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  • Digital Foundry vs Dying Light: The Following

  • FuzzyDuck 13/02/2016


    Yawn, does owning a more capable gaming set up over console users really inflate your ego so much?

    You sound like a childish, insecure troll. Get out and see the world a bit.
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  • FuzzyDuck 13/02/2016

    @elpidoforosprospatho It's Techland's job to implement a framerate cap toggle for the console version, which they haven't.

    This has zero to do with "lol consoles".
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  • FuzzyDuck 13/02/2016

    Doesn't sound particularly enhanced. Reply +8
  • What Street Fighter 5 will - and won't - have at launch

  • FuzzyDuck 12/02/2016

    So pay full whack at launch for half the game or wait a few months for.the full title and pay about a third of the RRP?

    They're not exactly making that a difficult choice.
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  • Kanye West is making a game about his mom going to heaven

  • FuzzyDuck 12/02/2016

    Did he licence Codies' EGO Engine for this? Reply +5
  • Firewatch dev assures a PS4 framerate fix is on the way

  • FuzzyDuck 11/02/2016

    Oh look, another game I'm glad I didn't buy at launch. Reply +1
  • Big DriveClub update adds "hardcore handling"

  • FuzzyDuck 10/02/2016

    A car crash (heh) at launch, but Evolution really have turned this around.

    This plus season pass is one of my most played games this gen
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  • $12,000 castles and $2100 deeds - inside Shroud of the Avatar's booming housing market

  • FuzzyDuck 10/02/2016

    Each to their own, but fools and their money, etc. Reply +54
  • Dying Light: The Following review

  • FuzzyDuck 09/02/2016

    @PlugMonkey The Witcher's setting and character types has been done to death, yes, but the character and script are so far above the steaming turd that is Dying g Light it's almost comical to mention them in the same sentence. Reply -1
  • FuzzyDuck 09/02/2016

    @verynaughtyboy That's a fair point, and I think The Last of Us did the whole zombie thing really well (hearing a group of Clickers is genuinely unnerving), but Dying Light is far too clichéd and downright boring with its execution of the concept (which ties in to the fact the writing in it is embarrassingly poor). Reply -5
  • FuzzyDuck 09/02/2016

    @Eaton_Corvinus You're entirely correct, games don't need a bestseller story to be enjoyable. The flip side of that is they need to have better scriptwriting and dialogue than what comes out of a primary school drama circle in order not to be cringeworthy and downright embarrassing.

    It was nailed above, no momentum to the controls.

    The use of zombies as antagonists in games these days is beyond lazy. You know the design team sat round a table, said "zombies will work" and then went out for takeaway.
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  • FuzzyDuck 09/02/2016

    Can't believe the love for Dying Light. It had some of the most po-faced writing in the industry, it controlled like a shit version of Mirror's Edge and ooohh, zombies. Reply -14
  • Execs resign at Rock Band 4 co-publisher Mad Catz on eve of financial results

  • FuzzyDuck 09/02/2016

    Maybe people started to cotton on to the fact that for the same price you could buy a half decent beginner's instrument (and even better one if you shopped the quality second hand market) and learn to actually play instead of buying a plastic toy? Reply -4
  • Nintendo postpones plans for sleep sensor launch

  • FuzzyDuck 09/02/2016

    @jamyskis1981 I've experienced burnout, stress and depression first hand, I know how badly they can mess with one's wellbeing.

    Even if I was powering through things, I knew that 12 hours of total sleep for 3 nights was bad news. Even if you feel okay you know the poor sleep will catch up. But I was always aware of poor, interrupted sleep - that's why I don't see the use in something that tells me the same (I do take the point I'm only one person, but I've never met one person that wasn't aware they were sleeping poorly)
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  • FuzzyDuck 09/02/2016

    @Frosty840 Nope, I practice sleep hygiene. Bedroom contains a bed, small table, alarm clock (only plugged in when necessary), phone is left face down on tabled, completely muted.

    As a result I sleep like a log most of the time. Again, the odd night I don't sleep properly I know because I don't feel rested. I don't need an app to validate or confirm what my body is telling me.
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  • FuzzyDuck 09/02/2016

    I don't understand why this is a thing.

    Are you refreshed and well rested after a night's sleep?
    If yes, you've had good sleep, if no you've had crap sleep.

    As much as a tecchie as I am, a lot of the stuff today is just unnecessary.
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  • Firewatch on Steam lets you buy physical copies of in-game photos

  • FuzzyDuck 09/02/2016

    @TheVoice The article's author called it a convenience first (in the comments), not me. Reply -3
  • FuzzyDuck 09/02/2016

    @MrDurandPierre Okay, I guess this is the first time I've seen such a feature in a game.

    However, I wouldn't call waiting on postage for a month a "convenience" when I print them in the same room as I'm sitting right now (my living room) in an instant. Even a trip to town to a shop would only take an hour or two.

    Also, the fact that I can do this right now with my PS4 while they don't offer the service on the console renders any perceived conveniences moot.
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  • FuzzyDuck 09/02/2016

    Eh. you can just screenshot and print these at home from your console. Or bring them to a photographic shop and get them printed there if you don't have the means at home. Reply +5
  • Someone made a working calculator in Super Mario Maker

  • FuzzyDuck 09/02/2016

    @MerryLoony Not pointless at all.

    This is an impressive feat of (for want of a better word) engineering and a very good mental workout for the person that made it.

    The fact that it has been done within the confines a game that other people can enjoy broadens its "not pointlessness".
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  • A brief history of one of gaming's greatest studios

  • FuzzyDuck 07/02/2016

    My top ten games of the last decade feature MG Rising, Transformers Devastation, Bayonetta 2 (and 1) and Vanquish.

    Platinum are absolutely peerless. Vanquish in particular, most TPSs go from "meh" to borderline unplayable after it. Would give away a kidney to see Vanquish, Bayonetta and MGR on a disc for current gen.
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  • Dear Charlie: A letter to my son about video games

  • FuzzyDuck 07/02/2016

    @IronSoldier And what was the point of your question? I don't see any way I could answer it without being flamed. I have moderator buddies now? I wanted you to get banned? News to me.

    Is it childish? Maybe. No more childish than your incessant trolling of every second article concerning a console game that isn't on Wii U.

    It's not mean spirited. I genuinely cannot read Ellie's writings. I'm allowed have an opinion on her ability to write. I know not every shares it. I know some do. The near-universal praise of others doesn't matter. I think it's shit. I am thus entitled to voice that opinion. You are also allowed to shoot down my opinion (free speech, etc.). I'm sure my opinions of her ability is of no actual consequence to her.

    I don't recall you putting me back in my place. If we're shooting for EG comments section brownie points I'm fairly sure I've put you back in your box more times than you have done to me. But whatever, it's the internet so let's not take an opinion on a videogame site too seriously, eh.
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  • FuzzyDuck 07/02/2016

    @IronSoldier The same reason that compels you to say "lol PS4 and Xbone are underpowered!“ on every second article on this site.

    Or you know, I think her writing would embarrass a fucking Wordpress blog.
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  • FuzzyDuck 06/02/2016

    Got about four paragraphs in and had to stop reading.

    /checks author

    Ah makes sense now.
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  • Gravity Rush Remastered review

  • FuzzyDuck 05/02/2016

    Pah, stuff like Assassin's Creed which is rudimentary combat and naff running around between checkpoints (on a near annual basis for almost a decade) can score Recommend or Essential while fantasticly quirky and imaginative games like this that still have a pretty unique gameplay hook (you know, manipulating gravity) has EG shrug its shoulders.

    I know a review is one person's opinion, but I honestly feel like I'm playing different games than the EG staff a lot of the time, and this is very much one such case.
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  • The Division on Xbox One uses dynamic resolution scaling

  • FuzzyDuck 04/02/2016

    @Richie777 well if I actually owned an xbox it might help, but whatever Reply +1
  • FuzzyDuck 02/02/2016

    @DX12 What age are you? If all you do is spend your time going nuts on articles that basically all come down to "technically inferior hardware is Inferior" I can only assume you're a teenager.

    Honestly, if you're more than 14 years old you need to seek help.
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  • Modders recreate The Last of Us in GTA5

  • FuzzyDuck 04/02/2016

    @Timmy_Toldrum From this stupid shit? Reply 0
  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted is free on Origin

  • FuzzyDuck 03/02/2016

    This was my fave NFS last gen and my fave Criterion game since Burnout Revenge.

    The map layout felt better than Paradise (which just felt like a massive grid where all the races were the same).
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  • What's different about Dirt Rally on console? Thankfully, not much

  • FuzzyDuck 02/02/2016

    This place is becoming unreadable and it's all because of DX12.

    Nearly every article you click on these days is derailed because of his fanboy dribblings. I know he's not being super offensive or anything, but surely some discretion in dealing with him is in order? At least limit the amount of times he can comment on one article?

    A fucking joke is what this site is becoming.
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  • FuzzyDuck 02/02/2016

    Codies have listened to what people want and the result is they not only get my cash on day 1, they've also regained my respect after they tarnished their own legacy.

    Who knew?
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  • Take-Two sued over portrayal of player tattoos in NBA 2K16

  • FuzzyDuck 02/02/2016

    @IronSoldier Well he biggest draw in UFC right now is an Irishman, so thats a pretty international thing.

    Sure, these games aren't Eurocentric, but you seem to be missing the "game" in Eurogamer.
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  • The internet reacts to The Fine Brothers' "react" trademark - and it's not happy

  • FuzzyDuck 01/02/2016

    Who exactly are these hipster wankers and more importantly, why would anyone care? Reply +74
  • Need for Speed update addresses one of the game's biggest problems

  • FuzzyDuck 01/02/2016

    Never seen the words "the patch will remove the ridiculous necessity to be always online" spelled like that before. Reply +10
  • Watch: Anxiety and video games - Low Batteries episode 4

  • FuzzyDuck 29/01/2016

    Great article!

    I'd like to echo the opinion that these are clearly not for the clicks and are very worthwhile, thus they're appreciated.
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  • Helldivers, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax headed to PlayStation Plus in February

  • FuzzyDuck 27/01/2016

    Curses, PS3 games are great... PS3 is long gone.

    That'll learn me.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Far Cry Primal

  • FuzzyDuck 27/01/2016

    @IronGiant Heh, I'd love to see the original Super Monkey Ball - ergo the glorious Monkey Tennis get a remaster :D Reply +1
  • FuzzyDuck 27/01/2016

    This thread has it all!

    30-something men arguing like teenagers
    People that REALLY need to learn the correct use of "you're" and "your".
    Far Cry.

    Just amazing, really.
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  • FuzzyDuck 26/01/2016

    @stryker1121 Are you insane? There's no proof that "these people" existed? Can you explain the archaeological record then? Can you explain your own origins? "These people" are us. It's not even a case of dealing with missing links or anything like that, these people are your direct antecedents. Seriously, go read some books (please don't say you are a Creationist).

    12,000 years is absolutely nothing. Civilization began to pop up a while later. Modern man is approx. 200,000 years old. Dinosaurs existed for almost 150 [I]million[/I] years.

    Edit - what would they eat? Just a wild guess but fruit, plants, nuts, grains, fish, meat, you know, the same stuff we eat today? Fucking hell.
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  • Street Fighter 5 has a story

  • FuzzyDuck 25/01/2016

    Well the sequel to SF II (Alpha) was a prequel to SF I, so their consistent at least. Reply +1
  • FuzzyDuck 25/01/2016

    So will this feature gameplay a la Mortal Kombat or be more like Guilty Gear Xrd's "story" mode that was basically a really bad, 5 hour long film?

    I think they should go back to the World TOur mode that was in SF Alpha III on PSOne, that's how you do a single player fighter (and before anyone says "no one plays these games in single player"what did millions of people do before XBL and PSN were a thing? Sure, I play fighting games loads with mates, but when I'm sat at home by myself I like to mess about and get to grips with the mechanics without being pasted online).
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  • Valkyria Chronicles PS4 remaster is coming to the west

  • FuzzyDuck 25/01/2016

    I've owned this thrice on PS3 and never got beyond the third stage. It just never clicked with me.

    I may have no soul :(
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  • New Paper Mario game coming to Wii U - report

  • FuzzyDuck 23/01/2016

    @vampiricdragon_ Not really, Sony showed great support for the PS3 in the 12 months surrounding the PS4's launch.

    Sequels in the form of Gran Tourism 6, Sly Cooper 4, R&C: Into The Nexus, God of War Ascension, then some completely IP in the form of Puppeteer, Beyond Two Souls and a wee game called The Last of Us.

    That's not a bad haul in any year, never mind one where it's the console's last one before winding down for its successor.
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  • DriveClub is getting a Hardcore mode in February

  • FuzzyDuck 22/01/2016

    @cloudskipa Can you point out where this has anything to do with Forza? Where is it mentioned? Oh that's right, you're the only one mentioning it. Some facts:

    1. Driveclub is an enjoyable game
    2. Forza Horizon is also an enjoyable game
    3. It's possible to enjoy both of them (crazy thought for you, I know!)
    4. You are a dribbling fanboy and should get out more.
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  • FuzzyDuck 22/01/2016

    @KitchUK Well I bought the game + season pass for all of €13 recently. Even if it's not "complete", that's a mountain of content, especially at that price. Reply +21
  • Warner accused of abandoning Mortal Kombat X PC players

  • FuzzyDuck 21/01/2016

    Also stunned how some people have managed to make this console vs. PC.

    Warners have dicked over a chunk of their customers, regardless of what box of plastic and silicon you use you should have your eyebrows raised at this anti-consumer BS.
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  • FuzzyDuck 21/01/2016

    @FMV-GAMER Yeah there was a fuss made about being able to play as Goro, but he was day-1 dlc! I'm not sure about the 1-button fatalities in MK9 (open to correction as I haven't played it in a few years, if they were present they certainly weren't in your face), but guess which game does wave them right in front of you?

    Again, whilst the console version of MKX was perfectly playable, WB just left a totally sour taste in one's mouth with their aggression. I wasn't actually finished with the game but was too happy to introduce my disc copy to the secondhand market.
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  • FuzzyDuck 21/01/2016

    Yeah, they finally let us play as Goro... provided you bought the game from a particular retailer.

    What was even more ridiculous was it still prompted you to go to the Store to buy him even after he was installed!
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  • FuzzyDuck 21/01/2016

    I always though fighters did reasonably well on PC? (I could be mistaken!). Curious to see how MK9 sold.

    I will say that MKX's aggressive DLC tactics left a bad taste in my mouth - the biggest icon on the front menu was a prompt to bring you to the PSN Store. After a patch it put DLC characters onto the select screen in silhouette form. Click those and away to the Store it whisked you.

    Again the core gameplay isn't bad, but if WB didn't even try to disguise the fact that after coughing up €70 for a game and supporting it at launch, they want more money.
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  • FuzzyDuck 21/01/2016

    Are P-Qube not the publisher for Guilty Gear in Europe (they were for Blazblue)?

    That is bonkers about the dlc. I bought Xrd from Canada when it was released. After taking two minutes to set up a US account I got Elephelt for free and my physical copy of the game (including postage) cost me about two-thirds of the price it would here and I had it in my hands almost a year before it showed up in Europe.

    Crazy state of affairs.
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