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  • Metro Exodus looks like the STALKER 2 fans have waited years for

  • Gigifusc 20/06/2017

    I quite liked the Metro games but felt they were far too linear so this comes as good news to me. TBH, all I really wanted was an open underground network system where I could travel to all the platforms and stations to trade/quest etc with a sprinkling of outside areas. perfect. Reply +12
  • Crash Bandicoot is 3D gaming's underrated pioneer

  • Gigifusc 19/06/2017

    Ok. A bit of history re-writing going on here. Crash was a distant cousin when it came to quality platformers during that time. As loads have said here, we were playing Mario64, Banjo, Croc, 40 winks, Ape escape (couple of years later) as was Jak and Daxter, Spyro. Heck I'd argue Bugs Bunny lost in time was better than Crash.

    CB was a fun but very shallow game in comparison to all of those others. It was almost totally about racing to the end using nothing but twitch skills and learning the linear level layout by heart. I recently played through the entire game using emulator save states and I'm really not sure how anyone could finish it on the original system - it was hard as hell in some places, unfairly so.

    Crash as a character definately has his place in gaming history but his games never really reached the heights of his contemporaries (although Mind over Mutant was pretty good if memory severs??). For me, he was always a 3rd tier platformer. And that's not from someone who dislikes the games or the character - I'm a fan. But let's not artificially raise his games in history. :)
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  • Why are some Monster Hunter fans upset about a new game in the series?

  • Gigifusc 16/06/2017

    @gudnikristinn See. People say that. And they're right for sure. But that change (that actually began with 4) has kept the series going to this day because it was getting seriously stale. It's one of the biggest challenges developers face when creating long running series. They become stale, the audience turns off and your £100M IP becomes worthless overnight.

    At least RE kept going and remained interesting despite not really appealing to me past 5.
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  • Gigifusc 15/06/2017

    Let's not beat around the Monster Bush here. Those MH fans that are pissed off and angry - for whatever reason - will be handing their money to Capcom regardless of what console its on. Heck, those guys will buy Xbox ones and PS4's to play it. MH is like crack cocaine for their hardcore fans in the same way WoW is for their fanbase.

    Yeh, you might get the odd person who is rebellious enough to not buy it, but that's a tiny percentage.

    Me? I'm just over the moon that it's coming to PS4 cos I can't see myself buying a Switch for at least another year and a half and I'm not a huge 3DS player so.... perfect! ;)
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  • Xbox Game Pass launches 1st June

  • Gigifusc 24/05/2017

    So, £100 a year for this. Plus £45 odd for XBL gold.

    I guess it's a personal thing - if you're going to get £150 worth out of it every year, then it's worth it. Not sure how I'd quantify that value though.

    For what it's worth - I think PSNow isn't for me either.
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  • Mass Effect series "on ice" following Andromeda disappointment

  • Gigifusc 12/05/2017

    Yeh, I saw this coming tbh. A lot of different things at play for me. An all new storyline that left behind a highly praised one with all the loved characters removed. That's a tough call from the off IMO. The animation quality blew up. Tough start. Reviews were mixed. And to top it all off, the cost of the game was sky high premium. (I think it was going for over £50 on PSN, which must have put a certain demographic off - it did me - I was waiting for it drop price before I bought it).

    I also think dropping the save feature also played a part. It was such a major part of playing all three previous games. They really should have found a way to upload your save files into the new game but also - if I've understood, there was never a save intended between Andromeda and its sequels right?

    I guess I'm saying the decisions they made weren't the right ones - at least for me - and then to top it off with tech issues etc. Any one of those things can cause a game to fail, but when all of them are in play? Becomes very difficult to continue.

    I really hope they do make another one. I'll have to wait to play before I make a call on the new characters and storyline but the ME universe and the general core gameplay is pretty damn fantastic IMO. Even the IP itself is just too valuable to throw away surely? Sad anyway.
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  • Square Enix trying to find a buyer for IO, future of Hitman in doubt

  • Gigifusc 11/05/2017

    @mostro Well, MS do have an excellent reputation for buying dev studio's and getting the best out of them..... ..... Reply +1
  • Gigifusc 11/05/2017

    @TekMerc Oh. Now there's a question. I just always assumed it was owned by SE. So I'm not 100% sure. Sorry. Reply 0
  • Gigifusc 11/05/2017

    Hmm. Difficult to know what's going on here tbh. Certainly the latest Hitman game has received critical acclaim. The profit numbers aren't available so it could be that they haven't made as much money as the review scores hint at. I'm not convinced of that tbh. The series gained a lot of press thanks to the timed assassinations and usually, that kind of PR and marketing leads directly to $$$.

    I'm more inclined to think that this is more to do with their next project than the current Hitman. It could be that the next thing came in at just too high a cost. Square are not in a position to spend £50/60M on a new Hitman game. Their biz model just doesn't work that way. That kind of cash is really reserved for their real big mass audience hitters like Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy's.

    Instinct tells me IO have been given an opportunity to find themselves a new publisher who will back them to the tune that they feel they deserve. I'm also assuming that means NOT the Hitman series because as SE owned IP, they are hardly going to give it up - unless the new owner pays for it of course.

    Where Square are concerned (at the least the western side anyway) they are a very financially calculated company - they don't really make decisions based on sentiment. If it doesn't make financial sense to continue developing with IO, they'll let the company go and won't look back. That might sound pretty cold from a game lovers POV, but they are certainly a business first and a games company 4th.
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  • Jelly Deals: Up to 90% off classic PC horror games from GOG

  • Gigifusc 27/04/2017

    @AlFra 7th Guest was one of the games that helped push the CDRom format. At the time, there was hardly anything worth having one for. When it came along, everyone was like, 'WOW!'/

    It literally sold CDR drives.
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  • 10 games that defined the ZX Spectrum

  • Gigifusc 10/04/2017

    Loads and loads of great Speccy games. A veritable galaxy full, one might say.

    Three I haven't seen listed below:
    Match Point - THE best tennis game at the time
    Deathchase - An excellent Return of the Jedi/Endor bike scene game.
    Sir Fred - was a good but tough platformer that had really nice physics on a very well animated main character
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  • Yooka-Laylee patch targets camera issues and performance

  • Gigifusc 06/04/2017

    There are a LOT of bugs that can be fixed on the last week. Reply 0
  • BioWare issues statement on Mass Effect Andromeda future

  • Gigifusc 30/03/2017

    I'm left wondering how much of this cluster fuck was the fault of EA upper and middle management interference and how much was studio upper and middle management interference and how much was possibly just not strong enough work-floor employees?

    I'm also very worried that the studio and the series will be terminated. Let's be honest, EA wouldn't blink twice to make that decision. For me, it's just too important an IP to lose just because they fucked up on the first new gen game.

    I wanted a new trilogy dammit with a continuous save file! :(
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  • Super Bomberman R for Nintendo Switch costs £50, Konami says

  • Gigifusc 19/01/2017

    @NullDev Yeh, you're probably right. As I said, I'll be interested to see sales figures post release. Reply 0
  • Gigifusc 19/01/2017

    @NullDev fair enough. But someone at some point must have run the numbers and realised they were about to sell a Bomberman game for £50. And no-one thought 'yeh, that's not viable'.

    Of course its entirely possible that this is being paid for in part by Nintendo and is intended as a loss leader? Maybe?
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  • Gigifusc 19/01/2017

    Wow. I can't imagine paying £50 for this.

    I can't help but think Nintendo have taken a massive wrong turn with their pricing structure on the Switch. Maybe they're relying on their huge fanbase to cough up ealry and within a year, prices will fall through the floor?
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  • Nintendo's precarious reveal runs risk of Switching off fans

  • Gigifusc 13/01/2017

    Aaaaaaaannnd I'm out.

    Sorry Ninty. As much as I love you and want to play that odd looking Mario game, I'm not paying £280 for the privilege. When the console drops to sub £200, I might get it as a xmas or birthday present. Sorry.
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  • Nintendo patent hints at VR support for Switch

  • Gigifusc 16/12/2016

    SO happy that Nintendo are doing this. VR is going to explode pretty soon and the number of game experiences you can now have on the Switch just multiplied by 1000.

    Considering I wasn't interested when they first announced, the possible low price point + VR has now put me solidly in the 'getting one' camp.

    For those that doubt VR - I was one of you. Honestly, I thought it would a flash in the pan, same as 3D cinema and TV's. But now that I'm working with it and have tried a whole bunch of stuff, the difference it makes to 'presence' in any game is unbelievable. The problem at the moment is that most of us don't really know how to use it properly yet. So we're creating bits of experience here, bits of experience there and none of it is giving huge amounts of gameplay (it's a lot of WOW moments), nor much depth etc.

    But as we develop more VR games, we'll learn to overcome problems such as how to do FPS in VR and once some clever clogs has done that? Whooo! We won't need to fake world we live in now. :)

    And of course, the cost is a real problem - but that will go down. Google Daydream is pretty cool and over the next 6 months to a year, there'll be good stuff on that I think. :)

    BTW - for anyone who has the full Rift setup (including controllers), have a play of Bullet train. It's fricking awesome. :)
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  • The Wii U a failure? Far from it

  • Gigifusc 04/11/2016

    Personally speaking, I ultimately judge a console on how many great games I play on it. The WiiU is probably the console with the least amount of great games according to my own personal preference ever.

    The best game on the console for me was the Windwaker remake. A remake should not be the best game on any console. (although as a unique piece of gaming, maybe this game stands alone).

    3D Mario world was ok but not as good as either Galaxy games or 3D Land on 3DS IMO.
    New SMBU was good but the formula is starting to show its age for me.
    Pikmin was good but not as good as 2.
    Splatoon just wasn't my kind of game at all but I accept a lot of Nintendo fans loved it.
    Cpt Toad was a great idea but lacked enough depth and variety to keep me interested for very long.
    MK8 was.. MK8. Added nothing more to the previous 3 or 4 iterations.
    Smash bros isn't my kind of game but again, I know a lot love it.
    Rayman legends was possibly the best example (Nintendo World aside) of how to use the gamepad and the TV at the same time - a very good game.

    Beyond that, I'm struggling to even mention anything else.

    Considering I paid top dollar for it when it was first released, it's been the most disappointing games machine I've purchased - and I've purchased pretty much all the mainline ones since the 80's
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  • Face-Off: Batman: Return to Arkham

  • Gigifusc 27/10/2016

    Really disappointed to read this. Have put off replaying the PS3 versions specifically to buy these. They were day one purchases for me but held off when I heard bits and pieces that they may have messed up the ports. Won't be buying them now. I'll be happy replaying my PS3 versions. Real shame. :( Reply +1
  • Uncharted remasters to be available individually next month

  • Gigifusc 09/10/2016

    U3 had a very slow start for me. The flashback to Drakes childhood was particularly dull and the pacing poor. But once you got past the first 2/3 odd hours it got better and better and then, you hit the ship and sea level and it becomes one of the best games levels ever created. Hell, the game's worth playing just to experience the sea simulator IMO.

    It does of course suffer from the getting stuck in a particular location problem but tbf, that's an issue for all linear games.
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  • Lego Dimensions studio on its experimental year two, Marvel and Star Wars

  • Gigifusc 27/09/2016

    So there's going to be a new Dr Who story level? Is that free or paid for DLC? Or will I need to buy a second Dr Who toy set? Reply 0
  • Rapture leaked: The true story behind the making of BioShock

  • Gigifusc 20/09/2016

    Levine's an arsehole. Sorry. I know many see him as some kind of genius and will buy the shit from his shoe if he sold it, but he's a typical Napolean twat who uses and abuses people at his whim. I'll never give him a penny of my money again - and that's coming from someone who fricking LOVED Bioshock. Reply 0
  • Finally, Mario comes to iPhone

  • Gigifusc 09/09/2016

    @DakeyrasUK Yeh, that's all fine. Not arguing against you. I'm just saying that the description 'endless runner' has become wider reaching than just the Temple Run type game. Mario Run fits the general description of the genre title. (Not being funny but, it's even in the games title! Reply 0
  • Gigifusc 08/09/2016

    @DakeyrasUK Technically, you're correct of course. But the term 'endless runner' has changed I feel and is more a description of one-button games where the player character is automatically running and you have no control to, nor is the game designed for you to, stop.

    The Rayman touch screen games are another example of this.
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  • Castle of Illusion remake will be removed from sale on Friday

  • Gigifusc 01/09/2016

    It's a decent enough game. Not a patch on the original though - really lost a lot in translation for me at least. Went from a 10/10 to about a 6.5. Reply 0
  • PlayStation Plus' free September offerings include Journey, Lords of the Fallen

  • Gigifusc 01/09/2016

    @Mar27w When you don't renew, do you lose your entire library or are they still there once you renew? Reply +1
  • Gigifusc 01/09/2016

    Scratch that. Just checked. I bought it on 3rd August. Shitty move Sony. Reply +2
  • Gigifusc 01/09/2016

    Shit month for me. I've got them already. I literally bought Journey a few weeks ago as it was on sale. They shouldn't do that. Games that are coming on PS+ shouldn't be on sale for 2 months before. Not great customer relations tbh. Ah well. Reply +1
  • Yooka-Laylee playable for the first time anywhere at EGX

  • Gigifusc 30/08/2016

    DOP on PS4 for me. Can't wait. God, I hope they include the sandbox level in the console version!! Reply 0
  • "We have to do better when we launch NX"

  • Gigifusc 26/08/2016

    @geox30 Yes. Porting to the PS3 was a total pain in the arse at first. And yet, a lot of publishers and developers did it, stuck with it and made a lot of money from it. And those pubs and devs likely have a relationship with Sony as a result of that meaning they had/have access to the PS4. Reply 0
  • Gigifusc 26/08/2016

    @PlugMonkey LOL. Fair enough. :) Reply +1
  • Gigifusc 26/08/2016

    @geox30 Ok, sorry. Think we're at crossed purposes. I didn't mean 3rd party's avoided Nintendo because their consoles were underpowerd. That's a combination of Nintendo being a horrible platform holder for developers and publishers to deal with (historically at least) AND the fact that they have to spend a considerable amount of money, time and effort to change their games so they work on Nintendo platforms - something they don't need to do when porting between PS4 and BX1. (other than the obvious internal tech differences of course). :) Reply +2
  • Gigifusc 26/08/2016


    "Cheap, simple, fun"
    "Nintendo NX. At home. On the go. Cheap. Simple. Fun."

    Both of those send chills down my spine and put me off completely. (which is probably why the NX will be the first Nintendo home console that I won't buy for several years).

    Sorry. :)
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  • Gigifusc 26/08/2016

    @PixelJumper Yeh, I think I would too if it had good enough games on it. But I'm not convinced we're a big demographic. :) Reply +1
  • Gigifusc 26/08/2016

    @geox30 No, I don't think they did. The 3rd party AAA's weren't really there on GC. There was one Mario game that is considered as poor mans version of their greatest IP.

    I wouldn't need much more than my two hands to count the number of great games on the GC.

    Metroid Prime
    Paper Mario
    Res Evil 4

    I know there were several more but I start to struggle from there tbh.
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  • Gigifusc 26/08/2016

    @PlugMonkey Sorry mate, I'm not 100% sure I follow you.

    I think we're saying similar things - I'm saying that they should forget about this ideal of changing the gaming experience for every console they release. Just make a powerful console with a pad. Put shitloads of great classic and new IP on there.

    If they can get 3rd party AAA games back on their console, the addition of their own IP will make it the #1 console. Well, IMO at least. :)
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  • Gigifusc 26/08/2016

    @7M7 The GC was an odd looking console but again, didn't have the games.

    Other than Nintendo fans, why would anyone want a games console without a wide variety of games on offer?
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  • Gigifusc 26/08/2016

    @mega-gazz yes. Again, a very good point. I'm not sure how they would overcome this problem tbh. They definitely do not want to go the way of Sega (arguably, that destroyed Sega so...).

    I guess one way to do it is simply create a 3rd console that is on a par power wise with the PS4 & XB1 and forget this road they've been on since the Wii to try and reinvent the home console experience. That would place them as an inbetween 2nd console of choice but would still get them a lot of sales - especially off the back of their IP.

    The NX is a mid ground between home and portable gaming device - which is great. But I think most people agree that 3rd parties just won't bother with it. The mobile phones have all but destroyed the portable gaming market at the moment because people don't want to carry two devices with them everywhere.

    So for me, I'd say just be that 2nd console in peoples houses.

    My caveat of course, as stated below, is that if they put bucketloads of their great IP on the NX, then it will sell anyway. So maybe that's another thing to look at - stop drip feeding games out. Push lots of your own games including loads of old, beloved IP as well as loads of new IP. How refreshing would that be?
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  • Gigifusc 26/08/2016

    @PlugMonkey Sorry, I can't agree. Older gamers (myself included) enjoy Nintendo games as much as we enjoy AAA's like AC.

    My own children (13 & 11) enjoy Nintendo games and whilst my daughter isn't into action games etc, my son sees the appeal of the Arkham games, the AC games and even the COD's. (Of course, he doesn't actually play any of them because I won't let him, but he has friends that do).

    The point being that players cannot be put into such small pigeon holes - most gamers enjoy a wide and diverse type of game. Mobile gamers notwithstanding of course - they're a completely different lot. :)
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  • Gigifusc 26/08/2016

    @lukej Whilst I actually agree with pretty much everything you say there, I can't help but feel that, had Nintendo simply gotten more high profile, great games out on the system, it still would have been successful.

    They never really recovered from lack of 3rd party AAA support and then they never truly recovered from their own release schedule with no mainline Mario game and Zelda coming out towards the end of the console's lifespan.

    People can point to games like Splatoon - and yes, it might have been a really good game for purists and real gamers. But do you think the modern day gamer looks at Splatoon and thinks 'I have GOT to play that'? Personally, I don't think they do.

    But when they see Assassins Creed London, or COD or Halo or Uncharted or even FIFA 20xx - they do.

    Just my opinions anyway...
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  • Face-Off: F1 2016

  • Gigifusc 26/08/2016

    What's up with the car's turning circle in the F/R video? The tracks look so thin and the turn circle so small that you can't get around without hitting the sides? Reply 0
  • Surprise Fez update adds speedrun mode

  • Gigifusc 19/08/2016

    To people saying the world map was shit - I feel your pain and I understand why you're saying that 100%.

    I felt the same when I first played the game. But then, then, honestly, from the bottom of my jaded heart, something just... Clicked. I got it. I got exactly what he was trying to do with that shitty world map. I got how to read it and it was just fucking beautiful.

    I don't know if he intended it or it was by accident but I started to think of it as just another element that I had decipher. Fish didn't just hand us a normal world map that we could read with no effort - like 99% of games. He wanted us to work for it.

    Honestly, I shit you not. Once you figure it out, you learn to love that bastard map as a piece of art.
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  • Watch: Johnny is really terrible at the Sega Aladdin game

  • Gigifusc 12/08/2016

    I know i'm going to get my arse handed to me for saying this but... The Snes version of Aladdin was a sublime platform game. Nigh on perfect controls. The Sega version was more of an action combat patformer and wasn't as refined. Just my opinion. Sorry. The neg button is just there -> Reply +4
  • The making of Head Over Heels

  • Gigifusc 08/08/2016

    Head Over Heels remains one of my all time favourite games across every gaming machine ever made.

    It really is sublime. I can't express how much joy it gave me back then and continues to give me today (I still play it often) and I can't thank Ritman, Drummond and Stevens enough for creating this bit of gaming heaven. I'll be honest, I rate it higher than any of the Ultimate games.

    If you haven't played it, I recommend giving the Amiga version a go on emulator. The crisp higher res doesn't jar as much as maybe the Speccy or C64 versions might. The save slots will also help because, yes, it's flipping HUGE!
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  • Telltale's Batman has a bit of an identity crisis

  • Gigifusc 02/08/2016

    "Alfred in particular suffers from this, with everything he says to Bruce coming across as both a reprimand and a slightly creepy and unnecessary variation of "Hey, remember how your parents are dead?"

    Three examples are given. The one about myths is incorrect. It is not a nod to his parents death.

    It's a tiny thing. I'm just saying. :)
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  • Gigifusc 02/08/2016

    Just wanted to add that the report above takes some of Alfred's words out of context. The 'myth' he's talking about is the myth Bruce is trying to create with Batman and is not a reference to his parents death at all. Reply 0
  • Gigifusc 02/08/2016

    @jacobpreston I think U2 has elevated moments that are up there with the best of them, but as an entire game, I have to disagree. Sorry. Reply 0
  • Gigifusc 02/08/2016

    yeh. Hate to say it, but I thought it didn't look great from the last trailer they released. There's still hope I guess if Ep2 plays better.

    I'll be holding off on this one. Not as a result of this report, but I'd made up my mind after watching that trailer. :(
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  • Ape Escape 2 for PS4 out now in Europe

  • Gigifusc 02/08/2016

    This'll tied me over nicely until YookaLaylee gets released. :)
    £5.99? can't scoff at that.
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