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  • Free Mercs 2 downloadable this month

  • GamerAddict 02/10/2008

    Screw the DLC, get the FRIGGIN online co-op working and remove this region lockout bullsh*t that the vast majority of people seem to be experiencing!!!!!!!!! Reply 0
  • FreeStyleGames working on DJ Hero?

  • GamerAddict 19/09/2008

    I'm still waiting for Rave Hero with added Glow Stick and Whistle/Horn peripherals :) Reply 0
  • New PAL Releases Roundup

  • GamerAddict 07/08/2008

    I wonder why developers/publishers stop releasing games during the summer for fear people will be outside enjoying themselves. We don't get a summer here anymore, so just release your games now!! Reply 0
  • Fable 2 Live Arcade titles due in August

  • GamerAddict 08/07/2008

    can you pre order ANYWHERE and get them free?

    or is it certain retailers?

    Yeah, be good to let us know this crucial piece of information!!

    I guess it'll be a case of keeping an eye on retailers' sites and see if they mention it.

    It'll be like HMV who gave away M$ points with GTA I should think?

    But what's to stop you pre-ordering, downloading the games, then cancelling your preorder???
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  • Codies responds to GRID complaints

  • GamerAddict 07/07/2008

    Looks like testing has really gone downhill since my days! We'd have tested the tracks to death to make sure there were no holes!!! Reply 0
  • Xbox Live Arcade Roundup

  • GamerAddict 05/06/2008

    With so many XBLA titles now, is there a list somewhere, with scores next to the games and maybe a brief summary? Anyone know of such a list?

    I've got some M$ points to burn :)
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  • SEGA Racing Studio shuts down

  • GamerAddict 09/04/2008

    I have to laugh somewhat!! (although not always nice to laugh at people losing jobs) but I know a number of Codemasters employees who left Race Driver and Colin McRae to go work for this Sega studio, sticking 2 fingers up to Codies as they left..........funny how things come round to bite u in the ass!! Reply 0
  • EA clarifies Rock Band pricing

  • GamerAddict 08/04/2008

    @kangarootoo - clearly too much for u to understand

    definition boycott - To abstain from or act together in abstaining from using, buying, or dealing with as an expression of protest or disfavor or as a means of coercion

    Does that help at all? Admittedly there's a lot of big words in there but essentially means if we all group together and don't buy it at this price, maybe EA will realise they've made a mistake!
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  • GamerAddict 08/04/2008

    Just been on - $170 for the whole kit. They're not even swapping the $ for a £ sign like they usually do in this country! They've done that and THEN add £10!!!!!

    I hope that the fact there's over 180 on this thread now containing people saying what a rip-off this is means it won't do very well.

    But you know that people will STILL buy it for this price!! We should all boycott this. If I were a web developer (which I'm not) I'd happily start an online petition to send to EA and tell them what a f*cking joke this is and that we game players REFUSE to pay this price!


    LOL at the comment on page 1 saying about staying as a hardcore gamer :) think you've hit the nail on the head there!
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  • Race Driver: GRID this summer

  • GamerAddict 19/02/2008

    Are EG now a part of Codies marketing department?? We've had numerous separate stories about the same game within a week! Could you not squeeze it all into one? Or do EG and Codies feel that this game needs lots of exposure?? Reply 0
  • GRID designed to break America

  • GamerAddict 14/02/2008

    I've done it, I've cracked the code................

    GRID = Gotham Really, In Disguise OR Gotham Racing In Disguise ;)
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  • Race Driver: GRID

  • GamerAddict 14/02/2008

    First look at the screenshots, I thought they look bloomin' sweet!!

    Now I've read the comments, I have to agree with what people have written. We've got enough street racing with PGR, NFS and Burnout games. Even Gran Turismo 4 went street on some races.

    Lets go back to what the TOCA series excelled at, proper track racing! Yes, I realise its now "Race Driver" not "TOCA", but RD came from the TOCA series, lets go back to its roots, what it was originally good at!
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  • Can't wait for Lost Odyssey?

  • GamerAddict 05/02/2008

    Its ok, I missed the tickboxes further down the page! There's a tick for PAL there :) £25 is quite tempting! Reply 0
  • GamerAddict 05/02/2008

    Lost Odyssey (English language version) on Play Asia says its only compatible with NTSC-J! On other region free games it actually states that they are region free.

    So is LO 100% region free and Play Asia haven't updated their site? Or is it in fact NOT region free??

    By the time I get around to finding out properly, the euro version will be out anyway lol. But £10 dearer!!
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  • Fresh COD4 maps, "gameplay variety"

  • GamerAddict 05/02/2008

    "We've demonstrated our commitment to delivering the best multiplayer experience in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare"

    You mean with all the lobby problems and disconnects and lag?? Bah!!

    Yes, I know a lot of it was to do with Xbox Live being swamped over Xmas but still, its not the best Live multiplayer experience even now, the number of disconnects and amount of lag is still poor!
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  • Codies Online reveals space MMOG

  • GamerAddict 30/01/2008

    Oh yay, ANOTHER mmo from Codies!! Why don't they just concentrate on making 1 excellent title rather than flooding an already busy market with lots of substandard ones?! Reply 0
  • No Mercenaries 2 for a few months

  • GamerAddict 25/01/2008

    This and Fable 2 are top of my most wanted lists, fighting for top spot.........the delays on both are killing me, I've had to resort to wanting sub-standard games such as GTA IV and MGS 4!!! lol Reply 0
  • FIFA Street 3 demo on Live/PSN

  • GamerAddict 17/01/2008

    I really enjoyed the last 2. They were much much better when played with mates, like most sports games. Four of us would regularly get together and play this, it was great.

    Not sure I'll buy it at full value, maybe when it drops to £20 I'll invest.
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  • SWOS pulled from Live Arcade

  • GamerAddict 19/12/2007

    @L42yB - well yeah, i do expect them to get it down and the correct version online pretty damn quick! Since I work in a hosting company, I appreciate it can be a quick process of removing the wrong file and putting the correct one in place ;) Reply 0
  • GamerAddict 19/12/2007

    I agree with the comments about why it was there and it was "allegedly" the wrong version. From what I can gather, it was taken down around 10:30-11ish this morning, around 4-5 hours where's the "correct" version that will have passed certification anyway??? Reply 0
  • SWOS/Tempest XBLA tomorrow

  • GamerAddict 19/12/2007

    Ber-illiant!! I've just been looking at the Codies forums and they say they and M$ are looking into the issues people are experiencing!

    As you say, the saga continues.......not aware of other XBLA titles playing up like this! Typical!!
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  • GamerAddict 19/12/2007

    There was no sign of this when I left the house at 9:40 this morning :( but no sign of Tempest either, so I guess its M$ holding things up rather than general SWOS problems!! Reply 0
  • Codies unveils new engine

  • GamerAddict 06/12/2007

    £40.5 MILLION LMAO


    Ahhhh the warehouse! Better or worse than being penned in like battery hens at Marlborough House?!?!?
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  • Race Driver: GRID unveiled

  • GamerAddict 29/11/2007

    Screenshots look good

    But come on Codies, why the need to put capital letters after all your game names now?!?! DIRT, GRID.......what next? SPUD, SH*T, OUCH.....
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  • More Blood Bowl from Cyanide

  • GamerAddict 19/11/2007

    I can't find much about the PC version mentioned in the article. Any ideas on a release date etc? I can only find solid info about the afformentioned 486 version! Reply 0
  • Assassin's Creed

  • GamerAddict 13/11/2007

    Christ, everyone's very down about ONE review! You look around the net and its averaging 8-9 in most reviews, this being the first one less than that that I've seen.

    I'd look around a bit, get a few more people's views before making any rash decisions.

    I for one will still be getting it (free with my FHM subscription) and like every other game I've played, making my own decisions! Lets face it, everyone will have their own opinion anyway, no point in cancelling pre-orders based on one person's review!

    AND as some have said, 7 doesn't make it a terrible game. I think I'd be reacting like you lot if it had been given 6 or lower!!!
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  • Detailed 40GB PS3 reports

  • GamerAddict 05/10/2007

    For me, they can put in or take away all the HD space and features they want, it basically comes down to games library for me. Like a lot of people have said, there just aren't enough exclusives at present.

    I walked into Gamestation the other day and looked at what's out, I've got or played most of them on my 360 already! Yes, they'll look prettier, but is that enough to warrant me buying another console?

    I'm sure I will buy the PS3 at some point as I'm a games player and the more the merrier I say :) there's also the added bonus of the Blu-Ray player I guess but that's not enough to warrant a new console yet either.

    If it dropped to say, £249, then I'd be SERIOUSLY tempted ;)
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  • Halo 3 smashes UK 360 record

  • GamerAddict 02/10/2007


    From EG's review of the game..........

    "not a cutting edge next-generation visual feast"

    "compared to games like last year's Gears of War, Halo 3 is an underachiever in graphical terms"

    "it doesn't feel entirely finished"

    "frustrating map design and unfair checkpointing becoming more common as you get past five or six hours of play"

    "the full game clocks in at around eight hours on Normal difficulty" - WOW that's short!!!

    "Players who enjoyed Halo 2 online will flock to the sequel, and rightly so. It's more of the same"

    "Halo 3 still can't quite escape the category of flawed masterpiece"

    All those comments to me, add up to being NOT the best game ever!! How can it be?! I keep seeing the expression "more of the same" pop up time and time again! So its no wonder people don't want to buy this game and therefore NOT make it the fastest selling game of all time.

    The only people that truly think its worth top spot of all time, best game ever, break all records etc are the pure fanboys I'm afraid, not those that see this game for what it truly is!!!
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  • New Halo 3 disc errors?

  • GamerAddict 28/09/2007

    But its still a 10/10 game, the best ever..............despite its flaws and errors now! Hmmmmm!

    I for one haven't played it, I prefer something a little more original ;0)
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  • Halo 3 disc problem reports

  • GamerAddict 25/09/2007

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *breathe* Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *breathe*
    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *breathe*
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  • Three XBLA titles' prices cut

  • GamerAddict 25/09/2007

    I'm about as excited for this as I am the Halo launch!! *yawn*

    Maybe these games should be given 10/10's based on EG's new policy of putting games down but still giving them full marks ;)
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  • Argos breaks Halo 3 street date

  • GamerAddict 19/09/2007

    I hope those that bought it now flood the net with spoilers :) that'd be fantastic! Piece of over-hyped crap anyway!!

    As for those reviewers giving it nothing less than a 9, well there's a SHOCK!! Why bother reviewing, everyone's gonna be so fanboyed up about it that no-one will give it a proper review, i.e. just another FPS with very little new in it! 7/10 at best I reckon :)
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  • Codies quiet on SWOS date

  • GamerAddict 12/09/2007

    I could understand if it was a full retail game, hell, its happened with Timeshift, they pulled it close to release and by all accounts completely rewritten it. Fair enough, if its to make it better, I for one will be a very happy man if the extra work pays off.

    But come on, an arcade game? A port of an old game which by all accounts is a direct conversion of the original!! What could be possibly need doing to it?

    I could understand a week or two of delays, ironing out a few minor problems, but by the sounds of it, this is gonna be delayed months rather than weeks! That's what annoys me, that and the fact Codies came out and said Summer release, what was that? A huge tease by the look of it!!
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  • GamerAddict 11/09/2007

    SWOS was gonna be a great fill in for me to play online and off while I wait for the new version of Pro Evo, well, I think we can forget about that now! Pro Evo's gonna be out before SWOS ever appears.

    Speedball 2 FTW now :D
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  • GamerAddict 11/09/2007

    Codies letting down their customers again?!?! Surely not!!!!

    And just when you thought they'd turned a corner by producing good games like DiRT and Overlord, they go n kick us in the teeth by dangling the proverbial carrot in front of us.

    Oh well, will go n spend my hard earned M$ points elsewhere now I think.
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  • Ubi apologises for R6 Vegas DLC

  • GamerAddict 02/07/2007

    "Also, as a token of our appreciation for the Rainbow Six community, we are making the Red Pack free as of Friday July 6th as well."

    What about all of us who HAVE bought the red pack?! What about our thanks?!

    God I'm hating Ubi more n more every day!
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  • Blue Dragon dated for Europe

  • GamerAddict 28/06/2007

    LeD - same here mate, I'm on the 25th too :)

    Bioshock AND Blue Dragon on the same day?!?!?! DAMN!!!!
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  • R6 Vegas "Black Edition" live

  • GamerAddict 26/06/2007

    Same as Inquisitor, don't really play the last lot of maps that much.

    Shame they can't concentrate on sorting out the glitches online before they go releasing more content and squeezing more money out of everyone!
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  • Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

  • GamerAddict 31/05/2007

    Mercenaries was one my all-time fave games on Xbox, possibly overall!

    The best thing is, since getting my 360, they've made it BC, so I'm playing it through again.........and its as much fun as I remember :)

    Can't wait for 2
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  • Dirty Dancing Game revealed

  • GamerAddict 29/05/2007

    This game has already been mentioned on the forums on this very site........and had the p*ss taken out of it as well :)

    We could be on for "Worst game idea ever" contender here :)
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  • Halo 3 beta goes live today

  • GamerAddict 16/05/2007

    I personally think people should get really really worked up about it, go mental about it, send hate spam to these people who have no control over it whatsoever........if nothing else its giving me and a bunch of people i know such a damn good laugh :D

    Keep it up people :)
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  • GamerAddict 16/05/2007

    YoJimbo - spot on mate

    What is this world coming to?!?! There are actually people sat at home, with their Xbox's on, waiting and waiting and waiting for this download to become available!


    Its just a game and not even a full game at that, its a bloody BETA version! Which means its gonna be buggy and incomplete.........and yet people will still claim it to be "the best game ever"

    You bunch of complete fanboys! You make me sick...........I for one am LAUGHING MY ASS OFF that its not available :D :D
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  • What's New? (27th April, 2007)

  • GamerAddict 27/04/2007

    I was quite looking forward to grabbing a copy of Tetris Evolution, always had a soft spot for Tetris games and now I can get achievements for it :) haha.

    However, not too sure I'm happy about Game having the monopoly on it, after all, they do seem to charge more than anyone else for games :(
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  • Activision quiet on Guitar Hero II song packs

  • GamerAddict 24/04/2007

    To be even tempted to buy extra songs for this game, they'd have to be cheaper for a start and I'd rather build my own packs.

    If these rumoured packs are correct, that's now 3 individual songs I'd like to add to my collection, but they're all in different packs :(
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  • Final Fantasy III DS dated

  • GamerAddict 16/03/2007

    There's absolutely no translation to do is there? The US version has been out ages, and ok, there may be a few Z's to replace with S's here n there, but come on!

    Plus the fact, wait til May and buy it for £29.99 here, or import NOW for around £20......such a hard choice!!

    14th November last year it came out in the US........6 months later in Europe, absolutely outrageous :(
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  • Brian Lara 2007 demo

  • GamerAddict 08/03/2007

    @posh_geordie - what's the online play like? Have you tried it at all? Obviously timing is everything in a game of cricket, so the slightest lag could spoil a it ok online? Reply 0
  • BioShock dated

  • GamerAddict 01/03/2007

    Yay, I was right with my guess of the 24th :D Reply 0
  • GamerAddict 01/03/2007

    21st August is a Tuesday, so I'm guessing it won't be our release date in the UK!

    24th August maybe for us?

    spookyzombie - I think Forza and Blue Dragon are rumoured to be due before this, around June time?
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  • Actionloop

  • GamerAddict 01/02/2007

    Is this game colour-based only or is there the option to put symbols on the gems??

    Alternatively, is it just red, yellow and blue gems or are there more colours involved?
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  • BK Xbox 360 games sell tons

  • GamerAddict 31/01/2007

    Congrats to Blitz......see what happens when you move into a market that no-one else has explored? You make money and get success!

    If only other publishers would come up with new ideas rather than jumping on every possible bandwagon there is and hope for the best!
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