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  • Windows 10 comes with Candy Crush Saga automatically installed

  • Fox89 15/05/2015

    Why would you ship an OS with Malware on it? Reply +55
  • Codemasters boss Rod Cousens leaves for Runescape developer

  • Fox89 02/04/2015

    @Rodster Well this year's is coming in June. You can't get much earlier than that as the cars have to be made. Can't start with that until they show up at the first GP Reply +2
  • Early Access games done right

  • Fox89 28/02/2015

    The fact that there are so many really great products missed off this list actually makes me feel pretty good. Some of the scams and failures over the past year or so have started to frustrate, so it's nice to remember that the model does work and there is plenty of genuine quality out there that would never have been funded 5 years ago.

    Offworld Trading Company is another one that seems to have started off with quite a polished product, with about a year of development still scheduled.
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  • Final Fantasy concert album launches today

  • Fox89 23/02/2015

    I was there in London for this concert. Completely amazing. These aren't simple orchestrations like Distant Worlds is, these are entirely new symphonies using Uematsu-san's original melodies as inspiration.

    Don't know how much will be lost in the recording compared to experiencing it live, but I'm delighted they're finally releasing it.
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider puzzles "will take you longer to solve", Crystal Dynamics promises

  • Fox89 17/02/2015

    I really liked pretty much everything about the new Tomb Raider. Which surprised me because I thought it looked crap in the build up, but it was incredibly fun to play. Even the combat was really well done and satisfying.

    But the best bit of it all was the optional Tombs! I understand if CD don't want to turn *everything* into a massive puzzle, but I hope they realise where the biggest strengths if the game lie and focus on them. Thematically as well, Tombs are great. Exploring and surviving in a forest or on a mountain is great, but doing it in a mysterious trap filled ancient tomb is even better.
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  • Alien: Isolation passes 1m sales mark after three months

  • Fox89 21/01/2015

    Don't feel too down a bit this guys. It's more Colonial Marines numbers are inflated (partially due to their massive pre-order focussed campaign) than any slight on Isolation.

    Most publishers would kill to have a game that sells a million copies in three months. Plus it will probably have a longer life through Steam Sales, GOTY editions and so on that Marines didn't get due to being critically panned.

    I don't see this as anything other than a total success for SEGA and Creative Assembly. Well done them.
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  • Video: Troy to the World

  • Fox89 01/01/2015

    My favourite Troy Baker role is still Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia.

    I especially like it now 'cause it's like a "Before they were famous" moment. Vesperia was the big game he starred in before he was starring in big games ^^
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  • Final Fantasy 15 reveals first female version of mechanic Cid

  • Fox89 22/12/2014

    Shame about the choice of outfit. It's less that there's a woman in a sexy outfit, and more that we've had what... about 10 Cids before this one? None of them had their dicks bulging out. First time it's a woman, gotta take off 'dem clothes.

    Still! On the other hand, very nice to see a female Cid at all. And always happy to see interesting new characters. The game is looking very, very nice indeed - and Shimomura is taking her music to another level with the soundtrack so far.
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  • Final Fantasy 15's brotastic TGS trailer gets an English dub

  • Fox89 15/12/2014

    What's peculiar or bewildering about any of that? Maybe I'm just too used to anime but that all made perfect sense to me.

    Now it's time to play the game of guess the voice actor!

    Noctis' voice is a bit more gruff than I was expecting. Sounds a bit like Steve Blum. I particularly liked British dude who even said 'Bath' correctly.
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  • Survival racer Distance boosts to PS4 in 2015

  • Fox89 02/12/2014

    @JoeGBallad The kickstarter pitch was basically: "Remember Rush 2049? Like that. Money please."

    Needless to say I complied immediately. 2049 was my favourite Dreamcast game
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  • Inside Star Citizen's grey market

  • Fox89 09/10/2014

    Man, I hope this does end up coming out and being good! Firstly because I backed it and want to play it, and secondly because the failure of this would be so incredibly high profile that I worry it could have serious consequences for game crowdfunding in general. Reply +11
  • UK chart: Shadow of Mordor biggest launch for a game based on Lord of the Rings

  • Fox89 06/10/2014

    I really wish we could start getting digital data. I'd love to know just what the actual proportion of PC users is to the consoles, but seeing as the majority of PC purchases will be through Steam there's no way to compare. Reply +1
  • Meet Hajime Tabata, Final Fantasy's latest saviour

  • Fox89 23/09/2014

    Having spent the day on the most highly analytical and professional areas that exist on the internet (i.e. Gaf and Reddit), I am fairly happy that this system is going to be fine. Based on what Tabata said here I was worried that it was literally just going to be 'press one button to do everything', but if you look at the demo we've seen that just wouldn't make sense.

    No, one main button for attacking which reacts differently if you tap or hold, the ability to teleport and charge/cast magic on separate buttons and switch weapons mid combo all seems to be in there, and I'm hopeful that when backed up with 'macro' system (like Gambits or materia) will give this action RPG the depth it needs.

    I get the feeling he was trying to say "we've streamlined everything so that you don't have to worry about hard to execute button combinations to do all your cool stuff" and just explained it poorly.
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  • Fox89 23/09/2014

    @moroboshi Can I just check - you were watching the TGS trailer for this right? You know, the one with the giant adamantoise, the astral shard and the dinosaurs by the lake?

    Just want to make sure.
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  • Fox89 23/09/2014

    I guess what it comes down to is a simple question: do I have agency in the combat?

    If I press 'Attack' and the AI picks the best attacking animation - fine. But if I press 'Attack' I don't want it casting a fire spell because the AI has determined that this enemy is weak to fire.

    No, I want to figure that out and *choose* to exploit that weakness.

    If I can do that - fine, I can get on board with a streamlined interface for it. If I can't, then we may well have a problem.
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  • Fox89 23/09/2014

    This may end up being the best system ever that everybody adores.

    But my god does he not understand how to sell it. "I do want to make it more casual... it'll be a one button action and the AI intuitively outputs an action that kind of satisfies".

    50 hours of one button combat that the AI 'intuitively' sorts out doesn't sound great to me. Can we have some more details on how this isn't going to suck please?
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  • RollerCoaster Tycoon World in-game screenshots revealed

  • Fox89 02/09/2014

    @pughwales When you *design* a Rollercoaster in real life you do it with drawings and CAD. So you change what you like on the fly and then build the parts to specification afterwards.

    No part of RCT's coaster building has ever been realistic nor should you expect it to be.
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  • Fox89 02/09/2014

    I would never build this particular park as they haven't built any proper queues. I like mine to go through at least two mountains before allowing people to ride the helter skelter.

    But the capability looks to be there, so it's already vastly surpassed the mobile catastrophe.
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  • Tales of Xillia 2 review

  • Fox89 22/08/2014

    Xillia is my favourite Tales game (and one of the finest RPGs ever made), so even an 'interesting but slightly lumpy postscript' sounds pretty good to me. I'll be picking this up once I get around to replaying the original as Jude. Reply -1
  • Game developers would most like to work for Valve, survey finds

  • Fox89 20/08/2014

    As a dev myself one of the most difficult parts of it is keeping secrets. It sucks when you're working on something good and can't talk about it!

    So I don't think I'd get on too well at Valve.
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  • RollerCoaster Tycoon World headed to PC in early 2015, first teaser shown

  • Fox89 15/08/2014

    More good news - Pipeworks confirm that the 4 player co-op is optional and it has an offline single player.
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  • Fox89 15/08/2014

    I will be cautiously excited for this. Hopefully it'll be really good! If it's "as good as 3 but shinier", then that'll be satisfactory.

    And as I have a friend who is really into RCT, the co-op stuff could also be good! We'll wait and see though. I won't be foolish enough to pre-order this one, put it that way.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5's cardboard box gets some peculiar new features

  • Fox89 12/08/2014

    This is the kind of stuff that made Metal Gear cool... when it was just a thing you found by playing the game. Not as the central theme of a trade show demo. It's just two minutes of Snake dicking around going: "Waaaaaaay remember this? Remember how wacky this was a decade a go? Well now it's EVEN WACKIER!!!"

    It's all just got a vague... your dad on the dance floor vibe to it. You know what I mean? There's such a thing as trying too hard.
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  • Does Advanced Warfare's exoskeleton really change Call of Duty multiplayer?

  • Fox89 12/08/2014

    Looks a lot like every other COD. Which, you know, of course it does! They're not going to turn it into a visual novel are they? COD gets a lot of deserved flak for being the exact same game every year with no new ideas to make it interesting... but it also gets a lot of undeserved flak for just being COD. I don't expect it to stop being a fast twitch-based FPS, I just want some different ideas every now and then to keep it interesting.

    This is exactly the kind of cool new stuff that might - might - make it fun for me again. Will it be enough? No idea. But I'm glad they're releasing this instead of another Ghosts.

    Oh, I also want a good single player campaign again. I won't hold my breath on that though.
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  • Blurred lines: Are YouTubers breaking the law?

  • Fox89 16/07/2014

    @AGBear Nothing disingenuous about it. He disclosed and always has disclosed the information. The description is always right there when you're on the website, so it's an obvious and easily accessible place for a disclaimer.

    When it was pointed out to him that things like embedded videos don't have that, he acknowledged the issue and changed the policy. I don't see the problem here.
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  • eSports organisation IeSF makes male-only tournaments open to all

  • Fox89 03/07/2014

    @Bluetooth In the old version, women were excluded from:
    - DOTA 2, one of the largest eSport games in existence.
    - Hearthstone, the biggest competitive CCG with the possible exception of Magic: The Gathering
    - Street Fighter IV, the biggest competitive fighting game.

    Men were excluded from Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

    Those aren't exactly balanced scales. Regardless of what you think of the new system, the old one was not 'true equality'. Frankly even with women only tournaments, in terms of total number of competitors at this event men will probably still outnumber the women. So this is as least much *closer* to being fair, even if it isn't quite there yet.
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  • Fox89 03/07/2014

    Let's clear up this thing about there still being female only tournaments. "Oh no, that's sexist as well!" you may cry. Well on the surface, yes. But bear in mind that men don't need more representation, more exposure, more publicity. There's no need to "encourage more men to get into professional gaming" because 95% (number pulled out of thin air) of all professional gamers are men.

    Be under no illusions: women may now be allowed to compete in the DOTA 2 tournament but it's still basically going to be a men's tournament with a few women here and there. That's just the demographic, it's the way things are. And if the two teams (number pulled out of thin air) with women on get knocked out early, then where are women with an interest in eSports going to see women compete?

    That's where the women only tournaments come into play. It's a way to show women that yes they are under represented, yes they are greatly outnumbered in all the mixed tournaments, but they are still welcome and there is a place for them.

    Hopefully if we can show women that and get more of them playing professionally, then in a few years time we'll have a better balance and there won't be any need for 'female only' tournaments. Can you argue that this is sexist against men? That it's a double standard? Absolutely, and I couldn't fairly say you were wrong. But given that these mixed tournaments are still likely to be virtually men only in all but name anyway, it would be pretty god damn petty to complain about it.
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  • Grid Autosport review

  • Fox89 24/06/2014

    @Rogueywon That stuff isn't in there on this one. There's an English woman who gives a bit of front end tutorial stuff, a quite F1-like race engineer, and that's it.

    I've not encountered anybody using the word "stoked," for example!
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  • How Nintendo is reinventing the shooter with Splatoon

  • Fox89 20/06/2014

    As a big RPG fan, I was expecting Xenoblade to be the thing that made me say "Right, time to get a Wii U". And while that was indeed the case, Splatoon did the same thing.

    The bit that really grabbed me in the trailer was where there was a ramp that couldn't be used, but then it got splattered with ink and the player turned into a squid and flung themselves up the ramp to reach a new bit of the map.

    That looked all sorts of fun. I'm in.
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  • Enemy Front review

  • Fox89 18/06/2014

    Honestly surprised at this review considering the chap at RPS seemed to quite like it. Maybe that means the PC version is less bug ridden?

    A pity as I've just been looking for something to scratch that WWII itch recently. Like a more historically accurate Wolfenstein or an old Call of Duty.
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  • Video: Dealing with other humans and synthetics in Alien Isolation

  • Fox89 12/06/2014

    I was worried at first when I heard you got guns and there were human enemies around, but it definitely doesn't look like it's turning into generic FPS with some tense alien bits thrown in.

    I really like how one of the weapons against hostile humans is the alien itself.
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  • Final Fantasy Type-0 coming to PS4 and Xbox One

  • Fox89 11/06/2014

    While it seems rather odd not to have a Vita version, I am so delighted that this is finally seeing a western release and that I finally have a reason to buy a PS4! Reply 0
  • Evolution addresses DriveClub micro-transactions concern

  • Fox89 23/05/2014

    @Stuvok Those weren't created by the developers of the games they were used on though, they were third party tools that allowed you to hack the game. Nintendo even filed a law suit to try and prevent game genie being distributed in the U.S. Reply 0
  • Fox89 22/05/2014

    @DwarfyP The complaint is not that they're ruining my experience (as somebody who won't use the micro transactions), but that they're ripping off the people who WILL use them.

    You have paid full price for the game. You should not be being asked to pay money again in order to access that content when you like. If a developer doesn't want to program in a 'quick unlock' cheat, then that's their prerogative. But if they do put one in, there is no consumer friendly reason to charge money for it.

    All they are giving you is exactly what you used to get in a cheat code, but now there's a price tag. Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A will now set you back 50 cents a go.
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  • Fox89 22/05/2014

    @Haydar If it were a single player game that wasn't going to screw with the balance of everyone else, sure. Reply 0
  • Fox89 22/05/2014

    @null We can all agree there's nothing wrong with giving players a way to skip gated content. But what makes it OK to charge for that?

    It essentially punishes people for not having lots of time to play. You have a CHOICE. Either not play the game with all the content, or spend more real money!

    That choice is fine in a F2P game. It is not fine when you've paid full retail.
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  • Fox89 22/05/2014

    So at level 25, for example, you might spot the Ferrari F12, which is unlocked at level 38. If you want immediate access to that you can pay for it.
    Pretty sure I already paid for it when I bought the game.
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  • Confirmed: Watch Dogs PS4 900p, Xbox One 792p, both 30fps

  • Fox89 13/05/2014

    @dogmanstaruk Yes. Well detected. My comment was dumb but I was just frustrated this is even an article. Reply +1
  • Fox89 13/05/2014

    900p? 30fps?

    Well that makes it official. Gaming is dead. It's physically impossible to be good at anything less than 45fps. Time to find a new hobby, guys.
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  • DriveClub micro-transactions will let you quickly unlock cars

  • Fox89 12/05/2014

    @Super-Murloc Even 1p is too much. Look at it this way: if you've just spent £45 on a game, you've spent that amount of money on a certain amount of content.

    You should not have to PAY more unless you GET more. What you 'get' for that extra 79p is nothing except the ability to play the game the way you want to play it. You're paying to have fun.

    When all you get when you pay is content you have already paid for, they are no longer monetising content, they are monetising your enjoyment.
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  • Fox89 12/05/2014

    Here's what bugs me. You want to offer players a shortcut through the levelling system? Fine. What the hell makes you think it is OK to charge for that?

    There seems to be an attitude, at least amongst those that peddle these practices, that players are given the option to choose which of their two most precious resources they would like to invest in playing this game they bought: their time or their money. The microtransaction is not a requirement and therefore it is OK. This is a fallacy.

    What this attitude does is imply that people with little time or patience are less deserving of a good product than those willing to sit down and grind out XP. These people have paid full retail price for your game, so if you cared about giving them good value and enjoyment, you'd have a little icon that says 'push X to unlock instantly' or a god damn cheat code.

    The idea of paid 'XP boosting' and micro transactions implies that the hours and days of a player's life that they put into a game is essentially owned by the company that made the game, and if they want to get that time back? Well then they have to pay the fee.

    No. You can give players 'options' without charging players to take them. It is a sleazy, exploitative business practice and should never be defended as anything else.
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  • "We're not evil villains building an empire"

  • Fox89 14/04/2014

    "It's often quite difficult to understand the logic behind it, because you have to have some understanding of law, which is very boring for most people,"
    Including, it would seem, the lawyers of pretty much every other game company out there. One wonders what they're all getting paid for.

    You know how Square-Enix don't try and trademark the word: "Final"?
    Note how Sony didn't file any registrations for the words: "The" "Last" or "Us"? (although who knows what the status of "of" is at this point, it's a legal minefield that one.)
    As far as I am aware Konami hold no trademark on words such as "Metal" "Gear" and "Solid".

    So tell me again, oh wise games guru, do these businesses have no understanding of law? Or is it just too boring for them?
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  • World War 2 shooter Enemy Front now has a release date

  • Fox89 27/03/2014

    Quite a few unpromising looking mechanics mixed in with some good ones. There's just something about seeing HOLD X TO DO A THING on screen that makes me despair.

    On the other hand, some of those environments looked pretty open and there seemed to be optional objectives to take care of. I mean... there's a minimap. A minimap wouldn't be required if it was just a corridor shooter, right?

    If we could get somewhere in that middle ground between COD and Far Cry, this could definitely be worth a look. Consider me interested but not sold.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes review

  • Fox89 18/03/2014

    @Pinky_Floyd You don't have to forget it. You just have to make up your own mind.

    How long a game has to be to be 'worth' £30 differs hugely from person to person. So EG tells you about the quality of the product ("It's great! 9/10!") It's up to you to decide if a 2 hour long 9/10 is worth that money to you.

    Dungeon Keeper is different because the monetisation directly effects the gameplay, not just the perception of value. As in: if you don't continually pay money, it actively stops you from playing. If MGS had micro-transactions in order to access core game mechanics, then the review would be right to mention it and mark it down. But as it doesn't, the price is irrelevant to the quality. You are probably smart enough to make your own decision about whether the price tag is warranted for the game EG describes in the review. You don't need your hand held on that one.
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  • Fox89 18/03/2014

    @Pinky_Floyd A good review can only tell you about the quality of the game. Value for money is a judgement you have to make for yourself. I'm glad EG didn't make the error of marking it down because of the price tag. Reply -9
  • Fox89 18/03/2014

    Glad to see it's really good! Shame about losing David Hayter though.

    It's so annoying to feel like I have to temper any praise about this game with that. Such a pointlessly dumb move.
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  • Video shows how to dock in Elite: Dangerous

  • Fox89 16/03/2014

    Love it! Small details like this excite me to no end. It's stuff like manual docking that really immerses you in games like this. The first game I ever had to do that in was a game called Hardwar[e]. The airlocks in that would try and kill you as well if you loitered in them for too long, even if you owned the hangar. Reply +2
  • Mobile spin-off Deus Ex: The Fall hits Steam next month

  • Fox89 26/02/2014

    Super news as this is supposedly actually pretty good, considering its platform. Also nice to hear of the improvements and dropping of micro transactions for the PC versions.

    However: "As a result, the game economy has been rebalanced". In other words, the original economy was not designed to function properly unless you spent extra. That's not acceptable, even on iOS.
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  • Thousands of people play Pokémon at once via Twitch

  • Fox89 18/02/2014

    I'm just excited for the inevitable follow up: 'Twitch Plays Dark Souls' Reply +2
  • Tiny vs Big: In praise of Titanfall's smart pistol

  • Fox89 17/02/2014

    I like Titanfall's game design philosophy. There are quite a few elements in it where the original idea is obviously something completely overpowered, but they've then taken measures to balance it out.

    Let's have players roaming around in giant mechs! But won't that be a bit OP against people who aren't? No, because we'll give foot soldiers jetpacks and anti-mech weapons and let them ride on it's back like a bull.

    Let's have a gun that insta-kills players without the need to aim! But won't that be a bit OP against people without it? No, because we'll introduce a lengthy lock on time, giving people with regular weapons a good chance to shoot first in a head to head duel.

    I'm not going to say Call of Duty is a badly designed game or anything like that. But it lacks a certain imagination that Titanfall has in spades. Here's hoping there's enough variety in the game modes in the final game to give it longevity.
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