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  • Dear Charlie: A letter to my son about video games

  • Ghibli 06/02/2016

    @caribou-poo grow up Reply +9
  • 22cans pulls controversial Godus Wars microtransaction after player outcry

  • Ghibli 04/02/2016

    @Agarwel_Idiriz while I do agree with you, and I find this hugely disheartening, as a journalist for EG I'd hope you'd maintain objectivity rather than be standing here with a pitchfork like the rest of us.

    That is equally disheartening and, yes I know, "Welcome to the internet" yada yada.
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  • Star Citizen is free to play this week

  • Ghibli 01/02/2016

    @IronSoldier "...Expect the usual glut of salty console-only gamers and games industry 'experts' to be posting their usual wholly negative 'insightful' comments"

    Pot/Kettle/Minor Troll
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  • Bravely Second steps out of Final Fantasy's shadow

  • Ghibli 28/01/2016

    @porkface I was thinking that when the original comment was made regarding that weakness. Seems like you have a very good candidate right there. ;) Reply +2
  • Ghibli 28/01/2016

    @Bergeton I've yet to play the first one but that is the most splendid analogy I've seen in quite some time! Bravo! Hire this person immediately EG.

    As for this version. I fell in love with it about halfway through the above trailer.

    "Time to bust some ba'als" is probably the best translation of a JRPG dialogue I have ever witnessed. =)
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  • Bungie president out less than a week after Destiny 2's reported delay

  • Ghibli 28/01/2016


    Yup. And who could imagine that choosing to cosy up to Activision would be a dodgy move? It's not like it's destroyed any other previously thought of as immortal developers in the past.

    /not bitter
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  • I have to break Fallout 4 to finish it

  • Ghibli 20/01/2016

    @tiagoalmeida1 Yes, it didn't need saying at all. In fact maybe you shouldn't have bothered saying what is in essence the same, boring, predictable, tribal old subtroll nonsense we get in every story on this site. Reply +1
  • Shenmue 3 PayPal backers denied Kickstarter-exclusive reward options "as originally promised"

  • Ghibli 06/01/2016

    This needs retracted and rewritten EG. Utterly horrifying "journalism" which totally undermines the good work you occasionally do in that regard. It even contradicts itself.

    Seriously. Have a look at yourselves.
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  • Eurogamer says farewell to Dan Whitehead

  • Ghibli 18/12/2015

    Good luck Dan! Ex(c)iting times ahead! Reply +2
  • Why I love Fallout 4's skeletons

  • Ghibli 26/11/2015

    I've been screenshotting these fellas incessantly, with a somewhat morbid fascination, for my own tiny writing habit. I think it rivals Souls for environmental storytelling. It's pretty special ( ha ) in that respect. Reply +2
  • Zombi to get boxed release for PC, PS4, Xbox One

  • Ghibli 17/11/2015

    Uh, they also removed the dark souls-esque messaging system and the whole find and kill the shambling corpse of your mate who just died feature. Both of which were excellent. So, actually, they removed some quite significant features.

    I imagine it's still good though, but those features made it pretty special.
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  • Invisible, Inc. is brilliant, and free on Steam this weekend

  • Ghibli 13/11/2015

    I'll give it a go for sure, looks right up my alley. Don't Starve is genius imo, but I can't play the bugger.

    I think it's the imagery, but after a couple of lengthy sessions on it it started giving me the weirdest nightmares.

    Eyeballs on stilts. I guess eyeballs on stilts should always give folks nightmares.

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  • Faster hard drives boost Xbox One Fallout 4 performance

  • Ghibli 11/11/2015

    @IronSoldier oh look, there's a pithy retort in the form of an with that horrible fucking font. It must be right.

    Edit: autocorrect
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  • The carry: The strange career of a League of Legends star

  • Ghibli 26/10/2015

    Wtf does clutch mean now?

    Aside from that, and despite my cynicism about anything "e" being a sport, I found myself engrossed in the story of it all. Well written piece.
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  • PS1 at 20: Lara Croft ran for the student union at my university

  • Ghibli 28/09/2015

    I used to walk past Core's studios on the way to my art degree campus every day, right when they were working on, and then releasing the first one. I couldn't get my head around how quickly they went from crap cars in the car park to extremely nice ones indeed. I also couldn't quite get my head around the fact that this world that I loved (on my launch day ps1) was created from the minds of those folks just down the road, and that the whole world seemed to have gone mental over it.

    It was probably the most surreal time to be living in Derby, ever.

    And the cistern level is still the best piece of level design I've come across in many decades of gaming. I respect the new ones, I really do, but I just wish they would nudge a little closer to the originals.
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  • Armello review

  • Ghibli 04/09/2015

    I voted for Grow Home, but with the knowledge that I was going to fork out for this, they deserve my cash more than Ubi do imo. I don't regret either action tbh. Both games are fantastic. I do find Armello to be one of the most relaxing, refined and engrossing board game... games I've ever played.

    It's well worth the money. I hope that LoG in some way get the better deal here, if enough people actually buy the game.

    Good review Simon, you've managed to eloquently explain a game I've had enormous difficulty explaining to others.
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  • Clearing confusion about boss battles in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

  • Ghibli 11/08/2015

    Did the directors cut actually fix those issues? I'd really like to return to HR with my stealthy Jensen. Reply 0
  • Rare Replay studio's first UK chart-topper since Banjo-Kazooie on N64 in 1998

  • Ghibli 10/08/2015

    It's been worth it for the Viva piņatas alone so far. They hold up exceptionally well. Reply +6
  • The epic in the edgelands

  • Ghibli 08/08/2015

    @JoelStinty No worries. Anyone who knows of Mark Powers is worthy of respect in my book. ;) Reply 0
  • Ghibli 08/08/2015

    @JoelStinty If you're interested in that kind of work, add to that a ' tog called Andrea Schuh. Her work very frequently involves abandoned spaces. She's hugely prolific too.

    Edit: @omar very nice read indeed. Got my brainbox jiggling on lazy Saturday morning, thanks for that.
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  • We're all Palmer Luckey on the cover of Time magazine

  • Ghibli 07/08/2015

    @redcrayon Haha! Yeah, it's not going to do Time the least bit of good. I take your point, and defer to your magazine experience too. ;)

    I guess I just can't get my head round the fact that it's the TIME cover. You know better than me how important that is to selling the magazine, and more importantly, its reputation. Whatever the motivation, or even if there's none, it's a proper shocker.

    There's a number of photographers who'll be spinning in their graves right now.

    P.S. Please tell me you worked on Total Carp magazine. I love the title of that mag so much. I chuckle every time I see it on the newsstands. /Dyslexic humour. ;)
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  • Ghibli 07/08/2015

    @redcrayon I don't think there's much evidence to point to it not being a deliberate decision. These are supposedly people at the top of their game. TIME is a prime gig, whether you're a designer, photographer, or art director (I've worked as either one or other of the first two for two decades btw and have worked with Art Directors many times, obviously not for time, mind ;) ). At that level, you're most definitely aware of the impact of your decisions. If you're not, then you really shouldn't be there.

    Consider that most people who see a TIME cover see it on the newsstand and don't pick it up, like any other title. All they will take away from that cover is that awful image, and the words "Virtual reality", the other text on the cover being given MUCH less priority. The positive spin is unlikely to be noticed as they move on by to Practical Carpentry, Total Carp or whatever. And there's the start of the negative bias spiral right there.

    But I'm cynical about these old duffers. Maybe you're right. =) You're definitely right about the typography being awful.

    Edit: bloody autocorrect
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  • Ghibli 07/08/2015

    Come on Wes. If the industry is to grow up at all it has to stop fretting about whether the cool, smart people are laughing at us. This is just more mainstream press, yet again showing its fear and loathing of the new scary competition. It's easy to fall prey to negativity bias, don't let these dinosaurs suck us all in. The fact that TIME, who's reputation was founded not just on its words, but on the quality of its photography, posted THAT cover, says it all really.

    From man of the year covers to this? To me, this spells the end of TIME magazine, not VR.
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  • Ex-BioWare devs launch Kickstarter for action-RPG Mooncrest

  • Ghibli 05/08/2015

    I love souls. I even imported Demons Souls from Hong Kong before it launched here, but I'm getting tired of game makers referencing the combat all the time. The combat was great but even FROM are changing it up a bit now.

    The truly innovative thing about souls games is what they do with online connectivity. From ghosts blipping in and out of your world, to world tendency, to sunbros. If any devs do the unlikely and read this, copy THAT, please. That's the interesting bit.
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  • Nintendo's bright future with Splatoon

  • Ghibli 24/07/2015

    @PhilosopherKing Totally agree. I've played the hell out of it, but I've also let my 9 yr old daughter do the same. It's exactly why the no voice chat decision was the right one imo.

    And yes, it's got a Nintendo does JSR vibe to it doesn't it? :)
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  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Imperial City DLC detailed

  • Ghibli 15/07/2015

    Could be argued that given there's no sub, and you might have bought something from the store as a way to make up for that, that this is a good way of using unspent currency to make it cheaper.

    Who knows though eh? Obviously money grabbing bastards offering an expansion for a fraction of the cost of heavensward.
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  • Dead Island 2 is no longer being made by Yager

  • Ghibli 15/07/2015

    That's a shame as I like Yager a lot. Honestly though, I think Dying Light killed it. I don't think they in any way expected Techland to produce a game anywhere close to as good or successful as DO, and when it did, Deep Silver pulled the game very quickly. Its release was cancelled within weeks of DLs launch and within weeks of its own supposed date too. Reply +3
  • Nintendo fans pay their respects to Satoru Iwata

  • Ghibli 13/07/2015

    That's actually a hell of a shock. This the first I've heard of it. :(

    I always got the feeling that in the nefarious world of corporate politics, which I'm sure is still nefarious even at Nintendo, that Iwata was fighting for gamers and resisting considerable pressure from the board to go fully mobile phone based. Hopefully NX will turn out to be his true legacy.

    Regardless, what a sad turn of events.
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  • Grip looks a lot like a modern-day Rollcage

  • Ghibli 09/07/2015

    God I loved Rollcage. After discovering the glorious Rocket League last night, I found myself wondering if another Rollcage would get made. And lo and behold!

    Now I'm going to wonder if money will fall from the sky!

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  • Microsoft announces Xbox Game Preview early access program

  • Ghibli 17/06/2015

    @Typhoid They've been a bit half assed about it. You need to go in to the store and go to the bit with recommended games and demos etc.

    Scroll riiiiiiiiiight the way down and you'll see it hidden in the bottom. I think it's great tthat they're doing it, but it's not got prominence, nor has it nearly enough clarity about what it is. I think they're going to end up making a lot of the same mistakes as Steam did early on. which is nuts, as that's an easily learnable lesson.

    All that said. I'm stoked for it. I was going to back The Long Dark on PC last weekend, so seeing it on X1 is great. Having a demo to judge it by is even better. I'll be backing it on x1.

    Bit miffed that as a backer of Elite on PC, I'm being asked to fork out for x1, but I have a horrible feeling I'll pay for it again, because I enjoyed it much more on the x1 demo.

    Edit: correction. It's in the bit with New Games etc.

    I hate myself, I've just backed Elite again.
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  • Will Porter on: Getting old

  • Ghibli 06/06/2015

    @Kilboy Couldn't agree more.


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  • XCOM 2 likely won't launch with gamepad support

  • Ghibli 06/06/2015

    @George-Roper well done, you have represented your chosen tribe in as accurate a way as humanly possible.

    That is to say, like every other mindless subtroll that always seems to come to the fore.
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  • Lizard Squad teen pleads guilty to 23 charges of harassment

  • Ghibli 22/05/2015

    @lacerz "In related news, said teen's virginity remains intact."

    By the sounds of it, his wait is soon to be over...
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  • Microsoft's June Xbox update targets Windows app

  • Ghibli 22/05/2015

    Is it possible to stream from X1 to PC yet? That's my jumping point.

    edit: No, I' m not watching the vid. for others that can't watch the vid right now, from going to another, more exacting source, streaming begins testing with this update too.

    /goes off to see if it can dual boot.
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  • Warhammer 40,000: Regicide is chess with gibbing

  • Ghibli 05/05/2015

    For the love of Mike. Someone please remake Battle Chess. Reply +2
  • The ace hunter: Bloodborne vs Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate

  • Ghibli 04/05/2015

    I actually felt there was a real monster hunter feel to some of the boss battles in BB. It's when you're locked on, at the feet of the boss and the camera is below you looking up. It makes the boss absolutely tower over you and gives it that MH "how in the name of **** am I going to beat THAT?" feeling.

    Very effective, and very definite choice of camera behavior.
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  • Dirt Rally could well be Codemasters' first real sim

  • Ghibli 28/04/2015

    @jebus In all honesty it's lovely to see. After the joys of Toca(hint) and CMR (1 - 4 ), Codies and I fell out around about the launch of Grid (1), I bought the Dirts but really felt that Milestone were the only guys out there producing anything that was aimed at me.

    So to see this is just wonderful. If I could figure out if it would run ok on my half decent 2 year old lappy, I'd be playing it instead of typing this.

    Just, one thing. If you do see the light and bring it to console, leave it like this. Don't assume we need it dumbed down, don't add an extreme sports story, and for the love of god don't give it an American voice over. Most of us console racers are old school pc racers who fell out of love with building PCs. We, or at least I, want the raw Codemasters of old. It's so nice to see a hint of that again. Well done!
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  • The next Dirt is PC only, Early Access and out today

  • Ghibli 27/04/2015

    @CodemastersScam "the great unwashed"

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  • War for the Overworld review

  • Ghibli 21/04/2015

    I'd say if it's out of early access and being sold to punters expecting a finished product, then it's putting itself up for review. Plain and simple. Reply +34
  • Windows 10 release in July, AMD spills

  • Ghibli 21/04/2015

    @Fleisch Cheers for that. Don't want to move until I've got a good idea that the tools of my trade will work. =) Reply 0
  • Ghibli 21/04/2015

    Anyone know if Adobe software is playing nice with 10? I stuck with 7 because 8 and Adobe had serious problems at launch.

    Edit: fuck knows why I got negged for asking that. Obviously some deeply twatty people on here.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-On with Project Cars

  • Ghibli 17/04/2015

    You shouldn't let a single word of this article stand DF. What a monumental balls up. Reply +1
  • Does Scholar of the First Sin make Dark Souls 2 worth returning to?

  • Ghibli 16/04/2015

    @Diddley I've just discovered the alternate stance! I didn't do stances previously, what with all the magery, but that's fantastic!

    Whirling Dervish of Poison Death (tm) ahoy!
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  • Ghibli 11/04/2015

    @Diddley Lol.

    Tbh going the lost Bastille way was enough to get me used to the caestus. I didn't feel hugely comfortable with them before. By the time I got to the blacksmith, I was ripping through everything though. =)

    Yeah I've upped those stats a bit and can already see the logic of that. However, how can you possibly resist Flaming Fists of Fury(tm)???


    I'll definitely have a look at the poison. That's going to be ridiculously handy.
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  • Ghibli 11/04/2015

    @darc Lol. Felt it was already spoiled. But yeah. Point taken.;) Reply +1
  • Ghibli 10/04/2015

    @darc Just a quick update. Re: difficulty

    Having taken my own advice and gone for the lost Bastille and onwards to the lost sinner first. I can attest that this route is really so much easier than the tower. Not only that, but it's shockingly easier than it was in the first version.

    The bonfire at sinners rise for example, has only one archer, when it had loads before. That's not the only change either. The writer doesn't mention that while the pursuer does appear, if you back off he disappears. Leaving you free to explore.

    Once I'd punched the Lost Sinner to death, I leveled up and went the tower route. I've got a vid online of me punching a tower knight to death in four hits. I've not over leveled. In fact I put most of my souls into consumables and my weapons.

    I punched my way to dragonrider with little issue. Even with the new knights. Going up to the covenant is more difficult because of the previously spoiled Dragon at the top. But given that I've already done one of the major bosses, that puts the area at a "dark souls appropriate" level of difficulty for me.

    There's no doubt in my mind they want you to go the other route first, there are important things to find that way. But souls being souls. If the player wants to bang their head against a knight and dragon infested wall, then they say "go right ahead!". ;)

    As for the other issue. I've had to repair my Caestus once. Which is presumably why the mechanic exists. And also why you have slots for other weapons.
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  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will be completely ghostable

  • Ghibli 16/04/2015

    Did the Director's Cut fix this issue with HR? I'd love to go back and finish it. I stopped playing because I got so frustrated with the boss fights. I loved the main sections of the game though. Reply +1
  • Destiny's House of Wolves expansion has no new raid, Bungie confirms

  • Ghibli 14/04/2015

    @riceNpea Not when you're doing it for the first time, don't live on YouTube so don't know what to expect and aren't over levelled. Reply 0
  • Ghibli 14/04/2015

    The only issue I have with Destiny is the raids. Not a lack of matchmaking, as I have more than enough friends with it to deal with that. We had a weekly meet up from launch to well past the first dlc. The problem for us was the ridiculous week long time limit.

    That might seem like long enough, but for a group of gamers who have kids and jobs the chances of getting four of us together more than once a week are tiny. That has to be the case for a sizable demographic of players of Destiny. We might be able to do it in two sessions, but never just the one we can generally get in, in one week.
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  • PewDiePie is starring in his own game

  • Ghibli 14/04/2015

    And gaming officially disappears up its own official arsehole. Reply 0