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  • Thumper review

  • Ghibli 21/10/2016

    I initially didn't see the the appeal of thumper, but after getting that first VR hit from it I was pretty much blown away. I'm surprised by just how much I like it. Level 3 is bastard hard though. ;) Reply +5
  • Make Sail looks like a physics-based Wind Waker

  • Ghibli 30/09/2016

    @PixelJumper Oh, absolutely I'm pretty sure my post hints at that.

    But stating that everyone else has the same opinion is probably going to be wrong. Probably. ;)
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  • Ghibli 29/09/2016

    Because everyone thinks their opinion is the only opinion.

    I loved the sailing in wind waker. This could well be my first Fig contribution.
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  • Blizzard reveals fix for Overwatch thumbstick acceleration control

  • Ghibli 26/09/2016

    @7M7 in all honesty, the closest I've ever come was the move control system on the very last socom game. The wand itself is a very close analog (ha) to the mouse in certain genres.

    For all the flak it took, for FPS games that control system could be amazing, if a little sore on the arms initially. ;)
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  • Ghibli 26/09/2016

    It always amazes me just how far gamers can divide into tiny little tribes.

    "Ha! Look at those controller using plebs, with their inferior control systems! Oh those poor, misinformed, utterly unskilled nooblings. I am clearly intellectually superior and it goes without saying, far more skilled with my only half analogue system that just allows me to click any point on the screen at will!

    Look at me! I'm CLICKING AGAIN!"

    Christ, just enjoy whatever it is you use, people. Divide any more and you'll be amoebas.
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  • Report: Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey secretly funded pro-Trump meme website

  • Ghibli 24/09/2016

    Putintroll? On EG? You're wasting your time dude. Reply 0
  • Redout is the next-gen WipEout you've been waiting for

  • Ghibli 11/09/2016

    @Musouka that's for the info. Good to know my right thumb might have to do some work ;) Reply 0
  • Ghibli 08/09/2016

    I'll be having this!

    Shame there's not a combat mode though. I miss the quake.
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  • The Tomorrow Children: A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma

  • Ghibli 09/09/2016

    Really well put Christian. You've eloquently explained a game I was struggling to explain to my friends. I really should expect no less from you.I'm utterly sucked in and love the aesthetic and atmosphere of the whole thing, although I do wonder if all of this is more strongly evoked in those of us who grew up during the Cold War.

    To be fair, you can slowly accumulate the freeman dollars ( MT money) just by picking it up off the floor as you play. I easily accumulate 40 or 50 in a session which is enough for a black market tool etc.

    I'm not sure I buy into the joylessness of it. I actually enjoy the busywork in a weird way. The mining, I find really satisfying, I've also taken down more than a couple of Izvergs, and driven out to find loads of of matryoshka dolls in their feet, or a hoard of black market tools etc.

    And leaving the town to it's fate when a metal godzilla is attacking?! To get a poptart! You're the monster Christian. You're the real monster ;) I've delayed our family dinner in order to fight one off! ;)

    Our town was succesfully restored last night (Wanmorgorod) and by the end it rivalled the Blackpool illuminations for the verve in which we as a community had lit the place with those little light plants that dot the mining structures. Wordlessly, we all got the idea, and we turned that town into a brilliant place, filled with beautiful pools of light.

    I don't resent the founder's pack purchase at all. I kind of look at it as me turning the game into a not F2P game ( literally, yes, but also functionally), as having bought an extra pocket or two and a hooky driving licence, I don't really see the need to fork out any more money at all anyway.
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  • Assetto Corsa console review

  • Ghibli 31/08/2016

    It's the AI that are killing it for me right now. Even with a pad, the handling is brilliant, but even just choosing single races, the AI either sail of into the distance or punt you off the track.

    I love the thing, but I didn't buy it just to hotlap. It's a bit costly just for that*. This handling model slotted into pCars would rock.

    *Especially as it that handling model pushed me over the edge into buying a G29 the next day. Thankfully that was with pCars and Dirt Rally in mind as well.
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  • Here are Overwatch characters reimagined as dogs

  • Ghibli 26/08/2016

    Very cute.

    But nothing, NOTHING, can beat Winnie the Pooh characters as giant robots.

    Winnie the Robot

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  • Battlefield 1's Ł40 Premium Pass features French army, Russian Empire

  • Ghibli 24/08/2016

    @Arrit exactly. I have a number of friends ( more historically minded than I am ) who were already exasperated at the way they've arranged the nations involved.

    I suspect this won't go down very well...
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  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's annoying microtransactions in the spotlight

  • Ghibli 24/08/2016

    This is almost as awful as some of the acting. MacCree is horrendous imo and surprisingly is played by Peter Serafinowicz.

    It's a good game IMO, I'm enjoying it. But stuff like this really does sour the experience a bit.
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  • When it comes to Spain, I kind of wish Civ 6 had chosen a different Philip

  • Ghibli 24/08/2016


    "It was making him look like Snoopy on a serious downer, to be specific."

    Is Droopy not a thing anymore? ;)
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  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare developers on the battle with the backlash

  • Ghibli 24/08/2016

    @CJWhlr I even have the box set, which took so so long to get made ;)

    I feel the same way. The last CoD that I enjoyed was 4. This has my interest piqued.
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  • Watchdog investigates Future merger with Imagine

  • Ghibli 22/08/2016

    Cheers for looking into this Wesley. It'd be a crying shame if either GamesTm or Edge went.

    /clinging on to the old ways in the face of their inevitable demise... ;)
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  • Disgruntled No Man's Sky players thrust Sony's PS4 refund policy back into the spotlight

  • Ghibli 19/08/2016

    Although I like NMS, Sony's customer service has been horrendous this gen. I've had to deal with them a couple of times recently, and it's been the worst of any company I've dealt with in several years. They need pulled up on it much more.

    A far cry from the excellent service i had from them in the ps3 era.
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  • Capybara's long-awaited Below delayed indefinitely

  • Ghibli 19/08/2016

    It's the right choice. It's a brave choice.

    But... :(
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  • No Man's Sky modders start by shutting up your exosuit

  • Ghibli 17/08/2016

    @blerk2000 the internet's little attack-gerbils never are, I suspect. ;) Reply -2
  • Ghibli 17/08/2016

    @almondo nice to meet you. Bye. Reply -1
  • Ghibli 17/08/2016

    What's really awful, IMO, regardless of whether you like the game or not, is the decidedly nasty attempt to character assassinate another developer. It's almost as if that sad little rush they got from the PM affair has got them looking for any excuse to fuck someone up. Reply +4
  • ReCore's new trailer does a good job of showcasing Metroid Prime dev's next game

  • Ghibli 17/08/2016

    @spamdangled that's the thing though. She has a jet pack as far as I can tell. It bursts into action when she jumps. It's a small detail that maybe needs emphasising more visually, but I don't really see much they could do otherwise. It fits the notion that she has a jet pack fairly well. Reply +8
  • Ghibli 17/08/2016

    It's not awful. It's just not studio Ghibli good. ;) Reply +3
  • No Man's Sky's most aggravating omission (on PS4)

  • Ghibli 13/08/2016

    Thing that gets me is there's a button to bring the HUD up in full. Just let me press it again, once or twice to remove the thing for screens. The pc allows you to permanently remove it in options, but I don't really want that, I'd rather press a button on the fly and bring the thing back again when I need it. Reply 0
  • Armello is coming to Xbox One this month

  • Ghibli 09/08/2016

    Played this extensively online with friends and it was consistently brilliant, consistently fun. It's rare we stick to one game for very long, but this lasted us a very chilled couple of months. Really recommend it to x1 players.

    Might be tempted to dive back in with the dlc.
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  • Pokémon Go removed from the Hiroshima Peace Memorial and Holocaust Museum

  • Ghibli 09/08/2016

    @5lectro I was honoured enough to visit the place many years ago. That building is the post office that stood directly under the blast and due to the shape of the blast, remained standing unlike everything else.

    It's right the centre of the memorial park. It actually is the memorial.

    Edit: must have been a lost in translation error. As I see it's referred to as a promotion hall now. I was taken there as a child, some 30 odd years ago.
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  • Overcooked review

  • Ghibli 08/08/2016

    My little un is loving this. It's pretty damn good local co-op family friendly fun. I'm gonna admit I actually love the music too. Reply +5
  • Prey For the Gods Kickstarter nears end with confirmed PS4 and Xbox One versions

  • Ghibli 05/08/2016

    They changed the kickstarter options to include consoles within a few days of it starting.

    Really chuffed at the level of funding they've achieved. It deserves a good moon shot. Proud to to be a backer :)
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  • Pokémon Go Articuno pair hope for normality after "madness" of internet spotlight

  • Ghibli 04/08/2016

    So many words for such a transient topic. I like the game myself, but sheesh.

    That said

    "We're sorry you are experiencing distress due to your social media post"

    Niantic's email does the best "sound like an apology but blame the victim" act I've seen in a while. Yes, you should be careful with your identity online, but the point of social media is to interact with people you know, every bit as much as people you don't.

    This is Niantic's fault, not hers. My opinion of them had never been high, but Nintendo and TPC will be surely be watching how niantic treat /their/ customers with a slight tinge of discomfort by now I'd have thought.
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  • After a flood of negative feedback, Pokémon Go's developer is finally ready to talk

  • Ghibli 02/08/2016

    I'll echo @waloex 's request here. I'm sure it's just an oversight, but as Internet "entity" making money out of your words and creativity, EG surely realise how important it is to at least have credit for the work you do. Reply +5
  • No Man's Sky leaker claims to have reached the centre of the galaxy already

  • Ghibli 01/08/2016

    @redcrayon agreed. Don't really get the uproar, when the centre was never the main attraction IMO.

    Same thing happens all the time. Weren't people trying to get an uproar going over fallout 4 before launch too? By people, I mean a little GAF army. Pointing to vids of someone crossing the map in a ridiculous time, claiming that was all there was to it.

    Nearly two hundred hours of enjoyable non-DLC gameplay later, it seems to me there a subset of gamers who are less interested in gaming than seeing devs fail. Hello Games only error IMO is that they allied themselves with a large platform holder. Something they need to do to get traction.
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  • Remedy is making the story mode for Korean shooter CrossFire 2

  • Ghibli 28/07/2016

    @martinknutsen it's entirely possible for artists to be capitalists too. They generally have to be to put food on the table. Reply +10
  • Headlander review

  • Ghibli 25/07/2016

    I don't doubt it has issues, but I hate when a review feels like the writing process started with the final punchline. This kinda feels like expecting a b movie to be citizen kane. Reply +2
  • Performance Analysis: Hawken

  • Ghibli 14/07/2016

    I'm not normally a big frames per second nut, is never something I obsessed over, but I've played both versions and honestly the ps4 one left me feeling nauseous. I think it looks better in stills but in motion... pass the bucket.

    The last game to do that to me was Epic Mickey. I didn't have the same issues with the x1 version, perhaps because I'm not too sensitive to tearing. Trouble is, while I actually did enjoy Hawken, on x1 it can't compare to TF IMO.
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  • Necropolis review

  • Ghibli 13/07/2016

    Totally agree johnny, I spent four or five lovely hours getting to know the game last night. So far, it's been a joy to play. It's got it's fair share of 0.5hrs played negative steam reviews, which seem to be from people who were expecting something entirely different.

    From my perspective, it's exactly what I was expecting, and exactly what I wanted.
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  • We need to talk about Pokémon Go's lure feature

  • Ghibli 11/07/2016

    @mazzaman89 thanks for the advice, I'll keep it in mind. Reply 0
  • PlayStation 4 filing points to DualShock 4 PC adapter

  • Ghibli 06/07/2016

    Well. Arguably, in the sense that you can start an argument about it while writing a "news" piece. If you feel like being a dick. Reply +24
  • The UK's two biggest video game magazine companies are now one

  • Ghibli 23/06/2016

    I love gamestm, and I love edge. Have subscribed to both for years. Really, really hope they both survive. Reply +6
  • These are the first Xbox Play Anywhere games

  • Ghibli 17/06/2016

    @PresidentCupcake totally agree. It just seems an odd omission. Basically I'm trying to figure out if can play something on my PC while a family member plays the same game on their account on our x1 ;) Reply 0
  • Ghibli 17/06/2016

    So I get the bit in the FAQ about it only being playable on the x1 or the pc at any one time, not both. But what about other people whose accounts are in your x1? Can you still share the game with them? Reply +1
  • Xbox One update revamps store with Top Free, Top Paid categories

  • Ghibli 06/06/2016

    Does it fix the UX pain in the ass where you start an app, it needs an update, so you update it, and then it disappears, leaving you to have to refind it in the app list and start it again?

    That's my one problem with the X1 UI. Just leave the app there for me to start it.

    List seems good though, although I dread the day the Xbox Mail app appears on that app list and I hear, "sorry guys, my boss just emailed me" at quarter to midnight in the middle of a coop boss fight. That said, it's going to be on their damn phone anyway.

    /hates email

    /or maybe just bosses
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  • Homefront, Fire Emblem fail to dislodge Doom and Uncharted 4

  • Ghibli 23/05/2016

    @The-Jack-Burton I had exactly the same Dead Space vibes. It's not just the setting, it's the sound design which are both up there as/with the best in the business IMO. Reply +1
  • In defence of Doom's multiplayer

  • Ghibli 20/05/2016

    I've loved the MP from the start. I do wonder how many of the Halo accusations simply come from knowing that some exHalo devs worked on it? It never occurred to me, certainly not as a bad thing. And I've been there for all the Dooms at launch, "purists" don't have an exclusive claim to a game like this imo. I think there's a bit of hysterical GAF negative bias at work here.

    It's not stellar, Overwatch will totally overshadow it, but it's not awful imo, but I find that it's very enjoyable. I would like to see weapons placed on the map, perhaps in a mode of it's own as suggested by @chakitty though. I miss that a bit.
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  • Battleborn review

  • Ghibli 06/05/2016

    It's a wonderfully horrendous time to be a gamer right now. So many excellent games coming out in quick succession. I almost feel like I've been Tangoed.

    I've got this, and don't regret it one bit. I don't really do Mobas but this and Paragon have brought me into the genre. When it gels, the battles in this are absolutely peerless. I've had an enormous amount of pleasure from it already.

    For the record I am ALSO loving Overwatch. I'm probably in on that too. They don't really step on each others toes too much tbh. And then there's doom, which I love despite the mass Internet hate, and UC4 incoming. To be followed by NMS. My wallet is in shock.
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  • Dark Souls dev begins work on new IP - report

  • Ghibli 27/04/2016

    I hope they bring something as fresh as their online approach to Demon's Souls. That's the legacy IMO.

    In the meantime though... Chromehounds reboot? please? I like AC, but Chromies was my fave. Proper lumbering beasts of mechs.
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  • Is Battleborn any fun if you don't know what you're doing?

  • Ghibli 15/04/2016

    I and a group of friends - all old enough and ugly enough to have decided that MP was no longer for them - played this last week. SP was good simple co-op fun that introduced some key ideas. Then we braved MP and surprised ourselves by having a great time and actually winning. It was less high octane epeen than we were expecting, and I think the borderlands humour and cartoon style help that immensely.

    Simply put, it's just like PvZ, in that game it's impossible to get CoD rage when your nemesis is a giggling sunflower. Here the same thing applies except it's probably a giant bloke with a tiny head. It's difficult to take it too seriously and so the pressure is off.

    Paragon, is comparatively po faced and so you do see people raging and being toxic. I say this as someone who disliked MOBAS until Paragon came along. I think it's an engrossing game. But Battleborn is friendlier even just at its core.

    They've done a great job in that respect, so I'm likely in on it come launch day.

    Edit: just to add @LittleSparra is right. Lack of keyboard chat is also a big factor. Something that can be an issue with Paragon, it being crossplat.
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  • Dirt Rally console review

  • Ghibli 30/03/2016

    There seems to be an army of Ken Block / gymkhana fangirls negging any comment celebrating it's demise. Neg away ladies, I'm so looking forward to a rally game free of American booyah, and not a single second of car ballet. There I said it. Burn those tutus, they're of no use here.

    Also, while it doesn't set my ire on high alert, the review really does seem to be pretty lacking, and seems more of an explanation of what rally is than how the game actually plays.

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  • Sony closes Driveclub developer Evolution

  • Ghibli 22/03/2016

    That's a truly shitty decision. After a turnaround like driveclub, and truly great racers like Motorstorm and the PS2 wrc games. This hardens my heart that bit more towards Sony than I would like.

    On the one hand I'm excited about the games Sony offer us, the variety and the ethos. On the other I have no time for the kind of disloyalty shown here especially after what must have been months of long nights, making driveclub not only right, but an amazing game.

    Sony Liverpool was bad enough. This is even harder to swallow.

    Devs take note. Don't get into bed with corporations like this. You might expect loyalty in return for your efforts, they never see it that way.

    I hope you all get fantastic jobs elsewhere Evo. I for one, will miss you.
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  • Watch: Five minutes of Vermintide Xbox One gameplay

  • Ghibli 17/03/2016

    @LittleSparra I'm not sure what you're trying to say? Do the caps signify your tribe? Reply 0
  • Ghibli 16/03/2016

    Aha! Now that I've had time to watch it, Chris asked the right question two minutes in. Thanks Chris! Very interesting, if obtuse answer too. Here's hoping! Reply +1