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  • Xbox console sales down as Xbox One S and Scorpio loom

  • FogHeart 20/07/2016

    Xbox Live monthly active users grew 33 per cent year-over-year to 49m
    You wonder why this is such a huge increase, particularly when there's no correspondingly large uptake of the console, until you remember that this financial year certain PC games could only be bought through the Windows store, getting a Live ID, signing into XBox Live while playing etc. The increase in Live activity is a side-effect of PC gamers buying games from the only place where they're available.
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  • Watch: What's the rarest Pokémon we can catch in 30 minutes?

  • FogHeart 15/07/2016

    I'd like to crawl under a rock until the Pokemon Go phenomenon is over, but doubtless some bastard will come looking for one of the fuckers in my refuge. Reply +13
  • Doom's Vulkan patch is a PC performance game-changer

  • FogHeart 13/07/2016

    I'm really chomping at the bit waiting for that 1060 embargo to lift. Then we'll finally see a more-or-less direct comparison between equivalent new-gen red (RX480) and green cards. We'll get to see if nVidia really are just brute-forcing their way to higher benchmarks and don't 'do' asynch compute, or if they've properly implemented it in the 1000 range like they say they have, by examining the delta between DX11 and DX12 implementations of games that will do both.

    I was hoping to also look at their differences in going from OpenGL to Vulkan, but it'll depend on nVidia releasing that driver that Malek86 alluded to.

    It's important because right now it looks like nVidia will give you higher performance but you won't see improvements in time as new games start using these new APIs, while AMD may start with lower benchmarks but get a boost in asynch compute that'll bring them back on level-or-higher terms.

    But then again I've got to consider that VR geometry pass trick that NVidia have with their new cards, which will be implemented in UE4 and Unity soon, boosting performance.

    This decision is beyond me :(
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  • Three months on, Oculus fulfils all Rift pre-orders

  • FogHeart 12/07/2016

    Yesterday I produced musical instruments out of thin air and started playing them. Keyboards, samplers, drum kits. I have never messed around with synth kit before. I plugged a virutal 'maracas' into the frequency input of an oscillator, and the oscillator into a keyboard, and I played the keyboard while shaking the maracas, producing a warbling effect I've now learned is 'tremolo'.

    I created something like a theramin by plugging an x-y-z control into an oscillator. Then I plugged it into a sampler instead using it to control the speed/direction of sample playback, and suddenly I'm 'scratching' when I wiggle the controller. The possibilities seem limited only by my inventiveness. I spent a couple of hours just puttering about with sound without realising it.

    People who are saying 'yeah, I'll believe in VR when it has a few AAA games' are still missing the point.
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  • Splash Damage bought by Chinese chicken meat company Leyou

  • FogHeart 11/07/2016

    This Dirty Bomb is filled with Bird Flu! Reply -2
  • Watch: Grief and video games

  • FogHeart 09/07/2016

    And then there's Dear Esther. That has to be the game about loss which presents the worst case scenario: a grief which doesn't seem to go away and cannot be withstood. It's not surprising that it finds no place here, it doesn't exactly present a message of hope or redemption. Rather than finding comfort in friends the narrator retreats to an abandoned island whose previous inhabitants appear to be just as tragic. He expresses his grief in huge murals that no one will ever see, and finally - it would appear - takes his life and his body will never be found.

    It's interesting that it just won't compromise in its bleak vision. Esther's death is portrayed as sudden and senseless as death can get. The things that get eroded with passing time - unable to pinpoint the location of the crash, the last bit of her ash he stole dwindles away - don't represent a transition back to normality but losing the final pieces that allowed the narrator to cling on to her, and to himself.

    But is this all too much? Is it simply irresponsible to show that there is a possibility of a grief for which there is no defence, no return? Maybe not. Maybe by witnessing the logical extreme, the reductio ad absurdum of grief, one is shocked a little out of their funk(sic) and pulls a little way back from a brink they felt they might be slipping towards.
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  • Watch: Aoife swats some Locusts for the first time in Gears of War

  • FogHeart 08/07/2016

    My history with this game: my brother gave me his 360 (he'd bought an Elite) and loaned Halo 3 and Gears to me. The former I couldn't get on with, I could play only about 15 minutes without saying 'fuck this' and going back to Gears, which I adored.

    I didn't feel Halo took itself seriously. The first enemies I shot in the Halo franchise appeared to be stumbling midgets in Day-Glo armour. The second ones were space gorillas. I was not happy.

    The enemies in Gears were so much better. You're not going to supress a giggle as they talk. They were meant to be nightmares holding guns: thats why the game was best compared to Resistance on Sony's platform than any first person shooter it might have.

    The comparison extends to the setting: Johnny might make light of the whole 'mankind on the brink of extinction by a frightening alien force' thing; I don't think we should necessarily look back on games that took this line at the time (Resistance again, Half Life 3) as being foolish in being so earnest. Certainly Gears took it too far: Our Hearts are as Grey as These Buildings and I'm a Grizzled Veteran Whose Eyes Have Seen Too Much. But it's still a worthy direction to head in. Resistance 3 did it superbly, and we still have games like Wolfenstein playing it straight and are all the better for it.

    I was burgled soon after completing the game, and wasn't really tempted to buy a replacement 360. But Gears remains the only XBox franchise I still feel a yearning for.

    Shame that I could only play them again on my PC by using that damn Windows store :(
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  • Richard Garriott selling vials of his blood on eBay

  • FogHeart 08/07/2016

    With a name like 'Lord British' the blood ought to be blue. Reply +1
  • Nvidia unveils GTX 1060: $249 buys you GTX 980 power

  • FogHeart 07/07/2016

    Surely the Founders Edition is a really bad idea this time. It's 15% faster than the RX480 8Gb (and take that as a maximum of course) and the price is about 10% more. But the FE is 30% more expensive for the same 15% extra grunt. Why would you pay that? Reply +9
  • Exposed YouTube star says sorry you didn't realise he owned gambling site he promoted

  • FogHeart 07/07/2016

    Apologies just aren't fashionable these days. He should resign, all the cool kids are doing it. Reply +4
  • You can vote for who ends up on the cover of FIFA 17

  • FogHeart 06/07/2016

    Can't it be a picture of a fan? A plump shouter holding a pastie and a programme? A sweet little girl on her dad's shoulders? Someone checking their phone while everyone else celebrates a goal? A dejected young boy in facepaint? Reply 0
  • PlayStation 4 filing points to DualShock 4 PC adapter

  • FogHeart 06/07/2016

    At this stage Tom is all like this: "Hahahaha, it's working! Argue my puppets, arguuuueeee! Keep coming back to this page alllll dayyyyy!" Reply +11
  • What's your #BestBrexitGame?

  • FogHeart 01/07/2016

    I like 'Everybody's Gone to the Rapture'. In which one foreigner moves into a village of Little Englanders and they all think she'll bring in more outsiders and the World is ending.

    Oh, wait...
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  • What it's like to explore the Solar System in virtual reality

  • FogHeart 30/06/2016

    I got this. There's that famous quote about sci fi being a consciousness-expanding drug: this does the trick that all those stories try to convey, without needing to make anything up. It is the kind of purpose I really wanted VR for: let others think simplistically about whether games would improved or not: I wanted to see things, be near things that I couldn't in real life. When you see the Earth compared to the Sun, it's daunting enough: imagine you are the sun, the Earth is a small fly across the room from you. And then you find that the Sun itself is nothing next to some other stars, and you find yourself experiencing that celestial Awe that stays with you long after you shut VR down.

    I'd really like to go in the other direction though: I'd like to see the fine detail of the surfaces of everyday objects blown up to human size, or the anatomy of amoebas.
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  • The Kinect wind-down continues as Xbox Fitness is retired

  • FogHeart 28/06/2016

    I hate it when organisations say they'll 'sunset' something. Like we're all supposed to gather on a hill and watch it happen with fondness but acceptance of its inevitability. Maybe hum a tune, suggest going to the pub after.

    They're ending the thing, they are pulling it down, they are scrapping it. This is not some gentle fading away. Stop romanticising it, attempting to make us feel foolish for raging against the dying of the light.

    One day I swear I'll hear of someone saying they want to sunset their relationship with their partner.
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  • Woman awarded $10k after suing Microsoft for sneaky Windows 10 upgrade

  • FogHeart 27/06/2016

    I say we take back control of our broadband. All of those files sneaking in, and then taking our disk space, it's not like we have much of that as it is. Then we get this stuff from Redmond telling us what we should do, slowing up our work, getting in our way. Well I won't be dictated to by some outfit that I once agreed to but has now grown far too big for its boots. Yeah, things will be tough for a while, it might look like other computers are doing better, but in long run it'll be worth it.

    You should make no assumptions about what I did last Thursday. This is just a joke.
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  • FogHeart 27/06/2016

    I don't believe the W10 upgrade path was sneaky...
    I guess, given what I said earlier, your PC may have some malware :O
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  • FogHeart 27/06/2016

    First they started to automatically download the source files to PCs if they were eligible, without even asking the user if they wanted the OS, and the source files would just sit in a hidden folder taking up 10Gb.

    Then via a cumulative update a window started popping up every so often asking the user if they wanted to upgrade now. Mid game, mid application. One even came up on the screen during a live weather forecast.

    Get this: the options presented were 'upgrade now' or 'upgrade tonight'. To refuse you hade to close the window via the X button in the corner. There was no text telling that to the user.

    Then MS changed the app so the X became a tacit acceptance of the upgrade...

    The only way to stop the OS install came to be to stop MS installing 'Important Windows Updates'. You know, the same ones that patch in security updates etc.

    The company that provides your OS using tricks employed by malware to get you to install something you don't want.
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  • PS4 Neo: release date, specs, price and everything we know

  • FogHeart 24/06/2016

    I rather think the Neo's price in the UK will be subject to enormous change by the time it's released anyway. Bit hard to speculate, today of all days. I was due to buy the new AMD card in a few days' time, it'll probably hike up in price by a couple dozen quid just on the strength of the current uncertainty. Reply +1
  • Bungie: We're trying to build Destiny content quicker

  • FogHeart 22/06/2016

    We could help them out by creating a 'Destiny DLC name creator'. In the first column, words like 'Rise', 'Ordeal', 'Legend' etc. In the second column 'of the', 'into', etc, and in the third column 'Wolves', 'Blood', 'Ominous Looking Bastard' etc. Then pick from each column. Reply +6
  • Steam game's Ł27 DLC is a PDF certificate

  • FogHeart 21/06/2016

    This is a motivation device. It's like handing Ł200 to your mate and saying "I will learn to play the piano before the year is up, and then I'll take my money back. Otherwise you get to keep it."

    Suddenly there's a big incentive not to slack off.

    While you can't do the same thing here, you could buy the certificate, and then every time you play the game and reach for your tablet to fire up a google search you stop and think "Well then that money I spent really, really does become a waste."
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  • Hideo Kojima on going with Sony - and what Death Stranding could possibly mean

  • FogHeart 20/06/2016

    I knew the beaching reminded me of something....

    ...It's a film called Triangle. It deals with a woman trapped in a loop of time (just like P.T.) and at one stage a seagull dies on a beach during the loop. Just as in a few places in the film, we see that anything that dies during a loop has its corpse carry over into the next loop. So when we see the seagull die, it falls into a massive pile of dead gulls on the beach - implying we're watching a loop that has already been repeated many times.

    We're not seeing a whole bunch of dead animals, we're seeing one of each species, just repeated many times. The handprints on Reedus? Maybe he receives one per loop - an impression left by a dead person in a previous loop (himself?). Are the dogtag equations things he will need to break the cycle? Is the baby himself early in life, a way to cheat time into not making him repeat the loop the same way each time somehow? Are the impressions of hands in the sand made by himself in previous loops?
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  • No Man's Sky studio settles "secret, stupid" three-year Sky lawsuit

  • FogHeart 20/06/2016

    Well, I feel just great knowing a small portion of money I spent pre-ordering the game has just gone to make Rupert Murdoch a tiny bit richer at the expense of Hello Games. Reply +9
  • HDR: What does it mean for games and movies?

  • FogHeart 19/06/2016

    According to the chart of distance from TV/size of TV that we've all probably seen at various times, I need a 75 inch screen size before I begin to see the benefit of 4K. It's due to the limitations of the human eye.

    Which leads me to consider: what are the limits to the human eye in discerning nuances in colour, and is HDR over-specced for human eye, so like Ultra-HD is there that much of a point to it for most of us?
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  • Forbidden Siren is out now on PS4

  • FogHeart 17/06/2016

    A contender for the bleakest game ever created. You could nurse one of the characters through a dozen chapters, have them sneak, fight and flee their way out of nightmare scenarios, only to find that your purpose in playing them was not to save them but to have them leave a door open somewhere that is necessary for some other character's progress. Reply 0
  • Watch: We tried VR Porn at E3

  • FogHeart 16/06/2016

    I wrote this on the VR forum a couple of weeks ago:-

    Looked into it. An American lady with lots of tattoos and bruises on her legs pressed her face up close to mine and shouted compliments at me. She looked like a giant, I guess they have the scaling wrong. It was bewildering and not very sexy.
    Good to know it's not just me being squeamish :redface:
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  • Xbox One prices drop in UK following Xbox One S announcement

  • FogHeart 15/06/2016

    Apparently the first seven people who buy this console will be invited to join a club. Reply +2
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour

  • FogHeart 15/06/2016

    @Master09 "but being VR means it has to be first person"

    Yeah, VR isn't capable of doing third person. Well, maybe it can do third person but not third person survival horror. Well, maybe it can do third person survival horror but it won't be a great game. Well...
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  • Spec Analysis: Xbox Project Scorpio

  • FogHeart 14/06/2016

    Microsoft change from DDR+ESRAM to GDDR? Rubbish. The games for the One are built around its memory architecture. They expect it to be there. If they changed the architecture developers wouldn't just patch a One game to work on Scorpio, they'd have to rewrite the engines.

    There's nothing inherently wrong with DDR+ESRAM - nothing wrong with unified either - what really hobbled the One was just that there wasn't quite enough ESRAM meaning many games had to plump for 900 pixels high and scale up. That could be fixed easily - hell, they'd need to put in a lot more to work with 4K - and maybe the 320 GB/s bandwidth figure that MS quotes refers to a new iteration of the ESRAM hardware, up from the 218 of the One.

    So we know now that we'll start to see consoles where the new hardware is an evolution of the previous model, and you just buy the version that suits your pocket - or wait for a new release and the price of the old one comes down to within budget. But what's surprising is that MS and Sony are putting time between release of each other's new models: Sony 'ticks', and a year later MS 'tocks'. It does make the argument of 'who has the best console' redundant (I feel you reaching for the neg button :( ) as the top dog will hold it for a little while.
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  • PlayStation 4 balletic platformer Bound gets a release date

  • FogHeart 14/06/2016

    Wow! I'm really envious of dancers. If anyone drags me onto a dance floor I move more like Bud from Grow Home. Reply +6
  • Microsoft announces new console Project Scorpio for holiday 2017

  • FogHeart 13/06/2016

    Shake it baby...

    On a more serious note, I wonder if they'll keep the HDMI in port? How many of us think they should? (serious question)
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  • Report: Forza Horizon 3 coming this year, set in Australia

  • FogHeart 13/06/2016

    Will we get XP for hitting kangaroos or avoiding them? Reply +1
  • Prey 2 resurfaces with Arkane Austin in charge

  • FogHeart 13/06/2016

    Chris looks like he's eaten something he shouldn't have from Willy Wonka's factory. Reply 0
  • FIFA 17 has a story mode with a Mass Effect-style dialogue wheel

  • FogHeart 13/06/2016

    Unless every interview dialogue choice includes the word 'obviously' it won't be realistic. Reply +4
  • id Software announces Quake Champions for PC

  • FogHeart 13/06/2016

    It's possible the characters in the clip have picked up a collectable special ability akin to ammo regen or quad damage. Reply +1
  • Watch: 12 big games rumoured to be at E3

  • FogHeart 11/06/2016

    I was looking forward to a Skyrim remaster for the PS4. But then I took an arrow to the Neo. Reply +2
  • There's a more expensive Business Edition Vive now

  • FogHeart 10/06/2016

    Today, for the price of a sandwich (admittedly London prices) I pretended I was Luke Skywalker training with a laser orb. Hurrah! Minor childhood dream realised.

    Meanwhile, in other gaming news, there's another Destiny DLC and Doom multiplayer might be fixed.

    Still, blocking laser blasts with twin lightsabres! Yay!
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  • Deus Ex is getting the Go treatment

  • FogHeart 08/06/2016

    I saw the tagline and thought: Genius! But it has to be....(opens article) yup, Martin Robinson. Reply 0
  • Remedy is working on two new games

  • FogHeart 08/06/2016

    Other mediums...

    Alan Wake pop-up book? Alan Wake art gallery installation? Alan Wake radio play?
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  • System Shock 2 is currently free in the summer sale

  • FogHeart 08/06/2016

    After 20 years, SS2 is still easily the best robot-dancing-the-macarena-simulator available. Reply 0
  • The best Final Fantasy game is finally getting a remaster

  • FogHeart 06/06/2016

    I genuinely didn't know that there was such a thing as a Final Fantasy game that didn't use turn-based combat. Why did no one ever tell me that?

    If this is the only FF game that is not turn-based, then I shall gladly stand with Martin to take on all comers. We will fight MMO style, everyone else turn-based. You wait for us to finish our turn :D
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  • EGX partners with Amazon for 2016 show

  • FogHeart 06/06/2016

    Are EG staff contractually obliged to pronounce it Amaz-on, like the Americans do, and like the British adverts are starting to?

    Maybe they can lend some drones to monitor for queue jumpers and drop boxes on their heads.
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  • Insomniac's Oculus-exclusive horror game Edge of Nowhere is due next week

  • FogHeart 04/06/2016

    HP Lovecraft (writer of Call of Cthulhu) wrote many stories around the concept of giant god-monsters. The one that takes place in the Antarctic is called 'At the Mountains of Madness' so I'm guessing this is tied into that. Guillermo del Toro wanted to make a game based around that story, but THQ went bust. He must be a tad jealous of this game...

    If it is intended to be a follow-up, the source of the scourge this time is Yog-Sothoth rather than Cthulhu. Cthulhu is nothing compared to Yog-Sothoth, whose ambition is to become - literally - all of reality.

    Del Toro also wanted to make a movie of the story, but has since pointed out that Prometheus, the Alien 'prequel', is actually the same story. He has a good point.

    I'm also massively disappointed on seeing another hardware exclusive on the PC: we've never had this sort of thing before: hardware additions to the PC have always been viewed as being independent of software. If a steering wheel or flight joystick isn't supported it's because the developer omitted them due to time or budget constraints, not because they were paid to do so. It's a bit depressing that the decades-long history of the PC being hardware agnostic is ending.
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  • Watch: Seven games that made you look like a complete and utter badass

  • FogHeart 04/06/2016

    The games that made me feel most badass are

    - Zone of the Enders 2 after you obtain zero shift
    - Red Steel 2 hen you have unlocked a good moveset
    - Half Life 2 when your grav gun can pull enemy combine.
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  • AMD's Polaris-powered RX 480 graphics card priced at $199

  • FogHeart 02/06/2016

    I'm really itching to see a few DX11/DX12 benchmark games on the new cards from red and green. We know that the (now previous) generation of AMD cards get a performance boost by going to DX12 in AOTS/Hitman/TR while nVidia's 9xx range did not, and it really looks like that's continuing in the new generation. If so, then an AMD RS 480 will get better as more games go to DX12, while the 1060 might start to lag behind, representing an unwise investment in the future.

    Also Vulkan!

    Another thought: are we just going to see cards brandished about as 'VR capable' if they outperform a 970? That's going to be almost all next gen cards, so what's it worth advertising them that way?
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  • Ready at Dawn reflects on The Order: 1886's successes and failures

  • FogHeart 02/06/2016

    @Fragtaster Well, yeah, of course I negged it (now reversed). For most of us hitting the neg button on those posts is practically a muscle-memory. Reply +4
  • FogHeart 02/06/2016

    It's like a greasy spoon cook given fine dining ingredients to work delivering mahogany timber to someone building a giving carbon fibre clubs to mini-golf players. Such amazing stuff to work with , just need them put together into something worthy. But no, we'll fight werewolves with quicktime events: we'll examine objects, turning then over, until we're bored with that (rather than looking for something on the object that acts as a clue, or a hidden bit you need to operate). We'll have insta-fail stealth, we'll conduct 90% of the firefights with guns that we've seen in many games before (oh for the kind of guns seen in Resistance!). All of these things are kind of tolerated because they're well-executed.

    I'd love to give them another go at the 'franchise'. But I'd like the team who designed the gameplay to do better: they let down the rest of the outfit.
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  • Microsoft cuts 1850 jobs as it guts phone business

  • FogHeart 25/05/2016

    How they never managed to encroach themselves into the corporate phone marketplace is beyond me. All those companies using Office/Sharepoint/Exchange, and they couldn't make buying phones that would complement those systems a no-brainer for businesses. It seems company execs would rather have iPhones and iPads that work 'OK' with their corporate systems than a windows phone that can be fully integrated with them. "I don't want our clients seeing me pull out a Nokia while they brandish their Apples." Vanity over practicality. Reply +8
  • After 10 years of waiting, Half-Life 2: Episode 3 seems further away than ever

  • FogHeart 23/05/2016

    Maybe Gabe wants to release HL3 only when the best way to play it is on an operating system created by Valve.

    And the only way it would look better than the Windows platform would be when the graphics programming interface could rival DirectX, which means they need to be highly involved in creating an alternative, something better than OpenGL, let's call it Vulcan.

    And it needs a controller that is better than twin-sticks - which was never very good at FPS compared to M&K, so they create their own one of those.

    And if only content creation was far easier, so there people making maps and objects that extend the game's lifetime really quickly; maybe if people could 'inhabit' their maps, walk around the objects, and construct them with their hands. They'd need some kind of virtual reality system for that...
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  • Homefront: The Revolution acknowledges its own troubled development

  • FogHeart 19/05/2016

    I completely forgot about the developers being British! (slaps forehead)

    Surely, surely they were aware of the rude meaning of 'norks'?

    How did the audio development team not fall about laughing constantly as they listened to recorded dialogue of Americans talking about being sick of the sight of those Norks, those Norks are busting out all over the place etc
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