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  • The numbers game

  • Flipper79 05/04/2014

    What utter ego-fueled, biased hypocrisy. Let's be honest here, you don't like it because you think it'll mean less traffic to your site, pure and simple. You use scores either because you like using scores or because you know that again you'd get less traffic if you didn't...either way leads to hypocrisy. Here's a tip - show enough integrity so that you'll be the first stop for an opinion. And here's an example - every year you review the latest iteration of Fifa, and every year you completely ignore the blatant bugs, bugs that show up within just a few minutes of playing. As it is there's no single place I trust for an opinion, which is why, like many I would guess, I look through as many resources as possible before I pay full price for something. If review sites had a bit more integrity I'd be far more inclined to trust that opinion above all. Reply -12
  • Watch Dogs graphics look better in the latest trailer

  • Flipper79 28/03/2014

    Like the look of it, love the idea behind it, but for some reason I still have reservations. I think it's the pacing of it that's worrying me most...either it being too action-oriented or being too bogged down with the technical or maybe too fiddly hacking sequences. I just get the feeling that this game more than most needs to get the balance of such things right just because of it's concept. Reply +1
  • Oculus Rift: Step into the game, step out with two billion dollars

  • Flipper79 26/03/2014



    It's 'You give me a tenner and I will TRY to give you something that you think you are happy to pay 10 for and you'll just have to trust me that the quality of the product is as I say with little legal recourse if it's not. I have proved there is a market for my idea but I have yet to prove whether it is a VIABLE business plan. If I discover it's not quite as marketable as I predicted you will receive your money back. If, however, it's marketable but not viable and I am not able to see it through to manufacture you may well lose your money and not get a product. Since you are not a true investor you have no right to check my books and make sure I'm not embezzling your donation. We cool?'
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  • Flipper79 26/03/2014

    All those kickstarter people are knowingly investing money with risk for a 0% stake in a company. I honestly have absolutely no sympathy if they feel hard done by, it's not as if the unfairness of the whole system isn't blatantly obvious if you have at least half a brain. Reply +1
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition video shows off next-gen world

  • Flipper79 06/03/2014

    Look at that water! Those mountains! This big fucking wall that always stops me getting to them! Reply +1
  • Double Fine's Broken Age: Act 2 now fully funded

  • Flipper79 24/02/2014

    Anyone who wants to be an 'investor' with a 0% share in a company through an intermediary system that has huge potential for fraud during the process towards getting a product completed is an absolute mug who should be left with absolutely no time to complain whilst they desperately place all their energies into growing an actual brain. Reply +1
  • Nintendo boss Iwata halves pay, Miyamoto's wage cut too

  • Flipper79 29/01/2014

    It's about time Nintendo either admitted to themselves that they are actually competing with the other 2 companies, or they choose not to directly compete and release their console mid-cycle of MS and Sony. There's still a huge potential market for Nintendo but not if they keep sticking their heads in the sand. Reply +2
  • Can a 100 PC graphics card match next-gen console?

  • Flipper79 26/01/2014


    As RedSparrows says, swings and roundabouts. Fact is there are more exclusives on PC than on all the consoles put together. Not all AAA I grant you, but a significant number and also of a type that has no equivalent on console. Increased hardware costs are mitigated by reduced software costs, and cards don't need replacing near as often as is presumed by console gamers.

    Anyway, there's really no need to look at it as a competition, all platforms have plenty going for them, all have advantages and disadvantages. If I had the funds I'd happily have a PC, Xbone, PS4 and Wii U.
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  • You thought that was it for Guild Wars 2?

  • Flipper79 14/01/2014

    Found the living world thing far too much of a chore. I want to play and experience all the game has to offer on my schedule, not the developers. I also found it hugely confusing as to what I was supposed to be doing (although admittedly I was only around for one of them so that's not to say they're all the same). Since gone back to WOW and IMO it's just a much more accessible game in terms of content, and was hugely impressed by the amount added in MOP. Just a shame that so much has been dumbed down to ridiculous levels, like the talents.

    I will say, however, if someone new to mmo's asked me which one I'd most recommend, I'd probably suggest starting with GW2. You can't argue with only having to pay the box price for what is still a quality game even if the end game isn't to everyones tastes.
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  • Beyonce's onto something, you know

  • Flipper79 14/12/2013

    Games are a bit more pricey than an album and often people like to read reviews before they buy so I reckon a large part of that 'instant' factor would be lost. There's also the matter of the money guys then not having a clear timetable when they can establish success or failure so applying discounts to encourage sales would be a bit of a nightmare I'd imagine. Reply 0
  • Unauthorised Ghosts 'n Goblins Kickstarter shut down

  • Flipper79 12/12/2013

    HAHAHA, hadn't heard about this, but seriously? How dumb is it to admit in the public domain you're stealing someone elses idea and rebranding it as your own if you don't get the rights? Reply +4
  • Zavvi threatens customers with legal action after accidentally sending free Vitas

  • Flipper79 10/12/2013

    Personally I think it would be morally wrong to keep them, and legally it looks as if there would be an issue. However, if it was me I would email them and insist that they first fulfilled the correct order pointing out that if I was legally obliged to return the vita they would now have an admission that I had received it so it would be no risk for them. I would also insist that it was collected on a sunday since that would be the only day I would be willing to guarantee being home and would be unwilling to make that guarantee any other day. I would also insist on email or written correspondence only in making any arrangement. Reply 0
  • FIFA 14 Next-Gen review

  • Flipper79 25/11/2013

    Are the bugs still present in next gen? Sick of reviews for FIFA giving them a free pass on the multitude of bugs it has every year, in the same way I'm sick of PES getting a free pass on it's terrible presentation. Other games don't seem to get that benefit and to ignore it particularly on a yearly franchise is a joke. Reply +19
  • PES 2014 data pack 2 released

  • Flipper79 18/11/2013

    Woo bloody hoo, Vertonghen now looks a little bit like himself, shame no one thought to fix the absolutely moronic player ratings that have him as one of the worst defenders at Spurs. Seriously who came up with them? I wanna know the guy who thinks Riquelme is still one of the best players in the world...even at his peak he wasn't as good as his stats suggest in the game. Reply 0
  • Someone bought a Dota 2 courier for $38,000

  • Flipper79 06/11/2013

    One of a kind...except there's 5 of them? Reply +29
  • PES 2014 Xbox 360 patch fixes online issues

  • Flipper79 25/10/2013

    How come PES constantly gets away with atrocious presentation and audio in every single review while FIFA also gets away with no one mentioning the easy to spot bugs year after year? I honestly don't know what's more of a joke, PES and FIFA themselves, or the guys that review them.

    If you really want a good chuckle have a look at the player stats in PES!
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  • Valve reveals specs of its Steam Machine prototype

  • Flipper79 07/10/2013


    Not necessarily pointless. Currently it's only really Alienware who mass produce gaming specific machines and being Dell tend to inflate the price astronomically. Valve have a much greater personal interest in keeping the profit low if it makes steam more accessible to a greater number of users. If they use their influence to really push linux and make more people feel comfortable using it that's already 100 saved for your average, honest pc user. Add to that then the savings of them bulk buying components and actually passing that onto the consumer unlike Dell and you could have a prebuilt machine for a comparable price to a custom made one which would absolutely open up pc gaming to a considerable number of additional people worldwide.

    Don't forget the number of people who regardless of owning a console would still want a desktop anyway and it could definitely be possible to put together a mass produced, high spec pc with an appealing enough price to significantly add to the number of users interested in pc gaming.
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  • Face-Off: FIFA 14

  • Flipper79 04/10/2013

    The tile interface is only snappier on the main menu. In career mode it's an absolute nightmare. Cumbersome, unintuitive and a massive step back from the previous interface. Reply 0
  • Keeping the game alive

  • Flipper79 03/10/2013

    Messi's Pace, Acceleration and Bravery stats are wrong. I can see how schisms formed! I did used to love the old version but in all honesty all you had to do was find some half decent players to fit into the basic 3-5-2 formation and you were pretty much invincible. Reply +2
  • UK chart: FIFA 14 sales down on last year's FIFA 13 by 24%

  • Flipper79 30/09/2013

    Possibly due to the huge number of bugs in the game. I wouldn't mind if it was new ones each year just to mix things up a bit but oh no, game freezing, invisible players and custom formations disappearing every time you go into UT. Same ol' same ol'. Reply +2
  • FIFA 14 review

  • Flipper79 23/09/2013

    My only real complaints with Fifa this year are how easy and quick it is to completely bypass the midfield (this year and every year) and that turning animations while better still look unnatural. The shielding and improved close dribbling really add more than you'd think they would and make wing play more fun and require more thought.

    Been playing PES non stop over the weekend but I'm struggling to really get into it. Build up play is so much better than Fifa as is the realism of player movement. But shooting is just a nightmare and really spoils it for me...it just feels far too sensitive on advanced and completely unintuitive. The ball is also impossible to track the flight of which while seemingly minor is actually a major frustration and makes it harder to see where you went wrong or what you got right on any particular shot. Not to mention defenders, both yours and AI that will suddenly get an insane speed burst when you think you've broken free of them. GK's in both games seem equally terrible...Fifa with the late reactions to simple shots and PES with stupidly knocking shots unnecessarily back to the attacker one second whilst showing brilliant precognition skills the next by magically saving shots with huge changes in flight from some deflection or other.

    Personally I think although a lot of the advanced options in PES are optional, they're kinda not if you want to play the game with any real competency, and that's where fifa wins hands down. There are things you can master that will make you better but they're much less of a necessity and having knowledge of how to do it doesn't necessarily make you unplayable against someone who doesn't.
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  • PES 2014 review

  • Flipper79 20/09/2013

    Just received my copy for pc today after preordering both this and Fifa this year. First impressions are that it is pretty bad and I'm really not getting the review score on here. I can only assume they played with the likes of Barcelona, Bayern, RM and Man Utd. Upon selecting Spurs as my favourite team (and forgiving the outdated line up which will no doubt be updated) I was presented with a load of players who 1) look absolutely nothing like there real life counterparts to the point where some are even the wrong colour and 2) have the most unfathomable ratings - Adebayor rated as 88, Caulker being rated higher than Vertonghen just as a couple of examples.

    After getting frustrated at not being able to find the options it told me I needed to update it I gave up presuming online must be down and played a game. Playing as Spurs, to say the stadium graphics and player models are awful would be a massive understatement, yet another game playing as Barca everything looked fantastic. Gameplay itself is a mixed bag...build up is much more considered and has a nice pace to it but the controls feel far too unintuitive, unresponsive and needlessly fiddly and the flight of the ball is incredibly difficult to follow, particularly when taking a shot on goal. Once I get used to it maybe gameplay will be better, but the presentation is sucking all my motivation from wanting to give it more of a chance. Modding, where it can be applied, will make it better to a certain extent but there is just too much here that the developers have been unbelievable lazy in not doing themselves. Personally I think the 6/10 from GS is a much fairer score.
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  • Flipper79 18/09/2013

    Getting both. Both have their merits and annoyances but both are still very good games overall from what I've played in the demos. Both feel different enough, to me, to warrant the new iteration. And both are different enough from each other to switch between the 2 when I feel like a change.

    That's my opinion, no one has to share it and I can understand people having a favourite and/or only wanting to buy one or being tired of them both, but I have to ask, seriously, what's with all this fanatical loyalty towards a business whose singular aim is to make money from you? It's sad, pathetic and self-defeating.
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  • Final Fantasy 14 digital sales resume as server problems ease

  • Flipper79 17/09/2013

    Nothing against the sub model. I think if you have a game you feel is unique enough to persuade players to leave old subs behind, go for it. But I do think the time has come to include the game free with your first months sub if you do go down that route. I'd be happy to try it in that circumstance, but as it is I'll leave it and go back to GW2 if I ever feel like getting an mmo fix again in the future. Reply -1
  • FIFA 14 and PES 2014 demos go live

  • Flipper79 11/09/2013

    Been playing the Fifa demo since yesterday on PC and was eager to slate it for being exactly the same as 13. But it's not. It may not have the new engine but it's certainly improved in a lot of ways.

    Attackers are much better at keeping in line with the defenders; the shield technique makes wing play so much more fun than just a well timed diagonal dribble with the pacey players; the animation is much more fluid and more realistic doing things like 180 turns to get a shot away and the ball no longer sticks to the players feet.

    It's still too quick IMO and the midfield easily bypassed but it's certainly an upgrade on 13. My only real concern is how easy it is to find someone with a lobbed through pass with the increased intelligence of your team mates on the attack.

    Shame there's no PES demo on pc yet, looks like they've really gone all out on making it more of a simulation this year. If that turns out to be good I'm going to be getting both this year I think.
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  • Questing for heroism in MMOs

  • Flipper79 07/09/2013

    Personally I've always questioned the dungeon and raid formula in mmos where in the majority of cases it boils down to simple knowledge of the encounter rather than anything particularly skill based. Games should be as accessible as possible, and that doesn't have to mean easy, but rather intuitively easy to understand. The current way of doing things just creates alienation towards players who are new to an encounter which in an mmo seems about as counterproductive as it gets. Reply +5
  • Kojima clarifies decision to make MGS5 character "more erotic"

  • Flipper79 06/09/2013

    If he wants the characters to stand out would it not be better to have them wearing something other than the skimpy, unpractical, cliched and kinda boring outfits you see them wearing in absolutely every single game that's ever been made? Reply +5
  • Guild Wars 2 "the most-updated online world in the industry"

  • Flipper79 28/08/2013

    But most of the content doesn't really add up to anything, is often completely skippable, can easily go unnoticed and is occasionally quite confusing. I never really found it actually added anything of real substance and it certainly wouldn't tempt me back in the way a proper expansion with a meaningful structure would.

    Which isn't to say I'm slating GW2. I enjoyed it while I played, but there simply wasn't anything substantial and genuinely fresh added that made me want to continue.
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  • What's the difference between current-gen and next-gen FIFA?

  • Flipper79 28/08/2013


    Yeah, I'm kinda worrying about the same thing. I already get annoyed enough in Fifa 13 that as soon as you score 5 goals defenders become superhuman, psychic contortionists while my strikers all turn into Emile Heskey. If they start further 'fixing' gamepley in this manner I'll be even more pissed off. I just don't buy that'll it'll be done through animation rather than by registering button presses.
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  • Borderlands 2 Game of the Year Edition announced

  • Flipper79 28/08/2013


    Have to say I only partly agree. Whilst they do add significant content it's massively frustrating that not everything gets included in the season pass.

    As is I'd rather just make do with the base game and wait a year to buy the goty edition when it's a fiver on steam. If everything was included in the season pass or they updated it or added a plus version to include all the content I'd happily buy it now for 20.
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  • Microsoft explains Ryse micro-transactions: "There's nothing sinister, we promise"

  • Flipper79 23/08/2013

    Ah well, so long as it's just a case of cynically taking advantage of peoples OCD. There's clearly no moral problem with that. Reply +21
  • The Elder Scrolls Online dev explains decision to charge 9 monthly subscription

  • Flipper79 22/08/2013

    Subscription model isn't dead. The only issue is publishers keep releasing what is essentially the same game that already exists in spades and expecting people to just drop them for their one. Not gonna happen when people have invested so much time and money on what they're already playing. If this is gonna work it needs to be a) very good and b) completely unique. I can't see it myself from the footage out there and it'll end up f2p with much more immersion breaking monetisation than if they'd just planned it f2p from the start. Reply +3
  • What does Microsoft have to say about Sony's Xbox One "shifting message" dig?

  • Flipper79 21/08/2013

    No MS you didn't listen to the customers. You completely and arrogantly ignored them when they were incredibly vocal before you even announced the Xbone. What you listened to or more accurately were unable to listen to was the ch-ching of pre-orders coming in. You can backtrack as much as you want but my trust has already been lost, nothing you can say or do would convince me that at some point once plenty of sales have been made that some if not all of these crappy restrictions will be reintroduced. Reply +2
  • 14 minutes of continuous Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag gameplay

  • Flipper79 24/07/2013

    Looks alright, other than the ships handling more like speedboats...although I guess that's a necessary evil Reply +1
  • Steam's Summer Sale is now live

  • Flipper79 11/07/2013

    Nothing to write home about yet except maybe defiance. The options for the next flash sale look good though...borderlands 2 and dishonored at very good prices Reply 0
  • It's unlikely Guild Wars 2 will ever get an expansion pack

  • Flipper79 04/07/2013

    Problem I can see with this method of doing things is they're going to really struggle to bring back old players who've left. Expansions get people back, even if it's just to play through the new content before quitting again. This living world thing just doesn't have the same impact and I get the feeling alot of it will effectively just be a timed achievement hunt like world events are in other mmo's.

    Hope I'm wrong because I'd be more than happy to return if they gave me reason enough, but so far the rare emails I get from them haven't exactly conveyed any new content in a way that would really interest me.
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  • Xbox One reputation system will punish griefers, reward good gamers

  • Flipper79 03/07/2013

    Yes because this absolutely won't be used by the griefers to piss off the good players will it Reply +2
  • Microsoft restores game ownership and expects us to smile

  • Flipper79 20/06/2013


    You're not wrong, but perception is everything and from a PR point of view MS are just killing themselves. Just look at the statement...there's no taking ownership, there's no attempt to come across as having a shared vision with their customers. He continually refers to what 'you' want before detailing how that will impact on other services as if apportioning blame for not being able to realise his vision. He also barely hides the corporate speak that this is basically just a response to poor pre-orders.

    All he had to do to start getting the customer back on side was make a humble apology and to state in no uncertain terms that the policy change would be a permanent feature of the xbone. The fact they can't admit to their mistake makes me almost certain they won't learn from it.
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  • Flipper79 20/06/2013

    The worst thing about this whole MS debacle...Just imagine if Nintendo had the foresight to put together a normal console without any stupid gimmicks that was comparable in spec to at least the xbone. It would have been all Nintendo and Sony and IMO that would be a much better consumer led competition. Reply +2
  • Flipper79 20/06/2013

    For me the change in policy only serves to highlight the contempt they have for their customers by originally implementing something that clearly wasn't necessary in the first place and which was solely for their benefit. It also shows their attempts to justify the original policy were basically nothing more than lies. Lost my trust and my custom. Reply +5
  • EA: "We don't have a problem with second-hand sales as they are today"

  • Flipper79 12/06/2013

    Sony's powerless to stop publishers placing restrictions on games? I've been championing Sony of late like most here have but that's blatantly just complete and utter bollocks. They may be financially unwilling to deny certain publishers access to their platform, but they're certainly not powerless to stop publishers who want to impose restrictions such as online passes. Reply -6
  • Microsoft insists Xbox One Kinect doesn't record your conversations as privacy concerns build

  • Flipper79 07/06/2013

    I don't care, it's the potential of it that's still a threat and how secure MS are at controlling it. If it has to be continuously plugged in then I'm not interested. The whole console just comes across as a complicated mess anyway. Reply +9
  • Xbox One's Kinect will talk back to users ala Siri or Knight Rider - rumour

  • Flipper79 24/05/2013

    I hope the ad campaign is "You're never alone with an Xbox One." What could possibly go wrong with that... Reply +3
  • Xbox One: developers have their say on specs, self-publishing and TV TV TV

  • Flipper79 24/05/2013

    Talking about Kinect...

    "The good thing is it comes in the box with the device, so as a developer you know everyone on that device is going to have it. You're not worried about the market being split, which is always a huge thing,"

    That's one of my major concerns. Yes everyone will have it, but not everyone will have the space to use it. I'm worried devs will end up putting a non-essential kinect sequence into a game that otherwise doesn't use it and instantly make me confused as to whether I'm going to be able to play that game.
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  • This is how Xbox One game trade-ins will work, apparently

  • Flipper79 24/05/2013


    No, it would have to be unlinked from your profile first hence stores who trade used having to sign up to MS's terms, otherwise I'd presume he'd have to pay the full price of the game to unlock what's already installed on their hard drive.
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  • Flipper79 24/05/2013

    Why don't they just stop doing business with the high street if they want to eradicate the high street presence...seems like a much less convoluted method than this one.

    I would say I don't believe the 35 charge, but then the email I got from MS this morning asks me "Ever wish you could chat with a friend on Skype while watching a movie?" so I'm really not convinced they have a great deal of their collective brains grounded in reality.
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  • Xbox One shows flickers of visionary promise but misses an opportunity to prove it with games

  • Flipper79 22/05/2013

    I saw a conference that did nothing but alienate every single region outside the US; that showed a bunch of superficially cool gimmicks that in reality do nothing to improve the already easy method of using a remote to turn on a tv and select a channel, but cost more in electricity for the privilege; mandatory kinect bundled which for those of us with space issues is a meaningless expense that may exclude us from games that utilise it, and a bunch of resulting confusion as to how internet connectivity was required and how possible it was to share games within your own household.

    It was a mess. The only thing they've somehow managed to achieve, quite staggeringly so, is to surpass the awfulness of the Wii U and PS4 reveals.
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  • The big interview: Phil Harrison on Xbox One, Kinect, indie games and red rings

  • Flipper79 22/05/2013

    "Our goal is to make it really customer-centric, really simple and really understandable"

    And yet no one at MS has any idea to what extent an internet connection is required or how trading/loaning games is going to work?

    Nothing seems simple with this console at all and certainly not 'customer-centric'. I just want something to play games on, not something that costs me more in electricity and requires me to flail my arms around and talk to myself like a lunatic rather than simply press a button just to change a tv channel.
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  • GAME plans to open 18 new shops by July

  • Flipper79 07/05/2013

    Maybe if they open them on different streets in different cities it'll work out better this time around. Reply +2
  • Senior Scottish cop calls for second look into prevention of children playing adult games online after 13-year-old boy slashes friend's throat following Gears of War 3 session

  • Flipper79 03/05/2013

    You know, some people are just bad. If it wasn't for one thing triggering it then it would be another...cos, you know this kid is clearly just a psychotic bellend. Reply 0