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  • Thomas Was Alone review

  • Fletche 01/05/2013

    Great game, been playing it here and there over the last week and have grown to love my little square and rectangle chums, amazing how something so simple can put pictures in your head so all credit to the narrative on this, will pick up the expansion pack soon as I agree in the review, really want something more challenging with my new friends Reply +1
  • Code Britannia: Sandy White

  • Fletche 08/03/2013

    Love the © SW in the top left of the rendered map Reply 0
  • The Walking Dead: Season One review

  • Fletche 23/11/2012

    GOTY for me, unless episode 5 is a let down, which looking at the reviews it won't be. Just a great journey from start to err, nearly the finish and I will be playing again and making different choices just to see where the story goes Reply 0
  • XCOM creator Julian Gollop "surprised and puzzled" by calls for Chaos remake

  • Fletche 05/11/2012

    One of my favourite games of all time, the amount of hours I have spent in my life playing this are huge, great game and I loved the quirky bugs, always entertaining when a giant rat was suddenly able to move 20 places and kill a golden dragon.

    A remake would be the best thing ever (well, kind of) please don't lose what makes the original so great though, simplicity. Oh and the magic knife animation always looked a bit phallic.
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  • Borderlands 2 review

  • Fletche 18/09/2012

    Well Mrs Fletche decided to have a birthday this week so we are going away BUT hopefully this will be there waiting for me on my return at the weekend, new 4pl co-op session already planned to start next Thursday. Gaming has left me cold this year but now I am excited all over again Reply 0
  • Codemasters announces F1 Race Stars

  • Fletche 13/07/2012

    Is there a Mclaren pit-stop power up that makes all the wheels on the other cars fall off?

    I have kinda fallen out with games this year but this and Borderlands 2 may make me love them again
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  • Spectrum Made Me

  • Fletche 27/04/2012

    @krayzkrok After reading this artical I went to http://chaos.ffnet.org/play_chaos.php and had a game or two. Me and my mate would spend hours with this, as buggy as hell but that just added to the fun. Reply 0
  • Fletche 24/04/2012

    I had a ZX81 first but soon moved on to a Spectrum as soon as I could. Way too many happy memories, from the sound made when the game was loading, to getting my first Kempston joystick (I remember being sooo happy when I got that as a birthday present)

    Favourite games would include Booty, Chaos (Still play that today) and TLL amongst others. Your Sinclair was my magazine of choice although if I ever had enough pocket money then I would always buy Crash too, reading the reviews was as much a part of owning a Spectrum as was playing the games.
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  • Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2011

  • Fletche 01/01/2012

    Shame Outland didn't make it anywhere but apart from that, a great list.

    Oh and two of my comments used, why thank you EG!
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  • Games of 2011: Dark Souls

  • Fletche 29/12/2011

    No game has managed to hold my attention as long as this one has for a very long time.

    I actually thought I wouldn't get on with it after hearing about the difficulty, but once it clicks and you get to grips with the mechanics, it becomes a joy, yes you die, but that just makes you more determined so you try again, and you die again, but now you have more knowledge and so on

    The elation you feel when you defeat a boss you have been trying to kill for a long time is like nothing else in gaming, you get a similar feeling when you have levelled a little and then go through an earlier area, only this time you are one killing everything and it feels great (Until you get over-confident and get a arrow in your head or you fall backwards off a cliff)

    GOTY for me, nothing else has come close
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  • Keith Vaz pushes Parliament to debate gaming's "harmful effects"

  • Fletche 09/12/2011

    Vaz supported this latest request with research published last week by the University of Indiana. It purportedly showed that regularly playing games "resulted in physical changes in the brain"
    Yes it does, as does pretty much everything you do in life, it is called learning, ok maybe not learning something important but the brain doesn't know that (stupid brain)
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  • The Lord of the Rings: War in the North Review

  • Fletche 24/11/2011

    I told him to bugger off. Upon talking to him again, he reintroduced himself as if the conversation hadn't just happened. A simple "Have you changed your mind?" would have sufficed.
    To be fair exactly the same kind of thing happened in Mass Effect 2, although it did annoy me.
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  • The Baconing

  • Fletche 06/09/2011

    One Deathspank game is enough really, would say get any one of them, play and enjoy but you wouldn't need any of the others. Reply +3
  • Catherine has "topless female demons"

  • Fletche 31/05/2011

    "Risqué adventure game Catherine has topless female demons"


    "Another scene briefly depicts a woman caressing her body while making suggestive comments," the ESRB revealed: "'I've got such a hunger for these feelings. I know you have some hungers as well, don't you?'"

    That is considered suggestive? They could be going out for a meal or something
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  • Sony details "Welcome Back" offers

  • Fletche 17/05/2011

    So this means because I already own Wipeout if I go online soon I may actually win a race or two as there will be loads of new people! Happy days (before they all get really good that is)

    Infamous and Ratchet for me, a good list as far as I'm concerned, Sony would have been criticised no matter what, unless it was 5 brand new games.
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  • Retrospective: The Good Old Days

  • Fletche 15/05/2011

    BMX Simulator was excellent, 2 players, instant replays when you crashed, me and my mate back then used to play this all the time alongside Chaos. Also just downloaded Booty to play on my phone, great game apart from the music which drove you insane after a short while Reply +1
  • PSN friends lists, trophies to remain

  • Fletche 29/04/2011


    Indeed, who's to say this isn't Anonymous looking for a window of opportunity to further slurry the name of Sony? A post here, a rumour there, all of a sudden it's all over the internet, hey if they didn't actually hack the servers they can at least get some satisfaction from doing damage to the enemy
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  • Geohot: "PSN hack nothing to do with me"

  • Fletche 28/04/2011

    "Alienating the hacker community is not a good idea."

    Sounds like an extortion racket. Hey, best not piss off criminals or you will get what's coming to you.
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  • Borderlands 2 shows up on resume

  • Fletche 21/04/2011

    Excellent! Still play most weeks with my regular Borderland buddies, great, great game and one that just doesn't seem to get tiresome. Just hope they retain the same level of humour in the sequel Reply +6
  • Report: Wii rules lounge, 360 bedroom

  • Fletche 24/03/2011

    "1% of all consoles are kept in kitchen."

    Well, women should be able to game too!
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  • PEGI demands Ubi removes We Dare ad

  • Fletche 10/03/2011

    So there is no spanking?

    /cancels import pre-order
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  • Download Games Roundup

  • Fletche 11/02/2011

    "With so much of the game dependent on timing, the stop-start formula can become as much of a curse as it is a blessing"

    Why? It just means there is a further element added to the game. Anyway, like Explodemon a lot and loved the Blob demo so perhaps will be getting that, is The Undergarden demo still up on the US Store? Along with Stacking, downloads have been great so far this year and with a lot more to come!
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  • Stacking

  • Fletche 10/02/2011

    Put simply, this game is marvellous. I love the design, from the visuals to the silent movie cut-scenes, it also has some of the most appropriate music I have heard for a long time in a game.

    Ok, the puzzles aren't that difficult, but the fun is getting there, instead of just wading in and solving them straight away I prefer to explore, stacking myself into as many dolls as I can, seeing the effect my new power has on various other dolls (try the widow on the doll in the train station lounge for example).

    So a funny, clever little game that I got for free and whilst it won't take long to complete I think I will have a great time getting there if the first two levels are anything to go by
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  • The Last Word on LittleBigPlanet 2

  • Fletche 21/01/2011


    No, but you would expect 10/10 again if everything is bigger and better than the first which got 10/10, it does seem to be very hit and miss with reveiwers to whether they use a previous entry in a series to gauge if the sequel should be marked down or not.

    We may as well expect a 6/10 for Dead Space 2 on EG even if it better than the first because time passed, things changed etc.
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  • Best of 2011: Readers' Pick

  • Fletche 13/01/2011

    8 sequels in the top ten and we wonder why there is a lack of new IP's released Reply +1
  • The Last Story not heading west

  • Fletche 13/01/2011

    I like my Wii, don't play it much these days but when I do I generally have a great time with the limited games on offer (Well limited games in that there are few released that appeal to me) so I find this very disappointing as I have had my eye on this for a while now, do they really feel this wouldn't sell over here? Then again maybe not is other 3rd party offerings have anything to go by.

    Our own fault I suppose, we haven't purchased enough 3rd party games in the past to warrant companies risking a release over here. Hopefully this will be picked up by someone just like Little Kings Story (excellent game no one bought)
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  • Journey dev: shooters are "not useful"

  • Fletche 13/01/2011

    @redcrayon - But when you go out for a walk with friends there are many mysterious buildings in the distance to aim for

    He has a point, online MP I feel has become a little stale, especially in the FPS genre, it can be fun but when you have played so many of them any feeling of achievement is dulled somewhat. It would be nice to have something different to aim for, no idea what, but more emphasis on reaching different types of targets would be good, especially in co-op would be a start.
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  • Eurogamer Readers' Top 10 Games of 2010

  • Fletche 03/01/2011

    4 of my 5 in the top ten, all the other top ten games I haven't played, really glad Heavy Rain did so well, is nice to see something different up there with the others. Reply +4
  • Games of 2010: A Shadow's Tale

  • Fletche 28/12/2010

    Excellent game, with great control and atmosphere, no, not GOTY but certainly worth a purchase for any Wii owner who would like something different.

    So for me, it doesn't get boring quickly, the levels designs get better and more complicated the further you and it is consistantly throwing more gameplay elements at you and the only way this even tries to be like ICO is with the visuals, even then, once inside the castle that really isn't the case.

    But one thing, if this was available as a HD download people would love it and actually buy it, maybe it is over-priced but still a top game
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  • Gran Turismo 5

  • Fletche 24/11/2010

    "Just installed and updated the game, having bother with my controller as it won't allow any button to be used as the accelerator except the right stick which is pissing me off"

    Yes it does, go to options and change them, can we have a "How to do stuff in GT5" feature? I will admit though thatt the interface can be confusing at first, gets easier as you go along though :o)
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  • Fletche 24/11/2010

    "Have to go to garage (which is poorly designed) and select a valid car before entering an event"

    Eh? You go to the event click on Garage and select a car, the only cars that are listed then are the one relevant to the race, how is that poorly designed?
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  • Fletche 24/11/2010

    After hearing all the crap spouted around the net recently regarding this, it has just been nice to actually play and judge for myself and all I can say is that it is excellent and well worth the money, 9/10 seems spot on from what I have played so far Reply +9
  • Study: Kids want iPads, not consoles

  • Fletche 23/11/2010

    "When I was 11 I wanted Grandstand's Astro Wars"

    Remember me and the boy next door sneaking into his mum's wardrobe to bring this down to play on before Christmas day, happy times, I think all kids should get an Astro Wars this Christmas.
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  • Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom

  • Fletche 23/11/2010

    Really enjoyed the demo but the voice acting was terrible and I'm not sure I could handle hours and hours of that, such a shame as everything was pretty good. Maybe there will be a patch to change the voice in the future :o) Reply 0
  • Hecker: I stand by my Wii is s*** rant

  • Fletche 15/11/2010

    Do people really think that something like SMG2 would be a better game on the HD platforms? It may look prettier but really that would be it, a great game is exactly that regardless of the horse power behind it so game design etc can be separate from CPU power Reply +20
  • Kinect Reviewed

  • Fletche 04/11/2010

    How many families are going to buy this, families that don't read reviews, get it home and discover their rooms are far too small for it to work properly. There may be a lot of crying children come Christmas morning when the parents refuse to move the furniture around the room to accomodate this Reply +17
  • No Euro date for Sly Collection

  • Fletche 28/10/2010

    Pah! Typical. Reply 0
  • Super Scribblenauts

  • Fletche 27/10/2010

    Enjoyed the first one but the control system meant it became pretty tiring, so may have to give this a go.

    Oh and:

    "Send in the nouns" excellent :o)
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  • Dead Space Ignition

  • Fletche 14/10/2010

    @S0L can I just if the person behind the artwork is the same person who did the comic strip for Dead Space Extraction? Reply -1
  • A Shadow’s Tale

  • Fletche 13/10/2010

    Personally I couldn't stand Braid so if the reviewer loved that and hated this then there is a chance I would like this, I am more inclined to go with the thoughts of krudster on this one.

    Oh, and what is wrong with copying a graphical style? It is done time and time again in every genre known to mankind
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  • LOVEFiLM confirmed for PlayStation 3

  • Fletche 13/10/2010

    Have a good package with them with unlimited streaming and as we are going through a stage of catching up with classic movies we have missed, many of which are available to stream, this is excellent. Reply 0
  • Last Guardian coming holiday 2011

  • Fletche 16/09/2010

    The TGS could end now and I would be happy, don't care when it is coming out really, as long as it is. May have to cancel Christmas '11 though as I think my time will now be taken up. Reply +7
  • DS: Extraction shows Move controls

  • Fletche 15/09/2010

    This was a great game on the Wii so can only hope the update wil be enough tol warrant a re-purchase Reply 0
  • Sorcery

  • Fletche 15/09/2010

    The truth is that motion control is intuitive when you have something in your hands.

    ^^The reason I don't really like the idea of Kinect^^

    I think this game will be ok, not expecting amazing things but the potential is there to create something unique in the gaming world, I'm sure a lot of people have always wanted to be a wizard at some point in their lives :o)
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  • And Yet It Moves

  • Fletche 02/09/2010

    Been waiting for this review, is now a must buy (had a feeling about that this game would be good) just got to wait for Cave Story to be released in the UK! Reply +3
  • New Deathspank game already?

  • Fletche 19/08/2010

    And unspectacular but imo wrong 6/10 from the EG review

    Great little game and really looking forward to a sequel
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  • Fourth Borderlands add-on pack official

  • Fletche 11/08/2010

    This, along with the news of Split Second DLC - best gaming news this week Reply +2
  • Black Rock wants Split/Second feedback

  • Fletche 11/08/2010

    • No useage for power bar when first.

    Apart from activating short-cuts.

    Excellent game and I'm eager for more, could do without the airstrike missions as they are really frustrating and boring, I basically want huge explosions, cars skidding around the track, more airtime and takedowns, oh and the ability to find your friends online in public lobbys would be nice
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  • Rare responds to fan site closure

  • Fletche 30/07/2010

    Rare were great, Rare had great ideas, Ultimate had great ideas, for years gamers looked to them for innovation, games with something extra, something special. Looking at this video actually makes me feel a little sad as we are seeing what a once great company can be reduced to when money takes over from imagination. That video is diabolical, from the people in it, to the actions they are having to perform, Rare should hang their heads in shame, or slap each other about a bit. Might make them wake up from the MS comfort zone they find themselves in.

    Also, I thought you had to be a distance away from the camera with Kinect to make it work properly? These people seem mighty close, unless the camera has been nailed into the wall behind the TV or something.
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