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  • Activision indefinitely postpones Xbox One version of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

  • FogHeart 17/04/2014

    Oooh I've waited a long time to use this Reply +8
  • David Attenborough is making an Oculus Rift nature documentary

  • FogHeart 14/04/2014

    One thing we'll never be able to overcome is that while you can 'look around' in these experiences you won't be able to move from place to place to get different perspectives. Also despite what Mark Zuckerberg might say about sharing your experiences with friends I doubt we'll all be taking these multi-camera rigs with us on trips to the beach. Reply 0
  • Lifeless Planet: Encounters at the end of the world

  • FogHeart 14/04/2014

    I put it on my wish list after the article over on US Gamer, this one pushed me over the edge and I got it. Not played yet, downloaded it yesterday night, but it occurs to me that the game I purchased before that was Out There on mobile. I'm wondering if this my trend or something in games today - leave the planet behind, strike out on your own, discover a lost civilisation etc. Reply +1
  • inFamous: Second Son breaks 1m sales in nine days

  • FogHeart 10/04/2014

    @penhalion Very well, for your benefit I shall construct a means for them all to have logical consistency...

    All of these conduits have one power, the same power, to manipulate matter. They just don't realise it, and they only work through their interpretation of that power. In actual fact they could present that power in any way they please, but each uses an interpretation unique to themselves, thinking that they have 'video' power or 'neon' power because they don't know any better, it's just a consequence of circumstances that came about when the power first manifested. So Delsin isn't gaining new powers, he is learning a new interpretation of the same power, the one he shares with others, the same way I learn a new language but it's still using my vocal chords to make sounds. When he touches conduits he reads minds, absorbs experiences, and therefore just lives through that moment when the conduit learned of their power, thus gaining its use.

    That work for you? It's logically consistent, but like any superpower, it's bullshit in the first place!
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  • FogHeart 10/04/2014

    There is nothing more bizarre than reading of someone complaining that superhero powers have to have some kind of logical consistency otherwise you lose suspension of disbelief. Reply +12
  • "We have the ambition to build the best gaming console for fans"

  • FogHeart 10/04/2014

    At least there's a guy in charge now who recognises that games need to have soul before they have microtransactions. He's got such a difficult task now, to rebuild the XBox brand as the being the place to get the best console games. He can't win on multiplatforms as the hardware isn't better and exclusive content for them can be done just as often by Sony (as much as we hate it when either do that). He can't do it on the innovation that Kinect brings as even their strongest development studio that develops for it can only make a halfway good game. All he has left is to create or buy more studios and set them to work making better console exclusives than Sony. Problem is, Sony alreadyhave such a strong lineup of studios, even after recent cutting down...and a lot of them make games with soul...yeah, I don't envy him his task. (maybe just his salary) Reply +14
  • Epic Games' Fortnite reappears in new footage

  • FogHeart 09/04/2014

    I see they visited Epic on their 'wear a grey top' day...

    ...seriously, watch it again and see.
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  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel confirmed for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

  • FogHeart 09/04/2014

    @thekeats That's the fallacy about the Borderlands series - that it's cel-shading. Cel-shading is having every surface to be a single flat colour. The surfaces in Borderlands are hand-drawn. They aren't approximations of real-life surfaces, they don't make an attempt at realism, but they are sketched, digitised, coloured etc in art programs and the final result is a texture that has as much memory footprint as the 'realism' ones in other 3D games. Reply +2
  • Microsoft's Windows XP support ends today

  • FogHeart 08/04/2014

    I still have a laptop running XP at home, that I use to stream live TV to in the kitchen. Not replaced it since 2005 because I haven't needed to. Other devices I have can take its place but they all have rubbish sound compared to it. Hopefully if I don't surf on it I should be OK. Reply +3
  • When will video games look this good?

  • FogHeart 08/04/2014

    @johnmarkwinkelmann I wondered if someone would write that. I even edited it to 'alive' instead of organic, hovered over the button, then thought 'Oh ffs let the pedant comment.' Reply +3
  • FogHeart 08/04/2014

    They can do fire, water, air and earth, stone, metal and wood, the physics of objects and machines, and light and shadow.

    It seems much harder to do anything organic.
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  • Kinect Sports Rivals review

  • FogHeart 08/04/2014

    It's such a conceit - you pay an extra 100 worth of 'depth camera' that has little use outside this game right now, that lacks the response and reliability of other motion controls, just for the sake of not holding something in your hand. Apart from the very, very young who benefits from not holding a controller? Reply +14
  • The city and the sea: the story of Failbetter Games

  • FogHeart 06/04/2014

    Fun fact: behind the lighthouse in the game Contrast there's a postcard on a table from Shell Beach. I've checked, it's artwork from the film (specifically painted on that wall).

    It actually makes the game make sense...
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  • Adam "#dealwithit" Orth's space survival sim Adr1ft picked up by 505 Games

  • FogHeart 04/04/2014

    Can I play it offline? Reply +49
  • Five-year-old discovers Xbox password flaw

  • FogHeart 04/04/2014

    In other news, funding into quantum computer research was cut today, and the money diverted into studying the deviousness of small children instead. Reply +5
  • Stealth vs stealth

  • FogHeart 04/04/2014

    Well, this certainly felt like you picked the right people to talk to, and asked the right questions. Both making vastly different games, and trying to take stealth into new places, it was great to compare their philosophies.

    I certainly appreciate the removal of certain crutches, particularly evident in Ground Zeroes, where those patrols aren't going to do things that scream at you 'YOU CAN TAKE ME DOWN AT THIS POINT' or 'RUN ACROSS NOW'! And you need to be more intelligent in finding - or indeed creating - those windows of opportunity.

    But in return for more savvy enemies I really would like a more savvy avatar. It's not fair that I can stand in front of a dark area that would nicely hide an enemy but because I can't make my character do exactly what I want I can only dump him down with a foot sticking out, or I can't adjust my stance to present a thinner profile to hide behind a thinner object for example.

    I guess we're having things made easier for us in return, though, with enemies that don't react appropriately to cameras that have been obviously shot, will return to 'normal' patrols in time after an alert, and will wake up eventually and go about their business as if they don't know that they were shot with a tranq gun. These things will be sorted out in time, it's just difficult making games that understand your intentions and can act upon them, but when they can do that they will up the ante on you by removing more of these crutches.
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  • GameSpy servers to shut down next month

  • FogHeart 04/04/2014

    And I'm off to Wireplay! Reply +13
  • Daylight delayed to the end of April to make it scarier

  • FogHeart 02/04/2014

    Yes, those of us who love survival horror, our cup runneth over. WITH BLOOD.

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  • FogHeart 02/04/2014

    @Stan546 I've looked into that, it's Dying Light. Last Light was Metro.

    Is your brain hurting like mine? I blame the pollution.

    Anyhoo, goes on the list. Ta.
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  • FogHeart 02/04/2014

    Yeah, we do need to compile a list with the key points for each

    Daylight - procedural
    Soma - brain, Amnesia
    Caffeine - spaceship, shadow
    Alien Isolation - Nostromo simulator
    Routine - Space 1999
    The Forest - 3D Don't Starve
    Outlast - Gory Asylum first person
    The Evil Within - Gory Asylum third person
    Vanishing of Ethan Carter - Lovecraft, photogrammetry
    Among The Sleep - toddler versus poltergheist
    Dying Light - parkour, zombies

    Any more?
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  • Was CCP right to ban this Eve Online player?

  • FogHeart 01/04/2014

    Also, if you're going to declare that everyone who looks for a shortcut to get rich quickly deserves to lose their money, you condemn anyone who has bought a lottery ticket and would free half the con artists from prison. Reply +5
  • FogHeart 01/04/2014

    @Liuwil That's pretty heartless. You open the paper and find some kid overdosed because he was cyber-bullied. You think the perpetrators should all say "Well it was on the internet, it didn't mean anything, the fruitcake was bound to do it at some stage, we're not to blame here."

    Well maybe they did need help. So what? They should close themselves away from contact until they get it? Maybe instead they would feel OK to log in to a system that they believe to be appropriately policed. You would take that away from them? Life is for the thick skinned to live only?

    Edit: Well the above was in response to your unedited comment, which ended at the first sentence. You can at least mark the rest as being the result of an edit.
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  • FogHeart 01/04/2014

    Well, maybe Erotica 1 occupied a grey area: maybe he tried to make sure there was no real harm done or lasting damage or didn't go too far with it, so it's not clear-cut that he deserved a ban. But you can't just leave him to it. There's nothing to stop him taking this too far at some time, or doing lasting damage, or doing it to someone who is emotionally vulnerable and takes it very badly and does some harm to himself (don't scoff, you can never know). Or, if he's clever enough to never do it, some copycat thinks he can be funnier by taking it further. I can understand that EVE has a laisser fare attitude to events but the players all want to be sure of what to expect when they play the game. Erotica 1 tries to occupy the grey area between definitely OK and definitely not, but that just means the system needed examining to eliminate that grey area. Because his actions have the potential to cause real damage to someone eventually, that grey area needed to be 'blackened'. Reply +4
  • OneGuide rolling out to select Xbox One users in the UK

  • FogHeart 01/04/2014

    I believe that one day we won't need Freeview boxes plugged into the HDMI port at all - all the channels will all be available over IP, as some already are, and the console will run something equivalent to Youview. Whether it'll be able to record shows though is another matter.

    However I don't see Sky or Virgin supporting any box receiving their programs over IP except their own.
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  • Microsoft: Twitch app boosted Xbox One usage

  • FogHeart 01/04/2014

    Remember when they tweeted congratulations to each other on the success of their respective launch days?

    Maybe I dreamed that.
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  • Indie horror Caffeine recreates Alien Isolation aesthetic on a shoestring

  • FogHeart 01/04/2014

    At this point I'm wondering what happened to Routine, the first of these 'alone in space with a monster' games to be announced. You know, the one that deliberately looked like Space 1999. I get the feeling its developers may be beaten to the punch unless it gets released soon. Reply +5
  • What in the Universe is Deus Ex: Mankind Divided?

  • FogHeart 31/03/2014

    Square Enix have such a good property here - if someone showed you five seconds of a new game you'd guess that it was a Deus Ex sequel. It has a visual style, an atmosphere, a gameplay system that's well established, a tradition of multiple approaches to problems, and a backstory with a strong sci-fi theme about the fate of mankind and how new discoveries and technology will change the world.

    One problem though - and everyone who has played Invisible War will know what it is - is we already have a 'full stop', a place where it all ends and no sequels are possible. All the new games have to be prequels to that game unless we get some clumsy retconning.
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  • Oculus Rift's John Carmack reckons Facebook "get the Big Picture"

  • FogHeart 31/03/2014

    The idea that companies are supposed to interact with you and not pay attention has never seemed sane to me.
    Well, this is where John and I differ, but he needs to sell his wares and I am a purchaser so it's understandable. I don't want to my dealings with companies to be interactions, I want them to be transactions. I make a purchase, you give me the goods, and then we part ways. You forget me, I forget you. You performing all these analysis of my habits and then making recommendations for me? Forget it. When I want something else, I will look into what to get and from whom, and it may be you and may be someone else. Live with it.
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  • Watch Dogs graphics look better in the latest trailer

  • FogHeart 28/03/2014

    @Menigmand You gonna pole cats instead? :)

    /innuendo fail
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  • Notch: cancelled Minecraft for Oculus Rift would have been free

  • FogHeart 28/03/2014

    If you're playing a game, and then all the other players decide to change the rules and put a big sticker on your ball that you don't want, I think I'd take it home, or maybe find another group of players who don't want to do that. Reply +15
  • Alien Isolation: "I didn't expect smiling and laughing"

  • FogHeart 28/03/2014

    When making Aliens, Cameron likened Alien to a ghost train, where things jump at you from out of the darkness and you never know what's coming. Aliens, he intended to be like a rollercoaster where you can see what's coming but you can't stop it(sic). Reply 0
  • Respawn locks Titanfall cheaters into "the Wimbledon of aimbot contests"

  • FogHeart 27/03/2014

    My only concern is that if a cheater sees that he's been 'nabbed' will he just move on to another game. Really you want them to experience the frustration of being the victim of a cheat themselves. I'd like them to play at least for a game with the other cheaters before the message shows up informing them of the ban. It's rough on the false positives, I know, but this way you can be sure that some form of punishment is sure to be meted out, rather than just having them quit permanently as soon as they see the message and then search the web for another cheat for another game. Reply +3
  • Nvidia announces $3,000 Titan Z graphics card

  • FogHeart 25/03/2014

    "Darling, I think our neighbour has gone mad. All evening I hear a hoover noise and he keeps shouting 'you suck'". Reply +3
  • Talking Project Morpheus with Anton Mikhailov

  • FogHeart 22/03/2014

    For those wanting to use it on a PC as well as a PS4, the first obstacle in getting Morpheus to work would be the fact that it uses the PS4 camera to do positional tracking, and that's not got a USB connection, it's proprietary. So you'd need some other camera to 'watch' the lights on the unit. Hopefully the thing isn't rigged to need the PS4's stereo cameras for tracking. Reply 0
  • Assassin's Creed: Unity confirmed by Ubisoft with in-game footage

  • FogHeart 21/03/2014

    "Let them eat cake," said the French aristocracy.

    "We won't swallow your lies!" said the players.
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  • Far Cry 4 set in the Himalayas, has ridable elephants

  • FogHeart 21/03/2014

    I'd like to see a return to the irritating road checkpoints we got on FC2 but with elephants. Nelly charges through, her trunk grabbing bad guys and flinging them, and they dust themselves off, get on another elephant and give chase. I can see myself enjoying a good elephant chase. Reply +12
  • Microsoft talks PS4 sales: "This is a marathon, not a sprint"

  • FogHeart 21/03/2014

    I guess it all depends on your attitude. If you were working hard to get a 5% pay rise, and you got it, but then you heard someone else got 10%, would you feel chuffed at attaining the goal you set out for yourself or pissed off because you can see what you could have got?

    Most people don't objectively look at what they have and decide if they are happy, they compare what they have to other people they know. They can't help it. But does that philosophy extend to companies? In the short term they want to meet the expectations of the shareholders and since the XBox One sold well by the standards they set out for themselves they appear to have done that. The gain or loss of market share is a longer term concern, but also one that you can control by adjustments after product release.

    In the UK region sales of the XBox One were disappointing for MS, but that's the only region where that happened - they didn't expect to shift in large numbers in Europe for example. So they 'thought on their feet' and make a Titanfall bundle for the UK and it was very successful by all accounts and MS in the UK can breathe a little easier. But they need to keep it up, they overestimated the brand loyalty and got stung, they can't think they'll solve that with the one game, they need to keep at it, or they'll be falling behind again in the UK.
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  • Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z review

  • FogHeart 21/03/2014

    There's the seed of a decent system here, but Yaiba's shoddy construction makes for barren soil.
    Well, at least your kung fu is strong, Whitehead-san.
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  • Microsoft reveals DirectX 12 - and it's coming to Xbox One

  • FogHeart 20/03/2014

    @Malek86 SSD hard drives :P Reply -2
  • FogHeart 20/03/2014

    Mixed feelings, really. I just know that there'll be an explanation as to why it can't be put onto Windows 7 or even 8, so anyone wants to keep gaming on Windows will need to buy 9.

    Argh. So far it's always seemed to me you should go for the odd numbers when it comes to MS - DX9 and 11, Windows 7...

    Who's that mumbling about One being an odd number? Quiet at the back!

    I don't know, everything seems to be fragmenting. Different physics solutions, different graphics APIs...must be a huge headache for developers, we all know competition is good for consumers but you always worry that the developers will just flock to the most popular, not the best. It's the Betamax curse.
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  • inFamous: Second Son review

  • FogHeart 20/03/2014

    I get the feeling that EG are a bit down on icon-chasin' item-collectin' bad-guy bashin' area-clearin' ability-unlockin' sandbox games of late. As in, demanding some kind of secret sauce to take them up to the higher tiers of scores. It's a little unfair on ISS, I can't see this game being any less fun to play than any given Ubisoft sandbox, and the story has got to be better than, say, FC3. I think they (EG) are getting a little bit weary of the genre, and they're only going to keep coming: Watch Dogs, Destiny, The Division. Possibly the secret sauce they will demand from now on is unusual multiplayer design, something these games will have.

    I'm sure the only reason we are getting comparisons to TitanFall (I won't call it TF, because THAT'S TEAM FORTESS!) is because we are all prodding each other and saying 'how much fun is your console going to give you this weekend? Hmm?' It's a little strange to me, this comparison arising due to temporal juxtapositioning, because it's not as if these games will disappear in time. I'm much more inclined to compare console exclusives along genre lines, and I don't know if there's an icon-chasin' item-collectin' bad-guy bashin' area-clearin' ability-unlockin' sandbox game on the XBox One (does Dead Rising 3 count?).
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  • Almost inFamous: Nate Fox talks Second Son

  • FogHeart 19/03/2014

    I do want to like the protagonist, but there's a nasty bigoted old man in me that assumes I won't. Right now I look at him and think he's the kind of guy that queues up overnight for a new iPhone release and listens to nu-Punk or whatever the hell it's called these days. I shall shake my walking stick at the screen and shout something garbled about 'tagging'. Reply +25
  • Titanfall Xbox 360 version delayed again

  • FogHeart 19/03/2014

    I'm sure Microsoft are very happy to hear this, considering what a sales boost the game has been for the XBox One. :)

    But I'm not going to put on a tinfoil hat and claim that that's the true reason for the delay. It's EA's decision to do this, not MS, and when the game isn't out, it's not generating revenue for them.
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  • Xbox One April update adds friends notifications, more

  • FogHeart 19/03/2014

    @psyman_88 I don't mean the proficiency of the designers, who should have stipulated that the features be put in a long time ago, I mean the industry of the programmers. You know, the guys who are told 'write code for this feature' and they say 'okay'. They can't help that they are told to write the code way, way after they should have been. I reckon that once they were told to put these missing features in, they came up with them pretty quickly. Reply +1
  • FogHeart 18/03/2014

    I may not like the product, the focus, the marketing, or for the most part the games, but I really can't fault the industry of the programmers at MS. Reply +8
  • Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes live stream today

  • FogHeart 18/03/2014

    It's refreshing to participate in a streaming session where it's the host that tries to last longer than ten minutes.

    I've said too much.
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  • Microsoft reportedly working on VR devices for Xbox

  • FogHeart 18/03/2014

    @eozgonul I understand what you're saying, but do bear in mind that the first comsumer DVD player retailed for $1000 back in 1997. Maybe in 15 years VR will be as cheap as DVD players now...these things always start high and fall quickly. Reply +1
  • FogHeart 18/03/2014

    I'm actually a bit concerned right now. VR needs, well, grunt. Serious power. It needs to render two viewpoints at high refresh rate and high resolution. Tearing and framerate dips aren't irritants here, they can make you feel ill. The time finally came where VR became something you can plausibly use as a consumer because we simultaneously approached the point where flat screen tech, rendering technology, sensors and processor throughput were all starting to get good enough at the top end of the consumer market to make building VR headsets possible.

    The consoles, although they're efficient machines, just don't have it in them to produce two viewpoints at high res and high framerate and stay rock steady, unless the rendered scenes are really simplistic. We'll get VR from the consoles, but it won't impress the average consumer who won't appreciate that you can't suddenly get Battlefield 4 class graphics on it. I don't want Joe Public to dismiss VR as a failed technology again, because this time around it really is ready.
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  • The future of Rare

  • FogHeart 17/03/2014

    I think our frustrattion stems from two basic facts:-

    1) It doesn't feel like any of Rare's IPs have run their course.
    2) Many of those IPs could become 'icons' for the platform, like Mario and Link and Starfox are for Nintendo, and XBox owners would want the product to have them as such, moreso perhaps than they like Master Chief and Marcus Fenix in the role.
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  • Titanfall boosts Xbox One sales by 96 per cent in the UK

  • FogHeart 17/03/2014

    @CoralGriffin Not a 'bro'...I will clarify. A while back someone at EG wrote a review of COD where he introduced, I think it was. Dave only ever bought the yearly incarnations of FIFA and COD, and his primary concern was being able to play with the same friends, so Dave buys COD again because another Dave has also bought COD and he bought COD because another Dave bought COD ad infinitum. So the 'Dave' name for that kind of player - only buys the same games as his mates in order to play with his mates - has kind of stuck around here. Reply +2