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  • F1 2017 review

  • Fox89 24/08/2017

    @bf I think probably because he retired so you can't race him in game Reply +4
  • Fox89 24/08/2017

    @Vedfolner Not in Career, but you can in Championships mode. There are 20 Championships with different rulesets like double points, reverse grids etc. Reply +3
  • Why did 3D Sonic struggle?

  • Fox89 24/08/2017

    Modern Sonic annoys me just because there's no reason he shouldn't work in 3D. They just can't seem to find a formula that works and stick to it. If they want Sonic to be about 'running around at the speed of sound,' then that's OK. It doesn't need to be a momentum based precision platformer like it was on the Mega Drive.

    But they don't seem to have confidence in that. There's always got to be some kind of gimmick. Modern Sonic has been at his best when he's just running through tightly designed stages. Do that, keep the plot light, keep the combat minimal, and you'll have some really good games. There is a game out that is basically Modern Sonic done right, and it's an indie game called 'Action Henk'.

    Anyone who wants to try a different (and in my view, better) style of 3D Sonic... go play the fan game Sonic Utopia. It's only a demo of Green Hill Zone at the moment but it's wonderful. To me, Sonic Utopia successfully translates the 2D style of Sonic's gameplay into a 3D world.
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  • Video: Remember the little ways games used to be worse

  • Fox89 13/08/2017

    Non-standardized control systems! 'WASD' in vanilla DOOM was: Up arrow, comma, down arrow, period. In Tomb Raider 1 your side-step was on Delete & Page Down, jump with alt, shoot with Ctrl. The less said about System Shock 1 the better.

    This wasn't too bad on consoles of course, but on PC it was a nightmare.
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  • Hellblade deletes your save file if you die too many times

  • Fox89 08/08/2017

    Interesting thematically, but is your post-death playthrough going to be the same story as your pre-death playthrough? If so, then it doesn't sound like particularly compelling design. Games like Undertale and Nier: Automata like to do meta stuff like this, but they do something with it. They'll subvert your expectations and then change your next playthrough in some way to add more context to the story.

    If literally all that's happening is your save file is being deleted then it's probably not for me. I hate to admit but I'm actually kinda bad at video games. Will I be good enough at this one to experience the whole story without having to restart multiple times? Probably, but I can't be sure. And I don't know if I have the patience to risk it.
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  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds fans feel ripped off by new key and crate system

  • Fox89 27/07/2017

    Incidentally, "they're cosmetics so don't affect the game" may ring a little hollow for anyone who has fallen foul of someone with a ghillie suit. Spotting players is an important part of the game; if any of these optional outfits blend in better with the environment, there's a genuine competitive advantage to be found there. Reply +11
  • Sega's just announced a new arcade racing game, and it looks amazing

  • Fox89 22/07/2017

    I have one question, and one question alone:

    Can I drive the Hatsune Miku car? Which, I should point out, is a race winner this year. I think we all deserve to drive it.
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  • Final Fantasy 15 survey hints at possible future updates

  • Fox89 24/05/2017

    What, are we doing X-Factor for RPG story now?

    "The votes are in and the winner is... [dramatic pause] ...LUNAFREYA! We'll now write her an actual back story and develop her character, which will be available for you to purchase in a mere 5 months!

    Tune in next week for our Gameplay Final, where we'll be pitching 'Playable party members' against 'a magic system that's actually worth a damn' in our most exciting match up yet!"
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  • G2A responds to Gearbox's withdrawal and TotalBiscuit's demands

  • Fox89 10/04/2017

    Oh, so they're compliant with everything Gearbox demanded!

    Good for them, I guess that means the deal is still on then? After all, there's no way a legitimate, entirely compliant partner would wait until they've already lost the business of a major publisher before explaining themselves, right?
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  • Mass Effect Andromeda is another failure for trans representation

  • Fox89 28/03/2017

    @steve1979 I'm always just astonished that anyone who says "I play games for fun, not politics" would play MASS EFFECT of all things.

    Ah yes, Bioware, that company whose games are well known for being completely apolitical in every way. It's not like you literally decide the fates of entire species or anything.
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  • Fox89 28/03/2017

    I am definitely willing to commend Bioware for attempting inclusivity, although your criticism is completely fair as well. I think trying to write from the perspective of someone different than you is important, even if you screw it up.

    Having said that, this isn't a main character. I don't imagine a whole lot of time was spent by the writer imagining themselves in this character's shoes. If you're going to try and write someone from a perspective you don't understand I think it would be smarter to give them a more prominent role, as that forces the creator to spend more time trying to understand your character.

    And yes, getting some feedback from living, breathing trans people probably wouldn't have been a bad idea either.
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  • Fox89 28/03/2017

    @Samplethief "Oh, there's an article I'm not interested in. I think I won't read it" = an easy thing to do.

    There were 4 articles I noticed on the front page today that I wasn't interested in, so I didn't read them, comment them or moan about them. Grow up.
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  • Sumo Digital's Snake Pass is coming to Switch

  • Fox89 01/02/2017

    'Snake Pass' is also the name given to the A57 - the road connecting Sheffield (where Sumo Digital is based) and Glossop on the way to Manchester. Reply +9
  • Dirt 4 is more evidence that Codemasters is back on track

  • Fox89 30/01/2017

    @Beano The devs have confirmed they'll be 60fps on all platforms Reply +1
  • Dirt 4 announced, and it's out this year

  • Fox89 26/01/2017

    @Some_Goats According to an interview the lead designer did with Red Bull, Dirt 4 features 2 handling modes, one of which is the 'Simulation Handling' for all the DiRT Rally fans.

    Presumably the other mode will be more akin to DiRT 3
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  • Fox89 26/01/2017

    @CrashOkami The career tracks are purpose built, 'Your Stage' is very much separate from that. Reply +6
  • Surgeon Simulator dev's latest looks like Splatoon meets Tony Hawk

  • Fox89 24/01/2017

    I'm kinda digging it, but it looks weird without people on the boards. Also a skateboarding game without horrendous bone-crunching bails lacks a certain something. Reply +4
  • Why Let it Die's microtransactions are great for the game

  • Fox89 04/01/2017

    It's finally happened, we're getting Stockholm Syndrome from microtransactions Reply +90
  • Finally, you can add 2-Step Verification to your PlayStation account

  • Fox89 25/08/2016

    Given I got hacked about a month ago and they refuse to refund me... this is both really good news and unbelievably frustrating. Reply +3
  • Disgruntled No Man's Sky players thrust Sony's PS4 refund policy back into the spotlight

  • Fox89 19/08/2016

    @SiroccoJetProp Can confirm! Currently down 120 because someone bought a bunch of unauthorised FIFA points on my account.

    The customer service rep I spoke to said I seemed entitled for a refund but then their investigation team said they didn't count it as fraudulent so nothing doing.

    They're absolutely appalling when it comes to this sort of thing.
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  • Sega announces two new Sonic games

  • Fox89 23/07/2016

    Two great pieces of news. The 'two Sonics' is clearly modern sonic and retro sonic, suggesting a game in the same style of Generations - a mix of 2D and 3D levels. As Generations is the best Sonic game since at least Adventure, this is a good news!

    And proper 2D Sonic? What can I say - it's the way it's meant to be ^^
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  • Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness review

  • Fox89 01/07/2016

    @SpaceMonkey77 The Witcher is full of tropes as well, it's just very well executed. As are the games I mentioned. Reply +7
  • Fox89 01/07/2016

    A painfully undercooked Japanese RPG that shows how far the genre has fallen behind its western rivals.
    Very unfair to lump the entire genre in with Star Ocean like that. Xenoblade is excellent. Tales of Xillia is excellent. Persona 5 looks incredible, and I haven't even touched on FFXV yet.

    Oh, and let's not forget that Dark Souls is a JRPG as well.
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  • Watch: Aoife plays Max Payne for the first time

  • Fox89 13/05/2016

    I went through Max Payne in its entirety twice before I realised there was a non-shootdodge version of Bullet Time. So whenever I needed any slow motion for anything I would always have some form of dramatic leap.

    The ones going up stairs were the worst.
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  • Digging into the exciting and unlikely fan-made KOTOR reboot Apeiron

  • Fox89 08/04/2016

    @vojtas It says right there in the article that they probably haven't spoken to anyone at Disney about this.

    Most of these projects are fine until big gaming sites start posting articles about them. Then a few days later we see the "Fan remake of [GAME] cancelled after cease and desist notice".
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  • Fox89 08/04/2016

    The only reason Disney hasn't shut this down is because it wasn't on their radar. I don't expect that to last long, unfortunately. Reply +5
  • How bad exactly is Atari's Rollercoaster Tycoon World?

  • Fox89 06/04/2016

    The circus has always broken down in RCT games xD Reply +5
  • Uncovered: Final Fantasy 15 live report

  • Fox89 31/03/2016

    Hey Aoife, remember an hour or so ago when it all seemed really boring? xD Hope you had fun out there! Looking forward to some nice articles ^^ Reply 0
  • Fox89 31/03/2016

    Aaah. These will transfer nicely to mobile devices xD Reply 0
  • Fox89 31/03/2016

    Ignis obeying the rules of the road like a boss Reply 0
  • Fox89 31/03/2016


    That's it. That's what they're called now. It's been decided.
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  • Dirt Rally console review

  • Fox89 30/03/2016

    You can specify which repairs your mechanics make, but the combined time 'cost' of those repairs cannot exceed 30 seconds
    *30 minutes. Any engineer that can fix a radiator leak in 30 seconds is no longer just good at his job, he's a wizard ^^
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  • Blizzard to remove Overwatch pose accused of reducing Tracer to “another bland female sex symbol”

  • Fox89 29/03/2016

    I will never understand why this kind of thing inspires such an impassioned response. "Game developer changes something based on feedback/criticism" is not an unusual thing. Yet for some reason when that change involves a characters butt it's front page news and hundreds of comments worth of anger.

    If the headline was "Blizzard changes character's shoe colour" we'd all be wondering why the hell it was on the front page of Eurogamer. Surely the sensible thing when you see that headline is to just say "OK, fair enough, whatever," and not worry about it.
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  • Fallout 4 Season Pass currently free on UK PlayStation Store

  • Fox89 18/03/2016

    Not sure you should really be saying "grab it while you can" on this clear mistake.

    "Hey, someone left their wallet on the table. Grab it while you can!"
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  • Development halted on troubled $660k Kickstarter success Unsung Story

  • Fox89 08/02/2016

    I backed this, and assuming they can't get it back on track then... well, that's very disappointing of course.

    That's the danger of Kickstarter though. You gotta take the bad with the good. I'm not going to let a burn or two like this stop me from backing games in the future. If I ever feel bad about a Kickstarter pledge gone bad I'll just go back and play Divinity: Original Sin or Distance.

    If you only gamble when you can afford to lose, it doesn't hurt too badly when you do.
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  • Here's the first Final Fantasy 7 gameplay footage

  • Fox89 05/12/2015

    Would I rather have just a shiny version of the original battle system? Yes.

    However... I'd be lying if I said what I saw there didn't look really freaking cool! Also - Biggs and Jessie! And...Wedge I guess! Great to see those guys in their new HD glory

    Yeah, the hype is still real.
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  • Payday 2 developer apologises after paid-for boosts blowup

  • Fox89 23/11/2015

    An apology is great and all, but the sincere apology costs 99p so I have mixed feelings about it. Reply +1
  • Halo 5's campaign goes back to basics - and it's all the better for it

  • Fox89 26/10/2015

    which, by the way, you watch thinking, 'I wish I was playing this
    I never find that with flashy cutscenes. I'm nowhere near skillful enough to pull off the cool tricks and things they do in such things. Plus, if I'm focussing on shooting and blowing stuff up, I'm not really appreciating the flashiness of the sequence.

    So I like a nice fancy cutscene from time to time as long as the gameplay between them is fun as well.
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  • Rollercoaster Tycoon World on track for December

  • Fox89 29/09/2015

    I'm optimistic that this'll be pretty good... but not at launch. From the progress we've seen the latest devs have turned it around well, but I'm not sure they've had enough time to get the breadth of content in that it really needs.

    Still, a couple of good free content updates before they start asking for DLC, along with some mod support, gives me some real hope.
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  • ESPN's report on Dota 2's The International is a step in the right direction

  • Fox89 10/08/2015

    The interesting thing about eSports for me is how the scene will adapt to the constantly changing nature of video games. Look at any of your 'big' traditional sports - how much has Football or Golf or Tennis changed in the last 30 years? Now, who expects anyone will still be playing DOTA 2 at all 30 years in the future?

    I know lifelong Manchester United fans, people who followed Tiger Woods his entire career. Winning Wimbledon is seen as this incredible achievement because of the history it's steeped in. I'm curious what eSport equivalents we'll see (if any) when we're changing the most popular eSport game every 5 years or so.
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  • Microsoft Gamescom 2015 conference live report

  • Fox89 04/08/2015

    They're re releasing Forza 5 are they Martin? :D Reply 0
  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 reveals first gameplay trailer

  • Fox89 14/07/2015

    Graphics graphics graphics. Come on guys, is that all you care about? That's exactly the kind of attitude that leads to games like The Order and the complaint "I wish they'd focus less on graphics and more on gameplay".

    You're right of course; it does look dated. But it's not so much that I won't forget that in an instant if the game itself is half decent.

    So how is the gameplay for THPS5? Well, it's hard to tell without playing it, but it looks pretty similar to older Pro Skater games, and that's a good start. I liked those games a lot, and I'm looking forward to a new one. All that really matters is that they get the feel right, so fingers crossed they do.
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider brings back Lara's sense of adventure

  • Fox89 26/06/2015

    I expect my experience of this game will go something like my experience of the last one.

    Feel like it looks too scripted. Get annoyed at Lara's commentary. Lament the loss of the 'Legend' series with my favourite Lara (Keeley Hawes). Reluctantly pick it up to see just how awful it is. Fall in love with it.

    I still miss Tomb Raider of old, but I really, really like Tomb Raider of new as well. So I look forward to moaning about this for a few more months before I snap it up day one on PS4.
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  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 has 20-player multiplayer

  • Fox89 26/06/2015

    Looks like a lot of fun to me! Hope there's a good variety of new levels. I mean, I love 'School', don't get me wrong, but I've played School a lot. And if I go back and play it on THPS2 I can have Papa Roach on the soundtrack. Reply +3
  • Planet Coaster launches pre-order campaign

  • Fox89 22/06/2015

    I hope they keep all this stuff open for a while. I like backing games that I am interested in, but I need to see a bit more than a tiny (albeit very nicely put together) gameplayless trailer.

    I don't really have a problem with this, the game seems to be happening regardless as far as I can tell, this is just a "if you *do* want to support us more we'll give you some meaningless tat" scheme. It's fine in Kickstarter, don't see any problem here.
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  • Destiny: The Taken King director defends 40 expansion price tag

  • Fox89 22/06/2015

    I believe there's been a mistake here, EG. You credit the words to a chap called 'Luke Smith' but I think the person you actually spoke to is a Mr. Dollars McMoneybags, personal finance officer to Skeletor. Reply +23
  • Watch 40 minutes of MGS5: The Phantom Pain

  • Fox89 19/06/2015

    So does that mean it should be unlocked from the get-go for everyone?
    No, but if you *do* allow people the ability to get it early, that doesn't make it OK to charge for. There are plenty of ways to make secret stuff available for all without ripping off people who have already paid money for the game.

    - Reward for completing the game
    - Cheat codes
    - Hide super secretly in a level
    - Obscure sidequest

    All these used to be viable options for this sort of thing. It's not additional content, it's a hidden part of the game you've already paid for.
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  • Fox89 18/06/2015

    Konami's logic is that it's merely an option for those pressed for time (or prone to frustration)
    The thing is, when did that become an OK thing to charge for? There are two things in this world that you charge money for: products, and services. Skipping a wait timer is neither of those things.

    I remember back around 2001 there was this one particular level in Max Payne that I couldn't stand. I wasn't good enough for it and I didn't have the patience to keep trying, so I used a level skip cheat.

    These days a lot of companies would demand I hand over 50p for doing that. Seems entirely unreasonable when I've already bought the game.
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  • Fox89 18/06/2015

    How insulting for Konami to suggest that they are owed compensation if people don't have enough free time to play their game. Reply +46
  • The Last Guardian emerges from hibernation, unchanged

  • Fox89 17/06/2015

    I never expected it to change though, so this is all totally fine. I've always been happy with the little I've seen of TLG, the only thing that needed to change was it actually needed to exist.

    Now that it does it's pretty much doing what it needs to :D
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