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  • Forza Horizon 2 Storm Island review

  • GamesConnoisseur 19/12/2014


    So you played FH2 and Storm Island DLC then?

    I m in juicy position of having both, I would argue DriveClub more about presentation with dynamic weather compared to FH2.

    I know which I m having most fun with!!
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  • Forza Horizon 2's first expansion introduces new cars, new area

  • GamesConnoisseur 16/12/2014

    This video somehow feel like my old Xbox favourite Rallisport Challenge reimagined for Xbox One. Reply +15
  • And here's another Halo: The Master Chief Collection patch

  • GamesConnoisseur 16/12/2014

    I know many people who already traded it in, MS/343i harmed Halo brand with this mother of all cock up, hope this is a massive lesson learnt about releasing only finished and tested product. Reply +18
  • Hearthstone for Android tablets begins global rollout

  • GamesConnoisseur 16/12/2014

    Had lot of fantastic hours of fun with this playing versus my kids and strangers over iPads.

    Delighted more people can play it on all sort of tablets, PC version may be original, but doing Heartstone on the tablets is so natural fit.
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  • The Witcher 3 will have a second playable character

  • GamesConnoisseur 15/12/2014


    Hoping EuroGamer just being funny, certainly not an elf!
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  • GamesConnoisseur 06/12/2014

    Ciri would plays a bit differently to Geralt, as she been trained as both Witcher AND Sorceress, so think that would be great. Yennifer would be also good. Just please not another fighter! Reply +2
  • Destiny: The Dark Below review

  • GamesConnoisseur 15/12/2014

    Bungie is no more

    They have been turned to the dark side, utterly

    Even so, I m like Eris Morn, partially turned to Hive, still playing.

    Finished Hard Mode VoG only last night, it's the pace me and my friends in our clan could reach, we couldn't get here any earlier.

    But the sad thing is our rewards, like my Pradeyth's Timepiece reward is now utter tosh, after Dark Below expansion rendered all the VoG raid loot obsolete.

    How can we be happy about it?! Our fault for not getting here earlier?

    Bungie should have planned much better, allowing people at different rate of progress to maintain the incentives/benefits.

    Now I have to do more farming/grinding to get my pile of exotic 1.0 into exotic 2.0, replace my raid/fav legendary stuff with legendary 2.0.

    Attempted CSE, team not yet able to get past 2nd area. Now what are we to do with CSE loot which are now evidently already worthless no matter if you don't but second DLC. The new loot system will be enforced across the board.

    Treating Destiny the same as World of Warcraft is an absolute massive mistake as others said, contents too small, grinding too excessive and the incentive system now completely borked and shattered to pieces.

    Motivation for me to continue basically is simply not to be left behind by my mates.

    That it!

    At some point, I ll finally leave Destiny behind and pray Bungie won't ever pollute my gaming hours ever again.
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  • Borderlands: Remastered Edition spotted on Australian Classification Board

  • GamesConnoisseur 12/12/2014

    Why bother with the PC version? If only just for all the editions and DLC on one disk, but enhancements?! Always looked good on PC, higher resolution and all that.

    Quick cash grab with the least effort invested compared to full blown new IP or sequel.
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  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt delayed again, now due May 2015

  • GamesConnoisseur 08/12/2014


    Really?! Your assertations simply doesn't fits with my 60+ experience of playing DA:I on PS4. You would think by now my game would have crashed many times, quests failing, animations not working and so on.

    Certainly there been a few issues, but overall it's pass muster in my view. Patch would enhance it.

    Go and carry on talking rubbish on whatever website you are reporting from!
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  • Xbox boss points to Killer Instinct in response to Sony's Street Fighter 5 deal

  • GamesConnoisseur 08/12/2014

    Of MS and Sony response to another securing the exclusivity

    I honestly much prefer the grounded, gamer friendly responses from MS vastly over Sony's, which by the way they already broken on! Or lied about! Don't buy exclusives, really?!!!!

    Damn shame most people won't admit that, Sony can DO no wrong!
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  • 1.4GB DriveClub update adds dynamic weather

  • GamesConnoisseur 08/12/2014

    Replay? Damages to car? Both are standard to racing/car sim nowadays

    But most of all for me, any improvements to the AI will see me reinstalling DriveClub, after too many occurrence of knocked off the podium finish by the AIs, I confessed I went rage-delete my digital copy.

    Nice to see the game slowly delivers on its promise, but AI too old gen for me.
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  • Halo spin-off Spartan Strike delayed as 343 battles The Master Chief Collection matchmaking problems

  • GamesConnoisseur 08/12/2014

    Number one improvement needed to update MS studios wide policy

    NEVER EVER release a product that wouldn't meet consumers satisfaction as a finished product. That includes online.

    Look to Destiny alpha and beta test to iron out teething issues and server load.
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  • Digital Foundry vs Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS

  • GamesConnoisseur 07/12/2014

    Give me this over SFV any day of the week! Reply +2
  • Street Fighter 5 exclusive to PC and PS4

  • GamesConnoisseur 07/12/2014

    As a gamer of no loyalty to any platform, this is a sad disheartening news of what was a big multiplatform brand that seen dwindling sales over the years now restricted to PS4 and PC. It's a better news for Sony indeed as will help push PS4, particularly in Japan where all consoles didn't sell anywhere as much as they used to.

    For PS4 owners who are celebrating, a loss of bigger following and SF becoming niche is brilliant how?! The tired tropes of but MS did it and need a taste of their own medicine, Dead Rising started on Xbox, PC get a look in, only really DR2 that gotten multiplatform. Only Tomb Raider is a big news, that Playstatiom was TEMPORAILY denied access to new Tomb Raider is still wrong.

    Two wrongs doesn't make a right, timed exclusivity or permanent exclusivity of MULTI PLATFORM brands are wicked. New IPs like Bloodbourne that's perfectly fine.

    How would Playstation supporters feel if MS secured Mass Effect next permanently on Xbox One, considered the history of first Mass Effect being published on Xbox and under MS Studio. Not far out of the realm of probability but I never really was strong fighter fan so not an issue for me really. Also got PS4 and gaming PC as well as Xbox. But this still feels so wrong.
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  • Destiny's PVP mode now breaks up teams if they're too good

  • GamesConnoisseur 05/12/2014

    Loot campers, few times I was losing matches, and realised it was 5 v 6 as one just stand there, a free sitting duck target for the other team.

    Why not eject those who doesn't move and shoot for a duration? The most determined loot campers may add rubber band and turns on spot. Still could add report button, those reports could result in a no loots permitted until weekly reset for the said campers!
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  • Bethesda shows glimpse of The Elder Scrolls Online's console version

  • GamesConnoisseur 05/12/2014

    ESO or Skyrim Remastered Edition with access to best of Mods? Even better allowing XO and PS4 to create quests/forge maps and uploads/downloads?

    That a massive win for me and why bother with ESO?!
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  • Total War Battles: Kingdom is a F2P online spin-off

  • GamesConnoisseur 03/12/2014

    F2P generate how much of total revenue in whole gaming market? 75% or 90%?

    A serious question which represent a serious point for the industry and the hobby of ours, there are many casual gamers out there but do the once upon gamer buying consumer prefers F2P and the casual top
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  • The Crew is broken - but packed with potential

  • GamesConnoisseur 03/12/2014

    Only Ubisoft's game plunged for is Far Cry 4 which is fortunately not broken or not noticeable compared to other Ubi's games. And so now the muds really sticks to them.

    But to be fair, almost all MMO/online games are all broken on release recently. So review scores SHOULD be given only on real world online test. I know this mean impossible for reviews to be out on release day, but man everyone should know TV now that it's impossible to expect a perfect real world review BY release day!!!!!

    Accept the need to hold off purchase until decision to purchase bear out by reviews from critics and users.
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  • The next major Assassin's Creed is set in Victorian London

  • GamesConnoisseur 03/12/2014

    The best way Ubisoft can do to save AC Victory from sinking is to:

    1) Announce that they will not ship AC out next year, instead it will be 2016

    2) Also declare they have indeed committed to huge investment in Q/A bug stress test before shipping products

    The above steps would greatly help in starting to repair the lost of confidence from consumers that Ubisoft is only interested in shipping on time no matter what and increasing profits.

    For the shareholders, if indeed they still require to ship before end of the financial year, they can still ship Feb/Mar 2016 if that ll satisfy that but however in the long run, franchise is never in worse danger of being diminished and they will be doing themselves and shareholders a great favour by being serious about shipping quality products and that consumers are confidence with that.
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  • Here's the PlayStation-exclusive content in Destiny expansion The Dark Below

  • GamesConnoisseur 02/12/2014

    I got PS4 version of Destiny that I played up to L25 for my hunter and left totally untouched since I moved over to my son's XBOX One version as that where my mates and clan plays on. I finished VoG about 10 times and will attempt hard VoG after doing the Dark Below's raid.

    Why should I shell out for PS4 DLC when my mates are on Xbox's? I only require an exotic helm for my Warlock to reach L30 on Xbox's Destiny, but will be missing out on the Playstation exclusives. I honestly don't think I or my mates will be still regularly playing Destiny by the time the timed exclusive ends.

    I really don't see the point of it, especially when Destiny FFS got quite few contents to start with! If the exclusive strikes didn't represent a quarter extra difference for Playstation over Xbox, then it's would not be a big deal!

    Congrats to Sony but it's still stink regardless.
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  • Play the original Game Boy in 1080p on an HDTV with hdmyboy

  • GamesConnoisseur 02/12/2014

    Please back my proposition to deliver Spectrum 48k in 4K galore, with the colour clashes preserved for authencity! Reply +2
  • It Came From the Desert is getting an Extended Cut... on Sega Mega Drive

  • GamesConnoisseur 02/12/2014

    In 2039 Naughty Dog finally released The Director's Edition of The Last of Us for the X360, that goes back to the original story of having the infection only affecting the females. Reply +2
  • The case for 30fps PC gaming

  • GamesConnoisseur 30/11/2014

    "There's a reason why capping PC gameplay at 30fps isn't a more popular option - typically, very few games actually feature frame-rate limiting options, even when their console equivalents more often than not have 30fps caps in place. And when they do, often they don't work very well. In some cases, you get your 30fps, but frames are delivered in an uneven manner, arriving at 16ms, 33ms or 50ms intervals, producing obvious judder when v-sync is engaged."

    Ergo why we see rabid PC centric gamers calling 30 fps unacceptable, because they rarely see well implemented PC version of 30 fps as it would be more common on consoles.

    I was a PC gamer long before becoming mostly consoles based, usual reason, sick of then expensive hardware upgrades, fiddlings with settings and so on. But I do very much appreciate the scalebility and the open platform nature, moddings etc. However, the PC diehards who shouts out that 30 fps is unplayable simply does themselves poor credit as people can clearly see its mostly does the job. Especially where it's fixed 30 fps and yes there's bad examples.

    I often have multiple versions of same game, Steam sale etc, higher fps on PC doesn't always equate to better gameplay experience, as can still see judders, if not well optimised. High resolution and ultra settings are to die for certainly, but if with variable frame rates, I ll happily go back to 30 fps console version! As setting to 30 fps on PC doesn't always work as well.
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  • Xbox Japan boss resigns amid dismal Xbox One sales

  • GamesConnoisseur 28/11/2014

    The news that XBOX performs poorly in Japan ain't the real news, instead it's that Wii U which is dead in rest of world is doing quite well and that's world popular console, the PS4 can only sell marginally better than the Wii U.

    Japan is indeed in a world of its own!
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  • Halo: Master Chief Collection gets new 523MB patch

  • GamesConnoisseur 27/11/2014


    You seem to regularly trolls Xbox, but on this one I agree. The news that there's further patches on way doesn't inspire confidence in me going back to give Halo MCC MP a good try. I ll wait two further weeks.
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  • Escape Dead Island review

  • GamesConnoisseur 27/11/2014

    I likewise enjoyed the first game, played hilarious co op with mates but then we cooled off, I never finished it but can see a great potential to take it properly forward.

    Shame they killed it. Look at Sunset Overdrive, oomphs fun factor. Most important quality is that you are enjoying playing it and feel challenged enough, having progression.

    All of which is totally lacking in this game, never was on my radar but if it was 7/10 or so, I may have gotten it during quiet time and would happily go back in Dead Island franchise. Next one any better than this?

    I m not hopeful.
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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's Exo Zombies is coming as DLC in January

  • GamesConnoisseur 26/11/2014

    I don't get it, a great way of getting buying customers if you give first DLC free, then charge for each map. That the drugs pusher 101 guide, give away free stuff first to hook the permanent punters in!

    The latest COD is alright, fun certainly, more than last few iterations but it's not so radically new. No dedicated servers, really?! Not as if they are broke and this explains why I get variable lag/lag comp issues match to match.
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  • Will Xbox One succeed in China?

  • GamesConnoisseur 23/11/2014

    Nintendo SHOULD do better than either Sony or MS, simply cos so family friendly games and not as much sensitive to China games, as available on either XBOX or Playstation Reply 0
  • Face-Off: Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4 and Xbox One

  • GamesConnoisseur 23/11/2014


    Don't be too premature, it's an obvious win for the upcoming PC version. End of!

    However enjoy your version of GTAV, I m playing it through again on my PS4.
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  • Face-Off: Dragon Age: Inquisition

  • GamesConnoisseur 22/11/2014

    Playing this on the PS4 since Tuesday thanks to US PSN, certainly performance wise very shuddering. Frame rates can flucates around, during cut scenes its can be evident too.

    Not the worse offender, most times I can bear it, or ignore it, but would have maybe been happier with the optional drop in resolution for 30 fps locked.

    Loving the game, looks mostly nice but can looks awful, hair wise, facial hair more so!
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  • Don't call it a comeback: Xbox One's first year

  • GamesConnoisseur 22/11/2014

    Xbox doing much better, still some ways to go, miles behind where the X360 was (not units wise but in gamers' hearts and minds) . Spencer and co, a massive improvements over the grimacing suits that were really divorced from what's the gaming about.

    Playstation wasted a great opportunity to lock in Xmas with the weakest exclusives of the three but got the most wonderful and thriving community of gamers rooting for it. Whispers of 2015 being the year, PSN much improved but still should be far more reliable as now paid for subscription.

    Nintendo considered dead but still delivering the old Magic and if going down, certainly doing so most heroically and the truest to the gaming ethos of the three. Only one of the three not to be doing better than the previous gen... Massively behind the curve.

    However, all across the board, there's seem to be fewer numbers of a fully fledged titles for the platform, compared to the generations past, even though we are as busy as ever playing so many games. Economy behind the games seem broken, too many emphasis on mobile/social gaming, F2P, MTs, as that where most people are maybe actually at. Both the consumers and the big money.

    Seem a return to the old days, before Playstation made gaming mass market and much further with the Wii, where serious gaming are more of serious hobbyists, most people only interested in 3 or so AAA blockbusters COD, FIFA, AC.

    Or it's always been the case but just more obvious?

    I always ask myself, are we just getting more jaded?

    Still, delighted with the numbers of titles to play, still far too much of 'yet to boot up', or 'still not properly finished' games than the 'completed' games. Gaming remain a very expensive hobby, more so as a multi-platformer!
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  • BioWare's brilliant Dragon Age: Inquisition sex scene

  • GamesConnoisseur 21/11/2014


    As in EG should NEVER ever refers to anything outside of 'normality'? This ain't Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia or other countries where it would be illegal.

    We are more progressive, and accepting of the fact there's always been, will be minorities who are different.

    I thought the scene was well done, humorous even. But I will never in million play through choose to romance Iron Bull as male character, as I wouldn't be comfortable. But no issues in accepting choices exist, as it would be likewise uncomfortable for gay to choose straight romance.

    Well done BioWare, yes media attention might even be a bonus but not many games include wide range of choices!
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  • Frontier outlines Elite: Dangerous refund policy following offline mode backlash

  • GamesConnoisseur 20/11/2014

    Explain WHY the OUTRAGES re online mode?!

    1) virtually all gamer PC rig are online connected, Steam, updates, mods, alpha/beta, demos, digital copies all requires online connection

    2) even if not keen on MP, still can't live without online connections

    3) even pirates can't live without online connection! BitTorrent say hi, but even if online connection required for simplest check, why it's bad, bad? Ubisoft's famed terrible DRM withstanding. Heck even the popular Steam IS drm itself

    I m going to get Elite no question but honestly bemused by all the outrages, then realised maybe I m missing a point
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  • LittleBigPlanet 3 review

  • GamesConnoisseur 19/11/2014

    I m gaming mostly on PS4 the past year, but still love my Xbox One.

    Exclusive wise, Xbox One way ahead of PS4. The Christmas goes to Xbox this round, but throw in Wii U, whoever come first or second, clearly it's PS4 in the 3rd place.

    Exclusive wise that is, with ONLY AC Unity as multi platform game that performs much worse on PS4 than rival console, there's still much to be happy about.

    2015 will see much better result for PS4? Maybe so, but one thing for certain, everyone cannot forever write off Xbox One as not competiting in the same league as PS4, as recent few months been fighting back much better.

    What a fun times to be in.

    Pity about LBP3, not just EG, quite mixed reviews everywhere else.
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  • Latest Destiny update unintentionally nerfs exotic weapons

  • GamesConnoisseur 18/11/2014


    I ve played Raids in a clan, a group of nine friends, making it much easier to arrange a raid. In theory, but still infrequent.

    I feel matchmaking could be useful if you are one short, and someone can fill in and maybe new member of your clan could be made that way.

    I think matchmaking would be more successful if it's not just six total strangers, but a groups of 4 plus 2, 3 and 3 and so forth.

    Can make it a requirement that the matchmaking will only be enabled when there's a party in play and there/you are looking to make up the number.

    So would never occur a 6 strangers scenario.
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  • Assassin's Creed: Unity launch beats Black Flag's in UK chart

  • GamesConnoisseur 17/11/2014

    52% 46% gap may be much closer than normally, but as we gamers universally agreed Unity should NOT be released in a such state or even bought as it is.

    Ergo it's officially confirmed with the 52%... There's far more idiot in the PS4 camp than anywhere else!!

    Negs away, yes I m trolling, which is damn unusual for me! But you can't deny the fact, even if maybe mostly ex X360 owners.
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  • Video: 5 sneaky changes to historic Paris in Assassin's Creed: Unity

  • GamesConnoisseur 15/11/2014

    Why does every OUTSIDE XBOX article get a fresh 'Why Xbox Why?' Comments?!

    As if anything associated with Xbox is suddenly suspicious and untrustworthy? Man, these guys had an established history with their inside Xbox video magazine show, and now independent with their play at their former name.

    Playstation had a similar service, but these guys disappeared into ether, correct me if I m wrong here. These Outside Xbox guys still at it.

    Respect, and every non Xbox owners will still find those videos to be entertaining, but why do we still get those moanings every damn week!!
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  • Who needs games: PlayStation 4's first year

  • GamesConnoisseur 15/11/2014

    Xmas 2014 gaming winners..

    Wii U, closely followed by Xbox One and trailing in 3rd PS4.

    I got all three consoles (and a PC), wouldn't be surprised IF some feels Xbox 's exclusives edges ahead with of Wii U. My PS4 got multi platform games to occupy it but quite disappointed with the exclusives.

    However come 2015, Witcher 3, Bloodbourne will reverse the situation but that the reality at my household this Xmas.
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  • How Assassin's Creed Unity's micro-transactions work

  • GamesConnoisseur 14/11/2014


    On top of the unfinished state of the game they rushed out, really completely deplorable. People who still votes EA as the worse games company, wake up, what games this year by EA were anything close as unforgivable?!

    Ubisoft fully deserves all the rancour and treated as if they were the Templars.
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  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection matchmaking fix due today

  • GamesConnoisseur 12/11/2014


    The stick to the driving line AI is so totally outdated for next gen. I was winning a race then at last corner, this AI bumped and spun me into outside podium finish.

    At that point I delightfully deleted DriveClub off my 2 TB HDD.

    Just spiteful and probably will download again, but man how is it remotely acceptable?!

    Give me Drivatar any day of the week.
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  • Bloodborne delayed by a month

  • GamesConnoisseur 12/11/2014

    A month only, must be extra time to be ironing out the bugs, lots of it, but that's far preferable to releasing it bit borked. Looking at you AC Unity.

    Anyway, plenty games I will still be playing to finish, or start like the Witcher 3, Evolve and Dying Light.
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  • What works - and what doesn't - in Halo: The Master Chief Collection

  • GamesConnoisseur 11/11/2014


    I recalled that too, often get severe frame rates issues under 30 fps when spilt screen on X360, but was still having fun.

    So perhaps should have included optional 30 fps capped for spilt screen instead of going for 60 fps when it wouldn't work so well in spilt screen mode.
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  • Dragon Age: Inquisition review

  • GamesConnoisseur 11/11/2014

    Until the last two paragraphs, it's felt like could be a 7 or less!

    So was generously surprised that all the negative findings in the review resulted in a good game rating. I loved playing BioWare games due to party members, the dialogues between your central hero and them and between themselves.

    Here it seem there are surplus requirement to most of the cast, standing around waiting to be called to on, I just hope there's still enough in depth relationship.
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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare review

  • GamesConnoisseur 10/11/2014


    Nostalgia factor the biggest reason for MCC to get 9/10?

    It's part of it, equally same principle if you hold The Last of Us Remaster in high esteem, although not enough time passed for nostalgic factor and very small leap forward compared to Anniversary versions on MCC.

    Me personally, it's about everything, AI enemies standing the test of the time, if standing back as in the Advanced Warfare, the illusion wouldn't shatter quite as easily!

    I regret impulsively purchased AW on strength of expecting bigger radical overhaul. It's still fun, but still too COD.

    Looking forward to pure skill based PvP matches in MCC without OP unlocked loadouts/perks or OP classes like Warlock in Destiny.

    Level playing field and yet over 100 maps and great variety of modes brought forward to today.

    No conspiracy, the quality shows for itself.
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  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection review

  • GamesConnoisseur 10/11/2014

    One more excellent justification for owning Xbox One, but probably the most important one by far. Even more so than leaving the DriveClub far behind by Forza Horizon 2 (got both!) or the jolly japiness of Sunset Overdrive.

    This... And Halo 5 is going to be a perfect collection ON one platform, plus please God, ODST and Reach update too.

    Then anyone who is a Halo fan but not a Xbox One owner, can rightly feel like they are seriously lacking something!

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  • Tech Analysis: Halo 2 Anniversary

  • GamesConnoisseur 08/11/2014

    Got Last of Us Remastered, love it, but it's not a great leap forward from PS3 release a mere year before. It's actually showcase what a great version it already was. So felt a bit excessive to polish what already great, hence only noticing very marginal improvements.

    However Master Chief Collection, even if you are Halo hater, you cannot deny that having all four games and all the PvP maps/modes on one disk plus a download is a great bargain!

    All enhanced, but the leap from original to remaster for Halo 2 is much greater.

    I m having the ability to enjoy both TLOU remastered and Master Chief Collection to the full. Those who trolls obviously not in the position to do or really can't appreciate a great game, classic or contemporary.

    I pity them.
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  • Everything not saved will be lost

  • GamesConnoisseur 08/11/2014

    Since I had to sent off Xbox One to Czech XBox Repair Centre last Friday, gave apology to my Raid clan for my inability to participate for some weeks.

    I m FREE from Destiny's compulsion! No daily, weekly, nightfall, or Raid. No hoovering up materials, public events or grinding for shards, energy, coins and energy.

    Now playing a wider range of games on PC, PS4, Xbox 360.

    Civilisation: Beyond Earth, Shadow of Mordor and so on. Even the ahem, guilty feeling of playing through the Advanced Warfare!

    Funny thing is... I also got PS4's version of Destiny, but it's just a non entity, as my friends list, clan mates are on XBL. So even though I can benefit from extra Strikes, PvP maps n stuff, it's entirely useless when my mates misses out. Ergo I m feeling very sore with Bungie and the old fondness just dissipated away like my Destiny compulsion!

    But the Master Chief collection which is where I m wishing hard the Czech guys would hurry up and fix the non spinning optical disk drive and return the Xbox One to me, and that where I ll most likely regain my old affection for Bungie and probably would then wished Destiny could have been more Haloified up.
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  • CD Projekt announces generous Witcher 3 DLC plan

  • GamesConnoisseur 06/11/2014

    Note to Bungie: that how you wins much bigger followings, not helpful when understandbly trying to attract a new set of fans on Playstation consoles who haven't seen any of Bungie's work for the past decade, at the same time you manage to annoys your old fans who followed you on another platform!

    CD Projekt: respect!!
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  • Performance Analysis: Multiplayer on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

  • GamesConnoisseur 04/11/2014


    I didn't read that PS4 was able to maintain stable 60 fps at all times in campaign mode, indeed that it occasionally hit lower frame rates compared to the Xbox One version.

    Went with PS4 version anyway.
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  • Performance Analysis: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

  • GamesConnoisseur 04/11/2014

    PS4 CANT always do 1080p and 60 fps... Unless compromised either resolution or frame rates, I prefer option youse adaptive resolution and leave 60 fps locked.

    I m not trolling, just tired to hearing same chorus of believers that PS4 should be able to do 1080p at 60 fps easily, newsflash no it's doesn't do that all the time. Depends on the engine, effects used and so forth as there are ceiling to PS4 processing grunts just as there is to XBOX One.. Just a bit higher compared to Xbox but lower than PC.

    I got PS4 version yesterday, and noticed frame rates hiccups but nothing so drastic, looks nice. Only bit bummed MP still same frentic hyper speed one shot killed before I even fire off one shot!!
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