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  • Bloodborne review

  • FogHeart 27/03/2015

    Earlier this week: "Damn you Sony, you've taken a popular franchise and bought it!"

    We shoot that down.

    Today: "This is a niche game that will only appeal to a select few!"
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  • FogHeart 27/03/2015

    @Shadders OK, but where do you draw the line for popularity before something becomes 'essential'? Souls games sell well. And I've got this game waiting for me at home, but don't really get into the GTA series as playing as a criminal doesn't sit well with me the way a monster slayer does. Any measure you draw on popularity before a game can be considered essential will always be artificial, a tiny bit less popular and the game loses its right to be called essential?

    No. Let's call a game essential because if you're into a kind of game then you'll adore this example, and not make it measure up to some arbitrary measure of genre popularity.
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  • FogHeart 27/03/2015

    And so EG's list of must-buys for the PS4 loses much of the little relevancy it used to hold... Reply +13
  • Video: NewRetroArcade: Unreal 4 and VR's mind-blowing mix

  • FogHeart 26/03/2015

    Does this mean that in 20 years time we can walk onto a holodeck where we can simulate being in a living room, putting on a VR headset and visiting a virtual arcade?

    /Inception horns
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  • Valve-approved Half-Life 2: Update headed to Steam

  • FogHeart 26/03/2015

    'Update'. Well I appreciate their subtlety. They might have called it 'Redux' or 'Unleashed' or 'Ultimate' or 'Ultra', in which case I'd have stayed away. Reply 0
  • Is Bloodborne the best game ever, or just the second best?

  • FogHeart 24/03/2015

    Well, I look forward to the entire argument about the IP being repeated when the review itself is up. We've already gone through it twice before. It's crazy, I don't believe for a second that these two *****s have any real grieviance, they just see a Sony exclusive and need a way to shoot it down, and because they can't do it any other way the are trying to make out that it's somehow immoral of the developer to make it a console exclusive. It's bullshit of course but they'll just Yeah But and No But until we're exhausted and want to move on and they get to write the last post on the matter and make it look like we've run out of answers. Christ, though, do we have any other option but to refute any miserable half-justification they can put forth for their stance? Their mission is not to convince anyone here, most know that their argument is utter tripe and the ones who give them +1s are just wishing the argument held weight and want to support their attempt to spread FUD amongst casual onlookers. Reply +2
  • The best PS4 games

  • FogHeart 22/03/2015

    If you aren't into 2D platformers this list is of limited utility!
    Would also concur with others that Driveclub should be here. It's hard to find anyone who owns it and doesn't speak highly of it. And that's emphatically not a massive case of confirmation bias. These days it feels like EG staff are the only ones who have played it and disregard its merits. Although I'll bet none of them have played it this year, otherwise it'd be listed here.
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  • New PS4 patch boosts Resi Revelations 2 performance

  • FogHeart 20/03/2015

    Not got enough cache, stranger!

    I got no idea how to make that fit in with the article, but it sounds like it could.
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  • World Bank exec discovers son spent $4500 on FIFA packs

  • FogHeart 18/03/2015

    It seems to me that most parents who buy a console expect that they can simply give them the cardboard box with the unit inside, and thereafter only intervene to type in credit card details for any game the child asks to have purchased. They're not aware that the credit card details are saved for future transactions, and if they were aware they wouldn't want that. But for everyone who purchases the unit for themselves they want those details retained to make future payments quick and simple.

    So the conflict isn't with the platform holder: it's between two sets of consumers who want the 'default action' on purchasing to be very different. The I-want-to-spend-minimal-time-with-this parent might type those numbers and walk away, leaving the child free to tick the box stating that they'd like those credit card details retained. But you have to have that box, for the second set of consumers. You can't leave it out.

    How do we then save the parent from themselves? The parent who doesn't realise the import of not supervising the entire credit card transaction, and who either doesn't know about or is dismissive of the need for parental controls, or who is unwilling to invest time into setting them up not realising the implications of not doing so?

    Answer: force it upon them. When they enter the last digit of the credit card number, indicating that they truly wish to make a credit card transaction, start an unskippable video which explains that these details will be retained if the checkbox is ticked, and the implications of doing that. Have the system ask if the transaction is being made on behalf of a minor, and if they wish to be taken to parental controls as soon as the transaction is finished.

    Of course this is only done once - after that it is assumed that the adult has seen the video and knows what the score is.
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  • Social matchmaking service Overdog launches for Xbox One

  • FogHeart 17/03/2015

    Surely two MS employees collided in a corridor, scattered documents on the floor, and each one took the logo meant for the other's department? Reply -1
  • PlayStation just brought in 3bn for Sony

  • FogHeart 17/03/2015

    I can't believe I'm reading a back-and-forth between accounts called XBox One and Playstation National. Are you both so fundamentalist about supporting your console of choice that you don't want to consider having an identity outside of their names? Reply +4
  • FogHeart 17/03/2015

    I look forward to seeing results for next financial year, where they might not have a despotic rogue state attempting to destroy them. Reply +1
  • Microsoft: any game can come to Xbox One, despite parity clause

  • FogHeart 16/03/2015

    I read this as "If your game when released on the 'other platform' ended up being a big success we might be willing to waiver this clause business so we can get a bite of that cherry. But we don't want to say it in public so let's have a private conversation.

    "But if your sales were modest when you 'come and talk to us' we'll have our most persuasive suits cajole you into creating more content on top of a conversion, and too bad if the extra work eats into your profit margin."
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  • Video: When video games got space really, really right

  • FogHeart 07/03/2015

    I can forgive the muffled effect that games give to sound in vacuum, if they are supposed to be representative of impacts and vibration that you'd feel through the suit. So in Dead Space games you can hear/feel the sound of footsteps and the detonations of your shots, but the enemies don't 'vocalise' with roars. It's a good compromise.

    The one aberration I see in every game and most movies is explosions in the distance being heard immediately rather than obeying the difference between speed of light and of sound.
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  • SFX studio Weta makes Hobbit Smaug VR demo for Oculus Rift

  • FogHeart 05/03/2015

    All the games and spectacle are nice. but really I'm just looking forward to getting home, sitting back on the sofa with the VR set on and spending a couple of hours chilling out in a place that's more interesting than my living room. I need so little of VR to be happy with it. Reply +2
  • Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain release date revealed

  • FogHeart 03/03/2015

    It would be great to see Kojima branch out and do something new after all these years, but at this point I'm not sure that feels super likely.
    Silent Hills?
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  • Indie sci-fi horror Caffeine confirmed for Xbox One

  • FogHeart 03/03/2015

    @riceNpea He's in an espresso elevator to Hell. Reply +3
  • FogHeart 03/03/2015

    I'm still wondering when Routine is coming out :(

    Both games now have a released game to measure up to in Alien Isolation, hope they do.
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  • Alien: Isolation's fifth DLC add-on The Trigger out today

  • FogHeart 03/03/2015

    No, he has a point - the original game was a tad too long, and the DLC doesn't introduce any different gameplay elements, you still craft the same objects as Ripley and hide the same way, so it's not enough of a change to make me take it up. Reply +5
  • Unreal Engine 4 is now free. For everyone. Really

  • FogHeart 02/03/2015

    You are entering an unrestricted area! Reply 0
  • Valve's virtual reality headset is called Vive, made by HTC

  • FogHeart 02/03/2015

    @frunk I have to agree that now we have a firm commercial release for a VR headset it's time to take a serious look at just what kind of firepower we need to make it work. I was always concerned that the screen specs for VR - it looked like it would be 1440@75Hz for a while - would be beyond what a current top end card of this generation can do. If Digital Foundry are worth their salt they'll get onto this, should be a bit more useful to us than their last article. Reply 0
  • Does resolution really matter?

  • FogHeart 28/02/2015

    1. Most PS4 games aren't upscaled at all. They are renderedat 1080.

    2. Yes, but in theory they do that so those with both consoles get a reccommendation of which platform to buy for. It's not their fault that some use it to wave an e-penis.
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  • FogHeart 28/02/2015

    Is there anywhere we can see the list of tick boxes that were available? It's entirely possible that there was no box for 'better graphics' itself so the participants just picked what they felt best reflected that. It's not like Joe Average knows about 'framerates' and 'shaders'. Reply +8
  • Google-developed AI teaches itself to play retro games

  • FogHeart 26/02/2015

    I'll bet if we traced the connections of this 'AI' we'd find it links to someone who started working at home with Google believing that if he got a high enough score he'd get enough money to buy a BMW. Reply +1
  • Top factor driving PS4 purchases is "better resolution" - survey

  • FogHeart 26/02/2015

    Hello! I would also like to use the statistics above to justify my purchase of my console of choice, to denigrate the reasons others have for choosing other consoles, to divine wild assumptions on how sales will/have gone backed up by anecdotal evidence of what my friends did, and then patiently wait for someone to reply so I may argue with them! Reply +4
  • Troll deletes 11-year-old's Destiny characters

  • FogHeart 23/02/2015

    I can see no legitimate reason why anyone on Share Play would want to delete save files, so the best solution would be to lock that out while Share Play is active. That's an easy implementation for local save files where an OS patch would sort it out, something like Destiny where a deletion of a character is a modification to a file kept on a network server is down to the individual developer to implement, which is a shame. Reply +1
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Dark Souls 2 on PS4

  • FogHeart 22/02/2015

    @The-Jack-Burton Did your roommate's half-sister show you how to do it on Google? Reply +6
  • The Order: 1886 review

  • FogHeart 19/02/2015

    What really rankles me is that practically everyone at Ready at Dawn turned in a stellar, outstanding, brilliant job in making this game. That's a huge number of people. And the score is dragged down by the comparatively tiny handful of people responsible for gameplay design and to a lesser degree the writers. The difference between 'meh' and 'essential' can be down to a few people on your project team. Reply -1
  • Xbox One March system update adds screenshots, suggested friends

  • FogHeart 19/02/2015

    "Xbox take a screenshahdammit never mind...."

    "Xbox take a-argh missed it again!"

    "Xbox take oh for crying out loud what's the button combo for screenshots again?"
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  • Quake-inspired retro shooter Strafe gets playable pre-alpha

  • FogHeart 19/02/2015

    Or maybe just the OP was correct? Reply 0
  • Super Stardust Ultra review

  • FogHeart 18/02/2015

    I suggest putting the summary of no-award reviews in a grey tile like the 'badged' ones have for consistency's sake - my eyes skipped past it to the text below at first. Reply +5
  • PS4 20th Anniversary Edition unit No. 00001 sold for 85K

  • FogHeart 18/02/2015 Reply 0
  • Ironfall Invasion review

  • FogHeart 17/02/2015

    Dyxides sounds like it'd be a Greek word - an anglicised spelling of something pronounced thix-ee-thess, with both the 'th' sounds soft, as it is in 'this' or 'then'.

    Will see if I can find a meaning....
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  • Star Wars Humble Bundle one of the best yet

  • FogHeart 11/02/2015

    That's an interesting average. I wonder how many people are pledging $13.13. Reply +2
  • The God who Peter Molyneux forgot

  • FogHeart 11/02/2015

    It's shocking that no serious plans seem to have been drawn up about what would happen to the winner, aside from the prize itself - and even that was badly thought out with no contingency plans for the current situation. The visit to the offices and the pub afterwards seems to be very off-the-cuff.

    As soon as the cube was opened someone in the office should have opened a ring binder with plans of what happens next - it should have been treated as a project-within-a-project. Schedule of what takes place during his visit, a presentation of what Godus is and what his role would be (not just chucking him in front of a build for three hours ffs), whose job function it is to be his personal liaison in perpetuity.

    The clause in the contract he signed that stated he doesn't have to be paid until certain conditions are met seems like something that was drawn up with the belief that it'd be crazy if it had to come down to that, but now 22cans are leaning on it because the game that was integral to the reward is coming apart and they have no backup plan for him.
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  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate review

  • FogHeart 10/02/2015

    I was reading through this review thinking OK but what do you actually do? You say it's now accessible to newcomers but don't say how it's played. Then I read the sidebox and was enlightened. It's a good idea - there for people who got no clue what MH is, ignorable for those that know. I would like to see this review layout repeated for other games which are far down the sequel route but may have gamers reading the review with no idea what they're about. Reply +3
  • Rez's perfect 60 minutes

  • FogHeart 08/02/2015

    The moment when that running man forms and the guitar riff starts still stands as the best moment in gaming I've experienced. It's the 'journey through the monolith' in 2001 if we want to use the analogy of that film. A psychologist might say something about the sensation of speed, colour, complexity and synergy with sound. I don't think that quite covers either the bit in the film or the game, it's more than that, but I don't think it can be quantified. It's somehow got that quality in common with the best of sci-fi, of 'consciousness-expanding', I know how nu-age pill-popper that sounds. Reply +12
  • Games love rules - but don't forget the rituals

  • FogHeart 04/02/2015

    @cowell You just partook in a ritual :P Reply +7
  • FogHeart 04/02/2015

    Rituals are a trap. Rituals are the glowing bit of yellow on your armour that people or organisations can see and exploit. Rituals can be the thing you continue to do long after the reason for the ritual, sensible or otherwise, has since perished. Ritual ties you to the past when the present might reward you better if you just let go. Beware repetition, beware habit: when you find yourself performing something because you always have or others compel you to do so, keep asking yourself every day if it is worthwhile.

    But ritual can be the distraction that keeps your eyes off the abyss over which you walk a tightrope. It can bridge the impossible gap where it is imperative to look forward and never around. Just be sure to abandon the ritual when you know you have reached the other side.
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  • Cara Ellison on: 2014: A Space Engine

  • FogHeart 31/01/2015

    It's probably obvious from my bloody long post that the article did find some kind of resonance with me. Does that make me the same kind of pseud as Cara is being accused of being? I swear I didn't write any bullshit to try to appear all clever and such. (Possible evidence: I recently posted a comment that read "It just might be that some time this year I will come home, put on an Oculus Rift and spend most of the evening in a better flat than I actually own.")

    I can't bring myself to consider games to be no more than games. Sure, there are the games that we all play and I'm reluctant to believe that me playing them says anything special. But outside of that, the games that I buy that aren't mainstream or even designed along well-established lines, surely the ones that I buy say something about who I am? (you know, KRZ, Elegy for a Dead World, Dear Esther, Gone Home, Lifeless Planet) "Why did you buy that couch" doesn't mean much, "Why did you buy that painting" might.

    Should I even stop to consider these things though? Is it just that it's not a worthwhile thing to do? I think it is, but for the life of me I don't really know why. It's where I part ways with the critics on these comments, though - yes, the games you play can say something about you and yes, it's worth thinking about what that is.
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  • FogHeart 31/01/2015

    Ever since I sat in a cinema aged seven and saw a spaceship leave a world behind and go to another one I've had the desire to do the same. Both for the joy of going to a place where no one else is or has been, and for leaving behind the place in which I found myself.

    I met my biological mother a few years ago for the first time since I was a child, even younger than the one who saw the Millennium Falcon streak away into a cauldron of light. She told me that I had always seemed to want to play by myself. By the time I watched Star Wars I was sharing a room with two older brothers and two other siblings had their own rooms. When I reached ten years old there was another addition to the family. Alone-time was a premium.

    The dream of leaving it all behind has stayed with me: for my holidays I go to the other side of the planet on my own and spend the time at sea, on a boat, scuba diving. I take great pictures of what I find and mostly no one sees them. It's as close to leaving the world I know behind that's available to me.

    Oh, and I've lived by myself in this flat for almost twenty years.

    Cara seems to be attempting to leave it all behind too, using a virtual universe, but one which is still true to life (I wonder if that's something she considers to be necessary to the experience). To some extent we are all taking virtual road trips away from ourselves when we fire up a game. There's a big difference in scope though. In an MMO you've got a massive place to explore but you've not left the disappointment that is mankind behind, they're right there with you. In single player games you are limited to the confines of the narrative or at best a single city.

    So I can see the attraction of Space Engine - a way to create a maximum distance from real life without leaving a desk. Except real life is right there in your peripheral vision, off-screen. It's good that this year I will be able to slip on a headset and truly forget where I am.

    There's another problem with Space Engine - inevitably the planets you can visit can only be appreciated from a distance. Like seeing exotic animals in a zoo - you are locked away from them, you can't spend time with them, those screenshots above is your face pressed up against the glass.

    By now you've guessed that I'm going to mention No Man's Sky, a game whose very title is a promise that speaks directly to me. I can go to a planet, call it my own and never leave it. It is a multiplayer game, though, albeit one where the chances of encounters are remote. But is that far away enough for the likes of me?

    One of my favourite sci fi novels is Sister Alice, which takes place in a far future where people are practically omnipotent. They are able to travel anywhere at will, and if they so desire spend a few quick millennia terraforming a planet, not for their own use but as expressions of art, technology, imagination. The story centres around the eldest of the race developing the means to create entirely new universes from singularities and enter them, so that everyone can have a universe of their very own.
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  • Deactivated Ubisoft game keys were bought from EA's Origin using stolen credit cards

  • FogHeart 28/01/2015

    Oh, those Russians....:rolleyes: Reply 0
  • Video: Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Barry Burton's Kafkaesque Nightmare

  • FogHeart 28/01/2015

    @AoifeLockhart It's right up there with iron-door-squeak and pneumatic-device-hum. Reply 0
  • FogHeart 28/01/2015

    @jabberwocky We at Umbrella Corporation thank you for your feedback. We welcome any suggestions on how we can improve our service to our customers and stakeholders.

    In this instance we are buying up all dictionary companies and those involved in refridgeration (sic) so we may correct the rest of the World rather than ourselves.
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  • FogHeart 28/01/2015

    @jabberwocky We at Umbrella Corporation thank you for your feedback. We welcome any suggestions on how we can improve our service to our customers and stakeholders.

    In this instance we have forwarded your query to Mr Wesker, who, were informed, has stuck your letter to the refridgerator in the labs' break out area, where all the letters and pictures that our subjects have created have been placed, so the techinicians can peruse them on their lunch break for shits and giggles.
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  • Unreal Engine 4 tech demo looks unnervingly realistic

  • FogHeart 27/01/2015

    It just might be that some time this year I will come home, put on an Oculus Rift and spend most of the evening in a better flat than I actually own. Reply +22
  • #IDARB review

  • FogHeart 27/01/2015

    I Don't Actually Run Badly? Reply 0
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 review

  • FogHeart 24/01/2015

    I guess there are four tiers for the Maxwell series:-

    750ti - budget
    960 - mainstream
    970 - enthusiast
    980 - high end

    So here I am on the lowest end and declaring an interest in moving up to mainstream next year and I see people saying "it's bizarre how anyone could call 970 expensive" - how the 960 "isn't needed" - how I should "just save up" for the 970.

    I'm sorry to have to say this but saying I shouldn't spend 50% more on my GPU, I should spend 150% more, that's a bit rude. People can justify different outlays for luxury goods. I'm sure the 970 is a great card, I can appreciate your enthusiasm for it, but as the article states and strangely is shot down by the first post (which may be the reason for its negs, nothing to do with the 970 bug) it is still beyond the reach of most PC owners. Including me. I have come to peace with that, please do the same.
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  • FogHeart 24/01/2015

    Well, the 970 is outside my price bracket, so it's a drawback for me. :(

    Doesn't mean it doesn't represent a great value product, it means there is a need for a card in a lower price bracket. Like this one.

    Sadly, as these tests show, this card doesn't represent the same value for money as the 970, but it's still the best card you can buy for that price bracket.

    Considering this card as a GPU for a living room PC, it's a shame that you can't quite hit a consistent 60fps in several games as the benchmarks show, you need to take quality down a small notch to achieve it. A near miss. Maybe we'll get a tiny percentage gain through driver updates in time, who knows.

    I'm currently on a 750ti (don't let the '7' distract you, it's bottom tier of the '9' range, pity my poor pay cheque) but this is the next card, or at least whatever improved version is available in a year or so.
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  • Dying Light gets new UK physical launch date, a month late

  • FogHeart 23/01/2015

    When the Warner Brothers were finally made to explain the delay, they blamed their Warner Sister, Dot. Reply +36