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  • The World Ends With You is back on iOS

  • Fuser 29/06/2015

    This game is absolutely brilliant. Loved it on DS, enjoying it greatly on ios - well worth the high (for an ios game) price! Reply +1
  • Fox shamelessly steals Still Alive composer's song for Glee

  • Fuser 26/01/2013

    I was outraged when I first glanced at the article, but then I went back: Coulton didn't write the song!! So whats the problem? So they nicked his arrangement. Fine - shows a complete lack of effort on their part. But they didn't steal his song. Get a grip. Reply -14
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City announced for iOS and Android

  • Fuser 26/10/2012

    What's wrong with you babies? I played GTA3 through to completion on my HTC One X without any bother at all. Looking forward to this one as well! Reply 0
  • Retrospective: Star Wars Episode I Racer

  • Fuser 12/02/2012

    Fantastic game - being playing it again on my android phone with tilt controls. I'll have to try the dual N64 joypad thing now someone mentioned it - never knew it existed! Another case of someone not reading the manual eh... Reply +1
  • Doom retrospective

  • Fuser 15/01/2012

    Pah - I one-up you all: I built a full size Arachnotron in my garage and had its picture in PC Gamer magazine. I believe they called me the saddest bastard who ever lived lol Reply +42
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic Review

  • Fuser 03/01/2012

    Space combat is a single player mini-game??
    Well that has counted me out entirely - flying around with friends in Galaxies was awesome (one flying, two manning turrets, two more flying escort) - and I had assumed this game would build on that, not go backwards!
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  • Mario Kart 7 3DS UK price roundup

  • Fuser 02/12/2011

    Just writing to say THANKS!
    Used zavvi and the MARIO10 code worked for both MarioKart and Mario3dland - got both at £26.96 each!
    My kids will be very happy!
    Cheers :)
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  • Saturday Soapbox: Why the 3DS Won't Die

  • Fuser 15/10/2011

    And how is Matt le Blanc NOT funny jonbwfc? You don't get to be part of the biggest comedy series ever by being crap at comedy timing....

    Back to the 3ds - pricing is still a problem for Nintendo: even if they manage to sell their own IP at premium prices, they will have a much harder time selling the bucketloads of crap that sold on the DS at £20 a pop - and Nintendo make profit from that too. iOS and the like has altered the market - Nintendo won't be able to ignore it
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  • Order & Chaos Online

  • Fuser 26/07/2011

    You can play this over 3G on android if I remember..

    Really good game actually - lots of fun and cheap too so you don't feel like you have to play every day to get your moneys worth like my WOW playing friends do.

    Dungeons and proper pvp are on the way too
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  • Bizarre Creations to close this week

  • Fuser 15/02/2011

    @Vin That interview made me cringe - "long-term game path with Activision is extremely exciting!" OUCH
    "we've always been financially stable and thankfully been very successful with our games" - then why do a deal with Activison FFS???.
    "they're a very developer-centric publisher, who work hard to nurture their studios by providing support if it's needed" - NOT!

    so so sad.
    Good luck to all the team - I hope they find work quickly.
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  • Nintendo 3DS anti-piracy tech strong

  • Fuser 26/01/2011

    I saw on another website that someone already tried an Acekard in a 3DS at one of the events and it booted fine - if Niintendo havent tightened the DS side of security surely that will offer a 'passkey' way in to the 3DS?.. Reply +1
  • European Nintendo 3DS Conference

  • Fuser 19/01/2011

    No price announcement?????Are they MAD? Reply 0
  • Fuser 19/01/2011

    This is unbelievably bad. They have actually made me NOT want one.. Reply 0
  • John Romero behind new Facebook game

  • Fuser 21/10/2010

    "As time goes by its increasingly obvious Romero is a mediocrity who was carried by the other staff at iD games"

    I'm afraid that is completely incorrect - go read Masters of Doom by Dave Kushner and you will see exactly how much of a driving force Romero was at id. Since he left id it is a different story of course....
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  • Doom 2 on XBLA tomorrow

  • Fuser 26/05/2010

    A new episode? Really? And guess what - bloody Xbox gave me 3 RROD last night grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    Second console in 3 yrs to do it so Microsoft won't be getting another console purchase from me!
    Fortunately this one is under warranty but I'll have to wait til next week to play D2 now :(
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  • New 250GB Xbox 360 HDD costs £80

  • Fuser 26/03/2010

    And now theyve just lost a sale from me - although £65 was high for the size of drive, the transfer kit, lack of compatibility issues and a 'reasonable' price had just about got me sold.
    £80 though? - too high
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  • Perfect Dark

  • Fuser 17/03/2010

    @IMD1 - awesome screenshot there: never seen that before. You are right - now I feel sad :(

    Still, can't wait for PD this evening!

    Oh, and I always found doors hilarious fun in multiplayer - open a door, chuck a grenade in, close the door and laugh as your opponents face gets mashed against the glass (that was one of my favourite tactics in Goldeneye....)
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  • Mass Effect 2 DLC Roundup

  • Fuser 03/02/2010

    OK - am I confused? I met up with Zaeed on Omega before I sent him back to the ship. So all that Blue Sun stuff was DLC? - I thought it was part of the mission as I made my way to Mordin Solus.
    Doh! And I missed the flamethrower - where was that?
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  • Mass Effect 2 has "intense" DLC schedule

  • Fuser 11/01/2010

    Annnnd they've just lost a sale from me as well.
    I loved ME1, but I can't be doing with playing a game and knowing there's going to be 'missing bits restored' in a couple of months, or the feeling that I've bought something other than a complete experience.
    I'll be waiting for the GOTY as well I think
    The DLC thing in general is turning me off buying new releases that's for sure....
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  • Big-screen DSi coming to Europe too

  • Fuser 29/10/2009

    That's mental - the DSi as it is is the perfect size for a portable console: I never carry my PSP3000 around as it is just that bit too bulky. Sony realised this with the PSP Go. And now Nintendo are going backwards! Very odd decision. And with no resolution increase it will probably make games look worse............

    They should at least upgrade internet browsing functionality seeing as that is one of the reasons they give for the bigger screens!
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  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Republic Heroes

  • Fuser 09/10/2009

    on top of that, while the game is aimed at kiddies, they go and get a '12' rating! Genius!

    My kids were very VERY disappointed with this: they really wanted this game, but I made them read some review first.......
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  • Retailers furious at supermarket prices

  • Fuser 02/10/2009

    Someone up here said £25 for a game is 'too high'...why exactly?
    The amount of time, investment and skill that goes into a high profile release like FIFA, ODST and the like needs to have an associated price. And for the amount of hours you'll play it for - compared to £7 for 2 hours in the cinema - gives great value.
    My kids are still playing Mario Galaxy and LEGO Star Wars now - £30 on each very well spent.
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  • Full Super Star Wars series for VC

  • Fuser 17/09/2009

    About time too! I bought 2000 Wii points ready for this 6 weeks ago when the yanks got it - I assumed that we'd get it the same day. How wrong I was......
    We get Scribblenauts later.
    And Layton later.
    Why? I ask you - why?????

    Bit off topic there.. ;)
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  • Almost half SWG servers to close

  • Fuser 16/09/2009

    Bloody typical after I re-subscribed.........
    Despite the improvements since 3 1/2 years ago (when I quit after the NGE fiasco) it is still a buggy, shoddy game - the space combat remains brilliant however....they should release a standalone game round it!
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  • The EGTV Show: Pixie Lott at the GH5 launch

  • Fuser 15/09/2009

    yeah - thats cos she's got great legs! Reply +2
  • Scribblenauts

  • Fuser 15/09/2009

    I dont 'know' you havent paid for it - I just assumed bearing in mind it isnt released in Europe for 2 weeks thats all.

    Fair play to you if shouty is your thing :)
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  • Fuser 15/09/2009

    can't say I heard much about the controls in all the previews either - just loads of people having fun generating Rick Astley vs Satan contests and stuff........

    And Mr Rev Stu - assuming you are Europe-based - why are you being so crude, sweary and angry about a game you quite obviously havent paid for?
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  • Fuser 15/09/2009

    Awesome game - don't miss out by waiting for a sequel for the sake of £20 (Argos pre-order believe it or not!) Reply +1
  • Flipnote leads Friday update charge

  • Fuser 13/08/2009

    I know that - thats why I'm so beaky!
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  • Fuser 13/08/2009

    and where the fricky frick is Super Star Wars for VC?
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  • iPhone Doom III spin-off imminent

  • Fuser 11/06/2009

    I was just going to say the same thing - why not the DS? I've already got Doom on there in dual screen. Quake runs brilliantly with full touchpad/mouse support, so why the hell arent they supporting the worlds most popular console with official optimised releases? Seems daft. Havent heard anything about Quake Arena DS either that was announced 2 years back......
    Come on id! Get to it!
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  • E3: Final Fantasy VII on PSN today

  • Fuser 04/06/2009

    WHERE IS IT THEN?!?!?!??!?!!!?
    Just got home and booted up PSN and its not there!! Grrrrrr.......

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  • Next Tomb Raider film to star new Lara

  • Fuser 20/05/2009

    Michelle Ryan already did that in Doctor Who! Reply 0
  • Fuser 20/05/2009

    OH. Actually I agree - Kate Beckinsale! Reply 0
  • Fuser 20/05/2009

    Megan Fox! Megan Fox!
    As long as they cover up the scribble she has all over her....though perhaps they could make them mysterious ancient runes!
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  • Xbox 360 vs PS3 Face-Off: Round 19

  • Fuser 01/05/2009

    Round 19? Seriously?
    Maybe you should think of something new to do fellas.....
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  • Guitar Hero: Metallica

  • Fuser 15/04/2009

    I like the way the reviewer insinuates that the Metallica guys still playing their brand of music at being nearly 50 yrs old as somehow wrong. Why is it wrong? Are 50 yr olds not supposed to like or play heavy rock? Should Kirk and Lars start learning the violin? Reply -1
  • DSi-enhanced games to work on DS

  • Fuser 02/04/2009

    Why shouldnt Link be riding a train? Are Hyrulians too stupid to invent them even though they can make gigantic clock towers and all sorts of other mechanical stuff?
    More to the point, surely the Zelda team know what is acceptable in Hyrule better than anyone here.
    The game will be brilliant and fun, just like Hourglass was - and as long as it is, then it doesnt matter whether Link is in a horse or a train, surely?
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  • Sales of R4 DS cart outlawed in Japan

  • Fuser 27/02/2009

    I thought that Nintendo make a profit on hardware - and like I say, I bought several DS games within a week. I even tried some out on the R4 card first and then bought it cos I liked it, though I realise not everybody does that...
    Downloadable demos of DS games would be a good start....
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  • Fuser 27/02/2009

    @schnide - absolutely: I agree - I know people who pirate Wii games and DS games and sell them on and these are just average family people (you know, not ruff criminal sorts) - 2 out of the last 3 DS games I bought off ebay were copies (they went straight back to the seller mind you), so a lot of people know about it and are profiting off other peoples work.
    BUT - the R4 was what made me buy a DS in the first place, as I knew I'd be able to put Doom on it and emulators - so Nintendo got a sale (and sales of a further 12 DS games) because of it. Wouldnt have bought one otherwise, so it works both ways.....
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  • Fuser 27/02/2009

    So, all you fellas in the know, what exactly are the better devices? Reply 0
  • Fuser 27/02/2009

    Hmm - I find the R4 to be invaluable: I do buy all my games but its much better having them all on one cart along with the internet browser, and being able to play Doom, Quake and all the megadrive/snes games too. Perhaps they should try and come up with their own way of enabling you to legally transfer your games to a 'master cartridge' or something instead..... Reply 0
  • New Force Unleashed DLC released

  • Fuser 08/12/2008

    WEll I downloaded the mission somewhat apprehensively (after reading reviews of half hour playtime...) but had an absolute blast with it. Its like they figured out what is the most fun in TFU - rooms full of breakable stuff and full of Stormtroopers. Brilliant.
    Oh, and playing as Darth Maul certainly added to the atmosphere......
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  • Nintendo: you've seen all our 2008 games

  • Fuser 23/07/2008

    Got to agree with some comments here: I've had a Wii since launch and I've still only bought 4 games for it. Thats a pitiful ratio compared to the amount of 360 games I've got. And there is nothing at all in Nintendo's line-up I'm excited about.
    Sad really.
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  • Sony downplays FFXIII Xbox 360 deal

  • Fuser 23/07/2008

    Thing is, it was never supposed to be a dogfight - after Sony's dominance with the PS2, the PS3 'should' have wiped the floor with the 360 and the Wii - and its not happening.
    MS wasn't really a valid alternative last time around (i.e. you had to have a PS2 as well as an Xbox) but this time its different....
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  • Eurogamer's E3 coverage

  • Fuser 12/07/2008

    @Cloudane - why would you lose respect for Nintendo if they dont announce even more followups to old games, and choose to do something new? Sounds to me like they would deserve respect for that, rather than cynical cash-in remakes.... Reply 0
  • Bank Holiday update plans

  • Fuser 05/05/2008

    I bet the high review is Wii Fit.
    Do I get a prize if I'm right?

    Ooh - ooh edit:
    To the student working 14 hour days, you are doing it wrong! You must be an engineer - they were the only students who had to work when I was at Uni ;)
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  • Brighton GTA IV launch photos

  • Fuser 29/04/2008

    Look at the size of that queue! Mental!

    And I dont suppose mr fella with 3 copies is going to make that mych on ebay - I cant see there being a shortage of this one tbh...
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  • GTA IV review on Sunday

  • Fuser 25/04/2008

    My - isnt this a lovely friendly forum... Reply 0
  • Wii storms closer to 25 million mark

  • Fuser 24/04/2008

    @dream - absolutely hilarious comment - spat my drink out! Reply 0