • Gojiratron 08/01/2015


    I know they don't need a publisher. I'm sure I read about an indie game circumventing the indie parity clause by getting signed up by a big publisher or something like that. Can't remember which one though.

    It's a ridiculous clause that should be given the boot.

    Edit: Can't find anything, I may have gotten my wires crossed somewhere.
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  • Gojiratron 08/01/2015

    That's good news, it's a great game. :)

    Do they have a publisher or have they convinced Phil to make an exception to Microsoft's ridiculous indie parity clause?
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  • An afternoon with the ultimate Star Trek simulator

  • Gojiratron 07/01/2015

    I wasn't a huge Voyager fan but I remember that FPS game of it being pretty good. Reply +7