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  • Detroit: Become Human under fire for controversial domestic abuse scene

  • Flipper79 04/12/2017

    The only difference between this and the kind of TV depiction that wins awards and praise from the same campaigners is that you can actually do something positive to stop it...liberals are very quickly becoming the most thoughtless and intolerant members of society. Reply -2
  • FIFA 18 career mode has cutscenes and a conversation wheel

  • Flipper79 02/09/2017

    Because an unrealistic, time consuming cutscene is just what's needed to freshen things up. Reply +4
  • The Elder Scrolls Online free to play for a week

  • Flipper79 10/04/2017

    Nice of them and all, but c'mon, if they really wanted maximum take up on this offer they really should've given a weeks notice to get it installed..isn't it like 70gb, or am I (hopefully) very much mistaken? Reply +1
  • Yooka-Laylee includes its own DK Rap

  • Flipper79 02/04/2017

    Not sure what I enjoyed most, the video that instantly transported me to the golden age of Rare or the collective swoosh I imagined hearing from reading the comments! Brilliant stuff! Reply +2
  • Nioh now lets you pause the game

  • Flipper79 27/03/2017


    There are plenty of games that don't allow you to change weapons while in combat or use health in the pause screen or direct from inventory. Pause can just be pause. Dying just because you have to answer the door is cheap and obnoxious and far more immersion breaking than being able to pause and resume when you're ready to go back to it because the thought process is 'I died because I had to answer the door' rather than 'I died because I didn't dodge the big axe at the right time'
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  • Flipper79 26/03/2017


    Does it add to the sense of tension and danger though...I mean honestly, if you really think about it?

    I can't ever say I've thought ooh this tension's a bit much I'm just going to pause it for a second, or Argh! This big, bloated bastard's going to sit on me! Surely I must quickly pause the game to stop his devious plot to ruin my day with his grossly obese rump!...phew, that was a close one, I just need to unpause it now...Argh! Awww, son of a bitch :(
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  • Flipper79 25/03/2017

    As much as I love these kind of games the lack of pause has always irritated the hell out of me. It doesn't make the game more difficult just because you have to choose between dying or answering the door/phone/call of nature, it's just a desperately cheap way of trying to make the game seem more hardcore. Reply +9
  • GAME is having trouble with launch day Nintendo Switch deliveries

  • Flipper79 03/03/2017

    It's comforting to know in an ever more complicated world there are some things you can rely on to never change. Reply +11
  • Switch clicks in the hands, but on paper, it's in trouble

  • Flipper79 13/01/2017

    Nintendo had a great idea and over-complicated it to the Nth degree. All they needed do was make a console that could be for both home or handheld use and be practical for both and they'd have had a real winner.

    With just that as a remit the switch could have been so much more with much less to it.

    They could have either cut the price to sell more units or kept the price and upped the storage to allow for cheaper digitally sold games as an option. Instead they add a load of guff that may or may not be incredibly brilliant but which will almost certainly end up being wasted bar a few tech demo games early on in it's (probably very short) life, and even manage to make a complete hash of the online service they think we should buy alongside it.

    I really want Nintendo back in my life, I can't emphasise that enough, but I'm not going to be an enabler for a complete masochist of a company and not just pay, but pay with a premium for what they delude themselves to think of as a privilege.
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  • Nintendo's precarious reveal runs risk of Switching off fans

  • Flipper79 13/01/2017


    It's not just an issue of value for money with the controllers, the fact is the prices are prohibitive as an accessory and will turn people away, possibly before they've even worked out whether they'd need to buy them.
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  • Flipper79 13/01/2017

    I was really buzzed for this. Love Nintendo but the gimmicky route they've taken over the last decade or so has really turned me off. Despite really wanting them to just make a console that competed directly and comparatively with MS and Sony, I could definitely be sold on something I could play on the TV that doubled up as a handheld, a gimmick that actually appealed.

    I can live with the console price as a one off, but I was worried they would do their usual trick of tacking on necessary peripherals at extortionate prices and making the entire premise unnecessarily complicated and that's exactly what they've done. Add the lack of games and I just can't see them selling decent numbers which in turn means 3rd party support will drop almost straight away.
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  • No Man's Sky's long-awaited update brings its galaxy back to life

  • Flipper79 29/11/2016

    I enjoyed it to start with when it was released, there was a certain magic to it. But it wasn't too long before that was replaced with hopelessness, where the sole aim is to gather resources to help craft tools to help you gather resources more easily to craft better tools and so on until you have the best tools for gathering, at which point you realise very abruptly that they are now useless since you no longer need to gather anything.

    The update seems to at least extend that loop and offers hope of more interesting things to come, but I can't help feeling it's maybe a bit too late now to rekindle that initial excitement the game generated.

    I want HG to prove me wrong and add things that no one saw coming because I think that's genuinely the only hope they have of turning it around.
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  • Watch Dogs 2 launch sales nowhere near Watch Dogs 1

  • Flipper79 21/11/2016

    Maybe with unnecessary mid generation hardware upgrades and ridiculously expensive gimmicks like VR people just don't have the money left over to buy games that are little more than reskins of things we've already been sold umpteen times before? Reply +9
  • Nintendo won't announce Switch launch date, price and games line-up until January

  • Flipper79 27/10/2016

    Pretty bizarre to announce it then not want to talk about it for so long. Yes, they've done a better job at explaining just what it is and why people might want it and I am interested but there's an awful lot left unanswered.

    My principal concern is cost, and I'm not just talking about the base unit but what I'd actually be getting for the money and what I'm going to have to buy separately. Does that thing you clip the controllers onto come with it and how practical is it to use (doesn't look particularly comfortable)? Will I need to buy a pro controller or 2 instead? How long does the charge last using it handheld?...will I need to buy a ridiculously expensive official adaptor to charge it when I'm away from the main unit? I have a sneaking suspicion it's gonna be a jack of all trades and master of none with a hefty peripheral price tag to make it viable as both a home console and handheld.

    Leaving it until January for a March release is pretty dumb when it doesn't allow people much time to have an idea how much money to put aside for it.
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  • FIFA 17 The Journey walkthrough - how to play a full season and get all rewards

  • Flipper79 28/09/2016

    I honestly don't know why they've invested so much effort into what is essentially a one and done game mode when there are so many ways to improve and in some cases fix career mode which has stagnated for years now. Reply 0
  • FIFA 17: How the Frostbite engine improves visuals

  • Flipper79 17/09/2016

    Motion blur IMO actually seems worse this year rather than better and I hate the new icon on the active players head. The horrible bright red icon bleeds at the slightest movement. My personal experience playing the PES demo was that I missed the momentum and physicality which made it too easy and almost normal to finish games with 70%+ possession even on the hardest difficulty...but on the plus side I think it'd be a much more fun game multiplayer and there's absolutely no motion blur since it has a much smoother transition when the ball's played long. Reply +1
  • Sony's Shuhei Yoshida on No Man's Sky

  • Flipper79 16/09/2016

    As disappointing as the final release was in comparison to what was supposedly being offered it wouldn't have been half so bad if it was at least challenging in some way. Ultimately it's a survival game that makes it as difficult as possible to actually die. Reply +6
  • FIFA 17 demo out tomorrow

  • Flipper79 12/09/2016


    Thought the gameplay was good until they sped it up after the update. Enjoyed the physicality that allowed you to actually use the midfield...first time I've felt like the players style meant more than their overall rating. The PES demo was enjoyable in it's way but the lack of momentum and physicality felt a bit too arcadey.

    I think for me, because I focus more on single player Fifa seems like a better fit and more a challenge but I have a feeling PES will be a blast playing against human opponents as long as they've got online working well.

    It's good they feel radically different though. Can see me starting with Fifa then moving to PES later on.
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  • Flipper79 12/09/2016

    Surprised they're including part of the journey when none of it was even in the beta. Be interesting to try but I still can't get over them seemingly taking inspiration from the worst aspect of NBA2k's be a pro mode rather than looking at the depth they put into the franchise mode which is where NHL have sensibly now focused. Career mode in Fifa hasn't improved at all, just a rejigged version of seasonal goals. Reply +3
  • Fallout 4 and Skyrim PS4 mods look dead - and Bethesda blames Sony

  • Flipper79 12/09/2016

    Owning a PS4 already I see little point in upgrading to the Pro for nothing more than graphical improvements, and decisions like this not only don't help but are actively pushing me towards considering the Scorpio when it comes out when previously I was feeling content not to upgrade at all. Not only do MS seem much more accommodating in allowing their customers play their old games without having to repurchase but at the moment they also seem to be able to develop much better relationships with 3rd parties. The only thing that remains to be seen is whether they then wander onto the well worn track of complacency/egotism that both seem to be guilty of whenever they get some success.

    Bethesda also shouldn't have all but promised mod support on PS if they hadn't got the approval to do so and are yet another big name that seem bizarrely intent on ruining their reputation.
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  • Watch: Why I'm not sticking with No Man's Sky

  • Flipper79 27/08/2016

    There's a lot I like about No Man's Sky, but it's biggest problem is it's total lack of content. I'm not just talking about mission-style things to do, more a purpose to what the game really wants you to do which is gather resources. It's really a kind of bizarre system.

    Gather resources to sell so you can buy inventory space, better multi tool and ship so you can gather resources easier. The thing is once you've done that and you have all this space and you've added all the upgrades you need you realise you no longer need it since you no longer need to gather anything other than the things to create fuel...and that does the opposite of what a game should do. It makes you feel like the journey to the end had been completely and utterly pointless. In such a vast universe I want a reason to have created my wealth, a reason to explore to gain more, a reason to revisit worlds, and none of that is currently in the game. Hopefully it'll get added but I'm pretty cynical in that regard.
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  • PES 2017's unlicensed club team names are as brilliant as ever

  • Flipper79 19/08/2016

    I don't think they have enough fun with the names myself. I reckon they should do them in the style of Jeopardy! "This team has a manager who thinks defenders aren't necessary if they can pass the ball 500 times meaninglessly" Reply +1
  • Our first look at this year's FIFA Ultimate Team

  • Flipper79 17/08/2016


    I actually find it annoying that it isn't like collecting cards Panini style! In HUT (NHL's version) there is actually a checklist for each team and you get rewards for completing the collection. I always find FUT to be far too disorganised and lacking incentive towards wanting more mediocre players.

    In HUT it's more viable and enjoyable to play games, use in game coins to buy packs, maybe occasionally pay for packs as a bit of a treat and get real satisfaction completing collections while slowly improving your team. Whereas in FUT it seems most people end up either playing the market or spending huge amounts of real cash as the only viable ways of getting a good team and the game itself seems more of a sidenote and 99% of what you get from packs is a complete irrelevance.
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  • Grow Up review

  • Flipper79 17/08/2016

    I think I would have spent more time with Grow Home but from what I can remember the poor FOV and absolutely horrendous screen tear along with it's obviously vertiginous nature made it far too vomit inducing for me. Shame, because the little time I did spend with it definitely appealed and I'm sure I would have got this as well. Reply -1
  • Got a spare 50 minutes for a Final Fantasy 15 gameplay video?

  • Flipper79 16/08/2016


    Was literally about to write the same thing, so cheers for saving me the bother. I can't believe just how much it's putting me off getting a game that I otherwise probably would.
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  • No Man's Sky has an enormous day one patch that adds multiple endings

  • Flipper79 08/08/2016

    Was looking forward to this...then I saw the day one update and was really looking forward to this...then I saw the plans for the next update and now I'm really, really looking forward to this.

    But there's also a part of me worrying that just before launch Sean Murray posts a video where he slowly peels away his face to reveal he is in fact Peter Molyneux and all the promises turn to dust in the wind.
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  • New licences and a new feistiness see PES take the fight to FIFA

  • Flipper79 04/08/2016

    Both have been poor for a while now getting review scores neither deserve. Gameplay in PES is hardly a purists dream as some would have you believe, and similarly the weirdly lauded presentation in FIFA is woefully lacking in comparison to other sports games like the NBA 2k series. Bugs in FIFA are unacceptabe while roster updates, player likenesses and player ratings in PES are nothing short of a massive joke. And will this continual splintering of licenses help either? Nope. Reply +1
  • Epic boss is thrilled at the prospect of PlayStation Neo and Xbox Scorpio

  • Flipper79 07/07/2016

    I'm not quite sure I get the logic. Why does it mean games don't go out of date every 7 years? There's nothing to say that after the Neo and Scorpio there won't be a completely new range of hardware that doesn't allow compatibility with old games. And there's nothing to say that MS and Sony won't change their minds and allow games to be Neo and Scorpio exclusive to hasten people to upgrade (actually I'm not even sure MS have said all games will be compatible with the older console anyway).

    And it's hardly comparable to PC gaming if consumers are expected to spend double the price of a graphics card every 3-4 years and get only half the power. What they're essentially doing is a less innovative, more consumer unfriendly version of what Sega tried doing when they came up with hardware modules. With VR added to the mix I can't help but feel this will lead to consumer confusion and there's a real danger they're also going to kill mid-cycle console sales with such a short time to the next release and less opportunity and inclination to cut console prices.
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  • You can vote for who ends up on the cover of FIFA 17

  • Flipper79 06/07/2016

    Hazard? Well I guess he's shown his ability in the past...but Martial? Seriously? May as well have Charlie Adam on the cover, perhaps in a limited edition oversized case. Reply 0
  • PS4 Neo: release date, games, price, specs, and everything we know

  • Flipper79 24/06/2016

    Just seems a strange business model from both sides. I have a PS4 so unless there's a heck of a trade in offer I wouldn't buy a Neo especially since the same games would be available. I think I'd be a lot more inclined to widen my possible game library by thinking of the Scorpio or NX. If others think along those lines and given Sony's huge market share on consoles they could be the real losers if people do take to this mid-generation leap. Personally, I think by the time you add in VR we're more likely to be returning to a period like the early 90's of huge apathy towards confusing, expensive and excessive console hardware. Reply +9
  • Microsoft's mixed messages at E3 aren't pretty for Xbox One owners

  • Flipper79 16/06/2016

    I don't understand. I'm not the most tech-savvy person in the world but apparently those without a 4k tv shouldn't be interested in the scorpio but should get the One S instead...the key benefit other than the smaller form factor being 4k video? Why presumably increase the cost of the One S by including a feature that's going to be irrelevant for the overwhelming majority of people who'd choose to buy it?

    It all seems a bit messed up and confused (and this is without even adding VR into the mix) and just like Sony and Nintendo comes across as just throwing a load of stuff out there and seeing what sticks. It's almost like we're back in the 90's but with all of them determined to repeat the same mistakes Sega made.
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  • Xbox E3 conference report: Microsoft is feeling bold again

  • Flipper79 14/06/2016

    I wonder if Sony will now drop the prerequisite that games have to run on both Vanilla and Neo PS4 after the MS announcement to make sure they get the most out of the new machine.

    Lets be honest, this generation has been the single worst leap in tech there has ever been in console gaming. But are MS and Sony putting it down as a one off mistake or are both looking at much shorter cycles?

    Some people seem to like that idea...but why? The first couple of years are pretty barren and mostly lacking in quality. Is it really great for consumers that we only get 2 good years of gaming out of every 4?
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  • Sony confirms PlayStation 4K

  • Flipper79 10/06/2016

    I do wonder how well this is really going to sell. Surely most people who want a PS4 have one by now and those that haven't are more likely waiting for an even cheaper price rather than wanting to buy a more premium version.

    Obviously Sony will be relying heavily on current owners wanting to upgrade. But speaking for myself, since I already have a PS4 and since it seems likely games won't be Neo exclusive I'd rather put the money towards either the NX or the likely Xbox one upgrade and have a wider option of games. It'd take a hell of a trade in offer to persuade me otherwise.

    Admittedly, I might be the only one with that logic...but if not, given the ratio of PS4 to Xbox one sales not only could the Neo be a bust but it's very production has the potential to actually benefit Sony's rivals by closing that massive sales gap.
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  • Catlateral Damage claws its way to European PS4s on Monday

  • Flipper79 09/06/2016


    You spelled awesome wrong...
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  • PlayStation Plus May games include Tropico 5 and Table Top Racing

  • Flipper79 27/04/2016

    Starting to get a bit better with this and Zombi last month. Perhaps would have slightly preferred Watchdogs but I held very little hope for that considering all the leaks that turn out to be bogus seem to originate in Germany. Reply +4
  • How PlayStation 4K Neo and the original PS4 will co-exist

  • Flipper79 20/04/2016

    Not happy about this. Big thing for me when it comes to console gaming over PC is the parity and not having to constantly upgrade. I'm already starting to wonder whether I'll get any console next gen with the way they all seem to be going.

    One thing's for certain...the first sign of a game running fine on the new version but being poorly optimised on the original I'll be selling up.

    Anyway, that's just me, whether other people will feel the same I have no idea and it's not for me to say.
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  • PlayStation 4.5 to be announced before October - report

  • Flipper79 29/03/2016

    If they do go down this 2-tier route in terms of gaming power I personally think it could cost them big time, if not immediately then almost certainly when next gen proper is released. Why would I invest in next gen straight away knowing a .5 model that is better in gaming terms might be released a couple of years later?

    I think this is going to be more about media capability and power efficiency which would be fine and wouldn't upset the existing userbase who didn't want to upgrade.

    If it does turn out to improve gaming power for those with the .5 model then personally I'll be ditching console gaming altogether and go back to pc gaming. Be dumb not to when I can for the most part just upgrade the graphics card and get much better benefits per pound spent.
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  • Street Fighter 5 does not punish players who rage quit

  • Flipper79 17/02/2016


    To be honest I think a 'rage-quit pool' is the best option specifically because of people unfortunate enough to have a bad connection. It doesn't overly punish someone who's not quit but just lost their connection plus it lessens the chances of those with decent connections constantly going up against people with a poor one. In the absence of a fairer solution it does seem the best option.
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  • Seeing in the new year with Resogun

  • Flipper79 04/01/2016

    Divinity: Original Sin. I'd bought it a while ago and only played just beyond the tutorial area. I vaguely remember having a hangover that first time and found it too fiddly to concentrate on. Put it on in a fit of boredom just before Christmas and in the last few weeks have spent my time absolutely engrossed. Not only is it a great game that brings on feelings of nostalgia but it actually improves considerably on how I remember those RPG's played. My only worry is whether I'll be able to enjoy modern-style RPG's ever again. Reply +1
  • GAME blames low last-gen sales for pre-Christmas slump

  • Flipper79 23/12/2015


    You're giving them waaaay too much credit. I went into Game yesterday just to browse. I see Assassin's Creed: Syndicate priced at £29.99. I think 'hmmm, that's not too bad, maybe I'll just buy it on a whim, but first I'll see what the preowned is going for.' Look at preowned and it's £27.99. Since it's not something I'd checked beforehand I had no idea which was overpriced, the new or the preowned so I ended up just walking out. Turns out the 'new' price wasn't too bad and I wouldn't have been too disappointed if I'd bought it on a whim, but I've seen I can get it cheaper elsewhere in store so they've lost a sale through the complete and utter stupidity of not even being competitive with themselves.

    I think most people appreciate store prices will be more expensive. All I can say is if I knew I could go into Game and pay within £5 more than the online price and the staff were of the quality they used to be, I'd buy in store every single time. I don't think I'm alone in that view. And with less mark up but more sales they'd potentially have the ability to source the game cheaper.
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  • Flipper79 23/12/2015

    Maybe if they didn't try charging £49.99 for the Uncharted collection? Reply +15
  • Fallout 4's list of voiced player names is stuffed with pop culture references

  • Flipper79 11/11/2015

    And to think how many years I've been mocked for being called Boobies Assface...well the jokes on them now isn't it! Reply +22
  • It's Fallout 4 launch day and for many GAME still hasn't delivered

  • Flipper79 10/11/2015

    GAME really need to start thinking about how they're portraying themselves. Putting the onus of blame on the banks saying they're not allowing the payments through...do they seriously think their customers are stupid enough to believe that a number of different banks are coincidentally refusing payment over one specific product all at the same moment in time?

    Evidently they do and that lack of respect IMO is just as bad as the initial cock-up. If I had this order with them I'd be far more assured I'd eventually get it if they were honest about their mistake rather than try and scurry away from responsibility with what appear to be very transparent lies.
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  • When Boris Johnson played Oculus Rift

  • Flipper79 09/11/2015

    To quote Pete Steele 'Don't mistake lack of talent for genius.' If someone acts like a bumbling fool, chances are they're a bumbling fool. Reply +12
  • Fallout 4 review

  • Flipper79 09/11/2015


    Yeeeeah, that's kinda the point?
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  • Flipper79 09/11/2015


    Erm no, it really isn't and if you think it looks better than driveclub on PS4 then you really need your eyes tested. Christ, on PC even Arkham city...an open world game 3 years old looks better with it's shadow and rain effects. Witcher 3 is a great game but they clearly weren't going with the tech leader approach that they went with witcher 2 on ANY platform.
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  • Flipper79 09/11/2015


    Sorry, but first of all the witcher 3 has nowhere near the depth of fallout 4 in terms of interaction with the open world. And secondly, witcher 3 looks like arse in comparison to witcher 2 in terms of available tech at the time.

    In terms of rpg preference I go witcher (for it's greater coherance in story telling), elder scrolls, fallout...but fair is fair and none of the witcher games are truly open world which makes a huge tech difference.
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  • Flipper79 09/11/2015

    Having played this since saturday I'd say this is exactly the 'recommendation' it should have. It's a brilliant game that catches you by surprise with the things it offers on a second by second basis, but it's Bethesda through and through...flawed genius. Think of it like this...it's easily a 10 out of 10 game that does it's best to melt your life away but the bugs will bring you back to reality with a bump regularly enough to remember that there's more to life than living in a desperate post-nuclear wasteland. Reply +3
  • UK tabloids point the finger at Call of Duty, GTA in coverage of 15-year-old TalkTalk hacker

  • Flipper79 28/10/2015

    I love violence, sexism, misogyny and racism...that's why when I'm not playing video games I read the Daily Mail...it's probably giving me cancer and has a history of nazi sympathisers but some things are just worth the cost. Reply +2
  • "I don't want you to get a second-rate experience…"

  • Flipper79 12/10/2015

    But then it's fair to ask is no experience at all better than a second rate experience? Seems like a bit of hypocrisy here if they're saying it is since a version without the campaign is very definitely a second rate experience, so perhaps they shouldn't have made a last gen version at all by their own reasoning. Reply +2