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  • Biggest Dutch retailer boycotts PSPgo

  • Flightrisker 16/09/2009

    I once knew a guy who was studying to work in the fashion retail market. He explained to me that 95% of all purchases are made based on the inward opportunity that the consumer recognises in potential growth. Each season the industry would notice a pattern - for every sale made profit would increase, loss sales and profit would decrease. This marketing phenomenon is called "The Verswayze Effect". Many insiders have challenge the theory however. The general consensus among all retailer experts aged 18-21 is that marketing is just a layman's way of saying "Who am I?", in other words we are all in the same ship, but each ship is it's own captain. Reply 0
  • Lips mic won't work with other music titles

  • Flightrisker 17/11/2008

    Is this compatible with LemonParty Wii? Reply 0
  • Prince of Persia Classic

  • Flightrisker 13/06/2007

    Surely these should be maked out of 5 like they marked those kids' game a while back? Reply 0
  • Flightrisker 13/06/2007


    I was quoting from Tycho from PA. My own writing style is almost unreadable. Like the scrawlings of a drunk 8 year old.

    So sadly I cannot take responsibilty for that quote, although I do agree with his sentiments.

    This does however absolve me from your "bell end" reference which I'm sure Tycho will gladly add to this collection online insults.
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  • Flightrisker 13/06/2007

    Tycho says:

    This has been simmering on some tertiary heat source for awhile, and it may be time to serve it. When a classic game is re-released for digital delivery, by what criteria are they being reviewed?

    The reality, of course, is that in order to maintain healthy relationships with publishers you need to review their product - great, and small. This no-doubt includes "channels" like Xbox Live Arcade, which must be where these workaday, worthless reviews come from. In some cases there's simply no need (beyond the business realities alluded to earlier) for young men to toil in describing them, because these games are so elemental: they have two buttons, and one mode of movement. What is it? It is Xevious. End of review. The word even sounds like an adjective.

    These games are cheap, cheap, cheap, but ironically something that costs ten dollars and has a Goddamned demo is scrutinized more in terms of value. Is it Xevious? How much more Xevious should it have been to rise to the ten dollar level? Could, perhaps, the enemies enter the screen more Xeviously? The game appears to lose points in graphics and sound simply for being old.

    It isn't impossible to discuss fundamental games in a way that is interesting and valuable. But I don't know if plugging ancient games into the Hardcore Review Machine and outputting your stupid little number improves the world.

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  • Splinter Cell 5 leaked

  • Flightrisker 03/05/2007

    Sounds interesting. Could go for a Prison Break style feel to it, with you being on the run but having to enter precarious situations to prove your innocence.

    I'd love the idea of a sandbox style fugitave game.
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  • Call of Duty 4 - Trailer

  • Flightrisker 30/04/2007

    Sweet as a baby's nut. Reply 0
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  • Flightrisker 27/03/2007


    Ah, AD must have been referencing Muppets.

    It's come full cirlce...
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  • Flightrisker 27/03/2007

    "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - It ain't easy being green. "

    Arrested Development reference?
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  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow Of Chernobyl

  • Flightrisker 19/03/2007

    STALKER review? I never thought I'd see the day.

    Tomorrow: Duke Nukem Forever.
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  • Squenix licenses UE3

  • Flightrisker 25/01/2007

    Isn't it Squenix? Or Squeenix? Reply 0
  • The History of Zelda - Part 1

  • Flightrisker 29/11/2006

    100th! Reply 0
  • Splinter Cell 5 360-exclusive

  • Flightrisker 27/09/2006

    So not "Double Agent" exclusively for 360 are you reported in the other story? :P Reply 0
  • Nintendo receives Wii CPUs

  • Flightrisker 08/09/2006

    Manufactured by IBM at its 300mm semiconductor development and manufacturing facility in New York, the Broadway chips are central to the architecture of Nintendo’s next-gen console.

    Maybe they meant the facility is 300mm long :)
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  • Euro Ridge Racer 2 announced

  • Flightrisker 05/07/2006


    It's Ridge Racer!
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  • GDC: Satoru Iwata keynote text commentary

  • Flightrisker 23/03/2006

    // throws keyboard at jpeg of Iwata Reply 0
  • Flightrisker 23/03/2006

    That's it?

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  • God of War 2 for PS2

  • Flightrisker 13/03/2006

    Wow. Didn't see this coming ;) Reply 0
  • FFVII: Advent Children dated

  • Flightrisker 08/02/2006

    If your a fan of Final Fantasy then the film is fantastic. Pure fanservice, and in essence polar opposite of Spirits Within. Try to get a genjeral background knowledgde of the story of 7. You don't really need it, but it definaltey helps. Start here! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Final_fantasy_vii Reply 0
  • Boll won't direct MGS movie

  • Flightrisker 06/02/2006

    He's being shit in purpose though.


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  • Sega Casino

  • Flightrisker 03/02/2006

    Viva Las Segas Reply 0
  • Chinese WOW players speak out

  • Flightrisker 17/01/2006

    I want glod! Reply 0
  • Thompson doesn't hate games!

  • Flightrisker 13/01/2006

    How do you put Jack Thompson on "Ignore"? Reply 0
  • Bruckheimer still fancies PoP

  • Flightrisker 13/01/2006

    Bruckheimer still fancies PoP

    As in the game. Not his dad.

    Genuine LOL
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  • Guitar Hero coming to Europe

  • Flightrisker 11/01/2006

    HUZZAH! Reply 0
  • PGR3 demo now on X360

  • Flightrisker 10/01/2006

    "If you've got an Xbox 360 but don't already own a copy of Project Gotham Racing 3,.........."

    Was anyone else expecting "there really is no point."
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  • Rag Doll Kung Fu

  • Flightrisker 06/01/2006

    Weird, I'm wearing my real ultimate power tshirt today O_o Reply 0
  • Flight Simulator X details

  • Flightrisker 05/01/2006


    Working for MS Tech support makes me fear things like this.
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  • New plot for Splinter Cell film

  • Flightrisker 04/01/2006

    I presume Clancy's writing the plot

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  • Top 50 Games of 2005: 15 to 11

  • Flightrisker 30/12/2005


    Resident Evil 4

    Animal Crossing: Wild World


    God of War

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas



    Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

    Lost in Blue


    Mario Kart DS

    Ridge Racer

    Project Gotham Racing 3


    We Love Katamari

    World of Warcraft

    Ninja Gaiden Black

    Killer 7

    Mario & Luigi 2: Partners in Time

    Metal Gear Solid 3



    Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth (...*GASP*)

    Need for Speed: Most Wanted

    Is the answer "They're all videogames"?
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  • Top 50 Games of 2005: 50 to 41

  • Flightrisker 25/12/2005

    @ mathmos: (mostly) mature gaming forum, loads of xbox gamers:


    don't lose your rag here, it's not worth it, slate eurogamer on my forum, then come here to laugh at the sony comments fanboys ;)

    Slate eurogamer on another forum and then come back here to laugh at the Sony fanboys? That's mature? Man I hope I'm immature then!

    I'm in no way slagging the 360, I'm just saying that I have found the lauch games to be underwhelming. As a console I think it'll be great but for the moment I have no desire to buy one. About 9 of the 12 (approx, off the top of my head) games are multiformat titles that were not designed with the 360 in mind. They are ports with the graphics ramped up and not a true reflfection of what the console is actually capable of doing.

    Of the exclusive titles, PD, Kameo, Project Gotham, are either titles design initially to be on the Xbox, or updated versions of previous Xbox games. I do not know much about Condemmed, I presume it's an exclusive, but from the reviews it hardly seems to be a Killer App.

    I cannot expect a reasonable debate on the pros and cons of the 360 from someone called mrxbox, as it seems you have decided where your loyalties lie.

    The fact that you would make fun of the Sony fanboys, while clearly painting yourself as a 360 fanboy confuses me. Why do you feel so indebted to the 360 after it only being out a few weeks and having a dozen games?

    I am not a fanboy to any brand, although I do hold a special place for Nintendo because I grew up on their consoles but have not bought a DS or GC. What's wrong with just liking videogames?

    Again I will reiterate that I am in no way having a go at you or indeed the 360. I simply find your behavior odd.
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  • Flightrisker 25/12/2005


    25-Dec-05 11:46:04 That's it...Eurogamer are a bunch of cunts and thet can ban me if they feel like it. Why slag off PGR3 so much and then put in a 'best of 2005' feature? It's NOT easy on PLATINUMN...it's just as hard as PGR2 was...for fucks sake guys...and yes I did PGR2 on Platinumn and have been playing driving games since they were invented so I know what the fuck I'm talking about unlike these wankers. Just be honest and say you don't like the 360 or anything to do with it. Bizzare create the most immersive driving experience ever seen (from in car-cam) and this is all they can talk about. Fucking arseholes. The windows in London aren't shiny = clutching at sony staws....

    I love clutching at sony staws.

    Dude, just cos someone disagrees with your opinion does not make them a cunt.

    I don't think even the biggest xbox 360 fans can say that for a new generation of console gaming, the 360 launch has been underwhelming.

    I'm sure there will be some fantastic games for the 360 and I think it has more than a fighting chance against the PS3. But that the moment it's just been rushed out with some games that could have been released on the Xbox with toned done graphics for £20 less.

    Have some eggnog and try and be more rational in your comments.

    Happy Christmas.
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  • Kao Challengers

  • Flightrisker 19/12/2005

    Ah it's not that bad

    /Plays Devil's Advocate
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  • Shrek SuperSlam

  • Flightrisker 16/12/2005

    Better than Spongebob then.... Reply 0
  • Phil Harrison on the future of PlayStation

  • Flightrisker 14/12/2005

    LOL Reply 0
  • Bratz: Rock Angelz

  • Flightrisker 14/12/2005

    teeth says: Do keep up at the back... it's a short experiment where all kids' games are rated three out of five due (implicitly) to parents being dullards.

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  • Eurogamer TV beta launches

  • Flightrisker 12/12/2005

    Oh hell yes! Reply 0
  • Battalion Wars

  • Flightrisker 09/12/2005

    For a free copy of this game please complete the following tiebreaker in 25 words or less.

    "I thought this was going to be a disaster but......."
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  • Dynasty Warriors: Advance

  • Flightrisker 08/12/2005


    It's so good it's off the "*/10" scale
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  • FFXII to cost extra in Japan

  • Flightrisker 02/12/2005

    I would give out but in fairness Final Fantasy last a lot more than 8% longer than most games anyway so fook it.

    As for Potion, sounds delicious!

    They should do a whole rang. Potion, then a 2L Potion called Mega-Potion, then X-potion , Phoenix Down* etc

    *disclaimer - Phoenix Down will not actually bring you back to life...
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  • Gun

  • Flightrisker 02/12/2005

    Haven't read the entire review, but how did this score lower than the xbox version? Reply 0
  • Perfect Dark Zero

  • Flightrisker 02/12/2005

    ...- the graphics allowed for a much higher level of immersion. The jump in graphics quality isn't as noticeable this time around..........Prettier graphics do not a 'next-gen' make,

    Which is it?

    If prettier graphic don't make a next-gen then why are you worried that the jump hasn't been as noticable?

    I'm not worried about the graphics side of next gen. For me next gen means letting me interact in new ways that technology is now along.

    Things like the Live service being expanded, the Revolution's pad, the DS's wifi capabilities.. these things are next gen to me.

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  • Flightrisker 01/12/2005

    Mekah :How do you know if the games are great or not if you don't have one?


    Word of mouth.

    TV Spots.

    Through Friends or Family.


    All of the above.

    Sure I don't know there's no great games. But I have heard nothing but average to good reviews. There is no reason to buy this. Not because it's no "next-gen", but because it has lackluster titles, regardless of format.

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  • Flightrisker 01/12/2005

    Roamer: Bah! When it comes to consoles - there should be an immediate and distinct difference between current-gen and next-gen. There was one between nes and snes, snes and ps, and ps and ps2. Why should this 'next-gen' be any different?

    Prettier graphics do not a 'next-gen' make, at this point; the current-gen hardware has been powerful enough to realise most developers' visions.


    So what was the non graphical difference between PS and PS2?

    I think we are all making the mistake of expecting the "16 bit 2d era" -> "32/64 bit 3d era" to be the norm. Mario Sunshine could have been done on the N64. Sure the graphics wouldn't have been as pretty, but where ws the "next-gen" leap?

    For the record, I think the 360 line up sucks. I have no intention of buying one until a great game comes out for it. I couldn't give a shit if it "delivers a next gen experience".

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  • Sakaguchi talks future plans

  • Flightrisker 30/11/2005

    disc says: "...Let the player be a simple peasant just trying to get by and then let yourself be inspired by stories where the hero might not ever become a hero..."

    It's been done
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  • Zelda movie rumour rubbished

  • Flightrisker 24/11/2005

    Wasn't Snatch loosely based on Pong? Reply 0
  • Kevin Bachus leaves Infinium

  • Flightrisker 22/11/2005

    I think the link to the "community" section on Phantom.net sums it all up

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  • Rare on Revolution controller

  • Flightrisker 15/11/2005

    Not sure if this has been mentioned but didn't a lot of the main team behind Goldeneye/PD leave and go on to make TimeSplitters? That's why I'm not too excited about PDZ, TimeSplitters seems to be the true lineage of the GE -> PD series. If I'm wrong about this then yay. Iloved PD and would love a great sequel.

    PD Memory #97

    The second function on the Cyclone gun, magazine discharge. Vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvoooooo!
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  • Philips' crazy new technology

  • Flightrisker 07/11/2005

    OLD! Reply 0
  • Interview of the Colossus

  • Flightrisker 07/11/2005


    What does that mean


    It's shorthand for a "sad face"

    If you turn your head slightly anti-clockwise it becomes more appartent.
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