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  • Uncharted 4 beta dated for December

  • GameOverYeah 17/09/2015

    Would welcome a Collection Demo. I've never finished UC 2 and haven't even UC 3. Would like to see if its worth holding out and play them on the PS4. Reply 0
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection looks set for Xbox One

  • GameOverYeah 20/05/2014

    I think the most interesting thing will be how they handle multiplayer. Will it have individual multiplayer for each game that emulates how it was in the original. Or will it be unified with each game being a content 'pack' or game mode.

    I would prefer the former if I am honest. There would be alot of interest in resurrecting an old Xbox Live game. Which could open doors to other HD remakes of old original Xbox Live games. That said, it could end up being a novelty and fail when the nostalgia wears off.
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  • Why Xbox One's ambitious media strategy failed

  • GameOverYeah 18/05/2014

    I don't think the Xbox One is a bad console. But I made my decision to get a PS4 over a year ago when brought PS Plus. I'm already invested in Sony's platform and already have 4 games waiting for me before even buying the hardware.

    This is something they need to address. Games for Gold have been ok, but they can offer better. It also feels like they have pulled all but the bare minimal support for the 360 (especially in comparison to the PS3). They always promised they wouldnt do that again but looking at how they handled the 360 Titanfall they seem more interested in chasing new money rather offering value to current customers. That might not be true but its how it seems at the moment.
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  • This is a video of Skyblivion, which is Oblivion in Skyrim

  • GameOverYeah 16/05/2014

    Man, I really wish I had a decent PC that could run this. Never been a big PC guy but always been envious of mods like these. It would never happen, but I wish they would package a late form of this and Morrowind mod onto a disk or even DLC for consoles.

    They probably wouldn't as well but if the leg work has been done whats the problem with it?
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  • Microsoft announces Halo 5: Guardians for Xbox One

  • GameOverYeah 16/05/2014

    It certainly looks interesting. But I just cannot get excited about Halo anymore. Got bored with the series before Halo 3 though I did enjoy Reach, it just feels like the same thing with prettier graphics.

    Nothing against Halo fans but it will take a big franchise innovation to win me over. Its not impossible but Halo 4 didn't show much change imo.
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  • Yu Suzuki is looking into Kickstarter for Shenmue 3

  • GameOverYeah 21/03/2014

    Still would like to see HD versions of 1 and 2 and see the proceeds go towards 3. That said I would put money towards anything Shenmue related. Sega have some incredible unused IP and anything that encourages them to use it is a good idea to me. Reply 0
  • Watch Dogs PlayStation-exclusive content detailed

  • GameOverYeah 20/03/2014

    I'm not sure why but I hate when exclusive content gives you weapons or armour that gives you a massive advantage from the beginning. Kind of cheapened the progression of the start of Deux Ex for me having a powerful Sniper, Shotgun and hacking tools.

    That said, I think the 20 free cars and 1 million credits made the first half of Gran Turismo 6 much more enjoyable. So I guess it can work.
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  • This is how Borderlands 2 looks on PlayStation Vita

  • GameOverYeah 20/03/2014


    Yes of course that's the reason. Considering its the very first ever online only game. So its only fair to give it two reviews and an article before release telling people to buy it. All the time under and next to a titan fall banner.

    No but I'm the stupid one for them revising the way the review games for one game. Despite marking countless games down for poor servers or online experiences.
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  • GameOverYeah 20/03/2014

    EG writing against the Vita since 2 month after it was launch when they decided it died.

    Hope your spending that Titanfall money wisely though. What other MS game are going to buy and then not give a review score at launch until its sold enough copies. Maximum exposure huh?
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  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf's development team had an even gender split

  • GameOverYeah 20/03/2014

    Total playtime in this is 272 hours. Nothing else came close. I'm glad I'm finally done with the game now, I don't dare pick it up again for fear of becoming hooked again. Reply +2
  • GameOverYeah 20/03/2014

    Great great game. I just hope the series continues to evolve. Further online and social features would work wonders. Reply +2
  • Shenmue once featured cats that walk on two legs

  • GameOverYeah 20/03/2014

    Shenmue 3 is a long shot. But where the hell is Shenmue 1 and 2 HD? It's a ridiculous situation, there is constant demand for this series. With the amount it has cost any way to make some of that back using this IP should be jumped upon.

    Also whatever happened to Seaman 3DS? More vapourware. Sega might as well rename themselves Vics Vapourware at this point.
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  • Minecraft dev Mojang made £200m last year

  • GameOverYeah 19/03/2014

    Great stuff, they really deserve it too. A great idea implemented well and distributed so its available to everyone.

    Now please release it on the Vita so I can give more money.
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  • Sony announces Project Morpheus virtual reality headset for PlayStation 4

  • GameOverYeah 19/03/2014

    Looks like the survival horror will be back on form by the end of this gen. Reply +4
  • The future of Rare

  • GameOverYeah 17/03/2014

    It's pretty worrying how wasteful and badly managed MS first party is. Rare is just the tip of the ice berg. Forcing Lionhead to create a Kinect Fable game and the Fable HD after the whole team practically left.

    Why on earth they didn't invest money into Bungies new IP and keep it exclusive. Rather than spending probably more on a Gears of War series which its core feature is irrelevant these days and wasting talented developers working on it.

    Not to mention god knows how much money they spent securing titan fall. When a fraction of that money would have kept Bungie in house and Destiny an exclusive. It fills the same hole and Titan fall would still be multi format.

    I've known it for a while, but MS are going to suffer this gen because of poor 1st party support. And it might take years to put right.
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  • Xbox One closing monthly US sales gap on PS4

  • GameOverYeah 14/03/2014

    To be fair this should be its strongest month as its biggest exclusive (so far) is out. Still see this as a failure though, looking at the amount of exclusives each system has on paper Xbox should outselling the PS4.

    It really does show what a bad they have done every step of the way. I really don't see them catching up for a couple of years now. That gap is only going to get bigger when watch dogs comes out (not exclusive but extra content and most people brought a PS4 for that at launch).
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  • Yoshi's New Island review

  • GameOverYeah 13/03/2014

    Looks like Nintendo don't have Titanfall money.

    Though to be fair I never liked the original that much ether. A remake without the SNES era character cannot be much better.
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  • As Monster Hunter turns 10, can Capcom finally make the west listen?

  • GameOverYeah 11/03/2014

    The problem I have with Monster Hunter is that I like the concept but poor controls and design let it down.

    I still think a game like this needs to have a big open world for it to be a success in the West. Dark Souls may have made success with clostrephobic environments but that fits with atmosphere with the game. If you are going promise hunting and adventure they need a seemless world to do so with. Even low budget Western games can offer this these days.
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  • March's free Xbox 360 Games with Gold titles announced

  • GameOverYeah 03/03/2014

    Just finished the 'gamę of the week' with a domination victory with France in one sitting. Civ Rev is even better than i remember. Easily the best Games for Gold gamę yet.

    I really dont mind them giving old games. So long as they are overlooked classics like this or VIVA pinata rather than Halo 3.
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  • Another update for GTA Online is coming next week

  • GameOverYeah 28/02/2014

    I just wish they would double the XP and money on every job. They aren't going to sell any in game currency after the hackers were done with it. And considering they are not adding new content beyond cosmetic stuff they should allow everyone to access the best stuff (which is locked away at the highest levels).

    There is a good game to be found in GTA Online. But its locked behind some of the worst game design of this generation. Which makes it worse because the single player is one of the best.
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  • Season 2, Episode 2 of Walking Dead in March

  • GameOverYeah 27/02/2014

    Very cool. Really enjoyed Episode 1 and I'm glad there isn't a big gap between them. I just hope they get their act together with Wolf among us as I'm enjoying that slightly more. Reply +2
  • Risen 3 announced for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, due August

  • GameOverYeah 25/02/2014

    Brilliant news! Have no intention to move onto next gen yet. Genuinely enjoyed what I've played of Risen 2. Definitely a perfect companion to Assassins Creed IV. Reply 0
  • All Gran Turismo 5 DLC will be removed from sale

  • GameOverYeah 24/02/2014


    So people are worried about losing Car colours and racing suits and helmets. It's hardly on the scale of Outrun 2 HD and Halo 2.
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  • GameOverYeah 24/02/2014

    Not sure what the problem is? People who have brought them will keep them. At this point if you don't have Gran Turismo, why would you buy 5 over 6 anyway. GT6 only costs £20 and is has everything GT5 has but with improvements.

    I'm sure people get offended by anything these days.
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  • Square Enix "definitely interested" in bringing future Final Fantasy games to PC

  • GameOverYeah 19/02/2014

    "It's a series whose heritage is on console, but according to Final Fantasy producer Yoshinori Kitase, that may change."

    Please...the only place Final Fantasy heritage is these days is in the toilet.

    Bravely Default not withstanding
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  • Be advised: I was wrong about Titanfall

  • GameOverYeah 19/02/2014

    Well considering the chest beating article about Forza 5 yesterday which tried in vein of negative opinion to make it look like a triumph. I think its very clear where the marketing money is coming from to talk up this Microsoft exclusive.

    That's not to say they are the only ones who do it. But its a sad state of affairs such a site is taking this direction. But perhaps that's where games journalism is going!
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  • Forza 5 fastest-selling racing game in Xbox history

  • GameOverYeah 18/02/2014

    Really wish Eurogamer would try this hard to give publicity to Gran Turismo 6. Not a perfect game but its certainly a big step in the right direction compared to GT5. Forza 5 is a worse game than Forza 4 due to less content. The same could be said about Forza 4 and 3 to a lesser extent.

    I'm sure Forza 5 is an excellent racing game. But the lack of content comparitively to previous entries, the micro transactions and wrong direction of the franchise which appears to be looking for more ways to exploit its users rather than give them value. For these reasons it should be avoided and critisised rather than celebrated.
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  • Sega secures future of Persona maker Atlus

  • GameOverYeah 18/02/2014

    An Atlus made Skies of Arcadia 2 please Sega. I'll even forgive them for the lateness of Shenmue HD. Reply 0
  • The director of Final Fantasy 7 on the remake everyone wants

  • GameOverYeah 17/02/2014

    I loved FFVII. It's the reason I got into JRPGs in the first place. I've completed it twice and mastered everything on it.

    I thought I wanted a sequel, but after seeing what Square Enix did with it, I wish they had left it as it was. Everything they do with it seems to becrouching tiger (running and flying around) and badass 'invinsible super soldiers. This to me is not what made FFVII great. Yet its something that has seeped into current Final Fantasy games and it doesn't help that a section of the fanbase eats this shite up. So it sells, and Square Enix will do the same with any remake.

    A remake would mean Final Fantasy VII made into Advent Children like action game. It will definitely include Lightning in some form. If that's what you want, then get behind it. I would much rather they spent the time on Bravely Default type games. Or a none future (Cyrystalis) FF game. Considering we'll probably get FFXV trilogy and a FFVII remake its going to be long wait before FF becomes relevant again. If at all.
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  • The Lego Movie Videogame beats Final Fantasy

  • GameOverYeah 17/02/2014

    I'm more appalled that Lightning Returns got into the top three. The game may well be good but Square Enix should not be encouraged to take this series further down this route. Though looking at FFXV it probably isn't going to matter. Hopefully the series will have a quick death instead of its slow decent into third person linear action games. Reply -1
  • Sega's arcade redemption

  • GameOverYeah 16/02/2014

    Really wish Sega (Sammy) would invest in its old ip. I would take anything at this point. A XBLA/PSN, Vita, 3DS or even Wii U Skies of Arcadia 2. I think there's a big opportunity to make a Shining Force game for the 3DS in the same vein as Fire Emblem. Maybe even just HD remakes of Shenmue games etc.

    More collection games would do well too. They could even do an Arcade Mega Collection if they wanted. Anything that isn't a western RTS or Sonic garbage would be nice. Really annoys me at their lack of western releases despite their finances are better than they've ever been.
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  • Hitman GO is a turn-based strategy game for mobile

  • GameOverYeah 14/02/2014

    Brilliant, when is it going on sale for 69p? Probably 6 months when it bombs. Rather see a Hitman game on the Vita or 3DS. Reply +2
  • Warhorse demonstrates "revolutionary" medieval combat

  • GameOverYeah 11/02/2014

    Looks great!

    /Squils like a pig
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  • Fable: Anniversary enters UK chart in third

  • GameOverYeah 10/02/2014

    I always liked the original Fable over all the others. Though its hard not to feel a little disappointed after all that was promised, but looking back it was a real accomplishment on the Xbox.

    What a shame they couldn't realise that Potential with Fable 2 and 3. And anyone who still buys the crap that it couldn't be done should play Oblivion or Skyrim or the many others which did it.

    I still feel it was more MS fault forcing Lionhead to rush them out. But I still think there's a lack of skill at Lionhead to build expansive worlds and game mechanics.
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  • Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition still uses PS2 cut-scenes in Separate Ways

  • GameOverYeah 06/02/2014

    Think I'm going to wait for the steel boxset chainsaw difinitive edition before I buy Resident evil 4 for 10th time. RE4 is so ignored by capcom there just isn't enough versions of it. Reply +1
  • MGS: Ground Zeroes can be completed in under two hours

  • GameOverYeah 04/02/2014

    Almost as long as those CoD campaigns then.

    At least this has side missions...and only costs £20.
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  • PS4 vs Xbox One: which is the better media player?

  • GameOverYeah 02/02/2014

    At the best value for gamers is the PS3. PS Plus, plus new IPs and AAA exclusives. And you can pick them up for £100. You'd have to be mad to go next gen at this point. Reply +2
  • "We still believe the Vita has a role"

  • GameOverYeah 30/01/2014

    Well it certainly has a role with me. Would love to see more Sony IPs on there. Even if they are ports. God of War, Gran Turismo, Tokyo Jungle and maybe even a Last of Us spin off (New story).

    Then again continued indie support would keep me happy as I'm one of the few who cannot access them on the PC. So its still one of my favourite consoles at the moment.
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  • Iwata: Nintendo must harness smart devices, no restrictions for dev team

  • GameOverYeah 30/01/2014

    Everyone keeps saying bring Mario and Zelda to mobiles. But it will be a big mistake if they do. Their own quality titles and ip is their main selling point.

    Bring your big hitters elsewhere and you might as well kill the 3ds. By all means make apps and original games, but make sure the main content stays on Nintendo hardware.
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  • Starbound beta review

  • GameOverYeah 28/01/2014

    I wonder if this will ever turn up on the Vita. I really hope so! Reply +5
  • Iwata isn't Nintendo's problem. It's Miyamoto

  • GameOverYeah 26/01/2014

    It's a double edged sword for Nintendo. It's the lack of new ideas from myomoto which may have caused this problems. But Nintendo's continued success against the grain is also down to his quality ideas that have worked for decades.Nintendo should take a leaf out of Sony's book and turn to these exceptionally talented indies and set them working as 2nd or 3rd party devs. They should watch the Vita has a future model. Sure, its clearly not going to set the world alight. But the numerous indie games (some exclusive, most best on that platform) could make make it a relevant platform again. And if its enough to convince 3rd party support in the future then it maybe something all gaming platforms should consider.Given the fact that the indie scene in Japan is yet to explode in Japan as it has over here. Now surely is the time to gain a step ahead of Sony before it gets swallowed up by the PS4/Vita. Reply 0
  • Nintendo slashes Wii U sales forecast from 9m to 2.8m

  • GameOverYeah 17/01/2014

    I really do want one. But its still a little over what I would like pay. Another reasonable price drop would do for me.

    It's a shame as it is clearly building a good library of games.
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  • Xbox 360 was the UK's best-selling home console in 2013

  • GameOverYeah 13/01/2014

    Still a good year for Sony overall. PS4 seems to be doing despite next gen consoles have very lacking libraries. Wonder when the new console have failed bandwagon will start. Usually not long after the launch buzz has died down.

    Still think the Vita will be a slow burner. It's a great piece of hardware and has a great games library. It needs more support, but has long as indie games continue to come out in it I'll be happy. Rogue Legacy, Papers Please, Gone Home and Minecraft next please!
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  • Homeland star to replace Paul Walker in new Hitman film - report

  • GameOverYeah 10/01/2014

    Yep, from what I saw Olyphant seemed to fit the role. I haven't seen the whole film but it seemed to focus on action far too much (ie over use of long drawn out set pieces).

    I would prefer if Agent 47 was portrade has an efficient assassin. With the action being shorter but straight to the point. No Max Payne jumping through the air 20 minutes gun fights.

    Though the problem with that would be more focus would have to be put on the story and writing. That and the actors carrying it through. I don't have that much confidence in ether.
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  • Nintendo must pay royalties for every 3DS following court ruling

  • GameOverYeah 07/01/2014

    The 2DS makes a lot more sense now. Really is a shame though, we are never going to see another 3D console like this. Especially with Nintendo's increasing talent of utilising 3d in their games.

    Enjoy it while it lasts. Because it'll never happen again.
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  • So, what's going on with Hitman?

  • GameOverYeah 07/01/2014

    I absolutely loved Hitman Absolution, really not sure what a lot of people's problem with it is. I am surprised Square Enix are making a sequel to this as it didn't hit their target and outsell CoD. Reply +1
  • Sony turning off Gran Turismo 5, Resistance servers

  • GameOverYeah 06/01/2014

    Hardly surprising these days. Also do people really think Sony should keep these servers running forever? Sucks for games like Mag as there isn't much other than online.

    But until there is a long term solution this will keep happening. I'm still worried about when Sony will pull support if PS plus on the PS3.
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  • Valkyria Chronicles 3 gets English translation via fan-made patch

  • GameOverYeah 03/01/2014

    This is great news, I just hope Sega support this by not shutting it down. They can only gain from this.Now hopefully there is a Shining Blade translation in the works! Reply +1
  • Care for a next-gen medieval RPG with no fantasy?

  • GameOverYeah 19/12/2013

    I really like the sound of this. I think its long over due to be done in game form. There are so many interesting things that have happened or could have happened in history that didn't involve orcs and dragons. Reply +15
  • Vita version of Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD Remaster has a release date

  • GameOverYeah 16/12/2013

    Loved this back in the day. Still think its one of the better ones in the series. Not sure if I could complete it all again though. It's just a shame they had to include the shite stain that was X-2. I admit it had an excellent battle system. But what a stupid story and incredible way to destroy 3 characters. Yep let's ignore 30 hours of story and build up and make them into singing Charlie's angels. I'm especially bitter because I truely felt after that ending that this could be made into an excellent trilogy. I also hope the talk that lightning was written into this are false. She would fit right into the used toilet paper that is X-2, but if she appears in X I might be done with Squenix for food. Reply -2