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  • Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC delayed on PC

  • FluffyVonPuba 26/03/2014

    Nope, not this time. That's how broken the game was that every single button on the controller or the console was unresponsive.

    I seriously wonder how has this game managed to sell so much. Maybe my copy was defective but going online and seeing that people still have the same problem now is when I knew it was going back for a refund.
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  • FluffyVonPuba 25/03/2014

    Sorry DICE, I got the game a few days ago on the assumption that after 4 months and a 1.3 GB patch it would be fine but I can't even finish the campaign. No save.

    On top of that, it froze my PS4 twice completely, rendering everything totally unresponsive and forcing me to switch it off at the plug, which of course brings a nice message when switching it back on about "doing that might  corrupt your hard drive".

    Releasing dlc in these conditions is very unprofessional.

    It's a shame, as I enjoyed BF3 a lot. As it stands, the game is going back to the shop today and I'll be very very cautious about ever buying a battlefield game again, if at all.

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  • Ground Zeroes shows open worlds how to be open

  • FluffyVonPuba 22/03/2014


    I think it's a valid comparison:
    Both are sandbox games that drop the players in their areas and let them do whatever they want in order to complete them.

    I'll have to agree as well that, having tried both, it's Metal Gear that comes on top and feels like an evolution. The diversity in the possibilities with which you can tackle the missions means you'll never play the same game twice, whereas Second Son feels like any other Infamous but with prettier graphics. It's good, but it does not try to innovate. Ground Zeroes does.

    So I ended up spending more time with Snake yesterday than I did with Deslin (I think that's his name) and I can't wait to go back.
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  • Watch us complete Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes in just 10 minutes

  • FluffyVonPuba 18/03/2014

    A reminder, for those who are complaining about the length of the game:

    A random video I found. My personal best is around 90 hours.

    Just sayin...
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  • Konami makes next-gen Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes cheaper

  • FluffyVonPuba 25/02/2014

    I guess it depends on how much value each person considers the game to be worth.

    I love the franchise and I'm interested in the new direction the series is taking, so I haven't got a problem with the price.

    Similarly, I have absolutely zero interest in the Call of Duty games, so even if some players are clocking hundreds of hours on it, I personally wouldn't spend even a fiver for them.

    The asking price and the length of a game should not be confused with its quality.
    If the game is good, it's worth it.

    Remember, a full price outstanding game like Rez can be completed in less than 90 minutes.
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  • Thief achievement asks you not to rush through the game

  • FluffyVonPuba 28/01/2014

    There are achievements for not being detected and not killing anyone as well. Very DeusEx. My kind of game.
    I'm sold.
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  • PSN buckling under pressure of EU PS4 launch

  • FluffyVonPuba 29/11/2013

    It's bound to happen.  Too many people  trying to connect at the same time. I'm on that boat, tried the update all day, couldn't stay connected to the servers. Traffic jam, that's all it is. It will clear up soon.
    It's a great machine. Really enjoying killzone at the moment.  Looking forward to be able to play Resogun and Contrast.
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  • Twitch battles non-gaming PS4 PlayRoom streams

  • FluffyVonPuba 25/11/2013

    bemaniac wrote:
    Maybe have an area just for ps4 users? That way oly people with a sony login can get on and if anyone is racist then Sony just send the users home address to the police.

    Already there. Click Browse, then the Channels tab, and you can choose to view PS4 streams only.

    It's alright if one wants to check some gameplay but the "people shows", I'm afraid,  are not very interesting. Most of them are just from individuals that are doing absolutely nothing but talking about themselves.  Even The Spartan Show, the dude who started it all, seems more interested in how many subscribers he can get  than actually talking about games.

    It might become a bit more diverse from Friday, and the Japanese coming in February might bring some kind of eccentricity to it all, but for the moment, other than watching some dude telling me that "Call of Duty is Da Gaaame, man" there is is very little to see.
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  • Mega textures push Call of Duty: Ghosts on PC to 50GB

  • FluffyVonPuba 08/10/2013

    If that is the size (a full blu-ray) we can expect a lot of next gen games to have, those 500GB PS4s and XB1s are going to be full pretty quickly. Reply +1
  • Ouya publishes bizarre vomit-fuelled YouTube advert

  • FluffyVonPuba 23/08/2013


    Absolutely spot on comment.

    Spending money on facilitating, developing, encouraging and promoting the next Journey or Bastion should be their priority if they ever want to last longer than the N-Gage.

    Cheap, under the belt adverts are not a good investment and are going to do them more harm than good in the long run.
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  • Vorsprung durch Forza

  • FluffyVonPuba 12/06/2013

    PSfourskin wrote:
    @FluffyVonPuba cheaper... i wouldn't call £350 cheap

    True, it's not. I was expecting £399 during the conference so my first reaction was "whoa, it's cheap" but yes, £349 is still an investment.
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  • FluffyVonPuba 12/06/2013

    The Xbox is expensive, has tons of restrictions and you have to pay for the game.

    The PS4 is cheap (er), has no restrictions and  you can download Drive Club day 1 for free as a welcome gift.

    Your choice.
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  • The big interview: Sony's Jim Ryan on PS4, DRM and the next-gen console war

  • FluffyVonPuba 12/06/2013

    Good interview Wesley, thank you.

    Looking forward to my new console come christmas.

    Edit: That gamespot twitter survey, I know it's mostly impulsive decisions and that clicking a button means nothing concrete but still...Ouch!
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  • Xbox One headed to Asia in 2014, no ETA for Japan

  • FluffyVonPuba 11/06/2013

    The bat signal is operated by the receptionist of the Gotham City Police Dpt central station. Just saying. ..you know,  for the record type thing... Reply 0
  • Sony: PlayStation 4 will not restrict used games or force you to connect your console online

  • FluffyVonPuba 11/06/2013

    Ah, the good old days of Sega does what Nintendon't are back.

    Sony's market share will be way high on this gen, so the publishers will rally and I wouldn't be surprised if we get most of the Xbox exclusives ported within a year.

    And since online is not free anymore, publishers will get their cut, so they'll be happy.

    For us gamers, no more online passes, a cheap console, no fuss about rentals/trade/online nonsense and the small matter of paying for ps+, which is no biggie at all considering what Microsoft is asking and adds absolutely NO value whatsoever to what it offers.

    It's Win-Win.
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  • Ubisoft saves its best for last: Tom Clancy's The Division for Xbox One and PS4

  • FluffyVonPuba 11/06/2013

    Looks superb and innovative and I would like to see more. Truly curious about this one. Couple of questions:

    -We saw at the end of the demo the team exiting the police station and coming face to face with another team, what would be, in effect, 4 other players. How can the game keep some sort of narrative coherence and not degenerate into a free-for-all online shooting nightmare where I won't be able to walk 5 metres without being sniped by some overlevelled post-apocalyptic hillbilly?

    -I don't do teams. Can I go solo, Fallout style, sneaking and scavenging my way to success?

    Definitely want to hear more about this.
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  • DICE developing new Star Wars Battlefront game

  • FluffyVonPuba 10/06/2013

    I quite enjoyed this actually. Reply 0
  • Xbox One available this November in the UK priced £429

  • FluffyVonPuba 10/06/2013

    They are really doing a great job at making this the worst deal in videogaming history. You got to hand it to them: when they are doing something, they're not doing it in half. Reply +1
  • Xbox One: the story so far

  • FluffyVonPuba 10/06/2013

    darth_paul wrote:
    the day the xbox verification servers fail (like the BF1943 game server did, for a month), the day the people cant play their single-player games even though their net connection is fine, is the day the xbox dies.


    I'm betting a pack of Doritos that this bone thing gets hacked within 1 year of its release.
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  • FluffyVonPuba 10/06/2013

    The story so far seems to be that it doesn't really matter what games they are going to show considering that half of their potential customers won't be able to play them and that they have done an incredibly convincing job in alienating the other half.
    Nothing to see here, move along now, move along...
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  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Uncharted 3, and LittleBigPlanet Karting are coming to PS Plus' year-long Instant Game Collection

  • FluffyVonPuba 07/06/2013

    The Vita is a great machine, and has enough games now to justify the purchase.

    A brilliant month for PS+ members once again. Really looking forward to XCOM and Saints Row, two games I wouldn't have bought otherwise.

    PS+ is, without a doubt, the best deal for gamers at the moment. Well done, Sony.
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  • Xbox One's used game policies to lay with publishers

  • FluffyVonPuba 07/06/2013

    The Xbox One is not even on the radar anymore as far as I'm concerned.

    I hope they'll have a good E3 and following marketing campaign and that the machine is going to sell well enough for them to carry on, obviously, but they may as well be selling sausages for all I care.
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  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is out this winter

  • FluffyVonPuba 06/06/2013

    @Spong Found a few of his tracks on YouTube, similar to this one. I'm guessing you guessed correctly, thanks for the info. Reply 0
  • FluffyVonPuba 06/06/2013

    Anybody knows who's composed the music for that trailer? Reply +1
  • This is how Xbox One game trade-ins will work, apparently

  • FluffyVonPuba 24/05/2013

    Regarding the update:

    Still rubbish.
    If a friend borrows game from me, there is no shop involved, but he still has to pay a fee.

    "Give us your money". THAT was the real message behind the reveal.

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  • FluffyVonPuba 24/05/2013

    Hasn't Sony said that the ps4 does NOT require to be online? I seem to remember that it was a question asked after their reveal and they clearly said no, the machine works offline.

    So if I'm offline with my second hand game and it plays, how can they adopt the same practice as MS? They'll have no way of checking.

    Am I wrong?
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  • Grid 2 Special Edition costs £125,000

  • FluffyVonPuba 24/05/2013

    azic wrote:
    Can I pre-order a pre-owned version?

    You can if you can afford the £96,823 online activation fee.
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  • Super Stardust spiritual successor a PlayStation 4 exclusive

  • FluffyVonPuba 23/05/2013

    Excellent news, looking forward to play the game.
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  • Phil Harrison tries (again) to clarify game ownership, second-hand sales and always-online in Xbox One

  • FluffyVonPuba 22/05/2013

    Seriously what is wrong with you people? IT'S THE SAME SYSTEM WE HAVE NOW LIKE PHIL SAID. You buy game, install game while online, Kinect takes a picture of your face, you now own the game. When you want to sell the game on you trade it in ALONG WITH YOUR FACE. New owner plays the game while wearing your face. JUST LIKE IT'S ALWAYS BEEN.
    I'm afraid it's not.
    If I buy a game from you, say Alan Wake,I put it in my Xbox and it plays. I do not have to go online to get it registered on my account.
    With Xbox one, I buy Alan Wake from you, put the disc in and it will not play.
    Why? Because the machine will go online, check the game license, see that it is tied to YOUR account and not mine, and ask me to pay in order to unlock that license for me.

    So in effect I'm paying twice. Once to you, the second time to Microsoft.

    Am I willing to do that? No.
    What I would do is wait until the game is a tenner a year after release and then buy it for me. So you loose a sale and Microsoft looses the profit of a full price sale.

    Now imagine we both have a PS4. It does not need to be online to check for licenses.
    You have finished Ni No Kuni and You want to sell it. I buy it from you, put it in my machine and it plays straight away. I do NOT need to purchase the license, I do not need to even be online at all.

    So in effect I paying once. To you.

    Now I only have enough money to pay for one purchase.
    Care to guess which game I'm going to buy? You guessed right. The one I can play without having to pay a second time.

    Goodbye Microsoft, it's been fun.
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  • Nintendo apologises about lack of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate stock

  • FluffyVonPuba 05/04/2013

    bemaniac wrote:
    Would this game load quicker than disc if i eshop it? considering waiting until its on sale.

    Do you mean considering the game won't be in the shops for another week? Then yes, it will take less than a week to load :)

    Otherwise, naaa, there's no noticeable differences between disc and digital.
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  • Microsoft creative director dismisses "drama" around always-online consoles

  • FluffyVonPuba 05/04/2013

    Well I live in London UK ( and i want to) and my Internet can be a bit flappy at times. More bad rumours about the nextbox. They better announce soon, this whole thing is starting to damage their image. Reply +10
  • Next Xbox games run from hard drive, discs not supported post-install - report

  • FluffyVonPuba 20/03/2013

    Commercial suicide if this turns out to be true. Not every console is connected for a start, and the potential blocking of second hand discs (easy to implement with such a system) is sure to alienate a lot of potential buyers.
    Let's hope this is just a rumour.
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