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  • Sony: "our primary PSN audience is indeed more adult"

  • Freek 08/05/2012

    Don't Feed The Trolls, also aplies to developers. Reply 0
  • Ex-Call of Duty dev Robert Bowling founds new game studio

  • Freek 24/04/2012

    @JamesDSidious Since the press changed the meaning of the word from: "person who knows how to program games and/or aplications", to "any person who works at software company". Reply +1
  • Prey 2 developer hasn't worked on the game since November - report

  • Freek 20/04/2012

    @darkmorgado that isn't legal trolling. You have to defend your trademark from generic use or you loose it. It is the law. That is why it was settled with a free of charge one time license to use the name. Nobody was trolled. Reply +1
  • Cliff Bleszinski defends on-disc DLC

  • Freek 11/04/2012

    It's not how you get the extra content, it's the pricing that's the issue. People paying 60 Euro for a game are rightfully anoyed at the fact that they then get additional costs trown at them for trivial content.
    So the buisiness model for making and selling games is broken. Fix it. You already know what does not work: full price game with extra hidden costs, the consumer dislikes that intensly. So figure out something else.
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  • Fable: The Journey Kinect criticism "unfair", say Fable's creators

  • Freek 04/04/2012

    @mrmonkey101 the exception that proves the rule and even that wasn't worth full price unless you were a massive Rezz fan. Reply +2
  • Freek 04/04/2012

    Outside of dancing games, there hasn't yet been a good Kinect game. So far the control system has proved itself not as precise as required for a decent game. So the criticism is perfectly understandable.
    And to take up the position that an opinion is only valid if it is a positive one, is absurd.

    If your product is actually any good, the feedaback and opinions post release will reflect that. But if you do something that hasn't yet shown any hint of being good, you have to earn that. You don't like that? Then don't work with experimental control schemes.
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  • Fez creator Phil Fish declares: modern Japanese games "just suck"

  • Freek 07/03/2012

    Why is this contraversial? Japanese developers themselfs are aware that there is an issue. As this article even quotes Keiji Inafune saying the same thing. Not to mention all the japanese publishers looking for Western influences for their franchises or even going so far as to make games with Western studios directly. Reply +2
  • EA: Syndicate reboot as FPS "the right choice"

  • Freek 27/02/2012

    Fallout 3 was also still an open world RPG, it changed the camera angle but still had the gameplay everybody wanted from a Fallout game.

    If Syndicate was a squad based tactical game instead of straight up action, the reaction would have been verry different and you would have also had a game that stood out from the crowd allot more.
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  • Double Fine Adventure raises $1m in less than 24 hours

  • Freek 10/02/2012

    Keep in mind that DoubleFine and Tim Shafer proved themselfs with decades of traditionaly published and funded games slowely building up a fanbase that had enough faith in them to give money without any sort of demo or further proof of concept.
    Enough money to fund a smaller scale game like a point and click adventure but a far cry from a big budget game.
    So we won't see the end of publishers just yet and that's not even a bad thing. Sure, you see allot of yearly sequels and chash in but you also still see allot of quality and original IP. Crowd funding just adds a new way of funding less tradional games.
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  • Ubisoft apologises after online server switch snafu

  • Freek 08/02/2012

    Activly make the illegal version of your product better then the legal version, that's genius!
    But seriously, there's an easier way to go about this and cheaper too, just release a statement to the press that says: "please do not buy our games.".
    Simpel and to the point.
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  • Notch offers to fund Double Fine's Psychonauts 2

  • Freek 07/02/2012

    Does he actualy have that much spare cash laying around?? It's a nice sentiment, sure, but to fund a game like that you need allot of money and a big marketing budget on top of that to make it work. Reply +4
  • Next Xbox GPU based on Ł50 Radeon HD 6670 card - report

  • Freek 25/01/2012

    I verry much doubt this is true, they'd look silly next to what Sony would do. MS is in the buiseness of making a cutting edge console. It has served them verry well, no reason to think they would change and compete against Nintendo directly. That would be a loosing battle. Reply -1
  • Amy developer responds to critical mauling

  • Freek 18/01/2012

    They should talk to the Hydrophopia guys. Same situation; broken game and a developer in denial about it.
    Eventually they came to realize that it's better to fix the game then get angry at your customers for "playing it wrong" and "not getting it".
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  • Kid Icarus: Uprising bundled with 3DS stand in Japan

  • Freek 12/01/2012

    Yes it's dumb, but it's the fault of the game design, not the hardware. Using a control scheme that requires you to use both the slide pad and touch screen at the same time is an ergonomic dissaster.

    You either use traditional controls or the touch screen, not both.
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  • Visceral "nerfed" tough Dead Space 2 levels

  • Freek 09/01/2012

    Yeah, Dead Space 2 is definetly not an easy game. So I would say they got the balance just about right, it chalanges you but doesn't go nuts. Reply -1
  • The truth behind retailer-exclusive pre-order extras

  • Freek 22/12/2011

    Making the customer hate you with anoying extra shit is never going to be the way to get more sales. It's just one more reason to go digital. Wait till one of the many crazy Steam sales and get the game on the cheap.
    Fuck retail.
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  • Duke Nukem Forever: The Doctor Who Cloned Me Review

  • Freek 20/12/2011

    @TrentTech i'd rather have a new dev team, who are fans of the original, make a totally new Duke game. Rather then an out of touch dev team who have done nothing but get stuck in 10 years of development hell in DNF make another game. Reply +11
  • Saturday Soapbox: Bring On The Next Generation

  • Freek 17/12/2011

    Technology isn't going to help here. If you want to make something verry high end you can already do that on PC.
    The problem is that it has gotten super expensive to make games. Huge teams and long production cycles. Espcially if you are starting something new and do not have an engine or concept to itterate on.
    Look at The Last of Us, already 2 years into development before they were even ready to show it for the first time and probably won't see a release date any time soon.
    Make the hardware more advaced and the problem just gets bigger; even larger dev teams, even longer dev times and an even bigger budget. That sort of thing means publisher are less likely to take risks with new concepts and prefer to stick with proven franchises and genres.
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  • Skullgirls artist responds to sexism controversy

  • Freek 13/12/2011

    @TheLastProphet only if you exclusivly consume grindhouse media and ignore everything else. Reply +1
  • Kojima doesn't have enough staff to make Zone of the Enders 3

  • Freek 13/12/2011

    He's just being polite, that game will never be made, but endlessly teased because they can't just say "NO" to their fanbase. Reply +1
  • Activision: MW3 made $1bn a day quicker than Avatar

  • Freek 13/12/2011

    When ever they throw around these numbers it isn't about how much profit they made, it's boasting about how culturally relevent they are. "We made more money then star wars/avatar/insert pop culture refrence point here".
    Wich is simply not the case due to the, repeatatly mention, price difference in the products.
    More people go to see movies then play games, that might change, but it hasn't happend yet.
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  • Naughty Dog wants to "change the f***ing industry" with The Last of Us

  • Freek 13/12/2011

    It's all relative really, the games that win writing awards win them because they are the best told stories in games, not the best across every medium availebel.

    And only verry, verry recently have games got technologicly sophisticated enough that story telling and acting has started to matter, so to just slate an entire emerging technology as "sub par and not trying hard enough" is really unfair.
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  • Kojima explains Metal Gear Rising switch to Platinum

  • Freek 12/12/2011

    The verry first thing people asked when that first trailer launched at E3 was: "Well, that looks cool, but how would that work in a game?" To wich the answer is aparently: "it doesn't, so we had to make a different game".
    That doesn't seem like a bad thing. They wanted an action game and went to a studio that knows how to do that, so they can focus on making stealth based metal gear games in house.
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  • Skullgirls sexism complaints are "misplaced and shallow chivalry"

  • Freek 07/12/2011

    If a cartoon has a sexy style it's sexist??? That holds no water, infact from the rest of that interview they seem to have thought this out quite carefully to avoide the overly "sexual" fighting moves. Reply +3
  • Purple dildo kills 2 million in Saints Row: The Third

  • Freek 30/11/2011

    G.O.T.Y , atleast for me it is. Reply +5
  • Evidence points to BioWare's new game being Command & Conquer

  • Freek 23/11/2011

    So this is the Bioware EA label, a brandname. Not actually a new game from the people that made Dragon Age and Mass Effect.
    In oher words: nobody knows what this will be or if it will be any good.
    It's not even "Bioware's take on CnC", wich would have been interesting. It's just a sticker on the box, a logo on the intro screen.
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  • Call of Duty Elite at full strength by 1st December

  • Freek 20/11/2011

    Beachhead studios:"Hey, so uhm, this Call of the Duty thing, is that popular? I mean, we can handel a couple thousands log-ins, that should be enough, right?"

    **reads sales figures**

    Beachhead studios: "...oh we're fucked."
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  • Lawyers hold up Doom 3 source code release

  • Freek 18/11/2011

    @linksdad Also why software patents are pretty nonsensical. Many companies can come to similar solutions on their own but one asshole can patent it and prevent innovation and competition from others. Reply +1
  • Arma 2 dev Bohemia shares alarming PC piracy statistic

  • Freek 18/11/2011

    It's a problem, but what's an even bigger problem is the industries failure to respond to it in a constructive and meaningfull way.
    It's same old line of "quote absurd number, enforce draconian rules on legitimate customers".
    That doesn't work. There needs to be legitimate research into what effect it has on consumers buying habbits and how people consume media in a modern connected world. Technology has changed the way we see value in our entertianment and how we buy it.
    So far the entertainment industry is failling to see that.

    There was a verry interesting article on ars technica a few months ago pointing out that the people who downloaded the most movies were also the ones buying the most movies. You don't want to be at war with your most loyal customers.
    And more recently an analasys of pricing vs piracy;
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  • Del Toro, Levine speak out against cutscenes

  • Freek 18/11/2011

    Lets not limit creative choice. Sometimes I want to be completely immersed in a world and not have cutt scenes, sometimes I want a more cinematic experience and have the story told in that way.
    Neither one invalidates the other, they both have their place.
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  • Pixel Art: The End of an Era?

  • Freek 18/11/2011

    The right art style for the right game. 2D pixel style fitts the indy scene. Simpel games, with a low production cost.
    3D fitts the big publishers more, cinematic and realistic games.

    And it's nice that it's gotten a point where that's a valid choice, that the technology is maturing to a point where it isn't one or the other due to forced limitations.
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  • PETA: anti-Mario campaign just a joke

  • Freek 17/11/2011

    @disusedgenius At a certian point PETA started to say and do so much crazy shit that it's no longer possible to see what is a joke and what is real anymore.
    But I do love the fact that you keep complaining about the angry reactions with your own brand of swearing and anger.
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  • Freek 17/11/2011

    Lets go back to the original statement:
    "Tanooki may be just a 'suit' in Mario games, but in real life, tanuki are raccoon dogs who are skinned alive for their fur. By wearing Tanooki, Mario is sending the message that it's OK to wear fur."

    Wich part of that is a joke or tongue in cheek?
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  • Super Street Fighter 4, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record hit Origin

  • Freek 16/11/2011

    All of those games are also on Steam and probably on allot of other digital distribution services.
    This is a good thing, it gives you the choice to get the game where you want it. Compition is the only thing that keeps these guys honest, you do not want to end up with a situation where one service has a monopoly.
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  • PETA: Mario is pro-fur

  • Freek 15/11/2011

    It's too stupid to even justify, but lets putt the record straight here: Mario does not skin animals.
    The tanuki suite is a magical ability, you pick up a LEAF, for fucks sake, to obtain it, not skin some unlucky animal.
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  • Nvidia: Battlefield 3 shows PC is "dramatically better than consoles"

  • Freek 11/11/2011

    The funniest thing ofcourse is that gaming is changing, graphics don't matter as much anymore. Even on PC, the biggest most hardcore games are not the ones with the flashiest graphics. It's MMO's and DOTA's. More then ever it's about the way a game plays and the community around it. Reply +1
  • Steering Wheel Group Review

  • Freek 09/11/2011

    "Don't buy a racing wheel....

    I think maybe I

    No, don't buy a racing wheel"
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  • Brendan McNamara is making the video game of "one of the great untold stories of the 20th Century"

  • Freek 09/11/2011

    Why would anybody work with that asshole? Sure, if he "got things done" but doesn't hold up either, he's both a dick and a failure as a business person. Reply +4
  • Infinity Ward: it's "better for the industry" if MW3 and BF3 succeed

  • Freek 08/11/2011

    You mean back to every other game that isn't a military shooter? Those games are still being made.
    CoD and/or BF3 existing and getting a big marketing push each autumn doesn't change that.
    Those games are not the entire gaming industrie, and neither is the shooter genre.
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  • Designer of first ever console: "What I created got abominated."

  • Freek 08/11/2011

    Old person in "out of touch" shocker.
    Yeah, there's allot of shooters released, usually around this time of year, but those couple dozen releases still pale when compared to all the other genres and all the other games out there, with plenty comming from weird indy developers doing strange things.
    And ocaisionally even the big publishers back up more experimental games via Live and PSN.
    Or in short; just because BF3 and CoD get allot of marketing dollars, doesn't mean the rest of gaming stopped existing.
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  • Rainbow 6 Patriots reveal trailer

  • Freek 05/11/2011

    Uhm, you guys are making a video-GAME, right?? Game? Playing, interactivity?? Hopefully you won't forget that when you move this out of the conccept phase.

    And did anybody actaully buy that "we have reason to believe they will like this"-nonsense?
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  • Gearbox: Duke Nukem Forever wasn't reviewed fairly

  • Freek 03/11/2011

    Gearbox is far too good a developer to even think DNF was anything but avarage, or think that "alien rape caves" would be considered funny.
    It was just poorly made. Being "somebodies vission" doesn't change that.

    That kind of hunor does still work, just look at Shadows of the Damned, full of juviniely humor. But the difference is: that was well written and funny. DNF wasn't.
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  • Games industry votes Apple as biggest influence

  • Freek 02/11/2011

    Apple has a huge influence on where gaming is going, sure, but it has little to nothing to do with where it has come from. Reply -5
  • Journey developer on games as art debate

  • Freek 02/11/2011

    @BuckEntropy mystification is what bad designers do in order to feel special. When in reality it's a trade, you learn it at a school where they give you the tools to do your job. Reply 0
  • Freek 02/11/2011

    It's not really bullshit, you can't do your job if you don't know what you are doing. Being a designer is entirely different from being an artist.

    For example in the world of graphic design or web design it can be a little murky;

    But it's still important. If you forget the fact that as a designer you have to putt the functionality and goals of the product you are making first, then the whole thing goes pearshaped. You end up with something users do not like and as a result the product fails. And in order to reach that goal you have guidelines and best practices for the particular industrie that you work in. A science, and research you can and must follow.

    As an artist, you have no such concerns, you're also much less likely to break through and earn some money.
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  • Freek 02/11/2011

    @BuckEntropy sand and grass are the ingredients, the building blocks for a golf course, but that isn't the design. Reply 0
  • Freek 02/11/2011

    The lack of definition doesn't actaully stop you form saying what is and isn't art, it only makes it difficult to say why.

    People are doing it throughout this thread; explicilty pointing to things they know are not art and asking the question "well, is that art?" in order to derail the dicsussion.

    People know when something is special enough to be called art, it's just hard to say why.
    And that's probably indication enough a game has not yet reached that level yet, getting there but not yet. "Art, if you have to ask then it probaly isn't."
    That almost sounds like a t-shirt catch phrase ;)
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  • Freek 02/11/2011

    The golf course is an example of great design. And design is at it's best precisely when it is not atempting to be art but looks purely at it's goals.
    A problem or need exist and something needs to be designed to fullfill that. You start be carefully specifiying the requirements and work to that spec. Craftsmanship, being good at your job, but not art.
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  • Freek 02/11/2011

    @arcam But we aren't having that discussion, you are activly trying to avoid it by derailing the whole thing into the easy way out and being silly.

    Lady Chatterley's Lover, could be, I haven't read it so I can't comment on it's literary value.
    And a school exerise also isn't art, doesn't add enough value and has nothing to say.

    Ofcourse Friends isn't art, it's formulaic, simplistic and merely a collecion of jokes.

    Wich is the point I'm tyring to make, it's pretty easy to say something either falls into the category of art or not, but it's hard to come up with a catch all phrase.
    If everything was art, then we woulden't have the word art to begin with as it would hold no meaning.
    But we do have it, and we don't just trow it around lightly, it's reserved for works that carry a special signifigance, that have a certain unique quality that set them apart from the rest of the things we make.
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  • Freek 02/11/2011

    @Shinetop Except I'm not, i'm giving examples of higher goals.
    Wich isn't impossible to do, art may be hard to define, but you know in what general direction to look for.
    Simply saying "art is impossible to define therefor everything is art" is too easy and is fairly insulting to people who putt in the time, effort and tallent to create art, to make the world a more interesting place.
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