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  • Watch: 90 minutes of Battlefield 1 beta gameplay, live at 3:30pm

  • GamesConnoisseur 31/08/2016


    Historical accuracy is something I always moan about, especially in movies or TV, is Mel Gibson's William Wallace in Braveheart supposed to be a Paedo?! Coz the princess at the actual time is very young etc

    BUT as for the gameplay, it would make a slow moving and a very boring game, especially in the multiplayer.

    In actually it's almost mostly static with the trench warfare attrition.

    I had lot of fun with the beta on Xbox yesterday, enough so that I did another on PC today.
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  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided tops UK chart but Human Revolution sales were "much stronger"

  • GamesConnoisseur 30/08/2016

    I finished the game, the biggest disappointment for me is the lack of subtitles during Picus news with Eliza Cannan, especially at the conclusion where the outcome of all your actions in the various missions are summarised. This were very anti-climatic for me and other Deaf/hearing impaired people who would rely on the subtitling.

    Other than that, I did really enjoy the game, some great missions, microtransaction weren't visible in main campaign, it is there if you wish to speed up getting praxis points, but didn't feel the need as it would have ruined the incentive to earn XP as much as you can. In other word the paywall is not newly implemented to change the dynamics of levelling up/grinds. It's just exactly same kind of balance as in the last game.

    New game+ allows you to carry on with where you left off, so could eventually reach 100% unlocked at some point in the game+.

    However, the new Breach mode DOES have microtransaction being so obviously built in, at the start give you freebies, then later on its keep ramping up enemies AI and difficulties, ammunition always run outs and never enough of the dual currencies.

    Avoid Breach mode if you dislike the microtransaction based game, but the main campaign is fine as it is. Perhaps need a bit better writing in places, another city would be fantastic and couple more bosses! More importantly personally, is DONT let the damn game end without any subtitles for a good few minutes!
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  • Watch: Why I'm not sticking with No Man's Sky

  • GamesConnoisseur 25/08/2016

    I finished the Atlas route and the 'reward' at the end is just a couple of paragraphs or so!

    Not even an animation or a still, then realised for all the grind, will get similar 'rewards' for the other two routes, freeform route is probably the worse one of all. As you just keep going, till you max out everything, gotten all the words etc and still feel the same, what to play for? Why am I doing this?

    Having loads of fun with Deus Ex Humanity Divided, I know the bugs on PC and worse MTs divided the gamers, but still I am chuffed to play for far more tangible goals, even the extra gameplay goals of no kills and ghost is a much more clear gameplay approach reward than just grinding out upgrades in No Man Sky.

    Great premise but it just was not to be. A strong contender for the most disappointing gameplay reality compared to the hype/expectations?
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  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's annoying microtransactions in the spotlight

  • GamesConnoisseur 24/08/2016

    I m quite deep in the game but yet found no real need to buy MTs stuff, as the game doesn't throw up paywall where say the lack of praxis or so and so would have hindered you.

    Rather it is the lack of imagination or time I would say, as there are alternative paths to almost everything as per previous Deus Ex games. Yes MTs is rather cheap and something we would want to discourage but the present of those doesn't mean Deus Ex Humanity Divided is a less Deus Ex game than the previous iterations.

    PC modders would do away with the need for MTs I would imagine. I understand the position of boycott the MTs but I m just enjoying the game too much to join the bandwagon but give my personal assurance to ignore all the MTs on offer, as more of us successfully do that, the less the justification would be for it to be included.
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  • Final Fantasy 15 release date, gameplay, story and everything we know

  • GamesConnoisseur 20/08/2016

    After FFXIII which I finished, but it bored me to tears, and played the two FFXV demos, I m not feeling the need to preorder at all.

    Would simply wait for actual reviews before considering getting it at all.

    That said, I do really hope the team have learnt how best to deliver their FF games to today gamers, and that the new game is considered a worthy FF title. I would prefer to have a low expectation and be very pleasantly suprised than the other way round.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands on with PS4 Rise of the Tomb Raider

  • GamesConnoisseur 18/08/2016

    Finished the Xbox version, it still a great game despite the bits of grinding for the resources gathering, though my overall enjoyment was really marred by the input lags, as it spaz out my accuracy. So this is a great news for PS4 version having basically ticked off the negative bits. Reply +5
  • Meet the man Gabe Newell called an ass on Reddit

  • GamesConnoisseur 17/08/2016


    I too wouldn't consider him the most popular, maybe one of the most well known, famous etc fine but most popular?!
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  • Watch: Seven things we learned playing No Man's Sky

  • GamesConnoisseur 13/08/2016


    Sure, in an early starting phase, with limited available slots, not much options to make it worth mining on a bigger scale until you reach an ideal balance.

    As the need to have appropriate upgrades in the slots and the variety of an essential minerals just to keep moving forward.

    Until you got afforded the spaces and opportunity to really get into the mining loop.

    As upgrading the ships via crashed spaceship seem to be based on average just same or just one/two slots bigger than the current. So ideally need try to built up capital to buy the biggest random visiting spaceship at the space station.
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  • GamesConnoisseur 13/08/2016

    Upgrading to a higher multi tool with huger amount of slots with as much as the mining upgrades you can get would really make it much quicker and easier to mine the rare elements, and speed up the amount of units you would raise per the playtime spent.

    Essential to have as much slots in the exo suit and the space ship as you can afford, but prioritise the elements into the spaceship, IE gold; as MORE of the golds can be held in each of the slot on the spaceship (500 per slot) whereas the exo suit can only hold 250 gold per slot.

    So transfer anything smaller then 250, IE 1 Atlas Stone to the Exo suit and then would more easily Max the rare elements into the spaceship slots, then eventually find yourself a million unit richer or more!

    Seem that the average is about one every three or so system you would find a perfect planet to while away mining and selling, as least in my experience. I find its safer to mine from the bottom, to get as low away from the surface, as would be more protected from the extreme weather.
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  • No Man's Sky isn't going over well on Steam

  • GamesConnoisseur 12/08/2016

    I am able to run Witcher 3 on max setting with hairworks on and get good frame rates on my PC, but my PC version of NMS isn't smooth, it's messy compared to PS4's NMS. A big disappointment of the optimisations for PC. I expect it would eventually get sorted but it's clearly not fit state at present. Reply +17
  • No Man's Sky review

  • GamesConnoisseur 12/08/2016

    Its not a perfect 10/10 type of game, its certainly got its warts but I m loving it. Enough to buy PC version and hopefully get a more definitive experience.

    I am at my sixth system (five warp hops so far) but at a point where I debate with myself at going back two systems where I managed to find an hospitalable planet with a perfect way of getting million units easily within an hour or two. As each planet got their own quirks. OR keep going forward and hopefully find another easier magic way to 'level' up myself, ship and multitool.
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  • No Man's Sky has a game-breaking exploit which is letting users farm rarest items

  • GamesConnoisseur 11/08/2016


    Yes follow Atlas path system by system until you reach an unique large structure to gain your first one.

    At least that how it happened to me, just three or four warps I think it was but may varies.
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  • Sonic boom: Ellie Gibson on nostalgia, novelty, and that 9/10

  • GamesConnoisseur 06/08/2016


    Sad to be able to remember Fine Fare.. especially after the mention of the all yellow Fine Fare associated goodies. It was horrible, and our family was cursed to live right next to the store.

    Before it went Hypermarket, and then Gateway or was it other way round?

    Nowdays I think its gone Tesco.

    Still long way from dead though. Probably got other good 40 years of gaming to go. Toasting the 99% repetition or derivative I will have to wade through to get to the 1%.
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  • The Witcher 3 fine art prints are gorgeous indeed

  • GamesConnoisseur 04/08/2016


    I merely snapshotted all high resolution images onto my iPad library then maybe print off one or two, but plan on using them as PC's desktop or something.

    Gorgeous reminder of the rich and deep world of Witcher, sadden that I wouldn't never play them for the first time again. We shouldn't expect any further sequels but still hopeful that it might happen eventually.

    Game of Thrones TV series will end, HBO might as well look into Witcher, as got it all, sex, violence, rich lore, conflicts on small and massive levels. Grey shades in the motives of an important people, Kings, Sorceresses, Emperor etc, there's even more monsters and things that creeps around in the dark.

    But monsters can occasionally be a good guys and some people turns out to be far worse.

    There's enough materials for a good few seasons. I m aware there's Polish TV series but their budget doesn't hold a candle to HBO's Game of Thrones!
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  • Torment: Tides of Numenera also headed to PS4, Xbox One

  • GamesConnoisseur 04/08/2016

    Excellent news, for an even bigger audience though I still plan on PC version coz of K/M input with this kind of game is far preferable for me. That said I mainly play PC games with controller where it doesn't really required mouse. Reply +6
  • Sega has quietly become one of the world's best PC strategy game companies

  • GamesConnoisseur 04/08/2016

    I don't think any sensible TW players would call it by Total War: Warhammer! I finished all campaigns on Total Warhammer and hope that Sega and Creative Assembly will keep going for good many years. Reply +1
  • Abzu review

  • GamesConnoisseur 02/08/2016


    Likewise agree that whilst we acknowledge price are always fluid, there's no harm in using RRP/official digital price via Steam/PSN/Xbox Store. However the reality is most of us got our own preferred seller and will always check out price from there rather than here.

    Don't really give a toss either way but as question been raised, I think it's fine thing being left as they are.

    Think I will put Abzu on my Steam Wishlist.
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  • GamesConnoisseur 02/08/2016

    Serves them damn dirty cheaters right, they got no right to blame anyone but themselves and let it be a lesson unto them, but chance are they will never learn! Reply +5
  • Hands-on with Total War: Warhammer's newest race, the Beastmen

  • GamesConnoisseur 27/07/2016

    @Chewbaccasdad @not_themilkybarkid


    Chaos far easier to manage compared to them horned horrors! Great satisfaction when finally with the Dwarfs for first time as my fourth go, using underways to avoid attrition and pop out to RAZE every one of their settlements without any inch of mercy!
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  • There's a whiff of Destiny about No Man's Sky's menu screens

  • GamesConnoisseur 22/07/2016

    Nice looking and functional, however I m getting PC version, whilst I do prefer play with controller over K/M during gaming, I do hope there's keyboard shortcut or able to use mouse during trading, especially with loads of quantities of items to trade/dismantle etc? Reply 0
  • Pokémon is getting a live-action film based around Detective Pikachu

  • GamesConnoisseur 21/07/2016

    In 500 years time from now, people with an optional 21st century pop culture module downloaded onto their wifi chipped brain will be wondering what was actually SO appealing and endearing about them Pokemon?

    That this even trumped previously thought to be an unassailable number one Google query.. Porn!
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  • Event[0] is 2001 meets Firewatch, due this September

  • GamesConnoisseur 14/07/2016

    I already thinking up questions like the Cake a lie? Reply 0
  • Things fall apart: Looking back at Resident Evil 5

  • GamesConnoisseur 04/07/2016

    I loved playing RE5 in co op with mates, it was very fun!!

    SP not so much though, so to diss RE5 only based on SP is not a full picture.
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  • Characters from The Witcher, Zelda, Mario, Metroid and BioShock - beautifully re-imagined

  • GamesConnoisseur 28/06/2016

    Witcher reimagined into alternate 1950s could well be a great idea!

    After all didn't The Wild Hunt talk of many worlds, parrallel universes?!
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  • Mass Effect is getting four spin-off novels bridging the gap to Andromeda

  • GamesConnoisseur 25/06/2016

    It's been mentioned a few times, that Andromeda is linked the the series but as the launch of the very long inter-galaxies expedition happened BEFORE the endings of ME3, so as far as races hibernating aboard the 'ark' before colonising the new galaxy, they are likely doing so in anticipation of probable Reapers' success.

    So which ending wouldn't matter, as it's a new chapter to continue the existing Milky Way civilizations. Also the length of time in completing the crossing (no mass relays to and back) is said to be pretty long.

    That seem to be the best way as can be any of the endings.
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  • Fallout: New Vegas is now backwards compatible on Xbox One

  • GamesConnoisseur 23/06/2016

    Last I checked I got far too many list of waiting to be installed X360 games to go with ones I ve installed. The Meteo titles based dashboard seriously needed folders for me to organise X360 and Xbox One games!

    It is one of Xbox One best feature. I wonder what the usage of PS Now program? As whilst I m over the moon at getting free X360 backward compatibility, I only really use it for a handful of X360 titles and if MS does subscription based service I wouldn't bother at all.
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  • Respawn talks Titanfall 2 and that Call of Duty remaster

  • GamesConnoisseur 23/06/2016

    Smart gun is fine, as take a while to lock on and short range

    So don't be too long in someone cross hair and if u got better weapon they won't be given a chance to use one, if u got locked on without seeing them. You would have died anyway by any other guns too!!!
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  • Steam game's £27 DLC is a PDF certificate

  • GamesConnoisseur 21/06/2016

    It's only a joke.. Yet the developer and Steam's 30% share mean for every £26.99 they sold, laughing all the way to the bank.

    Literally a licence to print money and I m sure there not that many buyers, but still there ll be more than we imagined!
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  • Giveaway: get Epic's new shooter on PS4 or PC for free!

  • GamesConnoisseur 21/06/2016

    Tried it, didn't click, doesn't seem able to outdo Overwatch or even Battleborn.

    Sometime there's just too many MOBAs competiting for your attention and yet we got Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2 and even Infinite Warfare coming out mere months after Paragon official release in August.

    Maybe I m wrong and there's room still for it, but all the best wishes.
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  • Murky world of PC game key reselling exposed by indie developer

  • GamesConnoisseur 21/06/2016

    I agree that EACH key should be linked with each purchases even if in bulks.

    Then those fraudulently bought should simply be revoked. The result obviously would be many who shops around and THOUGHT they had purchased legimately at bargain price from second party resellers will find their purchase just refused to work. Key not accepted.

    Then they complain to resellers not to the developer/publisher.

    If it too good to be true within a very short time of official launch, it usually is! Not quite black market, credit frauds aren't victim free. Getting your money back if you spot fraud and the hassle of new card etc. But increased cost to transactions and impact on the sellers caught, especially if a small business.
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  • 1080p Project Scorpio games "will look different" and some "run a little better" than on Xbox One/S

  • GamesConnoisseur 16/06/2016

    Some issues raised here could ALSO applies to Neo

    The only difference is Phil seem to try state things clearly and to discourage perception of Scorpio as Xbox One replacement for 1080p users and position it mainly as 4K gaming console experience

    "What the point of Scorpio if it WONT run Xbox1080p only games on 1080p HDTV any better?!" Were the one of the common questions raised since the MS conference and so Phil tried to answer that

    Have MS successfully sell the idea? That for the future to prove and arguments will continue on both sides as usual in meantime!

    I won't get into why not go for mid/high end PC instead arguments, but it is seem a reasonable choice for a complete 4K entertainment centre for 4K TV owners far more than Neo maybe would, and as a bonus get free Xbox exclusives on Win 10

    IF Xbox wish to upgrade but doesn't yet have 4K, but may likely get one in near future then it could be a better alternative to Xbox S which would only stream/display 4K but not gaming 4K.

    Then again, from experience as on both platforms, more on one than other, but still both, it's also depends on games if will be able to use full 1080p, so based on that it would seem likely that not all Scorpio enhanced games will use full 4K but more likely often than Neo! So it's is battle between Neo and Scorpio that will be round two of this generation which isn't over by any long shot
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  • Hours of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gameplay footage from E3

  • GamesConnoisseur 15/06/2016


    Yep.. For a second I interpreted it as go inside Link

    Oooh accidental double entrende?! Ah no just me reading it wrong!
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  • Xbox boss Phil Spencer: the big interview

  • GamesConnoisseur 15/06/2016


    I doubt PS4 Neo would be capable of 4K GAMING as standard whereas Scorpio is positioned as such

    1080p is over 2 million pixels and 4K over 8 million pixels, refreshing every sec with all effects etc, need at minimum 4 times more power

    Xbox One GPU 1.3 teraflops and Scorpio announced as at 6 teraflops

    Sony only said mere fraction increase for Neo, 40-80% which are still handy but 4K gaming is a completely different beast to just streaming 4K, or even to render VR properly but wonderful for 1080p 60 frames a sec as minimum is wonderful

    I do plan on PS4 Neo and give my PS4 to my son, but to dismiss Scorpio vs Neo?!

    Now Sony fans know what it like to see their old shoes now on the other foot! Competition is great as it drives innovation and consumers benefit.
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  • You can play the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered campaign early on PS4

  • GamesConnoisseur 14/06/2016

    Up yours! Reply 0
  • Sony gives PlayStation VR a release date at E3 2016

  • GamesConnoisseur 14/06/2016

    Some people are easily hyped about Sony's VR whilst forgetting about one time Sony's being fully behind the 3D bandwagon with the announcements of 3D titles

    So definitely won't see a repeat?!

    There were discussions about why it failed to break through, one big thing was it anti-social, if 3D was considered a bit anti-social and disconnects with the other people presences... Then VR is deffo a big loud only just me in man cave!

    I really do fancy getting into the VR gaming but the outlay and where my family just really can't be part of it etc etc

    So a big no from me but if it does get into the mainstream, then maybe a while later with a clear proven must buys titles instead of tech demos!
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  • Sony and Hideo Kojima announce Death Stranding

  • GamesConnoisseur 14/06/2016


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  • Destiny: Rise of Iron trailer leaks

  • GamesConnoisseur 09/06/2016

    Gjallarhorn is a blatant CRUTCH that doesn't make a player skilled or better, I had to go without as never dropped till just 3 or so months before Taken King and it become obsolete.

    So I managed nightfall solo on many occasion without it. So it seemed desperate play to increase pre-orders!

    I haven't touched Destiny since just after Halloween when I was sickened with the MTs and tired of the game. I m ve been enjoying other games since. However not to say that I didn't recognise or value the fun I had and wondered if Bungie really have improved their game?
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  • Row over "stolen" Fallout 4 mods

  • GamesConnoisseur 06/06/2016

    Hardware limitations aside (2 GB memory), PC modders refusing on elitism ground are simply trolls, credits should be properly given and sometime they aren't on nexusmods anyway. However two wrongs doesn't make a right. Reply -2
  • E3 2016 schedule guide - all the conference times, stream links and predictions

  • GamesConnoisseur 06/06/2016

    Every year now I never watch Sony's live as always at fecking wrong time for us Europeans! Reply +1
  • Ready at Dawn reflects on The Order: 1886's successes and failures

  • GamesConnoisseur 02/06/2016

    I also enjoyed The Order, story was interesting, visual was easily the best aspect, only let down by short playing time and the lack of replayability. It's doesn't offer you much of a real tactical choices within the tight shooting spaces in game however gorgeous they are.

    Still thought it was worth playing, and certainly doesn't tally with the critics' metacritic score in my own estimation. Should Sony offer The Order as a freebie, PSN+ in future, take it!
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  • No Man's Sky delayed, no longer releasing in June - reports

  • GamesConnoisseur 26/05/2016

    Does game have an in built censoring system to watch for naughty words? Difficult to weed out imaginatively named rude cuss words that will very likely happen as well as many variations of licensed names like Gallifrey, Datootine, or even big brands like Nike, Google that wouldn't be best pleased with its brand/product placement

    So would that maybe contribute to delays as Sony's legal dept have a few further words to say?

    Imagine a system named Google's Tax Haven, or setting out political satire/offensive terms of the day; Occupied Palestine or Transgender's Loo World
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  • Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan is Platinum's most disappointing game

  • GamesConnoisseur 26/05/2016

    Vanquish and Bayonetta iare two of my fav Plantium games, but recently been on a middling to poor run.

    Transformer I haven't tried but was an exception to this. Spread too thin as others said.

    Edit: curse of Activison interfering with the quality of the studios in partnership with them? Bungie and now Plantium?
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  • One of Japan's most terrifying 3DS games is being localised for the UK

  • GamesConnoisseur 26/05/2016

    Eh? What supposed to be the terrifying bit?!

    Just post the info with the spoiler masking for those who want to know! As damned headline hooked me line and sinker!

    I suspect no terrifying bits other than cutesy bits where erm teddy get help to produce new teddy?!
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  • Doom player finishes game on hardest difficulty without dying

  • GamesConnoisseur 18/05/2016

    This bloke was playing on PC, fast multi weapon switches without using the weapons wheel, mouse fast and accurate aiming and the opponents seemed far fewer than they does on the second easiest difficulty I completed yesterday on Xbox!!!

    Kudos to him, but got a feeling it wouldn't be as easy undertaking on PS4 or Xbox One version!!

    No cheat God mode possible too not this that bloke did, however just another feather in the cap for the consoles owners to be chuffed at completing it at whatever difficulty, as its ll be certainly harder via controller and weapon wheel!
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  • Dark Souls 3 the biggest launch in series

  • GamesConnoisseur 11/05/2016

    Before Uncharted 4 interrupted, I was over halfway of my second playthrough of DSIII, enjoyed the game so far and indeed one of top contender for the game of the year for me. Even enjoying the PvP meta of PC version (Aware of the cheaters ruining the game and just don't accept anything dropped).

    I think DSIII wouldn't benefit from sequel as was supposed to be the concluding game, but can see why the publisher would consider publishing another entry. Perhaps a prequel.
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  • Face-Off: Overwatch

  • GamesConnoisseur 10/05/2016


    PC gaming for years, then get used to joy of twin sticks, I m left handed and hated not having mouse in my left hand and never able to be satisfied with keyboard set up for right.

    So twin sticks or nothing for me even on the PC!
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  • Make sure to download Uncharted 4's 5GB patch

  • GamesConnoisseur 10/05/2016


    When I entered into PS4 the actual DNS number of my ISP instead of just automatically provided itself with DNS which usually is router's DNS

    The download speed improved vastly.
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  • Doom systems specs and launch times revealed

  • GamesConnoisseur 07/05/2016

    In the last ten years, we moaned about buying DLCs and download mere KB of unlock key, to access DLC ALREADY on the disk?

    Now, we get disk with mere 1% of data which we need to unlock and download The full game from Steam.

    What a world!!
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  • Why I hope it's the end for Uncharted

  • GamesConnoisseur 07/05/2016

    Thought would be an in depth analysis of Uncharted, reflections on the end of era of Saturday matinees even but America Top Model or whatever?!!!

    Eek now we know what sort of terrible programme some people just CANT stop watching even if the editorial quality of the said programme is non existent!
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  • Has Remedy fixed Quantum Break on PC?

  • GamesConnoisseur 06/05/2016


    Did Bloodborne support global illumination in the real time? DF clearly noted that this is the biggest reason when with the upscaling mode off, 1080p 60 fps is hard to reach even with the best set up

    Playing the game on Xbox, there are bits where the global real time illumination really make it gobsmacking interesting, the rapid passing forward and back of time at the ground zero.

    Other than that bit, the game may not need full implementation of the global real time lightening effects. DF also furthermore said that very few games truly implemented or use it.

    I finished the game, and will try it on PC but obviously not for months until properly patched up.
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