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  • For Diablo 3 gamer Francis, Error 37 is the last straw

  • Freylis 16/05/2012

    You do realise this is parody, right? Reply +112
  • Age of Conan free trial keys giveaway!

  • Freylis 02/04/2009

    @Slabbathepave It seems you can use it with your existing characters. Just get yourself a key, log into your account, and register the key with it. It should add 7 days to your subscription. Reply 0
  • Square Enix announces Wii RPG

  • Freylis 11/04/2008

    What happens if you're grown up with a job, a wife, a lovely detached house, a nice car, lots of friends, a great social life, and still read manga and comics? Reply 0
  • New Blacksite Live demo

  • Freylis 22/11/2007

    Ah, its probably that. I'm using the work account which is only Silver; I'll grab it at home then. Cheers! Reply 0
  • Freylis 21/11/2007

    Is anyone else getting a "Status code: 80153005" error or is it just me? Can't seem to download it. Reply 0
  • Evolution cost Sony GBP 16m

  • Freylis 11/10/2007

    Fear not, I'm still here. :) Reply 0
  • Shadowrun dev closes doors

  • Freylis 13/09/2007

    What's also sad is that this is probably the last we'll see of the Shadowrun brand as a video game... Bang goes my hopes of a Deus Ex-like RPG :( Reply 0
  • Australia approves Bully for sale

  • Freylis 29/08/2006

    only if you download a thirdparty hack off the internet.

    The Hot Ribena mod perchance?
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  • Oblivion's very popular

  • Freylis 12/04/2006

    Poor you. For the rest of us, yay! Reply 0
  • WRC Rally Evolved

  • Freylis 24/11/2005

    Or it might have something to do with Evolution's not so relaxed development schedule.

    Man, if only you knew... :)

    Thanks for all the positive feedback guys. I agree that a fair amount of stuff has been missed in the review, lots of things we put a lot of effort into. Glad most people like it and notice the major improvements we've made, especially to the handling model.

    As for the shorter stages, this is something we spent an awful lot of time deliberating over, and the decision was made to go for shorter and fewer stages, but with much more detail packed in. It was always going to be a controversial decision, but we honestly did it for the benefit of the game. Anybody that thinks otherwise doesn't really know this studio or the way we work. There's a lot of love here, yo. :)
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  • Freylis 23/11/2005

    Or the co-driver system, which was something else we put a lot of effort in to. Oh well, horses for courses and all... Reply 0
  • Capcom Classics Collection

  • Freylis 14/11/2005

    Sorry to be a pedant, but didn't they release Capcom Generations on the PSX a few years back? That would make this not their first commercial retro collection.

    Anyway, great review and an absolute bargain at that price.
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  • Zelda III rumour put to rest

  • Freylis 31/10/2005

    @Blerk: Cool! That explains why the first is the best and all the others are shite... :) Reply 0
  • Freylis 31/10/2005

    Off-topic: I thought Legacy of Kain was developed by Crystal Dynamics? Silicon Knights did Eternal Darkness. Reply 0
  • WOFOR: War On Terror

  • Freylis 19/08/2005

    Is that Master Chief in the fourth picture? Reply 0
  • Atelier Iris Europe-bound

  • Freylis 11/08/2005

    Any relation to the Square title "Secret of Mana"?

    Nope, based on the Atelier series of "alchemy" games by Gust. I think... :)
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  • Retro Gamer editor talks CGE

  • Freylis 28/04/2005

    Just passing through... nothing to see here... ;) Reply 0
  • Freylis 28/04/2005

    /removes from top of EG's Best Newsposter list Reply 0
  • Vampire goes head to head with Half-Life 2

  • Freylis 10/11/2004

    Who the hell thought that was actually a good idea? Great, now this fantastic-looking game is due to be criminally undersold. :( Reply 0
  • Tales Of Symphonia

  • Freylis 02/11/2004

    Nice review, though I'm worried about my Xenosaga save game at the moment, and how long I can wait before I grab this, Nocturne, Avatar Tuner, Baten Kaitos, et al.

    Damn you RPG's for taking so long to play! :)
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  • World Rally Championship 4

  • Freylis 21/10/2004

    Hi. Reply 0
  • Freylis 20/10/2004

    IronGiant: Read some of the quotes I posted on our website from the Beta testers. It's a shame we couldn't make the entire forum public, there was some great stuff on there. Reply 0
  • Freylis 20/10/2004

    Nice review Kristan, all is forgiven... :)

    By the way, the online mode really is something special. No doubt some of the team will be popping on and off to see what the world has to offer.
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  • Child's Play charity initiative launches for 2004

  • Freylis 19/10/2004

    When they did this last year I sent a letter to the Daily Mail about it. And no, they didn't cover it. Ten to one this doesn't get any coverage in the general media either... :( Reply 0
  • Microsoft slams Halo 2 leak

  • Freylis 14/10/2004

    What I find really amusing about all this is that the said same people bashing the Halo 2 pirates are the exact ones that compain about the RIAA trying to clamp down on P2P music sharing.

    Pot, meet Mr. Kettle.
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  • OutRun2 features Richard Jacques remixes

  • Freylis 30/09/2004

    One of the best game composers ever, imo. Had the pleasure of meeting him once when I was at Bizarre, and his work on Metropolois Street Racer was excellent. Can't wait to hear these! Reply 0
  • Colin McRae Rally 2005

  • Freylis 23/09/2004

    Why do all Rally game threads end up so bitter and twisted?

    Because I'm a bitter and twisted video game designer who's had one to many tongue-lashings at the hands of a hack who woke up on the wrong side of the swamp.

    Sorry, did that sound bitter? :)

    j/k btw, in case I get sued...
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  • Freylis 23/09/2004

    I believe we've reached the middle of the conversation. Reply 0
  • Freylis 23/09/2004

    The PSP battery life is fking rubbish!! Jeez man. Its about DS on here..

    Looks like EG's stuck in the time-space continuum again... :/
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  • Freylis 23/09/2004

    Can I just ask one question; do you guys actually believe that the handling model in McRae feels right? Actually two questions; have you ever driven a real rally car? I'm not aiming to get into a McRae vs. WRC discussion here - it's not my job - but I am interested in why a single-point swivel model is still deemed to be more realistic in the eyes of the general public than a full four-point simulation?

    Damn, that was three questions... :)
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  • Sony signs exclusive deal with Evolution Studios

  • Freylis 17/08/2004

    Hehe, I get to keep paying my mortgage for a few years, and I don't have to sell my poncy sports car just yet anyway... :) Seriously, its great news for us - and for Sony - so we're all pretty buzzing at the moment. Still, have WRC4 to finish (hence me not posting for ages) so I should get back to work... :/ Reply 0
  • Sudeki

  • Freylis 03/08/2004

    RE the developer, this was developed in Finland at one of Climax's satellite studios. And yes, they are different to the Japanese studio of the same name.

    Interestingly, anyone notice how similar some Finnish words are to Japanese, e.g. Sudeki, Nokia, etc.
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  • Alex Ward on Burnout PSP, Black and the future

  • Freylis 27/07/2004

    I think Argonaut were the last people to try it [possibly he means Argo satellite Just Add Monsters, who developed Kung Fu Chaos for Xbox]

    /pedant mode on

    I think he may be referring to the last UK-based "serious" beat 'em up, FX Fighter, coded by Argonaut.

    /pedant mode off
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  • Colin McRae Rally 2005

  • Freylis 22/07/2004

    /breathes easy Reply 0
  • Odama

  • Freylis 08/06/2004



    From some pals who went to E3, this looked amazing. The animation and physics on the little units as your cannonball slams into them was mesmerizing apparently. The objective is to prgoress up the battlefield by knocking back the enemy lines, kinda like some bastard child of Arkanoid and traditional pinball. Sweet, but no chance of a Western release I'd wager.

    /fires up Freeloader
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  • WRC 4 officially unveiled

  • Freylis 18/05/2004


    Phew, I can finally talk about it now! :)
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  • Full Spectrum Warrior delayed

  • Freylis 06/02/2004

    The whole point is Peej that it isn't just another strategy game. nor is it just another urban warfare FPS. There's seriously enough of those about, so I welcome a more cerebral take on things... check out the developer interview on GameSpot for more convincing. Reply 0
  • World Rally Championship 3

  • Freylis 16/01/2004

    *sniff* Thanks guys!

    Krudster is obviously entitled to his opinion, but judging by the rest of your responses, it's fair to say he's in the minority. Some people won't like a game, period; that's life, and it'd be crap if we were all into the same thing. I'm glad there's a lot of you that do like it though!

    *shameless plug* Keep checking our website at for all the inside info on Evos and our next WRC title. Hopefully when WRC4 comes out, EG may have come round to our way of thinking! ^_^
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  • Freylis 15/01/2004

    Hey, it works on the forum... ;p Reply 0
  • Freylis 15/01/2004

    Blimey, not sure what to say after that. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, obviously, but I think you've missed the point of a lot of it. I won't argue back as I'll just be accused of being biased, and anyway, it won't get us anywhere.

    One thing that does frustrate me, however, is the level of realism people seem to be levelling at Colin McRae 4. No disrespect, I think it's a good game, but it is far from realistic. Have you ever driven a real rally car? Yes, there are certain simplifications needed to make a real driving model work for a game, but McRae's is pretty wide of the mark. The data we use to drive our car model has been licensed to ProDrive to use as a driving simulator... that's how close we are. It may not be everyone's cup of tea - it would be silly to assume that it is - but in terms of pure maths, we are far more realistic in our approach. Short of paying everyone who buys our game to have a go in a real rally car, what do we have to do?

    And on a similar note, all our car sounds are modelled from the real machines. When you hear the waste gate on a Subaru, it's the real waste gate from a Subaru. All the engine sounds have been accurately mapped in a number of conditions, all surface sounds have been taken with the appropriate tyres. You'd be surprised to learn that a large number of developers stick the car on a rolling road and record one engine sound at flat revs, then pitch-shift it in-game. We don't. How it can sound like a "wookie being raped" or whatever is beyond me... that's actually what a real car sounds like. Whether you like it or not is another matter, but it is at least accurate.

    Well, I said I wouldn't argue, so I hope that hasn't come across as such; I hope that this review has been produced with an honest and clear conscience. And just a quick point; how have you found out our title is underperforming "so dramatically compared to previous incarnations"; last figures I checked said we'd sold out our first batch before Christmas and were on to our second run. :/
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  • Sammy tells Sega to focus on arcade

  • Freylis 12/12/2003

    What's with all the knee-jerk reactions? For me the outcome of this is fairly simple: Sega go it alone, continue to post massive losses, eventually go out of business. Or, Sammy take over, suggest a sensible "business" direction, Sega stays afloat. Which would you take? Reply 0
  • Help develop EyeToy: Play 2

  • Freylis 01/12/2003

    Big robots and dancing simply has to be a winner... Reply 0
  • Freylis 01/12/2003

    I'm actually a game designer myself, so you can rest assured I won't be entering... I fear the embarassment when my idea comes dead last. Reply 0
  • It's murder at the bus stop!

  • Freylis 01/12/2003

    ..presumeably then it's even funnier.

    /gets coat
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  • Freylis 01/12/2003

    Oh God... it's things like this that prove the Daily Mail right. Someone should just sue Acclaim and help them towards bankruptcy, then the world doesn't have to suffer their childish ad campaigns, and the rest of us don't have to suffer their tedious games. Reply 0
  • What Was New?!

  • Freylis 01/12/2003

    Meh, SpongeBob is where it's at... go binky! Reply 0