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  • There's a second Monster Hunter World PS4 beta this week

  • Gaiduku 18/12/2017

    As @mouseymouse says I really think this article has missed the most important part. The fact that ps plus isn't required really should be added. Anyone can play....offline or online even if they don't usually have the ability to do so on their PS4 Reply +2
  • Ex-Valve writer reveals what might have been Half-Life 2: Episode 3's story

  • Gaiduku 25/08/2017

    There is so much that confuses and annoys me about this. First of all most of the posts here talk about the lack of commercial interest in Valve making HL3. They don't need to risk the money on developing it because they're already raking in much cash from running Steam.

    I find this a very weird argument. Presumably if they have entire swimming pools of cash lying around then the risk is reduced not increased? If, heaven forbid, HL3 was a failure would it really affect Valve? Wouldn't they just shrug it off and rake in millions through a Steam sale?

    Secondly there's the whole artistic merit of the thing. Sure games as art is a very contentious subject but the halflife franchise has writers and a story and people invested. From a creative point of view why lock that all away in a cupboard and never let it out. Simply because they don't think it will make them enough money? If so that's very depressing.

    And lastly...when did Valve decide to pack game making in. As far as I remember any discussion about future Halflife games pretty much went silent right after the release of the Orange Box...or near enough anyway. Surely when they writing the cliffhanger ending of Episode 2 someone, somewhere in the organisation knew the future of HL3 was a bit hazy?
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  • Sega's back catalogue is headed to mobile with Sega Forever

  • Gaiduku 21/06/2017

    Oh god there are so many games I can't wait to play on this service. Bonanza Brothers being one of them of course but I'm excited for Mickey Mouse: World of Illusion and it's fantastic co-op multiplayer. I also got really into Flashback but I was a little too young to really appreciate it's size - plus the lack of a real save system and relying on passwords was a right pain. Reply +3
  • Forbidden Siren is out now on PS4

  • Gaiduku 17/06/2016

    Aaahh this game. I remember being woefully unprepared for this game when I played it 10ish years ago, both in terms of fear and difficulty.

    I played the remake when it came out and, as already said, it didn't really do it for me. The first may have been too difficult for me at the time but this felt a bit too easy. The enemies were essentially unstoppable in the original whereas in the remake you could just batter them until they stopped getting up.
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  • Civilization 6 announced, ahead of October release

  • Gaiduku 11/05/2016

    Did anyone else feel like they just watched an O2 advert whilst watching that trailer? Reply 0
  • Stellaris Review

  • Gaiduku 09/05/2016

    @Skirlasvoud This is true but I think the reason it was included is because it's new for Paradox games. In the two paradox games I've played you don't start out as an isolated village or settler but a fully functioning dynasty/country/empire.

    Importantly so do your opponenets and this asymmetry is fundamental to those games and can make it really difficult for new players to get into. Play your first game as a small country next to someone huge and already powerful and you might now have a new time.

    The symmetry and isolationism is new for Paradox (correct me if I'm wrong here) and I think it's important the reviewer mentioned this and also pointed out how the grand strategy still works with the removal of asymmetry.
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  • Apple iPhone SE review

  • Gaiduku 25/04/2016

    I'm in this odd situation where I've had an Android phone for two years and really not liked it. It's a HTC M7 which, according to reviews at the time was meant to be great but I got fed up with it pretty quickly. The camera suck, the whole thing heats up like mad and just lots of the user interface is irratating and slow.

    I upgraded from a 4S and the SE seems like a way to get a new iPhone without completely breaking the bank. However the small screen is what worries me the most because I do use my current phone to watch a lot of Netflix etc.
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  • Nintendo Direct E3 2015 live report

  • Gaiduku 16/06/2015

    Can you just be whelmed?

    I think you can in Europe?

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  • How Xenoblade Chronicles scales down to the 3DS

  • Gaiduku 24/02/2015

    @Rogueywon Exactly. I've been downvoted for being shocked that I didn't already know this was happening. I could quite easily of purchased this and then found it wasn't playable. Reply 0
  • Gaiduku 24/02/2015

    Woah it's completely unplayable on older 3DS consoles?! I knew the New 3DS had some rather large improvements but didn't realise games would be coming out that are only playable on the new device. Reply -19
  • Witcher 3 E3 gameplay demo combat was deliberately easy, CD Projekt says

  • Gaiduku 18/06/2014

    @arcam I think the purpose of that section was to allow people replaying the game to skip the prologue. It wasn't made clear at all though - you think you're just picking dialogue yet you're really picking sections of the game to play.

    It is very useful now though to start a new game and get to flotsam as quickly as possible but jumping straight to the Solar and skipping out the rest of the prologue if I'm not in the mood for it.
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  • Nintendo's E3 digital event

  • Gaiduku 10/06/2014

    Wut..... Reply 0
  • Gaiduku 10/06/2014

    This is an awfully designed trailer. It's impossible to tell what's going on. Reply 0
  • EA PS4 games cost an eye-watering £63 from PlayStation Store

  • Gaiduku 25/11/2013

    I predicted this would be the case months ago when Microsoft were taking a very digital approach and pissing everyone off. I don't been the disparity between ps4 and xbox one but more the absurd pricing in general.

    Currently it appears that digital sales just don't work at all when you only have one "shop" to download from on each console. Steam may have its critics but at least its generally quite cheap, probably due to competition with other online reailers (origin, gog, etc).

    What is weird though is how the digital sales seem to exist in a vacuum where the competition from real world stores don't exist. Fair enough PSN and Xbox live have no online competion within their own system but they still have competition with physical retailers. At least charge the SAME PRICE for games if you're not going to undercut - don't charge £10- £20 more!!!
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  • Xbox One TV integration suffers noticeable judder in UK

  • Gaiduku 25/11/2013

    Looks like a rather complicated problem to fix! I have however got a few questions:

    1) Is the 50Hz thing just a UK phenomenon or does it effect pretty much everyone in Europe? If it's just us here in blighty then surely its more of our problem not Microsoft's (although would have been nice if they could have sorted it before launch)

    2) I've read a few articles complaining that there was no TV integration in the UK at all yet and its only available in the USA (and maybe Japan??) at the mo. So how has this problem been spotted if the tv integration isnt available here yet?
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  • Blockbuster store refunds PS4 pre-order after megaphone protest

  • Gaiduku 04/11/2013

    Good on him but I don't see why he couldn't have just written to head office. Bit of a pain I guess but Blockbuster are offering refunds just not from individual stores. In a way surely it does make more sense to do this centrally? Reply 0
  • A list of every confirmed Xbox One game

  • Gaiduku 12/06/2013

    @jabberwocky Shit you're right. For some reason I always assumed the original was multiplatform Reply 0
  • Gaiduku 12/06/2013

    The only one here that kinda annoys me (because I wont be getting an XBone) is Dead Rising 3.

    However its Capcom so no major first party connections involved...can't see it staying exclusive forever
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  • Next Xbox Reveal: live report and live video

  • Gaiduku 21/05/2013

    its very tough to get excited about any of this Reply 0
  • Gaiduku 21/05/2013

    is it meant to be a play on words... like... Xbox Won Reply 0
  • Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy review

  • Gaiduku 09/05/2013

    Bought it and it arrived today. Shocked by how much stuff they give you!! As well as all the lovely hexes and other playing pieces they provide nice velvet bagas to store randomised components and plenty of saleable plastic bags to store everything else.

    It's still a bit messy and crampt in the box but there really is nothing more satisfying than popping out tokens from a punch sheet.
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  • Register three of eight Nintendo 3DS games to get another free

  • Gaiduku 22/04/2013

    Does this work if I purchased these games from the eShop? Obviously with real copies of the game you get a little code in the box.... do I just register with the eShop code? Reply 0
  • UK chart: Injustice: Gods Among Us topples BioShock Infinite

  • Gaiduku 22/04/2013

    Wahey go Fire emblem. Bought it over the weekend and its absolutely fantastic. Commutes are going to be much more exciting from now on Reply +1
  • Nintendo shutting down Wii channels and online services

  • Gaiduku 12/04/2013

  • Jason Rohrer creates a game that will take over 2000 years to complete

  • Gaiduku 04/04/2013

    Somebody fetch me my shovel and metal detector!! Reply +12
  • The Witcher 3: The Skyrim debate, the game on PS4, nuggets of clarification and a whiff of multiplayer

  • Gaiduku 13/03/2013

    A big issue with skyrim and sandbox RPGs in general is a complete lack of urgency. You get told early on to close the gates of oblivion or find out why the world is now full of dragons....but no one makes you do that.

    Sure I could go and help everyone in Kvatch but I'm just gonna clear out this cave first.

    The witcher 2s smaller locales allowed you to still do side quests but keep the urgency of the main story. Here's hoping cdpr can craft an open world that still has the urgency of a proper story. This is all the more important with the war against nilfgaard. To use Skyrim again as an example the place was meant to be at war....but ony when you took the time out to get involved on that war....again no sense of urgency
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  • Parents refused refund by Apple after son spends £1700 on free iPad game

  • Gaiduku 01/03/2013

    There's a 15 minute window where passwords aren't required?! Wow this does change things quite a bit and really should be made more obvious. So technically a parent could enter the password in themselves for a free app and there child has 15 minutes to go crazy without ever needing a password.

    That's bloody stupid Apple.
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  • Gaiduku 28/02/2013

    @Spectral Yeah I'm not sure if apple should refund them... that is a tough one. But either way theres still a massive divide between how bad the parents mistake was and how much they suffered for it. Reply 0
  • Gaiduku 28/02/2013

    There is some obvious poor parenting here... or at least a bit of unfortunate parenting but I think its hard to have no sympathy at all. There was a similar article a year or so ago where a 12 or 13 year old boy spent hundreds of pounds on Xbox live games and DLC.

    Now there I had no sympathy and was also 100% certain the boy knew exactly what he was doing. In the article he claimed he thought he was using in game points but, as anyone who's ever used Xbox live to buy anything Microsoft make it incredibly clear you are about to spend money. This 12 year old would have had to go through several pages which specifically stated a price for the Microsoft points he was about to purchase and then another page asking for a PAYMENT option.

    And anyone who's ever purchased anything on an ipad or iphone knows that, despite pointing out a price all you need is a password and that money is spent. Now of course apple has parental controls in place and guides available for parents etc etc but I do feel for parents a teeny tiny bit. Another poster here used the analogy of a kid asking to play with his dads car keys and the dad saying yes only for the child to crash the car 5 minutes later. Sure the analogy holds but practically every parent in the world would see that potential outcome and rightly tell the kid to go away. Yet with the advent of smart phones and tablets and also the rise in microtranscations suddenly its incredibly easy for a 5 year old to spend a tonne of money from your own home. Literally, a few years ago it would have been very very unlikely a 5 year old would have the ability to do this... even if they had they fathers credit card information the complexities involved in spending money on a computer would probably have been too much. The dad made one mistake and yes it was a stupid one giving his son his password but the ramifications of that mistake far outweigh the mistake itself.
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  • Creator of original Xbox slams Microsoft's current Xbox strategy

  • Gaiduku 13/02/2013

    What is this guy actually jabbering on about?! Apple putting Angry Birds onto Apple TV will 1) Not make me rush to the stores to buy the device and 2)Not dissuade me from buying big budget games on my Xbox, Ps3 or PC. I honestly don't know what the hell he's going on about Reply +44
  • Screenshots of next-gen RPG The Witcher 3

  • Gaiduku 07/02/2013

    @Slipstream "in dire need of polish"

    Pun intended?
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  • Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar review

  • Gaiduku 06/02/2013

    @Quinns I've only played 3 games and am already hooked. Still need to decide what factions to play as though Reply 0
  • Gaiduku 06/02/2013

    Review Android Netrunner next. Bought it the other day and its amazing. Slightly let down by being 2 player only but its a fantastic example of asymmetric gameplay. Reply +2
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt announced for 2014

  • Gaiduku 05/02/2013

    @unacomn it could be yennifer too right? Reply 0
  • UK chart: DmC dumped to fourth as chart returns to normality

  • Gaiduku 28/01/2013

    Wow GTA 4 is still in the charts?! Reply +8
  • More romance in BioWare games or less? Writer discusses

  • Gaiduku 14/01/2013

    The Witcher and The Witcher 2 represent one of the worst and one of the best romance systems respectively.

    The sex card game in the first was silly and juvenile turning sex from a 'mature' concept to something the teens will love - something more along the lines of the controversial Hot Coffee. Female characters failed to be as interesting as the male ones becomes 9/10 eventually they would sleep with you. There's an interesting character early on called Abigail who much of the first chapter focusses on and towards its climax she offers herself to you. It's a silly unnecessary scene. There was little romance between Geralt and Abigail up to this point. The whole is made more ridiculous by the fact that a) A lynch mob is just outside the cave waiting for her and b) Theres a young child waiting with you in the cave too!! But of course she's a female character and must obviously have a naked sex card.

    Yet the Witcher 2 handled it in what I deem to be a more appropriate way. Sure the sex was by far more graphic in nature but it was less frequent and seemed to make more sense. Gone were the silly peasants who would have sex simply if you game them some roses but now the romance characters were important and actually vital to the storyline... most of them anyway. Plus as already mentioned there were plenty of female characters who simply arent romanceable at all. Geralt may be a stunner ( :/ ) but not everyones gonna fancy him.
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  • What a year Kickstarter had in 2012

  • Gaiduku 09/01/2013

    Hey EG - The link to Planetary Annihilation actually goes to the Occulus rift Kickstarter page. Reply +1
  • Eurogamer Reader Survey 2012: Thank You!

  • Gaiduku 04/01/2013

    Looks like I was the only guy to ask for the return of Reader Reviews then :( Reply +5
  • Nintendo Wii Mini review

  • Gaiduku 12/12/2012

    @Old_Books I don't think DF has an agenda against Nintendo they're just calling them out on a few rather worrying points. The Wii Mini is an absolutely disaster it seems so I think it's fair enough there to have a go at nintendo here.

    The other recent DF articles about Wii U stuff have also been relatively fair I believe. It just seems like DF and by extension Eurogamer are asking the much needed question... is this level of performance really good enough? Current reports seem to suggest that with many of these games the Wii U is on par with the Xbox 360 and PS3. Now for me that isn't good enough. For many the promise of new graphics and better physics might not be there thing but for me its quite important.

    I don't think the console will bomb at all but I can see it going very much the way of the Wii. Selling a tonne this christmas and probably the next and then slowly collecting dust whilst I play games on other consoles that simply can't be ported to the Wii U.
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  • Ni No Kuni PS3 demo confirmed for this week

  • Gaiduku 03/12/2012

    @Osahi I meant the demo. My expo impressions of this game are poor cos I was in such a rush. I'd like to play the demo to give it another chance. Also how did you get to play 10 hours?! Reply 0
  • Gaiduku 03/12/2012

    Really hope they release this for EU. I tried it briefly at this years expo but I was in a bit of a rush - didn't pay much attention and just died a lot. Want to try it again properly and see if this is worth a purchase. Reply +5
  • Face-Off: Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition on Wii U

  • Gaiduku 27/11/2012

    Currently a fiver on steam... yeah... i know which version to buy. Reply +6
  • Amazon Black Friday deals week continues for UK shoppers

  • Gaiduku 19/11/2012

    Hey EG - this deals died now. It looks like the whole was a bit of a cockup and Amazon have just fixed it to remove the absurd (but amazing) £75 discount. Reply 0
  • UK shop Simply Games promises to break Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 street date

  • Gaiduku 09/11/2012

    @Zaxlor What happened to MW4? Reply +9
  • Molyneux's Curiosity app launches, £50,000 DLC not yet available

  • Gaiduku 06/11/2012

    "Welcome back, Joining"

    For like 20 minutes.....
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  • Cypress Hill's Shagg loses $250m Grand Theft Auto lawsuit

  • Gaiduku 02/11/2012

    @reelbigkris I'm especially looking forward to the chapter where he steals a jetpack from a secret military facility and then discovers proof that aliens exist..... Reply +34
  • SingStar free-to-play interview: PS Eye as a mic, not the end of boxed releases

  • Gaiduku 23/10/2012

    @Eoin Wow thats pretty nifty. My sisters have a tonne of singstar discs by the ps2 is old and cranky. Might just load the lot of them onto my ps3... for my sisters... not for me.... definitely just for my sisters..... Reply +22
  • Gaiduku 23/10/2012

    Wait... how can I load songs from a PS2 disc? Can all PS3s do this or only those with PS2 backwards compatibility? Reply +3
  • Gamestation website to close next week

  • Gaiduku 22/10/2012

    Very sad. My first ever job was in Gamestation and it was great fun. Reply +6
  • Lost Humanity 15: Booth Babes

  • Gaiduku 03/10/2012

    I actually think the worst thing about booth babes isnt whether it objectifies women. We could argue until the cows come home about whether women using their bodies to make money is objectification, going from things as relatively tame as booth babes and page 3 all the way to the far seedier realms of strip clubs and pornography.

    That in a way is a completely seperate issue. My main issue is just that its a terrible terrrble way to advertise something at a corporate event. Yeah sex sells.... sure... in a 2 minute Lynx advert a hot woman in a bikini might make me glance at the screen longer than one without. But at these events we're here to play games/ look at cars/ see what new tech is coming out. We want to find out as much info about these games as possible whether it be through actually playing them, going to a dev conference or speaking to a member of development (or even PR) staff on the floor. Some of my favourite moments of my time at several EG expos have been talking to people actually involved with the production or marketing of the game. They know what they're selling and they can actually help you.

    Dressing someone up in underwear just to drag you other to their game stall or graphics card booth is pure avertising laziness. This is my main problem with it all.
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