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  • Face-Off: Forza Horizon 3

  • George-Roper 30/09/2016


    Yet another big name PC release crippled by performance issues.
    For every PC game affected in this way, I can cite a dozen or more that are not.

    How does 99% of multiplats playing and looking better on PC translate over to a handful of examples such as this meaning an Xbox-S is the better option?

    At least try to hide your obvious leanings.
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  • Advertising Standards launches investigation into No Man's Sky

  • George-Roper 29/09/2016


    Sadly this could also spell the ending devs talking about their vision for their games freely and showing genuine enthusiasm.
    Nobody wants that.

    But equally, the many statements made by Murray weren't qualified with "Well, what I'd like to do...", or "Maybe, if we get time".

    He confirmed, outright, several times that multiplayer was in the game. That the only way for you to know what you look like was if another player saw you. Like Journey.

    There's no ambiguity there. That's not someone gushing about their vision or what they'd like to see in there, it was confirmation that it was possible.

    And then, after people spent money, it wasn't.

    And that's just one example of many.
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  • George-Roper 29/09/2016


    Would that have made or broken the game?
    Who gives a fuck about your broad manner in determining what does and doesn't matter?

    It's one point from a list of many that proves what they touted on the run up to release was not then delivered.

    Taking shots at specific, singular examples does't then invalidate the fucking laundry list said example sits on.
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  • George-Roper 28/09/2016


    Of course not, but this part in particular is hardly a unique phenomenon to NMS.
    I couldn't disagree more.

    I'm right now looking at the back of a Speccy game box with small text under the screenshots of 'Screens are taken from various computer formats' and of course, none are of the Speccy version.

    This isn't a game that has more on one platform than another. It's not that its visual style is completely different from promo and vids (though there's a clear difference to be seen).

    It's that features touted and shown off and put into vids are not there in the game. That's outright deceit.
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  • George-Roper 28/09/2016


    Somewhere when the game creates it, it's is random you know? I also haven't seen the tall creature in the back of the game, BUT, it is a game with billions of planets in it, did you got to them all?
    Forget for a moment that a creature of that size and makeup hasn't yet been seen.

    What about the fact that its interacting with the scenery so obviously?

    Show me some videos of other creatures running through big flora or trees and causing them to react in that way.

    You can't because it doesn't exist in the game engine.
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  • George-Roper 28/09/2016


    All you say is from stupid list on reddit, show me a trailer with those things happening!

    The video in the article you're commenting in, which is still being used to advertise the game BTW, shows a giant rhino smashing its way through trees, causing them to move and react and smaller creatures to scatter and run.

    Where's that in the game?
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  • George-Roper 28/09/2016


    RIP every game ever marketed ever.
    Yeah, as if fucking screenshots are the basis of all this disgruntlement with NMS.

    Lets just forget all the videos and interviews.
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  • George-Roper 28/09/2016

    Worst that could happen for HG would be a fine. Big fucking deal, when they've raked in all the cash they have.

    Good that they're now having to go through this, I really hope we get to hear some actual statements on the subject.
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  • XCOM 2 review

  • George-Roper 27/09/2016


    ou need to stop this re-published review crap, EG. A re-published review of the PC version tells people nothing about the quality of the console ports that they're about to hand over 40 notes for
    Makes a change from the relentless reviews of PS4 versions of multiplats.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with COD Infinite Warfare on PS4 Pro

  • George-Roper 25/09/2016


    Please quit with the Sony should focus on 1080 60fps since you have no idea what you're even speaking about
    It's not necessarily about what's possible, it's about what their goal should be.

    I too would question whether an unwavering 1080/locked 60 would be possible but lets face it, even a 1080/50 would be preferable to a wobbly 4k/30.

    The point really is, aim to improve on what the PS4 already does. Don't target an entirely new resolution goal, target the framerate.
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  • George-Roper 25/09/2016

    4k is the wrong move, we all know it. Even in low-asset quality situations, native 4k games running at 30fps, even locked, is a throwback.

    PC gaming is now up to 144hz (has been for a while now). I realise that console gaming is essentially locked into TV tech but not targetting 60fps in 2016/17 is frankly abysmal.

    They need to start giving options. 4k/30 or 1080/60 in every game produced and let people start to decide for themselves. After a locked 60fps, I doubt any console gamer would take the decision to drop to half the frame-rate for just a higher (upscaled) resolution.
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  • Forza Horizon 3 at 4K 60fps is simply breathtaking

  • George-Roper 24/09/2016

    We would love to have to have brought you more detail impressions, but once again Microsoft's Windows Store demonstrated in spectacular fashion that it's simply good enough for the task at hand. Forza Horizon 3 actually arrived on Wednesday for those of us with review code. However, it actually took me well over two days to successfully download the game.
    NOT good enough....
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  • Kabam kills Star Wars Uprising

  • George-Roper 23/09/2016

    "While Star Wars: Uprising was enjoyed by a great community of players since its launch, the game is no longer achieving the level of success needed to maintain the game and the decision was made to discontinue support."

    Community + Mobile = wat?
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  • Earn entry into Titanfall 2 multiplayer mode at US resturant

  • George-Roper 23/09/2016

    Just when you thought Titanfail 2 couldn't fail any harder.

    You literally couldn't make this up.
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  • Microsoft on Project Scorpio, PS4 Pro marketing and Xbox tweets

  • George-Roper 21/09/2016


    To date I've bought 50 bluray. I've lost interest.

    Sure, UHD is great looking (i have Sky Q), but 4K bluray is a step too far for me. Just my personal opinion of course.
    Pretty much the same here, except the reason why I haven't looked into UHD for my 4K is cost, rather than starting a new collection again.

    The insane prices of UHD movies was the straw. I won't buy at that price and I won't stream 4K at Sonys prices either.

    I think we're in for a bit of an upheaval around all this. It's hitting a tipping point that 4K movie streaming and media are about to fall off.
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  • George-Roper 21/09/2016


    on top of all the magic we're going to add with the instant switching, and the power of the cloud

    "Teh cloud!!!"

    :D :D :D
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  • Death Star DLC introduces the Star Wars: Battlefront you were looking for (sort of)

  • George-Roper 21/09/2016

    In response to player outcry that's swirled around the game since its launch, stormtroopers can no longer go into battle without their helmets. It goes to show that DICE is really listening to what players want from Battlefront
    Yeah, if 'listening' to your customers means several months before anything materialises...
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  • Pokémon Go streamer mugged live on camera

  • George-Roper 19/09/2016

    It's a terrible thing to go through but there's a life-lesson for him. Don't walk around, at night, with expensive technology lighting up your face. I can't get over how naive the guy was.

    We shouldn't have to live in a world where we have to be mindful of such things, especially in more 'civilised' countries, but we do and there's no point thinking otherwise.
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  • Watch: 5 crappy Spectrum games based on classic British game shows

  • George-Roper 19/09/2016

    I'm hoping to make Eurogamer Retro a regular feature so any suggestions for what you'd like to see covered on future episodes (they don't always have to be crappy games) are more than welcome - just pop them in the comments below and I'll see what I can do.
    Where to even begin, there's such a vast amount of stuff to choose from.

    Off the top of my head, 8-bit Face-Offs would be interesting. All that schoolyard bickering actually put under the microscope would be fascinating to see. Colour clash versus blocky graphics. Beeps versus SID. There's all sorts you could do with this. Gryzor on the 464 is considered to be the best ;)

    Artwork could also be good. Wakelin would be perfect, going over the Ocean and Imagine double-jewel releases over time.

    How about software house specials? Quicksilva, Imagine, Ocean, Mastertronic, Firebird...

    Magazines is an obvious one too. Zzap 64, Crash, Your Sinclair, C+VG, and on.

    Years worth of retro articles. You can shove some modern retro hardware in there too. Speccy Next, Vega+, all the various SD solutions, so much stuff.

    Make it so! Retro is the main reason I use Facebook nowadays. I see more interesting stuff in my feed than ever before.
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  • Sony's Shuhei Yoshida on No Man's Sky

  • George-Roper 18/09/2016


    What features are you alledging are missing? And don't just tell me to go look at that fucking reddit post.
    Why not? Why not check out that very post (even though the account has now been deleted, strangely)?

    Very odd thing to say but here's a starter, where's the big rhino that tears through the trees, making them react and shake, and the herds of smaller creatures running away from it? Show me some examples of that happening, right now, in the release.

    Y'know, the fucking thing shown off several hundred times during promos, interviews and even on the virtual game shelves on various platforms, right now for example on Steam...

    Get to fuck, you blatant apologist.
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  • George-Roper 18/09/2016


    here's the thing though: the only "advertising" that counts are official adverts and what's written on the box. E3 presentations don't "count" as they are all "work in progress". Interviews don't count as they are not "official marketing material". The FINISHED product was never marketed in an ad or a poster etc. as having multiplayer or base building or whatever. On the gamebox, it clearly says "1 player". And that's the kind of stuff you look at BEFORE you buy. If the box says Multiplayer and the game does not have Multiplayer, then your case stands.
    That's some massive splitting of hairs there, focusing on one aspect (multiplayer).

    The box doesn't have a bullet-point list of features for a customer to read. So all those features shown to date, all those 'gameplay' videos, all those interviews, all those questions asked and answered, they're all people have to go on until a review comes out.

    Y'know, the review of NMS that had massive embargoes around it?

    The whole thing is shady as fuck and it's not helping your case that the guy who gave all those misleading answers before release hasn't been heard of since the release. Strange that.
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  • George-Roper 17/09/2016



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  • George-Roper 17/09/2016


    Your ceaseless condescension on this forum is nauseating. The world does not live to your code or your 'standards'. Who are you to to say GG7's taste is rock bottom? I'd rather trust his opinion than a fool who does nothing but like to boast about how many pixels his rig can push.

    This game was made by a comparatively tiny team. It's head got carried away. It's no different to any other sort of artistic development. These 'products' wrestle with uncertainty. They don't all hit the mark, especially those that aim the highest. If you didn't think there was a slim iota of being underwhelmed then you are an ignorant fool. Time to get down off your high horse.
    Well, there was no need for that!

    I need to lay down...
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  • George-Roper 16/09/2016


    Speaking as a veteran gamer with over 35 years in the hobby and a personal library containing well over 1500 games both for consoles and PC, I would call NMS a success and not anywhere close to making it onto my Wall of Shame list.
    Oh please...

    Obviousness is obvious, with 22 comments on your account, all of which are NMS based in some way and the stupidly over-egged positivity.

    The game is a hollow shell and nothing like it was being made out to be.

    For a purported 35 years in the hobby, your standards sure are rock-fucking-bottom.
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  • George-Roper 16/09/2016


    Refunds only apply to "working" though. Many movies or music albums or books did not "deliver" what I expected, that did not however allowed me to ask for a refund
    That's not the same and I'm really struggling now to figure out why the problems with NMS aren't patently clear and obvious.

    Your example holds no merit, because what you bought was what was advertised. It was advertised as a 10 track album, each track being 3m 30s long. That you didn't like the songs is neither here nor there.

    But if you got it home to then find it was a different genre, with less tracks and each track was shorter, that's not as advertised.

    I don't get why this isn't clear to people. NMS has a laundry list of feaures that were being hyped weeks and days before it was released. At no point did anyone from Hello Games or Sony step up and make as statement on how NMS at launch would differ from NMS being shown for the last 3 years.

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  • George-Roper 16/09/2016


    While I haven't got the platinum yet, I see a lot of people saying how it "didn't fucking work" or was "just totally broken" ... however I don't think I've encountered a single game breaking bug in the game at all.
    I don't think that's it, at all.

    Games have bugs. Everyone here surely accepts that. It when games release in a patently different state to the one touted and shown around for months, if not years, before release.

    That's what I think has everyones back up so much and rightly so.
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  • George-Roper 16/09/2016


    NMS also clearly "fucking worked"
    Working does not equate to delivering.

    If said car had had three wheels rather than four, would you have a case for a refund?

    NMS was sold at release with a massively pared back feature set. We all know it now but nobody knew it then. At release.
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  • George-Roper 16/09/2016


    None of these strategies involve selling all their first party games on Steam or the Appstore..
    What's the relevance?

    Picking supposed holes in the fact that Xbox and Nintendo are no longer exclusive to their own platforms doesn't work.

    This is the start of exclusivity becoming a thing of the past and we should all be thankful for it.
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  • George-Roper 16/09/2016


    There is no "end to console exclusives".
    Yes there is, there's an end to Xbox exclusivity.

    What you mean is, there's currently no end in sight to Sony console exclusives.

    But for how long.

    Edit: Negged by salty Xbox gamers, it seems. Makes no difference, you've lost your games exclusivity. #dealwithit
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  • George-Roper 16/09/2016


    I purchase a lamboghini aventador, drive it south of France then hand the keys back to audio and say not interested want my money back will they be cool?
    No, because the car clearly fucking worked. It had four wheels, an engine, a steering wheel, brakes. It had all the stuff the dealer told you it would have when you handed over your cash.

    That video they had playing at the dealership matched the thing parked in front of you.

    Those pictures in the magazine that drew you in, in the first place, matched the thing parked in front of you.

    It's really not hard to understand.

    NMS was sold on lies. Blatant, intentional deception. And it's all right there for you to read or listen to for yourself, there's no conjecture, no guess-work.
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  • George-Roper 16/09/2016


    His comment regarding NMS being on PC does not indicate any strategy change from Sony
    Just like when we saw the first previously Xbox-exclusive appear on the Windows 10 store, followed by the reveal about Xbox exclusives spanning Xbox and PC from now on? I'm pretty sure I heard exactly the same rhetoric then, too.

    Nintendo are now releasing their previously jealously guarded IPs to the mobile market.

    It's now only a matter of time before console exclusivity becomes a thing of the past. PC and mobile will be the connective tissue across.
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider: the first PS4 Pro vs PC graphics comparison

  • George-Roper 16/09/2016


    But we're not at that point in time and since Sony are releasing a second installment of the PS4, we won't be seeing the death of Sony exclusives any time soon, so your pointless "matter of time arguement is worthless".
    What difference does that make?

    Microsoft are gearing up to release their next-gen console but it won't have exclusives.

    You come across as overly protective of console exclusives and casually dismissive of the reasons why its becoming a redundant notion. You're one of those types who cling onto the validation of their chosen small-form factor PC set-top box via it getting 'all the attention'.

    While there are exclusives, there will be consoles.
    Blanket ignoring that Microsoft and Nintendo are now releasing their previously protected IPs onto other platforms isn't helping your case in any way, shape or form.

    PS Now, as much as I loathe the premise, is Sony making their previous console exclusives available to PC gamers. Otherwise, the service wouldn't be available on PC. The natural progression of that would be to start releasing new games on PC, alongisde the PS. But not on the Xbox or Nintendo platforms.

    No Mans Sky shows this. Why put that out on PC at all? Why not keep it as a PS exclusive and force people onto your platform? That it began on PC and was snapped up by Sony surely means that the direction would be exclusivity, but it wasn't.

    Exclusivity is a dinosaur that has no place in 2016. Insecure console gamers such as you, who place value onto the notion, are soon to be very upset.
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  • George-Roper 16/09/2016


    Again, you still missed the point.

    As long as exclusives remain part of gaming, then me, as a gamer, must own all of the systems.
    I missed no such point. You started to bang on about platform exclusives, in a discussion that was about cost.

    I never once said that gamers should pigeonhole themselves but actually, with Microsoft and Nintendo both now ditching platform exclusivity to varying degrees, its only a matter of time before Sony follows.

    And in that instance, that's where people like you will veer away from the point again and come out with bollocks like "PC gaming, autoexec.bat, lol!".
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  • George-Roper 16/09/2016


    cos it really does not matter for most of people of 30 or 60fps.

    I heard the same about 720p vs 1080p too. Funny how now there's all this clamouring about 1080p or (upscaled) 4k now...

    So much for 'people'.
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  • George-Roper 16/09/2016


    he is right, pspro is aiming to fight pc on ultra with 1080/30fps and I can see reason it will deliver.
    It's really not and it makes my brain hurt to think people believe that. Because how do you compete against a platform that doesn't force 30fps onto gamers?
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  • George-Roper 16/09/2016


    Yeah for most people ps4 pr o with 1080p and equivalent of PC`s ultra settings would be much more convenient and usable
    In what world do you think that's achievable?

    You do realise that Ultra settings hit performance hard, right? That you power through them with brute force most of the time, even on top end PC GPUs?

    1080p/60/Medium and High combo should be what PS4 Pro is aiming for. Framerate should be the bulletpoint now, not 4k resolution or eye-candy.
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  • George-Roper 16/09/2016


    In what parallel universe does quantity outweigh quality, Because PC may have more exclusives,But in no way shape or form does it eclipse console when it comes to quality exclusives.
    Qualify that please.

    I don't know either but I know that saying something doesn't make it true.

    What even are 'quality exclusives' anyway? Who defines what that quality actually is?
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  • George-Roper 15/09/2016


    As long as physical and used discs remain an important part of the console picture, there's no better place for a gamer on a budget than consoles.
    That's fine and on point, I never said anything to the contrary.

    What I did was point out that all things being equal, in the example I cited, PC comes out ahead on cost and on spec in just four years.

    Sure, you can adjust bits of that. If a console gamer NEVER buys games and only pays for PSN/XBL, then of course they won't save, but which console gamer is going to be doing that, exactly?

    And frankly, implying that you can also game on consoles via second-hand doesn't ring true either, because the diminishing returns on trade-ins means that inevitably you need to start buying new games again to start the trade-in cycle over. GAME, HMV and CEX are in it for their profit, not ours.

    Then you have the plethora of methods on PC of getting hold of games. The amount of services that offer bundles, saving hundreds. Then all the various digital PC sales that massively outdo the prices of PSN/XBL sales. Even the fact alone that PC game refunds from Steam and GOG, etc, are meaning you never again need to lay cash out and be disappointed and stuck with something. The era of demos is almost once again upon PC gamers. On console, you'd better hope that review was right...

    I don't make these comments flippantly. I own every games console currently available, now-gen and last-gen and the gen before that and then some with the retro scene I'm now in. I speak from a position of experience and knowledge, not from one side or the other and its about time that people woke up to the realities of modern console gaming and the costs levied against them, in all their various forms, outside of the carrier bag they'll walk out of GAME with.
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  • George-Roper 15/09/2016


    But can a PC gamer play Uncharted 1,2,3 & 4. The Last of Us, God of War, etc, etc. There are always going to be console exclusive games and there are always going to be games on PC that console owners can't play.
    And see, this is always, every single time the reply that I get when I state what the costs are.

    Not the costs. The other stuff.

    Yes, consoles have exclusives (though actually, you or I don't know for how long that's going to continue now) but y'know, so does the PC. Quite a lot more than consoles do, too.

    But back on track, of cost, PC gaming is NOT the expensive alternative that people may want you to knee-jerk a belief of.
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  • George-Roper 15/09/2016


    if you are like me and you are looking at building a living room PC from scratch you may find the final cost over £800 to a achieve a respectable 1080p, 60fps.

    Z170A systemboard - £140
    I5 6600 - £200
    GTX 1060 6Gb - £220
    16GB ram - £70
    The rest of the bits, case, PSU, drives, keyboard and mouse around £200 - £250

    This does make the consoles look extremely good value for money
    Does it?

    Lets say a console has 4 years nowadays.

    Add £120 for online fees (PSN/XBL).

    Lets say a gamer buys, what, 6 games per year at £40 each. Chances are very high that those same games on PC are much closer to almost half the cost of their console equivalent. What costs a console gamer £960 over 4 years for games costs a PC gamer £480 (probably much less in reality).

    In 4 years time, a PC gamer has saved £600 over the equivalent service/game cost of console gaming.

    So even at the £800 PC build cost you've cited (which is a spec way over that of a PS4 Pro, so the additional cost actually means something), you've actually SAVED money via PC gaming in 4 years time.

    The problem always shown by console-gamers citing 'cost' as a factor is that they're blinkered into thinking the 'cost' is just the off the shelf price from GAME. When ongoing costs are not also factored in, its either lack of information/ignorance or a purposeful intent to obfuscate the truth.
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  • Dean Hall of DayZ fame is making a big new multiplayer game

  • George-Roper 14/09/2016


    But exactly what's going on there I'll try and find out.
    I think the biggest point here is one of time. Look how long its been between those articles you linked and then what state DayZ is in, right now.

    Consider how much investment DayZ has clawed in.

    Then consider how The Fun Pimps are knocking out major updates to 7 Days To Die on the PC, with just a few months (if that) between them.

    The difference in dev team size and deliverables is vast, so what actually is happening with DayZ? Where has all that money gone and what do the players have to show for it?
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  • Valve finally takes on Steam user review score manipulation

  • George-Roper 13/09/2016


    Yeah this is going to be ungood for any game that's been crowdfunded. Starting out with 0 reviews is bound to lose them some amount of sales. And it discourages sales outside of Steam, which feels quite skeezy.
    Where are you getting this from?

    Everyone can still review a game, its just these non-Steam-based purchased game reviews don't contribute to the score.

    So if you're the kind of person who just looks at headlines, you may get a worse impression. If youre the kind of guy who actually reads what people think, you'll get a proper impression.

    Lesson here is, ignore the summary, read the details.
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  • Time crisis: Is this the end of the light gun?

  • George-Roper 10/09/2016

    Don't know if its been mentioned but the Dreamcast lightgun has already been modded to work with modern TVs, apparently. Reply +2
  • Interplay puts all of its games up for sale

  • George-Roper 08/09/2016


    Looks like he's currently busy with "First Wonder", though - a Kickstarted spiritual successor to "Giants: Citizen Kabuto", which just so happens to be another old Interplay-published game that he created.
    Sadly the KS was cancelled, it wasn't generating enough cash.
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  • Sony announces PlayStation 4 Pro for November 2016, priced £349

  • George-Roper 07/09/2016


    I didn't make any statements I asked questions and from your reply I see that you do class only PC components as 'tech enthusiasts', even though you say it means people looking for the 'best tech'.
    Yes, because that's where the current context is for VR.

    VR exists, currently, on PC and PS4 (and I guess soon to be XBO).

    If you look at my comments again, you'll see that actually I was being platform agnostic and looking purely at the technology. It just so happens that the best VR tech ATM is on PC, so therefore that becomes the choice, for a technology enthusiast for VR.

    If you reduce the scope of the context to consoles, so PS4 and XBO only, then the tech enthusiast would choose the better VR hardware. And in fact, that's what they already did with the PS4 over XBO in the first place, they chose the better console hardware.

    Unless games play a part, in which case it becomes a not-tech decision, but a game-decision which is what I've said all along.
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  • George-Roper 07/09/2016


    You are being rather presumptuous saying this choice means I am not enthusiastic about technology.
    Being enthusiastic about new technology is not the same as being a technology enthusiast, believe it or not.

    The former is passive and interactive. The latter is massively interactive.

    An Apple tech enthusiast will buy Apple iterations each and every year. I know several people who spend thousands, yearly, to keep up.

    Someone who's enthusiastic about mobile devices, won't. They'll keep an iPad for a few years before upgrading (if at all).

    It's an obvious difference and pretending it doesn't exist doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
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  • George-Roper 07/09/2016


    Who decides what the budget must be to be considered a tech enthusiast? You? I have bought a PS4, a Logitech G29, Astro A40 headset, a Scuffs controller, have PSVR on order, that's over £1000 of goods, is that not good enough just because it not a modular gaming PC?

    Is your PC set up expensive enough when there are certainly people that have spent far more than you on their PC that could look down their nose at you and try to justify why they are the real enthusiast and you're not?

    If I owned this...
    ...could I call you a hobbyist and claim to be the tech enthusiast?
    Whoa, who said it wasn't 'good enough' and where did all this 'looking down their nose' come from?

    People really are reacting to my comments in the strangest of ways and it probably makes more sense for you to figure out why you thought it necessary to list everything out like you have, rather than accept that tech enthusiasts, by definition, are on the lookout for the best tech, not the latest tech.

    It's stated fact that Vive and Rift are better than PSVR, combined with the other fact that games running on a PC better than a PS4 Pro will also run and look better on a Vive or Rift.

    A tech enthusiast would not choose a games console over a PC, in that scenario. The tech. They may choose a console because it has Ridge Racer VR that will never make it to PC, but that's not a TECH decision, its a GAME decision.

    Jesus wept, its like everyone has deployed the PS4 PRo/PSVR blinkers.
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  • George-Roper 07/09/2016


    Come on George don't de a dick you know full well it's corporate speak for "PS4 will be a bit shit with some new tech stuff stuff so here is a beefed up PS4 that can actually handle VR and 4k well"
    I get that. I understand, behind all the nonsense, what they're trying to say but putting a tech enthusiast front on it is just once again dragging out the "Supercharged PC architecture" nonsense that we had the first time.
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  • George-Roper 07/09/2016


    This enthusiast does, not all of us have unlimited funds to spend on said tech, god forbid someone buys the ps4 pro and vr because they only have a budget of 700 quid! Yet again your responses show what a complete "my dicks bigger than your dick" wanker you are!
    Being a tech enthusiast necessitates a certain budget in order to be said tech enthusiast.

    You really do have a chip on your shoulder about things I've said but listen, calm down, wipe the froth from your mouth and understand I never said anything other than PS4 Pro + PSVR is not made for a tech enthusiast. It's a fucking mass-market games console.
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  • Mass Effect: Andromeda 4K PS4 Pro mission gameplay

  • George-Roper 07/09/2016

    Can anyone else see that horizontal line, around 3/4 up the screen, whenever there's movement or panning? Reply +8