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  • Monster Hunter World gets new patch, Capcom still struggling to fix Xbox One online woes

  • George-Roper 11/02/2018


    Yawn. This thread is about Monster Hunter. Not your obsessive competition between console and pc gamers. Your compulsive need to prove pc gamers are in some way superior over those who play on console is both ridiculous and tiresome.
    Classic misdirection tactics, ignoring the obvious trolling taking place prior to my comments and instead focusing on me.

    As you were, pelican_.
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  • George-Roper 10/02/2018


    You really post complete drivel at times.
    If you say so but demonstrably, that line is trotted out by console gamers when PC gamers ask questions or post comments about the matter.

    It's right here, at the top of the comments section.

    That's a fact, right there. You just never see PC gamers doing it, even though there's multitudes more exclusives on PC than console, timed or otherwise.
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  • George-Roper 10/02/2018


    Well, actually they do.
    No they don't.

    When this releases on PC, at some point down the line, how will PC gamers be impacted?

    They won't. Of course they won't.

    This mindset of "I can play this now but you can't", is so narrow-minded and childish, there's no wonder console gamers are time and time again lumped into the kiddie-crowd label.

    I have a literal, digital mountain of PC games in my backlog. If there was a shortage of games to play, this mindset may have a point, but there isn't.

    The argument that console hardware is worth buying becuse you can play timed-exclusives sooner has precisely zero merit to any level-headed person.
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  • George-Roper 09/02/2018


    maybe. That being the case, you could always go and play MHW on your PC.

    Sorry, I didn't realise that games had a finite lifespan.

    Oh, that's right. They don't.
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  • Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition looks beautiful but at what cost?

  • George-Roper 11/02/2018


    Well, "GameWorks" is a thing that nVidia is selling to its PC customers as some sort of exciting tech that is best on nVidia.
    No PC gamer is buying Nvidia GPUs for Gameworks.

    So, just to be clear, nobody is 'buying' anything that Nvidia is 'selling'. It's just a gimmicky add-on that, if you have the right GPU, can result in some fairly nice results. I thought the hair on beasts in Far Cry Primal was pretty good, personally.
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  • George-Roper 10/02/2018


    Or how to sell useless things to the consumer...
    Not sure I understand.

    Can you explain why PC gamers have to 'buy' these useless things they're 'selling'?
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  • Relic leaves Dawn of War 3 behind as it moves on to new projects

  • George-Roper 08/02/2018


    I really don't get why they messed with the formula so much in this franchise. The first game, complete with all the expansions, was, in my opinion, one of the best RTS games ever made. By all means make small adjustments to keep things fresh, but completely altering the style of gameplay each time was just so bizarre and totally unnecessary.
    Because they wanted a MOBA-alternative for e-sports.

    They literally didn't give a fuck about their fanbase and oh, look. Just a couple of months after their 'commitment' to DoW3 post-release support, they're pulling the plug.

    I didn't buy this game at launch, due precisely to how badly they'd treated the franchise. It was patently clear that they were chasing the MOBA gold, regardless of how loudly their supporters were proclaiming every minor deviation from DoW3 being a 'true' MOBA experience.

    Relic and SEGA will never see another penny from me without a solid review behind a game first and I really, REALLY hope all their DoW fans do the same.

    Fuck. Those. Greedy. Guys.
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  • Rhythmic dungeon crawler Crypt of the NecroDancer launches on Switch this week

  • George-Roper 01/02/2018

    Such a great game and one of the best trailers ever!
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  • PUBG, Fortnite Battle Royale and the question of how new genres form

  • George-Roper 31/01/2018


    Pre-game starting area and parachute drop are in H1Z1.

    The plane and parachute were also very much in Battle Royale, the Arma mod. I remember staring at other players in the back of the plane, as it flew over the map.

    Makes me laugh, the extent people go to justify why their favourite game of the moment is being cloned, without realising the irony that it is a clone of games/mods gone by, itself.

    There is very little originality in our hobby, that's just a fact. I don't get what's 'worrying' about any single point of this new genre. If Epic do PUBG better than PUBG, I'll play their game. If PUGB devs are unhappy about that, why not do more than relase a fucking desert map? Why not inject your own supposed 'originality' into different areas of your game and once more swing favor to yourselves?

    Here's why. They don't have any originality.

    Whereas Epic are adding multiple BR modes, they have events which vary the experience and the base building aspect allows way more variance to each game played, too.

    Sorry, PUBG worshippers but Epic has massively out-PUBGd, PUBG. So why not ask the PUBG devs what they're intending to do about that, rather than crying rivers of salt into these comments sections?
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  • Motorstorm and Driveclub developers' new racing game Onrush has a release date

  • George-Roper 31/01/2018

    Looks fantastic! Elicits the same feeling I had seeing Motorstorm for the first time. Reply 0
  • Shadow of the Colossus is one of the best remakes of all time

  • George-Roper 29/01/2018


    As always, you prove that no man’s glass was ever as half empty as yours.
    Little bit unfair. Am I not right to question why a remaster of an old game can't hit 4k/30, as a minimum?

    The problem is, we're repeatedly told that this is the 4K generation when demonstrably its just not. I've just bumped my TV to an OLED and the first thing I did was to properly look at XBOX and PS4P, to figure out which one might be worthwhile. Turns out, neither of them have prospects enticing enough for the outlay, though I'd favor the former for its commitment to BC.
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  • George-Roper 29/01/2018

    Bluepoint's PS4 work honours the original while delivering state-of-the-art technology

    and everything runs locked at a solid 1080p30 on base PlayStation hardware, rising to 1440p30 on Pro

    Look, the game's a classic. I have the original on PS2 but 1440p/30 in 2017, on a Pro is nowhere near 'state of the art'. This is a fauxK-capable machine we're talking about, so why can it only manage 2.5k/30?
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  • Newcomer Shadow offers GTX 1080 gaming power via the cloud

  • George-Roper 26/01/2018

    Haha, no.

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  • EA DICE is reworking the Star Wars Battlefront 2 progression system

  • George-Roper 25/01/2018


    EA are a business and we should not castigate them for trying to make money. I'll bet nobody reading this works for free.
    No, nobody is saying EA are being greedy for wanting to generate revenue. If that were the case, we'd have had this level of outrage for decades.

    The problem is that this game seems intentionally bare bones if you want to play it alone, with a highly obnoxious milking system if you decide to play it online. It's less of a game and more of a Star Wars themed client with gaming and gambling.

    There's wanting to generate more revenue and then there's wanting to do that via the most shady and despicable practices possible.

    This isn't black and white. I have no problem with Season Passes. I have them for all the big games I own. I have no problem with DLC, per se. As long as its good, I'll buy it.

    That isn't what EA did with SWBF2. They deserve all our contempt for the exact reasons you stated.
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  • George-Roper 25/01/2018

    It just doesn't matter. Trust = gone. Reply +2
  • RollerCoaster Tycoon fans hit out at Atari over controversial Switch port crowdfunder

  • George-Roper 24/01/2018


    lol, FUCK ATARI! What a bunch of scam artists. BTW, what happened to their new console? Wait, I bet that's a scam too! lol
    Crowdfunded but not even open to actually back yet. The irony of them not even being capable enough to begin crowdfunding...

    Atari aren't willing to take ANY chances on development. They want to offload it, entirely, onto us.


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  • George-Roper 24/01/2018

    The desperation dripping all over this...

    Just fucking die off already, Atari.
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  • PlayStation characters get amiibo-like figure range

  • George-Roper 22/01/2018


    Hmm, royalties...
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  • George-Roper 22/01/2018

    Criiinge Reply -2
  • Bungie apologises again after another bad week for Destiny 2

  • George-Roper 20/01/2018


    They want to make, and have only ever wanted to make, as much money as possible.
    Qualifier to that is, current gaming. In current gaming, that's all they've ever wanted to do (make money).

    However, I refer you back to the original Star Wars Battlefront games which had 10x the content, no MTs and none of this vapid 'player engagement', designed to artificially elongate the players commitment to keep playing.

    Games were not always lathered in this shit. That is what I was referring to.
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  • George-Roper 19/01/2018

    Jesus wept, whenever I read a Destiny 2 article it just screams...



    What the fuck happened to just making a fun game? How can anyone become invested in such horrific shit-storms of purposeful, uncovered deceit? Intended to drag the whole miserable affair out for a long as possible?

    Between this and SWBF2, I can only hope that we see enough perceived failure from the top-brass to enact fundamental changes to their game design.
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  • No Man's Sky's Waking Titan ARG is back, and fans are trying to figure it all out again

  • George-Roper 19/01/2018

    Just add VR and I might buy it. Reply +2
  • "We could be the biggest game in the western world"

  • George-Roper 17/01/2018


    Even if I could be bothered to check, that makes no difference. He took a free mod, repackaged it and then sold it as a 'new thing'.

    Do you even do brains?
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  • George-Roper 17/01/2018


    were you jumping out of a plane in day z?
    No but I did in Battle Royale. An Arma mod.

    Did the play area constrict?
    Does that matter? What, are we geting into specific features, now?

    If you like fortnite go play it
    Thankfully you're around to direct me in these things, so thanks!

    im waiting for pubg. Fortnites a failed game that didnt work, anyone ripping off pubg is going to do alright at the moment, hence this babyosh cack.
    Fornite never released beyond Epics early access. So quite how you're coming to that conclusion, before it even hits the F2P market this year, I don't know.

    Still, whatever floats your alternative-facts, right?

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  • George-Roper 17/01/2018


    that's fair enough - but this is as blatant a rip off as youll see, and I disagree that such a blatant rip off could be "the biggest game in the western world"
    And PUBG is a blatant rip-off of Day-Z.

    And Day-Z is a blatant rip-off of several Arma mods.

    So where does the "This doesn't deserve...." line start and end?

    Here's the thing, it shouldn't matter. As long as the game is solid and does it better than the competition, surely that's the only relevant point?
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  • George-Roper 17/01/2018


    It's certainly more cartoony and light-hearted, and that's fine.
    Absolutely. Having a stylized game like this doesn't in the slightest detract from the game play.

    What a bizarre thing to assert...
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  • Bankrupt Mad Catz is somehow back from the dead

  • George-Roper 04/01/2018

    What they should do, now they're back, is seriously invest in a large range of plastic instrument tat that can be used for those great Wii and 360 games that all the grandads like.

    Ride that wave, Mad Catz. Ride that wave.
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  • Nintendo's New Year eShop sale is a bit of a rarity, focussing on first-party game discounts

  • George-Roper 04/01/2018

    Over on Switch, your first-party options are limited to 1-2 Switch (down from £39.99 to £27.99) or the mighty Arms, discounted from £49.99 to £39.99. These slender pickings are bolstered by a number of notable third-party titles on the console. LA Noire is £33.74 from £44.99, superb exploratory mining adventure SteamWorld Dig 2 is £10.99 from £14.99, and wonderful Ironcast - a turn-based mechs-meets-match-3 RPG set in WW2 - is £9.09 down from £12.99. There's a complete list of Switch discounts over on Nintendo's sales page.
    Is that supposed to be impressive? Worthy of an article?

    Also, its focusing not focussing.
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  • Pandemic's old Star Wars Battlefront 2 just got another multiplayer update

  • George-Roper 04/01/2018

    Quite literally, the only positive to the 2015 release is the engine and in some of the shots, even that is questionable. For a decade gap.

    From a content perspective, 2005 blows 2015 completely away. Embarrassingly so.
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  • Capcom confirms "autumn 2018" release for Monster Hunter World on PC

  • George-Roper 03/01/2018

    "Thank you for your patience"
    Absolutely not a problem.

    By then it will be patched up and will likely have more content to boot. It will look better, play better, have better fidelity and the cherry on top? It will be cheaper too.

    So no need to thank PC gamers. It's hardly like there's a drought of games.

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  • Xbox One Kinect adaptor officially dead now, too

  • George-Roper 03/01/2018


    nobody stamped out kinect - users or Microsoft.
    It was a perfectly fine device used in the completely wrong way
    I find those two statements contradictory because the only people who could have made it useful are Microsoft and platform devs. Not you or I.

    Hardware lives or dies on the back of software. Kinect had no software worth a damn. As a control scheme for the console, I'll grant you it served a purpose. But aside from the original puchase, how does that generate revenue? For hardware to be successful and iterate it needs to earn its place.

    Microsoft and their devs absolutely did kill Kinect. Just in the same way that the Wii died off after years of being smothered by cheap, nasty waggle party games.
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  • George-Roper 03/01/2018


    Instead we stamped it out as it was different and to be fair not great yet.
    "We" did no such thing.

    The Xbox 360 Kinect famously became the fastest-selling consumer electronics device in history upon its 2010 launch

    The abject failure of the Kinect to evolve and grow is 100% down to Microsoft and by extension, developers for its platforms. It never went beyond a struggling waggle-control scheme and because of that, was never able to elevate itself above Wii-level party games.

    Which, if we're being honest, is exactly what Microsoft originally wanted. A slice of that 'casual' pie.
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  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2017: 30-21

  • George-Roper 28/12/2017

    I didn't (aren't) finding ME:A to be anywhere near the tragedy that DA:I was. In fact, after forcing myself through the first few hours, I'm kinda enjoying it.

    The voice acting isn't fantastic, the animations are a bit off sometimes and the inventory system isn't exactly well done but the combat is enjoyable, the graphics, especially the biotic effects, are really great and my goodness, the skyboxes and planet environments are outright outstanding.

    Not many other games have had me sit there and stare at the environment, like ME:A has so far.

    So yeah, I can see where they're coming from. It's not a stunner but its definitely above average. More, if you can be forgiving of the aforementioned oddities.

    Plus it was £11. See, that's what waiting gets you. A better game delivered for, what, a quarter of the original cost? Preorder/Day One buyers are mugs.
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  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2017: 40-31

  • George-Roper 27/12/2017


    /sticks to playing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
    The best game in existence. Best game on Playstation 4 atleast.
    Played the game to 'completion'. Was absorbed with the story, the characters.

    Then, I found out that the game didn't actually have an ending. And that ruined the entire thing for me.

    Great if you just want mission-based, one off combat scenarios. Very poor if you're remotely interested in seeing the wacky but compelling story play to conclusion.
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  • The year in playing together

  • George-Roper 25/12/2017

    A smart piece of creative ransacking brought this lavish but rather hollow game (Fortnite) back to life.
    Seriously, Merry Christmas but please drop this attitude when talking about Epic and Fortnite.

    Since when was making a game similiar to another game out there, 'creative ransacking'? Everyone does it. Absolutely everyone jumps onto the flavour of the month and some do it better than the original. As Epic have done.

    Remember, PUBG copied DayZ and DayZ copied an Arma mod. Where's the snarling attitude, there?

    If you're going to level the finger at people about their attitude towards copying what's working for others, do so across the board and not just at specific companies.

    Again, Merry Christmas. ;)
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  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds review

  • George-Roper 21/12/2017


    Fortnite is a "game as a service" full of loot boxes and micro-transactions designed over 6 years to be Epic's cash cow, grindy slow progression etc.
    FUCK FORTNITE the game is boring, repetitive and was poorly received (3.3 user rating on metacritic for the PC, 4.5 on PS4, 4 on XB1) and the BR mode is a shameless cash in on PUBGs success.
    Battle Royale, Fortnites PUBG, contains only cosmetic MTs.

    I literally don't give a fuck how your agenda might want to spin it, its better than PUBG, it contains no MTs that alter game balance and its free.

    And it has better mechanics in game that elevate the experience above the pew-pew of PUBG.

    PUBG can only dream of the game variations that are open to Epic now. 50v50 fort-based combat that favours building? What can PUBG possibly do to combat the variants of flavour that their competitors can provide?

    PUBG is already stale. BR is where its at.

    Don't be so salty that another developer is doing BR better than PUBG.

    For free.
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  • George-Roper 21/12/2017

    Fortnite is better.

    A lot better.

    And free.
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  • The big interview: the Gambling Commission on loot boxes

  • George-Roper 14/12/2017

    What this really shows is how much effort EA have put into researching the legalities and how close they believe they can get without crossing the line.

    The issue isn't whether or not loot boxes in video games are gambling, IMO. It's about how morally bankrupt companies like EA are who will take the letter of the law right up to breaking point, without stepping over.

    These are video games. Video games are adored by kids and systems should be in place to protect them. Parents should play a role in that, obviously so this is also about educating people (don't leave your CC details on there). However, when EA flash up big pretty graphics with "YOU CAN PLAY AS FINN!! £5", we all know that kids are going to pester their parents to get it. And kids can be persuasive. And when those kids get that next tastly slice of DLC, EA will offer up the next. And the next. And the next.

    Morally bankrupt and that's not even mentioning teenagers and young adults who feel peer pressure about buying all this extra stuff. Lets not kid ourselves that the CoD-effect doesn't play a huge role in this system.

    Morally bankrupt.
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  • Assassin's Creed Origins gets 3GB patch today

  • George-Roper 12/12/2017


    Oh, now you patch it with useful stuff like that and improve things, 12 hours after I finish the game.
    And this is the entire reason its just not worth playing new games near launch.

    I got this with an SSD I bought recently and its been sat on my drive, waiting for patches. Will give it another couple of months and then drop in.

    There's no rush or impetus to consuming games so quickly. All it does it give you a lesser experience than you'll eventually get, through bug fixes, polish and extras.
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  • Your Amiga games are likely dying

  • George-Roper 10/12/2017


    I do need to open that internal drive up and clean the heads! It's obviously not just the disks.
    It's a combination.

    If you try to read mouldy disks, you'll get a grinding noise and it will fail. That's then covered the heads in crap, which in turn will grind against other disks and potentially damage them.

    Order of events should always be to clean the heads, if you try to read a mouldly disk and it fails, before you attempt any other disks. In fact, if you have an external, always use that to verify any new disk you introduce, rather than expose the risk to your internal.
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  • George-Roper 10/12/2017

    Yeah, been in the retro scene for a while now, plenty of mouldy disks have come through which I've set aside for cleaning/replacement of the cookie.

    It's strange, I've found cassettes to be way more sturdy in this respect.
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  • Fortnite 50v50 may be bringing the game's original dream back to life

  • George-Roper 09/12/2017



    I've been up and down about the game for a while now but decided to try BR and from there dipped into the PvE. Really great game.
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  • George-Roper 08/12/2017


    You build a 'fort' to defend at 'night'.
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  • George-Roper 08/12/2017

    But after weeks of enjoying Fortnite's Battle Royale and feeling slightly guilty about it - because it is a clone, because it is developers turning their back on their own ambitions, their own hopes to create something fresh
    Also, that's very harsh.

    In what way have they turned ther back on their own ambitions? Fortnite PvE still exists, its still being updated, there's been two patches the last week or so. There was a Haloweeen event and now there's a Mutant Storm event.

    If they'd ditched PvE, you'd have a point but they haven't. And saying that, because its a clone? Newsflash, PUBG is a clone of an Armed Assault mod, correct?

    You come across as being very negative and critical of Epic but I'm failing to see the reasons why.
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  • George-Roper 08/12/2017

    The game that originally launched offered a brilliant suite of construction tools, but the game's pretty but rather brainless PvE meant there was little reason to build anything that fancy. The fact that any and all buildings would disappear at the end of a single Horde-style level meant that you felt you were wasting your time if you tried to experiment or make something elaborate and interesting.
    Not true.

    The original PvE design for Fortnite had players venturing out for materials to build a base before a horde emerged. That aspect was partially kept, as your main base goes through dozens of defence missions along the campaign, where its design is persisted but when you take those missions on is your choice, its not timed.

    Inbetween those, you go out onto other missions which act in part as a gearing mechanic to make your main base more sturdy. So you complete these missions, occasionally go back to your main base and build it up, then do more missions and eventually take on the next main base defence.

    And inbetween all that you have character advancement, gear advancement and survivor advancements, all of which work to create several layers of stats and abilities increase, again all gained in the majority through the mission structure.

    Fortnite PvE is a stonking co-op experience. Get past the initial tutorial 'world' and it really ramps up, with some great asthetics, world-building and level design. No PvE mission is ever exactly the same. The map layout remains identical but the placement of objectives, dynamic missions within the mission, gear, loot, etc, is all randomised.
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  • Fortnite Battle Royale just got a new time-limited 50 vs 50 mode

  • George-Roper 08/12/2017

    They're really knocking it out of the park with Fortnite. It seems the base was built in such a way that it could be adapated in a variety of ways.

    Good for them.
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  • Creative Assembly issues refreshingly frank update on Total War Warhammer development troubles

  • George-Roper 06/12/2017

    Well, after the news of WH2 being released so soon after WH, I didn't bother with WH2 so I'm happy to not be dealing with this.

    Something about that speed of sequels emerging doesn't sit right with me, especially when their games are fairly expensive and consist of several, expensive, DLC packs too.
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  • Team-based spaceship battler Dreadnought launches on PS4

  • George-Roper 06/12/2017

    I was all over this before they swapped to a F2P model.

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  • Allegations of cheating rock FIFA 18

  • George-Roper 06/12/2017


    If you aren't playing a game because it's fun, you're doing it wrong. If you keep quitting to game a ranking system, you're failing to understand what that system is supposed to be for in the first place.
    The sort of cunts who play shit like FUT to this level don't care about systems like that. All they care about are their stats.

    I absolutely detest FIFA/FUT. I'm sorry if that offends anyone here but that we've got a 'game' that aims to ape the same level of adoration that people put onto multi-millionaires kicking a ball around a pitch, with an amazingly insidious and predatory MT framework built in (that made them almost a billion in revenue last year), represents EVERYTHING that's wrong with our hobby in 2017.
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  • "Initial" Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot box-related changes go live

  • George-Roper 04/12/2017

    Thanks for the clarification everyone, I must have seen it in a Beta video.

    But, just to be clear, crafting a card doesn't detract from being able to craft that card faster by buying your way into gear to scrap, does it? Can you not still spend thousands and then refine the resultant gear into currency to craft whatever card you want?
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