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  • Witcher 3's latest patch tidies up Nvidia Hairworks performance

  • FogHeart 21/05/2015

    I've noticed the improvement in NVidia Hairworks Performance. Especially since 83% of women said it improved the appearance of their hair after just four washes. Hair feels fuller, more radiant, nourished from root to tip, as if they'd had a treatment at a salon. Reply +47
  • FogHeart 21/05/2015

    @rob_of_the_robots Dammit! You got there first. Still, I wonder how many people get the joke.

    Edit: Not many, judging from the negs. I shall enlighten them:-
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  • Video: Are the Far Cry games connected?

  • FogHeart 21/05/2015

    @jabberwoky The trigens were realistic?

    Tell me you mean FC2 (Africa) and I'll believe you.

    (Also, are you the same person as jabberwocky? The names are too similar :(
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  • Borderlands: Handsome Collection gets new 7.7GB patch

  • FogHeart 20/05/2015

    @andrewsqual I plead the fifth amendment.

    /is not American
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  • FogHeart 20/05/2015

    @BBIAJ Once I brought a story to their attention and they published it. Comments said what's this rubbish, not news worthy, ffs EG and so on. I was relieved not to be acknowledged!

    Cuts both ways I guess.
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  • FogHeart 20/05/2015

    Love my dualshock, bless its cotton socks, but I never notice changes in the light bar that are meant to reflect some player status. My eyes are on the screen, and the bar is pointing away from me. It's not useless of course, it's bloody essential for text entry, just not for player status. Reply +7
  • Microsoft offers free 12-month EA Access subscriptions

  • FogHeart 20/05/2015

    It's simply a way of clearing out the remainder of the FH2 bundles, sales of which must be tailing off by now as newer bundles become the more popular consumer choice. Since new customers would not autonomously order this bundle they are having existing owners point people towards that bundle with a sweetener for both.

    There is a question mark over the value of the sweetener, given you can get the console for 250 as pointed out, but MS can only use its own 299.99 RRP as a reference point.
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  • New study suggests link between gaming and neurological disorders

  • FogHeart 20/05/2015

    Sod my hippocampus, I got problems with the Amygdala right now. Reply +2
  • Oculus Rift won't block virtual reality porn

  • FogHeart 19/05/2015

    @togan Well! I wonder how...things...obscured by pixellation would appear on the rift. Reply 0
  • FogHeart 19/05/2015

    "No that's not what we mean by the phrase 'uncanny valley'." Reply +10
  • Video for cancelled Doom 4 revealed

  • FogHeart 19/05/2015

    @Folant Because who would want to make a trailer that's totally unrepresentative of the game, particularly if it would give the impression that it breaks with the traditions of its predecessors when it actually doesn't?

    But agreed, this doesn't look bad at all, they should have just reshaped it into an IP that's neither Doom nor Rage. (don't say Quake...) I'd have bought it.
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  • FogHeart 19/05/2015

    Reminds me more of Resistance 2 than Killzone. (squads of space soldiers, enemies are monsters, large alien structures in the distance messing with the weather).

    But no, it's not Doom, which is all claustrophobia and isolation.
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  • Oculus Rift recommended specs confirmed

  • FogHeart 15/05/2015

    Here's what's going on: VR has become a thing now because the tech needed to drive it is now within reach of the consumer. Not easy reach of the consumer. If it could be done with middle tier tech they'd have started earlier. Palmer and John got into this because they could see that instrumentation that measures movement, the processors in PCs, the small form LED screens, the GPUs, were soon going to be good enough to drive VR that genuinely works.

    Today they are here, but they are costly. But that's how it always goes: the first DVD player costed over $700. They've costed peanuts for ages. Microwave ovens, flat screen TVs - tech needed to run VR will be within everyone's reach soon enough.
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  • Microsoft E3 2015 press conference date, time confirmed

  • FogHeart 14/05/2015

    @ziggy_played_guitar Straight-up honestly that's not my feeling at all. If I was given an XBox One today and the choice of a game, I'd go straight for Sunset Overdrive over the Forzas, the Halos, and what have you. I don't think it's new IP I crave for the sake of them, as much as it is new ways to play that they may promise. I've run through many spaceships shooting creatures in the face with a laser gun, but not with a record player while grinding on wires, for example. Reply +4
  • FogHeart 14/05/2015

    in partnership
    imagine a future
    your own story
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  • FogHeart 14/05/2015

    I look forward to those statistics that are meaningless because of lack of context..."A JILLION connections were made to our servers...a SUPAGIGAMEGAFLOP of processing was done by the consoles....3 MANYEARS of skyping has been done."

    "And MAYBE THREE new IPs."
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  • Spider senseless: The plight of the arachnophobic video game player

  • FogHeart 13/05/2015

    Anyone ever played Deadly Creatures on the Wii? You get to be the spider!

    Curious about the Google Search there - you'd think they'd detect when a search is made for a phobia and automatically not show images. Someone give them a call.
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  • Sony's knuckles rapped over PS4 20th Anniversary Edition competition

  • FogHeart 13/05/2015

    Remember when we had to draw a circle on a magazine page, cut it out, fill in details and post it? With a tie-breaker question like "Look-In is fab because..."

    Ah internet, how you continue to make life wonderful and problematic for the young 'uns.
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  • Witcher 3 on Xbox One uses dynamic scaling to boost resolution

  • FogHeart 12/05/2015

    It's a neat solution but must be really difficult to implement: for each frame an algorithm needs to run to make the judgement call: how costly is this frame going to be? Should I take down the resolution before I render it? Get it wrong and you get a dropped frame or tearing anyway, so, judging from results in id Tech 5 (Rage, Wolfenstein) the algorithm errs on the side of caution so sometimes you get that odd flip of resolution on Rage on the PS3, as the article referred to, or the jagged effect in Wolfenstein that ChrisEightySeven mentions. But over time we'll see improvements to that algorithm so it really does drop resolution at appropriate times.

    It's a solution that I wish was used often - a way of delivering a rock-solid framerate and only losing visual fidelity when least noticeable. It'll be interesting to see if The Witcher 3 doesn't drop resolution when not necessary, or at least not as much as id Tech 5.
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  • Gap between free and paid Black Mesa will widen

  • FogHeart 11/05/2015

    Sorry honey, I make it a rule to never pay for xen.

    Well, I don't know. Maybe I might, but it would have to be really good xen, much better than I had the first time, which was quite disappointing. Like, mind-blowing xen.
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  • ArenaNet makes example of Guild Wars 2 cheater

  • FogHeart 08/05/2015

    It's raining men! Reply +5
  • Wolfenstein: The Old Blood review

  • FogHeart 08/05/2015

    @Rodimus-Prime Machinegames are developers who used to work at Starbreeze on Riddick and The Darkness games. It seems they excel at making the protagonist into something more than what you see in other FPS games. Each one is a 'thinking man's action hero' but in three very different ways.

    The end of New Order where he sees his lover, lantern in hand, guiding prisoners to safety, and draws a parallel with Lady Liberty, was unexpectedly moving.
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  • Chin up Kojima, Goat Simulator's got your baaaaack

  • FogHeart 08/05/2015

    From the credits of a game about exorcising ghosts to one about exercising goats. Life is bizarre. Reply +23
  • Half-Life 1 remake Black Mesa out on Steam Early Access

  • FogHeart 06/05/2015

    While I didn't hate the original Xen levels, I can understand why others did - first person platforming in low-g is not going to be everyone's cup of tea. Would be interesting to see if they can make Xen work. Reply 0
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with PlayStation Now

  • FogHeart 04/05/2015

    PlayStation Now is an improvement, but it is similar in that the quality of the experience is reliant on network conditions. Initially, trying out Dead or Alive 5 and Killzone 2 we were confronted with a noticeably amount of input lag that distracted us from playing both games. Killzone 2 came across as barely playable, with incredibly heavy controls that were slow to respond...
    Surely we all remember how bad the controller lag on Killzone 2 was in the first place? Not surprised the extra latency of internet transmission makes it unplayable.
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  • Eye-tracking tech shows where pro Street Fighter players look during a match

  • FogHeart 01/05/2015

    Is this the video game equivalent of not concentrating on the finger or you'd miss all that heavenly glory? Reply +1
  • Silent Hills is dead, actor Norman Reedus confirms

  • FogHeart 27/04/2015

    Konami can make a new different Silent Hill, they can make a dozen more of them, but it won't matter because putting these two together was as good as it ever was likely to get. Now they can only make mediocre sequels by comparison to what could have been. Reply +24
  • Steam Workshop now allows modders to sell their work

  • FogHeart 24/04/2015

    I really don't want to pay for a bugfix mod and have 75% of that money go to the publisher. That's an incentive for them to leave bugs in! Reply +6
  • Bloodborne's mysterious closed door solved

  • FogHeart 23/04/2015

    @TekMerc "Pitiful, really but treat messenger with care." Reply 0
  • FogHeart 23/04/2015

    I think we're going to see lots of messages in front of the door tonight - must check out the hilarious use of the message system. Reply 0
  • Microsoft apologises for using PC footage in Xbox One Witcher 3 trailer

  • FogHeart 23/04/2015

    Man, this resolution gate just doesn't seem to close properly. Reply +6
  • PlayStation 4 UK price cut to 299 this weekend

  • FogHeart 23/04/2015

    ...and while buying your discounted PS4 from Very, don't forget to check out some of their smashing Summer dresses.

    /nostalgic about Littlewoods catalogue
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  • New gameplay video shows Mad Max game has a Thunderdome

  • FogHeart 23/04/2015

    We'll be going from opening chests to loot some gold, throwing knives and healing potions to opening rusty car boots to retrieve petrol, dud bullets and dog food.

    The future is bleak.
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  • Could the Apple Watch become one of gaming's Galapagos Islands?

  • FogHeart 22/04/2015

    There's not much time difference between getting up and going to the TV to change channel and using a remote, but...

    Truth be told it seems to be a generation thing - lots of younger folk not even wearing a watch and taking the phone out to read the time when they need to, whereas I'd hate to need to do that.

    Disclaimer: I don't own one of these watches, and think that they're only justified when your phone approaches 'phablet' size, where it's good for browsing and media but irksome to read anything short (like the time or a message).
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  • FogHeart 22/04/2015

    There are people who 'game' for five seconds with others, then leave the game for ages and come back to it, and do this turn after turn, for days on end. I'll give you a clue, JF Sebastian and Dr Eldon Tyrell played it until they died!

    A game on a watch should be the same kind of principle. You see some new info on the watch, and you chew over it in the back of your mind as you go about your day, and then perform a short response when you feel ready. That's where the immediacy of a watch has an advantage. Playing highly interactive games? Forget it.
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  • Everybody's Gone to the Rapture and the particular joy of the British apocalypse

  • FogHeart 22/04/2015

    I've always liked this kind of novel (I always called them 'soft apocalypse' but cosy catastrophe sounds better). So far, though, I've only read ones from J G Ballard - The Drought fits in very well with the ones mentioned. But I'm definitely going to pick these up....and of course the game.

    I'd hate to play this game via VR, only because my hayfever would kick in as a kind of 'Pavlovian Dog' effect.
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  • Windows 10 release in July, AMD spills

  • FogHeart 21/04/2015

    But...but...if we don't all upgrade from Windows 7 then that's less love (and eventually money) for MS, you know, like Negotiator wants us all to give them, with every post he makes! Reply 0
  • You now have to spend at least $5 to access some Steam features

  • FogHeart 20/04/2015

    @seasidebaz Yes, games bought through Steam are more expensive, but you have enjoyed the use of the infrastructure Valve have set up to download those games, provide online multiplayer and all those facilities that console owners pay a large subscription for. Now they're asking for a one-off payment of less than a sandwich lunch that's the surest way to stop spammers and phishers - it's not even really to line their pockets. Surely you won't miss the money. Reply 0
  • Star Wars: Battlefront has 40-player cap, no campaign

  • FogHeart 17/04/2015

    Hold on to your hope, my friends! We may yet be able to shoot Jar Jar Binks in the face! Repeatedly! Reply +12
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-On with Project Cars

  • FogHeart 17/04/2015

    @Guy.J. Oh don't be pedantic. A bug fix that improves render quality or frame rate isn't an optimisation. OK, whatever you say. End result is the same - game will run significantly better than this build, and this build was never supposed to be representative of performance, so it shouldn't have been used. Reply 0
  • FogHeart 17/04/2015

    @Guy.J. I mean they deserve the benefit of the doubt from anyone, including you, who asserts that the build analysed here is as near as dammit to the one that'll be pressed to disc. We can't know the way that Slightly Mad work, and it's wrong to claim that since usually code is frozen by a specific time before release it's OK to hang them for poorly performing pre-release code. As our esteemed friend form SMSRenderTeam has just shown with a list of changes since this build came out - the impressions and figures pulled out here could be way off. Reply 0
  • FogHeart 17/04/2015

    @Guy.J. But don't Slightly Mad deserve the benefit of the doubt? Reply +1
  • FogHeart 17/04/2015

    From the policy page:-

    We only review games from retail copies, or versions that are identical to a retail copy of the game. We do not review from pre-release "debug code", or alpha or beta versions.

    Because we only review retail copies, games will rarely if ever be reviewed from publishers' review events. We may still attend these events for the purposes of other coverage.

    We will make every effort to ensure that our experience of a game matches that of the majority of players - for example, by applying 'day one' updates where relevant.
    To what extent should tech analysis be exempt from these rules? Surely it can't be an ad-hoc basis, 'whatever build we can get hold of pre-release'.
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  • Super Mega Baseball review

  • FogHeart 17/04/2015

    At times, it has felt like I've been leading Charlie Brown's loser team, too.
    You blockhead!
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  • Eerie new Everybody's Gone to the Rapture trailer, screenshots

  • FogHeart 16/04/2015

    Honestly, those screenshots. Amazing. You half expect them to appear on some Daily Mail article being passed off as the real thing, something about Europe ruining Our Lovely Villages with A New Regulation. Reply +5
  • Video: What's happened to Silent Hills?

  • FogHeart 16/04/2015

    If the Kojima/Del Toro thing doesn't go ahead, then Silent Hills can't win: no matter how good it is, we'd be thinking "Just imagine how much better it'd be if this was Kojima/Del Toro." Reply 0
  • Bloodborne sales pass 1m in under two weeks

  • FogHeart 14/04/2015

    The sales and the cosmos are one million. Reply +5
  • Nipples removed from The Order: 1886 in Japan

  • FogHeart 14/04/2015

    Back to Victorian values! Reply +32
  • Xbox One UK price now 299.99

  • FogHeart 13/04/2015

    @alimokrane That is a good point: I think there was an interview with an engineer at MS who stated half the cost of an XBox build was taken up by the Kinect unit.

    But I have to say:
    Lunch: 429.99 with Kinect
    You should stop taking the Kinect out to eat at the Savoy.
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  • The Digital Foundry 2015 budget gaming PC guide

  • FogHeart 11/04/2015

    If you are a console owner thinking to build, better to save more money over the coming months, and then right at the end of the year check the recommended specs for the VR solution of your choice and build accordingly. Stick to your console until then - if you build now and find you need to replace everything you'll kick yourself.

    If you don't intend to go near VR, remember that around that time all the people upgrading to meet the specs will be selling their current components second hand so better deals to be made. I know it's a long time, but your console will scratch gaming itches until then.

    Having said that, some comments on what's been written so far:-

    - if you are going to build anyway, take the advice already given - buy the i5, it probably won't need replacing down the line.

    - I'm using a 750ti and i5 with a stock cooler. Noise levels aren't high. Maxwell cards run cool, doesn't need high fan speeds.

    - I haven't faffed with graphics settings to make a game work for many, many years. Look out for other bits of FUD from the kind of console owners who loathe PC Gamers, trust those of us who are lucky enough to have both and wise enough to see the merits of both.
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