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  • Beamdog is enhancing BioWare's Neverwinter Nights next

  • GloatingSwine 22/11/2017

    @markwilliamdiano Especially not because they repeated the exact same character arc with Bastila in the next game.

    (NWN has aged pretty poorly, worse than the infinity engine games by a good way).
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  • LA Noire remaster changes those infamous interrogation button prompts

  • GloatingSwine 09/11/2017

    Still not as good at Phoenix Wright for actually interrogating perps. Reply +10
  • Call of Duty: WW2 review

  • GloatingSwine 07/11/2017

    @Zidargh It was a couple of releases after the original Modern Warfare I guess. When they farmed it out to endless different actual studios to guarantee they could churn out one every year. Reply 0
  • GloatingSwine 07/11/2017

    @FuzzyDucky Gotta learn to love the lootbox. Reply +1
  • Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds review

  • GloatingSwine 07/11/2017

    @MccyMcFlinn There's pressure to have content at launch, but does it need to be a review? I don't think so any more. I can't even remember the last time any game review made any impact on my decision to purchase or not.

    There's enough material to make that decision and if it's something a bit less obvious but interesting enough to be worth looking at I'll hear someone talking about it on a podcast or other youtube video.

    Having what's basically called a review now but explicitly calling it a first impressions and then coming back later to do a more in-depth review that would actually have the kind of critical detail something bearing the name needs would be better.

    Again, saying "Vic is new at doing reviews" doesn't change much because by the standards of the modern game review this one is fine, it's just that the standards of the modern game review are wrong.
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  • GloatingSwine 07/11/2017

    @MccyMcFlinn If this was the only review that had these properties, I wouldn't be talking about the death of reviews as a thing.

    It's very much not, game reviews in general from every publication are marked by a lack of critical engagement with their subject. A lot of the time it's almost certainly due to the rushed schedule of getting a review out before the game comes out, but if that elides so much from the review by not leaving enough time to write it in that kind of depth, then it was no use to the consumer anyway.

    You could go to almost any review by any reviewer and see basically the same structure. An opinion without supporting critical detail or reference to the text and a list of features of the product. It's nothing to do with this reviewer (and yeah, I didn't read the byline blurb and made assumptions) being new, it's what game reviews are.

    The really bad ones will totally miss the point as well, criticising the game for doing badly at something (often narrative) that was completely irrelevant to the things it was actually trying to accomplish (which is why games critics should at least get a surface level understanding of the MDA framework, even just watching Extra Credits' video on it).

    It shouldn't be necessary to share a reviewer's tastes to see value in a review, the critical reference to the things in the text that generated that opinion should give you enough information about the text to get value.
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  • GloatingSwine 07/11/2017

    I think we’re reaching a point where game reviews in general are inadequate. A review needs to be more than an opinion and a list of features, it needs to be a critical engagement with the product.

    John Updike came up with some rules of constructive criticism, some of which are well applicable to game reviews.
    First is to understand what the author was attempting and to assess the success with which the product achieves it. HZD was driven by its story and characters, and by providing a wide range of options to deal with enemies with varied behaviours. Neither of those things are addressed in any detail in this review. They are briefly mentioned, but not critically examined.
    Second is to provide sufficient detail from the product to support the argument being made. This review is a fuzzy precis, the reviewer says he “doesn’t connect” with Aloy and isn’t invested in the quests, but offers nothing to help a reader understand why not. What was lacking from the product that would have made that connection. An important way to address this is one of the other rules, to compare it to other similar works in specific detail to draw specific contrasts with something the reviewer found more successful. The reviewer says he’s a “fan of” open world games, but doesn’t compare HZD to one he likes in enough detail to determine where they work and it doesn’t.
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  • Watch: Blizzcon reacts to Overwatch's sexism problem

  • GloatingSwine 06/11/2017

    @PyD I suspect that in not a very long time a lot of big games will have live monitoring of chat, both voice and text, by something closely related to Youtube's adpocalypse-bot that has the ability to automatically hand out at the very least chatbans if not game bans. Reply 0
  • David Cage on Detroit and its depiction of domestic violence

  • GloatingSwine 31/10/2017

    @pelican_ Videogames will never be taken seriously until creators have good answers to questions like this.

    Whining about not being taken seriously is a fantastic way to stop people wanting to take you seriously.
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  • Original Xbox Star Wars: KOTOR downloadable ahead of back-compat launch

  • GloatingSwine 23/10/2017

    @Malek86 Will have to see how it looks when it comes out for reals. I have KOTOR1&2 on PC now anyway, but sticking Ninja Gaiden Black in for a blast is tempting. Reply -1
  • GloatingSwine 23/10/2017

    @richardiox I doubt there'll be anything other than a little bit of post upscaling.

    If you want KOTOR with actual resolutions, it's £7.59 on GOG and being that old even the most potato modern PC should run it.
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  • How video game difficulty became a cultural battleground

  • GloatingSwine 22/10/2017

    @shehzaanshazabdulla Well, there's a subset of people who get all holier than thou about liking difficult games and will happily inform you about how much better they are than you as a person because if it. And then theres another subset of people who get all holier than thou about accessability and will happily inform you how much worse a person you are than them if you suggest that difficulty can be valuable to any game ever. Reply +1
  • GloatingSwine 21/10/2017

    @cowell Part of it is that some people are really bad at self examination and expression, so it's hard for them to think about what the challenge of a game means to them and to the game.

    Difficulty is a dynamic in game design that interacts with all the other dynamics to produce the aesthetics which the player can experience. If you change the difficulty you don't get "the same thing but easier", you get a different thing.

    Some games simply can't have their difficulty changed and still be the game they are. Papers Please needs to be increasingly difficult to make the right decisions and increasingly push the time available to decide in order for its message about bureaucracies to succeed. If life in Arsotska was comfortable, the life of a border control officer would be a very different one.

    Whereas Gone Home needs the player to have time to worry about the potentially negative outcomes its horror game framing implies so that it can undercut them to produce the feeling of having worried about nothing, and so if you had to solve logic puzzles to move around you would be distracted from the framing and presentation and the internal scenario the game is trying to construct in your mind wouldn't have time to form.

    Not every game can usefully have multiple difficulties. Some games have to be as difficult or easy as they are in order to be what they are.
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  • Fire Emblem Warriors is getting a free Japanese voice pack at launch

  • GloatingSwine 17/10/2017

    @n0signal Fire Emblem is all about matchmaking between your party members in order to give them the best stat boosts. Reply +2
  • Watch: Scorn may look fantastic, but its gameplay is utterly archaic

  • GloatingSwine 02/10/2017

    @skuzmuffin If they don't get any criticism, how will they improve their product? Reply +12
  • It looks like Dragon's Crown Pro is coming to PS4

  • GloatingSwine 15/09/2017

    @Bernkastel Pulled it from the EU store because of publisher reasons, IIRC. When Atlus and NIS America parted ways Dragon's Crown's EU rights were in limbo. Reply +2
  • South Park: The Fractured but Whole's difficulty slider changes the colour of your skin

  • GloatingSwine 07/09/2017

    @Gameboyd Not even a new observation. Reply -10
  • Crash Bandcoot N.Sane Trilogy did the business for Activision - and now everyone wants a Spyro remaster next

  • GloatingSwine 04/08/2017

    I'd snatch a Spyro reboot up so fast I'd have their hands off at the wrists. Reply +5
  • Forza Horizon 3 is about to get its wildest crossover yet

  • GloatingSwine 28/07/2017

    @obidanshinobi It's not arcadey, but like every Forza game you can set up whatever driving assists you want to make it accessable to you. Reply +4
  • GloatingSwine 28/07/2017

    @Anrkist 50% of the games I own for the Xbox One are Forza. It's a totally sensible decision. Reply +3
  • Nintendo's new online service looks like it could be every bit as bad as you feared

  • GloatingSwine 20/07/2017

    @BabyBabyBabyOh AFAIK Minecraft Switch is going to use Xbox Live for cross play. Which probably means it will be the most robust online product on the platform...

    (That's also suspected to be the reason Sony won't have cross play on the PS4 version)
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  • Forza Motorsport 7 out in October, has trucks

  • GloatingSwine 11/06/2017

    @Rogueywon Horizon and the main games scratch different itches for me. I have different approaches to playing them, different settings, and so on. Plus it's nice to just have an on-road track focused racer sometimes rather than Horizon's infinite off road courses ps we have buggies now so use them forever. Reply +3
  • Once upon a time, Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap was my Zelda

  • GloatingSwine 11/06/2017

    @jimodo There was Manic Miner, the game Jet Set Willy was the sequel to.

    Quite a lot of Speccy games were "here is a maze, get on with it" though.
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  • Monster Hunter is heading to Switch

  • GloatingSwine 26/05/2017

    Completely unsurprising to all humans ever, this news.

    The Switch slots neatly into that adhoc wifi co-op niche that the PSP and DS occupied in Japan and in which Monster Hunter made its home.

    I'm only surprised it took this long to announce it.
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  • Nintendo Classic Mini NES is being discontinued

  • GloatingSwine 13/04/2017

    @Dreadjaws So a Retropie then? Reply +5
  • Jak and Daxter games are coming to PS4

  • GloatingSwine 03/04/2017

    @AmorousBadger Jak 2 might be in serious danger of cutting itself on all that edge, but it remains a fantastic game. Reply +2
  • 29 minutes of new Nier: Automata gameplay reveals moose-riding, exploration and more

  • GloatingSwine 14/02/2017

    @penhalion Nier Automata follows on from Ending D of the original Nier. (That's the one where your character voluntarily erased himself from history and it deleted all your saves). Reply 0
  • Ace Combat 7 now coming to PC and Xbox One as well as PS4

  • GloatingSwine 27/01/2017

    @frankboyer45 Getting some kind of cut-rate Tom Clancy knock off to write the story of Assault Horizon wasn't too far out of leftfield, given how AC5 is basically Sum of All Fears with the serial numbers filed off. Reply +1
  • GloatingSwine 27/01/2017

    @Rathbone When Ace Combat does DLC it really milks it. If it was a Forza style pack of ten planes that would be one thing, but Namco want you to pay £5 for one skin for one plane. Reply +2
  • Looking for Ghost Recon in the Wildlands

  • GloatingSwine 26/01/2017

    How Ubisoft is the open world though? Reply +1
  • Nintendo Switch out 3rd March for £279.99

  • GloatingSwine 13/01/2017

    @CackyBirdlegs On the other hand, MS and Sony's paid online services both give you 3-4 free games every month, and Plus gives you a range of discounts on the online store as well. So they're not just "pay for online play" any more, they're "subscribe to free games bundle, also get online play". They're more like subscribing to something like the Humble Monthly Bundle now.

    Nintendo's paid online service better include something like free access to the NES Virtual Console. But it won't, because they won't even let those work cross buy the grasping cunts, you have to pay to "upgrade" the titles.
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  • Dragon Quest 8: Journey of the Cursed King 3DS review

  • GloatingSwine 10/01/2017

    @Strite Likewise. If they got this up on the PS2 classics I'd be all over it. Reply +4
  • Ariana Grande is a Final Fantasy character

  • GloatingSwine 03/01/2017

    @Spetzomancer No. And nor do you. They were advertising mobile phone companies as a major gameplay mechanic back in 7, after all. Reply +1
  • DoomRL roguelike attracts eye of Zenimax, may be shut down

  • GloatingSwine 02/12/2016

    @Eaton_Corvinus This isn't even a takedown notice, it's just telling them to change the names and stop using someone else's logo.

    Basically a couple of afternoons of search and replace.
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  • Blizzard to nerf Hearthstone's "most controversial" card

  • GloatingSwine 29/09/2016

    @Bludsh0t Yogg's power is determined by the nature of spells. There are simply more spells that target enemy hero and minions and summon things for the caster than there are ones where the random targeting can interfere which mean that despite him being apparently "completely random" he's more likely to be strongly positive for the caster. (More so than any other 10 cost). Reply +1
  • Forza Horizon 3 review

  • GloatingSwine 27/09/2016

    @IronSoldier The main Forza series is also consistently 60FPS.

    They've still made six of them in the time it took Polyphony to make two and a half GTs.
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  • After a wave of fan outcry, Respawn is making big changes to Titanfall 2

  • GloatingSwine 25/08/2016

    @matislavbelkovic A lot of the time people don't play the objective because the personal rewards are better if you don't. If the game has a progression mechanic, and they all do now, and the rewards towards progression are higher for farming kills not doing the thing that wins you the map, then people aren't going to try and win the map. They're going to do the thing that maximises their personal rewards from each match. Reply +2
  • Face-Off: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster on PC

  • GloatingSwine 28/05/2016

    @bdc The game is from 2001 though :P

    Let's be honest here, there's not a lot of benefit you're going to get from going from 30 to 60fps in a turn based game. This isn't an FPS or fighting game where prompt response to your inputs is going to have a meaningful impact, or where your inputs and interactions are strongly driven by animation timings. It's a turn based menu driven JRPG where you probably aren't even watching the animations after the first couple of times because you've seen them a zillion times.
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  • New Baldur's Gate expansion Siege of Dragonspear off to a rough start

  • GloatingSwine 06/04/2016

    @Rogueywon Negative steam reviews only mention the bugs because the Internet Shitlord Brigade can't write reviews of a game they haven't bought, so only the things that are actually worth mentioning, which are all things that can and will likely get fixed like multiplayer stability get mentioned. Reply 0
  • GloatingSwine 06/04/2016

    @Shoozle In a world where gender transition can be accomplished as trivially as putting on a belt, people might have a different opinion about what it means and how to discuss it.

    Remember that Forgotten Realms is a high fantasy world where a man being turned into a chicken is not only a temporary inconvenience but is also not even the weirdest thing you've seen since breakfast.
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  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD review

  • GloatingSwine 02/03/2016

    @Malek86 OoT is the recipient of a healthy dose of nostalgia, which means that people don't quite assess it fairly. There's a lot more criticism of the DS version of the game despite it being basically the same thing with massive quality of life upgrades (not having to go into the pause menu every time for the iron boots is worth it in itself) because the new context makes people reassess flaws that were always there.

    OoT is also kind of a game in transition, the style of dungeon design in Zelda games changed from interconnected room puzzles where the solution was based on figuring out how to access the right part of a room based on the overall layout of the dungeon to much more single room puzzles where all the components of the puzzle exist within the same room.

    That change took place during the development of OoT, which has both styles of dungeon (the former style reaches its apex in the infamous water temple).

    Twilight Princess is easy to see as an apology for the art style of Wind Waker, but more significantly it's an apology for how little content that game had. With only five dungeons in WW and most of the sea filled with pointless islands and busywork treaure hunting, whereas TP has a decent wodge of dungeons and only a little "filler" in the relatively large field area (and the field areas get regularly reused in other events).

    Twilight Princess is structurally similar to OoT but it's refined and improved in almost every way, and only nostalgia stops people seeing it.
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  • Fallout 4 could do with a proper Hardcore Mode

  • GloatingSwine 15/01/2016

    @ubergine When weapons are trivial to repair though, which is approximately every single time a weapon durability mechanic has been introduced, they actually don't stop you using one weapon the whole way through, they just add a bit of fucking-about-in-menus tax to the process of doing it.

    If the intent is to limit use of a particular weapon, then durability is an inorganic, unfun, and trivially defeated means of doing so, and so is so ineffective nobody should ever try and use it for that.

    It was even worse in Bethesda games because they linked the weapon's effectiveness to its durability state, making their already drawn out combat take even longer unless you fucked about in menus even more to keep your weapons in top condition which you couldn't even do until your repair/armorer skill was high enough.
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  • GloatingSwine 14/01/2016

    @ubergine Weapon durability has always been annoying and crap. I don't think there's ever been a game where it really felt like a good addition. Maybe Dark Souls 2 but only because it went so quick and all you had to do was rest at a bonfire to bring it back.

    Every game ever it's been a trivially defeated piece of occasional busywork, and in Bethesda games especially it's just another reason to have to fiddle with whatever invariably terrible UI they've choked up this time.
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  • GloatingSwine 14/01/2016

    Hardcore mode's needs bars weren't what made it the best way to play Fallout: New Vegas. Food and water were trivial to obtain and carry enough of anyway, and the Survival skill made food one of the better ways to stay healthy. That and ammo having weight made you think more about what you take adventuring with you, but that's all it really did.

    The thing that made Hardcore matter was the way healing items took time to take effect, meaning that you couldn't just pause the game and stimpak your way to infinite health, and since stimpak healing rate didn't stack the best way to heal fast was a stimpak and a food item.

    Now, that part of Hardcore technically is present in Survival mode in Fallout 4, which makes healing go very slowly indeed, but you have it at the same time as doubling all enemy damage and halving your own (and makes poison an instant death sentence because you can't outheal it).

    So no, really the inclusion of a few needs bars won't elevate Fallout 4 back closer to New Vegas. The writing will still be bland, the main quest will still be dumb and not feel connected to the world it takes place in because none of the factions have any presence outside their own base. Nor are there any reasonably logical consequences that the player can predict out of any of their victories (or even an epilogue which tells you any of the consequences*). The sidequests won't be any more than an arrow pointing to a dungeon the player hasn't been to yet where the dungeon itself is intended to be more engaging than the task the player was sent there to do, and Preston Garvey will still expect you to deal with every trifling little problem because the Minutemen is basically you and you alone.

    It was silly to expect Bethesda to make a Fallout game that felt like the original Fallout games, it's not in their DNA to make a character and narrative driven RPG with interesting sidequests and attended to consequences. They make playspaces full of Stuff for the player to uncover, where the engagement is intended to be the world and what stories are present are delivered primarily through environmental storytelling. That also means that they deliver stories about things past (mostly things that happened before the war, which the original Fallout games and New Vegas weren't interested in, because they tell stories about the world as it is not as it was), because that's what environmental storytelling is good for. It also means that the world is relatively static, which in Fallout 4 is emphasised by the unending stream of radiant quests Preston Garvey will spew out, because there are always more raiders threatening your settlements, ghouls and supermutants pop back up like a whack-a-mole machine as soon as you turn your back, so you don't ever feel like you're making a difference to the world.

    The settlement mechanic is massively underused as well, because Bethesda wanted it to be optional. The settlers can barely do anything, they can't build stuff, can't look after their own needs, can't defend themselves, get kidnappped or threatened by raiders no matter how many turrets they have, and nobody in the rest of the world even notices they're there. You could be the leader of an nation tens of times the size of the entire population of Diamond City and nobody will even notice. All they're good for is farming glue so you can make more gun mods.

    Still, the levelling system is nice (For this game. Not sure it would translate to a proper Fallout because it's so mechanics focused and not really useful for underpinning roleplay.), you get meaningful power out of each perk, and Survival mode's higher stakes combat makes getting that power matter more. It's like a slower (slightly) less silly Borderlands now, and you have to expect that to get anything out of it.

    * Those epilogues are a real miss, Obsidian put more effort into writing an epilogue for a set of fucking lightswitches than Bethesda have for their entire damn world!
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  • Psychonauts comes out on PS4 this spring

  • GloatingSwine 12/01/2016

    @ControlledChaos With a game as good as the soundtrack this time.... Reply -1
  • Metal Gear Solid 5 just got one of the craziest microtransactions yet

  • GloatingSwine 06/10/2015

    @GAmbrose Yeah, but on the basis that ordinary ship insurance is something you will buy with ingame money so it's mostly a convenience thing.

    Eve Online has had in-game insurance for donkeys, "Don't fly what you can't afford to insure" is one of the golden rules. Again, ingame money though.
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  • Fallout 4 completely revamps the way perks work

  • GloatingSwine 25/09/2015

    @Merdalor On the other hand, the elder scrolls system also means you can't do any of the fun things with a skill until you've spent hours flailing around with the crap version.

    (especially the noncombat skills, grinding smithing by producing a thousand iron daggers wasn't slightly fun but it was necessary to make any actual good gear given how rarely you actually needed smithing to upgrade your kit compared to how much advancement you got out of it)
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  • World of Tanks is coming to PS4

  • GloatingSwine 17/09/2015

    @ithis I've not played in yonks, destructible buildings and stuff was stuff they were talking about a year or so back but I don't think they ever went anywhere with it. Reply +1
  • GloatingSwine 16/09/2015

    @ithis The console version was developed later and by a different team. Mostly the changes are that it's a few patches behind in terms of vehicle and map changes but it looks better graphically (possibly even better than the PC game on max because it has additional particle effects etc, because WoT is not well optimised, it scales down a lot and runs on a toaster, but doesn't run well on basically anything) Reply -1
  • GloatingSwine 16/09/2015

    @OriTheBattleBorn When you get really good at the game, you know exactly how to sneak up on people. Using and abusing the vision system (which to be fair the game never explains) is basically the key to getting purple.

    Now, the meta is changing a little towards a more brawly playstyle (removal of a lot of bush cover etc) but vision control is still the way of kings.

    Also a great majority of the playerbase has the situational awareness of a potato, so it's not so hard.
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