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  • Frontier's drive to make Elite: Dangerous on PC future proof

  • FladgeMangle 17/07/2014

    @Uncompetative I can imagine a world where Elite wouldn't even be talked about today, because Braben and Bell wrote it for the BBC micro but with the Acorn Archimedes in mind...

    As it turned out, it was a miracle of miniaturisation and rightly became a gaming legend.

    How people change! Future proof over present day reality proof? Not going to work for a lot of their kickstarter backers.
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  • Destiny Xbox One beta won't be 1080p, but the final version will

  • FladgeMangle 17/07/2014

    @NYKilla80 Indeed!

    I watched the comparison video of the PS3 and PS4 versions The Last Of Us and I had to squint to see the differences. That's between console generations, let alone two systems with only a geek's width between them.

    The Japanese are saying there's no point to this gen yet and that's why the PS3 is still outselling it's successor. Can't say I disagree.

    I bought a PS4 at launch and use it for FFXIV (because the upgrade was free), Tomb Raider (because I never bought the last gen version) and iPlayer (because it's faster).

    It's not gathering dust, but that's only because I dust it. All of the games I'm looking forward to most are coming out next year.
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  • FladgeMangle 17/07/2014

    I really don't think it'll matter that much either way. I'm sure the game will look great and play the same whatever they end up managing to do with it on XB1.

    Clickbait. (Which I obviously fell for.)

    I'm sure it won't stop the inevitable face-off, which to save time I've summarised below.

    1. High end PC
    2. PS4
    3. Xbox One
    4. Xbox 360
    5. PS3

    If there's a WiiU version, it'll slot in between the xboxes I expect.

    The thing is, anybody who owns just one of those systems will not give two short shits.

    If they want Destiny, they'll buy Destiny, whatever the current flavour of compromises. Be they screen resolution, framerate, screen tear, anisotropic filtering, AA methodology or whatever blah-de-blah blah technobabble fits this week.

    Plenty of people will comment though and trolls will ... troll. Bring sandwiches ;-)
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  • David Braben explains Elite: Dangerous 100 premium beta

  • FladgeMangle 11/07/2014

    @UncleLou There are 3-4 on that link alone. Not entirely sure what Dreadnought is yet. Despite this, that's at least three without even mentioning EVE Online.

    How is this your point? There are a number of up-and-coming sandbox space flight trading and combat game incoming right now. Which is pretty much the opposite of what you implied.

    Being an indie team an issue here? Not sure why you would bring that up.

    From what we've all been seeing and reading here on this very site, No Man's Sky is potentially more ambitious even than Elite, despite the team's size and their unwillingness to milk expectant players of their cash.

    Also, the other kickstartered space sim isn't currently charging 100 for pre-release access.

    Maybe now it will once it becomes playable, seeing as the consensus appears to be that it's fine to do so.

    Which is my worry and my point.
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  • FladgeMangle 11/07/2014

    @PlugMonkey Plus one because of my faux pas. Reply +1
  • FladgeMangle 11/07/2014

    I'm dropping the mike. Hopeless cause. I'll just leave you with this -


    Skip to 8m45s.
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  • FladgeMangle 11/07/2014

    @UncleLou http://www.kotaku.co.uk/2014/07/07/many-space-games-around-right-now Reply -2
  • FladgeMangle 11/07/2014

    @FladgeMangle Should say that when I say "don't buy this crap" I don't mean Elite: Dangerous.

    I mean the dangerous trend of charging monopoly money for something just because you can.
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  • FladgeMangle 11/07/2014

    @Lancezh Literally my point. Thanks!

    Don't buy this crap.
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  • FladgeMangle 11/07/2014

    @PlugMonkey You really don't see it?

    Try to think of it in terms of a market where there are ONLY Breitling watches.

    There is only one Elite: Dangerous. Braben is basically telling you that it's a Breitling of a game and I'm arguing that it isn't.

    Before long, if he gets his way - which by the trending on this tread he already has - all games will be Breitlings.
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  • FladgeMangle 11/07/2014

    @scoop As the argument goes, nobody forced you to read this thread. Reply -5
  • FladgeMangle 11/07/2014

    @paulf Not my point.

    Fan, backer, consumer with a concern.
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  • FladgeMangle 11/07/2014

    @PlugMonkey Yes, that's right. Because every FPS is precisely the same as any other apart from the name and there are literally millions of them to choose from and they all do exactly the same thing.

    Don't dumb down the argument. You know what I meant.

    In a market of limited products, it's - pardon the pun - dangerous to endorse a policy where manufacturers of said products are allowed to charge whatever they want if they believe demand will be high enough.

    That is what is happening right here, right now. No more, no less.

    Personally, I'm not a fan of it.
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  • FladgeMangle 11/07/2014

    @PlugMonkey Games industry is not a free market, it's a closed system.

    You want a watch? Buy any watch. You want Call Of Duty? You pay Activision whatever they want. There is no choice.
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  • FladgeMangle 11/07/2014

    Now I see it.

    Now I see why people nod wryly when the hear the song "The Emperor's new clothes" instead of immediately dismissing it and preposterous.

    May as well go down fighting... You're all turkeys voting for Christmas, one born every minute, never give a sucker an even break.

    I've already said I backed the kickstarter, I already said I was an Elite fan. What I'm not a fan of is being ripped off. Why is that point of view so hard to appreciate?

    Are you all so blinded by the luminescence emanating from Braben's arse?

    You. Are. Not. Getting. value. From. This.

    Is Elite: Dangerous is a success, what will happen is that all future AAA games will get a lot more expensive and we will be charged in advance to playtest them (read "early access"). Studios cut costs, make more profit and consumers will be asked more and more to pay a premium to receive what they were already getting at retail prices for tested games.

    It's bad enough that unfinished products are shipped with day-one patches. This is through the looking glass compared to that.

    How will you feel about the final product when you've already spend months playing the unfinished, buggy version? Will you enjoy it as much? You happily defend (with a bizarre arrogance) paying to eat the cookie dough only to be too full to enjoy the cookies.

    I give it ten minutes before this is unreadable without a click.
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  • FladgeMangle 11/07/2014

    @PlugMonkey No, 100 is it's COST, not it's value.

    The VALUE of a product is be determined by it's WORTH.

    No video game in history has ever been worth 100.

    If we accept this, it will only get worse for all gamers. Do you think EA and Activision aren't watching this?

    This game in particular would sell itself based entirely on what it's striving to reproduce. Braben knows he would recoup his costs and turn a healthy product of he charged a fraction of the price he's asking for.

    This is fanboy exploitation, pure and simple.
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  • FladgeMangle 11/07/2014

    @UncleLou Excuse me, but how is this even remotely close to trolling?

    Independent games developer has a policy that I find offensive and you name my response thusly?

    Trolling is insulting or belittling users because their views don't coincide with your own. You sir, you are the one skirting the boundaries troll camp.

    Frontier are no sacred cow to be admired without question. The policy of charging money - however much it may be - for beta access is wrong. Especially wrong to be asked to do it after already forking out for the kickstarter campaign.

    I may be raining scorn on the subject of your devotion, but that doesn't make me a troll. If you want to swallow this crap, that's your choice.

    Personally, I'm against the future of the pay-per-bug development business model that this is heralding.
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  • FladgeMangle 11/07/2014

    @MaxiSleep You're not seeing the bigger picture.

    I'm angry because this exists. This is wrong and if we don't protest against it, it will become the norm.

    I for one will shout from every rooftop against that eventuality.

    I don't care about the retail game and expansions. I don't even want the sodding thing any more.
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  • FladgeMangle 11/07/2014

    Going to have to join the "low scoring comment hidden" people here.

    Milking your fanbase for 100 a pop to playtest your game is a disgrace. Braben is not the sainted old school hero he likes to think he is. He's just a smug, greedy a bastard for pulling this stunt. Bring back Ian Bell!

    I'm a big Elite fan and day one backer of Elite: Dangerous, but this is taking the piss. It also sets a dangerous precedent for future games development from all sources. Don't be mugs, just say no.

    I'm amazed the gaming community isn't giving him a massive "fuck off" over this. Instead we're getting the people on this forum who are against it negged into silence.

    Utterly appalling. I want my kickstarter money back.
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  • How strong exactly is PlayStation's 2014 line-up?

  • FladgeMangle 09/07/2014

    @blade2333 Right now I'd put that in the "if ever" category.

    Great tech, diaphanous game. We could well be looking at another The last Guardian situation.
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  • FladgeMangle 09/07/2014

    @jabberwocky $75..? :-P Reply 0
  • FladgeMangle 09/07/2014

    Two birds, one white elephant.

    By remastering a series of famous PS3 classics they're cleverly luring the Wii60 generation to the PS4 party. I'm sure it's just to fill the gap while the "proper" next gen titles are being finished, but it's a welcome trend nonetheless.

    Damn shame about the Vita though. If the console maker tells you not to bother trying, you know there's a serious problem.

    If they want it to be little more than a WiiU gamepad, then slash the price or bundle it with the PS4 for no extra cost.

    If you want to sell it for 150 as a stand alone system, then encourage AAA developers and you know, advertise. I can play indie games on my phone FFS.

    Cut the price of the memory cards while you're at it too. Geez, Sony are acting like an abusive parent to the Vita right now. Call social services!
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  • Microsoft offers select Xbox 360 users $75 rebates for buying Xbox Ones

  • FladgeMangle 09/07/2014

    @PearOfAnguish Totally isn't. New consoles are usually alluring all by themselves.

    To backtrack repeatedly on hardcore policies and then introduce price cuts and to offer bribes... Not normal for a brand new console.

    Not normal at all.
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  • BioShock Vita would have been a Final Fantasy Tactics-style game

  • FladgeMangle 09/07/2014

    This sounds like bullshit to me. Why now, after all these years does he come out with this excuse?

    Bioshock Vita as a scaled down FPS facsimile of the original would have been great, but alas would probably have sold badly. I must be in a minority because I love playing AAA games on my Vita, but if that's the market then I guess I'm going to have to lump it. Shame.

    However, to come out now and say "it never happened because we were going to do something weird with the franchise and Sony weren't buying it" is patently bollocks. Apart from anything else, a Final Fantasy Tactics style game based on the Bioshock world would have been cheaper to produce and would have sold like Stepford Beckinsales.

    To use the vernacular - My arse!

    One wonders why. Perhaps he just feels guilty and needed to offload this embarrassing burden of lies and disappointment onto someone else.

    PS Saying "I'm a turn based whore" isn't the wisest way to self identify.
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  • Kinect 2 for PC costs 159

  • FladgeMangle 07/07/2014

    @Bauul You're right, from a certain point of view.

    The cynic in me would point to the "premium price" of the PSP Go and Sony Bravia TVs as couple of examples of how this doesn't work in practice for the mainstream audience.

    However, if they're pitching it at professionals, then why not charge double, triple or ten times the amount?

    That said, Kinect 2 is a niche product with a very limited appeal outside of games (and not much appeal within them). You either want/need one or you don't, it's hardly an impulse buy, so the price is irrelevant to a certain extent.
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  • FladgeMangle 07/07/2014

    CEX have an unfortunate acronym for a name. How do you pronounce it?

    "SEX" or "KECKS"? Neither is particularly flattering. :-)
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  • Ori and the Blind Forest looks great, but plays even better

  • FladgeMangle 07/07/2014

    @Tiergaertner That doesn't even make any sense.

    If you think what I said was "a patronising load of tosh", then you're knocking my post. Or perhaps you were referring to me in general?

    Either way, doesn't matter. Seems trying to be reasonable is seen as worse than fanboyism here sometimes. You might have thought it a bit too "cardigans and teacups" for you and fair enough, your prerogative.

    Most people on these forums vote with their brands, no matter what is said. I was just trying to be careful not to offend.

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  • FladgeMangle 07/07/2014

    @El_Che_xx No need to be rude.

    It is floundering compared to it's main rival. The manufacturer doesn't seem to know what it's for, so called "essential" peripherals have been ditched mere months after launch and (so far) one high profile developer that backed it exclusively with a triple-a title is going under.

    I can understand fans not liking this news, but don't shoot the messenger.

    A small indie title, no matter how lovely, will not change any of the above. Platform exclusives from non-first party studios are a joke anyway.
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  • FladgeMangle 07/07/2014

    Beautiful. Who doesn't want a game about a sad spectral monkey vs an angry giant owl? The real sadness is the XB1 exclusivity.

    I'm not knocking the XB1 per-se, but exclusives on a format that is somewhat in the wilderness of self identity right now and thus alienating purchasers? It's a risky business.

    Once again, I hope I'm wrong. Alas, I fear this little gem is doomed to be remembered as a could have been.

    (I'm not going to knock the XB1 because of it's abilities, they're perfectly fine. Just as the PS3 was perfectly fine last gen. I'll leave that to the pixel counters and framerate police. I'm just worried that the current downturn of the system's fortunes could be this game developer's downfall. Just like Crytek UK. I'm sure the XB1 will succeed as a platform in the future, but right now it's floundering.)
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  • MSI GS60 2PC Ghost with Nvidia GTX 860M review

  • FladgeMangle 07/07/2014

    @UKPlay With decent WiFi and a PS Vita you can.

    Probably horribly, but you still can.
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  • Video: See how Splatoon works

  • FladgeMangle 04/07/2014

    Looks like somebody at Nintendo was playing De Blob and thought "what would this be like as fairly bog standard head-to-head multiplayer game?"

    Now we all know.
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  • Underworld RPG series returning with new game

  • FladgeMangle 01/07/2014

    "What news, Corwin?"
    "Excellent news m'Lord" :-)

    Chuffed like a chuffin' chuffer in full chuff about this.

    Although somebody here needs to look up the meaning of the word "utopian".
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  • The Last of Us Remastered PS4 bundle confirmed for UK

  • FladgeMangle 30/06/2014

    @kraigmorgasm I never really connected with this on PS3. I got stuck in a ditch surrounded by enemy marksmen quite near the beginning and abandoned it, to my eternal shame.

    However, just like Tomb Raider, I'll be buying the PS4 upgrade and I fully expect to enjoy it this time. Something about the joyous "happy crab" controller and the (slightly) smarter graphics tells me I'll be more prepared to get the oranges up the stairs*.

    Let other commentators here tut into their indignant hats. Nobody loses because of this. It's all good.

    [* If you got that reference, well done! #stelio_kontos :-)]
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  • What is No Man's Sky? This is No Man's Sky

  • FladgeMangle 30/06/2014

    I fully expect to get slaughtered for this, even more than when I protested about the continuing use of female objectification in 21st century games a few days ago. Oh well, in for a penny...

    This looks fantastic. Glorious and obviously very clever. My problem with it is it also looks like it's going to be really boring long term.

    Without missions, quests, structure and goals (apart from "upgrade so you can go to the galactic centre" part), I fear the wonder of it will start to wear thin pretty quickly.

    Elite (BBC Micro) had the same kind of mission statement. Fly, trade, explore, fight, upgrade - and very little else. That worked back in 1984 because it was new and utterly unique. With so much time comes greater depth and higher aspirations.

    Without the intrigue and compulsion to proceed you find in, for example, an Elder Scrolls game, there might be attention deficit issues for a modern audience. I include myself in that group, even though I was around and gaming when the first Elite came along.

    I really, really hope I'm wrong.

    Don't worry Hello Games, you've got my money, I just hope you have my interest after week one.
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  • Space Hulk: Deathwing in-game trailer shows off Unreal Engine 4 visuals

  • FladgeMangle 30/06/2014

    @cw- They are very hard to kill. Reply 0
  • FladgeMangle 27/06/2014

    @PEnchan707 @whatfruit @warburni

    Yep, looks like you're all correct.

    Is it a relatively new addition to the army list?

    I haven't played Space Hulk since the 2nd edition and WH40k since the 3rd, both a very long time ago.
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  • FladgeMangle 27/06/2014

    WTF was that thing at the end?

    Too big to be a regular Genestealer, didn't look right for a Tyranid or Hive Tyrant either.

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  • Out of nowhere, on-rails shooter Blue Estate launches on PS4

  • FladgeMangle 25/06/2014

    @Sir-Elton-Pr0n You clearly don't know what that word means either. Reply -5
  • FladgeMangle 25/06/2014

    To all you locker-room boys, read my original post.

    I would be just as dismissive of this if it was full of cowboys in ass-less chaps.

    Obviously violence, vice and inequality exist, but do they really need to be the default setting for so many games? It's way beyond boring now. Lowest common denominator exploitainment for the hard of thinking.

    It would be nice if we could at last out-grow the Duke Nukem 3D frat house ideology of two decades ago.

    Pretending you're offended because I used a term to indicate that you were getting mild titillation to the detriment of half the world's population is a pitiful, dishonest response.

    Where does this juvenile notion that women are just a series of holes and bumps to ogle at stop? Dead raped girls hanging from trees in India. Funny now?

    Before you come back with your pubescent jokes -"on the blob", hilarious! - I couldn't care less what you think. I'm not taking this too seriously, you're not taking it seriously enough.

    This is a pervasive entertainment medium and to troll around in the dark ages of sexism and gore is doing nothing but ruin it. You are the ones who look stupid to the rest of us.

    And yes, whoever you were, a lie down would be nice. Thanks.
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  • FladgeMangle 25/06/2014

    @MrMattAdz it's very existence is a message. My being negged for not liking it is a message. Reply -14
  • FladgeMangle 25/06/2014

    @ArrowOfFortune You think accusing someone of "thinking with their dick" because they believe a game with shooting and strippers is funny is sexist? Compared to this?

    Base, violent, visceral and gratuitously misogynistic game is fine, but not finding it acceptable is worthy of crass ridicule?

    I can see I totally walked into the wrong room here. This one is full of wankers.
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  • FladgeMangle 25/06/2014

    @MrMattAdz It's dick-thinking like yours that really pisses me off.

    Just because it's decided to market itself as "funny" doesn't stop it being wrong.
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  • FladgeMangle 25/06/2014

    Funny? Nothing funny about gun violence and the sexual objectification of women.

    When is this industry going to grow up? It's about time we stopped high-fiving this shit. All the time, every time.
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  • Everybody's Gone to the Rapture is Dear Esther meets The Prisoner

  • FladgeMangle 25/06/2014

    "Cry" engine indeed. Such a shame.
    [link http://www.kotaku.co.uk/2014/06/24/sources-crytek-paying-staff-time-ryse-sequel-dropped]Crytek crysis [/link]
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  • Destiny's Xbox One resolution raised after Kinect GPU reserve removal

  • FladgeMangle 09/06/2014

    @TeaFiend if you sleep in front of your xbox, you probably need watching :-) Reply +7
  • Witcher 3: Wild Hunt gets February release date, new trailer

  • FladgeMangle 06/06/2014

    @ivanbitencourt It's how sarcasm works though.

    Witcher 3 on the XB1 will look better than Ryse on the XB1, I don't know why you even brought it up.
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  • FladgeMangle 06/06/2014

    @ivanbitencourt Is that really all you can do? Nothing else?

    Your lifestyle prospects must be very limited.

    Seriously though, wasn't Ryse a Kinect 2 game? Imagine it running with it unplugged and with that extra 10% of MOWAH POWAH!

    We'd all still think it compared badly with this, but at least you'd have something else to do.
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  • The Space Hulk: Deathwing game looks like this

  • FladgeMangle 22/05/2014

    @Beggora The mobile units (or second company)are called Ravenwing. They wear black armour.

    The Deathwing are the first company elite troops, typically Terminators. The bone-white colour of their armour is in remembrance of a unit that single handedly wiped out a genestealer infestation on a Dark Angel seed planet.

    Know YOUR shit, man :-)
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  • Video: Wolfenstein: The New Order live stream

  • FladgeMangle 21/05/2014

    I was going to type "someone set up us the bomb" because that happens at around 30 mins (I fast forwarded). The I got distracted by the "all your base" meme on youtube and forgot what I was going to say next.

    This is a game. Looks like one. Nice. Make your time.
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  • Xbox One external storage support coming in June

  • FladgeMangle 21/05/2014

    At this rate the only thing that'll be different about the XB1 and the PS4 is the name on the box, a few exclusives and a small performance bump for the latter.

    They even look the same (apart from the "bold/italic" thing.)

    Homogeneous is the new different :rolleyes:
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