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  • Spec analysis: Durango vs. Orbis

  • GamerG 09/02/2013

    Very interesting thanks.

    No speculation what the HDMI input will be useful for on the 360 though?

    Cant think of much myself
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  • How much will Call of Duty: Elite cost?

  • GamerG 01/06/2011

    Greed! Like they don't make enough money!

    The good thing is this may open a window for another FPS to take the crown.

    Stand up to the plate Battlefield!
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  • War is Over

  • GamerG 22/05/2011

    A future Xbox with back compat and capable of 1080p 60fps and i'll be happy especially if they let me download all my XBLA games, the console's should be able to do that with ease and be relatively cheap seeings a PC that can do that wouldn't cost much these days. Reply 0
  • Sony admits, fixes PSN password exploit

  • GamerG 18/05/2011

    "Dont worry we were not hacked we were only completely incompetent" Reply +10
  • PSN outage hits used market - report

  • GamerG 14/05/2011

    Good, the more Sony suffer for their incompetence (or cost cutting negligence) the better! Reply +1
  • Source: Xbox new disc format gains 1GB

  • GamerG 02/04/2011

    adding this extra space will only mean it will win more digital foundry contests because 360 games will be able to use even higher res textures than they do now Reply +1
  • Kinect helps Microsoft to record growth

  • GamerG 28/01/2011

    Marketing, the only thing Sony Fanboys will allow themselves to admit MS is better than Sony at.

    Nevermind that their product is far superior and innovative, they doesn't have anything to do with it at all!!
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  • GamerG 28/01/2011

    Marketing, the only thing Sony Fanboys will allow themselves to admit MS is better than Sony at.

    Nevermind that their product is far superior and innovative, they doesn't have anything to do with it at all!!
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  • Hefty Black Ops update for Xbox 360

  • GamerG 27/01/2011

    It always boggles my mind that 360 patches download and install in 5 seconds! Reply +14
  • Microsoft encourages Geohot's work

  • GamerG 20/01/2011

    Seeings as he's probably made MS $ millions in gamers switching to 360 for playable servers and saved them further millions in royalty payments (that MS would have had to pay Devs if they had to compete for content with Sony which they'll now be lining up to offer for cheap), personally I think sending him a free phone is the least they could do!! Reply -17
  • Where does my money go?

  • GamerG 10/01/2011

    While this is interesting it doesn't explain what happens when games get discounted, who loses out? Do the publishers get the same if the game is sold for £20 or £40?? Reply +2
  • GamerG 10/01/2011

    Actually the VAT on a £39.99 2010 purchase is £5.95 not £7!!!! Reply +4
  • Deep Insecurity

  • GamerG 08/01/2011

    Why are people blaming failoverflow? Sony knew that people would try to hack the PS3 but they made a school boy error, I think the industry people who lose out here will be blaming Sony, there may even be a case for litigation against Sony for loss of earnings. Reply -5
  • GamerG 08/01/2011

    soon you'll be able to buy 2tb drives loaded with 100+ PS3 games down your local market, kids will then transfer the games to their mates.

    Online gaming will be dead on PSN, with cheaters being able to run their own code at will.

    I cant see the PS3 surviving this, Sony will have to bring forward the PS4 incurring billions of $ of development costs they could do without.

    2011 has indeed started terribly for Sony and the whole gaming industry infact.
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  • Sony hides free PS3s and PSPs in Dublin

  • GamerG 16/12/2010

    Imagine the consequences if they left 12 unattended packages in Belfast? Reply +50
  • Ex-Sony man rails against "foreigner" CEO

  • GamerG 14/12/2010

    I think the PS3 disaster was down to a ken Kutaragi although perhaps Howard Stringer could be blamed for not keeping him on the leash. Reply +4
  • Sony unconvinced by Kinect marketing

  • GamerG 13/12/2010

    Interesting article on gamasutra, it seems in the US all the Sony move games sold to date do not yet even total 200k sales , unless Sony get a killer app out asap, its DOA basically, no developer or publisher will bother
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  • GamerG 13/12/2010

    with regard to the games, if Move doesn't get into enough homes you can forget future support,

    I feel the Move has done so so selling to the hardcore sony fans but wont get an expanded audience past them and will therefore end up like the eye toy with no real games further down the line.

    meanwhile I feel the Kinect is building up momentum and can attract developers further down the line, time will tell I guess
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  • GamerG 13/12/2010

    Its weird that Sony are saying that, ive seen as many move ads and Kinect ones, perhaps they are talking about what is going on in the US?

    Anecdotally the Kinect is getting great word of mouth, it could easily end up being the next Wii imo while on the flip side I have not ever heard anyone mention the move.
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  • Kinect bundles outsell Move bundles 5-1

  • GamerG 10/12/2010


    in my humble opinion the reason why kinect is getting the word of mouth it is not to do with adverts but to do with the fact it is a genuinely new technology that fascinates people so the mainstream media cover it, Move didn't get the same buzz because it is simply a refinement on the Wii which everyone has been using for years now.

    For example I listened to a 10 minute segment on it on BBC R5live, and your advertising money cant get you on the BBC

    (BTW I have a similar story, the guy I sit next to at Fratton park who must be 60 odd and had just got back from Florida said when he heard me talking about COD to my mate and said "in America they have a new game system where you dont even have a controller!")
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  • GamerG 10/12/2010

    some people are acting like Sony haven't spent any money on advertising, personally i've seen more Sony ads than MS ones including move ads at least twice this eve, the Kinect ones arent even that great imo Reply +1
  • GamerG 10/12/2010

    Wow impressive numbers for Kinect, I think it's snowballing as well, anecdotally i'm seeing more "non gamer" chatter about Kinect than even the Wii did when it first come out.

    MS did very well getting it out in time for the holiday party season
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  • More iPad 2 details revealed

  • GamerG 10/12/2010

    Now, i'm interested.. Reply -1
  • Analyst: Move/Kinect shortages are fiction

  • GamerG 29/11/2010

    I dont believe that at all, MS will want to get Kinect out in as many hands as possible for the Christmas party season so that the maximum amount of people get to play on it Reply -3
  • Sony: Why we turned down Kinect

  • GamerG 27/11/2010

    So even the Move creators are talking about Kinect!

    Blow the haters Kinect is incredible it has exceeded my expectations for it which had been dampened by the hate it was getting in advance from armchair pundits.

    MS had the balls, the resources and the research centres to bring the product to market, meanwhile Sony probably did little more than discuss 3D Camera's it in a planning meeting and are now trying to dismiss it as something they made a conciouse decision not to do because of "it's limitations".

    Pathetic really
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  • Gran Turismo 5 online

  • GamerG 27/11/2010

    I wonder what the review scores would have been if the reviews copies had the online features enabled? Reply 0
  • GT5 update confirmed for Saturday

  • GamerG 25/11/2010

    What only 500k connections for a game they hoped to sell Millions? Are they f'ing stupid????? Reply +3
  • Sony limits GT5 to ease online gridlock

  • GamerG 25/11/2010

    God this game is a mess on so many levels, guess they had to rush it out! Reply +26
  • Ellen Degeneres plays Kinect on TV

  • GamerG 29/10/2010

    Jesus Christ that game is gonna sell ganbusters! I've seen girls go mad for dancing games on the Wii, this will blow their minds! Reply +8
  • Games industry obsessed with complexity

  • GamerG 18/10/2010

    Someone has been boozing with Peter Molyneux.. Reply -3
  • Greenberg: 360 sold 484k in September

  • GamerG 15/10/2010

    Numbers are out anyway! Pachter gives the figures on

    Xbox 360: 483,989 Units (up 37% Year Over Year)
    DS: 403,000 Units
    Wii: 254,000 Units (Down 45% Year Over Year)
    PS3: 312,000 (Down 37% Year Over Year)
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  • Xbox 360 sales boom in the US

  • GamerG 15/10/2010

    @sg79 we know Sony had a decrease YOY because NPD have said the only one who had a YOY increase is the Xbox (remeber the slim was released in September 2009 so had a massive boost), also the Xbox almost doubled the Wii sales this month and is undeniably the dominant console, especially in US homes, based on recent sales, which is what I meant (The PS2 is probably the dominant console based on past install base).

    Oh and NPD does now include Wallmart and Amazon and is deemed the most accurate estimate, no manufacturer has ever disputed their stats
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  • GamerG 15/10/2010

    @sg79 actually this month is the first month where there would be a year on year decrease which is why Sony wont be happy. Also the sudden turn in the last 4 months around for MS and the Xbox overtaking the Wii as the dominate console would had not helped either.

    At the end of the day, NPD are happy for the info to be released and MS and Nintendo have, why not SOny?!!

    If NPD are so protective of their data why not say that companies are not allowed to release it?

    The figures the manufacturers release quarterly are not sales figures like NPD (ie sold to consumers like the pop charts) but the figures shipped to retailers which is a figure manufactures can control much more, (for example by shipping on sale or return or on preferential credit terms etc).
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  • GamerG 15/10/2010

    @sg79 actually NPD said they do encourage the manufacturers to release their info, they said "individual manufacturers releasing their info is a practice we will continue to support"

    The reason why imo Sony have decided now they dont want their figures released is because in September 2009 the Slim came out and every month since Sony have pointed to YOY increases in sales when commentating on NPD, obviously from now on without a price cut they will not be able to say this.

    The last time NPD said they would not release info it was because they did not have the support from all the manufacturers, when people realised this was Sony and started pointing the finger (PS3 was selling 150k at the time) Sony buckled and NPD backtracked saying they now had the support from all the manufactures so could release the info!

    It's an open and closed case i'm afraid!
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  • GamerG 15/10/2010

    So far Nintendo and MS have released their figures

    Xbox 360: 483,989
    DS: 403,000
    Wii: 254,000

    Unfortunately it seems Sony are the ones who are the ones preventing NPD from releasing the info fully.

    When NPD announced the change they said they encouraged the manufacturers to release the information themselves and 2 of them have already. One hasn't so it's fairly obvious Sony has kicked up a fuss about the general release of the numbers.
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  • Gran Turismo 5 delayed again

  • GamerG 14/10/2010

    Guess it keeps Polyphony in work for a few more weeks, if Sony has any business sense whatsoever they'll shut them down the day after release, they are beyond a joke.

    The funny thing is the game still wont be as good as Forza!
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  • Breaking Up

  • GamerG 11/10/2010

    What about the brand loyalty that things like Xbox and MSN Messenger build up amoungst younger people? How can you quantify that?

    Microsoft do not want to get themselves pigeonholed as simply old and boring supplier of business software.
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  • Pachter: Sony should copy 3DS

  • GamerG 23/09/2010

    make it as small as poss, add a 2nd analouge stick, make it a but powerfull and use a cartridge system to save battery and load times

    Thats all they have to do to have a hit imo
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  • Halo: Reach launch celebs named

  • GamerG 09/09/2010

    You know what happens when you stick all these celebs in the same room?

    Beautiful Celeb babies!

    Cant wait to see the beautiful babies "spartan", "master Chief" and "cortana" in hello magazine!
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  • Kitase: Kinect, Move "awkward" for RPGs

  • GamerG 07/09/2010

    show me quotes where MS and Sony say they "reckon their motion control devices Kinect and Move will revolutionise the game industry" Reply +6
  • Microsoft rejected Move-style technology

  • GamerG 17/08/2010

    Kinect is what the Wii 2 would have been

    If Nintendo had come up with the full body tracking all gamers would be pissing their pants with excitement but because it's the nasty M$ all the SDF and Nintendo fanboys have to knock it like their lives depend on it!
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  • F1 2010 given solid UK date

  • GamerG 16/08/2010

    Game is gonna be huge imo Reply +7
  • PC crowd "more open" to weird games

  • GamerG 29/07/2010

    Because games are cheaper /thread Reply +1
  • Conflicting Goals

  • GamerG 25/07/2010

    New buyers will probably be paying £249 for the console and kinect, the £129.99 price is irrelevant to them imo Reply 0
  • MS "killed" PC/Xbox cross-platform play

  • GamerG 22/07/2010

    No shit, that's why I prefer 360 gaming as everyone has the same controller Reply +10
  • UK Xbox 360 sales up 1000%

  • GamerG 21/07/2010

    Even my Mum asked me about Kinect, God knows how she knows about it!

    It's what the Wii 2 would have been if MS hadn't got there first!
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  • Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3: Round 27

  • GamerG 20/07/2010

    @swissorc i'm taking it too seriously?

    This articles are only posted because PS3 fanboys take them too seriously!

    it's all an excuse to have a laugh at them init!
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  • GamerG 20/07/2010

    360 wins again!

    PS3 owners if you get down to Gamestation you can trade your PS3 in for a 360s for only £24.99 and have the superior gaming system!

    What are you waiting for?
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  • Xbox 360 S UK launch does business

  • GamerG 19/07/2010

    The "new owners" come in by picking up used models cheap, or by hand me downs from older brothers and family etc.

    Rest assured people will be buying games for the traded in models this Christmas otherwise Game and so on would not take them in, they know there is a demand for the older machines even used.
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  • Discounted Xbox 360s outsell new model

  • GamerG 19/07/2010

    Lol the 360s sold out and only came out half way through the month with zero notice! Reply 0