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  • Streets of Rage was much more than a Final Fight clone

  • Geminosity 29/06/2014

    "Streets of Rage 2 is widely acknowledged as one of the finest examples of the genre, if not the best side-scrolling brawler of all time."

    Yo, Damien, I'm really happy for you, and Imma let you finish, but Dungeons and Dragons had the best sidescrolling beatemups of all time... THE BEST SIDESCROLLING BEATEMUPS OF ALL TIME!

    On a more serious note, yes Streets of rage are some of the best games in the sidescrolling beatemups genre (though still not as good as the gems that are the D&D: Tower of Doom and Shadow over Mystara ;D) I've had many happy coop adventures in both and it'd be great to see more of these games get a reinvention as awesome as Double Dragon Neon :3 Other special mentions go to Cadillacs and Dinosaurs and AvP. All fab and all a million times better than final fight :P
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  • Hands-on with BattleCry, Bethesda's new multiplayer F2P action game

  • Geminosity 28/05/2014

    Ooh! another game like Rakion and Archeblade. Sounds good to me as I loved the previous multiplayer action games I've played over the years :3

    Sadly they don't tend to stay active/alive over on these shores for long as evidenced by the titles I just mentioned being dead or pretty much unplayable now :/

    I'm also worried about buyable boosts... I much prefer the LoL approach of buying characters/skins (though admittedly that model didn't manage to keep poor archeblade afloat :( )
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  • The Great Ace Attorney aims to spawn a whole series

  • Geminosity 26/04/2014

    After the amazingly mental witch trial mechanics in Phoenix Wright vs Layton, I'm really looking forward to this!!! :D Reply +2
  • The next Skylanders game is coming out for PS4 and Xbox One as well as current-gen systems

  • Geminosity 07/06/2013

    I rather like the skylanders games as a gaming adult. While you theoretically could complete the game with the base pack, good luck defeating the final boss without reinforcements: he's utterly brutal unless you cheese him with a fully levelled drobot and we used up all my figures (and I got quite a few) just to beat him. Seriously, I haven't seen bullet hell like that since Ikaruga XD

    (for those that don't know, when a character dies, you can't use them again on that level until you restart the level or complete it, so each character also essentially acts as a 'life')


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  • Masters of the Miiverse

  • Geminosity 06/12/2012

    Miiverse just feels like they sat down and said "what can we make that will destroy Gem's ability to function as a human being?"

    I've always had a slightly unhealthy addiction to social stuff (hence why I avoid facebook and the like) and while I don't draw these days it used to consume my childhood. Along comes Miiverse...

    On the evening of Saturday the 8th I'm wandering about Nintendoland plaza and spot a mii saying "someone answer me". The urge to be cheeky is overwhelming... I chose to answer and drew a pic of me smiling and saying 'no'. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the picture turned out so I drew another, simpler one waving and saying hi.

    ... several hours later ...

    It's Sunday morning, the 9th of December. I still haven't been to bed yet. As I sketch a picture of the masked badguy from 'scream' lunging out of the darkness in reply to someone saying "I want to play a little game." I begin to realise I might have a problem. Damn you Nintendo @.@
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  • Aliens vs. Predator 1999 remade as a Crysis 2 mod

  • Geminosity 08/11/2012

    This genuinely excites me as no game really captured being an alien as well as the original that this is remaking :3

    I know there's some love for AvP2, and single-player wise I can understand it as it had a lot of cool scenes and experiences, but whoever thinks it had good multiplayer must've been playing on a different server from me. the aliens were so horrifically gimped it was tragic to see them played, while the marines became stupendously powerful. A friend and I could top an AvP2 server just by running around grenading our feet constantly as we ran between the health/armour pack piles. Contrast with AvP (original) where being a marine on a multiplayer server was pant-wettingly scary and being an alien was a high-skill ceiling rollercoaster. I still remember making myself dizzy spiralling down a corridor at predators so their plasma blasters couldn't lock on :3
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  • You, me and the cube

  • Geminosity 07/11/2012

    I'm not really compelled by mindless tapping so I carved a cute lil smiley face somewhere on the cube. I'm curious how long it'll last. I guess if you're super bored you can try and find it, if it's still there :P

    edit: it occurred to me that there might be hundreds of smiley faces carved on there somewhere, but oddly i didn't actually notice any graffiti when I was in, just huge swabs of greeeeeeen. Was I late to the graffiti party? :P
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  • New Solatorobo game in the works at CyberConnect2

  • Geminosity 05/11/2012

    /o.O\ Reply +3
  • Salman Rushdie was an avid Super Mario World player while in hiding

  • Geminosity 11/10/2012

    "Alone at Hermitage Lane he reached the end of his Super Mario game, defeating the big bad Bowser himself and rescuing the insufferably pink Princess Toadstool. He was glad Marianne was not there to witness his triumph."

    Am I the only one who's imagination is going terrible places with this quote? :P
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  • The Secret World's first monthly update detailed

  • Geminosity 13/07/2012

    @berelain I agree with what you've said, except the bit about standing next to someone taking potshots. In my case it was more mindless, endless kiting.

    Worse than most, I already had my 'online rpg' combat world shattered by Phantasy Star Online back in the dreamcast days so I've always dreaded MMO combat, but now Tera and GW2 are hitting, it just makes it even less bearable :/

    Thing is, I hear the combat has some depth in TSW. Never one to give up on anything too quickly I played around with different combinations quite a bit in beta but I quickly discovered most of the depth was in horrible abstraction and planning and didn't really factor into the here and now of combat. I don't find that particularly appealing, though I guess it works for some. Me? Gimme some hit detection and interesting attack patterns and I'm much happier than x + y = c could ever make me :3
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  • The Secret World Review

  • Geminosity 13/07/2012

    To be honest I've been rather surprised at how positive people have been about it. Maybe it's just because they didn't include a lot of the more puzzley missions in beta to avoid people consuming all the content before the game came out but for me it was a rough, clumsy experience with mind-numbing combat, obtuse skill trees and not much else. I enjoyed the environments and the occasional quest that did something different but I really wasn't impressed at all.

    Then again, everyone is different. I guess I'm more tuned towards things with visceral, deep or interesting combat and worlds of a more sandbox nature that encourage players to either interact with one another or interact with the world. I suspect my years of grinding and questing in MMOs have left me jaded to the now-standard themepark style started by Everquest and championed by WoW, but for those newer to the genre or who just want to play alone in a crowd (sometimes it's nice to have people around even if you're not directly playing with them) I guess I could see the appeal.
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  • Lost Humanity 3: My Dream Boss

  • Geminosity 12/07/2012

    Wubadubadub is that true?
    Woah! you go big guy!

    After watching vids of just the interview section of beat the beat pretty much all day I intend to go out and buy it and just play that one game until my eyes and ears bleed... and then play it some more :P
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  • Namco "not really sure" about putting Tekken characters in Smash Bros. Wii U

  • Geminosity 10/07/2012

    I'd rather play Colette, Presea or Sheena from tales of symphonia :D
    That said, soul Calibur chars would be nice or, as others have pointed out, Klonoa. Oddly, looking over their back catalogue the only other games that jumps out at me from my own childhood/recent games are galaxian and time crisis. Guess I spent more time on sega, capcom, konami and nintendo than I realised :o
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  • Sega thanks Anarchy Reigns fans for their interest as concern grows over western release

  • Geminosity 01/06/2012

    If this doesn't come out I'll be heartbroken. Been keeping an eye on it since I first heard about it with the vague inclination it would be like a slightly deeper powerstone. What I've seen and played of it backed that up and I'd really like to get this 'normally' instead of having to import it :s Reply 0
  • Anarchy Reigns gameplay footage

  • Geminosity 24/05/2012

    I knew this would be gold when I saw the first footage and the quick go I had at the expo ages later just cemented it for me. Not only is this game going to come from nowhere for a lot of people but the soundtrack is rocking :3

    I really, REALLY hope they support same console multiplayer ala powerstone, though judging from the third person view it'd sadly have to be split screen unless they've put in special 'same console' caveats.
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  • The Elder Scrolls Online's main story is 100 per cent solo

  • Geminosity 18/05/2012

    I don't have even the remotest problem with content that can be solo'd in an MMO. What I have trouble with is content designed to not acknowledge other players exist.

    Being able to run out and clear out a small orc infestation by yourself? No problem! If other people join in, it goes faster but you still get credit when the last greenskin falls? great!

    Being told you're the chosen one by an NPC surrounded by other people handing in the same quest? Heading out to clear out precisely 8 orcs and having to compete with others to kill said arbitrary number of said 'looming threat' because they're on the verge of extinction from players overhunting them? Not so much...

    As for lag making action combat infeasible; Tera online would like to have a word with you.
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  • A Week of Tera

  • Geminosity 09/05/2012

    I love Tera and found myself nodding at most of this review.

    I think the combat makes a bigger difference than the author, but completely agree that the 'normal' mobs bog the whole thing down.
    That said, those normal mobs go down fast and it's a lot more satisfying wiping out a crowd of them in this than in other MMOs and if you feel like challenging yourself and trying to take them out without getting hit they actually have decent and significantly differing combat patterns. Again though, while the detail there it's lost because they do such piddly damage it's more efficient to take the hits and my PRIEST can vaporise most standard enemies her level before they even take a swing. She's not even a damage dealing class :P

    I actually enjoyed the sights and environments a lot more than the article writer seemed to, but hey, aesthetics really is a personal thing :3

    I could go on about how the quests are the worst part of Tera but that dead horse has been flogged so hard it's lost any and all semblance of ever being an animal or anything remotely identifiable beyond 'decaying meat paste'.

    Long story short, if you loved Phantasy Star Online, this is the closest you're going to get until PSO2 hits and as a bonus it's probably the first proper OPEN world action combat game. Unlike Vindictus or Dragon Nest (love DN's combat) it's not instanced to hell and back.
    I know some people consider DCUO an action MMO but it's pretty static compared to what I'm used to with less or no emphasis on hitboxes, timing or aiming.

    The one thing I warn you though, is that if you play Tera, you might (much like Penny Arcade did) find yourself unable to ever go back to the combat in the other MMOs and find it even remotely enjoyable any more.

    I'm already playing Tera and I've pre-bought GW2 ages ago, so it's going to be fun bouncing between the two to get my combat fix on one and my dynamic world fix on the other. It's a glorious time to be an MMO player, now we just have to hope people start ripping these two off! XD
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  • Guild Wars 2 Preview: A Weekend in Tyria

  • Geminosity 02/05/2012

    @DirectAim Berelain pretty much covered it :3

    Tera's main distinguishing features are it's combat (which is more like a fighting game that somehow works in an open world MMO environment), the 'big ass monsters', it's guild wars (lol :3 ) and it's political system (your guild can be voted into a position of power, laying down laws, putting people in jail, setting taxes and whatnot)

    Outside of those? fairly standard MMO fare. But by god the combat! :o

    Again, I've bought both and I'm not regretting the double purchase so far... I just wish I hadn't played Tera now because whenever i fight in GW2 now i keep trying to play it like Tera and end up dissapointed, but Gw2's open quests, area events and whatnot make up for it in other ways :3
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  • Geminosity 01/05/2012

    At the risk of getting negged into last week... I found my enjoyment of GW2 marred by Tera Online. After finally getting to play an open world MMO with truly decent combat, going back to GW2 felt like a step back.

    Don't get me wrong for even a millisecond though, GW2's combat is leagues ahead of most other MMOs and the dynamic quests are the kind of thing I've wanted for years. The sticking point for me is that I just don't know if I can put up with tab targetting, auto-attacks and the like as well as I used to anymore. Tera's questing system is fairly abysmal by comparison but because you spend 95% of your time in an MMO fighting, Tera's combat just keeps drawing me back: especially the 'Big Ass Monster' fights which take me back to my boss-fighting days in Phantasy Star Online.

    What I need is a title with GW2's lack of holy trinity, dynamic events, fun crafting (reminds me of power stone 2! :D ), 'true MMO' mindset, power combining and stuff with Tera's awesome combat and political system combined with some sandbox play and I could pretty much just hook myself up and kiss my spare time goodbye :3

    Until such time though, I've bought both games and plan on enjoying the best of both worlds by jumping back and forth between the two XD
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  • PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Preview: Super Smashing Great?

  • Geminosity 27/04/2012

    I was grinning at how he described how they fit all the character's personal styles in, including fat princess's love of cake, with a totally straight face.

    Here's hoping the unrevealed cast includes a few more femme fatales...
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  • Sega explains Phantasy Star Online 2's bold free-to-play strategy

  • Geminosity 26/04/2012

    The original PSO almost made me fail university so I'm nervously looking forward to this ;D Reply +3
  • Tera publisher responds to fan petition over censorship

  • Geminosity 25/04/2012

    There was once a time people used to constantly exclaim "think of the children!" Nowadays it feels less like it's even about the children and now it's just more "think of the paedophiles!" We've become a culture so obsessed with witch hunts and over the top reactions that I seriously worry about us as a collective whole.
    If we can't discuss or even be exposed to problematic topics without resorting to "Ban this sick filth!" we'll never progress as a society.

    It's interesting to note that things like the Elin don't even raise an eyebrow in the east, where paedophilia-related crimes and even search results for paedophilic material are considerably lower than those found in europe. Then again, in those countries they seem to a very firm grasp of the divide between media and reality: homosexual characters in fiction are accepted and even well liked, while if one of these character's fans had a friend or child come out to them, they'd probably cut all ties with them. While a somewhat sad example, it shows that they as a culture at least have a fairly good gauge on the divide between the fantasies portrayed in our cultural outlets and the cold harsh world of reality.
    that said, again using that homosexual example, perhaps they occupy the other side of this point to the absolute extreme, where they while they allow creative freedom and exploration of darker topics in their entertainment, they do not allow such thoughts and debate to filter through into society to help develop and evolve their philosophies.

    I fully support the protection of pretty much anyone, regardless of age, from sexual assault and I also believe children are likely too underdeveloped mentally to consent to any sexual engagement with a full understanding of the physical and mental ramifications and as such shouldn't be allowed to enter in to such things. This does raise the prickly question of when someone IS developed enough and has enough experience under their belt to become truly ready for sexual interactions without potentially harming results and in some cases I'd even say some people we consider adults aren't at that point yet, though that's more a matter of individuals than a useful generalised value. This is where we have age of consent though :P
    That said, I do find the whole paedophilia thing fascinating. As a race we seek out neoteny: our pets are bred for it (the breeding of tame animals also interestingly promotes increasing neoteny on a gentic level: you can see this in the silver fox taming experiment done in russia), women with neotenous traits score more highly for attractiveness in research tests and our actual species itself has a surprising degree of paedomorphism (apparently our ability to learn so well throughout our lives is actually caused by retention of pre-adolescent traits in the brain, and our general facial features are incredibly neotenous compared to others species within close genetic proximity, or our ancestors for that matter)

    The simple fact is that we're built to find childish traits attractive. The question is how we keep such things in check in a safe, controlled manner. The majority of people understand this and we consider them 'normal', I'm even inclined to think that on some kind of survival level we're naturally sexually disinterested in people below a certain level of development (just leaving us with the considerably less harmful and non-physical "d'awwww" aspect of attraction) but it's the outliers that, for whatever reason, don't' seem to have these mental safeguards and aren't willing to use their own concious moral judgement that become the problem. Ideally we'd try and treat these individuals the way we treat most people with mental issues, but due to the witch-hunt nature of our modern culture (look how far we've evolved since medieval times! 'tis the future! verily! :P ) I'd imagine a lot of these troubled individuals are terrified of seeking help or even admitting their problem before it manifests in a considerably less acceptable manner.

    Meh... general paedo-stuff thinking aside though, I prefer the Censored Elin armour anyways. I think the fact we raised a fuss over their lacy thongs without much fuss over the lingerie catalogue of the other race's females a bizarre kind of hypocrisy. I'm not against having a 'sexy' option on females in games for those who want it (and no, not all the people who want the naughty look are male XD ), as long as there's more sane options for the rest of us too :3

    TL:DR version: "~shrug~"
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  • Fear of Failure

  • Geminosity 28/01/2012

    The problem I have with 1999's model of 'difficulty' or 'consequences' is that it sounds mechanical. It's less 'choice' and more 'calculation'. I don't honestly believe that character stats/abilities you have to choose should ever be the difficult part, but rather the moral dilemmas in the game and the action itself. It should be about who you choose to save when two people are in danger. It should be about choosing sides. These are things I want to be irreversible; the Witcher games are a great example of this.

    If you want to give me some delicious challenge, keep it in the game, not in the UI or the talent calculators. While i'm sure some people love working out the intricate math behind a game, I'd rather not break my immersion in the name of false challenge. It feels less like a source of fiero and more like busy-work.
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  • NCsoft attempts to block TERA's launch

  • Geminosity 27/01/2012

    Heh, after posting that I realised I probably could have written it better. I'm none-too-surprised it got negged XD Ah well :3

    Long story short, 48 members of the 100 strong L3 team left to make bluehole studios and all at the same time. I don't know about you but that seemed less likely shifty dealings and more like a mass exodus as a result of bad management, however as bobfish has pointed out it seems L3 got cancelled... I'll wager it was due to some silly upper management bureaucracy. If NCSoft is worried about Tera being successful then perhaps they should've have kept L3 alive, but they gave up on that ship and now they're trying to sink it with cannon fire.

    I doubt that Lineage Eternal has much to fear either as it's a very different but also awesome-looking game :3

    I appreciate the concerns some have of theft (if there was indeed any) but when the artists who drew your work, the programmers who built it and the designers who charted it all out are working for the accused company is it really hard to imagine there wouldn't be similarities without the necessity for any kind of larceny? :/

    It's kind of like having the guitarist in a band leaving to join another band then accusing the new group of stealing your music because, hey, surprisingly that guitar work sounds similar to how it went in your tunes :p
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  • Geminosity 26/01/2012

    I really hope Bluehole pull through on this. Tera seems like too nice a game to be taken down now, especially before I got a chance to play it :p Reply -9
  • Namco announces Inversion delay

  • Geminosity 25/01/2012

    I remember not being that impressed with it when I gave it a shot at the expo. Hopefully it's improved since then and if they make a demo I'll give it a shot: I hate to not give stuff a fair chance :3 Reply 0
  • Building Better Worlds - an MMO Tale

  • Geminosity 14/01/2012

    @whatfruit I wouldn't blame the players for not roleplaying much: the mechanics of these games themselves encourage that kind of behaviour in many ways. Think about it, all the rewards you get are +xp or sword +1 or talent points or the like. All stuff that points to the numbers, the grind and ever-ridiculous accumulation of power where you become so strong the only things left to fight are the gods themselves. There's no encouragement to think about the personality behind your virtual doll.
    For a more role-play friendly game you'd ideally want a game that focusses on 'in-game' choice and consequences over statistics and talent trees (or 'meta' choices as I call them) It's interesting because you'll see a lot of players praising TOR's story for these 'in-game' choices with the action choices during cutscenes where you can blow someone out of an airlock or save them and whatnot giving them a better sense of 'who' their character is; probably more so than their 'build' or 'talent spec' ever did :3

    @Fatum I feel like I missed a trick passing on Star wars galaxies. The sandbox feel of it appealed to me but I never gave it a shot due to not really being much of a star wars fan. In hindsight I should've given it a go but... too late now :/
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  • Geminosity 14/01/2012

    I agree that world building is essential to MMOs. Most of my fondest memories come from this, including in Ragnarok Online where a friend took me on a trip to a town called lutie because it was the only place in the game world that sold ygdrassil leaves (resurrection item). Each town in Ragnarok had something unique to it, whether it was the home town of a class (you all start as novices and gain a class at level 10 by going to the class's corresponding town and training at their guild) or being the only place to get certain items and travelling to each either involved a decent walk through winding paths or buying your way there via a helpful priest player's teleport.

    I'd also like to see it go beyond just the environment though. I'd like to see races become more than just a simple modifier and more of a choice of gameplay in themselves. Imagine how the world would feel if one or two races were mostly restricted to the water (with a limited breath bar if you go on land) and had plenty of underwater content. There's be trade for stuff you can only find on land or in the water and if you're currently playing a land-lubber race you'd find yourself wondering what those fish people get to see regularly. Travelling to their city would be an epic adventure requiring a full bag of underwater breath spells or crafting an underwater helmet and some oxygen tanks. Another example would be a tiny race (maybe with the ability to fly to make getting around easier... or not). It'd be like always playing in the 'rats' games from counterstrike or Duke Nukem and you'd get to see a lot of things the big folk would never even be aware of including shops hidden inside abandoned cotton reels and dungeons inside an old boot full of creepy crawlies or a wasps's nest. If you wanted to be particularly ambitious you could even make the larger players and enemies themselves a kind of 'random dungeon' shadow of the colossus style, with the layout being based on what armour/clothing they're wearing :p

    There's a lot of rooms for MMOs to explore and WoW's playstyle is already well catered to by existing titles so I always hold out hope to see things branch out more soon in the future. One can always hope right? :3
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  • Star Wars The Old Republic: My Story, Your Story, Everyone's Story

  • Geminosity 12/01/2012

    I tried this in beta and I can see why it might appeal to people, but ironically it doesn't work for me because I'm too social. Whenever I'm supposed to be listening to the voice acting I usually spot someone saying something or asking for help in the chat log and before I know it I've been chatting away to players for most of the cutscene and missed pretty much everything the NPC said ^.^;

    It definitely seems like something better approached as a solo game with coop than an MMO and if you can keep that mindset you'll probably enjoy the game a lot :3

    For me, I'm probably better suited to something more outright sandboxy like the ever-delayed World of Darkness CCP is supposed to be making or Guild Wars 2 depending on how it fully plays out... but it's these kinds of variety of tastes and choice is that makes the games market so interesting in the first place :D
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  • Star Ocean developer tri-Ace helped make Final Fantasy 13-2

  • Geminosity 19/12/2011

    I'm a huuuuuuge tri-ace fan. They're the kings and queens of JRPG combat to me, but I suspect they just gave a hand rather than actually taking a shot at making the combat (based off the small go I had at the expo) as it seems fairly similar to the previous game's but with quicktime events added.

    Truth be told, I'd rather they'd spent that time on a new star ocean game than helping with XIII-2, especially if they could get better voice actors this time around :p
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  • Prototype 2 alpha footage soars in

  • Geminosity 16/12/2011

    Looking forward to this. The first was a flawed but fun game so I'm hoping with the refinements that tend to come with a sequel this will be just as fun but a bit better rounded... but we'll see :3

    Anyone else notice the "devastatingly beautiful" mutation in that list they showed? XD
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  • Mass Effect 3 trailer shows new Shepard skills

  • Geminosity 09/12/2011

    Never understood the hate towards ME3 personally. Did the people who worry about ME3 dislike ME2? Or is it a backlash against Dragon Age 2 (which is something I wouldn't worry about as that's an entirely different team :p )

    I'm not sure what people want from them regarding details outside of combat as things like story are a one-shot kind of deal so much of anything they'd tell you would be spoileriffic. Half the fun is finding out that stuff for yourself :3

    If people are worried that they're spending too much time on combat, I guess it might be worth pointing out that combat designers are rarely the same people who design story and roleplay elements so there's no real 'subtraction' in terms of time/quality for whatever the combat folk do from the other aspects of the game. I'm just guessing the combat team is in a better place to show off some of their stuff while the other divisions are keeping what they're up to under their hats.

    Then again, maybe I'm just optimistic? :p
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  • Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Review

  • Geminosity 01/12/2011

    When I saw this I knew I would've loved it when I was a kid... luckily my tastes haven't change a lot over the years so when I bought it I still found it a lot of fun, especially playing coop with my flatmate :D

    It's a little glitchy and clunky at times but the writing is fairly enjoyable, the gameplay fun enough and the main badguy is voiced by Invader Zim!!! :o

    I really hope they bring out more games that can make use of these figures, or at least see more companies pick up on this idea as it's pretty cool :3
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  • Bobby Kotick questions Star Wars Old Republic's economics

  • Geminosity 29/11/2011

    To be honest, having played it now I'd say it's not a bad game. It didn't grab me, but I'm not a Star Wars fan so I'm sure those who have a greater appreciation for the universe it's set in will probably enjoy it a great deal, which is good :3

    I liked the voice acting and the options for character customisation allowed me enough choice to make a character I like the look of which is all I ever ask :D
    The other thing of note was the smuggler/agent's cover system which I liked because it's the first mechanic in an MMORPG to make me pay attention less to the HUD and more to the environment. It's clunky but it works :3
    I'm also enamoured with the idea of your ship; your way around the galaxy, also being your own customisable home. This not only gets past lots of real-estate problems player housing causes but means you can take your home with you. Very clever! :D

    On the other side of the coin, I found combat to be fairly normal stuff. For those not jaded by the MMO genre I'm sure it'll do amicably, sporting some fun looking abilities like a "GERROVER HERE" from Mortal Kombat and the like. Sadly, I've been unfortunate enough to have played more MMO titles than is probably healthy so I'm a little too familiar with combat based around finding optimal ability sequence loops to enjoy it any more.
    While the NPC chat scenes are well voices and give you input, I frequently get distracted by the public chat window in the corner. Being a socialite I love answering questions, helping people and generally shooting the breeze and so before I know it I've missed whatever the NPC was telling me. This isn't a problem in Mass Effect but ME is a single player game and I feel this mechanic better serves people who treat this game as a single player :3
    The multiplayer aspect does kind prod the singleplayer enjoyment of it too though, as you'll have to deal with infinite respawning outside of flashpoints/instances and racing others to rescue npcs from cages/hack devices/etc or else find yourself waiting in line for it to reset with everyone else who was too slow. Some content is also designed for groups so if you're in a solo mood you'll need to bring your AI companion along or wait until you're feeling more group-friendly :p

    TL:DR version = Not my thing, but for those who will enjoy it; Have fun. I envy the awe and wonder you may have ahead of you :D
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  • Final Fantasy 13-2 Preview

  • Geminosity 16/11/2011

    I wasn't a huge fan of XIII but I figured I'd give this a shot when I saw it playable at an expo. I think I got to the point where they asked me to do a QTE before I quitely put down the pad and walked away. It still felt like the first game in the areas that bothered me, except now they were adding Quick Time Events to it. QTEs are like my cryptonite: I'm rubbish at them and I don't enjoy doing them either :/ Reply +4
  • Factor 5's cancelled Sony exclusive detailed

  • Geminosity 07/11/2011

    Ever notice how all the games that never make it to release were "amazing" or "awesome"? when you ask the devs who worked on it? :p Reply +1
  • Professor Layton and the Last Specter

  • Geminosity 22/10/2011

    I dunno Fender. The idea of 'shafting' us by releasing the game to us seems off. If they wanted to screw us over they could just not release it at all, and by flashcarting you're basically saying "don't bother releasing it" rather than "release it properly".

    If you want to really send the right message you'd be better contacting whoever's responsible for bringing it over via email or starting a petition... it may not change anything, but it at least sends the correct signals rather than the "no sale" they see when you silently pirate it :3
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  • WOW talent trees to be scrapped, redone

  • Geminosity 22/10/2011

    This actually sounds great to me. I've always been a fan of dropping auto-attack from MMOs in general and while I appreciate that some people like them, talent trees have always made me weep (I hate it when I level because instead of being a reward it means I have to stop playing the game, open the talent calculator and deliberate over my choice for several hours, inevitably regretting whatever I choose anyway even if it works quite well :p )
    The 'choose from 3' won't alleviate my analysis paralysis completely but it will at least reduce the plethora of choices that face me each time the golden sparkle of a new level hits. And for that I'm grateful :D

    The greater specialisation of classes (e.g. no melee for hunters, range changed for others) is interesting to me too as I've always been intrigued by the idea of having a completely unique play experience with different characters. Admittedly I'd still prefer if the differences came from your race rather than your class and were considerably more drastic (e.g. imagine Worgen having fast footspeed, strength and hp regen but being constantly hunted by worgen hunters and being shunned by towns if they make their nature known or playable naga that have a breath meter ABOVE water :p ) That's all a bit outlandish for a game like WoW though so I appreciate this isn't the title that'll do it :3
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  • 49% of gamers don't buy DLC - report

  • Geminosity 20/10/2011

    seems to be some confusion in one or two comments reading it as "49% of gamers buy DLC" XD

    One thing that's not clear to me is if DLC only counts game extras or if that also includes fully downloadable titles. Technically a game where 100% of it's content is downloaded is DLC if you think about it :p
    I only mention it because I've been buying a lot of xbox arcade titles like the excellent Comic Jumper or Guardian Heroes (I also bought bloodrayne for no other reason than it's by Wayforward and I buy all their games because I like their style and all their games feature fun heroines rather than the usual stereotypical heroes :3 ) Meanwhile, I can't remember the last piece of paid "additional content" I've downloaded for a retail game.
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  • Guardian Heroes

  • Geminosity 12/10/2011

    From such a glowing review I expected full marks by the time I got to the end. Not that 9/10 is bad by any stretch of the imagination (better than Halo! :p ) but I don't see anything in the review that docks it 1 point. Oh well, it was already an instant buy for me anyhoo and I'll be urging everyone at work to pick it up too so that treasure has plenty reason to make that sequel they were talking about :3 Reply +4
  • Dust 514 the "biggest multiplayer FPS"

  • Geminosity 10/10/2011

    I'll definitely give this a shot on my PS3, though admittedly I kind of wish MS had been a bit more receptive as I prefer my FPS games on my 360 pad or PC. I tend to look more to my PS3 for fighting games ~hugs Arcana Heart 3~ and random quirky exclusives I like (e.g. anything by pixeljunk :p ) Reply 0
  • EA announces Shank 2 for early 2012

  • Geminosity 28/09/2011

    I really wanted to like Shank but it just didn't come together for me. For me, the way he controlled regarding directional facing just felt clunky a lot of the time and it just felt like the enemies took TOO much damage to kill to be fun. At least that's what I took away from the demo anyhoo :p Reply 0
  • GameStop to stream console games

  • Geminosity 20/08/2011

    We have Gamestop in the UK? :o Reply -1
  • Arcana Heart 3

  • Geminosity 20/08/2011

    This game is the most fun I've had in fighting games since Guilty Gear :D

    In most fighting games I'll dutifully look up the best bread and butter combos and just punch them in to the best of my ability during combat with little interest. Soul Calibur, GG and now Arcana Heart 3 are the few games that I buck that trend in. I spent all of last night in training mode having a blast just discovering what I could chain together in my own time on Akane and Scharlachrot, without going online to see if I was doing it "right". It's a lot more fun finding huge combos on your own rather than just reading them off a forum, but it takes the right kind of game to make me want to in the first place.

    I think part of it is that unlike streetfighter and it's closer kin you often find moves that don't seem immediately obvious and you end up experimenting just to see what they're for (e.g. the fenris arcana has an aerial artillery cannon but unlike it's upward machine guns, the cannon's angle is too steep to really be good as anti-air, after messing about for a while I realised I could launch someone straight up in the air with scharlachrot's throw or chain blast and tag on the cannon to blow them out of the sky immediately afterwards. Looks awesome, puts them back at long range and it looks like something I could probably extend further with some more experimentation :D )

    One thing I'm also a fan of is that less of arcana heart's powered up moves are horrible double circle nonsense. There's one or two but for the most part if you want to super you just press A+B and a normal motion instead of a 'super' motion.
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  • Bulletstorm "didn't make money"

  • Geminosity 23/07/2011

    As a kid who grew up in the era of arcade games I've kinda done score-attack games to death so when I saw the point of the game, frome the demo anyhoo, was to rack up points I quickly lost interest. Tend to be more into experiences and stories these days and getting points for shooting people in wacky ways isn't my gig anymore though I can totally understand why it'll appeal to people :3 Reply +6
  • EU PlayStation Store update 22nd June

  • Geminosity 22/06/2011

    Where's my Skarlet DLC for Mortal Kombat? :( Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy XIII-2

  • Geminosity 08/06/2011

    huh... I guess I was the only one who didn't like the combat either then :o

    Most of the time my whole party would decide it was fun to stand directly next to the tank when fighting an enemy with AoE attacks and other 'fun' stuff and outside of the rare occassion it was challenging due to the AI playing up like that it was kinda bland. For me anyways :o
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  • Project Cafe becomes Wii U

  • Geminosity 07/06/2011

    I'm puzzled at the negativity I'm seeing. Some of the arguments against it are also bizarre...

    "Why buy a console that does ports of games that I can buy on consoles I already own"
    - Because it'll be the best version of the game (Darksiders II devs confirmed that the wii-u has more hardware grunt than the two oldies) AND it's a nintendo console. Know what that means? I'll give you a second. That's right, it has nintendo games. You don't get nintendo games on xbox or PS3. Hence the whole premise of the argument is flawed to begin with :3

    - I take it you've not used an Ipad or handled a kindle? How about books, you've held them for extended periods of time right? All hands-on reports have mentioned that the control is both light and comfortable. The size won't be an issue, just as it's not for any of the other things I just mentioned.

    "OMG It's just going to be another bunch of zeldas, starfoxes, marios and stuff"
    - Battlefield 3. Halo 4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Tomb Raider. Gears of War 3. Nathan Drake 3. Resistance 3. Yeah, I can see that nintendo is blatantly the only one with reboot/sequel issues here :p

    Let's be frank here. I'm looking forward to playing a metroid or batman game where I scan/detective mode by looking through the controller at the screen like a cool pair of futuristic x-ray specs. Aliens: Colonial marines is going to be awesome with the motion sensor in my hands. I'm dying to play some coop without the main screen being diced into tiny indecipherable pieces. I'm fidgetting excitedly at the thought of multiplayer games with friends featuring hidden information like werewolf or a coop game where someone is actually a hidden traitor. It'll even be interesting to do the 'gamegun' stuff in real life (looking around the virtual environment... youtube it if you don't know what I mean :D )

    Don't get me wrong, however. I know that all these are just meanderings that have yet to materialise. If the games don't harness the possibilities then they're nothing but air and wishes, but I get a good feeling about this one. Hell, if it goes wrong then no big deal anyhoo, we've all still got our 360s and PS3s to enjoy, it's not like ninty has suddenly denied you them by the creation of this new console :3
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  • Nikkei leaks Project Café details

  • Geminosity 03/06/2011

    I see a lot of potential in this... imagine! You play PSO2 or whatever with your friends online and then you can take it on your controller to work to ad-hoc with your mates at lunch too. All the xp and loot you get you can take back home and play on the big screen again.

    Not to mention some fun party-game-esque things like werewolf (it tells you what faction you're on, in the controller and lets you vote in secrecy) you could have split-screen games where someone is the traitor and a whole bunch of other stuff.

    As for marketability... if it looks like a mobile phone/ipad people will eat it up. Why do you think the wii controller looks like a tv remote? The mini-tablet is the new tool this generation is comfortable with so it actually makes sense when you think about it :3

    I'm just hoping there's a larger library of games I want this time around. I was somewhat dissapointed in the Wii, though I did at least get some fun out of the boxing and tennis on wii sports :p
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  • Diablo 3 NPC Followers system detailed

  • Geminosity 17/05/2011

    Ugh... I've always hated AI followers in any games. They're either so thick they're a liability or so good they could play the game for you. I much prefer the likes of midna/navi who have presence without getting in the way of the gameplay.

    I still remember the nightmare that was being a necromancer in the sand crypts of diablo II. I spent more time de-summoning my skeles that were standing about like a bunch of idiots in the 1-person wide corridors than I did actually fighting :p
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