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  • Video: You sure do pass out a lot in video games

  • FogHeart 03/09/2015

    If I were Lara Croft post-reboot, I'd be surprised if I didn't open my eyes to find I'm hanging from the ceiling in a room full of corpses. Reply +6
  • Face-Off: Dishonored: The Definitive Edition

  • FogHeart 03/09/2015

    Where on earth is that ambient occlusion on screen 4/8?
    One third from the left, one third from the top. Balcony next to the air vent. Look at the shadows underneath.
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  • FTC: Machinima "deceived" consumers with Xbox One videos

  • FogHeart 02/09/2015

    I hope this requirement to declare sponsorship will, in time be taken up by user reviews on websites and even thread posts. In the meantime I will just console myself with a Kool Menthol Cigarette, because Kool Menthol Cigarettes taste good, like a cigarette should. Reply +24
  • All four Mad Max films now playing on Steam

  • FogHeart 01/09/2015

    There has been too much violence, too much pain. None here are without sin, but I have an honorable compromise. Just walk away. Leave the inventory, the trading cards, the gifts, and the whole library, and I spare your lives. Just walk away. I will give you safe passage to another online reseller. Just walk away and there will be an end to the horror. I await your answer. You have one full day to decide.

    -The Lord Humungous
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  • The man who sent his game to Gabe Newell in a briefcase

  • FogHeart 31/08/2015

    It's been said by many a director of a development studio that the best way to get a job there is to present them with something you have created. Given that the briefcase contained the plans for a creation rather than the creation itself, even if Valve had a good look at the contents it wouldn't be enough for them. They want something on the level of Minerva. So, no surprise that Project-X has to become an actual creation, a thing that people are playing, before Valve will notice.

    Yeah, but look at what someone has to go through to achieve that: give up a steady salary, work ridiculous hours, pitch the game to strangers and hope that the lack of closure we have on Shepherd's story is enough to carry it through. Go into extreme debt and make promises to companies that will take a substantial cut of the end product's sales. Just to have a shot at being noticed by Valve. Not a guarantee that they'll pay attention. Just a chance.

    You can make overtures about nothing worth it being easy, but I'm not swayed: success is supposed to pay dividends for the person who has enough drive to make their dream into a reality, and I'm just not seeing those stories in game development. I'd love for this to have an 'optimal' ending, but most likely this chap will make this mod, be snapped up by some other developer and find himself on that same treadmill, working long hours for less pay than he should have, suffering crunch time work before release, and losing out on a bonus payment because some clueless jerk on a review site scored it 20% lower than the next lowest rating and brought the average below a threshold.

    So stop: rewind. We need people like Seabrook to not need to give up so much - of their time, of their financial security, of their future compensation - to achieve their dream. We need him to keep that job in QA but still be able to push out Project-X in a reasonable time frame. Is there just no way things could be made easier than they are now?
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  • Steam hardware pre-orders score free Rocket League and Portal 2

  • FogHeart 28/08/2015

    Hurrah! I somehow missed out getting it from PS+, by a twist of fate I get another bite of the cherry. Reply +1
  • Until Dawn review

  • FogHeart 27/08/2015

    You have to say, taking an 'oh god not this again' genre and filling it with 'oh god not that again' horror cliches but making it an engaging and inventive story is a masterclass in video game writing.

    It shows that teen slasher is not an exhausted genre and all its horror tropes have not been done to death, they just needed to be executed with wit, intelligence and panache.

    What I'd really like is if this game could be played in one of those twitch sessions where a whole audience could make the decisions and the popular 'vote' follows through.
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  • UK charts accused of "snobbery" over Everybody's Gone to the Rapture soundtrack snub

  • FogHeart 26/08/2015

    So an orchestra is only playing classical music if it was written during a specific time period? That's....odd. Surely any line you draw as to the start and end of the period are ultimately artificial? The lifetime of this composer is in but that one is out?

    Surely it should be about the style of the music, the set of instruments used to create it, and so on?
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  • FogHeart 26/08/2015

    I'm sure their official chart that won't allow game or film soundtracks will allow ballet concertos. If they can be listened to without the accompanying visual part of the medium and still be considered to be in the classical category, why not film and video game soundtracks? Reply +2
  • Earth Defence Force for PS4 and Vita confirmed for Europe

  • FogHeart 25/08/2015

    Lovely game name, must be a dozen metal bands who would look at that and think 'damn, wish we could have used that'. Reply +5
  • Sony dates Tokyo Games Show PlayStation press conference

  • FogHeart 25/08/2015

    @ubergine The anticipation is huge but sometimes they just don't turn up. Although you know it's going quite badly when they bring out some dubious looking gadget. Reply +8
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 review

  • FogHeart 22/08/2015

    A 44% increase in performance over 750ti , but a 30% increase in power draw. As both cards are suited for living room HTPC/gaming where noise levels are important, I'd be interested in comparing noise levels between the cards, sadly missed out here, we only get an anecdotal comment on it being quiet on twin frozr setup.

    We really want 14nm to finally come on stream and for minimum 3Gb VRAM to be established. (sigh)
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  • Cities Skylines: After Dark release date, price detailed

  • FogHeart 20/08/2015

    "Taking the cities from daytime to night is not as simple as one might think," lead designer Karoliina Korppoo explained in a new post on the game's official forum.
    Someone tell that to this guy.
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  • Everquest 2 to experiment with permanent "prison server"

  • FogHeart 20/08/2015

    @Mkwone Only they'll have a better cricket team. Reply +12
  • Digital Foundry vs Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

  • FogHeart 19/08/2015

    some things look like plastic when they're supposed to look like wood etc.
    Yeah, I remember the 80's well....
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  • FogHeart 19/08/2015

    @M4RKYB BABY TRIFFIDS!!! Reply +8
  • The insanely popular free-to-play Frozen mobile game is coming to Xbox One

  • FogHeart 19/08/2015

    @lone_wolf_uk They should put that somewhere in the singalong. Reply +1
  • Sony dates Paris Games Week PlayStation conference

  • FogHeart 18/08/2015

    @IronSoldier I wonder how they do '4theplayers' in other languages and still make it make sense. Reply -2
  • Ashes of the Singularity: the first DX12 gaming benchmark tested

  • FogHeart 17/08/2015

    I see nVidia have decided to use the Mourinho method of commenting on results.

    Like others I really want to see an AMD CPU as an added dimension to the benchmarks. If a combo of AMD CPU and GPU and DX12 suddenly puts the red team well ahead, then we really have an unexpected reversal of fortunes.
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  • New ZX Spectrum out 24th August

  • FogHeart 14/08/2015

    I strongly suspect the prize for finishing Pimania has been claimed. Although I seem to recall you needed to consult the cassette cover anyway.... Reply +2
  • Clearing confusion about boss battles in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

  • FogHeart 11/08/2015

    It's pretty easy to imagine how you could use stealth or dialogue in the events leading up to a 'boss' so that you don't have to go toe-to-toe. Talk to some people who provide him with support - physical, financial, political, whatever - and get them to disown him, or deprive something on which he relies. Use stealth to infiltrate a room where you can disable his systems. And so on. Loads of possibilities.

    That big guy in the trailers? By the time you get to him you could have completely disabled his augments so he is a puppet with cut strings, or change world events so that he is full of self-doubt. No guns need be raised. Easy.
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  • Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries developer Grin closes down

  • FogHeart 11/08/2015

    "At first we could not believe that our 'baby' was not more successful, in our emotions we started looking for explanations not related to the game," Wouters wrote.
    "Maybe gamers are just spoilt brats, bashing on everything, maybe there is an oversaturation of indie market, maybe all the free-to-play games by big studios are giving players a false sense of value. How could less than $10 be to expensive for a beautiful game like Woolfe? How could this be our fault?
    "Of course none of the emotional excuses above are the reason of our mixed steam rating. We can only blame ourselves..."

    Wouters blamed Woolfe's failure on a lack of experience and the costs associated with the decision to switch from creating a 2D game to a 3D game.
    "It is not out of disrespect that our communication dropped to almost zero... it is out of shame. It is truly devastating to read the negative comments we received by some press and players. With Woolfe being the most passion driven thing we have ever created, it feels horrible to live with the feeling we let you down."
    "As for me, I going to take it easy the next couple of weeks/months, but I have learnt so much about game development the past few years and I don't plan on letting that knowledge go to waste," Wouters said.
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  • Everybody's Gone to the Rapture review

  • FogHeart 11/08/2015

    Alright, that settles it. I really have to replace the avocado bathroom suite before I put my flat up for sale. Reply +19
  • Why Destiny ditched Peter Dinklage

  • FogHeart 11/08/2015

    I've heard that if Nathan Fillion and Nolan North touch then the whole universe implodes and is recreated in cyberspace. Reply +8
  • GTA5 modders who made their own multiplayer banned by Rockstar

  • FogHeart 10/08/2015

    It's not helpful to claim Rockstar 'got angry' and 'kicked people in the teeth'. This is probably a scenario that they never considered would arise, and sits in a grey area. If they let it slide then they set a precedent, and less benign modders would claim that if you let one mod violate your T&Cs why can't you let them all. Maybe next release they could re-draught a policy that covers this scenario, but until then they're stuck with the one they have that means they have to call anything in the grey area 'black'. Reply +14
  • We're all Palmer Luckey on the cover of Time magazine

  • FogHeart 07/08/2015

    Let's face it, a lot of tech revolutions start with people looking stupid Reply +2
  • Intel Skylake: Core i5 6600K review

  • FogHeart 06/08/2015

    I'm also still on my I5 2500K. I'll be putting together a new rig when VR comes out, it's good to see I won't need to dig that bit deeper for I7 now - this chip looks good. Reply 0
  • Crackdown 3 tech demo details destructible environments

  • FogHeart 06/08/2015

    @FireMonkey "They system has been around for businesses for about 5 years. They will be making plenty of money from it."

    I want to clarify that I meant the scheme MS might have for supplying cloud services to XBox devs at a cheaper rate as Bauul suggested, not Azure itself. We get to see adverts every day from MS on the TV about how companies use Azure!

    I'm sure we'll see destruction in single player but to a limited degree if only for the sake of the story itself. We can't have the game stop because you've already destroyed the building where the next mission is. Destruction on a big level needs cloud servers, but limited destruction can be done locally as the Red Faction series shows on XBox 360.
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  • FogHeart 05/08/2015

    @Bauul Regarding geometry: it's hard to determine just how it's done. It's demonstrated that you can shoot a single hole in a panel: if that panel is already composed of geometry at its highest 'resolution' then the world consists of many millions of tiny connected objects. If I shoot a hole in panel on abuilding, then bring the building down, am I then asking a server to calculate the position of millions and millions of tiny objects every frame as it falls and send details to all clients? It'd be massively inefficient.

    But the way the building parts are simulated by different cloud servers is very 'neat'. As bits pass between zones, cloud servers would be sending info to another server saying 'here is a bunch of objects and their velocity vectors crossing over into your territory: they're your responsibility now.' The transition would be interesting - as they cross the border they are partly in both zones, when does the actual passing over take place?

    Regarding cloud: you could be right, but surely the fact that no developer has taken it up must be irksome for MS, who have come up with this scheme but have had no income from it. I'm skeptical about it being a failure of imagination from third partydevelopers - surely they are not collectively less capable of coming up for a use for it than the first parties. More that when a game needs a cloud its running costs take a sudden leap, and the publishers balk at that.

    Don't Forza avatars use the cloud too?
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  • FogHeart 05/08/2015

    God, explaining why the Cloud isn't that much of a thing to crow about is so difficult! So I will try to make it very clear:-

    - A cloud is a bunch of servers connected to the web. Nothing new there, but the difference is that you have a job that needs doing with a server resource, right? Calculating weather, working out how molecules will react, simulating building destruction. Now it used to be that you hire a set number of servers from a company for a length of time, get them to do the job. If you only need a single server one day, you have the others sitting idle wasting money. If you need more than you hired, too bad.

    - With a cloud, though, you can ask for more and more, spinning up servers as the need arises. So if no buildings are being destroyed, no servers spun up. If the server hosting the multiplayer game, which is not a cloud server, then finds it needs destruction simulated, it'll make a request to the cloud for resources as it sees fit, then frees them up when done with them.

    - But there's no magical thing about the cloud which means it'll only do jobs for your XBox. It's already doing work, for example, for Accuweather etc. Microsoft have a bunch of cloud servers, it calls them Azure. Amazon have a cloud. IBM have one. Loads of companies. And they hire resources out to whoever needs them.

    - Yes, you will have noticed I didn't explicitly name Sony in the last point. But that doesn't mean no Sony game can ever use a cloud. To do so, they'd do a deal with a company that has a cloud, and as a commercial venture that could mean any company including MS - whoever gives them the best deal.

    - So why would MS keep talking about Cloud as a special feature of XBox if a game on any platform could use a cloud? Because it's all joined up for them in the first place. They can make the cloud available for first party game designers without any money passing hands. Unfortunately, first party is where it begins and ends. Third party will need to pay MS for use of Azure, as you might expect. After all, MS will want money for providing service to people who aren't Microsoft!

    - To sum up: it's not about boosting power to a console in a way that competitors cannot: it's about providing a convenience to first party games where their competitors would need to pay another company for the same.

    Sadly, I am confident we'll see the usual suspects saying the same thing over and over whenever Crackdown pops up in articles...
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  • The Taken King makes huge and important changes to Destiny

  • FogHeart 05/08/2015

    This article has me confused over the spelling of Dreadnought. Reply +2
  • Bungie ditches Destiny's Dinklage dialogue for Nolan North

  • FogHeart 04/08/2015

    I guess this is the dialogue we can expect from Ghost from now on...

    I guess no one remembers that he voiced the Space Core from Portal 2 :(
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  • Xbox One will let you record live TV for free next year

  • FogHeart 04/08/2015

    @blarty You raise an interesting point: if you can play the TiVo content through the One you can record it, and then download it to a Win10 PC. So what's to stop any content being pirated using nothing more than a One? Presumably the downloaded file will have some encryption so it can't be transferred to just any device. But by having recordings sitting on a PC every cracker and his son will have a go at breaking the encryption system.

    Here's hoping that MS have convinced TV content providers that this won't happen, or they'll look to preventing the One recording their programmes.
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  • FogHeart 04/08/2015

    To be honest this is really how the TV plan should have come about in the first place: make sure the gamers have everything they need and then add the TV side of the plan bit by bit. MS are still after that dream of people arriving at home, switching on their XBox and never touching the TV remote. But by trumpeting it at the reveal, gamers felt that resources (both people and hardware) were spent on things instead of providing a great gaming experience. Now the gaming experience of the One is running at full pelt it's far less irksome for them to be devoting resources to improving its media centre capabilities.

    There was always going to be the catch: ideally MS would have all the TV delivered to the XBox via internet, and then pretty much every box under the TV could be taken away, leaving the One (MS's Nirvana). But TV service providers are wary of that: internet content must go through their app so it won't play with MS's ecosystem, no consolidated EPG, no recording, etc, or is delivered via HDMI, so we need to keep the other boxes under the TV. You could accuse MS of naivety in thinking they'd have TV service providers do what they would most want, but we'd all like just one box under the TV for all things, so it's something worth aiming for.
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  • Microsoft Gamescom 2015 conference live report

  • FogHeart 04/08/2015

    @prometheusnx You want to console her?

    Geddit? Never mind.
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  • FogHeart 04/08/2015

    Ironically, I wanted to buy sausages on the way home last night, to have with mash, but the shop ran out. Thanks for my virtual sausage. Reply 0
  • FogHeart 04/08/2015

    I think we are all agreed that mostly we quantum to give us a release date. Reply 0
  • Rare Replay review

  • FogHeart 04/08/2015

    There must be a fair few punters who have never played Blast Corps. To them I say, Diamond Sands level will reduce you to weeping mounds of pink jelly. I envy you who play this game for the first time in your lives. Reply +8
  • DriveClub overtakes 2m sales

  • FogHeart 04/08/2015

    Alright, I've had enough. After several months of reading this crap, I have to say it. I spent an afternoon with my brother on Forza Horizon 2. It was torture. He spent half a bloody hour in the 'garage' swapping out components to eke out a predicted few hundredths of a second from his 0-100 time. Will this work? Oh no it takes me into the next class. It was as interesting as watching someone do accountancy. And people enjoy that? FFS JUST DRIVE!

    So when that finally happened it was all, try the corner, didn't quite nail it, rewind, try again, over and over, oh God why can't we just go from A to B without interruptions! Eventually I gave it a go, the handling felt like I was remote controlling a car in the South of France. By pulling on wires attached to the wheel and pedals.

    Message scrolled across the screen. He's top 1%.

    Christ, if you have to do all this faffing about between actual driving, and faffing about while driving otherwise a game is 'brutal', or a 'throwback', or (gah!) 'soulless' I say you can keep your 'progress'.
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  • Rory McIlroy PGA Tour review

  • FogHeart 20/07/2015

    'Before taking a swing, you should always aim your shot.'

    Thanks for this, EA, now I know where I was going wrong. I feel I can apply this sort of basic knowledge to other games too. In Dragon Age, I'm going to try and stick 'em with the pointy end and see if it makes a difference.
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  • Shenmue 3 breaks Kickstarter funding record

  • FogHeart 17/07/2015

    Tomorrow, viable nuclear fusion announced!
    Next week, a pill that stops ageing!
    And sometime this year, best of all, a cure for those of us ain't got no rhythmn!
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  • Destiny's Gjallarhorn to be nerfed in huge balance-changing update

  • FogHeart 17/07/2015

    So it would appear from this graph that people use Gjallarhorn, or the Hunger of Crota, or pubic hair. Reply +27
  • Take a look at Uncharted 2 remastered for PlayStation 4

  • FogHeart 16/07/2015

    @Antaios Remasters are also useful for those of us who lend out their PS3 copy and are always going to get them back 'soon, I haven't finished it yet.' :mad: Reply +5
  • Deadpool game returns to Steam

  • FogHeart 16/07/2015

    I just realised this morning that I was collecting New Mutants when Cable made his first appearance, which means I've also got Deadpool's first appearance! I wonder if I should sell it... Reply +2
  • Dead Island 2 is no longer being made by Yager

  • FogHeart 15/07/2015

    @vojtas Chill, it's just a fine example of that kind of corporate doublespeak, one which has many potential applications elsewhere. If you don't agree, then our respective visions of the number of upvotes I receive can fall out of alignment. Reply +3
  • FogHeart 15/07/2015

    Brilliant. We no longer have divorces, our respective visions for the purpose of the marriage fall out of alignment. We no longer have fights, our respective visions for the well-being of each other fall out of alignment. We no longer have wars, our respective visions for the allocation of land fall out of alignment. Reply +4
  • Satoru Iwata: a gentle revolutionary

  • FogHeart 13/07/2015

    There's a wonderful story about him patrolling the shop floor at Nintendo's Kyoto headquarters prior to the Wii U's release, being shown the line-up for the console's impending launch in his role as the company's president. He paused on Balloon Trip Breeze, a mini-game within Nintendo Land which paid tribute to Balloon Fight, the 1984 game on which Iwata acted as programmer. Noticing something wasn't quite right with the feel of the characters as they flapped their way across the screen, he astonished everyone present as he set about fixing it - the head of the company rolling his sleeves up and getting stuck into the code.
    That's a clever story to include - the gamer that noticed how the control didn't feel right, the CEO who recognised the need to change the product, and the programmer that had the ability to do so.
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  • Jade Raymond joins EA to head new studio and work on Star Wars

  • FogHeart 13/07/2015

    Gets to work on the Star Wars franchise, in a new studio set up by one of the big publishers, with the person who had a big hand in making the Uncharted series so successful. And doesn't need to move house for the new job.

    When I was a kid I'd have said 'jammy sod' when someone gets that lucky.
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  • Performance Analysis: F1 2015

  • FogHeart 11/07/2015

    When will developers ever get the message? Chromatic aberration doesn't make a game look better. And motion blur is by definition only supposed to be used to compensate for sub-60 framerate. They could have saved the resources and it might have improved the fps a little bit. Reply +28
  • Jordan Henderson is on the cover of FIFA 16

  • FogHeart 10/07/2015

    You'll buy it, we all fucking will
    They should print that on the box.
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