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  • EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis

  • FiveManArmy 10/06/2009

    I've just read on the EA GST forums that the face of the raquet is the left hand side of the Wii Remote, not the buttons as you would normally think.

    Apparently this isn't made very clear anywhere in game.

    Could this be the reason with the issue with the controls?
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  • Grand Slam Tennis & Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10

  • FiveManArmy 01/04/2009

    I've got high hopes that Grand Slam Tennis will be the expanded Wii Tennis that I so desire!
    I'm a bit worried about still having to press a button for lobs and drop shots though. Why can't a combination of speed and angle of shot determine this?

    Does this still show a limitation of M+?
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  • Virtua Tennis PS3 to use tilt

  • FiveManArmy 03/11/2006

    @Normski "That sounds like a selling point to me... a game that you can't master, because you have too little control!"

    I think you misunderstand. If you were to record every swing you did with a tennis racquet in real life, you'd never do exactly the same thing twice. You'd never perfectly match the speed, direction, angle of the face, amount of spin etc. It doesn't mean you have less control. Far from it, potentially you can control all those variables just by one swing of the controller.
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  • FiveManArmy 03/11/2006

    @Siro: you don't use the nunchuk in WiiTennis. And it does read what kind of ball you wanted to play. In fact according to the developers it's almost impossible to play the same shot twice. Reply 0
  • Nintendo Wii to launch on December 8th, GBP 179

  • FiveManArmy 15/09/2006

    I really don't get you guys!

    It's £180 with a game, so that's about £140 for the hardware. pretty good in my book.

    You keep saying it's close to the 360 core pack. Well that doesn't even have wireless, a wireless controller and it's not even High Definition ready! So it's cack basically. And it's much cheaper to the full on 360.

    As for £43 for the controller with nunchuck, well a lot of games won't need the nunchuck. 360 wireless controller is £30, same as the remote. So it's just £13 more for a clearly technically superior controller!

    And i'd thought u'd be used to us UKers getting ripped off compared to US, nothing new there, everything is more expensive here than america! it's not nintendo!
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  • FiveManArmy 15/09/2006

    What's the game "Wii Play"?

    Apparently this comes with an extra controller, so could be a cheaper way of getting a new controller and with a game!
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