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  • Guild Wars 2 Trading Post/auction house now available for all

  • Gaiduku 04/09/2012

    @neuroniky I actually think removing the forums is good for the user. Forums really aren't a good forum (pun intended?!?) for talking about issues with a game.

    Areanet using the forums to see what people complaining about would be the equivalent of all of us going to their offices and hurling abuse at them for hours. They'd struggle to find out what the most important issues were. Removing the forums forces people to use the support options as intended - sending them messages and the like - much more organised.
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  • Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes shown off at PAX

  • Gaiduku 02/09/2012

    Anyone with any experience of Japanese metal gear games manage to figure out who's talking in this video? In particular who's talking to big boss over the radio at the end? Roy Campbell? Reply +3
  • Final Fantasy 7 Review

  • Gaiduku 28/08/2012

    How can you review this game without mentioning the terrible MIDI soundtrack? This whole re-release is a joke and should be treated as such. The game is of course unchanged and, yeah still pretty good, if you ignore how much its aged graphically.

    If you're desperate to play FF7 then for gods sake get it on PSN if you can.
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  • Fewer players finished Mass Effect 3 than completed Mass Effect 2

  • Gaiduku 13/08/2012

    @Velocityraptor I've been thinking about this recently - about how some of the best games I've played recently have been incredibly short. As in one sit down play session and you're done.

    I'm talking about games like Journey and The Walking Dead (when taken on an episode by episode basis). We're at a point now with digital distribution where making a short game is a lot more acceptable because the developers can set reasonable prices. They don't need to charge 40 for a game 'just cos'.

    However, I'm not sure this totally applies to RPGs yet but I can definitely see RPGs decreasing in size and tbh it's not necessarily a terrible thing. There's definitely a place for beastly games like Dragon Age Origins or Skyrim. Quest monsters which can keep you enthralled for months but these are games I just never bloody finish.

    The Mass Effect genre (perhaps excluding 3) was great because they actually weren't that long and still got you immersed into the world and delivered a solid story. I recently played the Witcher 2 and it's by no means short but it didn't take me a lifetime to complete and again was a very (VERY) good game.

    So I don't see the release of a 2 hour RPG any time soon (30 second hero excluded) but maybe shorter.... 15-20 hour RPGs have their place.
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  • Steam Summer Sale Day 8: Now it's just getting scary

  • Gaiduku 19/07/2012

    @bluebird Apparently the site is changing its name to PoundSterlingamer Reply +23
  • Gaiduku 19/07/2012

    You mentioned L4D2 is 75% off but do not give any price..... Reply +4
  • Father blames Microsoft as son spends 1150 on Xbox Live

  • Gaiduku 19/07/2012

    This story is hilarious. The Dad's an idiot, the kids pulled a fast one and obviously knew what the hell he was doing and then the Daily Mail thinks this will make a good story and get everyone riled up with Microsoft.

    There are several menus you have to go through before you buy the microsoft points and its very very clear it costs real money. If anything this is the only good thing about microtransactions - its stops kids just finding a game on the marketplace and immediately buying it - they're forced through the points menu and payment menu first.

    I have no doubt that this kid new he was paying real money. It's possible he didn't really know how much he was spending and just wasn't paying attention but still he knew he was spending Daddy's money. The Dad['s just blaming microsoft and getting this story out with a vain and useless hope Microsoft will reimburse him.
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  • Mass Effect 3: The Extended Cut: A Happy Ending?

  • Gaiduku 27/06/2012

    @wanmookey The matrix analogy here is a good one and makes sense with the ending. The star child is very similar to the Architect and his choices were also very similar.

    However the issue here is that, yes fundamentally the Matrix and Mass effect have similar plots in so much as its about man vs machine. However, the architect scenes in the martix kinda fitted with the general tone of things. The writing, the illusion of choice - it all made sense here. Yet, despite being set in space and everyone having crazy biotic powers, Mass effect was for the most part set in the real world.

    The game story was very literal whereas a lot of the matrix was very metaphorical. Kill the council or dont kill them, destroy the collector base or dont destroy it. The choices were real choices not some arty farty metaphor about life. Yet it seemed like bioware really liked that scene at the end of the second matrix film and just made their own version of that. The choices suddenly become more abstract and the writing noticeably different.

    To be honest it's not inherently bad.... it just didn't fit.
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  • Gaiduku 27/06/2012

    Unfortunately this was always going to be doomed somewhat. As mentioned in the article, you can't patch memories. Whatever bioware chose to do here could not fix the fact the original ending was not just disappointing in its abruptness, or in its melancholy tone, but in the fact that it just didn't really fit with the game at all.

    Bioware essentially had three options here with this DLC and for the sake of a witty comment I'm going to use the analogy of Mass Effect 3, three silly endings.

    1) Destroy: They start afresh and completely "destroy" the original endings and make something completely new. There was very little chance of this happening because it would be a complete admission of how silly the original endings were.

    2) Synthesis: They combine the original ending with the much lauded indoctrination theory. Sure a few people out there would have enjoyed this but for many it would show that Bioware's fans can write better than Bioware's hired writers

    3) Control: What Bioware actually did. They took "control" of their original endings (okay this one is a bit dubious...) and just added bits to them. Again, disappointing but at least they're sticking to their guns somewhat.
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  • Nintendo's E3 2012 Conference

  • Gaiduku 05/06/2012

    Oh fuck now Iwata is talking more about the shite that is nintendoland Reply 0
  • Gaiduku 05/06/2012

    What was that Majoras mask thing about then? A remake? 3DS? Wii u ? Reply 0
  • Gaiduku 05/06/2012

    rather tepid round of applause at the end Reply 0
  • Gaiduku 05/06/2012

  • Gaiduku 05/06/2012

  • Gaiduku 05/06/2012

    We get it - it jas two screens. Now shut up and show some games. Reply 0
  • Gaiduku 05/06/2012

    So 2am Thursday morning for that right? Reply 0
  • Gaiduku 05/06/2012

    No party members? Reply 0
  • Gaiduku 05/06/2012

    Great a year old previous gen game for a launch title.... Reply 0
  • Gaiduku 05/06/2012

    Looks good but.... 1) what did the rock pikmin actually do and 2) If i play with just the wii u game pad can i still do the motion stuff? Reply 0
  • Gaiduku 05/06/2012

    No it be all slow and stuttery Reply 0
  • Gaiduku 05/06/2012

    Come on stream!! Reply 0
  • Shin Megami Tensei 4 coming to 3DS

  • Gaiduku 30/05/2012

    Might want to mention that the game was actually called Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifers Call here in the UK and not nocturne. Reply +2
  • Sony patent shows unwieldy Move controller dock

  • Gaiduku 19/04/2012

    Call of Duty Submarine Periscope operator?!?! Reply +23
  • UK teachers union calls for legislation against violent games

  • Gaiduku 03/04/2012

    What are video children?? Reply -8
  • Silicon Knights: "used games are cannibalising the industry"

  • Gaiduku 28/03/2012

    Fuck off Denis Dyak - don't blame your inability to make a good game on the used games industry. I'm allowed to trade in what I want and buy what I want at the cheapest price. Reply +57
  • Face-Off: Mass Effect 3

  • Gaiduku 13/03/2012

    Wait, I thought if I installed both discs I wouldnt need to swap any more.... Reply 0
  • Widespread reports of Xbox 360 Achievements being wiped

  • Gaiduku 13/03/2012

    Microsoft's response: "Have you tried turning it off and on again"

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  • Control Nemesis in Xbox 360 exclusive Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City multiplayer mode

  • Gaiduku 05/03/2012

    Dear Capcom (and all other publishers this applies to),

    This is not the point of DLC. Downloadable content should allow developers and publishers to create expansions and extras for a completed game. Most commonly this will involve extra missions or multiplayer maps for the player to enjoy after they have finished most/all of the original game. It should not be used as a way to charge extra for parts of the game you've already made prior to release date.

    Capcom - piss off, this is a pretty dickish move.


    An annoyed gamer.
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  • GameStop wants to buy GAME - report

  • Gaiduku 29/02/2012

    Let me get this straight... stock is lended to Game by the publishers not just sold. I kinda just assumed Game bought the games they planned to sell from the publishers and then sold them to consumers - this article mentioned Game discussing "Lending Terms" with their stock which confused me a bit. Reply 0
  • EA launches Mass Effect 3 into space from London this morning

  • Gaiduku 27/02/2012

    @arcam hahha nice and close to where i live... Reply 0
  • Gaiduku 27/02/2012

    @ZuluHero Oh crap i live east of london.... go to work or wait here and see if i can get a copy... decisions decisions Reply 0
  • Gaiduku 27/02/2012

    @Monkeyspoon It does't look like they go far... and i think they have some method of controlling that. Copies have been launched from San Francisco and New York and neither of them ended up in the sea Reply 0
  • Gaiduku 27/02/2012

    Is it still saying no payload detected for everyone? Reply +2
  • Gaiduku 27/02/2012

    @spekkeh Yeah my main concern is going all the way there and getting the bloody PS3 version. I played ME and ME2 on my 360 so obviously want the 360 version.

    Also it wont break when it crashes back down - its going to slowly descend
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  • EA announces starry Syndicate voice cast

  • Gaiduku 10/02/2012

    @8bitMofo Oh crap... my last comment was under the assumption that it was the physicist Brian Cox. He annoys the hell out of me Reply -16
  • Gaiduku 10/02/2012

    I wont be able to handle a game where I have to listen to Brian Cox's whining voice for hours on end. Not getting this game - decided. Reply -20
  • Volition dev: next Xbox not playing pre-owned games would be "fantastic"

  • Gaiduku 07/02/2012

    I don't understand why the games industry think they are allowed to do something like this were practically every other consumer driven industry out there just doesnt. Of course this is different with digital media this is changing a bit e.g. with downloadable music and ebooks.

    However, when you buy something physical you should always be able to do what you want with it. It's your's - you paid for it and if you dont want it anymore you should be able to pass it on whether that be for a bit of cash or just to give to a friend. This is how it works for everything else in the world why are games so different?! Sure TV shows and movies cost millions to produce but you still allowed to sell them on in the exact same way.

    Also what really annoys me about this article is that games "only" cos $60 as if this is absurdly cheap. There are several issues here. First of all some games are worth this kinda of money, or at least worth more than others. Games come in much different lengths than movies or TV shows yet they all cost roughly the same price. Sure I'll pay full price for Skyrim but for something linear and relatively short? No i'll wait for a price drop or get it second hand.

    Secondly, I'm a working adult now. I can afford to buy a fair few games now. However, not that long ago I could barely afford 2 or 3 full priced games a year. New games would be for birthdays and Christmas only. Yet back then if i really wanted a new game I could still head down to the gamestore - trade in 4 or 5 older games and get the brand new game i want for significantly cheaper. Removing the used game trade is just gonna ruin things for the younger gamer.
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  • Microsoft to phase out Microsoft Points by end of the year - report

  • Gaiduku 24/01/2012

    As long as games stay "roughly" the same price this is a good thing. However if and XBLA game goes from 6 - 10 then no they're taking the piss. Reply +5
  • Tales of the Abyss Review

  • Gaiduku 14/12/2011

    Any idea where i can actually buy this game. Game, Amazon and Gamestation are all "out of stock" and says the release date isnt until end of January. According to the wiki page it came out on the 25th November but seeing as no one is selling it I find that quite unlikely..... Reply 0
  • Zavvi tweaks Metal Gear Solid HD Ultimate Edition

  • Gaiduku 30/11/2011

    Any idea if it comes with the subsistence version of MGS3 more specifically does it come with the two msx games? Reply 0
  • Xbox Live gains a new member every two seconds

  • Gaiduku 14/11/2011

    Blu Ray's.....on an Xbox 360? Reply +33
  • The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim UK price roundup

  • Gaiduku 13/11/2011

    Why is Game still TBC... it's been out since Friday..... Reply 0
  • Editor's Blog: In Memory of Allie Fraser

  • Gaiduku 08/11/2011

    When I saw this on the front page I assumed a member of the EG staff had died which would have obviously been very sad.

    The fact that this relates not to a member of staff, but to a member of the EG forum is truly amazing. I can't think of any other site I frequent that would leave such a heartfelt send off to one of their community members.

    Kudos Eurogamer

    And more importantly my thoughts go out to Allie's family at what must be a horrible time for them. I don't really go on the forum here but from the sounds of things he was a great guy and I wish i could have had at least one internet argument with him before his untimely passing.
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  • No online play in Monster Hunter Tri G

  • Gaiduku 18/10/2011

    Oh come on Nintendo!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply 0
  • Expo Extra: WTF?

  • Gaiduku 23/09/2011

    @Daddy-Doom-Bar I'm the guy standing there smirking whilst Teti talks about hilarious Dorking is...... Reply +1
  • Why Star Fox 64 3D isn't online

  • Gaiduku 22/09/2011

    @wattsn Can I just say that I have played online on both Xbox, PS3 and Wii and can say definitively that its a better experience on the Xbox Reply +1
  • Gaiduku 21/09/2011

    @wattsn26 When the alternatives are nintendo just not doing online or their obsession with friend codes, and the other being Sony and the hacking fiasco then I'm happy to pay for Live Reply -1
  • Gaiduku 21/09/2011

    @vamos I believe my post might have been worded incorrectly. I didnt mean that all games require an online component. Of course that would be ridiculous. I don't really want multiplayer in Mass Effect 3 or the newest Bioshock game.

    However, a game like Lylat wars, which 10 -15 years ago was an amazing game to play with friends locally was screaming out for online multiplayer. In regards to your other point - about split screen multiplayer, I absolutely 100% agree with you there. The complete disregard for local multiplayer this generation is very very annoying. Last generation was full of amazing games that were only really fun when played with a few friends in the same room as you. For example, I don't think Timesplitters 2 would have been half as fun as an online game.

    Saying that though the inclusion of an online mode cannot cost that much! It's almost offensive to hear nintendo tell us how vast the costs would be when practically every other game around these days includes an online mode whether or not it is really needed.
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  • Gaiduku 21/09/2011

    Nintendo need to get their act together and realise that online multiplayer is not a nice extra for games but an absolute necessity these days!! Reply +8
  • OnLive UK launch details announced

  • Gaiduku 22/09/2011

    So are the free onlive kits only going to people who attend the weekend EG expo dates or does this include Thursday and Friday too? Reply 0