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  • Skyrim and Fallout 4 will receive mod support on PS4

  • Ghettomurph 06/10/2016

    @blarty Yeah I meant ba2 files. No idea why i wrote BSA.

    Any extra asset uploaded by the creation kit requires you to pack up multiple ba2 files. If you pack up textures and a model it'll be called mymod - textures and mymod - main (going from memory here, i havent uploaded anything in a few weeks now!).

    So what I'm guessing will happen with the creation kit is that it maybe won't allow archives to be made for the ps4 at all. You simply don't need a ba2 file if you're modding vanilla assets, all you need is an esp. It's an easy way for Beth to police external assets if the CK simply doesn't allow an archive to be created for ps4.

    Time will tell when this rolls out in the next CK update.

    The file structures from what I can tell are identical on all 3 platforms. To upload a mod to ps4 when it was still in beta was exactly the same as when you uploaded to xbox.
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  • Ghettomurph 06/10/2016

    @blarty external assets means anything that isn't contained within the games file structure.

    Made your own texture? Nope.
    Applied a texture from within the vanilla game to your own armour model? Nope, coz you made your own armour model.
    Applied a texture from say, a raider to a brotherhood soldier? Yes.

    If you use game assets that exist already then you don't need to make a BSA file, you'll only need an ESP which will tell the game where to look/apply vanilla assets.

    Upside to all this is that the mods on PS4 should be all tiny downloads.
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  • Ghettomurph 06/10/2016

    @PrimalxConvoy It means exactly that mate. For example, I've made a few mods on the Xbone version that adds in all of the music from Fallout 1&2, and another version that adds in the music from Fallout 1,2&Tactics. I can't convert these across as they use files that aren't in Fallout 4.

    There's no technical reason why this can't be done as I already had these working before the plug was pulled.

    Also this means things like no True Storms, NCR Ranger armour etc etc as these all use external assets. To say 'most mods don't use external assets' is rubbish. Most of the truly decent mods use their own stuff.
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  • This week's free Witcher 3 DLC is...

  • Ghettomurph 04/06/2015

    @Agermemnon Yeah i just tried to reinstall them and its worked now. Probably got something to do with some people not being able to launch the digital download version. Seems to be fixed now. Reply 0
  • Ghettomurph 04/06/2015

    @Agermemnon I'm having the same problem. 'Bought' it off the store through smartglass but on the console it just says 'install' and then does nothing. Doesn't add it to the download queue. Reply 0
  • Forza Horizon 2's first expansion introduces new cars, new area

  • Ghettomurph 16/12/2014

    @LSi01 cool. Cheers mate ;) Reply 0
  • Ghettomurph 16/12/2014

    @SF1 Did you buy it through the website, smartglass or XB1 mate coz its only showing up as 15.99 for me.

    It's not even 'out' according to the dashboard, you have to do a manual search for it atm.
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  • Rockstar "urgently" looking into GTA 5 PS4 and Xbox One transfer issue

  • Ghettomurph 18/11/2014

    @Darren Weird. As soon as the notification came through, Franklin's money increased by 500k in the top right corner instantly for me.

    Gonna be crap if you have to restart to get the cash!
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  • Ghettomurph 18/11/2014

    @Darren I'm playing on the xbone and my 500k came through as soon as I left Franklin's house for the first time during the first parts of the game. It came through at the same time as all the social club notifications popped up informing me I was a returning player etc.

    My online 500k appeared in my account as soon as I'd transferred my character and went through the character creation part.

    But then, I didn't have any issues with the $1m preorder on the xbox. It just downloaded after the game did.
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  • What works - and what doesn't - in Halo: The Master Chief Collection

  • Ghettomurph 11/11/2014

    Been playing this in splitscreen for most of the day with the missus. Apart from some framerate dips in the big open areas I cant say that Ive noticed any screen tearing (only got about halfway through CE so far).

    Really enjoying it. Also going to be enjoying trying to unlock the 450 achievements MCC has in it!
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  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection review

  • Ghettomurph 10/11/2014

    @chuck_bone Sorry to rain on your parade fella but Mr. Spamdangled is correct, BioShock was the spiritual successor to Shock 2 as it was made by the same people (Ken Levine / Looking Glass). How you can say Deus Ex is the successor when it was created by a completely different set of people is beyond me, inspired by maybe.

    As for MCC, roll on midnight!
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  • The Elder Scrolls Online on PS4 and Xbox One delayed by six months

  • Ghettomurph 08/05/2014

    @Saurian Except the Bethesda team that makes the existing TES games didn't make TES Online. It was an entirely different team who have been making this for years.

    Todd Howard's team (who made Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3) are most probably deep in development of Fallout 4.

    Direct your bitching at the right place.
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  • Hooah! When games speak like soldiers, are they missing part of the message?

  • Ghettomurph 29/04/2014

    "Oscar Mike", "hua" etc etc are all American military sayings. After years serving in the Royal Engineers I can't recall ever saying stuff like that.

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  • Watch Dogs PC minimum specs confirmed

  • Ghettomurph 12/03/2014

    @sanctusmortis The 280x cards are the same. And even the older versions like the 7950/7970 etc are the same.
    Thats why I went for a 270x in the end. Besides, if I buy another 270x to run in crossifre I'll get slightly better performance than a 290x.
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  • Ghettomurph 12/03/2014

    @Widge No it's not just you mate. I just upgraded my card and went for an MSI R9 270x with 4gb ddr5 - cost Ł180! Cheapest 290x I've seen is around Ł500 Reply 0
  • South Park: The Stick of Truth review

  • Ghettomurph 04/03/2014

    @dfernand hope youve got an NTSC-U 360 then mate coz the disc is region locked on the xbox:

    This tweet from @VideoGamesPlus_ who are based in Canada: We have region free tested the North American XBOX 360 version of South Park and unfortunately can confirm it's NOT region free. #southpark
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  • Video shows off new Xbox One party and friends features

  • Ghettomurph 25/02/2014

    This video shows that Microsoft really did have their heads crammed right up their own arses before the start of this gen.

    Whoever thought that launching a new console with well used/essential features of the previous console missing should be handed their p45.
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  • Titanfall preview: You say you want a revolution?

  • Ghettomurph 13/02/2014

    @7M7 I dont have any preconceptions about the game, I highly doubt I'll be buying it as I won't be dedicating all my spare time to one game. And if I do actually buy it, it'll be on the PC.

    Everything I've read about Titanfall on other websites makes it seem like it'll be a good, fun game. This preview makes it sound like utter wank.
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  • Ghettomurph 12/02/2014

    This preview reads like someone who already has a pre conceived opinion that the game is shit.

    Polygon's preview actually makes the game sound like it's going to be fun:
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  • Xbox One won't allow players to use their real names at launch

  • Ghettomurph 16/10/2013

    I'd say something like "slow news day" but Eurogamer would rather report non-news like this to get the anti-Microsoft brigade commenting in here.

    In other actual 'news', Kotaku are reporting that Microsoft have confirmed that devs can utilise dedicated servers for the Xbone for free.
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  • Rockstar hopes new GTA Online patch out today

  • Ghettomurph 02/10/2013

    @canoot +1 to that. All Ive been able to do since yesterday is make my character and then stare at the 'launching session' screen on the opening race.

    What a fucking fail this is.
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  • Forza 5 to reintroduce Silverstone

  • Ghettomurph 26/09/2013

    When are these bloody yanks going to realise that there are other great racetracks in Britain other than Silverstone?

    What about Donnington, Brands Hatch, Knockhill, Thruxton, Croft, Oulton Park etc etc?
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  • PlayStation 4 bundle includes Killzone, Camera, second DualShock

  • Ghettomurph 30/08/2013

    That's a bloody good bundle. Especially with a 2nd controller stuffed in as well.

    I'm pissed off that the XB1 only comes with one controller coz I don't really like the idea of shelling out yet more cash to buy another one so me and the missus can play Lego Marvel and Fifa. :/
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  • Space Hulk review

  • Ghettomurph 30/08/2013

    Er, Dan. Don't want to rain on your parade or anything but this is the 1st Space Hulk game since 1996, not 1993.

    There was a Blood Angels Space Hulk game released on PC, Saturn and Playstation.

    Research is your friend!
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  • Saints Row 4 sells one million copies in first week

  • Ghettomurph 29/08/2013

    I'm really enjoying SRIV, well worth buying it IMHO. But I don't think the co-op is as fun as it was in SR2 or SRTT.

    Mainly because it's so bat-shit insane you and your co-op buddy can be the entire city away from each other within the space of a few seconds. I've yet to go on a co-op drive-by killing spree in SRIV but this was a regular occurrence in the other games.

    It'll be interesting to see where they go for the next game.
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  • X Rebirth release date announced

  • Ghettomurph 09/08/2013

    Hmm, looks like I'm going to have cancel one of my console preorders to upgrade my pc a bit. Anyone know if they've released system specs for this yet? Reply 0
  • Capybara's roguelike Below is only a timed exclusive for Xbox One

  • Ghettomurph 09/08/2013

    @Big-Boss Facts? But, you got some of your 'facts' wrong fella (Dead Rising).

    As for my favourite corporation? Lol, I have both an XB1 and a PS4 preordered.
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  • Ghettomurph 09/08/2013

    @Big-Boss I'll give you that the majority of your list did come to the PS3 (enjoy playing Dead Rising 1 & DR2 Case Zero on your PS3 btw as they don't exist and the only reason Mass Effect came out on PS3 was coz EA paid MS a shit ton of cash as MS published it), but you say this like it's a bad thing?

    Third party exclusives piss me off big time whether they're timed or actually exclusive. When PS4 & XB1 are so similar there's no excuse to not have games on both platforms.

    I expect Titanfall to be a timed exclusive but I'm not so sure about Dead Rising 3. It's historically an xbox franchise really if you take off your fanboy hat for a second and think about it. If it wasn't for 360 owners making the first DR a success they wouldn't have made a sequel. The fact that DR3 is Xbox exclusive makes me think DR2 didn't sell that great on PS3.
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  • Ghettomurph 09/08/2013

    @djronz. You're so right mate. I mean, Sony never does the same thing at all do they? I'm sick of the Assassin's Creed tv ads that make it seem like it's an Xbox exclusive.... Reply 0
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition to add multiple playable races, mounts

  • Ghettomurph 07/08/2013

    @Rodriguez My bad, havent played it since it came out originally. I defo remember there being 'good' / 'bad' options highlighted in red and blue though. Reply 0
  • Ghettomurph 07/08/2013

    @ubergine So your issue isn't with the actual functionality of the dialogue wheel but rather the way in which the game was written?

    Apart from the inclusion of icons, they're pretty much identical mate. Top for good, bottom for bad, middle usually for neutral (sarcastic in DA2). Occasionally there's extra info etc. It was the same in Jade Empire as well from what I can remember.

    I agree that in DAO the dialogue system was better as it was really all just shades of grey in what was on offer. That was a throwback to the way the dialogue systems worked in Baldur's Gate / Planescape / Icewind Dale etc.

    I do disagree with the way you casually say that DA2 plays itself. It functionally operates more or less identically to the ME games. I've played it through 3 different times, different ways and had slightly different outcomes to stuff - just like in Mass 1,2 & 3. That's why I don't get how you can say Mass Effect works well, DA2 doesn't?
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  • Ghettomurph 07/08/2013

    @ubergine I'm a bit confused about what you said earlier about the dialogue wheels. You said it was well done in Mass 1 but horribly implemented in DA2. But they operate in almost identical ways and have done since IIRC, Jade Empire. Good at the top, bad at the bottom, extra info sometimes etc. ???

    Pretty sure Jade Empire started the dialogue wheel thing in games that Casey Hudson was project lead on. He wasn't project lead on DAO (different team) which is why that game had a different dialogue system. DA2 just seemed to lose its way coz it was rushed. I still enjoyed it.
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  • Creators of fan-made Halo PC game reckon they're on safe ground

  • Ghettomurph 01/08/2013

    @CalmDownLads Yeah MS are proper cunts, always stepping on the little guy.

    Just like when that little guy made a Master Chief player model for use in Unreal Tournament 3 on PC & PS3 and they said it was fine and didnt ask for it to be removed......proper cunts.
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  • Microsoft will allow self-publishing after all

  • Ghettomurph 25/07/2013

    Like Bander said, this wasn't made up in a few weeks. This has been cooking for a while now. Patrick's interview with Marc Whitten over at Giant Bomb is well worth a listen (approx' 9 mins long)
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  • Ghettomurph 25/07/2013

    @KORNdoggy All I've read from you in this comments section is you banging on and on about how you dont like kinect and wont buy an Xbox....great, dont buy one then.

    Your last post also categorically states that because the first kinect doesnt work flawlessly the new one won't either. Shame that youve not even seen or used the thing, yet you seem to 'know' how it will work...
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  • Ex-Eidos Montreal founder says Square Enix "has some things to learn" about selling games

  • Ghettomurph 24/07/2013

    @ImpericalLegion I agree with you about Deus Ex HR. The original Deus Ex is my favourite game of all time and I loved HR. Like you said, the only thing that was really pants were being forced to complete the boss battles in a specific way as they were outsourced.

    So no, it definitly was not casualised at all and had way more in common with the original than it did with the casualised Invisible War.

    I do however disagree with you about Fallout 3. I loved the original Fallout & Fallout 2 but I also loved Fallout 3 & NV. They were a different take on the franchise mechanics-wise but still managed to keep the whole Fallout experience I thought.
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  • Rockstar renews trademark for MIA PS3-exclusive Agent

  • Ghettomurph 23/07/2013

    Thing is, Rockstar North are supposed to be making Agent. Rockstar North make the GTA games so Agent will have probably had a skeleton crew working on it until GTA V winds down. Which is probably why nothing has been seen of it for years. Reply 0
  • Eidos Montreal founder Stephane D'Astous resigns over "irreconcilable" differences with Square Enix

  • Ghettomurph 23/07/2013

    I dont think Square has a clue what its doing anymore.

    Tomb Raider was a 'failure', Thief sounds like its been in development hell, Deus Ex The Fall turned out to be a bloody mobile game, the next Legacy of Kain/Soul Reaver game Nosgoth is a multiplayer only game. Not to mention all that is coming out of Japan is Final Fantasy games...
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  • Forza 5 mandatory day one download adds Drivatars for offline play

  • Ghettomurph 17/07/2013

    @jabberwocky @Quiksylver DC was brilliant, I think Shenmue, MSR & Power Stone were my fave games. Reply 0
  • Ghettomurph 17/07/2013

    @unclemonkey Yep. Got the same one I bought when it was released. Got a backup as well in case parts fail. Sits next to my HDPVR and Gamecube.
    Never had a problem with my VMUs but then Ive got a cable for connecting my DC to a pc so I can backup my saves. (I assume thats what you meant by VENus?) and as we were talking about 'back in the day', dlc back then wouldve been small enough to fit onto the available memory if it existed, wouldn't it you fool?
    Did you actually have a point?
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  • Ghettomurph 17/07/2013

    @FiReTiGeR2K Nope, a quick search on Google tells me that the average download speed for the FY8 postcode is approx 11mbps down. Try again mate ;) Reply -1
  • Ghettomurph 17/07/2013

    @FiReTiGeR2K Sorry, I don't believe you that it's impossible to get faster than 2mbps down in the NW. I used to live in Bury and fibre is all over the place there. Even standard copper wiring will get you around 6-8mbps down.
    2mbps sounds like the 'free' internet you get with Sky etc.
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  • Ghettomurph 17/07/2013

    @sigridnilsen If you don't have a decent connection in 2013 then you either live right out in the sticks or are financially up shit creek.
    If you're up shit creek finance-wise then you won't be buying a next gen console for quite a while.
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  • Ghettomurph 17/07/2013

    Lol. Try again troll. You don't have the time or the energy to piss around with console games when you're out in Afghan. Everyone takes a laptop. Reply -13
  • Ghettomurph 17/07/2013

    If Sega "pulled this" back in the day then I'd already have my extra content safely stored on my VMU with all the required licenses required to play it offline, today. Reply -12
  • Ghettomurph 17/07/2013

    @sigridnilsen Sorry fella, don't bring "people in the army" into this.
    I used to be in the Royal Engineers, based in Germany and I had internet in my room in the block. If you want internet on an Army camp then you go to your QM and tell them that's what you want to do. Then you go sort it out yourself.
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  • Ghettomurph 17/07/2013

    I really don't see what the issue is with this. Basically all Dan is saying is that they're still going to be creating content for the game after the game goes gold.

    This only becomes an issue if the content is anything over a gig.

    Where are all these mythical people who are buying internet enabled devices that don't have access to the internet?
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  • Ghettomurph 17/07/2013

    @laimis911 Drivatar has been in Forza since the first game on the original xbox. Its nothing new fella, they're just making it operate slightly differently. Reply +28
  • Ghettomurph 17/07/2013

    @FiReTiGeR2K I'm really shocked to see you posting negative comments in a story with something to do about Microsoft.... Reply +15
  • Microsoft pitches Xbox One to small businesses

  • Ghettomurph 11/07/2013

    @redcrayon I've preordered an XB1 simply because I want to play Dead Rising 3!

    MS need to do some SERIOUS housecleaning coz since day one their PR has been utter bollocks!

    But the thing that makes me laugh the most out of everything on both sides is when Tretton announced "You'll be paying to play online" at the Sony conference and everyone cheered.
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