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  • Watch: Three days with The Division

  • GamesConnoisseur 11/03/2016

    Been a blast the past few days, some of my friend list already reached L30 or under that! Seem they also can't stop playing.

    As for me reached L19 just this morning, plenty to do and settles into the pattern of using marksman rifle and assault with backup of my beloved Turret who I call Bulldog.

    Engrossing is a right term for me, not 100% perfect but I wouldnt be put off from playing right from L1 again, as I would be with Destiny! Although it is too early to say so as not yet reached a point to assess the longevity question for a good while! Still I m looking forward to get back to it.
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  • Performance Analysis: The Division

  • GamesConnoisseur 11/03/2016

    All the hullaboo re downgrade from trailers years before the final game released.

    Seriously? Should show as it would actually be? How would this ever be possible? Tardis travelling back to hand over the final build after all the engine tweaks, optimisations, features completed, AI, physics load stress tested to death and all that.

    It's not like it's the movie trailer, where they lifted an actual filmed sequences and showcased it. Of far great magnitude of probably will be same sequences with same 'visuals' than the games would be!

    Only 8 bits game trailer would be far more likely be as it was shown!!

    Just accept it is a projection of an INCOMPLETE game development.

    As for the performance of the game on the Xbox I m pleasantly surprised with how stable it is.
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  • Valkyria Chronicles Remastered out mid-May

  • GamesConnoisseur 08/03/2016

    In exactly what way is remaster on PS4 superior to PC?!

    I m genuinely wanting to know as I got PC version on my wish list as missed out the last time the game was discounted on Steam.

    PC V PS4 isn't what I m looking to start but just which would be a worthy purchase!


    My guess is PC for price and visuals and features for PS4
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  • Day of the Tentacle Remastered release date set

  • GamesConnoisseur 08/03/2016

    Beaten it many years ago, puzzles with time travel, three different time to keep track and swooping different characters. All rate humour, personalities, corny lines and situations.

    That was fun, I m sure if when playing it again on PC, will still get stumped!
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  • "I was slightly confused by the reaction"

  • GamesConnoisseur 04/03/2016

    Rationality and fanboys never go hand in hand!!

    I honestly thought it was great thing, BUT I also anticipated anger from Xbox One owners.

    IF Quantum Break get enjoyed by wider audience ERGO more likely there will be sequels and/or stronger following depending on quality of the game.
    This is Remedy, Max Payne and Alan Wake we talking about, both titles I loved and both appeared on more than just one platform.

    I think the rages would perhaps be partly that PS4 AND PC owners would be chuffed that they still see no need to grudgingly get Xbox One?

    Always been a multi platform owner and never planted my flag exclusively.
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  • PlayStation 4 to PC Remote Play coming in next update

  • GamesConnoisseur 01/03/2016

    I don't quite see how often PC players would choose remote play on PC of consoles when they would be able to

    a) get same game cheaper on PC
    b) superior version
    c) more versatile in choice of input including use of official gamepads!

    Though exclusive games would be the reason and also depends on where you set up the console and PC. My PC is also connected to the big 3DTV with comfy seat as well as the usual desk.

    So never felt the need to remote play.

    Finally, yeah remote play to laptop on bed would enable you to play PS4 games, but I would think remote play with Vita would be preferable solution, as I found it to be, than bulky laptop on your bed!
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  • Carcassonne now Xbox One backwards compatible

  • GamesConnoisseur 29/02/2016

    I wouldn't expect each BC title added to gain a news item on EG, but for these games with large following or even cult status, important impact.

    Car...however you damn spell it, I think fits in above criteria as does Geometry Wars. I applaud MS attempts at getting publishers to agree to add their games to BC.

    I think publishers would NOT be keen if they wish to keep option open to plans for 'Remaster' or 'HD Collection' in future and I suspect Black Ops and many other titles we still waiting for might be the reason why.

    Whatever, I m delighted when I see more X360 games get added, as I still got large library and can't always be bothered to dust off X360 console.
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  • Far Cry Primal beats Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 in UK chart

  • GamesConnoisseur 29/02/2016

    Bought all three! Bravely Second Layer for when I m in bed, on the bog, Plants v Zombies 2 for family fun, but found Far Cry Primal strangely very compelling, I never finished FC3 or FC4 which to me was more boring, meaningless excuses of hunting for upgrades in modern setting

    Whereas FC primal actually feels more correct, that you only have very basic tools to hunt, kill other groups and survive. Finished all the main quests and side quests actually. Still find it fun to ride my pet Sabretooth around and putting fear into local wildlife and tribes!
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  • Digital Foundry's guide to the best PC controllers

  • GamesConnoisseur 28/02/2016

    PS4 Dualshock battery issues, sticks' rubber durability and LED light are a weakness for me, got Xbox Elite controller and it's the last word in joypad controller for PC for me. The modding are a big bonus. But the biggest win with PC is the breadth of choices as to what suits you the best. Reply +3
  • Performance Analysis: Firewatch

  • GamesConnoisseur 26/02/2016

    A real shame that this had been an issue, I went with PC version and enjoyed the game, although quite short as it's purely a narrative experience. Though I did explore and try to fathoms the secrets before they bore fruits.

    Walk through in these kind of games are pointless, as the aim is to work out what's your purpose, what's going on and explore your limits. As the studio quite small and so for them to be quick in responding as they did is good. Trying out PS4 extensively before launching would have been better.
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  • Vote: What's the best Zelda game?

  • GamesConnoisseur 17/02/2016

    Skyward Sword is easily my LEAST loved Zelda game, as it's changed the canon of Link being left handed to right and forced me a left handed to wield wiimote right handed, I failed miserably as I couldn't adapt.

    I tried it in left hand but messed up as the game expect you to carry it in right, I only managed as far as first dungeon then I decided this game isn't for me as other Zelda games were.

    1. Legend of Zelda OoT
    2. Wind Waker
    3. Majora's Mask
    4. Twilight Princess
    5. Link Awaking DX
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  • Why you must run PC Street Fighter 5 at 60fps

  • GamesConnoisseur 16/02/2016

    PC SFV, how secure from cheating? Reply -6
  • It looks like there's going to be a Knack 2

  • GamesConnoisseur 15/02/2016

    Count me out

    Knack was so dreadfully a bore and unimaginative, I pushed myself to keep going, but no more!

    If sequel is a total overhaul, then maybe depending on the. reviews.
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  • Digital Foundry vs Dying Light: The Following

  • GamesConnoisseur 13/02/2016


    What are you smoking?! Killzone and Second Son both vastly improved when I locked them to 30 fps

    Having stable and consistently same response time in input really make me more able to react correctly, variable response time due to dropping to higher ms latency time then back to normal is so awful.

    It's alsos immersive breaking, NOT everyone is keen on an adaptive frame rate and we need to accept that and also that there are some who can get by!

    Best world is to give the option to people as to how they would like it if it was this or that. So I will always back the request to include more options for us. It is a shame to limit it to PC when high def consoles era would also benefit due to apparently variable preferences out there!
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  • Titanfall 2 will have a story campaign "where science meets magic" - report

  • GamesConnoisseur 08/02/2016

    Only game I ever prestige to full, generation 10, and it was quite fun. Looking forward to TF2 and now multi platform mean its can reach far wider audience than it did. Its has potential I can see, but its did felt like a stopgap game when it was only a MP.

    It was certainly fresh at the time and I appreciated playing something different to the same old same MPs.
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  • The Division graphics mod is already making the game look better

  • GamesConnoisseur 04/02/2016


    Second that! I was a bit suprised it's ran even that well. 980 level for ultra

    Video cards on anything less than 980 is just high settings or lower.

    I m getting bored with all the downgrade complaints, should we wish the publishers would start with a medium setting with a fewer PPs but then again everyone would just trash the game and lose interest.

    They can't win and optimising builds of game is still optimising as often lose few cycles to PP for features, AI, route mapping, physics etc

    Previews aren't always indicative of the game, some so and so movies' only action bits were what were shown in a 10 seconds trailer!
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  • The Division beta PC players are giving themselves godlike powers

  • GamesConnoisseur 01/02/2016

    Well done, what a way to kill PC online games, the fact is there's players who actually made efforts to cheat rather than polish their skills!

    Which is why as much as I prefer to play on PC for many reason but one, I would still use consoles for online gaming.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with HTC Vive Pre

  • GamesConnoisseur 29/01/2016

    Ditto re the space requirements and numbers of gadgets needed, both would put kibosh on this really taking off on a mass scale.

    This don't belong in a living room, rather it's for the 'man cave' users, not so bothered about lack of social interaction with others in the same room, a solo experience for a gamer who got the dedicated space and the luxury.

    So that cut off a good chunk of mass consumers there.

    If still able to be successful in that regards, then all the best.
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  • Song of the Deep is Insomniac's new aquatic Metroidvania

  • GamesConnoisseur 28/01/2016

    Just as there is not just one modern era FPS game, or one futuristic RPG game, and so there's certainly room for one more Aquatic Metroidvania!

    I welcome this from Insomania, see if they will give an engrossing take.
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  • The Witness review

  • GamesConnoisseur 25/01/2016


    Messing with the puzzles rules, or adding more challenging ones.

    It's doesn't really need one, but I was merely fancying the idea of a community wanting to add to Blow's masterpiece. It's happened with plenty other games that doesn't really need mods!
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  • GamesConnoisseur 25/01/2016

    Got PS4 but going with PC

    Would be interesting if nexusmod manage to add some mods but that's just a bonus.
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  • Is it time for a PS4 SSD upgrade?

  • GamesConnoisseur 23/01/2016

    I agree fully it's lots of money for a marginal decrease of loading times! Some of them merely just 5-10% less, and others at best maybe just about half the time.

    If we were talking about 400% difference, then I m maxing my credit card!

    But as it is larger storage space the priority for me.
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  • I was patched out of Eve Online

  • GamesConnoisseur 17/01/2016

    Eve Online vs No Man's Sky, the responsibilities of looking after your corner of galaxy for those counting on you vs the total freedom of the space without much responsibilities.

    Games supposed to be escapism but yet Eve Online illustrate where the mind needed to be occupied with vacuous but important duties.

    I bought the game a while ago, but once I realised the level of details, I ..... Moved on!
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  • Watch: Tom Clancy's The Division - E3 2013 vs now.

  • GamesConnoisseur 15/01/2016

    I never get offended by graphical 'downgrades' fusses, as games in development several years before their actual release date had to go through optimisations to reach the state that are fit to be played.

    What the point of keeping all the eye candies if it's meant the game would have stinking frame rates or far lower resolution to run it? Losses of an acceptable AI from the enemies and so on.

    It's all got to be budgeted out by the end, when it would not be apparent which form the final game would take, new features added in that would require a few extra cycles or so on.

    At the end, beyond the consoles, PC will always have the best looking and complete game. However I m getting it on Xbox due to friends list.

    Enjoy your version regardless and more important hope the game holds up to its promise!

    Beta would be useful for many who is sitting on the fence about this game.
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  • Seasons mod makes Fallout 4 look like The Last of Us

  • GamesConnoisseur 13/01/2016

    All this slagging each other game off all because of the tag line?


    Don't forget the connection of BOSTON in both game and where visually can look more like the other!

    Both are great game with flaws, TLOU is corridor based shooter, where u can't go anywhere u can see, but fantastic visuals and fun gameplay with an actual great story and character. Limited things to do or to experiment with.

    Fallout 4 is almost just the exact opposite.
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  • Readers' top 50 games of 2015

  • GamesConnoisseur 02/01/2016

    All is right with the universe once again! Reply +6
  • Eurogamer's top 50 games of 2015

  • GamesConnoisseur 01/01/2016

    This is an awful list

    The Crew in but Rise of Tomb Raider or other Xbox exclusives that are certainly more worthy than The Crew aren't!?!?!

    I owns PS4, PC, WiiU and Xbox One, so I would agree with numbers of the games being considered worthy but I can't just ignore the most unbalanced multi platform list I ve seen in years.

    Really questioning whether Eurogamer can still claim to be unbiased multi platform online games site.

    I love Bloodbourne and would personally give Until Dawn a much higher ranking even though it's QTE based game, due to how it's advanced the genre far more than Cage's most recent attempt.
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider demo now available on Xbox One

  • GamesConnoisseur 21/12/2015

    What's with all the platform timed or DLC exclusivity arguments, Sony are just as guilty as MS, Rise of the Tomb Raider is indeed a fun game that I ve enjoyed a lot. Weakest point for me was the input lag, and because of that the next best version to get it on PC.

    However, if PS4 is the only choice, then it's still worth waiting for in my opinion.

    If you got Xbox One......why deny yourself?!
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  • Destiny launches level boost packs priced £25

  • GamesConnoisseur 15/12/2015

    Hahahaa! Reply +1
  • Bungie finally sheds light on Destiny: The Taken King DLC plans

  • GamesConnoisseur 11/12/2015

    Thing is, doesn't people realise being committed to playing Destiny forever and a day, meant you wouldn't be able to play other games worthy of your attention?!

    I won't argue its not a worthy timesink, as there's various hobbies people enjoy that I wouldn't, fishing, stamp collecting and so on! I have put in over 2,000 hours but enough is enough.

    Now I m bemused that the lack of concrete additions in form of new story, raid, strikes, PvP maps or such main staples of Destiny are seen as a right move?! Sparrow racing should have been there much earlier and it's not quite substantial enough on its own for main £19.99 DLC and so a freebie addition is welcome by the fans I suppose.

    All the best stuff are likely being kept back to justify full priced sequel in Destiny 2 next September.
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  • Fallout 4 patch 1.02 boosts PS4 performance

  • GamesConnoisseur 09/12/2015


    VATS are still there, your iffy unreliable sources for the claim on NO VATS or reduced need for VATS simply aren't true!!

    Just repeatedly press LB up to your ability points allowance to use an extra shot in VATS mode, but as others say, shooting generally are so much better. Would not always need to use VATS. Especially with lower levelled opponents, using VATS is just overkill!
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  • The games of 2015 we (shamefully) missed

  • GamesConnoisseur 05/12/2015

    For those who missed many of games that are worth your times, or more to the point WOULD have been, really just goes to show that we are so spoilt for choice! Reply +6
  • Dark Souls 3 release date, pre-order editions detailed

  • GamesConnoisseur 05/12/2015


    I m the same, as lovely as Bloodbourne was, the lack of my sufficient interest by having character levelling just killed it.

    Whereas Dark Souls series kept going and I m looking forward to it. Think would just go straight to getting DSIII on the PC.
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  • Shadow Complex still thrills in its new remaster

  • GamesConnoisseur 04/12/2015

    Replaying Shadow Complex (Remaster) on PC remind me how good it was really for its time as a flaming X360 Arcade title!!! I couldn't believe my luck at having game of this calibre on X360.

    Anyway, I encountered no shudders or anything on DX11 so far, latest driver maybe help? I m on Windows 10 too and 4 gb GTX970 not that you would need that much to run it!
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider reveals Baba Yaga DLC in new trailer

  • GamesConnoisseur 04/12/2015

    Rise of the Tomb Raider is an excellent game I ve enjoyed, and am now looking forward to the Baba Yaga DLC.

    As for comments on an extra time being an advantage for graphical upgrades and possibly including all the DLC, that certainly true and which is why I will get PC version when it arrive.

    PS4 version? What?! Why bother if all u REALLY want is the best possible version over the Xbox?

    PC get the ALL final answers! BUT if you don't have PC or the Xbox One, from my time with the game, it will be certainly be worth getting it on the PS4.
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  • Rainbow Six Siege review

  • GamesConnoisseur 03/12/2015


    Kinect, Online, Playstation Now I agree

    As for digital games for £60, the AAA games been frozen at £40 for well over decade and half and SNES games used to cost lot more!!

    However I concur re digital should be cheaper than boxed games. As no overheads but thing is what Steam can get away with is harder for platform holders. If they UNDERCUTS their retailers partners then they wouldn't be as interested in pushing the consoles.

    However the writing is on the wall, once say 75% of games are bought digitally then maybe platform holders in partnership with publishers would be happier to focus on digital over boxed.

    Lastly I don't have problem with always online, especially as it's the main feature of RB6S!

    I never really enjoyed RB6 Las Vegas and Las Vegas 2 SP. 95+% of hours I enjoyed spending on those games were the online co op components with my mates.

    If you don't have mates to play with, then yes avoid if no keen on playing with strangers. But if you do and it's a massive party piece.

    Much more so than other online games I would say, Battlefront you and couple of mates unlikely make that much of an impact or would be so missed.

    But here one mate downed can make a massive difference!
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  • Better than Halo?

  • GamesConnoisseur 30/11/2015

    I ve put in over 2,000 hours on Destiny according to the stats and whilst Taken King did improve things, I m glad to drop Destiny off my radar, four weeks counting. As Destiny expect you to grind same maps/modes over and over and over and over.

    No more.

    My clan finished all raids, I only missed out on hard mode Taken King, just couldn't face any more of the daily grind.

    I might get back for the sequel but I don't think I will ever again put in so much nonsense hours!!

    As for Halo 5, I enjoyed the campaign and partly progressed on legendary co op with mates, and will get back to it and finish it at some point.

    Warzone was fun but haven't really added enough I think to ensure long term appeal.

    Compared to Halo 3, the competition between shooters are so much fiercer now. That's good and its shouldn't automatically mean Halo 5 is no good. It's just need to bring bit more to the gunfight!
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  • Face-Off: Beyond: Two Souls on PS4

  • GamesConnoisseur 28/11/2015

    I loved Heavy Rain, I finished Two Souls, but it didn't take the branching narrative gameplay template forward. Or build enough of a strong case for it.

    However that said, I m tempted to give it another go, but somehow felt that the Heavy Rain and Cage's upcoming Kara game will be remembered far more than the Two Souls.
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  • PS4 shoots through 30m sales mark

  • GamesConnoisseur 25/11/2015


    Well said.

    I enjoy both consoles, but I m a life-long gamer, build up a huge collections of classic on each platform. Buying again via streaming service is a big no no for me. It's a wrong strategy.

    Leaving aside PS3 b/c, it's a missed opportunity not to sell PS4 as a capable emulator for PS1 and PS2.

    I still love my Vita, but Sony is showing us they can easily discard and ignore their own platform when they can easily release few titles to reward Vita owners.

    However every congrats to Sony.
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  • Jade Raymond building "Assassin's Creed-style game" for EA

  • GamesConnoisseur 17/11/2015


    Me too, that was THE period WHERE EA provided gamers with orginial IPs like Dante's Inferno, Mirror's Edge and Dead Space.

    Exactly what we WANTED to see more of, but what happened? These games didn't sell enough to warrant investments in new IPs.

    We only got ourselves to blame apparently?!
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  • Face-Off: Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox 360

  • GamesConnoisseur 15/11/2015

    I really love Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One, looks very gorgeous at times. I didn't notice much input latency much in first half of game.

    It's now become a bit of an issue comes to the large areas with lots of details going on, and more enemies to shoot at. I notice that my aiming get delayed, or miss head shots more often. That is so Killzone.

    I was so annoyed at Sony fanboys insisting that it was to ass 'weight' to weapon, really??!! Handgun get same weight as heavy weapons?! Come on its was input latency taking lower priority to visuals.

    Simple as that.

    Now it's rears its head here, not as bad on the whole balance but it's there. So I would really appreciate are option to switch off TressFX to get more responsive aiming if that was possible.

    Do I think it's hurt the game on balance? No but it's does affect your attempt to out score your mates on leaderboard, on expedition mode etc.

    Also it's would make key fights so much easier. On that basis, I m mostly looking forward to redoing Rise of Tomb Raider on PC, when it's come out then. Purely for smoother aiming/input latency.

    One simple way to test it is to quickly turn left and right over and over in a large area, and u should notice the slight delay, you turned left but camera still right then catching up going left when u already going right etc
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  • Performance Analysis: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

  • GamesConnoisseur 12/11/2015

    On Xbox One, Halo 5 and BLOPS 3 both targets 60 fps and 4 players co op in larger areas with multiple routes.


    However 343i's work vastly looks better and far more consistent than Treyarch's efforts.

    I played both to completion recently and I can see it very clearly.
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  • Xbox One's new dashboard rolling out now

  • GamesConnoisseur 12/11/2015

    Some of the X360 Games that ARE listed on the 104 backward compatibility DOESNT work, only managed to get Gears 1 to run.

    Hope MS included all regions game versions on it as think that might be why I can't get all of it to run?
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  • Getting started with Fallout 4 base building

  • GamesConnoisseur 11/11/2015


    Played Fallout before? If not then what do you know about what people want in Fallout?!

    Fallout got factions and desperate settlements trying to eke out survival and first time you can manage the actual settlement, growing food, providing electricity and so on. Not really necessary to finish the game but it's there as an extra layer if you would be keen to build an empire!

    Looks so shitty...from that statement, apparently didn't play the previous iterations!? Ruined, desolate grey/brown landscape is the name of the game and an open world to boot.

    I m enjoying it but clearly not for pew pew bang bang crowd.
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  • Yes, Fallout 4 can take a while to install on PS4 and Xbox One

  • GamesConnoisseur 10/11/2015

    @Wayne @Old_Books

    That was a single solitary Deathclaw and my character jumped into Power Armor and was carrying Minigun so early in the game!

    No worry as was limited by a low power and a difficulty in finding sufficient fusion cores required to use Power Armor, meant we get an early preview of top tier fights and a sufficient motivation provided to carry on with the progressing up the RPG ladder.
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  • Halo 5: Guardians review

  • GamesConnoisseur 30/10/2015

    My teenage son and I regularly play together, but we both got our own Xbox One and we play co op online not spilt screen

    When he was younger we do regularly play spilt screen, but nowadays we don't miss it that much. Appreciate that there are those who still values it, but seem majority of gameplay co op is over network rather than on same couch.

    Same way as nowadays most of us watch screens separately than on same counch!!
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  • Massive PS4 sales continue

  • GamesConnoisseur 29/10/2015


    Sony was never a underdog, if you really remember X360 and PS3 era, the expectation was PS3 will do another PS2 and X360 would fade away.

    Instead X360 kept up the lead until late into the game and by then the damage done for PS3.

    It was the humility from mistakes made during PS3 that led to better PS4.
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  • Sony reaffirms lack of triple-A PlayStation Vita development

  • GamesConnoisseur 23/10/2015


    Reply -2
  • Overlord: Fellowship of Evil review

  • GamesConnoisseur 23/10/2015

    AVOID badge

    The first ever I see it? Or the first one I cared about as enjoyed older Overlord versions. Oh well!
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  • Witcher 3 patch 1.11 tackles Skellige's Most Wanted quest at long last

  • GamesConnoisseur 22/10/2015


    I raged about Caretaker ability to heal itself very easily as also hit brick wall.

    But on fifth attempt, finally gotten into right sequences of move sets and beaten without needing any healing!

    Mainly it's reading his moves and don't overextend yourself merely to block ANY healing from summoned spirits, allow a few to get past you. Will still get to end.

    As even if healed back to 100%, Caretaker only got two summonings in him. So still can get him.
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