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  • XCOM 2 delayed to February 2016

  • GAmbrose 28/08/2015

    Might as well make it as polished as they can

    And make sure you actually add controller support whilst you are at it...
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  • Ark: Survival Evolved, Company of Heroes and Mount & Blade free to play on Steam this weekend

  • GAmbrose 28/08/2015

    Ark: Survival Evolved should have a DX12 patch released today as well, so will be one of the very first playable DX12 titles. Reply 0
  • Our first look at Batman: Arkham Knight's 1989 Batmobile in action

  • GAmbrose 14/08/2015

    I wondered how they were going to integrate a 1989 car in to the game considering how different they are.

    And now we know, they aren't

    Other than some DLC riddler style tracks...
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  • Video: Where's the hype for these huge games?

  • GAmbrose 13/08/2015

    I tend to avoid all video previews to be honest.

    I read previews and reviews, but I don't watch preview videos. They can spoil certain sequences.

    The only thing I might watch are official trailers and hope they don't give too much away
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  • Metal Gear Solid: The first modern video game

  • GAmbrose 12/08/2015

    I remember watching the trailer for this on a magazine cover and being absolutely blown away by what I was seeing.

    So much so that I managed to get hold of the Japanese version in September 1998 and played through as much of that as I could, until the UK release that is (February 1999?)

    Twin Snakes on Gamecube was great as well, it was basically the game remade in the MGS2 engine.
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  • In Mafia 3 you play a Vietnam veteran in 1968 New Orleans

  • GAmbrose 05/08/2015

    That's the lightest skinned black guy I've seen since Michael Jackson.

    I'm making assumptions from the trailer that he is black or at least mixed race (child at the orphanage)

    Why not just have some balls 2k, and have a central character who is actually black, rather than half-arse it?
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  • Fake swatting prank leads to popular Twitch streamer getting banned

  • GAmbrose 04/08/2015


    If the UK had a gun culture like the US, and they get a call that somebody is being held hostage by an armed assailant it would be exactly the same here.

    Because of their ridiculous gun fetish, police can get shot and killed doing a simple traffic stop. Unfortunately as well the police have real fear about this and so they become very aggressive as well (see recent arrest of Sandra Bland)
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  • GAmbrose 04/08/2015

    I don't think I've ever watched Twitch in my life.

    The fact someone streams for up to 14 hours a day is ridiculous to me.
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  • New article on Konami paints a bleak picture

  • GAmbrose 03/08/2015

    This is the problem when mobile 'freemium' games are so profitable and development costs comparatively low.

    Console games would inevitably suffer. Particularly as Japan seems to moving further away from console gaming in favour of mobiles.
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  • The gamer's guide to the Windows 10 launch

  • GAmbrose 29/07/2015


    Same here (Though actually been using it since March)

    It's had numerous updates since then and has gotten more and more stable (and was pretty good to start out with) and lots of bug fixes.

    I think it's great. Much prefer it to Windows 8.1
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  • An hour with Randy Pitchford

  • GAmbrose 24/07/2015


    That sounds....rapey.
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  • GAmbrose 24/07/2015


    Good job.

    Eurogamer and RockPaperShotgun seem to be the only sites asking hard questions.

    They are the only two gaming sites I bookmark.
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  • GAmbrose 24/07/2015


    The difference is that Aliens: Colonial Marines is supposedly canon now (yeah right) but the ret-con comes from a universe in which Alien 3 still exists.

    In the A:CM DLC, some random soldier fell in to that cryo-tube and that's who the supposedly dead body becomes in Alien 3.

    From what I understand, Blomkamp is going to ignore Aliens 3 completely, and make a sequel as if Aliens was the last film.

    Which is a much better way of doing things, if you're going to ret-con.
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  • GAmbrose 24/07/2015

    He claims to be a huge fan of Aliens, but the ret-conning in the game was horrendous.

    Not just the 'Hicks is still alive' rubbish, but also the fact that in Aliens Atmospheric Processor went nuclear and blew the fuck out of Hadleys Hope.

    RIPLEY: It's very pretty, Bishop. But, what are we looking for?
    (Suddenly, a column of blue flame, like an acetylene torch, jets upward from the station at the base of the cone.)
    BISHOP: That's it. The emergency venting.
    HUDSON: Ah, that's beautiful, man. Ah man, that...that just beats it all.
    HICKS: How long until it blows?
    BISHOP: Four hours...with a blast radius of thirty kilometers. Equal to about forty megatons.
    HICKS: We got problems.
    HUDSON: I don't believe this. I don't f****g believe this.
    HICKS: Vasquez. Close the shutters.
    RIPLEY: Why can't we shut it down from here?
    BISHOP: I'm sorry. The crash did too much damage. An overload was inevitable, at this point.
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  • H1Z1, PlanetSide boss steps down following online harassment

  • GAmbrose 23/07/2015

    Sad internet pricks.

    Go after somebody genuinely awful, if you think you stand for something.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight PC will stay broken until this autumn - report

  • GAmbrose 16/07/2015


    Steam version

    Patch installed to add back the Rain and Ambient Occlusion.

    Took the 30fps cap off (changed it to 60)

    V-sync off.

    Menu as per this image:

    SLI Disabled.

    GPU 1x running the game
    GPU 2x dedicated to Physx

    Averaged about 45fps.
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  • GAmbrose 16/07/2015


    Probably that then. I'm also using Windows 10 (various iterations, currently version 10240). I'm guessing that might have better memory management than Windows 7/8/8.1

    Not that a UE3 engine game should need 16GB RAM. Obviously it does need work but believe it or not I've played games that were in a more unplayable state at launch that didn't get removed from sale.

    In fact Arkham City's DX11 mode never properly worked at a decent frame-rate and I experienced a near game-breaking bug which left you staring at a black screen after a particular cutscene in Wonder City. The menu and map still worked so I had to navigate Batman on a blank screen and try to find a tiny manhole just by pausing and looking at my position on the map.

    I'd advise anyone making a PC now to get 16GB Ram anyway though. 8GB was my acceptable limit up to the end of last year but things gradually move on.
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  • GAmbrose 16/07/2015

    I 100% completed the storyline the other day on Steam.

    Playing the whole game 4k, the game crashed once or twice but that was down to Nvidia drivers which have since been updated.

    I think I must've been lucky enough to brute force it with 16GB Ram, SSD and plenty of VRAM.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight's first major DLC falls short

  • GAmbrose 15/07/2015


    I thought the Fallout 3 DLC (the one that extedned the game and increased the level cap to 30) was really decent.

    Also some of the Mass Effect 2 & 3 DLC's were worth the money.

    There are some good ones amongst all the chaff.
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  • GAmbrose 15/07/2015

    The PC game including the season pass cost me 23 from CD Keys

    Ok, so the PC version doesn't actually work according to most (I 100% completed the storyline without issues) but that's good value for money compared with the console version.
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  • Konami scrubs Kojima's name from Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain cover

  • GAmbrose 14/07/2015

    I'd love to know what on earth is going on here.

    Maybe Kojima could kickstart a Snatcher follow-up after MGS V though....
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  • What does it take to run Arkham Knight smoothly on PC?

  • GAmbrose 02/07/2015

    I can kinda brute force the game for decent playable performance, but it's with a pretty expensive PC and it shouldn't have to be this way when the PS4 version works so well.

    With all the settings on their highest (e.g 'Normal' Textures), Nvidia PhsyX all on, V-sync off @ 3840x2160p resolution I am getting between 57 and 35 fps depending on what's happening.

    5930k @ 4.4Ghz, 16GB Ram, Titan X GPU + Titan X dedicated to PhysX (since SLI is broken), Windows Tech Preview 10130 + Nvidia Win 10 WHQL driver 352.84

    But yeah, the devs have their work cut out...
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  • To the Batmobile? The trouble with Arkham Knight's biggest addition

  • GAmbrose 01/07/2015


    Bungie - The developer who made Halo and Destiny, and had nothing to do with this game?
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  • GAmbrose 01/07/2015


    It'a an opinion piece, why would he need to keep saying that?
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  • GAmbrose 01/07/2015

    It never really gets old pressing a button to summon the car and it doing doughnuts whilst you jump inside. Reply +8
  • Sony announces lighter, less power hungry PS4 hardware

  • GAmbrose 22/06/2015


    What would be the point of that? You seriously think Sony would want millions of consoles defunct because they upgraded the GPU?
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  • GAmbrose 22/06/2015

    8% less

    Assuming electricity was 12p per KWh you would save about 1.80 a month, and that's IF you ran it under load 24/7....
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  • Bethesda confirms Fallout 4 1080p30 on consoles, unrestricted on PC

  • GAmbrose 22/06/2015

    Sorry, where did he say it's locked 30 fps? Reply +9
  • AMD's Radeon Fury X: the new leader in graphics tech?

  • GAmbrose 19/06/2015


    People really don't read things properly.

    I am DIRECTLY REFERRING to the article when they talk about 4GB VRAM and what happens when you EXCEED that amount (AMD claiming it's less of a problem with HBM, but that can't possibly be right)

    That's when the PCIE bus comes in to play, and that's when you will get stuttering because even 3.0 x16 is not quick enough to load things that should be utilizing the VRAM, in and out of the GPU.
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  • GAmbrose 18/06/2015


    I'm sorry to be blunt, but you literally have no clue what you are talking about.

    There is no passive adapter than can convert a DisplayPort 1.2 signal to HDMI 2.0

    Google it.

    Edit - If you are unclear on why this is an issue, HDMI 1.4a is limited to 30hz @ 4k. Which also therefore limits you to 30fps.
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  • GAmbrose 18/06/2015


    7-8 months.
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  • GAmbrose 18/06/2015


    HDMI to DP? How does that change anything.

    If you mean DP to HDMI, then you would need an 'active' DP 1.2 -> HDMI 2.0 adapter and there aren't any of the market yet...

    Nor are AMD likely to give away a cable that will retail at about 30.

    They might give you a cheapo adapter like they used to do with all their other cards, but it's passive and only supports HDMI 1.3 AFAIK.

    I had a 295x2 which came with one....It solves nothing.
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  • GAmbrose 18/06/2015


    Lag - No.

    I did a lot of research before buying it and the AX802B had some of the lowest lag levels of all the 4k TV's at the time.

    Overscan - Absolutely, though even with the size of the TV the Windows desktop looks really small so it's hard to do 'desktop' activities on it. If you turn on the Windows UI scaling it messes with the games.

    My PS4 looks great, as do 1080p Blu-rays. So the upscaling from HD, inc HDTV is good. Standard def TV looks pretty shite but you get used to it.

    Processing - Yep, on HDMI 4 (The one that supports HDMI 2.0) I set it to gaming mode and turn off all the processing.

    Obviously it depends on the TV. Panasonic are releasing a newer model soon so that might be better (or worse) for certain features.
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  • GAmbrose 18/06/2015


    I know that.

    "Challenged about the memory deficit versus its rival, AMD claimed that faster, lower latency RAM can be just as advantageous as more of it - something worthy of more in-depth investigation (typically, maxing out VRAM causes bad stutter as the driver 'pages out' to system RAM. We're not sure how HBM changes that in the way AMD suggests)."

    But we're talking about what happens when the 4GB VRAM is full, and at 4k resolutions that happens pretty quickly.
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  • GAmbrose 18/06/2015


    Yep, I do all my gaming at 4k on it.

    The only game I had to drop down to 1440p was 'Wolfenstein: Old Blood' because the id Tech 5 engine doesn't support SLI and without V-sync it looks awful.

    Anyway you need to set it up properly and if you are using the PC through it you basically need to turn ALL the processing off, and also ensure you are feeding it a full RGB signal otherwise it can look washed out.
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  • GAmbrose 18/06/2015



    I wasn't talking about system RAM. We're talking about loading VRAM across the bus.

    Fury X memory bandwidth is 512GB/s

    And you think dropping down to nearly 5% of that speed over the PCIE bus is a good idea?
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  • GAmbrose 18/06/2015


    You'd have to agree that in the next 12 months, 4k TV's sales are only going to increase though?

    Even in terms of future-proofing HDMI 2.0 makes sense.

    If Nvidia managed to put it on their GPU's last year, why aren't AMD putting it on their flagship GPU's this year?
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  • GAmbrose 18/06/2015

    I was really hopeful that AMD would come back strong, but the decision not to include HDMI 2.0 is absolutely bizarre considering the uptake of 4k TV's.

    I know of plenty of people (inc myself) who do their gaming on 4k TV's.

    And regardless of HBM bandwidth, as soon as that 4GB VRAM gets full up you are massively constrained by the PCIE bus speed - Even at 3.0 x16

    As for water-cooling, it's a great idea to integrate it but it'll make installing it harder (for novices anyway)

    I just replaced my Titan X reference coolers with AIO liquid cooling and they never go above 50C at load either.
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  • Fallout Shelter making more money than Candy Crush Saga on the App Store

  • GAmbrose 18/06/2015


    To be fair, you are wrong.

    It made more like $45 million a day :)
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  • GAmbrose 18/06/2015



    But why bother when you can make 2 million dollars a day with significantly less outlay?

    Did Fallout 3 make 2 million dollars a day?
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  • GAmbrose 18/06/2015

    Having said that, if I was boss of Bethesda I would totally be rinsing money out of people with mobile phone games based on successful i.p's. Reply +10
  • GAmbrose 18/06/2015


    Who are these people buying these in app purchases? What stories will they be able to tell their friends about what they got up to in the game? There's hardly going to be an "I nuked Megaton" conversation between Fallout Shelter players.

    Next thing you know Fallout 4 will be the last PC/console game in the series because they can make shitloads more money making freemium mobile phone games.
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  • Shenmue 3 returns, but has it already been left behind?

  • GAmbrose 18/06/2015


    You don't think it's a valid point that a man whose been trying to make 1 game for 14 years might be slightly jaded by the whole thing? Or that he hasn't directed a decent game for about 15 years?
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  • GAmbrose 18/06/2015


    That made me laugh our loud. You might even have a valid point.

    I only ever played Shenmue on the Dreamcast (original) and remember getting a bit bored doing a menial warehouseman job.

    If I wanted to do shit like that I'd try and get paid for it.

    [Will probably still back Shenmue 3 though]
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  • PlayStation "new home of Call of Duty", Black Ops 3 DLC headed to PS4 first

  • GAmbrose 16/06/2015

    You'd have to say COD was now in the diminishing returns stage though, right?

    I mean it still makes a lot of cash but not like the heights of COD 2 and Blackops.
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  • Ubisoft E3 2015 conference live report

  • GAmbrose 15/06/2015

    What did that guy heckle? Reply 0
  • Ne'er Dwell: a few hours with Fallout Shelter

  • GAmbrose 15/06/2015


    I can't help but think the 5.99 I spent on Steam for 'This war of mine' the other day is still probably a better use of money than a Freemium game that you can still spend 15 on.

    Ok, it doesn't run on a mobile but still...
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  • Bethesda reveals first Doom gameplay

  • GAmbrose 15/06/2015


    Exactly this.

    Unless they put in 1000's of unique melee animations, those are going to get old, FAST.
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  • XCOM 2 likely won't launch with gamepad support

  • GAmbrose 06/06/2015

    Disastrous news for me. I don't play games without controller support as I game on my Big screen TV from the sofa.

    I played 100's of hours of XCOM:Enemy Unknown like that.
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  • Heroes of the Storm review

  • GAmbrose 05/06/2015

    These MOBA games just really aren't my cup of tea at all. Reply +6