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  • Nintendo's bright future with Splatoon

  • Ghibli 24/07/2015

    @PhilosopherKing Totally agree. I've played the hell out of it, but I've also let my 9 yr old daughter do the same. It's exactly why the no voice chat decision was the right one imo.

    And yes, it's got a Nintendo does JSR vibe to it doesn't it? :)
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  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Imperial City DLC detailed

  • Ghibli 15/07/2015

    Could be argued that given there's no sub, and you might have bought something from the store as a way to make up for that, that this is a good way of using unspent currency to make it cheaper.

    Who knows though eh? Obviously money grabbing bastards offering an expansion for a fraction of the cost of heavensward.
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  • Dead Island 2 is no longer being made by Yager

  • Ghibli 15/07/2015

    That's a shame as I like Yager a lot. Honestly though, I think Dying Light killed it. I don't think they in any way expected Techland to produce a game anywhere close to as good or successful as DO, and when it did, Deep Silver pulled the game very quickly. Its release was cancelled within weeks of DLs launch and within weeks of its own supposed date too. Reply +3
  • Nintendo fans pay their respects to Satoru Iwata

  • Ghibli 13/07/2015

    That's actually a hell of a shock. This the first I've heard of it. :(

    I always got the feeling that in the nefarious world of corporate politics, which I'm sure is still nefarious even at Nintendo, that Iwata was fighting for gamers and resisting considerable pressure from the board to go fully mobile phone based. Hopefully NX will turn out to be his true legacy.

    Regardless, what a sad turn of events.
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  • Grip looks a lot like a modern-day Rollcage

  • Ghibli 09/07/2015

    God I loved Rollcage. After discovering the glorious Rocket League last night, I found myself wondering if another Rollcage would get made. And lo and behold!

    Now I'm going to wonder if money will fall from the sky!

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  • Microsoft announces Xbox Game Preview early access program

  • Ghibli 17/06/2015

    @Typhoid They've been a bit half assed about it. You need to go in to the store and go to the bit with recommended games and demos etc.

    Scroll riiiiiiiiiight the way down and you'll see it hidden in the bottom. I think it's great tthat they're doing it, but it's not got prominence, nor has it nearly enough clarity about what it is. I think they're going to end up making a lot of the same mistakes as Steam did early on. which is nuts, as that's an easily learnable lesson.

    All that said. I'm stoked for it. I was going to back The Long Dark on PC last weekend, so seeing it on X1 is great. Having a demo to judge it by is even better. I'll be backing it on x1.

    Bit miffed that as a backer of Elite on PC, I'm being asked to fork out for x1, but I have a horrible feeling I'll pay for it again, because I enjoyed it much more on the x1 demo.

    Edit: correction. It's in the bit with New Games etc.

    I hate myself, I've just backed Elite again.
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  • Will Porter on: Getting old

  • Ghibli 06/06/2015

    @Kilboy Couldn't agree more.


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  • XCOM 2 likely won't launch with gamepad support

  • Ghibli 06/06/2015

    @George-Roper well done, you have represented your chosen tribe in as accurate a way as humanly possible.

    That is to say, like every other mindless subtroll that always seems to come to the fore.
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  • Lizard Squad teen pleads guilty to 23 charges of harassment

  • Ghibli 22/05/2015

    @lacerz "In related news, said teen's virginity remains intact."

    By the sounds of it, his wait is soon to be over...
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  • Microsoft's June Xbox update targets Windows app

  • Ghibli 22/05/2015

    Is it possible to stream from X1 to PC yet? That's my jumping point.

    edit: No, I' m not watching the vid. for others that can't watch the vid right now, from going to another, more exacting source, streaming begins testing with this update too.

    /goes off to see if it can dual boot.
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  • Warhammer 40,000: Regicide is chess with gibbing

  • Ghibli 05/05/2015

    For the love of Mike. Someone please remake Battle Chess. Reply +2
  • The ace hunter: Bloodborne vs Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate

  • Ghibli 04/05/2015

    I actually felt there was a real monster hunter feel to some of the boss battles in BB. It's when you're locked on, at the feet of the boss and the camera is below you looking up. It makes the boss absolutely tower over you and gives it that MH "how in the name of **** am I going to beat THAT?" feeling.

    Very effective, and very definite choice of camera behavior.
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  • Dirt Rally could well be Codemasters' first real sim

  • Ghibli 28/04/2015

    @jebus In all honesty it's lovely to see. After the joys of Toca(hint) and CMR (1 - 4 ), Codies and I fell out around about the launch of Grid (1), I bought the Dirts but really felt that Milestone were the only guys out there producing anything that was aimed at me.

    So to see this is just wonderful. If I could figure out if it would run ok on my half decent 2 year old lappy, I'd be playing it instead of typing this.

    Just, one thing. If you do see the light and bring it to console, leave it like this. Don't assume we need it dumbed down, don't add an extreme sports story, and for the love of god don't give it an American voice over. Most of us console racers are old school pc racers who fell out of love with building PCs. We, or at least I, want the raw Codemasters of old. It's so nice to see a hint of that again. Well done!
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  • The next Dirt is PC only, Early Access and out today

  • Ghibli 27/04/2015

    @CodemastersScam "the great unwashed"

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  • War for the Overworld review

  • Ghibli 21/04/2015

    I'd say if it's out of early access and being sold to punters expecting a finished product, then it's putting itself up for review. Plain and simple. Reply +34
  • Windows 10 release in July, AMD spills

  • Ghibli 21/04/2015

    @Fleisch Cheers for that. Don't want to move until I've got a good idea that the tools of my trade will work. =) Reply 0
  • Ghibli 21/04/2015

    Anyone know if Adobe software is playing nice with 10? I stuck with 7 because 8 and Adobe had serious problems at launch.

    Edit: fuck knows why I got negged for asking that. Obviously some deeply twatty people on here.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-On with Project Cars

  • Ghibli 17/04/2015

    You shouldn't let a single word of this article stand DF. What a monumental balls up. Reply +1
  • Does Scholar of the First Sin make Dark Souls 2 worth returning to?

  • Ghibli 16/04/2015

    @Diddley I've just discovered the alternate stance! I didn't do stances previously, what with all the magery, but that's fantastic!

    Whirling Dervish of Poison Death (tm) ahoy!
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  • Ghibli 11/04/2015

    @Diddley Lol.

    Tbh going the lost Bastille way was enough to get me used to the caestus. I didn't feel hugely comfortable with them before. By the time I got to the blacksmith, I was ripping through everything though. =)

    Yeah I've upped those stats a bit and can already see the logic of that. However, how can you possibly resist Flaming Fists of Fury(tm)???


    I'll definitely have a look at the poison. That's going to be ridiculously handy.
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  • Ghibli 11/04/2015

    @darc Lol. Felt it was already spoiled. But yeah. Point taken.;) Reply +1
  • Ghibli 10/04/2015

    @darc Just a quick update. Re: difficulty

    Having taken my own advice and gone for the lost Bastille and onwards to the lost sinner first. I can attest that this route is really so much easier than the tower. Not only that, but it's shockingly easier than it was in the first version.

    The bonfire at sinners rise for example, has only one archer, when it had loads before. That's not the only change either. The writer doesn't mention that while the pursuer does appear, if you back off he disappears. Leaving you free to explore.

    Once I'd punched the Lost Sinner to death, I leveled up and went the tower route. I've got a vid online of me punching a tower knight to death in four hits. I've not over leveled. In fact I put most of my souls into consumables and my weapons.

    I punched my way to dragonrider with little issue. Even with the new knights. Going up to the covenant is more difficult because of the previously spoiled Dragon at the top. But given that I've already done one of the major bosses, that puts the area at a "dark souls appropriate" level of difficulty for me.

    There's no doubt in my mind they want you to go the other route first, there are important things to find that way. But souls being souls. If the player wants to bang their head against a knight and dragon infested wall, then they say "go right ahead!". ;)

    As for the other issue. I've had to repair my Caestus once. Which is presumably why the mechanic exists. And also why you have slots for other weapons.
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  • Ghibli 08/04/2015

    @Diddley Haha! Good to meet anothern pugilist! My guy (I call him Moustachio Sponge) is only on the third boss so far, but I'm pleasantly surprised by how doable it is. I'm planning several sets of caestii (plural?), with different status effects. =) Reply 0
  • Ghibli 08/04/2015

    @Sunsprie I think it's referring to invasions as well. So 4 players is you plus two summoned phantoms and then one invader. Reply 0
  • Ghibli 08/04/2015

    @adwodon I agree.

    I've gone straight from DS2 remaster to Bloodborne a few times this week. It's quite startling how much more refined something like the animation is in BB than DS. I know it's now last gen, but it's just a year old.

    Imo it's down to being able to focus on one combat type, less weapons and armour (although I do think there's still plenty to choose from), more than the obvious hardware improvements.
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  • Ghibli 08/04/2015

    @darc Heh. Cheers. I think I might have too much time on my hands.

    Thanks for being a reasonable EG commenter. Those kind of folks are rare. )
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  • Ghibli 08/04/2015

    @darc Options are always good, I agree. I think though, in this case you want to keep everyone playing the same version. For bigger numbers in terms of ghosts, messages, blood puddles, summoning etc. I can imagine two versions would either be a right headache, or there would be not enough people playing one or either, to get the benefit of all those great online systems.

    To go back to the heide knights. I just wish folk, in particular journalists, would stand back and ask themselves why would the designers make these specific changes.

    These are obviously smart folks, they aren't changing things without a purpose. Imo, they're trying to encourage players to take the other route. If you're good enough to get through to the boss fights /then/ you're good enough to help out that covenant. And that covenant is the only significant thing about that area.

    To me, it's a filter. I'll happily go the other route, which by the way seems significantly easier than it used to be. That's also by design imo. =)

    In short, I think the fuss about difficulty is being caused by veterans who are insisting on going the way they went before. From only wants them to get there if they're good enough to be useful in that covenant.

    Sorry. Incoherent ramble. =)
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  • Ghibli 08/04/2015

    @Rogueywon I agree with everything you've said there except the conclusion about miyazaki himself.

    I Maged my way through all the souls games, and am delighting in a boxer build for this version of DS2. What that means though is that he already created a series of games that allows us to do that. That's obviously by design.

    By design also, Bloodborne, it's much more restricted, I agree. But I can understand a game designer wanting to experiment with a much tighter combat system, focussed on one type of play.

    In a way, everything about Bloodborne is much more focussed, which inevitably leads to restriction. I don't think it makes him a purist bore (I disliked those guys too, the minmaxing, my way or the highway guys) though. I just think he wanted to make a game with more tight focus.

    Edit: autocorrect
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  • Ghibli 08/04/2015

    @darc just to echo UncleLou here, so far having punched (I'm going for a caestus build, which is fun ) the first two bosses to death, the difficulty is overstated.

    I've been taken nicely by surprise by clever changes in placement, but I've yet to be overpowered. I always thought the heide knights were meant to be dealt with much later, so it being a lot tougher is not in the least surprising. Who wants a noob blue phantom to protect them should they be invaded? Not me.

    I'd just like to thank Martin for spoiling that entire area for me though. Thanks for that.

    Lastly, so far I've noticed that I could, should I desire it, summon more AI NPCs than before to help out. This isn't mentioned at all here, but goes some way to counter the worries about solo play.

    I believe that the the souls games have always been about coop. It's stands alongside Journey as one of the few games to make coop with random players fun. So I think this is a good move, but YMMV.
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  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will be completely ghostable

  • Ghibli 16/04/2015

    Did the Director's Cut fix this issue with HR? I'd love to go back and finish it. I stopped playing because I got so frustrated with the boss fights. I loved the main sections of the game though. Reply +1
  • Destiny's House of Wolves expansion has no new raid, Bungie confirms

  • Ghibli 14/04/2015

    @riceNpea Not when you're doing it for the first time, don't live on YouTube so don't know what to expect and aren't over levelled. Reply 0
  • Ghibli 14/04/2015

    The only issue I have with Destiny is the raids. Not a lack of matchmaking, as I have more than enough friends with it to deal with that. We had a weekly meet up from launch to well past the first dlc. The problem for us was the ridiculous week long time limit.

    That might seem like long enough, but for a group of gamers who have kids and jobs the chances of getting four of us together more than once a week are tiny. That has to be the case for a sizable demographic of players of Destiny. We might be able to do it in two sessions, but never just the one we can generally get in, in one week.
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  • PewDiePie is starring in his own game

  • Ghibli 14/04/2015

    And gaming officially disappears up its own official arsehole. Reply 0
  • Skylanders-style Lego Dimensions features Batman, Gandalf, Back to the Future

  • Ghibli 09/04/2015

    Looking decent, although I'm not going to tell my daughter about this one...

    Only thing that's bugging me is the amount of bloody portal reader things that these games come with. It's as bad as Guitar Hero and rock band for littering our house with plastic tat. Especially irritating given that Nintendo built that tech into the damn controller.
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  • Professor Layton 7 and Fantasy Life 2 announced for smartphones

  • Ghibli 08/04/2015

    I'm pretty sad that level 5 are going mobile, but hope it works for them.

    All that being said, if anyone deserves their beautiful artwork being shown off on a high quality screen, it's them. I saw the images on a phone screen, and for the first time thought I might actually like to play a mobile game. Well, that game anyway.
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  • Bloodborne walkthrough and game guide

  • Ghibli 27/03/2015

    FFS "EG staff".

    From your own, rightly gushing, article on Dark Souls.

    "For better or worse, the game will never once explain any of this to you, but that's where the community comes in, and few games have ever enjoyed such a collaborative effort to fill that breach. You might think that this is bullshit, and that From should tutorialise this, and you'd have a fair point, but the truth is that the process of experimenting, discovery and investigating the community chatter feels as much part of the Dark Souls experience as the game itself. Immersing yourself in its slightly crackpot systems is a nerdy voyage of discovery all on its own, and putting it into practice in the game - and getting results - is among the most satisfying gaming experiences I can recall."

    That article nailed the essence of all Souls games. You, as a site, must know you are stealing this element from many new players. It's cynical, and as the paragraph above is evidence of, it's unbelievably fucking hypocritical.

    Well done EG. Slow fucking clap.
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  • Geralt's beard grows as you play Witcher 3

  • Ghibli 24/03/2015

    @Dantonir That has to be the logo for the next Eurogamer movember campaign. It's magnificent! Reply +3
  • Ghibli 24/03/2015

    My Mrs is seriously into The Witcher, but she's been put off a little since Bake Off's Paul Hollywood got involved.

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  • Life after death: The joy of returning to Dark Souls

  • Ghibli 22/03/2015

    Nailed it Kristan, Although I would like to hope, given what you've said about the community and the lack of guides that at least Eurogamer won't be spoilling the shit out of Bloodborne on day one, like last time. ;)

    @acuratebob man that sucks. I can just imagine your neighbours hearing the deathly, anguished howls just as it all went dark... ;)
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  • Apple Watch prices range from £299 to £13,500

  • Ghibli 10/03/2015

    Oh look, Apple's invented the smart watch! Just like they invented cut and paste, and.. Uh... The right mouse button! Oh yeah and phones. Reply +8
  • Digital Foundry vs Super Stardust Ultra on PS4

  • Ghibli 16/02/2015

    Wait. Are you actually criticising a remastered version of Super Stardust for being too much like Super Stardust?? If they were to mix things up as much as you seem to want, then you'd have a different game.

    And being fair to housemarque, that's flipping Resogun. ;)
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  • Rich Stanton on: Requiem for a dreamer

  • Ghibli 14/02/2015

    @George-Roper "Get the fuck out"

    It would be nice to see you take your own advice. Maybe play some games or something. From what I've seen over the years you've become nothing but a tired old sub-troll.
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  • Ghibli 14/02/2015

    There's a point where a bit of a kicking may be deserved, but then there comes a point where it just becomes a savaging. A schadenfreude Shitfest, which reflects on the angry mob, the press most of all, more than the recipient.

    Eurogamer, you are getting very close to that line now. Yes he has lied, everyone on the internet has their tale of woe, but you're flinging a lot of shit and the wind has a tendency to change. I hope this is your last article of this kind, on PM at least. The first one was a fantastic piece of journalism. This one is great too. I hope this quality continues, but you've now said your piece twice, and barely acknowledged your own complicity.

    I feel really sad to read all this. PM has produced many of my favourite games; sadly, the last of those is likely to have been Fable 2. It's not something to take pleasure in, Imho. Hopefully Pitchford (who my autocorrect always seems to insist on calling pitchfork, aptly), and others of that ilk will take note.
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  • Eurogamer has dropped review scores

  • Ghibli 10/02/2015

    Good move Oli. I'm glad you're making it. Hopefully it'll encourage more people to read the damn reviews now. Reply +2
  • Surprise! New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition goes on sale

  • Ghibli 06/01/2015

    What I don't get is why they would deliberately avoid doing this during the western world's most popular present buying season of the year, and then launch it immediately after with little time or notice, exactly when most folk have no money, and probably too many games.

    Either their marketing and sales folks are evil genius types with a world conquering hidden agenda that no-one can discern, or they are complete chumps.

    I may be a little cheesed off that I didn't get the email despite having bought the DS, and 3DS on launch day. Oh...
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  • David Goldfarb on: Three seasons in game development

  • Ghibli 20/12/2014

    @Lunatic4ever you need help Reply +7
  • CVG to close

  • Ghibli 19/12/2014

    Real shame to see those jobs,and the name, go. I remember convincing my dad to buy the first issue for me. :( Reply +1
  • Video: Can Dying Light make up for Dead Island?

  • Ghibli 16/12/2014

    Oh FFS, please stop with the hackneyed "let's get clicks by putting a number in front of the title, because yeah that works" crap. Seriously, most annoying thing on the net, next to EG's ridiculous attitude to Dead Island, and their overuse and misuse of the word "gimmick".

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  • Tekken 7's chief developer doesn't take kindly to mixed Lucky Chloe reaction

  • Ghibli 09/12/2014

    @Thetick About a week after Mass Effect 3 came out. Reply +7
  • Eurogamer vs Tom Bramwell

  • Ghibli 28/11/2014

    Sad to see you go Tom. I was here as a B-list user for a very long time ( in the guise of BraveArse - at one point I threw a hissy fit, deleted my character and decided to go with a less offensive name :) ). Was proud to have you on my friendslist for a while, and just wish I was a little less reticent about hitting you up for a game or two, rather than just exchanging the odd message. The older me, the current one, would have no such issues.

    You are, without doubt, the one voice I truly respect in the gaming landscape. And the ones that are really getting there, are the ones that you brought along for the ride. I tend to have an issue with a lot of the people who call themselves journalists in this arena, especially online. You, Tom, are the real deal, and have pushed that ethos with a ferocity and willingness that can only be admired. I really, hope that your protégés and successors, take up the flag and carry it forward, because I genuinely think the games industry needs people like you, more now than ever.

    Good luck, Tom. And enjoy the rest. Just don't rest too long!
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