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  • Performance Analysis: Dying Light

  • George-Roper 28/01/2015


    I agree. From most accounts Techland have done what Techland do, i.e. release a shoddily optimised game on all platforms.
    Dunno about that mate, I hugely enjoyed Dead Island on the PC, it rattled along at a fantastic pace. Not a single performance issue there, though I appreciate my hardware is likely well above average.

    This, however, is their first foray into 'next-gen'. So I fully expect the PC version to be hampered in some way, shape or form. That just seems to be the way it goes, not utilizing PC hardware to its proper potential.
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  • George-Roper 28/01/2015


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  • George-Roper 28/01/2015


    Interesting. I'll reserve judgement until there are more reports in that case.

    I've vowed never to give developers my money until they've proven they'll do the platform/game justice.
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  • George-Roper 28/01/2015


    Hovering over the Amazon PC preorder.

    If it's a gash release I'll thank the digitals and be on my way.
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  • Titanfall and Season Pass bundle just 10 on Xbox this week

  • George-Roper 28/01/2015


    They sorted SLI in the end but it couldn't save the game from being a creaky, lowfi, small map, small player count shooter.

    Is it anything other than a ghost town nowadays anyway?
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  • George-Roper 27/01/2015


    Yeah, kinda. It was 20 or so, but that didn't include any DLC/Season Pass gubbins.
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  • George-Roper 27/01/2015


    i've seen similar discount in steam sales for game around a year old or even 6 months old.

    i disagree with you george. i think its a solid and fun shooter. so who is right me or you?
    Give me a single example of an Xbox One system seller touted release thats tanked like this has.

    It's fine to disagree. It doesn't make you right, though. For them to dump, what, almost 80s worth of content out, just a few months ago, for a tenner reeks of desperation. Talk about devalued.
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  • George-Roper 27/01/2015


    Oh come on, George, do behave. It's not gash at all. Yeah the PC version has some glaring omissions features-wise that are standard everywhere else, but as an arena-based multiplayer game it is top quality.
    Don't agree mate. I don't think top quality shooters tank down to a tenner, with the season pass, in a matter of months. That's not normal.

    That tells me that sales are nowhere near expected, as borne out by no sales data being presented by EA, ever. Plus, lets not forget that this is only the most recent sale. It's been down to a tenner before, albeit without the SP.

    Knowing what I know now, I wouldn't even spend a tenner on this. The only redeeming point is that it was 18 on PC when I got it, so at least it wasn't full price.

    Respawn can do one, for all I care.
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  • George-Roper 27/01/2015

    Gash game is gash.

    Has there ever been an exclusive that's fallen in price so quickly? With the season pass?
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  • Ubisoft deactivating keys it says were "fraudulently" obtained and resold

  • George-Roper 26/01/2015

    Haha, good old Ubisoft.

    "Always putting the customer last!".
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  • Guild Wars 2 expansion Heart of Thorns announced

  • George-Roper 24/01/2015

    Sounds a bit like AA in EQ. Reply +2
  • DayZ reaches 3m sales on Early Access

  • George-Roper 23/01/2015

    This is an amazing achievement, and we are really looking forward to start sharing with you all of our game design improvements, anti-hack solutions and other optimisations we have been working on for a majority of the last year."

    The majority of a year of 80 employees time and 2/3 of the work has been on 'optimization' and anti hacking?

    80 people? A year?

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  • Dying Light gets new UK physical launch date, a month late

  • George-Roper 23/01/2015


    For sure, but at 18 Steamworks its far and away the best price for the game.

    I usually go keys when its sub-20 mind, very rare that I have an actual disc delivered nowadays on PC.
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  • George-Roper 23/01/2015


    18 preorder at Amazon still stands and I'm in no rush. In fact, if it releases and its shit, I'll just cancel and thank the digitals!

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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with the Evolve beta

  • George-Roper 23/01/2015



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  • George-Roper 21/01/2015

    The game has a vein of fail running all the way through it and has done for quite some time.

    For the early rumblings of 30fps caps all the way through to the abhorrent DLC strategy and now sub-1080p on XBO.

    Sub-1080p, sub-60fps for what is basically an arena shooter with 5 players in it.

    And people still argue, this length of time since XBO released, that "It's just going to take time". Deluded.
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  • Dying Light physical release suffers delay in Europe, elsewhere

  • George-Roper 21/01/2015


    The physical PC version was on amazon ages ago for 22 as a pre order. When it comes to the PC version you can usually always find it a lot cheaper than day one Steam prices either digitally or physically
    Mine was 18 on Amazon preorder ;)
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  • At launch, H1Z1 is a poor imitation of DayZ

  • George-Roper 21/01/2015


    is this a joke? Must be as it's not even remotely close to pay to win.
    In what way is calling in an airdrop, for cash, that contains guns, ammo and all that other stuff that lets you kill zombies and players more easily, not P2W?

    There are examples of how running into the wilderness means you basically get your own drop every time and when you DO get a drop, and you DO get weapons, then subsequent drops become easier and easier and easier to win.

    Pay To Win.

    It has a very solid foundation and more active development than any other survival game out today.
    Oh then I guess its OK to just 180 on P2W, days before release, after months if not years of anti-P2W rhetoric.

    Because its 'solid'.

    But is it?

    But you would know that if you had actually played it.
    I bought it and I played it enough to know exactly what Sonys plan is. Drag as much cash in to recoup the last couple of years dev effort, throw P2W cashgrabs in there too and then match DayZ pace.

    So fucking predictable.
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  • George-Roper 21/01/2015


    Lol thumbing me down, because you can ask for a refund through Steam via settings.
    I didn't thumb you down.

    And no, Valve aren't handling the refunds. I know this, because I've done this.

    Hi folks,

    If you feel like the airdrops are an issue for you, you may immediately request a refund to this offer applies till Monday and it applies only to people that have purchased the game as of 10:30am Pacific today 1/16/2015 -

    Please note that this is going through us, not Steam. Which means its a little more work so please be patient with the actual refund (it may take a day or two).


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  • George-Roper 21/01/2015


    Heh, for what reason? I don't have anything to prove to you.
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  • George-Roper 21/01/2015


    Well that's odd because the refund is instant and goes straight into your Steam wallet which makes me believe you haven't even bought it?
    You don't think I bought it? What can I do to convince you, oh anonymous internet user. Please do let me know how I can best spend my time to prove something to someone I don't know, don't care about.

    And please stop with these pointless P2W excuses all the time, it's been proven that the airdrops are nothing more than a mini event where 9 times out of 10 the paying player doesn't get the loot. P2W is rampant on all the mods that DayZ has churned out, I don't see anyone on here mentioning that?
    How about no?

    When did these DayZ mods originally state, for years, that P2W would not be in their agenda?

    The context with H1Z1 is very, obviously clear that they did a 180 days before release. P2W mechanics, in a paid-for game that will eventually become F2P.

    Milk, milk, milk, milk, milk. And guess what? Seems I'm far from being the only one utterly disillusioned by Sonys actions.
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  • George-Roper 21/01/2015


    Do you own the game? Better yet, have you actually played it?
    Bought it, played it, discovered P2W, claimed refund (still waiting on that).

    Do you realise how crazy this game is?

    1: It's eventually F2P at release but until then it costs 14.99 to access.

    2: For years before its EA release, Sony continually cited the P2W aspect as being nil, that only paid items would be cosmetic. Days before release, they totally reversed that policy, allowing hype to carry through the sales.

    3: Refunds are NOT being controlled by Valve via Steam, you need to apply to Sony for it. That right there is Valve washing their hands of the mess.

    It's a farce. Sony are getting a kicking for it, and rightly so.
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  • George-Roper 21/01/2015


    Indeed. Didn't SOE also recently introduce P2W aspects to Planetside 2 that have proved controversial to that game's community?
    They did, an attempt to get timed P2W buffs into the game.

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  • George-Roper 21/01/2015

    It's fucking trash guys, really, stop defending it (the commenters, not the article).

    It's been in active SOE development for, what, 18-24 months? This should have been as solid an example of a game releasing to EA in the best shape possible, its not some indie having a go.

    And then they tear up their principles by backtracking on P2W mere days before EA release.

    It's already archaic. For the same price, 7DtD gives you a much better zombie survival sandbox and guess what? Airdrops are free for everyone, its just a server configurable timer.

    Go figure.
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  • Windows 10 will let you stream Xbox One games to PC, tablets

  • George-Roper 21/01/2015

    Wow, so PC gamers finally get the 'cinematic experience'!

    At last!!

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  • Elder Scrolls Online gets console release date, drops subscription

  • George-Roper 21/01/2015

    The Elder Scrolls Online FAQ clarified that, yes, you will require a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription (both premium services) in order to play on PS4 or Xbox One. This is an online multiplayer game only, remember
    Hehe, 'free' indeed.

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  • George-Roper 21/01/2015


    Yeah, aware of that. I play GW2. And in their case it works quite well.

    Client was reasonably priced at launch, the MTs were build from the ground up to not be invasive or community splitting.

    And here we have ESO, 50 for the 'basic' version, several months post-launch and the announcement of paid-for expansion content, alongside ongoing 'free' stuff.

    Shambles. It's like watching the last, stumbling steps of a decrepit zombie as its knees are about to finally give out.
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  • George-Roper 21/01/2015


    Even if it retains a tiny bit of that Skyrim magic it will be worth it.
    But it doesn't, so it won't.

    It's Elder Scrolls in name and background lore only. Everything else is copy/paste generic, limited, MMO structure.
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  • George-Roper 21/01/2015


    Ah but cleverly, its not F2P. You still need to buy the client, it just then has no ongoing costs...well apart from all the content that they'll release that will split the community.

    They have absolutely no fucking clue.
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  • George-Roper 21/01/2015

    Haha, but who the fuck is going to pay 49.99 for 'the base game' you bunch of mentalists.

    Jesus wept.
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  • Alienware Alpha review

  • George-Roper 19/01/2015


    What on gods sweet earth are you talking about man???!!..above all the mas hysteria Fud comments and complete non-nonsensical statement above, why would Sony/MS kill its own business dead from this action...for what purpose?

    It was never a question of "Will they" or "Why would they". It's a fact that "They could".

    The argument that disc-based games somehow gives modern consoles an advantage over PC being dominated by digital it patently false. All platforms are effectively digital, now.

    And as for why, what about closing down old platforms? What happens when MS decide its time to stop supporting the 360 network infrastructure? To say that somehow modern consoles are immune to the potential for this is naive and shortsighted.

    And as for PC hardware hitting a plateau, you couldn't be further from the truth. Quite apart from the fact that SSDs are set to see a major jump in performance, I was gunning for the 980ti rumoured to be releasing in December (but didn't) as the specs leaked for that absolutely dominate anything currently on the market by a huge margin, as others have already said.
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  • George-Roper 18/01/2015


    I don't even know what this discussion is anymore.

    All I'm saying is, modern console gaming provides no absolutes. No certainties.

    This isn't an N64 with a cart, where everything is static and no outside influence can affect your ability to setup and play in several years time.

    Console gaming and PC gaming, and that connected age we now live in means now all platforms can be affected by a kill-switch, unless you remain totally offline.

    I'm not saying it will happen. I'm not saying we've all wasted our money on hardware that will become useless but the fact remains it could happen and that's my point. Just because disc-based games still exist, doesn't mean they're a separate entitity to the connected platform they sit on.
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  • George-Roper 18/01/2015


    My Xbox 360 will play every disc based game offline, as will my PS4, except for multiplayer elements. So how are they going to disable it.
    Because as part of a firmware update they can make all disc based games fail to deploy until an online check is performed.

    They can also remove the ability to reset to factory defaults too.

    It's entirely possible. As I said the only way to avoid this is to go completely offline.
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  • George-Roper 17/01/2015


    For the moment though the biggest difference is that most games on console can still have their ownership transferred, on PC that hasn't been the case for years.
    For me, that decision to go with Steam and Steam-like systems comes with the affordability and benefits such systems present.

    Steam, at a stroke, gives me a single point of access to friends lists, voice comms, multiplayer, game forums, game reviews and all that superflous stuff around card gathering and those sorts of games. Then game trading (only a matter of time before in-library game trading is added), in-home streaming, big screen. The features come thick and fast.

    All for no subscription fee.


    When was the last time I had a friend asking me if they could borrow a PC game? I genuinely can't remember. Why? Because PC games, in the last decade minimum, have been hugely affordable via many, many regular Steam and Bundle sales, each and every year, let alone the fact that PC games at release are substantially cheaper than their console counterparts.

    It's simply not enough of an issue to have turned PC gamers away from digital.

    However, had the original XBO DRM/digital design gone through you'd now have a console which requires a 24 hour checkin before you could launch even a single player game and what's more the overinflated price of console games would not have made up for that fact. It would have been an almost total lose-lose situation. Thankfully MS got butt-fucked in public and grovellingly backed out those 'features'.

    And don't forget, those disc-based games are increasingly coming with an associated 'Day One' patch. With MCC it was the actual multiplayer component. What you get on the disc will continue to be less and less the full experience, if for no other reason than to combat piracy and release dates being ignored. So when you loan that game to a friend, they'll need to also have the pleasure of facing patches and updates. Imagine if someone handed them AC:U. They install it, they patch it...40+gb download....

    Plug and play, it's just not that simple anymore. Anyone who believes that is only fooling themselves.
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  • George-Roper 17/01/2015


    You didn't realise that when you buy disc-based games on console these days you don't legally own the content and in fact only have bought the license to access said content... which in effect is comparable to what you describe as renting?
    Modern console gamers still have that veil over their face, where they think that console gaming now is the same as it was 20, even 10 years ago.

    It's actually quite sad that these people don't realise that with the flick of a setting, any disc based game can be basically disabled. The only true way to ensure that doesn't happen is to be completely offline, from the get go.
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  • George-Roper 17/01/2015


    I'm literally too lazy (some may even say too stupid lol) for gaming on PC; I just wanna buy a disc, put it in and start playing.
    Yeah, because console gaming is a massive gulf away from PC gaming...

    What about when mandatory firmware updates brick your console, requiring dropping them into the equivalent of Safe Mode in order to sort it out?

    Or having to reset to factory to clear some obscure problem?

    Then lets talk about whether or not you can play online, depending on whether or not you're signed up to a subscription.

    Then lets realise that, seemingly for no reason at all, your games can simply disappear from view due to 'backend issues'.

    Or how about being unable to install a game because it requires online authentication and the servers are bogged down?

    Or what about not being able to play a multiplayer game because, frankly, its fucked on the backend just like MCC was?

    The days of "I just want to sit down, press a button and play my game" are a long, long, long way in the past. Console gaming nowadays shares much more in common with PC gaming that people care to admit and citing obscure examples of driver problems, something pushed so far into the background now that its literally a once in a blue moon level of problem, is grasping at straws.

    I had an update waiting earlier for Win 8.1. It didn't force me to apply it before I could buy a game from Steam or decide to play any number of online games. Can we say the same about consoles?

    Steam prompted that I have multiple game updates waiting to apply. My gaming didn't get interrupted by choosing not to update.

    Its a total fallacy to present console gaming as being just like it was in the PS1/2 era. It's not. We're seeing more and more examples of how console gaming is hitting more brick walls that bring the experience to a juddering halt.
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  • George-Roper 17/01/2015


    it might compare to the new consoles for like 2 years max, then the console versions will look better than anything on this thing since console games get optimise

    Static hardware has never proven this out without massive compromise.

    The Last Of Us on PS3 was a great game but the janky performance and fidelity totally detracted from that, which was fixed via playing it on the PS4.

    Talking utter nonsense.

    To the metal..

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  • Sony offering refunds on H1Z1's alpha following complaints about "P2W" micro-transactions

  • George-Roper 18/01/2015


    Imagine everyone doing their thing in the same game-world. Some guys have teamed up fighting zombies, some others are fighting among themselves, yet others are just hiding in the woods without any real equipment yet.. then all of a sudden this cargo plane appears in the distance. Visible from all parts of the map. It slowly flies above and suddenly an object with a parachute falls from it
    That exact scenario is available in multiple games already, including 7 Days To Die and its not a P2W mechanic its simply a configurable server option.

    No justification for the change in direction, so close to release.
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  • George-Roper 17/01/2015

    This was a big shock to a lot of people as president of Sony Online Entertainment John Smedley was so adamant last spring that it wouldn't allow players to purchase important items such as guns, food or ammo.
    There's literally no need to listen to any of the devs try and explain away the change of direction.

    It's greed.

    Not only are they charging 15 for an Alpha version of an eventually F2P game, they now have the audacity to believe they can throw last-minute (literally, just Google the time difference, it was just days pre-launch) changes that go completely contradictory to years of anti-P2W rhetoric, and then blame the outraged fans.

    No, SOE. Welcome to reality.

    Planetside 2 remains their only F2P game done right and even that had its own share of controversy last year when they tried to lever in P2W timed buffs but withdrew it after the same kind of outrage.

    This is exactly my kind of game and now, after this, I won't be jumping in. I'd urge anyone considering it to do the same and send SOE a message that its not acceptable to treat their fans literally like dumb fucks.
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  • GTA 5 PC pre-orders include a free Rockstar game

  • George-Roper 16/01/2015

    LOL at those claiming there's only a 'small' difference between the shots.

    Factually the PC version is fucking miles ahead of the console versions and now has a couple more months to fine tune. It ain't my cup of tea as a video game but make zero mistake, this will be the definitive way to play GTA5. Every other version before it is going to pale in comparison.

    Quality is always worth waiting for. :)
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  • Layoffs hit F1 and Dirt developer Codemasters

  • George-Roper 09/01/2015

    I have to agree with those ones here complaining about the lack of innovation and eagerness to drown games in DLC and whilst I would never happily clap at news of people losing jobs, those same people surely saw the writing on the wall years ago.

    Codemasters sealed their fate by relying solely on basically the same genre for far, far too long. It reminds me of the dev tycoon style games where you get a solid base for a game together and milk it for as long as possible, even when reviews and general consensus seem to be getting more and more tired and bored with the whole thing.

    Codemasters have done exactly this. They were the ones making the decisions and they clearly wanted to milk the technology across the genre as much as humanly possible. I don't even recall the last time I was remotely interested in a game of theirs and coming from an avid gamer such as myself that tells me everything I need to know about their business model.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with the Halo 5 beta

  • George-Roper 03/01/2015

    LOL at all the "But it's a Beta!" comments.

    Utterly delusional if you think it's going to get significantly better than what you see right here and now.

    So see you in a year at the 720/900, inconsistent FPS, tearing DF verdict.
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  • George-Roper 03/01/2015

    The Truth map show Halo 5's engine still needs work in fine-tuning a perfect 60fps experience. At 1280x720 with just eight players involved, this level shows similar dips to Empire, and with tearing to the top of the screen.
    720p, not consistent 60fps and it tears?

    What is this?
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  • Microsoft gives more CPU power to Xbox One developers

  • George-Roper 03/01/2015

    Console Hardware Article Comments:

    "Yeah, extra CPU power! Extra GPU power! Games will be running better, looking better and playing better! Xbox One/PS4 (take your pick) is easily the best!".

    Console + PC Hardware Article Comments:

    "Haha, you PC elitists and your focus with specs! Nerds! Console gamers just like to power up and play! It's all about the gameplay, don't ya know?!".

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  • Sony says sorry for PSN Christmas outage with five days of PS Plus

  • George-Roper 02/01/2015


    Speaking on Twitter, Omari denied he was a member of the group, but he does appear to confirm the arrest.

    Innocent until proven guilty my biased friend.
    Do fuck off, you silly cunt.

    How could they throw the book at him until he's proven guilty?
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  • George-Roper 02/01/2015

    They should throw the fucking book at him. Disgraceful ruination of many kids christmas holidays, not to mention all us grown up kids too.

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  • Games of 2014: World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor

  • George-Roper 30/12/2014

    One of Warlords' most pleasingly old-school decisions is to remove flying mounts.
    In what way is the removal of a feature 'pleasing' exactly?
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  • Games of 2014: Alien: Isolation

  • George-Roper 27/12/2014

    Thoroughly enjoyed this. Played it on a higher difficulty setting from the off and glad I did because it has next to no replay value.

    Also..I thought the latter levels set under the reactors in the hive were fantastically realised, better than all the other 'Alien' FPS titles. They could have made this a proper shooter and I'd have been just as happy.
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  • Face-Off: Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes on PC

  • George-Roper 22/12/2014


    Hehe, it's more that the continual quote/gif/comment/requote/gif/comment is getting in the way of actual relevant stuff.
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  • George-Roper 22/12/2014


    Digital Foundry overwhelmingly proves otherwise. Even in dire cases like The Evil Within, the PC version came out on top.

    The only times when the PC version of a multiplat is 'worse' is when its control/design related and those are generally fixed via patches anyway.
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