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  • The games of 2015 we (shamefully) missed

  • GamesConnoisseur 05/12/2015

    For those who missed many of games that are worth your times, or more to the point WOULD have been, really just goes to show that we are so spoilt for choice! Reply +6
  • Dark Souls 3 release date, pre-order editions detailed

  • GamesConnoisseur 05/12/2015


    I m the same, as lovely as Bloodbourne was, the lack of my sufficient interest by having character levelling just killed it.

    Whereas Dark Souls series kept going and I m looking forward to it. Think would just go straight to getting DSIII on the PC.
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  • Shadow Complex still thrills in its new remaster

  • GamesConnoisseur 04/12/2015

    Replaying Shadow Complex (Remaster) on PC remind me how good it was really for its time as a flaming X360 Arcade title!!! I couldn't believe my luck at having game of this calibre on X360.

    Anyway, I encountered no shudders or anything on DX11 so far, latest driver maybe help? I m on Windows 10 too and 4 gb GTX970 not that you would need that much to run it!
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider reveals Baba Yaga DLC in new trailer

  • GamesConnoisseur 04/12/2015

    Rise of the Tomb Raider is an excellent game I ve enjoyed, and am now looking forward to the Baba Yaga DLC.

    As for comments on an extra time being an advantage for graphical upgrades and possibly including all the DLC, that certainly true and which is why I will get PC version when it arrive.

    PS4 version? What?! Why bother if all u REALLY want is the best possible version over the Xbox?

    PC get the ALL final answers! BUT if you don't have PC or the Xbox One, from my time with the game, it will be certainly be worth getting it on the PS4.
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  • Rainbow Six Siege review

  • GamesConnoisseur 03/12/2015


    Kinect, Online, Playstation Now I agree

    As for digital games for 60, the AAA games been frozen at 40 for well over decade and half and SNES games used to cost lot more!!

    However I concur re digital should be cheaper than boxed games. As no overheads but thing is what Steam can get away with is harder for platform holders. If they UNDERCUTS their retailers partners then they wouldn't be as interested in pushing the consoles.

    However the writing is on the wall, once say 75% of games are bought digitally then maybe platform holders in partnership with publishers would be happier to focus on digital over boxed.

    Lastly I don't have problem with always online, especially as it's the main feature of RB6S!

    I never really enjoyed RB6 Las Vegas and Las Vegas 2 SP. 95+% of hours I enjoyed spending on those games were the online co op components with my mates.

    If you don't have mates to play with, then yes avoid if no keen on playing with strangers. But if you do and it's a massive party piece.

    Much more so than other online games I would say, Battlefront you and couple of mates unlikely make that much of an impact or would be so missed.

    But here one mate downed can make a massive difference!
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  • Better than Halo?

  • GamesConnoisseur 30/11/2015

    I ve put in over 2,000 hours on Destiny according to the stats and whilst Taken King did improve things, I m glad to drop Destiny off my radar, four weeks counting. As Destiny expect you to grind same maps/modes over and over and over and over.

    No more.

    My clan finished all raids, I only missed out on hard mode Taken King, just couldn't face any more of the daily grind.

    I might get back for the sequel but I don't think I will ever again put in so much nonsense hours!!

    As for Halo 5, I enjoyed the campaign and partly progressed on legendary co op with mates, and will get back to it and finish it at some point.

    Warzone was fun but haven't really added enough I think to ensure long term appeal.

    Compared to Halo 3, the competition between shooters are so much fiercer now. That's good and its shouldn't automatically mean Halo 5 is no good. It's just need to bring bit more to the gunfight!
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  • Face-Off: Beyond: Two Souls on PS4

  • GamesConnoisseur 28/11/2015

    I loved Heavy Rain, I finished Two Souls, but it didn't take the branching narrative gameplay template forward. Or build enough of a strong case for it.

    However that said, I m tempted to give it another go, but somehow felt that the Heavy Rain and Cage's upcoming Kara game will be remembered far more than the Two Souls.
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  • PS4 shoots through 30m sales mark

  • GamesConnoisseur 25/11/2015


    Well said.

    I enjoy both consoles, but I m a life-long gamer, build up a huge collections of classic on each platform. Buying again via streaming service is a big no no for me. It's a wrong strategy.

    Leaving aside PS3 b/c, it's a missed opportunity not to sell PS4 as a capable emulator for PS1 and PS2.

    I still love my Vita, but Sony is showing us they can easily discard and ignore their own platform when they can easily release few titles to reward Vita owners.

    However every congrats to Sony.
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  • Jade Raymond building "Assassin's Creed-style game" for EA

  • GamesConnoisseur 17/11/2015


    Me too, that was THE period WHERE EA provided gamers with orginial IPs like Dante's Inferno, Mirror's Edge and Dead Space.

    Exactly what we WANTED to see more of, but what happened? These games didn't sell enough to warrant investments in new IPs.

    We only got ourselves to blame apparently?!
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  • Face-Off: Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox 360

  • GamesConnoisseur 15/11/2015

    I really love Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One, looks very gorgeous at times. I didn't notice much input latency much in first half of game.

    It's now become a bit of an issue comes to the large areas with lots of details going on, and more enemies to shoot at. I notice that my aiming get delayed, or miss head shots more often. That is so Killzone.

    I was so annoyed at Sony fanboys insisting that it was to ass 'weight' to weapon, really??!! Handgun get same weight as heavy weapons?! Come on its was input latency taking lower priority to visuals.

    Simple as that.

    Now it's rears its head here, not as bad on the whole balance but it's there. So I would really appreciate are option to switch off TressFX to get more responsive aiming if that was possible.

    Do I think it's hurt the game on balance? No but it's does affect your attempt to out score your mates on leaderboard, on expedition mode etc.

    Also it's would make key fights so much easier. On that basis, I m mostly looking forward to redoing Rise of Tomb Raider on PC, when it's come out then. Purely for smoother aiming/input latency.

    One simple way to test it is to quickly turn left and right over and over in a large area, and u should notice the slight delay, you turned left but camera still right then catching up going left when u already going right etc
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  • Performance Analysis: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

  • GamesConnoisseur 12/11/2015

    On Xbox One, Halo 5 and BLOPS 3 both targets 60 fps and 4 players co op in larger areas with multiple routes.


    However 343i's work vastly looks better and far more consistent than Treyarch's efforts.

    I played both to completion recently and I can see it very clearly.
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  • Xbox One's new dashboard rolling out now

  • GamesConnoisseur 12/11/2015

    Some of the X360 Games that ARE listed on the 104 backward compatibility DOESNT work, only managed to get Gears 1 to run.

    Hope MS included all regions game versions on it as think that might be why I can't get all of it to run?
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  • Getting started with Fallout 4 base building

  • GamesConnoisseur 11/11/2015


    Played Fallout before? If not then what do you know about what people want in Fallout?!

    Fallout got factions and desperate settlements trying to eke out survival and first time you can manage the actual settlement, growing food, providing electricity and so on. Not really necessary to finish the game but it's there as an extra layer if you would be keen to build an empire!

    Looks so shitty...from that statement, apparently didn't play the previous iterations!? Ruined, desolate grey/brown landscape is the name of the game and an open world to boot.

    I m enjoying it but clearly not for pew pew bang bang crowd.
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  • Yes, Fallout 4 can take a while to install on PS4 and Xbox One

  • GamesConnoisseur 10/11/2015

    @Wayne @Old_Books

    That was a single solitary Deathclaw and my character jumped into Power Armor and was carrying Minigun so early in the game!

    No worry as was limited by a low power and a difficulty in finding sufficient fusion cores required to use Power Armor, meant we get an early preview of top tier fights and a sufficient motivation provided to carry on with the progressing up the RPG ladder.
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  • Halo 5: Guardians review

  • GamesConnoisseur 30/10/2015

    My teenage son and I regularly play together, but we both got our own Xbox One and we play co op online not spilt screen

    When he was younger we do regularly play spilt screen, but nowadays we don't miss it that much. Appreciate that there are those who still values it, but seem majority of gameplay co op is over network rather than on same couch.

    Same way as nowadays most of us watch screens separately than on same counch!!
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  • Massive PS4 sales continue

  • GamesConnoisseur 29/10/2015


    Sony was never a underdog, if you really remember X360 and PS3 era, the expectation was PS3 will do another PS2 and X360 would fade away.

    Instead X360 kept up the lead until late into the game and by then the damage done for PS3.

    It was the humility from mistakes made during PS3 that led to better PS4.
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  • Sony reaffirms lack of triple-A PlayStation Vita development

  • GamesConnoisseur 23/10/2015


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  • Overlord: Fellowship of Evil review

  • GamesConnoisseur 23/10/2015

    AVOID badge

    The first ever I see it? Or the first one I cared about as enjoyed older Overlord versions. Oh well!
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  • Witcher 3 patch 1.11 tackles Skellige's Most Wanted quest at long last

  • GamesConnoisseur 22/10/2015


    I raged about Caretaker ability to heal itself very easily as also hit brick wall.

    But on fifth attempt, finally gotten into right sequences of move sets and beaten without needing any healing!

    Mainly it's reading his moves and don't overextend yourself merely to block ANY healing from summoned spirits, allow a few to get past you. Will still get to end.

    As even if healed back to 100%, Caretaker only got two summonings in him. So still can get him.
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  • Watch: Rainbow Six Siege is really fun in single player

  • GamesConnoisseur 21/10/2015

    I played RB6 LV and the sequel many many times with mates

    Only touched SP once both games, so I can give SP a miss! Some games doesn't really need them and I think RB6 S gonna give it a good go.

    SP based on siege game engine and limited location wouldn't really work anyway, so need bigger investment in designing locations, story and so on.

    People doesn't really play Bomberman game because of SP or story?! It's designed around MP and so likewise some games like Tomb Raider or Uncharted doesn't need MP.
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  • You can skip straight to the end of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3's campaign

  • GamesConnoisseur 13/10/2015

    I don't see the point!

    Sure you can

    Oh my god, I can do the same on any DVD films, got San Andreas Blu Ray but haven't see yet, I m gonna go straight to the last chapter

    Just coz I have the ability to do!!!!
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  • PlayStation Now launches in UK, priced 12.99 a month

  • GamesConnoisseur 09/10/2015

    12.99 a month!!!!

    You must be joking Sony?!

    Netflix, Amazon Prime far cheaper and provide more bangs per bucks

    Give me backward compatibility mode any day of the week thank you
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  • No platform exclusive DLC deals for Fallout 4

  • GamesConnoisseur 28/09/2015


    Bungie/Activison are a total cunts for twelve months exclusive and delighted that publishers/developers aren't following their lead.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5: The unfinished swan song

  • GamesConnoisseur 22/09/2015

    Doesn't the ending sort of provide a rational explanation of how big bosses get killed twice at original MSX games Metal Gear 1 and Metal Gear 2?! Reply +7
  • Gravity Rush 2 announced exclusively for PS4

  • GamesConnoisseur 15/09/2015

    Gravity Rush on Vita was a blast, looking forward to this! Reply +7
  • Capcom announces first-person shooter Resident Evil Umbrella Corps

  • GamesConnoisseur 15/09/2015

    Capcom... Best years long behind you now. This won't help. Reply +1
  • All about that base: Metal Gear Solid 5's FOBs are glorious

  • GamesConnoisseur 11/09/2015

    FOB is free!

    The first one and really you can live with just one, and yet still be able to play the metagsme.

    But all the comments is hugely negative! Yes I too look down on micro transactions, although here it's entirely OPTIONAL!
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  • Xbox Live Indie Games is no more

  • GamesConnoisseur 10/09/2015

    Too much interferences or far too little..

    This is the case of damned if do and damned if don't, yes curating and discovery problems will always be an issue, even on App Store. Peer reviews doesn't quite do it either.

    But with MS for all the mud slingings had done quite a lot for truly independent wanna be bedroom coders/games creators.

    Question I always ask is what exactly qualifies as indie? Some of them, who platform holders supports, I wouldn't consider truly indie as they are supported in third party or second party contracts and are quite a big outfit compared to others.

    But there should be a room for everyone.
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  • How to avoid Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain's save-corruption bug

  • GamesConnoisseur 08/09/2015


    Heh? I m delighted to have played and completed Witcher 3 and around 40% mark of overall game of MGSV TPP

    Why can't anyone be able to appreciate being in position to play both in a year, and on top Batman Arkham Knight

    A good vintage year I think 2015 will be looked back on
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  • So, Mr Kojima, do we feel "ashamed" over Quiet?

  • GamesConnoisseur 04/09/2015

    There are occasions in games where it's were comedical, embarrassing, cringeworthy, also sensual, desirable, sexy or even erotically.

    Quiet doesn't do it for me!

    Often we see female characters who regularly shown too much skin, or having a too large assets that would break back of the real life person, whilst I admire Quiet's part in the story and look forward to how the plots will be moving along. Quiet's looks is for me so disturbing, as would be the debate on the situations where or when it is or isn't a 'rape'.

    Just say my daughter grows up and dare to wear that, cos-play, I really would struggle to let her out the door! Better she goes just in a proper bikini! Rather than um, you are wearing that in middle of a battlefield and go into town?

    Wouldn't you want a new pair of tights if you had to wear one?!
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  • FTC: Machinima "deceived" consumers with Xbox One videos

  • GamesConnoisseur 02/09/2015

    If we believe the adage, nothing is free, all vbloggers, you tubers with huge followings are PAID by various parties. Sony included. To promote their products.

    I don't disagree with this, but they all should clearly carry notice of such sponsorship/product placements.

    To pass as an independent option of the said blogger are not right on all sort of levels. As they are seen by certain audience as being more impartial than professional reviewers! Really!!
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  • Big PlayStation 4 update increases cloud storage to 10GB

  • GamesConnoisseur 02/09/2015


    I ran out this time last year approximately and ever since sick of seeing upload saves failed. I cannot bear to delete other saves, and now expanded. About bleeding time!
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  • GamesConnoisseur 02/09/2015


    Appear offline is a beaut on Live for years and I still enjoy this now on Xbox One. Sony only offer us totally offline or on? Come on keep up with customers' preferences!

    Al other online services basically offered it, Skype and so on!
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  • Nuketown is in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

  • GamesConnoisseur 01/09/2015


    Funny I did both as well, got infinity broadband. However it was PS4 that gave me terrible stuttering experiences. Where Xbox was very smooth.

    I think it was more to do with my router port forwarding Xbox but not PS4!!

    Your experience of Xbox crashes doesn't happen on mine, I hope I am an unbiased multiplatform owner.
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  • AMD's new R9 Nano - the ultimate GPU for small form-factor PCs?

  • GamesConnoisseur 27/08/2015


    I was AMD gfx user for ten years, but gave up and switched to GeForce as tired of missing out on 3D enabled support on my 3DTV and better API. Now the tide going the other way!!!
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  • Until Dawn review

  • GamesConnoisseur 27/08/2015

    Until Dawn, Gears, Dishonored and then Phantom Pain..gonna be getting a call from the bank manager, but fuck it, gonna be a great week!

    Edit: multi platform is always a winner, PC, WIi U, Xbox One and PS4, none of that fanboy brand loyalty for me thank you!
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  • The Witcher 3 sells 6m copies in six weeks

  • GamesConnoisseur 27/08/2015


    This may be well extreme suggestion, those who are unapologetic pirate, should be banned. As they undermine the industry and hobby. CD Projekt took an unusual step of having no DRM protection and instead put it in our hands.

    So I think we would be justified in applying ban as an extension of ensuring such DRM free arrangement aren't a failure.
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  • Zombi review

  • GamesConnoisseur 19/08/2015

    Control = awkward/poor comments

    If Zombi had a perfect instant control, then the zombies will give no danger and all a a sitting duck, even with low ammo, just swoop in, brain them and dodge away.

    Where's the danger? Suspense? Tension?

    Honestly people sometime don't really know what they want! Dying Light gave u better control but as a consequence there's fast zombies, swarm of them, human opponents to add such necessary danger.
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  • Everybody's Gone to the Rapture review

  • GamesConnoisseur 11/08/2015

    Perfect British Summer of 3 Rs for gamers like me, Rapture and Rare Replays. Set in Britain in my formative years and the British classics I grew up with.

    Can it get any better?!
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  • Rare Replay's Nintendo 64 games run at 1080p

  • GamesConnoisseur 11/08/2015

    Reading this while sunning beside a pool in Spain, happily building up shocking phone bills for after the holidays. Interesting read and looking forward to analysis of X360 emulation.

    Having only few days grace of trying out the compilation before jetting off, I was mighty well impressed with the overall package, a perfect Xbox One title for me, who was raised on Spectrum 48k, and later platforms.

    A delightful memory trip but also competitve element with snapshot challenges and beating mates time/scores.

    Xbox One haters, try not to over pollute these comments, if no intention to get Xbox One then kindly go elsewhere to bother other people!
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  • Worms WMD announced for PC and Xbox One in 2016

  • GamesConnoisseur 31/07/2015

    PS4 cannot have EVERYTHING, there will be some that will arrive later due to developer workload, arrangement of support from publisher/platform holder etc

    Good things come in time!
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider hits PS4 "holiday 2016"

  • GamesConnoisseur 24/07/2015


    Is there a point in Destiny DLC one year exclusivity on playstation? Especially when contents are already lean to start with!!
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  • The Amiga 500 in pictures and videos

  • GamesConnoisseur 23/07/2015


    Second that! Amiga years were the best.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight's first major DLC falls short

  • GamesConnoisseur 15/07/2015

    32.99 and first of three DLC, doesn't seem a great value for money. If provide us 5 hours or so each DLC, I ll say that JUST justify the costs.

    1 hour?!

    3 hours for 32.99 would be the most expensive Blu Ray entertainment from Warner Brothers!
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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 multiplayer beta begins in August

  • GamesConnoisseur 09/07/2015

    Would Playstation fans be happier with timed exclusive DLC and head start on Beta or see exclusive titles even if not on scale of Wipeout but small studio indie classic like Journey or such?

    Me, I know which I prefer! If many more are saying COD, then dudebros now home is officially PS4!
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  • New PS4 hardware is more efficient with less fan noise

  • GamesConnoisseur 06/07/2015

    Fan noises never bother me, they can't! I m Deaf you see, but does find it Ironic when PS3 fans were down on X360 overly noisy fans, but yet a huge fan of PS4 even though it's fan isn't famously quiet! Reply +2
  • To the Batmobile? The trouble with Arkham Knight's biggest addition

  • GamesConnoisseur 01/07/2015

    Batmobile didn't bother me too much other than Arkham Knight fights, in between I glide almost 95% of time

    It's not forced on you in that way!
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  • Sony: PS4 market share "frequently greater than 90 per cent in continental Europe"

  • GamesConnoisseur 30/06/2015

    European Playstation fans would be very chuffed, I am one PS4 owner, but of great concern to me is as mentioned above, if Europe is Sony's widely supported region, but in other direction, who doesn't Sony Europe give us better pricing and contents support?!

    Xbox may be falling behind but on this front, their European Xbox Store to PSN UK/EU, hence why I almost always purchase from PSN US, and strongly recommend everyone to do same until Sony Europe takes this into account.
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  • Face-Off: Batman: Arkham Knight

  • GamesConnoisseur 27/06/2015


    Grow up! Article did already say XBO was close match to PS4, both unpatched, but XBO performs better than unpatched PS4 but bit behind the patched PS4.

    The story isn't anyway on the consoles but over at PC.
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  • GamesConnoisseur 27/06/2015


    Spoiler Alert: it doesn't rain all the way through!

    Close enough to being near total, but it's so sexy though!
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