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  • #IDARB review

  • FogHeart 27/01/2015

    I Don't Actually Run Badly? Reply 0
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 review

  • FogHeart 24/01/2015

    I guess there are four tiers for the Maxwell series:-

    750ti - budget
    960 - mainstream
    970 - enthusiast
    980 - high end

    So here I am on the lowest end and declaring an interest in moving up to mainstream next year and I see people saying "it's bizarre how anyone could call 970 expensive" - how the 960 "isn't needed" - how I should "just save up" for the 970.

    I'm sorry to have to say this but saying I shouldn't spend 50% more on my GPU, I should spend 150% more, that's a bit rude. People can justify different outlays for luxury goods. I'm sure the 970 is a great card, I can appreciate your enthusiasm for it, but as the article states and strangely is shot down by the first post (which may be the reason for its negs, nothing to do with the 970 bug) it is still beyond the reach of most PC owners. Including me. I have come to peace with that, please do the same.
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  • FogHeart 24/01/2015

    Well, the 970 is outside my price bracket, so it's a drawback for me. :(

    Doesn't mean it doesn't represent a great value product, it means there is a need for a card in a lower price bracket. Like this one.

    Sadly, as these tests show, this card doesn't represent the same value for money as the 970, but it's still the best card you can buy for that price bracket.

    Considering this card as a GPU for a living room PC, it's a shame that you can't quite hit a consistent 60fps in several games as the benchmarks show, you need to take quality down a small notch to achieve it. A near miss. Maybe we'll get a tiny percentage gain through driver updates in time, who knows.

    I'm currently on a 750ti (don't let the '7' distract you, it's bottom tier of the '9' range, pity my poor pay cheque) but this is the next card, or at least whatever improved version is available in a year or so.
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  • Dying Light gets new UK physical launch date, a month late

  • FogHeart 23/01/2015

    When the Warner Brothers were finally made to explain the delay, they blamed their Warner Sister, Dot. Reply +36
  • HoloLens is a surreal experience - and full of possibilities

  • FogHeart 22/01/2015

    At last, we can watch TV while pretending to be listening to someone else, we just need to interject occasionally with 'She said that? How terrible' and 'They just don't appreciate you there.'

    Joking aside...most of this article is about the sophistication of the software applications driving the hardware, which is nice but a bit superfluous. We kind of know what the possibilities of a seamless AR experience are. And hopefully we all know that there's never a possibility of motion sickness with AR because you can see enough of the real world to reconcile head movements with vision.

    I wanted to know most of all how the tech is achieved. To measure the motion of a headset accurately every system thus far needs an external camera watching you. Have the gyros in this headset eliminated the need for that? If so it's big news, it means you can take the headset out of a specific environment. How does the display in the lenses go from transparent to completely opaque colour - not seen that before either.
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  • Alien: Isolation passes 1m sales mark after three months

  • FogHeart 21/01/2015

    On questioning buyers of A:CM on why they didn't purchase the superior Aliens game, I guess most responses were along the lines of "Uh jus wanna plug uh munstuh wi muh guhn." Reply +1
  • H1Z1 unplanned downtime stretches on

  • FogHeart 21/01/2015

    Oi! I was there first!

    I'm not gonna complain about them merely having downtime, when the other game was hacked in its fledgeling days.
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  • Resident Evil HD Remaster review

  • FogHeart 20/01/2015


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  • FogHeart 20/01/2015

    Here at work there's a locked cupboard next to me with some equipment in it. The key is kept in another cupboard in the server room. To get into the server room I need to swipe my security card. This card is of course unique to me and has been cleared for entry through certain doors that other cards cannot get through.

    Resident Evil is behind the times? From my perspective it was spookily prescient when released...
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  • Alienware Alpha review

  • FogHeart 17/01/2015

    - Living room PCs should start with i5 and 8Gb, anything less is a bit behind the times.

    - It's pointless buying a living room PC for more than a console if you can't upgrade every component. The way you save money in the (not very) long run is cheaper games and hardware trade-ups - the objective is to only do the big spend at the beginning, and then never again for the rest of your gaming life.

    - Living room PCs with decent gaming performance were hobbled by power requirements and noise output right up until nVidia released Maxwell cards. The 750ti means you can use that small case, that lower power supply. It's a great card for gaming on a TV.

    - Ubisoft and EA spitting out their dummies and insisting on their own game management software was bad news just when Steam gave us a 'ten foot interface' for living room PC gaming. Don't bitch about living room PCs needing a keyboard and mouse. Bitch about EA and Ubisoft forcing things to go backwards.
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  • Microsoft reinstates Xbox One price drop in the US

  • FogHeart 16/01/2015

    Well, it's getting late, time for bed, but I look forward to the morning when a different audience have read this news item and destroyed any possibility of a reasoned debate...I wonder who'll be the first not to use any punctuation or capitals, and who will write five words followed by 'lol'.

    I believe the UK will get a price drop too, but nowhere else. MS seem to care about this market quite a bit: witness the Titanfall bundle, which costed less than the XBox One did before without a game in the package. They saw where things were going in the UK, saw the market that they had a lead in last gen heading the other way, and took steps to correct it. And I don't think they've given up on being the leader in the UK yet. Shame about the rest of the World, but the release schedule of the console, the support for OneGuide in other territories etc showed that they didn't think they had a chance, better to invest their money chasing the two markets they used to lead in.

    Edit: damn, looks like the 'different' audience started one post ago :(
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  • FogHeart 16/01/2015

    It's a games console, not a couch from DFS! Reply +24
  • Make something that makes something: Inside the Procedural Generation Jam

  • FogHeart 12/01/2015

    No need to convince me that the World should value the progress made in small steps rather than great infrequent leaps: I abhor the fact that Watson and Crick got Nobel prizes - while Franklin loses out to a romantic novelist for a place on the ten pound note.

    Those on this comments thread who are calling out 'pretentious' are the ones who need convincing. They perceive no value in the end products, because their definition of value of the created programs is one of utlility. Pure research isn't driven by utility, of course, although it can happily happen as a by-product. And if it never does, that's fine too. But it's hard to have the man on the street, who is usually beholden to someone who expects him to provide utility, to swallow the idea that it's OK do research for the sake of research, and to celebrate the small advances that don't change anything for him.
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  • FogHeart 11/01/2015

    I'm interested in coauthored narrative and the potential to test the player to determine the psychological type of their alter ego then define their initially tabula rasa character accordingly and funnel them into thematically coherent, dramatically paced, emergent simulated histories through the manipulation of NPCs that they had become emotionally entangled with by largely offstage factional forces once their character was becoming a person of interest and not a mere bystander.
    Ever played/seen a playthrough of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories? At the start and during 'intermissions' play changes to a first-person persepctive and your character is in a psychiatrist's office taking various tests. The following chapter would change based on whatever the results of your psychological profile were.

    Of course the possibilities are finite: you can't have an infinite variety of models, spoken dialogue, environments etc (especially on the Wii :D ) but it was a good way of varying the playthroughs a bit.

    But the idea of using an RPG-like tutorial to determine the character's mindset is brilliant - I can imagine that rather than start with the character being interrogated Elder Scrolls style, the player is put in a stressful situation like an environment under attack and has to make a series of choices to progress.

    You know why the 'pretentious' label is being put on this stuff? It's because most of the results we see from procedurally generated content is either too outlandish to be considered worthy of inclusion in a game, or (if an attempt is made to tame that) the content is different but not to an extent that it makes a difference...for example the trees and the dialogue from the NPCs in Peregrin is always different each time you play but it has no bearing on what you do. And yet it seems we're supposed to hold it in such high regard.

    We have pretty much 'done' procedurally generated environments - see Don't Starve, Daylight, Bloodborne - but a character that always says something different, or gameplay that is vastly different based on user's choices? We're a long way off.
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  • Jon Blyth on: Barks

  • FogHeart 10/01/2015

    Surely I heard the NPC allies say all of those grenade lines on Giants: Citizen Kabuto. Or some of them. Or maybe I dreamed that.

    On a more serious side, the immersion breaking of NPCs saying the same thing is maybe the one thing in gaming that has stood still for a couple of decades. Why can't it be solved?

    Also: Alien: Isolation is just great isn't it? Every bit of it lavished with attention to detail, dripping with atmosphere, so well thought out. It's such a shame that the NPC dialogue of the looters is so wrong. Rather than speaking in trembling hushed voices full of fear, they enunciate their concerns with the professionally forced earnestness of an adult actor in a CBBC drama. Sadly a lot of NPC dialogue in games sounds like that.
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  • Riot's ambitious plan to "optimise the internet" for League of Legends players

  • FogHeart 07/01/2015

    Most likely they worked out optimised routes for their traffic then worked with ISPs to have them change their routing tables for traffic using the IP port set aside for the game application so it'd jump onto those routes. I don't think they've done anything with traffic prioritisation, they'd need to fork out a lot of money, more that they have the routers release packets sooner rather than wait for a minimum number to come in and then forward them on all at once.

    Edit: /nerrrrrrrd
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  • PS4 Data Bank dock allows huge storage

  • FogHeart 07/01/2015

    If I looked hard enough I'd probably find a comment on a story about the PS3 being hacked via a USB port that says "This is why we can't have nice things." Now Sony gets berated by some for not allowing USB storage on PS4 - at least not yet - and those people are basically asking why we can't have nice things... Reply +1
  • The most exciting games of 2015

  • FogHeart 06/01/2015

    I'm hoping to see Routine this year. Same as I did last year ;(

    Forgotten what it is? Essentially it's a procedurally generated Alien Isolation set in Space 1999.

    Negworthy because? This site baffles me sometimes.
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  • Is Nvidia Tegra X1 the next big thing for mobile graphics?

  • FogHeart 05/01/2015

    I guess the extra grunt would be useful in driving one of those 'slide your tablet in' wireless VR headsets. Current thinking seems to be that we need 1440 pixels high and a refresh rate of 90fps for 'presence', which is a tall order even for a wired one driven by a PC GPU! Reply 0
  • FogHeart 05/01/2015

    Sure, there isn't much call for all the power right now, but we'd all welcome the fact that we'd be running the same games as ever using far less juice - a 2x performance per watt increase means we can play for twice as long before plugging it in to charge. Reply +2
  • FogHeart 05/01/2015

    state-of-the-art octo-core ARM CPU architecture
    I love it when you talk dirty.
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  • Xbox avatars to get improved graphics, new features

  • FogHeart 05/01/2015

    grow the avatar platform across all of our platforms, leveraging ... the intimacy of touch on mobile devices.
    Please don't make me intimately touch anyone's avatar.
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  • Cara Ellison on: The Poetics of Space

  • FogHeart 03/01/2015

    @vert1go It seems that you share the, er, philosophy of Cara's mother when it comes to video games, but you like the things that you both define as video games while she does not. But she likes Proteus. So is this breakdown of a clear definition of what video games are, which gives entertainment to her mother but excludes you, a good thing or a bad thing? I say, there are plenty of games already for those who dislike the philosophical twaddle or art pieces. If games like KRZ floats some people's boat who stay away from games otherwise, that's a good thing too. Neither camp are composed of Bad People. Reply +5
  • FogHeart 03/01/2015

    I'm very much not like this. I immediately answered by taking stock of what I saw and didn't answer 'both'. I'm very much a believer in dialectics. I can't stand seeing a drawer half-open. As a child I needed to know what atoms are made of, and then what these subatomic particles are, convinced that at the end of this I'd find that the universe was divided into 'fundamental stuff' and 'nothing'. (yes, I am aware of quarks and string...)

    And while I immensely enjoy KRZ, I do find myself trying to choose dialogue options that leave no room for ambiguity or any superposition of possibilities.

    You'd think that this would mean that the breaking down of the definition of video games that we have started to experience would rub up against me, then. Games where there is no unambiguous ending condition, games where there is specifically no task to perform to progress. And yet I seem to be welcoming them - indeed, looking out for them and picking them up where possible. The debate about what is and isn't a game has come up a few times here. Remember is Dear Esther a game? Remember how some wanted to define the kind of game that Proteus was differently - that it was played, but since there was no progress or end condition it was a 'toy'. I struggle to classify Elegy for a Dead World as a toy.

    Maybe I'm rebelling against my need for dialectic definitions? I don't think so. Instead it's like when I was a child I'd found out about particles not found inside atoms but I'm still convinced that all of them underneath have a common substance making them up.

    Also, when we finally have a theory of everything - when I live in my final home - when KRZ releases its last Act - I will feel a sense of comfort, of completeness, not sadness that there are no more dreams to be had. Just because there's no more supply from any outside source doesn't mean it's over - it just means your own imagination has to step up and continue from there.
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  • Reader's top 50 games of 2014

  • FogHeart 02/01/2015

    @XibalbaN7 Only games released this year can be voted for. Check last year's list for how high KZ charted.

    My personal feelings about the game were, best looking console release game ever, the usual enjoyable heft and weight to the combat, and an utterly stupid story - it starts with the side that wins the war giving half of their own planet to the losers and allowing them to kill any of their people who didn't leave their homes for them.
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  • Microsoft gives more CPU power to Xbox One developers

  • FogHeart 02/01/2015

    At the moment, the operating system does not inform the developer how much CPU time is available, so scheduling tasks will be troublesome. This is quite important - voice commands during gameplay will be few and far between, meaning that 80 per cent of the core should be available most of the time. However, right now, developers won't know if and when that allocation will drop. It's a limitation recognised in the documentation, with Microsoft set to address that in a future SDK update.
    (NB the CPU time referred to above is only about that seventh core - the ones given over to the game are as available as always).

    This would be problematic to use right now - I'd imagine developers would leave it alone until they can use it with consistency. If you just go ahead and use it then on those occasions when the operating system grabs the core and you lose a fair proportion of CPU grunt then there will be a bit of stutter - of course the framerate would only drop to that which you'd get from the six cores you used to have, but it's still a distraction.

    Imagine a spider and a beetle in a race. Six legs versus eight. The spider has one leg that sometimes refuses to budge. The spider wins but during the race he sometimes 'stumbles'.

    What I really don't know is how simple it is to start using the new resource. Would it be practical to incorporate the resource into a game currently in development or is it only reasonable to use it in games where development started after the release of this SDK?
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  • Video: Troy to the World

  • FogHeart 01/01/2015

    How does this work? I mean, practically. Does he have to zigzag all over North America to wherever the recording/mocap studio for his next job is, spend weeks there, and move on? How often is he 'home', if he has so much work in so many different places? And have a great many Americans sat next to him on a plane not knowing that they've sat next to someone who more popular for his acting and voice skills than many Hollywood 'A' listers? Reply +8
  • Eurogamer's Game of the Year 2014

  • FogHeart 01/01/2015

    What strikes me is that this year each console got a top quality racer each of which was very different from the other two, and had a very different focus. But many who have only played their own console's racer are baffled by the enthusiasm meted out by owners of the other two. Reply 0
  • Elite: Dangerous review

  • FogHeart 22/12/2014

    As you hurtle through the wormhole, streaking starlight strobing across your cockpit interior, you are Han Solo, Captain Kirk, Buck Rogers or whichever space adventurer you prefer.
    PIIIIIGS IIIIIN SPAAAAAaaaaaacccceeeee......
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  • Back from the Brink: the new Splash Damage

  • FogHeart 22/12/2014

    On a whim I watched the Youtube developer session on F2P hosted by the recent Playstation Experience show. Most of the participants were in the same boat as Splash Damage - they'd been making traditional releases and were giving the genre a go. None of them came across as eager to monetise their game's audience - their primary focus was making a game that since it had continual feedback over its development and lifetime would always be broadly the game that the fans wanted it to be. Sometimes they were shocked at how badly concepts they came up with could be received, and reflected on how if they were making the game traditionally the bad stuff would have gone in without them having any clue that it was bad.

    They needed to make money of course, and recognised acutely that if they were not careful they'd be branded as 'Pay 2 Win'. Their goal always seemed to be to have players pay money to vary their experience, not increase their prowess, but there were always balancing issues at first and new content always carried a risk - change it quickly based on what might be the exhortations of a vocal minority, or give it a few days and collect more substantial feedback and stats? The solution is to have very sharp community liaisons, something that many of the companies had not needed to invest in before. They would be able to ascertain the top issues that needed to be fixed or adjusted, they divine a signal from the vast amount of noise from the forums.

    In all I was impressed by their earnestness and their genuine belief in F2P as a means to deliver a quality product for a dedicated fanbase, not a fast route to riches.
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  • Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: Year One

  • FogHeart 21/12/2014

    We're all struggling with this idea of what would constitute 'innovation' in the new gen, especially considering that if they can be described as PC-like in architecture then they would have happened on PC already. The answer is surely 'the tech is powerful enough that we can use it in a different way that we've been waiting to be able to do.'

    Check this interview about No Man's Sky, forward to exactly six minutes, and the question about new-gen innovation is effectively asked and answered.
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  • Don't call it DRM: what's Denuvo Anti-Tamper?

  • FogHeart 19/12/2014

    @Vixzer Well I guess job done then! Excellent news. At least until quantum computing cracks all encryption codes and ushers in the new dark ages :(

    @Chris_N took me a second to parse that too. They mean to say that Steam is an example of a DRM system, not that Steam is an example of a title without DRM.
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  • FogHeart 19/12/2014

    For FIFA 15, we again made improvements and now we're approaching 90 days without a crack.
    I guess the ultimate aim is to have it last until the next yearly release...I can't believe I'll be looking out for news on a whether a game gets cracked...

    Just out of interest! I don't pirate, I don't play FIFA.(Edit: I wonder which of those two I was negged for :P)
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  • Star Citizen's Chris Roberts doffs hat to Elite: Dangerous

  • FogHeart 19/12/2014

    @Zapatero I demand an expansion where you can mine asteroids for Jaffa Cakes. Reply +3
  • FogHeart 19/12/2014

    "Well done, who would have thought that so many people would want a dinosaur brought back to life?"
    "Ohhhh, thanks. Still, I'm sure your game will be just as successful when you release it...from beyond the grave."
    "It'll be great, we'll be sure to release it after sales for your game have died down. So that's next month or so."
    "I look forward to playing the 5% of the game that is actually of interest to people!"
    "YOU SUCK!"
    "NO YOU SUCK!"

    /knife fight
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  • Elegy for a Dead World review

  • FogHeart 19/12/2014

    I took shelter from the dust storm in a basement. There were pictures on the walls - faded, torn, rotting. Most seemed to depict warriors with angry faces wielding swords or guns firing energy beams. A skeleton sat at a desk, in front of a primitive communications device. Somehow the display showed the last thing before the power failed: "Pretentious crap." I wondered if the body that had possessed the skeleton died after writing the words or simply reading them: either way, I was moved to ponder upon the nature of futility. Reply +23
  • Minecraft creator Notch bought the most expensive house ever in Beverly Hills

  • FogHeart 19/12/2014

    @kongzi I thought that was a problem solved for millions by something called Minecraft. Reply +5
  • Windows 10 leak reveals new Xbox app for PC

  • FogHeart 15/12/2014

    @PlugMonkey If you haven't found a quick way of swapping sound outputs via a hotkey, check out SoundSwitch. Free app, lives in the tray icon. Reply +1
  • FogHeart 15/12/2014

    @bad09 Video and audio....I have a small monitor with sound and a TV with sound, win-P switches the video output but not the sound. There's no hotkey for sound switching like there is for video. Reply +2
  • Editor's blog: Introducing the columnists

  • FogHeart 13/12/2014

    We hope you've enjoyed reading it, or enjoyed being angry afterwards, at any rate.
    Yeah, you love us. The way a parent loves a difficult child!

    Well, looking forward to reading the pieces. I've always enjoyed the Saturday articles one way or another. Is everyone else at EG getting an arty little portrait done? I like them.
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  • Video: Why you might not want to pre-order The Order

  • FogHeart 12/12/2014

    How about 1 reason for pre-ordering any game; don't.
    Sounds just like all the women in my life: their reasons end up being instructions :O
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  • FogHeart 12/12/2014

    Hey, Mr Higton, if you were alive in 1886, you would be soundly derided for your lack of facial hair....

    Prior to this video I thought the QTEs were a bit different - they were called 'branching' in that you could press different buttons for different outcomes. I'm not seeing that here: press this button to release this lever, and I'll stand here forever until you do. WTF?

    Instafail stealth is also terrible (just make the player lose some health as a consequence ffs), but so is instantly failing a sniper mission for shooting an innocent, hence the handholding. So what the hell do you do instead?

    Still, oh yeah, no way do I pre-order this. I think, this year in particular, gamers have not got the value out of pre-ordering. The extra revenue from pre-orders should have produced more polished products, doesn't seem to have happened!
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  • Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2014 voting

  • FogHeart 12/12/2014

    Yeah, I'm waiting for P.T as well before voting. Reply +1
  • Final Fantasy Type-0 is your only way of getting the Final Fantasy 15 demo

  • FogHeart 12/12/2014

    Because the only people we want to think about buying 15 are a few of the ones who have already bought Type 0.

    That's sound business sense right there.
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  • DriveClub revisited: is dynamic weather a game-changer?

  • FogHeart 11/12/2014

    I don't think a re-review will help here, because the criticisms that the original review made didn't have much to do with the changes that have been made since, but rather the philosophy that the game had on what a driving game should be.

    It's just that those criticisms in the review are just plain wrong. It's hard to find anyone who has taken a punt on the game and dislikes it for the reasons the reviewer did. I bought it digitally a little after launch in its 'broken' condition, but I came to think of it as a 'basic' condition. It allowed me to concentrate on and appreciate the finesse that have been lavished on the core components of a driving game as they appear here - tracks where you can always find a way to take off a bit more time, cars that reacted significantly differently to each other in the same class, not 'like the last one but a bit better'.

    I'm not a driving game enthusiast, and I can't actually drive. I really only get through the likes of Burnout with dogged persistence and any handholding I can get, but this game doesn't let me off the hook. I have to learn how to drive the cars, how to 'manage' a lap. No racing lines, no forgiving barrier slams. But it gives me a superb handling model and great tracks to use it with. Imagine someone who has never cooked, being given a fine kitchen and an endless supply of high quality ingredients, and then told to learn on their own. He screws up a lot, but he gets a bit better all the time, and eventually starts coming up with the best meals possible.
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  • Tomb Raider mini-series is in the works

  • FogHeart 11/12/2014








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  • Elegy for a Dead World is out now on Steam

  • FogHeart 10/12/2014

    I'm 'following' it, and got no announcement, the store page doesn't show a new news item, it just has the news item from 30th Sept about the kickstarter. Anyone got anything different? Reply 0
  • Tripwire defends Killing Floor 2 PS4 port

  • FogHeart 10/12/2014

    Warning: please do not start reading and assume I'm waving a flag for PCs....

    A PC has the potential for far more 'input bandwidth' than a console. There are over 100 'buttons' on keyboard, several more on a mouse, and the mouse itself is a far faster and more precise input device than an analogue stick. Move a floating cursor over a small image with a mouse, move over it using an analogue stick. Which is quicker, which ended in exactly the intended position?

    It's not that console players are 'dumb', it's not that their machine isn't capable of doing what a PC does: it's that the gameplay systems designed for them have to take into account the speed at which the player can provide a nuanced input. A PC player can organise and maintain an inventory screen far quicker with a mouse using drag-and-drop. A console owner has to tap the directional buttons, press a button, tap a few more times, press again. To stop console players getting mired in these screens the game is...'streamlined'. Let's unify the ammo, for example - so there are fewer visits to the inventory screen.

    I'm disappointed that the touchpad on the DS4 is so far limited to gestures and the occasional tap like an extra button. In truth it's a fully functional touchpad and could be used to manipulate a pointer. I do it all the time since my PC uses a DS4 controller instead of an XBox one. Hopefully we start to see titles that use it the way it could be.

    Edit: Dammit Frosty, I need to type faster...
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  • The Last of Us' new multiplayer DLC executions are PS4-exclusive

  • FogHeart 09/12/2014

    Did anyone else exclaim "Woah-ho-ho!" at some point during that video? Reply 0
  • Sunset Overdrive announces first DLC expansion, adds new moves

  • FogHeart 09/12/2014

    The only game on the One that I yearn for...I always loved wielding an Insomniac wacky gun. After FUSE bombed they needed the support of a console platform so in a way I'm glad MS stepped up and took on publishing of this game, and I hope it has sold enough for Insomniac to continue to great things. But I can't bring myself to buy the consoles, having been..affected by their anti-competitive business practices on the PC/server front in my long IT career. Sorry...I know the XBox division are the least guilty of all...

    ...and yes, I am typing this on a PC running Windows, I just wish PC games ran on more than one OS.

    Expecting the negs, will take them on the chin.
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