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  • Divinity: Original Sin 2 Kickstarter funded in under 12 hours

  • George-Roper 29/08/2015


    I don't need statistics when I have something called "common sense". The fact that you're trying to dismiss my stance by demanding links to statistics nobody has compiled doesn't escape me.
    "Common sense" in your sense would then appear to be "Guesswork", AKA, "Non-factual", AKA "Pulled out of thin air".

    So, yeah.
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  • George-Roper 29/08/2015


    Ok... So you think your logic of "poor people do not exist" is somehow just as correct as my logic of "Poor people do exist and there's a lot of them"?
    No, what I'm saying is that you know precisely fuck all about the statistics of Kickstarter projects and how, if at all, one project can affect another.

    We have a hobby that is fundamentally expensive. £400 games consoles, £2000 gaming PCs and everywhere inbetween, so your "Won't people think of the poor!!" is totally misplaced here. We're not talking about someone going hungry by having to make a decision between bus fare and a meal, we're talking about a video game and one that I might add is cheaper to back now than it will be at release to boot.
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  • George-Roper 28/08/2015


    You base your argument on the assumption that everyone can afford to back every KS project they're interested in.
    Thats right, because you base your argument on the assumption that everyone cannot afford to back every KS project they're interested in.

    Is it sinking in yet?
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  • George-Roper 28/08/2015


    Because what you're saying isn't only a binary thing. You said...

    The only way that Larian couldn't be digging into other KS projects' funds would be if money people had to spend on KS was infinite or that projects somehow existed in a vacuum.
    Yet, you have no facts to back this up, precisely beacuse you don't know anyone elses spending habits.

    Take me, I'm a Kickstarter backer. Got about half a dozen bubbling away, maybe more. DOS2 comes along. Do I have to make a selection between that or A-N-Other Kickstarter project? No, I don't, I decide I like both and I back both.

    So, in my case, Larian did not 'take up' anyone elses slot. And therein lays the fundamental flaw in your logic, because you don't know anyone elses predicament or spending habits, Kickstarter or not.

    If Kickstarter restricted backers to only one project per account, then you'd have an actual point, because that's forcing a decision where if Larian didn't use KS then there wouldn't be a conflict, but there are no such rules. The only barrier to this is cost but that isn't a Kickstarter-specific problem in the world we live in.
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  • George-Roper 28/08/2015


    The only way that Larian couldn't be digging into other KS projects' funds would be if money people had to spend on KS was infinite or that projects somehow existed in a vacuum.
    Abject nonsense based on zero fact.

    You know absolutely nothing to back up the claim that DOS2 is 'taking away' anything from any other crowdfunded project.

    Anyone with any sense will know that nether of those is true.


    Thus if anyone needs to get a grip, it's the fanboys...
    Here's the thing. DOS is a sublime game. The usual use of the term 'fanboy' is to indicate that they're supportive of something, irrespective of flaws. Problem is, DOS was largely the perfect co-op, emergent gameplay RPG experience as borne out from the reviews and the fact that DOS2 was funded within 12 hours. Or do shit games usually end up with sequels funded in record time?

    So when someone is a fan of DOS, its actually because its a great, great game, not for any other reason.
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  • George-Roper 27/08/2015


    You're free to say you don't care when people make life difficult for the handicapped by taking up all the handicap spots or blocking access for ambulances and other emergency vehicles by parking in no-parking zones.
    Worst analogy ever, because parking spaces are finite, hence why some are reserved.

    The implication here is that somehow, Larian are 'taking up' space on Kickstarter that should be reserved for someone else but had they not put DOS2 up, I wouldn't have spent that backer money on something else on Kickstarter so nobody is any worse off.

    Larian aren't 'occupying' a place on Kickstarter that someone else could use.

    People need to get a grip.
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  • George-Roper 27/08/2015


    Literally don't care. I'm supporting a developer who's proven they can deliver an amazing co-op RPG experience and its essentially a pre-order to boot, so I'm losing precisely jack squat and they're gaining more confidence in being able to do this without the bean counters getting their noses in.

    DOS is awesome.

    if DOS2 repeats that and builds on it AND continues to ignore a spamfest of post-release paid DLC and MTs we're seeing from every other publisher, then all power to them.

    When they start to put stretch goals in, I've no doubt I'll up my pledge too. I was already looking over the $300 one.
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  • George-Roper 27/08/2015

    Easy. Easy peasy.

    The easiest Kickstarter I've ever had to make a choice to back about. Having DOS as proof of what they can do basically got them repeat business from hundreds of thousands of existing customers alone.

    Bravo! Bring on Dec 2016!!
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  • Trine 3 dev says "future of the series is now in question"

  • George-Roper 27/08/2015

    "As head of marketing here, I have to bite the bullet. It's my fault."
    Two things...

    1) He looks very young, so who the fuck made him the 'Head Of Marketing' of a 15 year old software development business?


    2) Since when does the 'Head Of Marketing' determine the scope, content or design of the game in the first place?

    Smells to me like someone was made to appear in public as the hate-sponge. Why not instead get the actual designer or product manager out, you know, the people who actually made these decisions, not the poor forum moderator..sorry..'Head Of Marketing'.
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  • George-Roper 25/08/2015


    I know, right? I mean, 30 years ago my Dad bought my childhood home for £30k and now £30k won't even buy a garage. How can people just not understand that ALL THINGS MUST COST THE SAME AT ALL TIMES THROUGHOUT HISTORY?
    I know, right? Not sure how comparing the price of a house now to over 30 years ago, to a video game sequel a year or two from the last one mounts to the same, but hey ho.

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  • George-Roper 24/08/2015


    People are just being ungrateful as far as I'm concerned. For my money, I rather a developer work within the budget constraints and make a quality, if shorter game.
    But that's not what's happened. They had a bigger budget than the last game, and delivered a shorter game with no resolution to the story.

    As in, they ran out of money (apparently) and didn't finish it.

    So what about that isn't resonating?
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  • George-Roper 24/08/2015


    Jesus, people are getting to be so entitled based on what they think the value of fifteen bucks is. Out of control. I can't believe such a decent developer has to fall on their sword like this in response.
    Yeah, I agree. Bigger budget must equal less game.

    The bigger the budget, the less of the game.

    The bigger the budget, the less of the game.

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  • Divinity: Original Sin 2's narrative is fuelled by dizzying, twisted multiplayer

  • George-Roper 26/08/2015


    DOS is one of the BEST co-op games I've ever played. Ever.
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  • Angry Birds developer Rovio to lay off 260 staff

  • George-Roper 26/08/2015

    Rovio is synonymous with its Angry Birds series, which has now been downloaded more than 3bn times...
    ...and tolerated by only a few of those users, due to the ever increasing implementations of microtransactions.

    Publishers take note, the casual market is fickle as fuck. Piss off your long-standing fanbase at your own peril.
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 visuals polished up via PC mod

  • George-Roper 25/08/2015

    Looks just like the PS4/XBO version!

    Said nobody.


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  • A great explanation for how oldschool graphics worked

  • George-Roper 20/08/2015

    After joining several retro groups on Facebook, the retro scene is the best thing I've been involved in for quite some time. Facebook updates are actually interesting to read now, rather than bollocks about someones cat.

    On the back of that, I've bought several retro systems including an NEC PC Engine, NEC Duo-R, Panasonic 3DO and then a breadbin C64, Speccy 48k rubber, 128k toastrack, +2 grey, +2 black, +3 disk, and an Amiga. Followed that up with an MMC enJOY for the speccy and an SDcard reader for the C64 created in the image of a mini 1541 replete with commodore logo AND built from ground up 1541 casings. Looking to follow that up with an ST and a Megadrive.

    Its reinvigorated my interest in gaming far more than current gen, so much so I've retired my last gen kit and my current gen kit will be going up for sale, freeing space up. Its even eating into my precious PC gaming time more and more, though I'll never truly let her go :)
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  • Nintendo employee fired after podcast remarks on localisation, fans

  • George-Roper 14/08/2015

    Just goes to show, this hobby we like to believe is a playground of excitement, adventure and a release from the grind of real life is actually mired in corporate bondage.

    That its Nintendo doesn't surprise me at all. They're so backwards, they make the redneck mutants from the X-Files look like super-geniuses. Someone needs to drop them a line and remind them they're in 2015, with all the Twitch/Stream/YouTube/Twitter/Facebook bullshit that comes with. You put someone in that position, you'd better make sure they've been fully briefed. There's no way, at all, that if this guy had known is job was on the line unless is stayed within the narrow confines of what the corporation considers to be 'suitable', that he'd have spoken the way he did.

    Which was, BTW, truthful, honest and straight-forward. Nothing at all a corporation would agree with.
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  • EA removes player accused of sexual assault from NHL 16 cover

  • George-Roper 13/08/2015

    As of this time, Kane has not been charged with a crime.
    And this is how lives are ruined.
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  • One and three month PlayStation Plus subscriptions set for price hike

  • George-Roper 12/08/2015


    I'd be ok with this if the service was any good. Always problems making parties, inviting friends and the store doesn't even load more than half the time.
    Interestingly, that's exactly my experience. With Xbox Live.

    If the thing isn't pestering me to update the firmware, its requesting I change my password for XBL and then its throwing errors even just trying to navigate around.

    On a hardwired 16mb cable connection.

    Utter fucking gash and not a single problem of that nature with PSN.
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  • Clearing confusion about boss battles in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

  • George-Roper 12/08/2015

    Eurogamer: 'Ghostable' suggests you're never going to be in direct conflict with a boss, that you're never going to have to go out in the open - that you can effectively be a ghost throughout the entire game. If you're having to face off against another augmented person such as yourself then you're going to have to go toe-to-toe in direct action, however you choose to do that. To me that doesn't fit with the idea of 'ghosting' the game, but maybe you've got a different definition…

    Patrick Fortier: Yeah, our definition is more…
    ...based on appealing to console gamers.


    I said it.

    It's what everyone is thinking.
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  • The Witcher 3 patch 1.08 boosts console performance

  • George-Roper 12/08/2015

    Again, just another example of how rushing into a new game is actually netting you the inferior version of it.

    When I get around to this, it will have shedloads of extra content and will be the very best it can be from a technical/performance POV, both of which directly impact the enjoyment of the game. So I'll be playing the very best version of it.

    So remind me again, why the rush to get things on day one? Why the rush to buy a platform for a timed exclusive?
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  • Scalebound is a different kind of Platinum Game

  • George-Roper 07/08/2015


    C'mon George you've been round the block long enough to know that that's utter BS
    No, I know that its consistently true based on now-gen the last couple of years.

    What I also know is true is that we'll get people, such as yourself, white-knighting developers and telling everyone not to worry and how there's still 'optimization' and 'teh secret sauce' and 'DX12' and 'GPUGPU' and all sorts of other nonsense that never translate into a better experience come release.

    This is how the game will play at launch. Feel free to quote that next year.
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  • George-Roper 07/08/2015


    Early days sunshine. Pre-alpha footage, plenty of time for optimisation and new weapons and fighting mechanics to be revealed.
    Guaranteed that it will play exactly the same at release as it does here.

    You're deluded if you think they'd show anything less than the very best they're capable of, pre-Alpha or not.
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  • Crackdown 3 tech demo details destructible environments

  • George-Roper 06/08/2015


    But surely offloading all that will mean that it can be displayed more easily. I thought these new consoles were supposed to have relatively good GPUs but weak CPUs. The focus on cloud computing will offset this discrepancy, in theory.
    The CPU physics requirements might get offloaded a bit but the GPU still needs to render it all. It still needs to draw an object, many objects, reacting to the player shots.

    Gaming hardware is always constrained by its weakest point. Just because they can use teh power of teh cloud to take some physics load away from the unit doesn't make the GPU get any better.
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  • George-Roper 06/08/2015


    GPU is graphics processing unit. Why would it be processing physics?
    Because even if the power of teh cloud can manage 10 billion bits of a building collapsing in different ways, based on how its shot, then the GPU still needs to render the same bits of building breaking apart and falling.

    So they're going to offload the physics compute to teh cloud but it doesn't mean the game will be able to render all of it without scaling right back.

    Time will very clearly tell.
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  • George-Roper 06/08/2015


    So theoretically, the XB1 could become 20x more powerful in computing power in some areas (like physics in Crackdown 3). That's pretty huge. It allows for things like this where you can have a fully destructible city. You couldn't do that last gen, and not even on any other console this gen either. If so, and if Devs use it right, the cloud working like this could actually be a true next-gen feature for the XB1 that puts its pretty far ahead when it's first party games(which MS in investing in) utilize the cloud in creative ways. It started with the AI in Titanfall and I think Drivatars in Forza 5 if i'm not mistaken. Now after being a joke for so long, we have a real example of a game using the cloud for big gameplay differences. The future is looking very bright.
    Yeah, lets just ignore the GPU requirements to sustain such destruction and focus on the power of teh cloud to get the physics right.

    I mean, its like you didn't even recognise the environment the demo was in was barebones. A few structures and nothing else. It was basically an empty arena with some geometry, purposefully built.

    It reminds me of the T-Rex demo on the PS1. Looked amazing. Just a T-Rex running against a black background. What was the real-life application of that, again?
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  • George-Roper 05/08/2015


    xbox cloud still lives and in a big way
    At 900p/30.

    In multiplayer.

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  • World of Warcraft subscriptions at nine-year low with 5.6 million

  • George-Roper 05/08/2015

    World of Warcraft subscriptions at nine-year low with 5.6 million
    So breaking down the game to easier to digest bits, dumbing it down, streamlining, turning it into a pet collection app, fucking about with flying mounts, in-game gold buying, etc, etc, etc, all resulted in people leaving the game?

    Who knew?

    Who knew the casual market they were soooo keen to capture had precisely zero brand loyalty and flew the coop as soon as the next casual-centric game(s) came around?

    Short sighted idiots.
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  • MGS5: The Phantom Pain bumps PC release forward to match consoles

  • George-Roper 04/08/2015


    You know I would love for the two people who down voted this comment to give me an explanation why, seriously , I would love an explanation on why you would down vote someone's comment just for showing excitement for a game. :)
    Because the PC version will annihilate the console versions.


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  • New article on Konami paints a bleak picture

  • George-Roper 03/08/2015


    This is the problem when mobile 'freemium' games are so profitable and development costs comparatively low.
    It's only a problem when you throw short-sighted execs into the mix, oblivious to the obvious depression due to over-saturation that the marked is going to experience

    The kinds of companies who focus on mobile are, in the overall scheme of things, here today gone tomorrow. Casual gamers are a fickle bunch, with precisely zero brand loyalty.

    With the success of the PS4 proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that console gaming is still going very strong, even in the face of analysts who try to convince everyone that mobile is the future (several years ago), companies like this are just going to lose out. Instead of investing now, to keep their IPs fresh, they'll focus on mobile for a few years, allow their precious IP to languish, be forgotten, make a half-assed attempt to comeback, fail and fold.

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  • Star Wars Battlefront details team-based Blast Mode

  • George-Roper 31/07/2015


    A player controlled AT-AT would not work. No doubt it would go AWOL or spawn camping. The other vehicles are fully playable.
    Explain how its any different, at all, from player controlled vehicles in BF4.

    Objective driven gameplay modes are just that. If someone takes a vehicle and decides to drive off a cliff then that's exactly what happens. By removing that, by forcing on-rails, you're reducing the game to spectacle, rather than interaction.

    A Star Wars theme park.

    Just like Star Wars Galaxies.

    Slightly Inaccurate:

    The game is fully first person if you wish.
    The vast majority of the combat isn't on rails.
    A player count of 40 is lower compared to BF, but not compared to other shooters.
    You are moaning about the lack of realism in a game based upon Star Wars. It should have a more arcade physics model, style and mechanics.
    Is it 'fully first person'? What about when you spawn in as Darth Vader or Luke?

    Vast majority or not, compared to 'other shooters', the player decision making process is reduced as a direct result of on-rails vehicles. If its less than the current gold standard of shooters, then its less, right?

    Again, same for 40 players. Reducing numbers doesn't make the game better, it limits the potential of what could be. BF4 is proof of this. 64 player maps, 32 player maps, 16 player maps. Configurable to the context of the game modes being played. Locking this limit lower does nothing except reduce the potential.

    As for removal of physics based destruction, well, see above. Reduction, dumbing down, simplifying, streaminling, whatever, its all the same thing. And it will suffer for it.
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  • George-Roper 31/07/2015


    This is the problem facing DICE. Change the game and people will claim it is a dumbed down BF, don't and others will claim it is a reskin.
    Here's what I wanted.

    I wanted to be an AT-AT driver, with troops in the back waiting to jetpac out/firing out of open panels, with a gunner blasting at Snowspeeders and entrenched rebels. I wanted to check the map, look at how the rebels are deployed and choose the best way in.

    Here's what we got.

    I'm magically transported into the seat of an on-rails AT-AT, with no ability to direct movement.

    Fucking. Awesome.


    If this had been a reskin of BF4, with all the bells and whistles that make Star Wars, Star Wars, nobody would be complaining. Instead its a dumbed-to-fuck, low-player count, on-rails, 3rd-person, arcade shooter and its going to crash and burn due to boredom.

    Whilst BF4 continues to attract.
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  • New World of Warcraft expansion to be revealed next week

  • George-Roper 30/07/2015


    I've not played Wow for nearly a year, can Blizzard rein me back in?
    Sure they can, if your expectations are so low that a mass-appeal, dumbing down of the core game combined with a broad appeal that would make Hi-De-Hi look niche sounds good then get ready to jump on in.

    Otherwise, no. They won't. No way.
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  • Bethesda literally cannot produce any more Pip-Boys

  • George-Roper 28/07/2015

    Everything that's wrong with gaming, summed up.

    Seriously, people think this is worth all that extra expense? It's a plastic shell. You could get one of those running armstraps for a fiver and it would do exactly the same thing.

    There are some special editions that you can tell are worth it. The Homeworld Collectors edition is amazing.

    This however is cheap, tacky shit.

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  • An hour with Randy Pitchford

  • George-Roper 24/07/2015

    Yeah, well, AVP: The Next Generation was WAY worse than A:CM and like he said in the interview, the multipayer remains, to this day, a great addition.

    I completed A:CM. Not because I wanted to get my moneys worth out of it, I've got plenty of other games that I threw on the shitpile and never returned to.

    I enjoyed it for what it was, a fun shooter based on one of my favourite movies.
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  • Fallout Anthology brings five classic RPGs to Europe in October

  • George-Roper 23/07/2015

    Echoing Paras comment, if they rework FO3 to fix the crashes, I'm in. All in. Reply +4
  • It sounds like Xbox One will get mouse support

  • George-Roper 23/07/2015


    I was hoping this wouldn't happen,I don't want to be forced to purchase K&M and desk just so I can continue to play the same type of games I have been playing for years with joypad.
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  • How's Xbox doing?

  • George-Roper 22/07/2015


    But how much of that is from people buying full priced games and from people buying games in sales.
    What, is that the sales that see a game drop from £54.99 to £39.99?

    When by that point, the same game is available sub £20 from retailers?

    Those sales?

    You have no proof but don't let that stop you bashing people who buy digital games on their consoles.
    I have all the proof I need about XBL/PSN being a viable, revenue generating venture, it's all right here to see in these financials.

    Microsoft doesn't make a 58% year on year increase in revenue happen via sales.
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  • George-Roper 22/07/2015

    Xbox Live transactions revenue increased $205m or 58 per cent, reflecting "increased users and revenue per user".
    And this is why stupidly overpriced games on XBL/PSN will continue.

    Whilst there's a market for lazy dumbasses to play £20 more for a game on XBL than from Amazon, MS and Sony will continue to pursue it.

    Fucking idiots, with no sense of damage that they're doing to our hobby.
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  • Project Cars Wii U canned, "simply too much" for hardware

  • George-Roper 21/07/2015


    Problem is, rumors suggest NX will still be weaker than ps4 / xbone. I hope they are false though, as by then 3 years have passes..
    Imagine that.

    Nintendo need to buck the system and drag themselves out of the rut they're in. Screw gimmicks, the Wii was right time, right place and the Wii-U has proven they can't trust gimmicks to get them through.
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  • Meet the man cleaning up after the Godus disaster

  • George-Roper 20/07/2015


    Can't be bothered anymore. But...

    Your definition of life changing is entirely subjective. I think being a game god to thousands of players would be a pretty neat prize, if and when it happens.
    No, I think you'll find 'life changing' is meant to be just that. Life changing.

    Being a temporary God to an unknown amount of players, in an unknown video game, that didn't generate enough funding from Kickstarter in the first place to succeed, that doesn't have an ETA on when the 'life changing' bit of code will be in place, is in fact..

    Not life changing.

    At all.

    PlugMonkey, you sound like PeterMolyneux.
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  • George-Roper 19/07/2015


    You don't like concise? Let's try verbal! Verbal's good.

    You're continuing to insist that being somewhat disappointed is the same as being "fucked over". There is no way to respond to that.
    Not at all.

    I'm disappointed now and then. Everyone is. But again you're very oddly trying to shift the blame away from PM.

    He promised a life-changing prize with Curiosity. Now, for a lot of people, £20,000 is life changing. For a lot of people, a house is life-changing. A job is life-changing.

    Being a temporary 'god' in some unfinished game, with no ETA on when it will be ready, is in no way, whatsoever, 'life changing'.

    Forget the MTs. If he'd got 10,000 people chipping away against the cube, daily, then that's 10,000 people who've been misled about the prize.

    I keep trying, then I notice my head is in my hands again, and so I delete what I wrote and write that instead.

    I can't count the number of potential life changing opportunities I've had that have been somewhat disappointing...oh...sorry...have completely fucked me over.
    Sorry, in no way is that anaology appropriate. In this case, the details were directly out of the guys hands.

    Seriously. I can't counter that. It just hurts, right here, behind the deep crease you people cause in the middle of my brow. If it wasn't all so destructive, it would be laughable. And then I could just laugh.
    I've never in my life seen such a torrent of nonsense.

    Here are the facts...

    1) He Kickstarted Godus, going in under the amount he needed to make sure he got 'some' money. Fact. Stated and plain as day.

    2) He put Godus out on Early Access on Steam, because he'd underfunded the game on Kickstarter, so big fuck you to the Backers. Fact.

    3) Curiosity had a prize that was life-changing. And backed up by MTs, just in case you wanted a better chance of life-changing. Pure hype, complete bullshit and lies with a prize that not only has not materialized but has no ETA on when it will. Fact.

    Fact. Fact. Fact.

    You can't refute any of this, it's all out there to see.
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  • George-Roper 19/07/2015


    Bad comeback.

    Selective quoting and non-responses like that just shut down your point of view completely,
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  • George-Roper 19/07/2015


    Nobody "fucked over" the Curiosity winner. Nobody. You've made that up. It's one of many completely bogus justifications you relentlessly spout.
    I have no idea how you've come to this conclusion and I most certainly have not made anythng up.

    This very site reported on the God that PM forgot, in detail, and nowhere in that report did I get any impression that the winner was treated with the gusto that PM had led everyone to believe they would have.

    A life changing prize, lest we forget.

    Had that prize been validated towards a video game, "A prize granting power over gamers in my next video game" then would it have generated the same level of hype? Absolutely not.

    Lies and deceit.

    Henderson being neglected is certainly regrettable, but is not by any stretch of any reasonable imagination a "fucking over".
    He was the winner of a supposedly life changing prize. If that's not being fucked over, given what's happened to date, I have absolutely no idea how else to describe it. Had PM retracted the prize, it would be no different right now because there's no ETA on when Godus will be in the right shape for the prize to even BE granted.

    PM explained the reason for Curiosity at the time. Even did a talk at Develop about it. It was all very open and candid and widely reported on. If you weren't listening then, some wild hunch makes me suspect you won't listen now - hence efforts to explain ending in me with my head in my hands.
    No, that's really great and all.

    So had someone bought the diamond chisel or whatever it was, would PM have given them a refund do you think?

    What if the winner himself had splashed out?

    Yeah. It's easy to say "But it was never intended to make money" when the fact is, the design very much allowed for it to happen.
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  • George-Roper 19/07/2015


    Milo existed. I know a programmer who worked on it for, oh, two or three years I think. It was never going to come out
    Wasn't it?

    When Kinect was bigged up by PM, at what stage did he say it wasn't actually a game that was going to be released, then?

    My #1 problem with the mob is that they are 100% convinced they are right, no matter how little they know about how games are made or the people who make them.
    Again, blame shifting.

    'The Mob' didn't put Curiosity together.

    'The Mob' didn't Kickstart and then Early Release Godus.

    PM did.

    'The Mob' didn't then fuck over the Curiosity 'winner'.

    PM did.

    I guess you'll need to explain this one.

    You said Curiosity didn't make money. You said the MTs didn't make money.

    So why would the first project by 22cans be a loss-making project? For what reason?

    Less ambiguity please, if you know something the rest of of us don't, let's just hear it. Otherwise, Curiousity was released with the intent on making money, on the back a lie that the winner would experience a 'life changing' prize.
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  • George-Roper 18/07/2015


    The thousand £ hammers were somewhere between a joke and a thought experiment. Not a single one was expected to be sold, and the last I heard not a single one had.
    But that's not the point.

    He still did it. He still put those MTs in place. People could have still bought them.

    Let me put this another way. If Curiosity, being F2P, wasn't designed or intended to make money out of MTs, then what was the purpose of any of it?

    Who would knowingly go into a game, with a brand new, small development team, with the intention on losing money?

    Makes. No. Sense.
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  • George-Roper 18/07/2015


    No, I really don't. Godus should never have been funded. It was backed on reputation rather than concept, despite the fact that the reputation in question was two decades of over-promising and late under-delivery
    And it was also released to Steam on Early Access. And it was also released to mobile platforms too.

    So quite apart from the initial funding of it, where else does the blame lay? On those Steam users who decided to back an Early Access title? Or the many who picked it up on mobile and dropped some cash in too?

    I have no more sympathy for a Godus backer than I would have for someone who'd backed a dev with no experience or track record promising the world on a transparently inadequate budget. (I also wouldn't attack those devs either.) That's all notwithstanding the fact that while Godus might be a)late and b)rubbish, it is actually still in development!
    Blame shifting in all its glory. The buyer in this scenario isn't to blame, no matter how much you try to shift it across.

    So, that's one person the attack was in aid of - even though in the interviews he's done he didn't actually seem all that "stung" by the "deceit and lies" - who else was it for? Perhaps you could describe how you, personally, have been "stung" so savagely that you cheered every ounce of what he got?
    Here's the thing. You could look at this as 'just another example of many', shrug and walk on. But had the person been the head of EA at the launch of BF4, or Smedley when P2W was introduced to H1Z1 2 days before release on the back of it NEVER coming in, or even that cock who took everyones money and promised the earth with DayZ then fucked off to do something else, it was just the right time and the wrong place for PM, because gamers are customers. Gaming is a massive industry, earning billions out of us, but this was the tipping point. It felt like finally someone was taking one of many to task and asking the questions that MANY sites would refuse to ask, point blank, due to reprisals against ad revenue and for who knows who in the industry.

    He deserved it. Every single last drop of it.

    He isn't in this for a love of the industry, he's in it to see how far he can monetise people. Curiosity was designed, from the ground up, to see how far he could take it. And he did take it. Lots of it. And promised a 'life changing' reward that not only never materialized but the guy who won it was treated like fucking shit along the way. This guy specifically may have been fine about that, but what if it had been someone who threw down for the diamond chisel or whatever it was, and won based on that?

    Here's how I've seen this unfold: a few years ago the gaming community seemed content to let Molyneux fill the roll of the industry's loopy uncle. He'd come down from his attic, tell us he had a brilliant new invention, and we'd all roll our eyes and say "Of course you do, Uncle Pete!" and he'd sod off back to his attic again.
    Did they? I didn't. Not since the lie of Milo and Kate, have I just thought he's a loopy uncle. He was selling the hardware based on a fucking game that never, ever existed. Showing us all the potential for Kinect that he knew he wouldn't be delivering. Whether he was in Microsofts pockets or not I care not a single fuck about, because he still knowingly did it.

    Then the mob turned on him, because sadly that's how a portion of the games community operates these days. I don't understand why.
    It's so simple. Because he projects this image of being a 'keen gamer', yet his projects are based on F2P and monetization of gamers' impulses to want to win.

    If he was Kickstarting a spiritual successor to Dungeon Keeper, with zero DLC and MTs, this would be a whole other conversation. But he's not. Nor will he ever. Hes only interested in milking the fuck out of people. End of.
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  • George-Roper 17/07/2015


    I'm no big Molyneux fan, but when has he ever "taken people's money"? People give him their money. Voluntarily. Why, I have absolutely no clue.
    Of course you know, it's because he bigs himself and his ideas up, promises the earth, builds the hype and then doesn't deliver.

    How they can give him their money and then expect him to somehow miraculously stop being the world's most famously dizzy unfocussed over-promising dreamer, I have even less of a clue.
    Because hes apparently seen by some to be a well-meaning dreamer and one who may possibly, some day, deliver a game to match his golden era.

    I've followed Peter Molyneux for 25 years. In that time he has proven, repeatedly, to be a well meaning but disastrously disorganised fantasist. I wouldn't give him my money, but I also won't stand around and bray when someone decides to give him a beating for it. It's pathetic.
    It's not pathetic, he deserved every ounce of what he got. The interviewer represented gamers everywhere who have been stung by his outright deceit and lies. Or maybe you can explain how 'life changing' the thing at the centre actually was?
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  • George-Roper 17/07/2015

    Phillips asked Molyneux, directly, "Why did you fuck up?"

    "It was like, 'Well, I really don't know. It just happened. It just f***ed up.'
    Funny how you didn't fuck up any of the microtransaction payment systems.

    Pathetic. Truly pathetic.
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  • Faction-switching Mercenary Mode coming to World of Warcraft

  • George-Roper 16/07/2015

    Titled Mercenary Mode, it will introduce a shadowy figure to the game, one who'll appear in each faction base in the Ashran region during times of high queues. If you're struggling to get into the battleground action, you'll be able to simply approach this character and fight for the opposing faction... as if both factions hadn't been ramming their heads into each other hour after hour, day after day for ten, long years.

    When you eventually join the battleground, you'll also automatically be assigned an entirely new race from the opposing faction.
    Yet more dumbing down, rather than addressing the core reason why there's imbalance in the first place.

    Its fast becoming grey mulch, where decisions have little to zero impact on the gameplay.

    Just die already.
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