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  • There's another ZX Spectrum crowdfunder - but this one looks promising

  • George-Roper 24/04/2017


    This isn't an emulator though.

    How did you play that game? On a PC? With a PC keyboard? So how is that comparable to playing it in front of a TV, with a Speccy on your lap?

    It's almost the same argument as PC vs Console gaming. Why console game? Well, because I enjoy a controller, for some games, and I like to play on my TV. Well, you can also do all that with a PC but with better framerates, resolution and fidelity. So why buy a console?

    Dunno, the negative comments don't make any sense. Its clearly aimed at a specific audience, just like any other sort of hardware is. Enough of an audience to lay a quarter of a million within the first 30'od hours. Almost 1200 people, at the last count but that's potentially small fry because its tracking to almost three million quid, over 1000% funded.

    For me, I want to hook up a datacorder and work through my Speccy cassette games with the 7mhz switch. The experience is everything.
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  • George-Roper 24/04/2017


    If you really have nothing better to do with 175 than back this you need to have a word with yourself.
    Suppose I should just put it towards the PS4 Pro+, right?

    That obviously has 'more meaning' than this.....
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  • George-Roper 24/04/2017


    Making it more powerful is pointless too
    Stop you right there, flick it up to the 7mhz setting and all existing games will take advantage!

    And don't underestimate homebrew. There's talk that this could itself kickstart interest in bedroom coding, leading to a new wave of Spectrum games.

    Also, I want to get this into my TV and get all audio through my amp. RIght now, that would involve buying another peripheral for my Speccy, adding a Pi onto it and then having it all hanging off the back of the original hardware. This has all that inside the unit.

    I literally cannot wait to get this hooked up to my big TV and crack out Starglider in glorious 60" HDMI goodness, with minimal cabling and messing about.
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  • The big Star Wars Battlefront 2 interview

  • George-Roper 21/04/2017

    One of the biggest fan requests for Battlefront 2 is the return of Galactic Conquest mode. Have you thought about bringing that back? Will it be in? If not, why not?

    Mark Thompson: The thing about the Battlefront fanbase is that there are lots of requests for lots and lots of different things.

    Matt Webster: That'll be one that we'll leave for another day.

    Mark Thompson: Yeah, I don't think I could identify the one greatest ask among all of the asks.

    Matt Webster: No. There's lots of voices asking for lots of different things.
    No sale, then. Thanks for confirming.

    Edit: And lets just be clear that the reason why they won't consider any features that add longevity to the game is 100% down to them wanting to sell you yearly iterations to coincide with a movie. They want everyone to rebuy the same core game, every year. Well, that and pandering almost entirely to an audience who can't have complexity beyond brainless pew-pew, "Oooh, a Deathstar!".

    Edit2: Removed my original response, a bit harsh on reflection but the frustration factor is running very high with this. It needed to be Battlefield-levels of feature-set wrapped in Star Wars.
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  • Watch: Here's everything we know about Star Wars Battlefront 2

  • George-Roper 18/04/2017


    From what we know so far, it seems to me like they've improved on and added much-requested features to the first game, but have stopped short of recreating a true old school Battlefront experience. I could be wrong of course, they've not announced game modes yet so there's still hope for a Galactic Conquest mode...
    I don't think you're wrong, sadly.

    What I wouldn't have given to play a modern BFR game that had me running to a Snowspeeder in the hangar, taking off and going after AT-ATs with a wing of other Snowspeeders.

    The entire thing screams of 'accessibility above everything else'.
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  • George-Roper 18/04/2017


    That's your opinion and you're fully entitled to have one, but I don't understand your negative reaction to the game.

    "it sounds like they've learned nothing from the abject failure to retain players in the previous release"

    If anything they've learned a great deal from the previous game. Here is a list of features that are in EA's Battlefront II that weren't in the previous instalment.

    (1) Single-Player campaign: This is great to see as many fans have been eagerly awaiting for EA to implement this feature into the franchise. Not only do we get a story, but we get to see the 30 years between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens from The Empires point of view, and it's a canon story!

    (2) All Eras: Not only is this another feature that fans have been waiting for, but it's awesome for new and old fans of the franchise. We get to see all of our favourite Heroes/Villains from them the prequel's all the way to The Last Jedi.

    (3) No Season-Pass: If this is true then it's a win-win for everyone, not only does this save money for the players, but this also saves the player base/community from fracturing. Everyone should be able to play with each-other at launch all the way through the games life-span.

    (4) More-Everything: This is yet again another feature that all players have been looking for. From droids to space battles and you even get to ride Tauntaun's! This game looks to have A-lot more than the previous instalment of this EA franchise.

    (5) Customisability: Finally we get to customise our Heroes/Villains and soldiers, not A-lot has been said about this so keep that in mind. But, hopefully it's more than just changing our hair.

    (6) Classes: No more one soldier fits all! We finally get to play certain roles just like the Battlefield franchise. Hopefully this translates into more team play as players will need to rely on each-other more often than not.

    I could sit here all day and list off many great things that this game could offer, but I'll leave it there.
    Nothing you've listed has substance, its all fluff.

    More graphics, more maps, more pew-pew.

    Where's the actual meat? Where's the hook that gets you invested in the game?

    BFR1 was designed to appeal to a massively wide audience and that very design philosophy meant they cut a huge swathe of features out of its predecessor. It was those feature that kept the game interesting, fresh and unique.

    Player numbers don't lie. Server populations tanked soon after release. That's because it was all too easy to see it all and do it all because there weren't any barriers, any objectives to your progression. Drop in, pew-pew, pickup the Mario Kart power-up, teleport into a ship, pew-pew, spawn as Han Solo, shimmy around, spawn as Luke Skywalker, skate around. Pew-pew.

    It had the depth of a puddle. A tragic, tragic waste of the license.

    Nothing they've shown here makes me think they've learned a thing.
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  • George-Roper 18/04/2017

    I actually sat through that video and if its to be taken at face value, campaign aside it sounds like they've learned nothing from the abject failure to retain players in the previous release.

    No sale. Not touching this with a bargepole. Just like the first one.
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  • Nintendo Switch to host an arcade full of Namco classics

  • George-Roper 18/04/2017


    It's ridiculous that they refuse or seem otherwise incapable of making a bunch of 25-30 year old ROMs available at launch in 2017; when mobile app stores are persistent, when Microsoft are making huge strides in backward and cross-platform compatibility, and even less than desirable streaming services like Sony's would be more than able to provide access to these games with almost no effort at all, even on the most modest of internet connections.

    As much as I liked my Wii-U, its the last Nintendo console I'll own until they start to show a marked improvement on their prehistoric policies and outlook. Sadly thats almost certain to mean I'll never buy into their systems again.
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  • LG OLED B6 4K TV review

  • George-Roper 17/04/2017


    You make the erroneous assumption that the only 'barrier' to people enjoying PC gaming is money. When, in fact, the only 'barrier' is not enjoying PC gaming
    You have zero facts to back that statement up with.

    Objectively, getting a great gaming PC costs more money than buying a console. We know this already, therefore it becomes a factor.

    I've lost count of the amount of people posting on this site, who've cited console gaming as being affordable, when compared to PC gaming, and that's why they do it.

    There is no way that you can blanket say people 'prefer' console gaming 'just because', because exlusives aside, there's very little in it.
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  • George-Roper 17/04/2017

    Prices dropping hard? And then a link to a 1700 TV.

    For console gaming? A platform that we're led to believe is wrapped in 'affordability' when compared to other platforms?

    Crazy. And with Freesync coming in fast too, who's actually going to buy this at that sort of price level?
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  • Inside the Scorpio Engine: the processor architecture deep dive

  • George-Roper 15/04/2017


    I don't see much hype
    Well, I see a lot of articles and a lot of talk of Scorpio 'outdoing' PS4 Pro because of its supposed 4K/60 'proof' from Forza but as DF says, its a terribly limited view into what's possible.
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  • George-Roper 15/04/2017

    We've already seen some evidence of the results of this approach with Forza Motorsport - the demo we saw provided stability at 4K on par with a higher-end Nvidia GPU, but this is just one shaky comparison point this early on. Once third party titles are shown on Scorpio, we should have a better grip how easy it is for developers to tap into the power of the processor. And rest assured, we'll be there with complete analysis, when the time is right.

    Keep the hype under control.
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  • Lego City Undercover on Switch holds up well against PS4

  • George-Roper 14/04/2017

    Y'know, its easy to see why some people get so wound up. When you see 'Lego' and 'Switch' in the same sentence, it evokes a feeling of expensive remasters that weren't great in the first place.

    It's just all too familiar, a hark back to Wii-U that struggled so badly with exactly the same sorts of games.
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  • Why Dwarf Fortress started killing cats

  • George-Roper 13/04/2017

    Thoroughly enjoyable vid and a startling insight into the massive detail and complexity of this game.

    Makes modern video games look rather simplistic by comparison.
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  • Microsoft is adding self-service refunds for digital Xbox/Win10 games

  • George-Roper 12/04/2017

    Great news, Sony and even maybe Nintendo will surely now have to follow. Reply +8
  • Project Scorpio supports FreeSync and next-gen HDMI

  • George-Roper 12/04/2017


    Nothing on the market today guarantees 4K/60 across the board. Perhaps slightly harsh to only levy this criticism at this console which, if the price is right, will deliver a great bang per buck.
    I agree, totally. I even said exactly that, just a few comments up. That nothing can guarantee those specs. So when someone starts marching up and down the comments, proclaiming that this console, no this console is being built to provide 4k/60 gaming, I think its important to put some controls around that and reign in the already-starting hype train.

    It's amazing, I've already said several times that I'm looking forward to the Scorpio but that its important to remain grounded in the face of specs, as we've seen it all before. Every last bit of it. Yet here we are with people still arguing the point with me. Why?
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  • George-Roper 12/04/2017


    DF have already stated clearly in their videos it has hit 60fps 4K
    And the machine is designed to hit this and provide devs the tools to do it. It's up to them how they spend those resources.
    Exactly my point and exactly what I've already said, several times over.

    It's only 4k/60 under certain circumstances, in certain genres of games.

    Ergo, shouting about it being 'a 4k/60' console is about as useful, and truthful, as shouting about the PS3 being a '1080p' console, because it had a handful of games that managed it.

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  • George-Roper 12/04/2017


    I have not once stated it would universally hit 4K 60fps
    Of course you have, you're now back-peddling because its obviously not going to.


    They clearly feel this has the spec and design to deliver 4K 60fps.It's what the machine was designed to do
    "It's what the machine was designed to do".


    "It's what the machine was designed to do, for some games".

    Very clearly, you were making the statement that Scorpio is designed 'to be a 4k/60' console. Not some of the time but all of the time.

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  • George-Roper 12/04/2017


    DF have already seen it hit 60fps at 4K with grunt to spare.
    Yes, on a track racer. Historically, the sorts of games that will offer up more resolution and framerate than other games, because of the overall lower impact they have on the system.

    You really need to climb down off your high horse and when it is you that is clearly only seeing what you want to see and misinterpreting.
    I don't need to do any such thing. The proof is right there in the article, you're simply choosing to fill in the holes with your own alternative facts, built on nothing but hype.

    In your mind, because they've shown a racer running at that level, all games will run at that level, because the system is built for 4k/60. Such a thing isn't even a given on a top-end gaming PC, several times the cost of a Scorpio, so how on earth would it be for a games console?
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  • George-Roper 12/04/2017


    Not using any tone with you, just trying to clarify where hype is already seemingly building up.

    We've had this all before. "Supercharged PC architecture", "Magic sauce", all of it.

    The proof will be on delivery. When we see a good enough range of games running, then we'll have a much better idea of what's actually possible.

    My pet-peeves with console gaming are compromises made to achieve even meager stats. I want to see a minumum of 1080p/60, with no screen tear and high presets on fidelity. If this delivers that, for every game, and opens up my 360 and XBO disc collection, plus Gold library, and improves those titles gratis too, I'll be over the moon.
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  • George-Roper 12/04/2017


    Read their articles and more importantly watch the DF videos again. They clearly feel this has the spec and design to deliver 4K 60fps. It's what the machine was designed to do.
    It's never, ever that simple. And to think that somehow, a mid-gen refresh like Scorpio is going to be universally 4k/60 is naive, especially when you're also touting High PC settings too.

    I have read the article and nowhere does it say that. You're reading into it what you want to see. I have no doubt that some games will manage 4k/60. Track racers, for one. Scrolling shooters, low asset indie games, all that. Just like we see right now on Pro.

    As soon as you move genres, it gets more complicated. The evidence is already right here. Forza is 1080/60 on XBO, right? So why isn't Andromeda also 1080/60 on XBO? The answer, of course, is because the latter is more complicated, in geometry, assets, AI, all that, than a track racer.

    Details matter. Knee-jerking and convincing yourself of some imaginary stats doesn't help you, or anyone else reading your comments.

    Will it be a good console? Yeah, I'm sure it will. Its a hardware refresh. But convincing yourself its going to be a match for a gaming PC, offering anywhere near 4k/60 with fidelity settings to match for all its games, is delusional.
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  • George-Roper 12/04/2017


    You are spending far too much effort trying to spin this positive news story into a negative one.
    I'm just objectively stating the facts.

    I actually like the look of Scorpio, the feature set is appealing but that doesn't detract from this specific point. We shouldn't be seeing such a rapid change in direction that's putting the onus on people to buy new TVs, arguably as expensive as the console itself, in order to get the best out of it. That isn't the point of the platform.

    IMO they should have focused on improving tech in the box instead. I'd wager the vast majority of console gamers would have preferred to see that, rather than something they won't even see the benefit of without more expenditure.
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  • George-Roper 12/04/2017


    Why would you not want adaptive sync while gaming?

    While it has yet to be experienced on a console, on the PC it is beneficial. No tearing/stutter with no input latency associated with Vsync.
    You wouldn't. What do you mean? My comment very clearly stated that IF you want adapative you HAVE to buy a compliant TV. You saying that it doesn't make a HDR set outdated is wrong.

    Following that line of logic the only way to enjoy a 1080ti/titan xp at its best is through a GSync HDR 4K 144 MHz monitor. Agreed?
    Absolutely it is. Completely agree.

    But that's the PC market. Not the console market.

    In a matter of months, we've been introduced to multiple hardware requirements for TVs, to take advantage of current-gen consoles.


    HDR (of which 8 and 10bit complicates matters)

    And now HDMI 2.1.

    So we've jumped from 1080p to multiple, additional TV hardware points, that all require additional outlay, on top of the price of the console hardware itself.

    My entire point was that PC hardware moves fairly quickly and its that aspect which console gaming is supposed to flatline and remove. At one point, the worst thing you had to deal with was just the input type for your TV. Now its not only that but also tech in the panel itself.

    This added functionality does not impact on the accessibility of the platform.
    Yes it does, if you want the best out of your shiny new games console.

    You can ignore that point all you like but it doesn't make it disappear. I bet a good bunch of people forked out for a brand new HDR set on the back of Pro/S and right now, they're being told that they're going to need another TV upgrade in fairly short order.

    Remind me again, what crowd is buying a brand new TV every couple of years? Is that the same crowd who bleat on about how cost-effective console gaming is, compared to PC gaming?
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  • George-Roper 12/04/2017


    MS are creating a console that DF obviously believe can deliver high end PC performance or very close to it.
    Utter rubbish. How on earth are you extrapolating that?

    It's a slightly higher spec games console. That's literally all it is. There's zero proof that it can achieve 1080/60 consistently, let alone 4k/60 or even 4k/30.

    Breathe in.

    Breath out.
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  • George-Roper 11/04/2017


    A good HDR screen isn't going to be outdated the minute HDMI 2.1 is ratified and becomes widespread
    It is if you want adaptive in your games.

    Like I said, if you want to run Scorpio at its best, you'll need TV hardware to accommodate. And if you're that sort of person with current-gen, you've already likely gone out and bought a HDR set.

    It's not great. Not for a platform that's supposed to be easy, accessible and standardised.
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  • George-Roper 11/04/2017


    Not really, by the time HDMI 2.1 is ratified I will have enjoyed several years of HDR and it will be time to update the TV.
    Am I missing something? I thought Scorpio would be using HDMI 2.1, ergo it will be ratified very soon and will be in TV tech very shortly? Otherwise, why is it being touted?

    Similar argument to it is never a good time to upgrade your GPU and within 24 months NV will be on a new product cycle. Enjoy the current tech just now and don't let future tech diminish that.
    Not really. A modern GPU swaps out with little impact. Hardware iterations on that side are vastly more about power, as opposed to changing standards, like this. The only recent change (last few years) has been a shift to DisplayPort, required for higher than 60fps gaming. But then, you expect that in PC gaming.

    Am I really alone in seeing fairly rapid changes to the surrounding hardware for gaming consoles as being unsettling? If I'd just bought a HDR TV for Pro/S and found out that in a pretty short space of time a new console is being released that will also need a new HDMI standard-enabled TV to be 'its best', I wouldn't be all that happy.

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  • George-Roper 11/04/2017

    So in the short term, what does this mean for prospective Project Scorpio buyers? How do you get to experience the new tech? Well, until the HDMI 2.1 standard is ratified, there are no living room displays that are VRR-enabled.
    That's pretty rough. All those HDR TV sales are already looking outdated.
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  • Mass Effect Andromeda pirates can't get updated faces

  • George-Roper 11/04/2017


    I also don't think there is much evidence that used game shops are denying new sales
    If second hand shops didn't exist, people would have no option but to buy games new whereupon profits would go the dev.

    It's really that simple.
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  • George-Roper 10/04/2017


    Yeah, I'm kinda the same if I'm being honest. It's rare that I grab a release at launch nowadays, though thats more to do with the shoddy state they get put out in more than anything else. It just makes more sense to wait 3-4 months for patches.

    And true, preowned can go towards a new game, so there is that slice of it to consider.
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  • George-Roper 10/04/2017


    How I am being a bit of a cunt is beyond me, I pay for my games, release price, second hand or drop price, depending on what I want, I dont have an endless pocket so I buy what I can when I can. The other side of the coin is someone who has no intention of paying for the game in any way shape or form, I know which one is the bigger cunt.
    Well, yeah, that's a genuine reason and I get it but it's neither here nor there.

    The developer doesn't care and quite literally, you (everyone) buying a game second hand could be the difference in a developer continuing or going under, through lack of sales. Because GAME and CEX aren't passing any percentage of that preowned sale on to the devs.

    It's a bitter pill to swallow but its the truth. Buying games second hand does not support our hobby. It just supports these rat-holes on the high street.
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  • George-Roper 10/04/2017


    Just as an aside I find this line of argument to be deeply weird. Do you think people should give Ford or whomever a cut when they sell their car? How long does this last? Should Nintendo get money if I buy a copy of Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt on eBay?
    In the context of video games, it's not strange at all, for the reasons already stated later in these comments.

    Losing the car analogy, which doesn't have wheels (pun intended) and focusing on video games, there's no difference to a software developer if you pirate it or if you buy a preowned copy. In either state, they see no money. You could even argue that preowned is worse than piracy, because generally speaking with piracy, there's no third party involved. With the second hand market, GAME and CEX are effectively denying the developer a legitimate sale by offering (generally speaking, GAME LOL) the same game for less than new.

    I don't get why other people don't get the similarities in these two situations, from the developers POV.
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  • George-Roper 10/04/2017


    Except he's right and you're wrong.

    The reason that nicking a Fiesta is theft is that you're depriving someone of their Fiesta - they had it before, they don't have it afterwards. This is the definition of theft - depriving someone of their thing. It is not 'getting something for free'.

    Making a pirate copy of something doesn't do that - no-one who had the game before is missing it afterwards.

    All it does is deny a cut to the creators. Now, arguably that's a problem, but they also get nothing from a second-hand sale either, so, to a creator, there's no revenue difference between a second-hand sale and a pirate copy at all.
    Thank you. More eloquently put than I could clearly manage.
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  • George-Roper 10/04/2017


    I'm not a fan of the pre-owned industry leeches such as GAME, but buying a second hand game isn't the same as torrenting one.
    It 100% is. From the developers POV.

    Absolutely, the moral aspect of it comes into question but the point being made originally was that people who pirate a game deny a developer money. But so then do people who buy that same game second hand.
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  • George-Roper 10/04/2017


    "what's your vision on buying 2nd hand?"

    No problem at all. It's a commercial transaction within the system. It makes a contribution to the economy and acknowledges that things have a value and paying for it respects that value.
    If I can buy your product from retailer Y rather than from you, for less money, surely that's practically just as bad? Sure, you might get that initial new sale but every subsequent sale goes to retailer Y, rather than you.

    If we say a game on the second hand market swaps hands several times, thats several lost sales, isn't it? Hundreds of pounds, not a single penny seen by the developer. If the second hand market didn't exist, every sale would count.

    So why is the second hand market also not in the same bracket as piracy? If one person buys this game and several people pirate it instead, how is that any different to the game being bought once, then sold onto CEX or GAME and then being rebought several times from there, from the perspective of the developer? They won't see any money for pirated versions and second hand copies, alike.
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  • How DICE's Star Wars Battlefront struck back

  • George-Roper 11/04/2017


    I can't believe there was no mention of the PS2 games and why EA's departure from those two experiences, felt like a massive slap in the face to Battlefront veterans.
    The exact reason it became a ghost-town.

    No depth.
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  • 10 games that defined the ZX Spectrum

  • George-Roper 09/04/2017


    Am I alone in prefering Lords of Chaos over Chaos?
    No, I'm with you. LoC took the formula and really ran with it. Loved being able to stalk around someones base, or fly through a gap in the roof.
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  • George-Roper 09/04/2017


    There are more, so many more, but I must stop. It's making me sad.
    Don't be sad, they were great times.
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  • George-Roper 09/04/2017


    Some additional ones..

    Contact Sam Cruise
    Great Escape
    Trap Door/
    Yeah, the list really does go on.

    I think Durell, early Ocean/Imagine and Microsphere, especially, had games that really captured your imagination.

    I'll never forget the feeling of being in an open-world with Skool Daze and especially Back To Skool. Of being able to get over the gate and go into the girls skool, whilst I was supposed to be in class. Just amazing.

    Great Escape brought another dimension too, being able to crawl around the camp, at night, avoiding searchlights, trying to find keys to get into locked rooms. So immersive.

    Roaring around the streets in Turbo Esprit, stopping (or not) at lights. Picking up soldiers and dropping them in Thanatos, it just goes on and on.

    Truly, those of us at the right age to experience these games, and even partially understand what was going on, were IMO at the real birth of our fantastic hobby. Truly blessed.
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  • George-Roper 09/04/2017

    Can't really argue with most of that. Only Dizzy, really. I never 'got it'.

    But man, how hard was it to load Skool Daze? That loader, tho....
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  • Scorpio is console hardware pushed to a new level

  • George-Roper 07/04/2017


    Ironically though, one of its main selling points was the UHD player.
    An optical drive to watch movies is a far, far stretch away from the original XBO design and forced Kinect pack in though.

    That's a benefit that doesn't in any way detract from the point of the hardware supposedly being for games, as you need that drive (though not UHD) to load disc games up.
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  • George-Roper 06/04/2017


    The Xbox One's problems didn't start, continue or end with hardware issues.
    Gotta disagree totally with that, because at a hardware design level, the XBO was never a games machine first and foremost. It was a living room media box. They wanted to capture some imaginary market that wanted this pass-thru, waggle-control device. Thus, they didn't engage with games devs as they should and when push came to shove, their 'games console' was outed as a third-rate alternative.

    Sure, they tried to claw things back by ditching Kinect pack-in and moving it sideways into games more (certainly from advertising) but they'd already dug a hole too deep.

    This is excactly why S was released as it was and exactly why Scorpio, so far, has little to no direct mention of it being a 'media' box.
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  • Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition review

  • George-Roper 07/04/2017

    Sounds OK but vastly overpriced. I have the GFWL version too, so this would be a nice way to circumvent all that hassle but not at this price.

    No doubt at all that this will tank in price shortly after release. No reason to rush out.
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  • Inside the next Xbox: Project Scorpio tech revealed

  • George-Roper 06/04/2017


    "how they've customised every inch of the system to get the best balanced performance.. "
    They said exactly that, word for word, about the Xbox One back in 2013.

    "It's all about balance".

    Just saying, lets try not to get too far ahead of ourselves. It's really easy to get wrapped up in the hype but actually, its when we've got retail units running release games that we'll actually know what's what.
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  • George-Roper 06/04/2017


    So it's a 4K native console
    Just hold up a second, a PS4 Pro could be a 4K native console, if the frame-rate was throttled to 15fps and the visual fidelity dropped to medium/low.

    As ever, the devil is in the details. 4K native at what frame-rate? Locked 30? Locked 60? At what level of visual fidelity? High presets? Ultra-high presets?

    The meat and bones of this reveal sound very tempting to me. A new box that can boost all my XBO and 360 library of games whilst offering a higher level of quality across but lets not start drinking the cool aid and ignoring the ever present reality that compromise on a fixed spec box is inevitable. It wont have any magic sauce, it won't be using super-charged PC architecture, it will simply have slightly higher spec hardware in it.
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  • Jelly Deals: Get a Vive with 100 / $100 off today only

  • George-Roper 05/04/2017

    Nah, absolutely no rush. Gen 2 will be here soon enough, to iron out the various flaws that all VR hardware currently suffers from.

    Plus by then we'll have a really good idea on what kind of full-game support we're going to be getting.
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  • War for the Overworld gets My Pet Dungeon DLC

  • George-Roper 03/04/2017


    Everyone rightly flipped their shit when Hello Games did it. They flip their shit when a big developer does it. That standard does not vanish just because YOU PERSONALLY mind it less the smaller the developer gets.
    Utter nonsense. Context IS everything.

    The cost of the game DOES play a huge part in forgiveness about such issues.

    I lost count of the amount of people commenting on NMS that if it was a 20 or even 30 game they could forgive the blatant lies and shortcomings at release. The fact that it was double that, especially via PSN, meant it was unforgivable. HG got all the flak they thoroughly deserved.

    Whereas this was at most about 20 at launch, a tenner if you crowdfunded.
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  • George-Roper 03/04/2017


    If you weren't pleased with the state of the game then you shouldn't have released it. The release now patch later philosophy is far too prevalent in the games industry and needs to die.
    Wow, you really do live in the perfect world.

    If we're talking big studios, with masses of resource to hand, like EA and Andromeda then I'm totally with you. But if you're not, if you're an indie and you're struggling you have one of two options. You release and then take revenue from sales to keep the team going and fix/patch/update as much as possible or you can the whole thing.
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  • George-Roper 03/04/2017


    I'm really more annoyed with the hypocrisy of the community who castigate Hello Games but overlook what you did, than I am with you.
    No offense, NMS was a massively touted AAA game (no matter what anyone would like you to believe). Many leagues above and beyond the resources of these guys.

    Plus it was, what, 55?

    Context is everything. Here we have a developer who had to make a tough call, no doubt, on how to keep the cogs turning. Hello Games massively decieved everyone, for years, on what NMS would be, backed by Sony, released it as such and then went dark for months.

    The difference could not be bigger.
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  • George-Roper 03/04/2017


    False. Businesses absolutely need to explain themselves when they commit fraud, indie or not.
    Fraud? Don't you think you're going just a teensy bit overboard, throwing such big words about?
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  • George-Roper 03/04/2017


    That's life as an indie, don't fret it. You don't need to explain yourselves. Your actions prove that you're behind the game.

    I've had WftO simmering in my Steam library for a while now and I see regular updates coming in. Big ones too. I've yet to fire it up because I'm in no rush. I'd sooner get a better, less-buggy game.

    Keep at it!
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