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  • Digital Foundry vs Super Stardust Ultra on PS4

  • Ghibli 16/02/2015

    Wait. Are you actually criticising a remastered version of Super Stardust for being too much like Super Stardust?? If they were to mix things up as much as you seem to want, then you'd have a different game.

    And being fair to housemarque, that's flipping Resogun. ;)
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  • Rich Stanton on: Requiem for a dreamer

  • Ghibli 14/02/2015

    @George-Roper "Get the fuck out"

    It would be nice to see you take your own advice. Maybe play some games or something. From what I've seen over the years you've become nothing but a tired old sub-troll.
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  • Ghibli 14/02/2015

    There's a point where a bit of a kicking may be deserved, but then there comes a point where it just becomes a savaging. A schadenfreude Shitfest, which reflects on the angry mob, the press most of all, more than the recipient.

    Eurogamer, you are getting very close to that line now. Yes he has lied, everyone on the internet has their tale of woe, but you're flinging a lot of shit and the wind has a tendency to change. I hope this is your last article of this kind, on PM at least. The first one was a fantastic piece of journalism. This one is great too. I hope this quality continues, but you've now said your piece twice, and barely acknowledged your own complicity.

    I feel really sad to read all this. PM has produced many of my favourite games; sadly, the last of those is likely to have been Fable 2. It's not something to take pleasure in, Imho. Hopefully Pitchford (who my autocorrect always seems to insist on calling pitchfork, aptly), and others of that ilk will take note.
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  • Eurogamer has dropped review scores

  • Ghibli 10/02/2015

    Good move Oli. I'm glad you're making it. Hopefully it'll encourage more people to read the damn reviews now. Reply +2
  • Surprise! New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition goes on sale

  • Ghibli 06/01/2015

    What I don't get is why they would deliberately avoid doing this during the western world's most popular present buying season of the year, and then launch it immediately after with little time or notice, exactly when most folk have no money, and probably too many games.

    Either their marketing and sales folks are evil genius types with a world conquering hidden agenda that no-one can discern, or they are complete chumps.

    I may be a little cheesed off that I didn't get the email despite having bought the DS, and 3DS on launch day. Oh...
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  • David Goldfarb on: Three seasons in game development

  • Ghibli 20/12/2014

    @Lunatic4ever you need help Reply +7
  • CVG to close

  • Ghibli 19/12/2014

    Real shame to see those jobs,and the name, go. I remember convincing my dad to buy the first issue for me. :( Reply +1
  • Video: Can Dying Light make up for Dead Island?

  • Ghibli 16/12/2014

    Oh FFS, please stop with the hackneyed "let's get clicks by putting a number in front of the title, because yeah that works" crap. Seriously, most annoying thing on the net, next to EG's ridiculous attitude to Dead Island, and their overuse and misuse of the word "gimmick".

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  • Tekken 7's chief developer doesn't take kindly to mixed Lucky Chloe reaction

  • Ghibli 09/12/2014

    @Thetick About a week after Mass Effect 3 came out. Reply +7
  • Eurogamer vs Tom Bramwell

  • Ghibli 28/11/2014

    Sad to see you go Tom. I was here as a B-list user for a very long time ( in the guise of BraveArse - at one point I threw a hissy fit, deleted my character and decided to go with a less offensive name :) ). Was proud to have you on my friendslist for a while, and just wish I was a little less reticent about hitting you up for a game or two, rather than just exchanging the odd message. The older me, the current one, would have no such issues.

    You are, without doubt, the one voice I truly respect in the gaming landscape. And the ones that are really getting there, are the ones that you brought along for the ride. I tend to have an issue with a lot of the people who call themselves journalists in this arena, especially online. You, Tom, are the real deal, and have pushed that ethos with a ferocity and willingness that can only be admired. I really, hope that your protégés and successors, take up the flag and carry it forward, because I genuinely think the games industry needs people like you, more now than ever.

    Good luck, Tom. And enjoy the rest. Just don't rest too long!
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  • Catastrophe games: How Spelunky and XCOM helped prepare me for an incurable illness

  • Ghibli 26/11/2014

    Deeply moved by this Christian, it resonates with my own situation quite strikingly, Thanks for having the courage to put this out there. Reply +3
  • PlanetSide 2 PS4 beta planned for 2014

  • Ghibli 14/11/2014

    @XBBB It's "your", not "you're". If /you're/ going to question another person's intelligence, it is generally best to be bullet-proof on the same front. Reply +5
  • Everything not saved will be lost

  • Ghibli 08/11/2014

    This is the thing, really: that Destiny's science fiction is local, and its future seems reachable. These are our lunar modules on the moon, our spindly scaffold tech. We're nearly there. We will be.
    Those are our Renault Clios and Vauxhall Corsas littering Venus.
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  • Bungie pays tribute to Destiny's famous loot cave

  • Ghibli 16/10/2014

    @penhalion I had this in the beta. One guy kept slapping my toon. It escalated from slaps to guns when I did nothing. Then, a split second after he escalated to rocket launcher, I saluted his steaming corpse. Then my fireteam danced around him for a while. He didn't bother respawning. =) Reply 0
  • Minecraft Xbox One release date confirmed

  • Ghibli 03/09/2014

    "Crack cocaine of video games for kids. Not my bag but you have to admire its success. ( Or maybe not as it's directly responsible for that Stampy fella )"

    God, my 9 year old is as addicted to him as she is to minecraft. That "Helloooo!" is like nails on a blackboard.
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  • BioWare Austin unveils four-on-one online RPG Shadow Realms

  • Ghibli 13/08/2014

    I used to live in Embra, but the festival is a pain in the ass so I moved to Fife instead . :)

    Really intrigued by this, don't know if anyone else remembers Jay Allard talking about the idea of "anti coop" many moons ago, but it's nice to see it finally filtering through to gamers a couple of gens later.
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  • Abyss Odyssey review

  • Ghibli 24/07/2014

    Huh. I thought I'd seen an Abe's Odyssey comment already. Obviously not. Reply +12
  • You've got male

  • Ghibli 19/07/2014

    @DreadedWalrus I'm assuming it isn't not unintended. Reply +1
  • Codemasters responds to Grid Autosport £2.39 Boost Pack DLC criticism

  • Ghibli 16/07/2014

    "There is a silent subset of players that do like that sort of content."

    See. To me. This is the pretty much the exact opposite of content.
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  • The game developer, the CIA, and the sculpture driving them crazy

  • Ghibli 09/06/2014

    What a cracking story!

    I'll get my coat...

    Actually, I enjoyed this immensely. More long form work like this please!
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  • Evolve's multiplayer hunting entertains, if you play properly

  • Ghibli 22/05/2014

    @RichardC Doesn'r really make it any different from Monster Hunter and it's ilk though. You will surely play as a team due to the way it's structured.

    I'm not sure I'll have any goal in mind while playing Evolve, other than "have fun".
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  • Ghibli 22/05/2014

    Evolve is a team based, asymmetrical coop game. Why would you play it as a deathmatch? It's not like L4D went down the pan because no-one played it properly. Reply +2
  • The end of gimmicks?

  • Ghibli 17/05/2014

    A gimmick is /any/ device used to enhance the illusion. It's not automatically a bad thing. It's just about the most misused word in the gaming journalism lexicon. All gaming is based on gimmicks, from analog controls to 3D graphics. Thank fuck for gimmicks. Reply +3
  • Bound By Flame review

  • Ghibli 13/05/2014

    Actual review score aside, if you're going to bring up typos in a review, you'd better do it in a coherent sentence.

    "These games are packed with typos, glitchy animation and poorly rendered cut-scenes - and on this level /this the/ game excels..."
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  • Xbox One update will fix "hidden, harder to use" social features

  • Ghibli 09/01/2014

    @Widge totally agree. Also, words like "funnest" get on my nips. Reply 0
  • The Witcher gets a board game spin-off

  • Ghibli 08/01/2014

    @munki83 it'll be like Spin The Bottle. ;) Reply 0
  • Ubisoft quiet on The Division delay report

  • Ghibli 08/01/2014

    To be honest, if they were to launch within months of Destiny it would be death for them anyway. Take the time to make it amazing UbiSoft. Reply +6
  • Shooting cars: The art of Gran Turismo 6's photography

  • Ghibli 19/12/2013

    Also, have to say. I'm a sucker for games that make the effort to simulate photography well. I spend more time in the photo mode than in the game. That goes for Pikmin 3, Wipeout and a bunch of other games. Reply +1
  • Ghibli 19/12/2013


    That's a bloody good explanation.

    I'm lucky/unlucky enough to be a professional 'tog, and I'm actually going to send people to this article as a decent starting point to understanding the basics of a DSLR. I get asked about it all the time, you've just saved me a huge amount of repetition. ;)
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  • Bathurst revealed in new Gran Turismo 6 trailer

  • Ghibli 03/10/2013

    @Marrrfooo Agree 100% - I really miss proper track racers like Race Pro and Shift. All I want is race prepared, formula cars on real life tracks with proper handling.

    I'll no doubt love DC and GT6 but if Evolution or Polyphony were to build some kind of GTR or Touring Car game, I'd be the happiest puppy at the happy puppy convention.
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  • Inside Paradox, the strangest company in video games

  • Ghibli 25/09/2013

    Really enjoyed that article, more of these please!

    Also, some excellent portrait photography there. Unusual for this site, was it Paradox's own imagery, or did you commission a photographer yourselves?
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  • Back on the farm again: How Enemy Within redefines XCOM

  • Ghibli 21/08/2013

    Loved Enemy Unknown so this is guaranteed sale from me even if it is so close to the new console launches.

    I loved the MP too, so it's great to see the new MP maps. Anyone know if they improved the User Experience in MP though? The biggest pain was getting dumped out of a game with a friend, rather than back into a lobby ready to go again.
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  • Live: Sony Gamescom Conference

  • Ghibli 20/08/2013

    Is the sound a bit iffy for anyone else? Reply 0
  • Ghibli 20/08/2013

    @ellie gibson

    Ooooh - bake off! Didn't know it was starting!
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  • Slightly Mad to stop accepting funds for Project CARS

  • Ghibli 25/07/2013

    @ianbell I'll be signing up for that methinks. Really hope that WMD manages to retain some semblance of its original form.

    Cut out the middle men as much as possible and there's a bright future for gaming.
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  • A list of every confirmed PlayStation 4 game

  • Ghibli 13/06/2013

    @iluvrice2 look, I'm not sure what your issue is with me. I said something early on which people seemed to like ( rare for me and not my intention). You seem to have taken that as a signal to have a pop.

    Excitement IN MY OPINION has jack all to do with sales figures. It has everything to do with SUBJECTIVITY. Objectivity is by nature impassive. The journalist above should be impassive rather than making value judgements about what is more exciting. So no, IMO he was "arguably" not objective.

    All of this is moot however, as life is far too short to carry on a discussion like this over any kind of extended period. You have a valid opinion. More power to you. Kindly allow me the luxury of having mine. However off the cuff it may seem.
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  • Ghibli 12/06/2013

    @iluvrice2 this is nothing to do with Xbox bashing at all from my point of view.

    The fact is that Drive Club is a new IP from Evolution, who, IMO, are one of the most underrated teams around. I, personally, have loved every single game they've made. They know how to make a truly visceral racing game.

    This, next, to Forza ( again ), where the big news seems to be Drivatar ( a feature that actually debuted in the original Forza nearly 8 years ago, minus "cloud" bollocks). I got so excited by the first couple of Forzas, but, like GT - again a series I liked - it's /stale/ now.

    I'm not a fanboy, I think corporate loyalty is the most foolish trait in a world of fools, but honestly I'll get excited about the potential of new IP over and above mutton dressed as lamb every single day of the week.

    fwiw - Objectivity is something you should be asking of paid journalists. It seems a little pointless to expect it of people commenting on a "news" piece.
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  • Ghibli 12/06/2013

    @ronuds yes. It's a caveat that tends to get used when you know you're probably wrong. ;) Reply +3
  • Ghibli 12/06/2013

    @mannyYearsAgo uh huh Reply +1
  • Ghibli 12/06/2013

    Really? A brand new racing IP is somehow less exciting than one with a 5 at the end of it's name? Reply +127
  • Live: Electronic Arts E3 2013 Conference

  • Ghibli 10/06/2013

    @mal that was my constant mantra until they showed the ME2 trailer. :'( Reply 0
  • Ghibli 10/06/2013

    Did... Did they just chest bump? Reply 0
  • Xbox One available this November in the UK priced £429

  • Ghibli 10/06/2013

    Wow. I can see the hardware shortages in the run up to Christmas at that price. Reply +15
  • Double Fine's Massive Chalice will add gay relationships based on Kickstarter feedback

  • Ghibli 08/06/2013

    If somebody did think about it during that whole thing, they [publishers] would've probably just killed it because it is such a controversial issue.

    Tbh, after all the crap that's hit the gaming headlines of late, I'm starting to see the point of funding kickstarter projects, with the aim of eventually just killing the publishers.
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  • Nintendo now claiming ad revenue for YouTube Let's Play videos

  • Ghibli 19/05/2013

    @sanctusmortis that's not an accurate analogy, nor a representation of what they're doing. They're creation is the game not the content creation tool, it is their right to protect how it is seen.

    Further, they're not pulling the videos from the net, they're making a less heavy handed attempt than simply going to court to protect their copyright.

    It's certainly not idiotically simplistic on either side of the argument, but neither is it rocket science. The law needs changed to keep up with the modern world, but as it stands, its easy to see why Nintendo feel they have to do something. And to be perfectly honest, this is one of the least aggressive options they could take.

    Another internet drama perfect for whipping people into an unnecessary froth.
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  • Ghibli 17/05/2013

    @DanWhitehead you have to be aware of the hypocrisy in your statement, surely? Yourself, as a reporter and EG as a publisher of your work, would almost certainly go after anyone passing your work off as their own. And rightly so. The same would go if they published extensive excerpts from your work without permission or acknowledgment I would have thought.

    Fair use is fine, but as a photographer myself, I've seen it abused terribly on the net. You, as a creator, must know the implications of this. When other people profit from your work, it's fair to have the right to control that. And if that's right for the little guy, it has to be right for the big guys too.

    What Nintendo are doing seems fair to me. They're not demanding money from the YouTube authors. They're exercising their rights to control what happens with their creations.
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  • "It was just there: dolphin, dolphin, dolphin"

  • Ghibli 06/05/2013

    I can't believe he got so much negativity over the idea of that MMO. That could be blindingly brilliant. Ed, if you ever read this. Take far less notice of negative internet comments. They're far from the majority IMO. Reply +4
  • Splinter Cell Blacklist shows off its Spies vs. Mercs mode

  • Ghibli 02/05/2013

    Unbelievably chuffed about this. I loved Spies vs Mercs. Was so disappointed when it didn't get into the HD remakes. Reply +6
  • PlayTV crashing PS3s

  • Ghibli 23/04/2013

    I stopped using play TV well over a year ago because of this. Or has another paid for update made it even worse? Reply +2
  • GAME now selling digital copies of Wii U and 3DS games

  • Ghibli 19/04/2013

    I can understand why they're doing this in the short term and it does seem like a good deal, buy aren't they just signing their own death warrant long term? Seems to me all it does is speed up the process of moving everyone towards digital downloads and very quickly will kill retail off. Reply 0