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  • Mortal Kombat X review

  • FuzzyDuck 21/04/2015


    Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad it's not just me that thought this review was a mess. EG is my favourite gaming site by far, but this standard of content really does it a disservice.

    Also, My Arms, Your Hearse forever!
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  • FuzzyDuck 20/04/2015

    @Matt_Edwards Congrats on your position with Capcom! (I too would love to see a video of Yoshi playing with the SB controller... ), although "boo" to you not doing reviews any more, you clearly know your stuff when it comes to fighters and (just as importantly) how to articulate this.

    I write music reviews for my own jollies (my education is in science, so while it's not related, clear and concise writing is a must) and I've quite possibly lost some sleep this week to MKX (same to GG Xrd when it got it on import), so it is kinda tempting ;)
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  • FuzzyDuck 20/04/2015

    That's one of the worst reviews of a fighting game I've ever read - what happened to Matt Edwards, one of the few people reviewing fighting games that clearly knows how to play them?

    If you're going to say it doesn't have the depth of Street Fighter (which it doesn't - but it's got more depth than is given credit here), you need to tell us why. No elaboration on how the different fighting styles mix up the different play styles? No description of the meter management meta game and how Ex-moves, breakers work and the stamina meter?

    The review has led me to believe that there's only 4 new characters when in fact almost half the roster is new. Also this line:

    I also expect fans to be irritated about Liu Kang, Sindel and the rest moving to the back burner in favour of lesser-known newcomers
    Makes no sense. You fight Sindel once or twice in the story mode, but yet Liu Kang is one of the first characters you see on the select screen!

    No mention of stage interactions, removal of arena fatalities either, how Brutalities and the big hey-ho online component Faction Wars (and their subsequent modes - which is why I thought the game review was so late, so it could be reviewed on public servers) work? No, instead we get superfluous info about the story, and it only took until a week after release to knock this one out!

    People reading a fighting game review want to hear about gampeplay mechanics, the rest of the stuff can be wedged into a paragraph or two (because as ye say yourselves, it's only going to be fight fans going near these titles anyway).

    EG's descent into mediocrity continues unabated.
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  • Face-Off: Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC

  • FuzzyDuck 21/04/2015


    I haven't played it on PC, but I'm pretty sure everyone said Max Payne 3 on it was rather lovely too.
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  • Face-Off: Mortal Kombat X

  • FuzzyDuck 19/04/2015


    MKX is on the lineup for Evo this year, you don't get any more competitive than that.
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  • Man conquers Bloodborne with a guitar controller

  • FuzzyDuck 18/04/2015

    Camera movement is handled with that little slider thingy (sorry, I don't know what it's called)
    That's the pickup switch :)

    On topic, this is just crazy, the guy must have the hands of a surgeon.
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  • Watch 2.5 minutes of Housemarque's Alienation in co-op

  • FuzzyDuck 18/04/2015

    Hmm, I thought dead Nation was merely okay, while Resogun is one of my fave games of the last few years, so will have to wait and see. Reply 0
  • Battlefield: Hardline trumps Bloodborne in March US retail sales

  • FuzzyDuck 17/04/2015

    It's the Souls series in a microcosm - triumph in the face of unfavourable odds! Reply +17
  • Eerie new Everybody's Gone to the Rapture trailer, screenshots

  • FuzzyDuck 16/04/2015


    Yeah! and they shouldn't use "Everybody's" either, as people may think it's a golf game! :rolleyes:
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  • Project Cars on PS4 and Xbox One has PC-like graphics settings

  • FuzzyDuck 16/04/2015

    Are people actually annoyed because a dev has given players a choice of settings as opposed to just the one?

    Strange times.
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  • Xbox One The Witcher 3 bundle revealed for 309.99

  • FuzzyDuck 15/04/2015

    What size hard drive is in the console?

    500Gb (realistically you only get access to around 400Gb of that anyway) is a bit snug for either of the current gen consoles, especially now as there's quite a few titles worth playing on both.
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  • GTA 5's weird endgame

  • FuzzyDuck 15/04/2015

    @3william56 Hear hear.

    It may not be the biggest open-world map in gaming (although it is pretty huge), it has to be the most detailed. Every nook and cranny is rammed with something to see.

    I found that if it's accessible within the boundaries of the game world, there'll be something to look at.
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  • Guitar Hero Live skips backwards compatibility as it reboots series

  • FuzzyDuck 15/04/2015

    Those bands listed are fucking dire.

    It's a game about pretending to be well, a guitar hero. Why would I want to plod along to the rudimentary bullshit of Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance? Skrillex and Ed Sheeran, seriously? Seems like the people coming up with the track list have never heard a guitar being played before.

    Coupled with the lack of compatibility with the old DLC and the weird "Mega CD title in 2015" buzz off it, this is going to tank hard.
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  • Oddworld Inhabitants confirms Abe's Exoddus remake is on the docket

  • FuzzyDuck 15/04/2015

    @spamdangled Yeah, massively.

    I think it had something to do with Microsoft's parity clause causing a massive headache for JAW/OI with Stranger's Wrath, so they said "fuck it" then Sony welcomed them with open arms.
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  • FuzzyDuck 15/04/2015


    It's on PS3 and the Vita.

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  • Mortal Kombat X's dumbly enjoyable story puts other fighting games to shame

  • FuzzyDuck 13/04/2015

    Here's the thing, there's more to 2D fighters than Capcom's offerings.

    Blazblue, KoF XIII and the most recent Guilty Gear are all chock full of single player content (and they all debatably play a better game than SF anyway). GG's story is told via a 5 hours-ish hour anime.

    Up or down, looking forward to picking this up tomorrow, MK9 was riotously good fun.
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  • Xbox One UK price now 299.99

  • FuzzyDuck 13/04/2015


    You'd have to pay me to take a console without a disc drive, no chance in hell.
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  • Jon Blyth on: Bloodborne

  • FuzzyDuck 11/04/2015

    My lack of progress makes me feel hollow
    You have no Humanity, clearly.
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  • Skylanders-style Lego Dimensions features Batman, Gandalf, Back to the Future

  • FuzzyDuck 09/04/2015

    @cowell Didn't stop one of my childhood mates from trying! Reply +2
  • Bloodborne soundtrack goes on sale later this month

  • FuzzyDuck 08/04/2015

    The music when you get taken to the jail by the bagman is both beautiful and creepy.

    Glorious soundtrack.
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  • Bloodborne director reveals his favourite boss from the "Souls" series

  • FuzzyDuck 07/04/2015

    Gaping Dragon - nightmare fuel.

    And most recently from Bloodborne - Rom The Spider. Really shouldn't have played that before bed :|
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  • The best Xbox One games

  • FuzzyDuck 06/04/2015


    Indeed, your own comments show you to have a preference (as opposed to any trolling) for PC gaming, which is a far cry from what IronSolider's posts. His most reason was a pointless, deliberately antagonizing comment.

    He clearly has an issue with consoles (or more bizarrely, people who prefer them). I've lost track of the number of threads where I've thought "here comes IronSolider to derail it".

    If he has such an impressive collection of retro consoles, why not visit the retro forum and discuss games instead of derailing comments sections?

    I just find it all a bit tragic to be honest.
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  • FuzzyDuck 05/04/2015


    You know what, you are entirely correct. Everyone gets a kick out of new tech, better graphics and performance. I've mate who's a big PC gamer and I love calling around when he gets a new component.

    The big difference here is someone like yourself or my mate don't wade into every comments section to tell us how much better everything runs on your PC, especially when the article doesn't even concern PC hardware.
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  • FuzzyDuck 05/04/2015

    @FMV-GAMER Obviously!

    I'm making the point to IronSoldier that all he does is troll, sorry "point out" in comments sections the technical shortcomings of games (even when the article isn't about the tech)... then he lists a load of old consoles that aren't exactly famed for their tech prowess!

    For someone who apparently owns a garden shed's worth of old consoles, most of his comments that I stumble across are "that's better on PC".
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  • FuzzyDuck 05/04/2015


    Then if you're such a big gamer, why berate and constantly put down other people's choices of hardware?

    I don't care if someone is playing the same game as me with better frame rates, Aa, AF, whatever on PC, likewise, I also don't feel "superior" if the same game runs better on PS4 (my current main console) than on X1, yet almost every post I read of yours is along those lines.
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  • FuzzyDuck 05/04/2015


    One has to ask - do you get giddy looking at high numbers in FRAPS or do you actually play the games to have fun?
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  • Video: The Eurogamer Show - Nintendo Direct, Bloodborne and PlayStation Home

  • FuzzyDuck 03/04/2015

    I am sat here watching a video of Bloodborne... whilst taking a break from playing Bloodborne.

    It really is one of those games :)
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  • Microsoft mulled idea of giving away original Xbox free

  • FuzzyDuck 01/04/2015


    Bit of a high horse you're on there mate.

    By using your own logic, instead of emulating even older consoles on your Xbox, you should have a garden shed full of NES, SNES, MegaDrive, Mastersystem, 3DO, NEo Geo, etc, cartridges and discs, not to mention have twenty consoles sat under your TV...

    As for selling stuff on, well if you are finished with something, why not get a few quid back? Do yo keep your old car every time you buy a new one? I used to collect games, but got sick of looking at shelves and shelves worth of games that I've played to death.
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  • Video: Borderlands 2 brings splitscreen co-op to Xbox One, PS4

  • FuzzyDuck 28/03/2015

    @DozyKipper Incorrect, I'm playing it on PS4 and it runs like shit on that too. Reply +1
  • FuzzyDuck 28/03/2015


    Borderlands 2 is solid enough, but it has a bug (even after the huge day 1 update) that resets all your option preferences and Badass rank every time you turn the game off.

    The Presequel has those bugs too, and a framerate that swings between 60 down to the low 20s with loads of screen tearing to boot.

    I'd it's best to avoid.
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  • FuzzyDuck 28/03/2015

    Pity about the borderline broken framerates on the Handsome Collection amongst other glaring issues). Reply +7
  • Performance Analysis: Bloodborne

  • FuzzyDuck 28/03/2015


    With Borderlands 2, your Badass rank and perks are wiped every time you quit out of the game (which wouldn't be nearly as bad if you consider they had the exact same problem when it originally launched on the PS3/360 2.5 years ago), meanwhile your option and controller settings reset every time you quit as well.

    The Presequel does all of that as well, but its biggest crime is that the framerate is all over the place. I'm stuck on a boss fight as it tanks into what looks like the low 20s (from a target of 60), controller response completely dies as a result. It's absolutely riddled with screen tearing too.

    PS4 version here.
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  • FuzzyDuck 28/03/2015


    Yep, it's pretty harsh to look at. It may as well be a up-rezzed PS3 game.

    Between the frankly shocking performance of BB and the issues that BL Handsome Collection are having, I am kicking myself I coughed up day 1.

    No more though
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  • Video: Project CARS Xbox One gameplay breaks cover, at last

  • FuzzyDuck 28/03/2015


    Hey! It's a reimagining of the first game, built from the ground up for PS4.

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  • FuzzyDuck 23/03/2015

    @Unholy_Witchcraft Out of the three games I listed there as being mediocre, I bought Infamous Second Son on release, and completed it once, (First Light is much better, really enjoyed that, got the Platinum trophy for it), rented The Order, cleared it once. I enjoyed it, but it was nothing earth shattering (looked amazing at least). As for Killzone, I own Shadow Fall, went through the single player once (frustrating as hell, but when it was good, it was great) and put about 40 hours into the multiplayer. So I'm definitely saying those games are mediocre after spending enough time with.

    I'm buying Bloodbourne this week (loved demon's and Dark Souls) as I like a proper challenge in a game. Ratchet and Clank reboot? Yeah I'll be all over that, completed and love all the home console R&C games.

    Guess I'm just saying that I was pointing out to UKHardcore that whilst I own a PS4 and it's my main console,it's got plenty of faults and the software library isn't all 10/10 classics.
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  • FuzzyDuck 23/03/2015

    @UkHardcore23 Well then you live up to your name, as it certainly isn't piss easy (look above, another forum regular says they've abandoned it as the DLC is too difficult). I tip my hat to you if you find it easy, I certainly didn't (again, I can hammer through most racing games). If it's easy to you then I'm sure you can see that is the exception rather than the norm.

    As for only owning a PS4 and not having anything bad said against it? I honestly couldn't care what multinational corp's name is on the box. The control pad is kinda crap (the sticks are rubbish), the battery life on that is a joke, the EU store is often messy, PS+ is pretty shit these days, the console itself is far too noisey, the wireless is flakey and the PSN is downright broken at times. Driveclub was a car crash at launch, Infamous, Killzone and The Order are all mediocre at best and the release schedule for the coming year looks a bit shit.

    It's the lesser of two evils for sure, but as someone who only owns a PS4, it's a few light years away from resembling perfect.
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  • FuzzyDuck 22/03/2015


    I think a game can be unrealistic but still have real world principles applied to it.
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  • FuzzyDuck 22/03/2015


    It's not an arcade racer like NFS or Burnout where you can wallride, it's much more like PGR, but even still it's closer to a sim than that.

    There were fears before it came out that it was going to be an arcade-y cakewalk. Then people played it and had their asses served on a plate. If you get round to playing it, you'll find a racer with more depth to the handling model than the majority of other racers, with some fantastic track design to boot :)
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  • FuzzyDuck 22/03/2015

    @cloudskipa If he does mean comparatively in terms of the genre my point still stands.

    That video above, if you so much as blink for a split second you'll be facing the wrong way or upside down. You're constantly at the limit of control of the car (especially with the random weather and decreased traction and visibility)

    Honestly, I've rinsed the Gran Turismo series, gave Forza 3 and 4 a good hammering too and have played and aced nearly any arcade racer you care to mentioned, Driveclub requires more skill than the lot of them.
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  • Bloodborne review

  • FuzzyDuck 27/03/2015

    Great art design, but the image quality in this is just shit, horrible to look at. Reply -4
  • Borderlands: The Handsome Collection has 16GB day one patch on Xbox One

  • FuzzyDuck 26/03/2015


    For people with shit internet, it's a massive inconvenience. It also looks like "always on" via stealth.

    One of the consoles' USP's used to be plug in, play. 60/PS3 patches were mostly reasonable in size and used to fix issues. Having to download almost 2x DVD9's worth of data on day one is not acceptable.
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  • FuzzyDuck 26/03/2015

    Just as well I don't have shit internet.

    Oh wait.
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  • MGS5: Ground Zeroes 5.79 in PlayStation Store Easter Sale

  • FuzzyDuck 25/03/2015


    As someone who almost damaged their social life from playing so much PES on the PS2, to almost crying at an annual basis on PS3, it's safe to say PES2015 is by some margin the best game in the franchise since the PS2 days.

    Bargain at that price.
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  • Face-Off: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

  • FuzzyDuck 25/03/2015

    Hexadrive are pros of the remaster scene, witness Okami HD and the salvage job they pulled off with ZoE HD. Reply +33
  • You've got the touch: How a mobile game gave birth to a human child

  • FuzzyDuck 25/03/2015

    @Darren Lies! It was the reference to Stan Bush! :D Reply +1
  • Geralt's beard grows as you play Witcher 3

  • FuzzyDuck 24/03/2015

    Stick some of this into a collector's edition and I'll bite

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  • Don't forget to download Bloodborne's 2.69GB day one patch

  • FuzzyDuck 23/03/2015

    @Cappy Hear hear.

    I'm sick to the teeth with these "patches" (you can't really call them that when they can go up to about a quarter of the actual game's data!).

    I can't remember where in the PS4's documentation it says "you must have decent broadband in order for games that you're paying 70 for to work properly".

    I have crap broadband as I live in the a-hole of Ireland. It costs a fortune here (because most providers insist on forcing you to take phone and TV too) to get anything resembling decent speeds. So I've decided that instead of having to pay over the odds for good broadband to patch these shitty, unfinished games, I'll just not bother with them.
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  • Life after death: The joy of returning to Dark Souls

  • FuzzyDuck 23/03/2015


    Demon's Souls will never happen on a non-Sony console for the exact same reasons Bloodbourne never will; the IP is owned and partially developed by Sony.
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  • The best PS4 games

  • FuzzyDuck 22/03/2015

    My own few that ye missed:

    Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition - probably my favourite 2D game of the last few years, joyous humour, art design, music, level design, mechanics and replayablity. Costs peanuts too.

    Driveclub - everything's been said already.

    Guilty Gear Xrd- fantastic reboot, amazing how it's rendered in 3D but is made to look and play like a 2D game, great tutorial mode, a small cast of characters but they all play pretty differently, decent single player content, easy enough for newcomers, but absolute tonnes of depth. Plus, dat soundtrack.

    PES 2015 - best entry in the series in almost a decade, the halcyon days are back.

    Edit - Zen Pinball 2, too.
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  • Tech Analysis: Final Fantasy 15 Episode Duscae

  • FuzzyDuck 22/03/2015

    Aww, all this talk of Outrun makes me a sad panda that it got pulled from digital distribution, loved C2C on the PS2.

    EG classic game weekend article on it plz.
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