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  • Yogventures dev to "dissolve" following Yogscast-backed project failure

  • George-Roper 22/07/2014

    Name and shame the greedy cunt. Reply +47
  • Can last-gen consoles handle Destiny?

  • George-Roper 21/07/2014

    From what I can tell, PS3 version looks good and more importantly plays more fluid, with less performance issues. Reply -30
  • Elder Scrolls Online has ~775,000 subscribers - report

  • George-Roper 18/07/2014

    A MMO nowadays needs to be exceptional in order to demand an up front cost AND an ongoing subscription. That's all there is to it. There's a reason why, even though sub levels are falling, WoW still generates so much revenue.

    Now, moving from sub to F2P, there's also a very fine line. Sony have this bang right with Everquest. Even though the game is getting on now, it still provides a hell of a lot of content as F2P, without barrel scraping the players for things like extra bag slots, or the ability to run. Rift also offers a fantastic amount of variety for a F2P game, as does Guild Wars 2, though with that initial up front cost.

    Now, conversely, look at SW:ToR. F2P but you need to pay extra in order to run. What's that? That's the sound of my wallet closing to the possibilities of SW:ToR.


    Treat your audience with a modicum of respect and you'll garner favour. Treat them like shit and, well, goodbye playerbase. Whatever spin EA are trying to put on SW:ToR profitability, it's a miserable, player-hating failure.
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  • Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth review

  • George-Roper 18/07/2014

    Not feeling this DLC at all. The maps feel very mediocre. Reply +3
  • Digital Foundry: Hands on with the Destiny PS4 beta

  • George-Roper 18/07/2014

    However, as Destiny's September launch draws closer, it's a little disappointing that the frame-pacing issues are still present - we saw them in the E3 debut at the Sony conference last year, they were still present in the alpha and it's surprising to see this obvious judder persist into this more advanced code. We're still hoping that Bungie can fix this before the final code is unleashed.
    This should be the tagline for every now-gen console game release, where pre-release code shows performance problems.

    Face it, 'optmiziations' and 'final code fixes' are imaginary. When a company has decided to let the public view their Alpha or Beta game, and lets not fool ourselves they're demos designed to tempt you into buying the game at release, you can be about 99% sure that bad performance will persist through to final.
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  • Surreal horror adventure Darkwood creeps onto Early Access next week

  • George-Roper 18/07/2014

    Awesome! Looks like an up-to-date Evil Dead!

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  • Frontier's drive to make Elite: Dangerous on PC future proof

  • George-Roper 17/07/2014


    If you like doing that fair enough. But not everyone wants to have to fiddle around with sliders to get a game to run properly. With console gaming simplicity is key-it just works and you don't have to worry about anything else.
    True enough and that's exactly what Nvidia are gunning for, via the Geforce Experience, where in-game settings are determined without you having to fiddle, based on your hardware.

    It's these kinds of advancements in PC gaming that are leaving behind the days of having to fiddle around so much.

    I enjoy PC gaming more than console gaming (I own a PC and PS4), but for ease of use and convenience consoles can't be beaten
    I'll grant you, it's easier to slip the disc in, sit back on the couch and play but for me, that simplicity comes at a steep cost and force-fed fidelity that could potentially ruin my experience. The Last Of Us on PS3 was a wonderful game but sadly also very let down by the hardware it was running on. A shimmering, jagged, visual mess of a game. Had I had the option to tune to what I would have been happier playing, I would have gotten much more satisfaction from the experience. Hopefully a replay of the PS4 remaster will provide that.

    Granted, that's not an option for PC gaming, as its a PS exclusive but hopefully my point comes across intact. :)
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  • George-Roper 17/07/2014


    With a console you stick the game in and you are 99% certain it will work
    But if we're being serious here, you're also 99% sure that, last-gen, it will be running sub-HD, without vsync and with pretty low levels of fidelity, which invariably result in the frame rate bottoming out.

    So yes, console games 'just work' but only to the quality level that the developers determine, which in invariably tied to the low spec of the console hardware in question.

    Whereas on PC, you can choose frame rate, you can choose resolution, you can choose fidelity settings, all to suit your particular requirements and not have a hard-coded set forced upon you.

    And lets face it, the days of PC 'bad drivers, IRQ/DMA, Plug and Pray', etc, are long, long gone now.
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  • George-Roper 17/07/2014


    If was feeling pedantic (and I often am) I'd point out that your new GPU/RAM/CPU/whatever probably wasn't free so essentially and by extension, your 'remastered' PC game isn't free.
    I do see your point. I guess I was just saying that you don't have to pay for the game again, whereas we're seeing with console remasters there's a price-tag attached, invariably.
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  • George-Roper 17/07/2014


    You can record videos at 1fps and render them back at 30, you don't need to record in real-time.

    I'll admit, I'm no expert in this respect, but I fail to see how recording footage at 1fps, due to hardware rendering incapabilty can then translate, effectively, into a video running much higher, as a showpiece on how good a game could look.

    I'd genuinely like to see some examples of this.
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  • George-Roper 17/07/2014


    This is the reason I prefer consoles.

    PC gamers think themselves to be an elite because they have the multiplatform titles with the best presentation, but how many of them can only prove that some years after release when they have upgraded their hardware, boosted their framerate and caught up with the rest of the planet who has been happily engaging with its multiplayer for years.

    PC gaming is a con.
    And oddly, this is the exact reason I prefer PC gaming.

    Because all those games you buy but can't necessarily play at the top settings, you can revist a couple of years down the line, after a GPU, or RAM, or CPU upgrade. You can sort of do that with some console games, with the 'remakes' and 'remasters' across hardware generations, but hey, they're not free, so you're having to fork out again and again and again.

    Not that I'm against remasters, I already have TLoU:R on preorder, as well as the Halo set on XBO, even though I have them both on previous gen. But being able to fire up older PC games at higher settings can really breathe new life into them. I've played Skyrim umpteen times, across various PC hardware revisions and each time it looks, runs and just feels like a different game, because mods are also becoming better and better too.
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  • George-Roper 17/07/2014


    The problem with targeting hardware of the future is that you will always be tempted to take screenshots and record videos at those settings
    Is that before or after they've come back in the Tardis with the prerequisite 'future' hardware?

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  • Microsoft is shuttering Xbox Entertainment Studios, original programming

  • George-Roper 17/07/2014


    Surprise to no-one, though I'm getting increasingly irritated by their comments about "mobile-first world" or such nonsense
    Smartglass!! It will set the gaming world on fir....oh...

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  • What's in the Destiny beta?

  • George-Roper 17/07/2014

    Haha, so it took the best part of 20 minutes to actually redeem the code, all the whilst getting strange and yet wonderful responses from various clicks and submissions.

    And now PSN is falling over on its arse.

    People still really believe that this is going to be a good release, because 'Bungie have done it before'.

    Some. People. Never. Learn.
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  • The Last of Us Remastered lets you lock frame-rate at 30fps

  • George-Roper 17/07/2014


    'Requested by PS3 "purists"'

    OK...that's hilarious. I'd think it was satire in any other context.
    Not really. There's been loads of examples, on this very site, where console gamers have stated that 60fps 'doesn't feel right'.

    Yes, I agree it's a ludicrous statement to make, but there it is and ND are clearly giving people an option on it.
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  • The Walking Dead: Season Two - Episode 4 release date announced

  • George-Roper 17/07/2014

    Good, good. Grabbed this in the last Steam sale but won't be playing it until all the episodes are released.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the first game, able to play it through to completion. I can't imagine having to wait between eps would make for a better experience.
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  • Destiny Xbox One beta won't be 1080p, but the final version will

  • George-Roper 17/07/2014

    Destiny Xbox One beta won't be 1080p, but the final version will
    Sounds an awful lot like good old Respawn and their...

    "We're going to experiment. The target is either 1080p non-anti-aliased or 900p with FXAA. We're trying to optimise... we don't want to give up anything for higher res. So far we're not 100 per cent happy with any of the options, we're still working on it. For day one it's not going to change. We're still looking at it for post-day one. We're likely to increase resolution after we ship."
    That's a huge slice of PR drivel, which essentially comes down to "Cross your fingers and pray". Did it even get a resolution increase to 900p? I don't recall even that happening.

    Tragically, laughably bad developer. Hilarous lack of technical expertise.
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  • Codemasters responds to Grid Autosport £2.39 Boost Pack DLC criticism

  • George-Roper 16/07/2014


    What i'm trying to say is that for people without a family to take care of or a business to run there is no need to buy this booster because you have more time to play, for everybody else who hasn't got enough spare time it's a helpful boost that will let them achieve the end game faster
    Or they could play a game that doesn't artificially add 'grind' and 'time' requirements into the design?

    Just a thought. It's not like this is the only, or best racing game out there.
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  • George-Roper 16/07/2014


    When will they realise though that their long-term reputations are just as important as the short-term cash gain from this sort of rubbish.
    Since when do Codemasters care about the long-term?

    They're a one-trick pony. They only have the option of cashing in from one game, or genre of game.

    In some ways they remind me of Team 17, relying on Worms to see 95% of their revenue.

    Call me when Codemasters have something worth playing. No wait, don't! They'll just lather it in 'convenience DLC'.
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  • George-Roper 16/07/2014


    but you talk as if this is a new thing. grinding existed for decades before MTs made an appearance.
    So you can say, with a straight face, that modern video games are NOT designed to feel more grindy, thus giving a compelling reason for a 'subset' of customers to buy DLC to bypass said grind?

    I'm quite aware that some games were designed to extend the experience, in days gone by, but lets be totally honest. Any DLC that you buy nowadays, which allows a 'shortcut' to content, was planned way before the actual release of the game.

    Lots of games are guilty of this practice, I'm clearly not just targeting Codemasters here, but that doesn't make this particular example any less relevant. Codemasters have just jumped on the bandwagon.
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  • George-Roper 16/07/2014


    It really isn't the end of the world. Not everyone has the time to grind their way through every game they want to play.
    And there you go, missing the point entirely.

    If these games weren't designed to force players into 'grinds', then there wouldn't be a reason for players to need to bypass 'grinds' with more cash.

    Games that have artificial lengthening barriers designed into them are done so for one, single reason. More money, via micro-transactions and DLC.
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  • Sega has no plans for the Wii U Virtual Console

  • George-Roper 15/07/2014

    “Sega would like to clarify a statement that was issued over Twitter. All options are currently on the table concerning development for the Wii U Virtual Console. Although there are no immediate plans, this does not negate the possibility and exploration of creating for this platform.”
    Sega are a money-grubbing pale shadow of their former selves, only interested in expending effort and cash into sure-fire winners that appeal to the broadest, biggest possible audience.

    Sadly the Wii-U loses out due to low hardware sales. Watch this space for Streets Of Rage Remastered, only on PS3 and Xbox 360.

    How I loathe that company. The very eptiome of a bottom-feeding publisher. Just fucking die already.
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  • There's a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game for Xbox 360 Kinect

  • George-Roper 15/07/2014

    What are Microsoft thinking?

    Get Kinect 2.0 hard-bundled with the XBO again, or you'll miss out on stunning future opportunities like this....

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  • New Doctor Who character sure looks like Garrus from Mass Effect

  • George-Roper 14/07/2014


    I'm really looking forward to seeing the new doctor who will hopefully be a more mature and less silly incarnation of the character than Matt Smith's overbearingly egotistical portrayal than bordered far too often on comedy and silliness. I have nothing against humour in a family show but New Who uses it so often that it ruins any sense of drama or tension.
    Whilst I actually agree with some of that, I thought the silliness only worked to make the drama that much more effective.

    The times when Smith went from barmy, funny scientist to quietly confident killer made the transition all the more glaring. I'll never forget his first episode, where the final scene was him fidgiting with the ties and not paying much attention to the Atraxi, before stepping through the hologram and proclaiming "".

    That really encapsulated Smiths twist on the character, for me, and he continued it very well throughout.
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  • George-Roper 14/07/2014


    It is basically Harry Potter in space.
    Bollocks ;D

    Harry Potter is basically Dr Who in fantasy Mr Tumnus land.

    Remember who was around first....
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  • How about Elite: Dangerous on PS4 and Xbox One?

  • George-Roper 14/07/2014


    Without the building aspect, it's really nothing like minecraft though.
    I was thinking more along the lines of a procedurally generated world, which is exactly how No Mans Sky will work.
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  • George-Roper 14/07/2014


    Slightly different take on the space exploring I'll admit
    Completely different, if we're being honest.

    This is a deep space-trading/combat game. No Mans Sky, whilst looking gorgeous, I'd wager to be much simpler and more focused on discovering prodecurally generated content, a bit like Minecraft.
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  • Microsoft is heavily discounting Titanfall and more this week

  • George-Roper 14/07/2014


    You hate Microsoft and Xbox we get it, can't you just let it lie? Why you even post on Xbox articles is beyond me, you only ever have negative comments.
    No, I hate what they tried to do with the XBO. And even for that, it didn't stop me buying the Titanfall bundle.

    But, y'know, whatever makes it easier for you to downplay the dissenters, right?
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  • Sony is considering an Early Access-type program

  • George-Roper 11/07/2014


    I'm not a massive PC gamer, but is the early access stuff mostly for MMO's?
    Quite the opposite. Most early access stuff on PC tends to be indie-based and costs anywhere from a fiver to around twenty quid.

    Early access allows those indie devs who don't have other income to continue working on their game.
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  • David Braben explains Elite: Dangerous £100 premium beta

  • George-Roper 11/07/2014


    It seems like you're somehow worrying about me getting exploited. You don't need to. Seriously.
    But in all fairness, we're discussing this in an article which tackles this exact issue. Cost. So, IMO the comments I'm making are entirely relevant.

    If you don't agree, why not drop Wesley a line and ask him why he's bothering to report on it, because it looks like he's worried about you and needn't be. Same applies.

    No, I don't say that at all. I am just saying that it's not "100 quid for the beta". If you pre-order soemthing, you don't pay "50 quid for nothing", do you?
    I don't really understand what you're saying. You corrected someone by stating everything that you get for £100, which essentially equates to early access plus future DLC. To me, £100 for what amounts to a preorder, plus season pass, plus early Beta access, for the reasons Braben is stating, is unreasonable.

    I honestly think you can answer that yourself.
    I can't. Explain why charging someone a frankly extortionate price tag for a game, to keep player numbers low, is any better for anyone else other than Brabens bank account

    Explain why his method of restricting player numbers is any better than having Alpha sign up and limiting player access that way.

    The only explanation I can think of is money, and that's entirely central to this article.

    I find the capitalist way here is the constant complaining about other people paying what some of you think is too much, when those people happily supported the development, something all of you will profit from.
    Again though, we're in an article on the subject. This isn't some random thread on the forums that someone piped up on, this is apparently newsworthy enough to get its own article, so your reply here is surely valid against Wesley too, right?

    The problem is, if people see that this works, we'll see more of it. I don't have a cash-flow problem, so I could have bought into this by now, just like I have done with Star Citizen but I don't want to find myself in a sea of games that I'm interested in, only to end up looking at hundreds of pounds for early access, post Kickstarter success. It sets a potentially dangerous precedent and creates a barrier to entry which favours more affluent gamers, on a platform which historically enjoys lower game costs and access.

    This all comes across as rather exploitative of the gamers interest in being involved. Its a success story, its in the news every week, its an old favourite of many and he's cashing right in on all of that, on the back of flimsy as fuck reasoning.
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  • George-Roper 11/07/2014


    What actually is the issue here?
    The issue is that Braben is using piss-poor examples on why he thinks the game is justified at £100, right now.

    If he came out and said, "This is the cost, take it or leave it. We need the income to continue development", I'd have far more respect than him saying...

    "We've taken flak for it," he said. "But the important thing for the alpha is, for it to be a genuine alpha, we didn't want huge numbers. Maybe we shouldn't have restricted it by price but it seemed like a logical thing to do. It seemed like a fair thing to do."
    So first off, why exactly is pricing the game so many people want to play, out of their means a 'fair' thing to do? Isn't that essentially telling poorer gamers to fuck off, whilst welcoming affluent gamers with open arms and a glass of champers?

    In what way was it 'logical'? How is using a high cost any more effective for keeping player numbers low than just having a free Alpha sign up and selecting a portion of those gamers as and when? What relevance do player numbers have to game cost, when you can bypass game cost entirely?

    The decisions made by him were to capitalise, his word not mine, upon the hype and eagerness for players to access the game. Lets just call it what it is, eh?
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  • George-Roper 11/07/2014



    No, not "£100 for a beta". 100 quid for the full game, all future expansions, and beta access now.
    Let me preface this with the fact that I'm massively looking forward the finished article.


    Limiting access to the game via price is more than a little odd, don't you think? If hiking the price up was genuinely to keep player numbers low, why not just use a defacto free Alpha access sign-up and randomly select a percentage every month, to keep player numbers up?

    And you say "100 quid for the full game, all future expansions, and beta access now", like that's normal, good value. What other PC game costs £100? Even EA and their Battlefield setup only comes to £50 for the game and the season pass (on PC OFC), and they're widely regarded as milking their gamers. If that's true, what's Braben doing here?

    This and Star Citizen are glowing examples of PC gaming done right. They're going to be epic stunners, with a gratifying middle finger to the publishers who don't believe there's enough of a market to warrant investment. But that still needs to be tempered and this pricing shows that, IMO, he's allowed himself to get swept up and lose sight of his audience.

    His own words...

    "We could have thought more carefully about that," he said. "The intent was actually to keep the number of players down. But it looks like a terribly capitalist way of doing it. That's the trouble. I mean it in the nicest possible way. It's when you think about it you think, oh yes, that does look a bit bad. But it's because what we've got is a group of people who really care about it. And that's been so helpful
    ...and he's absolutely right, sadly. It looks entirely like a capitalist way of doing it, precisely because he knowns there are so many people who care about the game enough to fork out whatever he asks.
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  • George-Roper 11/07/2014

    The standard beta launches on 29th July for £50, a price Braben said was "closer to the price of a shrink-wrapped game - and an awful lot of the Xbox One games I've bought are that price"
    Ridiculous comment, because part of that inflated console game cost is due to licensing.

    This may well be an amazing game but lets just say it like it is. You have a healthy amount of fan and so viral interest and you're cashing in whilst you can.

    End of.
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  • Microsoft's PR blunders caused Sony to re-write E3 PlayStation 4 script

  • George-Roper 11/07/2014


    So this is the only way for a console to be TVTVTV? Really? Are you denying that Sony was placing a lot of emphasis on non-gaming functionality with the PS3? LOL!
    To the extent that Microsoft took the XBO, yes. Of course it is. When you build a console from the hardware level to support a living room agenda, you're taking the concept of media centre one step further.

    There's nothing remotely funny about Microsoft jacking up the cost of the XBO with aspects that no gamer wanted, with an agenda to beat Apple.

    But MS did not claim that HD gaming started when they said so. Sony did and even at launch did a 180 on it :).
    Ah, so an absence of information makes a company immune to this?

    Shall we drag up the GIF of the XBO advert with "1080p gaming" on it?


    They dropped the price within a year. Isn't that a 180?
    Of course it's not, it's called hardware revision and reduced manufacturing costs.

    Part and parcel, as you well know. Calling that a 180 is very desperate.

    Within a year. Once again another 180.
    Hang on, so a hardware iteration that resulted in a lower cost to the end user, is a 'bad thing' because its some weird 180 in your world?


    So going from a 1080/720p gap to a 1080/900p gap is what you would call an "ever widening resolution gap between the two"? Math isn't your strong point. How about titles like the recently released UFC where not only is the resolution identical, but the X1 version has a more stable frame-rate?
    Ever widening between PS4 and XBO, to the favour of the former.

    Haha, proper clutching at straws now, dragging out the odd game that barely manages to achieve parity, whilst almost everything else runs at a higher resolution AND more performant on the PS4.

    Sure. Just like the PS3. I don't have a problem with the X1 not being as powerful as the PS4. Lots of people here, you included have a big issue being reminded that the PS3 is not as capable as the 360 despite being more expensive!
    But the PS3 also doubled as a useful blu ray player.

    Bring that argument to now-gen, what 'useful' feature does the XBO have over the PS4? Whats it's 'PS3 blu ray' bullet point?

    Did you not read the article? Disappointing George ol' boy, disappointing.
    How is that proof of anything? Haha! Really?

    "It's only a matter of time before Sony takes the same approach", is meaningless is context to this discussion, which is that Sony did not intend to do a Microsoft with the PS4. You have nothing to base that viewpoint on, other than "They probably would do..eventually".

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  • George-Roper 10/07/2014


    But there were whispers. Which is why House had to re-write his speech to emphasize the difference in their policy.
    Where? When?

    Lets see some links to 'prove' that Sony were intending to do a Microsoft with the PS4.

    TVTVTV was key to the PS3. Sony openly stated that they wanted the PS3 to be the center of a consumer's media hub. Do you really think they've completely given up on that? Especially given the trouble they're experiencing with their other consumer electronic products!
    And here is where you get purposefully obtuse.

    Comparing the PS3 to the XBO in this way is awkwardly amusing.

    Firstly, show me where Sony intended to fuse the PS3 with your cable box, into one seamless whole. Show me where they built the PS3 or PS4, from the metal up, to integrate directly with your TV box.

    You can't.

    I don't bemoan any hardware manufacturer for wanting a slice of the streaming pie. Its natural. I have many devices in my house that do precisely that, but to hobble the XBO with lower specs, because your R&D and intent went into another market entirely is on another level.

    To put it another way, I bought a PS3 at launch to be a new games console AND a blu ray player, when blu ray players were several hundred pounds. To this day, many still believe the PS3 blu ray player to be amongst the best on the market.

    Where do you think TVTVTV, Kinect 2.0 and HDMI pass through will be in several years? Microsoft are already abandoning their feeble attempt at owning the living room, less than a year after release. Yet I can still use my PS3 blu ray player today. The value proposition of the XBO has already fallen through the fucking floor, my friend.

    The PS3. Look at all the 180's:
    1) HD gaming starts when we say so: But the PS3 had and still has plenty of sub-720p games. More than the 360.
    Both consoles were effectively restricted to sub-HD resolutions, apart from a small handful of low-asset games.

    2) Gamers don't want controller vibration: LOL!
    Conceded, that was poor but we all knew the legalities behind the reason why it wasn't bundled.

    3) Hardware backwards compatibility is legacy!: LOL!
    Hang on though, now you're talking about hardware revisions and iterations. How long post release did this happen?

    4) Gamers will want to get 2 jobs to afford the PS3!: LOL!
    How is that a 180?

    5) The PS3 is a super computer and we'll let you use it as a Linux box!: LOL!
    Again, conceded. I wasn't happy to have OtherOS removed.

    Need I really go on?
    Out of all that, only two stand out as geniune 180s on Sonys behalf and there's also timescale involved.

    Would you like me to run through the Microsoft XBO 180s since reveal?

    And BTW there are significantly more games running at 1080p and 900p than their are at 720p. Yeah gamers should be lucky that we have people like you :rolleyes:
    Yeah, really awesome amount of 1080p games, now-gen. More and more are going to hit 900p on the XBO as the sweet spot for fidelity vs performance, with PS4 ever widening the resolution gap between the two.

    The XBO is crippled by non-gaming design decisions. It will never catch the PS4 on power, unless Microsoft put a hardware revision out.
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  • George-Roper 09/07/2014







    What's with all these 1 and 2 post accounts that aren't showing on the comments?


    Some crazy shit going on around here....
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  • George-Roper 09/07/2014


    I've never seen a SINGLE ad on my PS4. That's bullshit.

    Xbox One actually HAS ads. So if you saying "Oh PS4 has ads OMG", then Xbox has even more, because I haven't seen a single ad on my PS4 yet Xbox One admittedly has ads.

    Boy this is turning into an IGN fanboy fest over in EG real FREAKING fast.
    No, my point is that Sonys hardware isn't force-feeding ads into your face 365 days a year. Unlike Microsofts.
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  • George-Roper 09/07/2014


    Of course the hardware of the POS4 was built for TVTVTV. Like everything Sony, they delayed it for a year. Then shoved TVTVTV CLOUD ADS AT YOU


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  • George-Roper 09/07/2014

    Given Sony's history (just look at their behaviour during the PS2 and PS3 generation) I don't really believe House's statement. All these suits are the same. They want to make the most money they can using any tactics they can get away with. When the public made it clear MS wouldn't be getting away with their policies Sony made sure theirs were different.
    You have nothing to back that up with, for the PS4. If we're to believe, as you say, that Sony fully intended to 'do a Microsoft XBO', there's a few points that don't add up.

    Why weren't there any pre-reveal whispers about 'always on' and 'preowned' and such for the PS4? IIRC, we had loads of early indications of Microsofts intent, where were Sonys?

    Why wasn't the PS4 built, at a hardware level, for TVTVTV? No HDMI passthrough means their vision for the PS4 was nothing like the XBO. Or do you expect people to believe that they changed the hardware before release?

    Microsoft have been edging closer and closer and closer to the Xbox being more than 'just' a games console. Anyone who has used the 360 since launch can clearly see how the UI has been fundamentally changed to allow adverts and pressure points to be built into the 'experience', for non-gaming activities. Now look at the PS3. Did you suddenly start to see masses of adverts for movies or shit when you switched it on? No, you didn't. You could go to the relevant section but it wasn't force-fed as soon as the console had power.

    And finally, lets not claim idiocy on Microsofts original stance. They knew full well that their goal was to use their 360 gaming fanbase to wedge Kinect 2.0 and all that living room bullshit in, to further their agenda to beat Apple to the punch. Thankfully it seems enough people saw through it to force a massive change in their agenda, culminating with pretty much every major bullet-point of the original reveal being scrapped.

    Show me one, just one other example of a games console release that matches the XBO and the amount of 180's. You can't. Microsoft have been rightly chastised and are now eating humble pie. You should be thankful to people like me for that, because it's people like me, those 30'somethings with cash on the hip who turned their back on the XBO and forced all these changes to come about. So when the XBT is released, maybe, just maybe it will be a proper games console, rather than a TVTVTV box that can do games too. Just. If you're lucky. At 720p. Without vysnc.
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  • What's going on with Microsoft's Xbox One dev kit and launch parity policies?

  • George-Roper 11/07/2014


    Who said it has been scrapped? the most I read was that as far as said person was aware he had heard no more about the plans and he didn't know why. How does that turn into "It's been scrapped?"
    "We were in the early stages of Xbox One looking at the idea of a retail kit that could be turned into a development kit, and vice versa," Fuller explained. "In the end, although that was a very admirable goal, it hasn't happened unfortunately. Can't tell you the specifics of exactly why not."

    When pressed on the matter, Fuller implied that the feature had been dropped entirely.

    And Charla answer to the question about technical difficulties with piracy was that he didn't know the details since he wasn't a programmer. Good on him! another smug less honest person would give you some corporate double speak on the spot and leave you none the wiser, at least he was being straight forward and honest
    Hes a senior exec on the item in question. If he can't answer a technical question, fine. But why can't he answer any questions on anything else about it?

    Why are Microsoft being so evasive?
    Reply +1
  • George-Roper 10/07/2014


    Crazy bastard, LOL!

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  • George-Roper 10/07/2014


    Of course, except devkit functionality was announced after the 24hr sign in was retracted.

    The entire ethos of XBO was always online. Retracting 24h check ins and then announcing dev kits formally doesn't then omit several years worth of design around said always on functionality. For all you know, 24h check ins were dropped for gamers, but were still in some way required for dev-kit usage. You and I are guessing and that right there is the entire problem with this. Why aren't they actually just talking and responding to questions? Why has the only reply from MS on all this been to 'correct' the original statement on the dev-kit being dropped but then provide nothing more except "We remain committed...." PR bull?

    On top of that it's actually standard practice to have an online security system in place as seen in XBLIG otherwise people can create games with highly offensive content and MS would have no control over it.
    And? What does that have to to with this, exactly?

    Of course there'd need to be control but how would doing this on the XBO be any different to any previous method?

    So I'm pretty sure they've thought of that already, George.
    You're grasping at straws, because MS have given you nothing else to use. And that's the problem.
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  • George-Roper 10/07/2014


    I guess this would be true if they actually had scrapped the ideal. Less than a month from this post MS stated they still planned to make the X1 a dev kit. MS has restated that they will make X1 a dev kit. So you have statements before the comment by Martin and you have comments by MS after stating they are committed. Just maybe Martin was not fully aware of the project plan as that might not be his area.
    Come on now, if you take anything away from the last few days other than confusion, then you're erring on the wrong side.

    First its been scrapped. Then its not been scrapped but no more information is available. Then multiple questions are dodged, by the very person who should be privvy to any and all decisions that are being made.

    Microsoft are playing this very close to their chest for some reason. Why? That is the big question mark that sits over everything to do with this now.
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  • George-Roper 10/07/2014


    Its as hilarious as your shilling.

    HOw much you getting paid. You seem to show up in every PC article to moan about PC beating the POS 4 like Shillstationman, Shillage Evil and Grasssykunt.
    Grasssykunt? LMFAO! :D
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  • George-Roper 10/07/2014

    Microsoft are patently in a flat-spin, unable to grasp the controls in any meaningful way. If their execs, people who are directly associated with the item in point, will not answer direct questions on the subject, then who will?

    They're flailing madly. This is without a doubt due to the retraction of the 24 hour sign-in, leaving dev-kit mode boxes open to abuse. Why can't they just state that as the reason, be honest and open about it, and then continue to be vocal about progress until its sorted out?

    Perhaps the reason is, it can never be sorted out? In their astounding arrogance on the XBO reveal, they didn't ever imagine they'd be whiplashed so savagely by their audience. They built their entire premise upon always-connected philosophy and at a stroke, had it torn from under their feet.

    Grow some balls, Microsoft. Be open about the fallout from all the 180's and simply, officially retract the dev-kit option and move on. All this flip-flop and PR speak spin is losing you ground that you've so carefully been able to claw back with all the great changes the last few months. Don't fuck yourselves up again.
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  • George-Roper 10/07/2014

    Hahahahah, superb interview!

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  • Microsoft boss Satya Nadella commits to Xbox

  • George-Roper 10/07/2014


    Does the XbOne TV stuff do more than that?
    Why, yes! It sure does!

    It eats more electricity by forcing you to have both your cable box and your XBO switched on at the same time!


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  • Microsoft has abandoned plans for Xbox One consoles to double as dev kits

  • George-Roper 09/07/2014


    Probably about as long as PS4 gamers have to wait for the suspend/resume feature that Sony said would be included with the console at launch.
    Yeah, I see loads of articles dedicated to a niche feature like that, still 'missing' from the PS4.

    Just how long do people have to wait, Sony? Nobody believes a fucking word that comes out of your mouths. 'String along for as long as possible' sounds about right to me.
    Nobody is waiting for that. Does it prevent indies and hobbyists from creating games? You know, this BIG bullet-point feature of the product?

    Laughable comparison.

    Forgot about that one, didn't you, dedicated console warrior?

    No, I didn't forget about it. I'd, and I'd assume many more people would actually have to give a shit before sites would start reporting on it.

    Which they aren't.

    Console warrior? LOL! I own ALL current and last gen consoles, you wazzak! Feeble attempt to frame me as being anti-XBO when I own one :D
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  • George-Roper 09/07/2014

    "The comments today were inaccurate," a Microsoft spokesperson said. "We remain committed to ensuring the best possible solution for developers and hobbyists to create games for Xbox One. We will share more details at a later date."

    "We remain committed". So how long has the XBO been in development AND released for, now? Just how long do people have to wait, Microsoft?

    "Share more details at a later date". Lets just be clear. Nobody believes a fucking word that comes out of your mouths. 'String along for as long as possible' sounds about right to me.

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  • Divinity: Original Sin review

  • George-Roper 09/07/2014

    Interesting, I held off this on the Steam sale, not quite sure why as it seems right up my street. Reply +5