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  • Analysts doubt Sony will risk gamer backlash with anti-used game tech for PS4 as GameStop shares fall

  • FlipC 04/01/2013

    @smoothpete Yup the right to use software is tied to the software itself and the new owner can transfer that right.

    Of course that's why they all prefer Digital Distribution as they never sell you the software they only rent it to you for an indefinite period.

    Only a surprise that the PS4 hasn't been made as download only...?
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  • Why are we stuck with games being released on a Friday?

  • FlipC 23/11/2012

    Friday releases are fine; I can go into a store Saturday morning when I'm off work, see all the displays up and think "Yeah I'll get that". Better than seeing all the movie displays and realising that I can't get what they're promoting because it won't be released until Monday; might as well just order it online as to waiting. Reply +1
  • Father blames Microsoft as son spends £1150 on Xbox Live

  • FlipC 17/07/2012

    @Metal-Militia But he's not trusting the kid with his credit card he's trusting Microsoft with it - that's the conceptual difference. He's just bought his kid the ability to play online with his friends. How should he know that this is now tied into the whole XBox store; does it explicitly state that when he buys the subscription?

    So he should have read the manuals, but you've just said you've set up your nephew's XBox for your sister so is she "lazy, ignorant or stupid"? I'm sure she's not, but she has you who understands these things; what do you do if you don't?

    Some of what we consider obvious isn't necessarily so to a large number of people.
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  • FlipC 16/07/2012

    So much negative criticism. How many here have watched a non tech-saavy parent buying an Xbox360 (or PS3) just for their child and handing it over for them to set-up? "Hey dad I need XBox Live Gold to play with my friends it needs your credit card details" and once it's got those...

    Sure blame it on bad parenting, and not checking one's statement for that length of time [shakes head] but how about a nice simple highly obvious booklet entitled "Parents - how to set this up for your kids to keep them safe and secure online"? which walks them through creating main/master accounts and child/sub accounts.

    Not everyone is as knowledgeable as those who frequent this site; I'm sure there are plenty of Daily Mail readers who are now frantically checking their credit statements and trying to work out how the parental controls work on whatever console they handed over to their kids.

    How much of a problem is this? I set up my 16 year-old cousin's PS3 and set the parental restriction levels to 7 as they should be. He bought "Battlefield Bad Company 2" a 16-age certificated game and it asks for the Parental PIN when he tries to start it. Why? Because it's internally rated at a 9. I contacted EA about this discrepancy the results in order of presentation to me:

    a) Never heard of this before
    b) It's because he's trying to play it online, and due to EU law you have to be over 18 to play online
    c) Level 7 is for 13-certificate games move him up to level 9
    d) It can't be a UK game; send us photos as proof.

    Now if option (a) is true then no-one has ever complained so either there's a lot of parents and 16 year-old kids out there happy to keep typing in the PIN or it's simply not a bother for them as they don't have the parental controls in place.

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  • Okami HD coming to PlayStation 3 this Autumn

  • FlipC 20/06/2012

    God Of War, Jak and Daxter, Silent Hill, Ratchet and Clank, and now Okami. If we see a Soul Reaver collection I'll be squeeeing 'til the cows come home. Reply +1
  • Silent Hill HD Collection release date

  • FlipC 07/03/2012

    Of course they're not going to include SH1. If they included it at all it would be as the original PSOne version (which would result in more complaints) or they'd have to do a lot of work to re-render a game they can still sell as is given it works under emulation on the PS3. Sure it's a shame for XBox owners, but sorry you never got to play it in the first place and now you still won't.

    As for SH4 - seriously? The combat heavy member of the series with those damn unkillable ghosts? Sure it was an okay game in its own right, but not exactly the best of the series.
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  • Bethesda refutes Skyrim PS3 lag claims by Fallout NV dev

  • FlipC 07/12/2011

    So either no-one at Bethesda tested for a PS3 bug that affected previous games by actually playing it; or they did and chose to ship it anyway. Reply +3
  • PS3 firmware 4.0 releasing this week, details

  • FlipC 01/12/2011

    @jefranklin18 "We've detected that you've been playing this game for 15 minutes. As mandated by Health and Safety advice we are now applying a forced 5 minute rest period. Please enjoy these soothing images and music... Warning: Before watching soothing images read product documentation for important information about your health and safety" Reply +2
  • FlipC 30/11/2011

    Excellent so as well as getting a warning at the beginning of all the games we now also get one just for turning on the console; just what we needed. Next up they'll add a warning about using Move and 3D, which seems to the latest addition to the start-up screens of games.

    Hey Sony when it comes to the latter here's a thought - If I switch the console, or the game, to 3D mode show me the warning. If I turn on a Move controller, or set the game to use one, show me the warning. If I don't do any of those things there's no need to warn me.

    It's like being constantly reminded to mind the step when there is no step.
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  • OnLive

  • FlipC 30/09/2011

    For those discussing ownership let me put this into a wider picture - it's the same model for any digital distribution system. At no time are you buying a game or movie; you are renting it. That may be for a fixed period or it may be for an indefinite one. It may be for a subscription or a one-off payment. In any case you have never and will never own it and access to it is dependent on the distributor who will have added such into the small print that anyone signing up to the service has to agree to.

    In theory there's nothing to stop, say, Sony having a spat with Time Warner and removing all their movies from their catalogue despite you potentially having bought the right to view such at any time.

    This is no different. The only thing stopping such from happening is public opinion and negative publicity.
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  • FlipC 29/09/2011

    @Quixz - No Spooke is getting negged for blaming us for not buying decent broadband when the majority of the UK doesn't have that as an available option. Reply +1
  • EU PlayStation Store update 28th Sept

  • FlipC 28/09/2011

    As mentioned by others here we once again glimpse the future of a monopolistic digital download only market. Sure I could save myself a "walk to the shops" and buy FIFA 12 at £54.99 or I could do exactly the same from Amazon for £12 cheaper. Likewise they too feature Child of Eden £9 cheaper and amusingly at a RRP less than that of the PSN Store.

    Ah but then I suppose there's all that added cost in um... someone help me out here.
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  • Dead Island

  • FlipC 06/09/2011

    "Playing as a cop-trained firearms expert, only to be told you can't actually shoot a pistol because you're not level 10" and that's killed it for me.

    Seriously if they can allow something that dumb for something that basic how more screwed up is the rest of the game going to be?

    "At one point I died in the shallow water on a beach, and reappeared on a rooftop 50 metres away"

    Oh that screwed up.
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  • EU PlayStation Store update 6th July

  • FlipC 06/07/2011

    Is this another reason to look forward to monopolised digital distribution? Reply +2
  • First Duke Nukem DLC is free – for some

  • FlipC 02/06/2011

    Raconteur, HL706 - Ditto. Yup we're the ones who supported you. We're the ones that made the game successful enough to even bring out a GOTY edition of it; and we're the ones you're turning your backs on? Tell me that ain't so. Reply +1
  • June 2011 PlayStation Plus content

  • FlipC 02/06/2011

    Think of the 'free' games as being rentals that are covered by your subscription price. While you're a subscriber you can access them; leave and you can't. The discounts only count for the period given, but once the games are bought they're yours beyond the subscription. The themes and avatars are the only real free thing here as you get to keep them if you unsubscribe.

    The Welcome Back package of a choice of two from five games (three of which I already own thank you very much Sony) is apparently a separate deal which you can only claim within 30 days of it going on offer. Those games you get to keep.
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  • EU PlayStation Network down

  • FlipC 21/04/2011

    Socom 4 and Portal 2 released today and someone decides this is the best time to do maintenance on the servers... yeah totally buying that Sony. Reply +1
  • MMO in Tights: Will DC Universe change console gaming?

  • FlipC 14/01/2011

    To round this all up - Am I going to buy a game that I have not been able to try, that conks out after a month, at the same price as a game which I've played a demo of and that I can play at any time for free? No, no I'm not.

    We need a demo or a much lower cost to entry here.
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  • Game/video recommendations for PS3

  • FlipC 27/07/2010

    If it's out they've not updated their site yet, still lists 3.40 as the latest. Reply 0
  • MS insists you can sit with Kinect

  • FlipC 08/07/2010

    Does this mean that along with the number of players, storage requirements etc that appears on the back of the game boxes Kinect games will also give standing/sitting information? :-) Reply 0
  • Will Sony bring new PS3s to Europe?

  • FlipC 06/07/2010

    I suppose it depends on whether Sony still have stock of the smaller hard drives they want to off-load to Europe first, otherwise they'd be mad not to offer the higher capacity versions. As mentioned here, big whoop they're swapping the hard-drive something that's been made simple enough for the end-user to do themselves hardly a challenge for those building them from scratch.

    @Salty_Wagyu - If you want to transfer everything you need to do a Backup first to an external storage device and then do a Restore once the new drive is in and formatted. It really is easy, the only trouble I had was accidentally stripping that one screw.
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  • Retrospective: Thief The Dark Project

  • FlipC 18/05/2009

    A game that could make you the gamer want to sit perfectly still and hold your breathe so as not to alert the guard. That gave you that heart-pounding moment of panic when entering a brightly lit room and seeing the door opposite start to open. A game where you would voluntarily sit in a shadow in a corner motionless for 5 minutes just to watch the guard patrol patterns, and where you would be try to be aware of everything in the area not just what's in front of you, but in every direction.

    How many of those are made today?
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  • Red Faction demo available now

  • FlipC 14/04/2009

    So let me get this straight. THQ are so proud of this game they'll release a demo of it before release so that we the public can judge for ourselves and presumably share their opinion and thus buy it on release. But to access it you have to apply to THQ and tell them who you are?

    I'm kinda of getting a mixed message here in that the people who are already registered or will register are likely to be the ones buying the game anyway. So THQ are so proud of this game they'll only let people who are likely to share that opinion try it out before release?

    And to think I laughed over the Americans scrambling to get KillZone2 demo codes when it was freely available here; that'll teach me.
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  • FUEL

  • FlipC 20/02/2009

    "Crate Lake in the centre" so that's where the FPSs get them all from; I did wonder. Reply 0
  • No level cap in next Fallout?

  • FlipC 30/01/2009

    @4th Variety: There is a reward for shooting outside of VATS - less degradation of your weapon; and if you do want something that hits where you want it to when manually shooting go and find Lincoln's Repeater Rifle which has a spread of 0. Reply 0
  • FlipC 30/01/2009

    So presumably they're working on a patch right now for 3 to turn off the level-cap... yeah thought not - buy our sequel kiddies. Reply 0
  • Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 17

  • FlipC 22/01/2009

    With all this talk of graphical superiority am I really the only one who actually prefers the PS3's slight blur? Now I am talking slight and not full-on Saint's Row smear, however watching the HD videos here I found it much more realistic then the 360's rendering of every individual chain-link mail on the guy standing at the other side of the hall. Perhaps it's just down to my eyeglasses high prescription, but the world as it presents itself to me is much more PS3 than 360.

    Saying that yes the PS3 blur on near objects is a shame; perhaps some sort of z-level blur would be in order if not already present?

    Oh and before anyone mentions it yes I agree screen-tear appears much more prevalent on the PS3 compared to the 360.
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  • Fallout 3 Operation: Anchorage

  • FlipC 08/01/2009

    "I'm not sure what you're getting at with that either"

    Shivering Isles for the PS3. Couldn't buy it separately, couldn't download it, only available as a GOTY - buy the entire game again and hope to get some trade in off the old one.
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  • FlipC 08/01/2009

    Ah come on given Bethesda's track record with Oblivion in Europe there's a chance we'll get the DLC at some point in time it'll just be minus the DL part and come on a shiny shiny disc with the rest of the game; ka-ching! Reply 0
  • Home to get Red Bull zone this week

  • FlipC 08/01/2009

    Might be seeing things but both Diesel and Ligne Rosset had store fronts in the Mall before Xmas (at least at the time of the 1.04 update) in Europe and yes you did have to pay for everything. Reply 0
  • Prince of Persia

  • FlipC 22/10/2008


    But then you'd be discriminating against deaf players unless you add in the option for visual cues, and if you're having to put them in anyway why mess with a tried and tested formula?

    As you say some games do it well and some do it badly, but in every case you're breaking the gameplay and reducing the choice of the player to a binary action - press this button or fail and all because the developer wants to play at being director; that's what cut-scenes are for.

    Of course you'd see your character do something heroic such as jump off a cliff at the last second, grab and swing on a vine then land on the other side and think "Why couldn't I have controlled that?" hence QTEs. Word to developers if you need to have your character perform certain actions they wouldn't normally be able to and thus relegate them to cut-scene or a QTE then take a minute to think about the need of it again.

    To put it another way - think of the rescue of the Oracle in God of War if it were reduced to a QTE or cut-scene.
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  • FlipC 21/10/2008

    @Les - Except the difference is that rhythm games are essentially one long QTE, that is the gameplay.

    One of my dislikes regarding QTEs is the gorilla on the basketball court problem. Once a QTE is initiated the player becomes cued to respond to icons appearing on the screen, while doing so exactly how much of the on-screen action your reaction are prompting are you paying attention to?

    I find this a most amusing dichotomy in that QTEs were created to allow the developers to show off a cinematical event without turning it into a cut-scene and in the process forced our focus away from the very thing they wanted us to sit and watch.
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  • FlipC 20/10/2008

    Referring to the QTEs I find it interesting that the initial proposal was to have the player divine the correct decision from the visuals etc. rather then a crude 'press this button' graphic; I found it interesting as it still reveals the linear mind-set still in play for QTEs.

    Imagine instead the scenario where the enemy lifts a foot to crush you and the action slows down as you make a choice.

    Sure you can take the obvious option of rolling out of the way at which point the action speeds back up and the foot comes down; but how about if you jumped instead - bad move on its own you get squished, but how about jumping then slashing upwards with your sword? The enemy reels back a little you land and then roll out of the way as before, same position but you've hurt them. Now how about instead of reacting instantly you wait as the foot descends and then just slash upwards with your sword? The enemy reels back, you roll out of the way and get a free attack as the enemy is still wrong-footed; it's a much more dangerous move but it leaves you in a stronger position.

    You still get the cinematical approach with the same start and end positions without reducing the player to a moronic reactional robot and plays into the risk for reward that we all love.
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  • Schappert would love to see MGS4 on 360

  • FlipC 20/10/2008

    Calgon: I agree that Sony has to take the blame for the irregular design of their console and development tools; however what I'm trying to point out is that it may be easier to take an optimised PS3 engine and convert it into an Xbox version. You are simply emphasizing my point that most engines start off favouring the Xbox and a team then has to 'spruce' it up for the PS3. Under those circumstances of course the PS3 lags behind. Of course a dev might want to put the 360 version on the back-burner, after all they know the engine already works on that; that's how it was built.

    Until we see a PS3 'exclusive' ported over to the 360 we just won't know.
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  • FlipC 17/10/2008

    To my mind we have at the moment a set of Xbox games that have been designed for that architecture and have been ported over to the PS3 (and Wii); we also have those games developed for both consoles concurrently which, let's be honest, favour the Xbox platform. Then we have those games designed for the PS3.

    What we haven't seen yet is any of those games being ported over to the Xbox. I for one would not only welcome this, but would hope that such a transfer proves to be very easy. With the amount of whining from both fanboys and developers over how difficult/nerfed current ports are, showing that going in the other direction is much simpler may encourage developers to prioritise the PS3 architecture over the Xbox platform.

    At the very least it'd be nice to see hundreds of threads comparing still images from between the two versions and the Xbox fanboys having to defend their console for a change ;-)
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  • No downlodable demo for Far Cry 2

  • FlipC 22/09/2008

    Awwww I wanted a downlodable demo. Then again it's understandable as this is an open world game a demo is just not possible, this is why there's no demo for Mercenaries 2; oh wait a sec. Hmm this isn't going to be one of those games that released before the magazines' reviews appear is it; the ones that read 'Great graphics shame about the camera, the controls, the AI, the multi-player, the...'? Reply 0
  • No Quest for Booty disc for UK

  • FlipC 15/09/2008

    "minority whose broadband provision options are poor"
    That 10Gb cap being the lowest option on BT's broadband choice. You also have those with a PS3 but no broadband because 'they don't own a computer' try getting those newbies to configure a router without being able to shove an install disc anywhere. There are those who are faced with a monopoly when it comes to broadband (hello Hull) who choose not to have it; and finally those who just don't live within 200m of their exchange and thus get broadband about the same speed as dial-up.

    Also an online only release also loses that "Oo can I borrow that... that was fun I'm going to buy that" factor that even the record industry has finally acknowledged exists.

    As a final note this is once again a case of "We're going to do this... oh wait changed our minds" that seems to hang around the PS3 like a bad smell; well for everywhere outside the US and Japan that is.
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  • FlipC 13/09/2008

    Hey at least it is on PSN, Shivering Isles didn't even get that far here.

    "Who seriously gives a crap that you can't get this on disc."
    People with a 10Gb cap on their broadband, or those who still can't get broadband due to the crappy lines around here. Real conversation a friend had with BT - "Well we could enable broadband on your phone line, and we can subsidise that cost by £8,000. It'll still cost you £9,000 though"
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  • Sony quiet on 80GB PS3 rumours

  • FlipC 19/08/2008

    @MuppetThumper "i must admit i still dont get why so many are up in arms about the lack of backwards compatability."

    Well let's see, I picked up the 60Gb version for two reasons - 1. Sony had just announced the 40Gb sans BC, and 2. My PS2 was starting to give DREs. Sure I could have picked up a new PS2, but when those drop out of stock how then to play such PS2 gems as God of War and Silent Hill?

    As to why so many are up in arms it's because Sony promised backwards compatibility since the days of the PS2 and made fun of the XBox360's 'poor' software emulation. Then after delivering the elite goods to Japan and the USA proceeding to deliver the shaft to Europe by doing the very thing they'd mocked Microsoft for doing, before completely forgetting everything they said earlier and stripping out BC all together. Ah yes it was cheaper to build, oops no I meant that buyers weren't interested in BC so by removing it they could offer the new 40Gb PS3 at a more competitive price. Oh and screw those who wanted BC we're not making those any more should have bought one sooner na na na nah nah.

    Finally I await the announcement of a new model USA PS3 with no BC, but with a shiny 120Gb hard-drive to make up for their loss.
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  • FlipC 18/08/2008

    "apparently we have so little hardware in reserve that the old console will be sold out"

    Hmm so why did I overhear one customer being advised as to wait a week for the new version and not buy a 40Gb PS3 there and then instead of simply being informed they were out of stock?

    Around here at least stores still seem to have stock so are they going to be selling the old version alongside the new for the same price? One thinks not. Perhaps Spookyzombie can hint at how many of the 40Gb's s/he knows are still in stock?
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  • Sony details PS3 1.82 firmware

  • FlipC 27/06/2007

    Les: "Because it costs Sony time and money to maintain that list". In the same way it costs time and money to improve the compatibility?

    But hey will you look at that the list has just been updated since this morning ain't that a coincidence. 125 new, 72 deleted, 397 upgraded, 110 downgraded, and 54 reinstated giving a grand total of 2047 titles.

    Oh and the MSG3:SE are still MIA, but Subsistence has gained a new SLES and now all four stand at 1 star each (which is a downgrade for three of them)
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  • FlipC 27/06/2007

    Darren: Oh yes a lot of letters are blank and did you notice that the only games listed all have a three rating?

    SeesThroughAll: Oo ps3comp - features more titles and has a better measurement system; Sony should take note. Thank you for that link, it makes one ask though - why isn't the official list accurate?
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  • FlipC 27/06/2007

    So if MSG 3 works but is not listed, what's the point of the PS2 list? v1.60 had four versions of Snake Eater and three Subsistence's which vanished in v1.70 and still don't show up in v1.80. It took them long enough to update the lists from v1.70 to v1.80 and we see that they've added 62 new titles, upgraded 211 and removed 1,101! According to the list there are now less compatible PS2 games then there were for the first v1.60 update.

    Sure if the list is wrong or incomplete it's not a problem if you've already got a particular game, bit of a pain if you're thinking of getting one and the only test available is trying it.
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