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  • Arya Stark actress in talks to star in The Last of Us movie

  • FogHeart 25/07/2014

    In an ideal world, Ashley Johnson would be 14.
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  • Watch the first footage of live-action TV series Halo: Nightfall

  • FogHeart 25/07/2014

    If I ever hold a real gun, I will be very disappointed if it didn't make a series of dramatic clicking noises whenever I point it at something. Reply +15
  • A few extraordinary pledges secure Areal Kickstarter success

  • FogHeart 22/07/2014

    Well either the scam has fallen apart or this is a fresh slap in the face for Putin. Reply +10
  • PS4 top-selling US console in June despite Kinect-less Xbox One launch

  • FogHeart 18/07/2014

    Perhaps the success of PS4 now has a runaway effect, it's selling more because it's selling more. Gamers need to buy the same console as their friends to play with/against them, so if they hear that their friends have jumped ship to Sony this gen they will do likewise. So anyone not yet moved on to next gen and needing to play in their social group is more likely to buy a PS4 no matter what else might change on the consoles. Reply +10
  • Far Cry 4 villain's magnificent suit explained

  • FogHeart 12/07/2014

    Still prefer The Jackal from Far Cry 2 to these crazies. World-weary, perceptive, playing both sides against each other. "I say who lives and dies. Me." It sounded like standard villain ego-rant at the time, then eventually you find out just who he intended to live and who would die.... Reply +7
  • Maia creator ponders two "game two" concepts, but which will he make?

  • FogHeart 11/07/2014

    Maybe he could have players flip between the two, like chess boxing :O Reply +1
  • Peculiar Skullgirls message confuses, catches those who pirate the game

  • FogHeart 10/07/2014

    Can it prevent you from playing a game you purchased and that other people are playing just because you love in a different country? Yes
    That's a harsh punishment for shagging abroad.
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  • Sigourney Weaver and original Alien cast to star in Alien: Isolation

  • FogHeart 09/07/2014

    Why did you pick a photograph of all the crew except John Hurt? Poor chap. Reply +2
  • King vs The Banner Saga

  • FogHeart 26/06/2014

    ...and if anyone has had their interest piqued, currently 50% off in the Steam Summer Sale - but hurry, its time is up soon. Reply +2
  • How Far Cry 4 is like a Paul Verhoeven film

  • FogHeart 19/06/2014

    I'll be honest, I miss the tragic narrative style of Far Cry 2, and I want to see it again. Reply +13
  • Far Cry 4 gameplay footage shows co-op, grapple hook, kicking

  • FogHeart 10/06/2014

    The gameplay and graphics and the world was always strong and they've made it stronger. I just want a narrative that's as good as Far Cry 2 this time. Reply +5
  • Ubisoft's E3 conference

  • FogHeart 09/06/2014

    Oooooh, best of luck with this mate :{ Reply 0
  • FogHeart 09/06/2014

    And he is joined by his colleagues! Souffle, Croissant and Chocolat Mousse! Reply 0
  • FogHeart 09/06/2014

    Icons, icons, fkin icons everywhere. Reply 0
  • FogHeart 09/06/2014

    Ah, Tears for Fears: All the cover versions of their songs are miserable affairs. Reply 0
  • FogHeart 09/06/2014

    When are they going to release a dance game for the likes of me? 'Just Wish I Had a Sense of Rhythmn' or maybe 'Just Nod Along While Staying Close to the Bar'. Reply 0
  • Xbox One launch title Dead Rising 3 spotted on Steam

  • FogHeart 05/06/2014

    Well now heeeeere's an interesting question: will it support the X1 controller, ie utilise trigger rumble? Reply 0
  • PC drivers for Xbox One controller now available

  • FogHeart 05/06/2014

    Why give Sony a half-year head start with its DS4?
    Be fair now. MS have worked to produce drivers for the XBox One. Sony have not worked to produce drivers, the solution comes from an enterprising techie with no connection to the company. Strictly speaking you can complain that no one else did a similar job for the X1 controller, at least not that I know of, but MS shouldn't have to compete with someone who produces homebrew drivers.
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  • FogHeart 05/06/2014

    So wired only :(

    But I'm sure some kind soul will reverse engineer things to design wireless drivers. Right now I'm using the PS4 controller wirelessly and taking advantage of using the touchpad on the controller as a mouse on the TV screen. There's no mileage in buying an XBox One controller for my PC, at least not yet.
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  • Nvidia partnering on Assassin's Creed: Unity, Far Cry 4 for PC

  • FogHeart 05/06/2014

    If this is to incentivise the sale of nvidia based cards then my answer is still the same: when we have a Maxwell-based card range out, and not before. You're taking too long. Reply +3
  • Now TV, Sky News, CrunchyRoll, GoPro apps coming to Xbox One

  • FogHeart 04/06/2014

    I can watch non-terrestrial TV without making Rupert Murdoch richer? Reply +2
  • Among the Sleep review

  • FogHeart 04/06/2014


    Q.Escape bed. There's a high rail sort of thing around my bed, so getting out is very difficult - still havn't figured out a solution, help plz.

    A.You need to curl up into a ball and wait patiently. Don't move! After a while you find you'll be picked up and placed in a new location.

    Q.Change channel. I wants to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, not this inane drivel! But this remote control is soooo unintuitive; I push all the button but no Mickey! Help plz.

    A.You have found the catalyst but you need to obtain a spell to make this work. Look around for the scroll labelled 'Radio Times'.

    Q.Talk. Some times I get the vocal cords and the neurons in my brain working together, and words like "daddy" or "ice cream" come out. But most of the time I'm just babbling nonsense, and then daddy doesn't give me ice cream - so frustrating!

    A.Communication in this game is rather oblique - you can't say exactly what you want, you have to put together phrases from the bits that you can say. Sometimes the results are hilarious, but with some ingenuity you can get your point across.

    Q.Put on shoes. Oh, the delicious shoes. Getting pretty good at this actually.

    A.Apparel is quite complex. If you put on items that are too heavy it severely restricts your movement speed, some things may look good but are best avoided for this reason.

    Q.Pet cat. Kitty runs away when I try to pet her. Am I doing something wrong?

    A.Try the stealth approach - come at the creature from behind.

    Q.Building blocks. Putting blocks on top of each other is pretty challenging when eye-hand coordination is ropey.

    A.While this can be fun it doesn't get you any further in the game. But there are some amazing videos on Youtube from players who have persevered for no reason other than it being a cool thing to show off. Try searching for Epic Name Baby.

    Q.Destroy. Picking apart big brother's lego figures and geomag constructions in very satisfying, but it takes dedication and talent to be this good at it.

    A.Yes, but that's really what this game is about - perseverence and pratice. When you finally take apart one of the bigger ones the sense of satisfaction is amazing.

    Q.Doll care. My little babies constantly poop their pants, and they also fall ill all the time so I have to check them with my stetoscope. Usually, an injection of air from my official Doc mcStuffins syringe will fix them right up.

    A.You can come across some characters who will offer items and scrolls that will help with healing, whether for yourself or others.

    Hope this helps, but there's always the wikis if you need help with specific stuff. And don't forget you don't have to solo everything, you can summon help at any time.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight release date slips to 2015

  • FogHeart 03/06/2014

    As I cross this desert, every oasis turns out to be a mirage... Reply +4
  • Do higher frame-rates always mean better gameplay?

  • FogHeart 01/06/2014

    I'm a bit puzzled that id tech 5/Wolfenstein solution isn't addressed in the article : run at 1080p 60, and instead of dropping the frame rate or tearing, render at lower resolution if it looks like a given frame will take too long to render at 1080, and upscale for the output. The idea behind it is that if it'll take too long to render at 1080 the frame is 'busy' - for example when explosions go off and many particles fly around - and our minds will not notice such a momentary drop in resolution anyway. Same as when a lot more detail is suddenly introduced to the screen during a 'quick turn' - our minds get the 'gist' of the new information presented to our eyes and don't resolve everything completely. In other words, dropping resolution when we suddenly receive a lot more information via our eyes in akin to the way the mind works anyway! Try it - suddenly turn and look in a completely new direction and see that it takes a fleeting moment for your vision to settle down.

    But we do notice a drop in frame rate or a screen tear, it feels like our vision is experiencing a 'micro-crash' that unsettles us and should be avoided.

    id tech 5 isn't the best looking engine out there but it's built for 1080p 60 from the ground up, surely that means it has a place in this discussion.
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  • If Grand Theft Auto 5 were a Commodore 64 game

  • FogHeart 30/05/2014

    Blood Dragon, the game that pretends to be an 80's video, re-done as a video pretending to be an 80's game.

    The universe will implode.
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  • CEX selling Xbox One without Kinect from 315

  • FogHeart 29/05/2014

    I think it's been said that the unit is $100 worth of components? And it's worth what $8 to sell on? Ouch. Value based on cost and value based on utility can be very different things! Reply +22
  • A very basic first look at the new Unreal Tournament

  • FogHeart 29/05/2014

    Shoot the blob! Shoot the blob! SHOOT THE BLOB! Reply +20
  • Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break out in 2015

  • FogHeart 29/05/2014

    I'm sad to miss out on the next Remedy game due to its console exclusivity. The narrative in their games has panache, wit and imagination. They also produce a solid game mechanic in their third person shooters (the time slowing down, the use of light) but so far have tended to over-rely on the one trick in each series. This game looks like it'll use several mechanics, although I can't play the game myself as I won't buy the console just for the one game I hope to see it do well. Reply +4
  • Can a mobile game really Save the Seas?

  • FogHeart 28/05/2014

    Hm. I rather hope that this will serve to educate people with the power to make a difference - their vote, their purchasing preferences. Happy to teach the kids about the issues, but we don't have time for the next generation to grow up caring about the environment. I feel I may be the last generation to be able to enjoy scuba diving in the tropics. Reply +1
  • Digital Foundry: hands-on with Project Morpheus

  • FogHeart 25/05/2014

    What graphical trickery are we used to seeing is made redundant by VR, thus saving rendering time during post-processing? Depth of field of course, anything else? Reply +2
  • FogHeart 25/05/2014

    It's great that Sony's dabbling in motion controls and 3D gaming, seen as gimmicks by many, are now providing valuable experience in developing their VR headset. It goes to show you that it's good to take those risks, you never know just how research into new gaming technology will help you later (just don't force it on your customers, make it an optional extra, hmm?)

    I already have two Move controllers, I can see how bundling the controller with the headset would be useful but for me it'd be an unwanted extra cost.

    Good article, and one example of why I make this my site for gaming news. You get the feeling that they'll get there, they'll release a competent product and not some 'me-too' trinket. They certainly have the right people and know just what the consumer will not compromise on.
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  • The making of The Thing

  • FogHeart 04/05/2014

    I guess I wasn't paying attention at the time, because I didn't know that the team who created Evolva, which is one of my favourite games, also made The Thing. And now I know it seems obvious!

    It seems to me that both games had some tech constraints that wouldn't exist nowadays. Evolva, if done now, would have genuine hybrids where combining DNA from dead enemies make hybrid weapons, while the creatures in The Thing could have an endless variety of 'burst outs'.

    But it's their kind of innovative gameplay ideas that floats my boat. Imagine what they would do today.
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  • American McGee claims "Xbox One will fail in China"

  • FogHeart 01/05/2014

    Is there any precedent to this? Where the unofficial market thrives so much that there's just no point in supporting an official one? Surely it happens a lot. Reply +1
  • Microsoft takes notice of Xbox One fan's vision for console UI

  • FogHeart 30/04/2014

    Major Nelson has given it to one person who will run a cost-benefit analysis which will report back in five months with a 300-page document which will be reviewed by 20 executives who will report back after another three months. Also a project team who will run a feasibility study, a focus group consisting of 30 people from all walks of life who will spend four months playing with the colour pallettes, and someone from Rare who was burning the midnight oil when he called from Redmond. Reply +9
  • Watch Dogs PC free when you buy a new Nvidia card

  • FogHeart 29/04/2014

    Looks like they need to stimulate demand for the current cards, since a lot of us are waiting (and waiting and waiting) for more Maxwell cards from nVidia. The 20nm ones may not even arrive until next year - we may only get the 28nm 750ti this year, which, surprise surprise, isn't in this scheme. I'd live with a 28nm Maxwell card in the 150-200 price range if it came out soon. I'm getting pissed off waiting though, and I'm starting to wish that AMD would pull out something with oomph but low power usage like Maxwell.

    PS Maxwell is a rubbish name isn't it? It's an accountant that drives a Mercedes saloon car and goes to a Travelodge to shag his mistress.
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  • Newspaper report linking stabbing of Leeds teacher to Dark Souls disputed

  • FogHeart 29/04/2014

    So what will happen in a couple of decades when video games are so commonplace that they can't use it in their scare articles anymore? They'll move on to something else. They'll always have something. In 1985 they ran articles about video nasties and listed The Terminator among them, and they derided Madonna as promoting underage sex for dressing in lingerie in her concerts. So what about now? They're happy to review Terminator films and ones that are far more violent and gory, and they'll show Madonna in their style section and even be happy to interview her if they could. They treat their past with selective amnesia. They'll do the same thing with video games and hold up some other, newer entertainment phenomenon as the corruptor of youth.

    The Daily Mail will stop having an audience for their alarmist tripe only when there's no one left who craves verification for their fear of the young.
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  • PS Plus gets Puppeteer, Payday 2 and Stick it to the Man in May

  • FogHeart 23/04/2014

    Puppeteer! I hear this is far better than the EG review suggested. I swear I was gonna buy it soon anyway. Reply +4
  • Just Dance Now domain names spotted

  • FogHeart 23/04/2014

    Your funk. Give it to me. Now. Reply 0
  • Chinese government reveals censorship rules for console games

  • FogHeart 23/04/2014

    It's the same issue as ever with draconian censors - they claim that to portray is to promote. They believe that for the common man, to witness something is to want it. They set themselves up as the strong-willed defending the weak-willed from themselves. Ridiculous. Reply +25
  • Fract OSC review

  • FogHeart 22/04/2014

    The sweet moments of realisation that follow are the only compensation you'll get, the opening up of entirely new mind-boggling vistas your only reward. If that doesn't sound like a fair trade-off, steer well clear.
    I just spent the evening in this game solving musical and physical puzzles each of which unlock a part of a sequencer in the game 'lobby'. There's reward beyond just opening up other game areas for viewing. Also the stations aren't checkpoints they are fast-travel around the map. Press the left shoulder button when you see a machine, and you'll get through the game juuust fine.
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  • Video: Daylight live stream

  • FogHeart 22/04/2014

    @NYKilla80 Don't know off the top of my head, but just copy each name you are interested in and paste it into the EG search box, and you'll find the info you need. Some are definitely coming to console. Reply +1
  • FogHeart 22/04/2014

    Just to remind everyone of which game this is, among all those survival horror games arriving imminently, here's the list we compiled last time around:-

    Daylight - procedural
    Soma - brain, Amnesia
    Caffeine - spaceship, shadow
    Alien Isolation - Nostromo simulator
    Routine - Space 1999
    The Forest - 3D Don't Starve
    Outlast - Gory Asylum first person
    The Evil Within - Gory Asylum third person
    Vanishing of Ethan Carter - Lovecraft, photogrammetry
    Among The Sleep - toddler versus poltergheist
    Dying Light - parkour, zombies

    This one will theoretically have lots of replayability as the layout is created procedurally, and also you can, via a twitch session, influence the events in a player's streamed game.

    The procedural generation of the environment is tricky - you can produce a confusing layout where the rooms are oddly disjointed and make no logical sense next to each other (go through the front door, then the toilets, then the staircase!) or if you attempt to mitigate that effect the place is bland and samey throughout. It'll be interesting to see how that danger is tackled.
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  • Activision indefinitely postpones Xbox One version of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

  • FogHeart 17/04/2014

    Oooh I've waited a long time to use this Reply +10
  • David Attenborough is making an Oculus Rift nature documentary

  • FogHeart 14/04/2014

    One thing we'll never be able to overcome is that while you can 'look around' in these experiences you won't be able to move from place to place to get different perspectives. Also despite what Mark Zuckerberg might say about sharing your experiences with friends I doubt we'll all be taking these multi-camera rigs with us on trips to the beach. Reply 0
  • Lifeless Planet: Encounters at the end of the world

  • FogHeart 14/04/2014

    I put it on my wish list after the article over on US Gamer, this one pushed me over the edge and I got it. Not played yet, downloaded it yesterday night, but it occurs to me that the game I purchased before that was Out There on mobile. I'm wondering if this my trend or something in games today - leave the planet behind, strike out on your own, discover a lost civilisation etc. Reply +1
  • inFamous: Second Son breaks 1m sales in nine days

  • FogHeart 10/04/2014

    @penhalion Very well, for your benefit I shall construct a means for them all to have logical consistency...

    All of these conduits have one power, the same power, to manipulate matter. They just don't realise it, and they only work through their interpretation of that power. In actual fact they could present that power in any way they please, but each uses an interpretation unique to themselves, thinking that they have 'video' power or 'neon' power because they don't know any better, it's just a consequence of circumstances that came about when the power first manifested. So Delsin isn't gaining new powers, he is learning a new interpretation of the same power, the one he shares with others, the same way I learn a new language but it's still using my vocal chords to make sounds. When he touches conduits he reads minds, absorbs experiences, and therefore just lives through that moment when the conduit learned of their power, thus gaining its use.

    That work for you? It's logically consistent, but like any superpower, it's bullshit in the first place!
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  • FogHeart 10/04/2014

    There is nothing more bizarre than reading of someone complaining that superhero powers have to have some kind of logical consistency otherwise you lose suspension of disbelief. Reply +12
  • "We have the ambition to build the best gaming console for fans"

  • FogHeart 10/04/2014

    At least there's a guy in charge now who recognises that games need to have soul before they have microtransactions. He's got such a difficult task now, to rebuild the XBox brand as the being the place to get the best console games. He can't win on multiplatforms as the hardware isn't better and exclusive content for them can be done just as often by Sony (as much as we hate it when either do that). He can't do it on the innovation that Kinect brings as even their strongest development studio that develops for it can only make a halfway good game. All he has left is to create or buy more studios and set them to work making better console exclusives than Sony. Problem is, Sony alreadyhave such a strong lineup of studios, even after recent cutting down...and a lot of them make games with soul...yeah, I don't envy him his task. (maybe just his salary) Reply +14
  • Epic Games' Fortnite reappears in new footage

  • FogHeart 09/04/2014

    I see they visited Epic on their 'wear a grey top' day...

    ...seriously, watch it again and see.
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  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel confirmed for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

  • FogHeart 09/04/2014

    @thekeats That's the fallacy about the Borderlands series - that it's cel-shading. Cel-shading is having every surface to be a single flat colour. The surfaces in Borderlands are hand-drawn. They aren't approximations of real-life surfaces, they don't make an attempt at realism, but they are sketched, digitised, coloured etc in art programs and the final result is a texture that has as much memory footprint as the 'realism' ones in other 3D games. Reply +2