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  • Microsoft pledges to support Rare

  • Gigifusc 19/06/2014

    Really don't like it when people discard Rare's back catalogue of XB360 games. They were still putting out some good stuff right up until they were told to make Kinect games.

    Grabbed by the ghoulies
    Viva piņata 1 & 2
    BK nuts & bolts

    Ok they made a hash of Perfect Dark but the rest of those games ranged from good to very good. They certainly weren't shite.
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  • How to Play Video Games: A Women's Guide

  • Gigifusc 11/10/2013

    I'm torn on this. On the one hand I'm 100% behind Ellie and what she's trying to so. The VG industry is full of idiot men who have been given positions of power thanks to their Uni or Rugger mates...

    On the other hand. God Ellie you suck at Rainbow Islands!! 8O

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  • This is how Xbox One game trade-ins will work, apparently

  • Gigifusc 29/05/2013

    So how about this scenario then?

    I buy a game from the shop. Take it home and play it. I stop playing after a few weeks and move on to the next game.

    A few months later I think 'Hey, I fancy playing that game I bought a few months ago'. I go to play that game and get a message saying 'This game is not registered to you'.

    I promise you - that WILL happen.
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