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  • Xbox 360 at 10: Major Nelson, voice of a generation

  • Findus 25/11/2015

    I for one never got what his overall role in the xbox scene was other than passing on news. For me he was more PR voice for the Xbox division than one who had an influence on decisions people where posting on his blog.

    I remember as more and more features and freebies and all that jazz where released with the proviso of them being US only the more people tried to explain that there was a world outside of the US paying more for a service which had less value.

    The excuse was license rights etc, whilst this was true in the majority there was never a point where he would try and influence the powers above to investigate the issue or look into the issues that could deal with rights outside of the US.

    I remember the radio silence during the Xbox live outage one Christmas only to reappear as things came back up.

    Then there was the Xbox One debacle where he was front and centre with all the firefighting trying unsuccessfully to allay fears of the issues that where raised.

    I just feel he was and is a Yes man that doesnt want to rock the boat but has hung around too long.
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  • F1 2015 review

  • Findus 10/07/2015

    Well Steam reviews are not particularly favorable at the moment with bugs galore

    Also looks like the official forums are full of bug reports and issues also, everything from loading a loaded save in sunshine but car suddenly handling with wet weather characteristics, to cars stuck in 2nd gear after a pitstop.
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  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake is real

  • Findus 16/06/2015

    I wonder if the soundtrack will be remade by Nobuo Uematsu as he no longer works for Square does he? Reply 0
  • F1 2015 injects a little more drama into Codemasters' series

  • Findus 17/04/2015

    Way back in the eons of time I chose Playstation based on seeing F1 97. Being a massive F1 fan the way they got the "Simcade" made the game to me, my favorite F1 game how Bizarre Creations got just the atmosphere of the sport, with the commentary, Official F1 TV graphics (Especially exciting during qualifying and of course the Commentary from legendary Murray Walker and Martin "You're right there Murray" Brundle.

    We'll bypass F1 98 when Visual Sciences decided to go their own route rather than use Bizarre's engine which turned out to be an abomination. F1 99-F-00 from Studio 33 was ok apart from the rubber banding AI which managed to catch a 30 second lead at Monaco in three laps.

    Then Studio Liverpool took over and despite several issues in each iteration they still captured the tv/simcade style, and they where so close with F1:CE and would love to have seen what they would do if they kept the license.

    Alas it wasn't to be and Codemasters grabbed the license. At first I was thinking like a lot of people the Codemasters will give the treatment the TOCA treatment.

    Instead we have been given a soulless product that could have been named "racing game turbo 13.

    Sure the cars and tracks where from F1 but they seemed to miss what F1 is about, build up of the tension on the start the first few laps getting into a rhythm.

    Instead we got a generic racing game with poor AI, full of bugs and quite clearly the EGO engine simply was not good enough to take on the complexities of the F1 series.

    Qualifying was "simulated" on screen where you could not view other cars during their qualifying.

    The weird bug in the early games where cars would seem to disappear from sight after the first lap or two leaving you race alone prompting a view that the cars where not "On track" during the race.

    A setup system where the same setup could be used on all tracks

    They dumbed down the sport further by removing practice sessions to a simple one hour session.

    The AI seemed to have a different rule set that seem to show that they did not have fuel or tyre wear compared to those of the player

    The Career mode was empty and a waste of time due to license restrictions which meant drivers can't move and turned into a race grid with no thing to keep you going after you completed your first season

    Collision issues which could ruin your race when you inadvertently smashed up your car in thin air.

    There was the baffling design decisions that came across as they where building an F1 game that Codemasters wanted and not the fans. By the release of F1 2014 people had pretty much given up on the franchise.

    There are others so for me I had given up on the Codemasters take on the sport by 2012.

    HOWEVER reading these previews, they seem to have finally moved away from the old engine and have gotten a handle of the sport. Back are the TV cameras which couldn't be done on their games due to "Memory Issues" (Bizarrely this could be done on PS2 and PS3 by the Studio Liverpool games). It seems they have got the handling engine working, AI sounds like they have a personality. Things sound positive but we have been here before year after year

    I'm sure like me there are a lot of fans that will sit on the fence before jumping in with F1 2015 as Codies have burned a lot of bridges with their handling of the license and the lack of improvements throughout the years. Early days but so far I feel a little more optimistic. so for me Codies (with a bit of liberty from the commentary of F1 97) "Are up at the first split if they keep this up they could be on pole!"
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  • WipEout: The rise and fall of Sony Studio Liverpool

  • Findus 30/11/2014

    I was fortunate to meet Nick Burcome and the F1 team in 2005 the time where Sony where slowly hitting their stride with the f1 games. I was a member of now defunct f1 gamers site ( At that time Sony studios couldn't post on none official forums so myself and others became intermediaries posting titbits and having the opportunity to interview the team at e3.

    I was invited to Studio Liverpool only to be told that that the pr guy wasn't in, thinking a wasted trip Nick popped down invited me and gave me a whole day of chatting the f1 games both past and future and saw an early designs for f1:CE. I probably was shown far too much but I speaking to the guys I couldn't help feel the passion they had for the f1 series.

    When Sony lost the license I was gutted. I chose playstation seeing f197 in hmv in liverpool and was blown away. The circuits looked Like the real thing, the tv decals it oozed athmosphere. The series went from highs and lows. To the desperate f198 developed by Visual Sciences which was the worst f1 game to the brilliant f1 championship Edition.

    It annoys me no end to see Codemasters butcher the f1 games, from removing features, to ignoring pleas from the community, to make a soulless, boring and in more ways broken game with dumb ai and features games like f1 97 implemented far better and authentic.

    I miss studio Liverpool as much as I miss Bizarre Creations who where around the corner from each other.
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  • Live: EA Gamescom Conference

  • Findus 20/08/2013

    Like the way Tom is telling it straight that no one buys into the buzz words any more. Well done.

    By the way is the crows cheering faked? I can't hear as I'm in work
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  • Microsoft no longer charges developers to patch their Xbox 360 games

  • Findus 27/06/2013

    Codemasters will be made up I'm sure. Reply +1
  • Live: Microsoft E3 2013 Conference

  • Findus 10/06/2013

    Has the Xbox stream gone down? Reply 0
  • Findus 10/06/2013

    Oh my god criinnnge Reply 0
  • Findus 10/06/2013

    Why why would I use my phone as an additional game peripheral. Reply 0
  • Findus 10/06/2013

    It wasn't the nice cheque Victor? Reply 0
  • GamesMaster: The Inside Story

  • Findus 04/06/2013

    Fantastic Article! Reply +3
  • Farming Simulator on PS3 and Xbox 360 the first week of September

  • Findus 05/04/2013

    Well this seems like a series worth milking! Reply +1
  • Maxis promises it will fix SimCity's silly Sims and traffic

  • Findus 15/03/2013

    Translation: It's all the players fault. Reply +9
  • EA cans Dead Space series following poor sales of Dead Space 3 - report

  • Findus 05/03/2013

    Well if the rumours of the EA and Microsoft colaboration abound looks like they will be very happy together. Reply +5
  • Why are we stuck with games being released on a Friday?

  • Findus 23/11/2012

    Cracking Article Reply +2
  • Tokyo Jungle just Ł9.99 on EU PlayStation Store today

  • Findus 26/09/2012

    @skowhegan Why are you asking us? You are Eurogamer staff, shouldn't you be trying to get the answers on behalf of your readers? Reply -4
  • F1 2012 review

  • Findus 17/09/2012

    Oh dear Codies are in pr recovery mode. There is no tyre wear scaling for races less than 100% and there is only one practice session per race rather than practice 1 2 and 3 as per real f1. No doubt they came to this decision using their patented pr research Reply +5
  • Counter-Strike: GO misses PlayStation Store for fourth week

  • Findus 13/09/2012

    Any chance Eurogamer can do some investigation as to what's causing the Counterstrike delay? Is it a QA issue and exclusivity issue? How does Valve feel? Would make for a cracking article. Reply +13
  • Sony closes WipEout developer Sony Liverpool

  • Findus 22/08/2012

    As a Formula One game fan I have nothing but respect for the studio and being from Liverpool I was proud of the contribution they and before Studio Liverpool Bizarre Creations, they captured what F1 was all about something that Codemasters have completely failed to do.

    I remember being invited to the studio to meet the developers of F1 06 for a website I was contributing to and meeting the Studio head Clemens Wangerin as well as Nick Burcombe.

    For some reason the PR guy failed to show up which meant I was given access to the entire development floor for the F1 team even showing off at the time a "next Gen" version of F1 which turned out to be F1 Champion Edition

    To see how proud they were of their work and how they took time out to show me around I'll always fondly remember.

    Sad day :(
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  • Grid 2 Preview: No Assists Please, We're British

  • Findus 08/08/2012

    Oh the infamous codemasters Market research, which no one seems to have heard about or knows anyone who has taken part but has been banded about for reasons why certain things or features have failed to make it into the F1 series. Reply +3
  • Microsoft's E3 2012 Conference

  • Findus 04/06/2012

    wow so lacking in stuff they are using Usher as filler...Oops Reply 0
  • Findus 04/06/2012

    hang on so you have to have smart glass or kinnect to browse the web??? err!! Reply +1
  • Findus 04/06/2012

    all live, all in hd, all on xbox 360, all in the U.S Reply 0
  • Findus 04/06/2012

    They really are scraping the barrel to get the Kinnect integration aren't they? Reply +1
  • Skyrim update 1.4 detailed in full

  • Findus 19/01/2012

    Are you watching Codemasters this is what you call post release support. Reply +2
  • Eurogamer Reader Survey: Thank You!

  • Findus 12/01/2012

    Tom, about the F1 2011 bugs. I know issues where at the time reported when 2010 was released pre patch. After that no further patch was present despite the inherent bugs still in the game.

    We where told all would be well in F1 2011. Two patches later and F1 2011 is again abandoned (Codies Announcement), broken again with crippling bugs and geometry issues yet Eurogamer have been quiet on the issues this year.

    The other night I read on twitter (Steve Hood - F1 2011's chief game designer) that Codies where hosting a Multiplayer session with Eurogamer.

    Surely Codies are not softening up so you don't report on F1 2011's issues?
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  • F1 2011 a PlayStation Vita launch game

  • Findus 16/11/2011

    It looks like an updated version of f1 2009 it's still got the strange issues where the cars produce smoke from their wheels as they turn a corner which was picked up andnever rectified when the first trailer of f1 2009 appeared. Also I'm sorry but when you overdub your trailers with genuine f1 sounds, who are you trying to kid? Reply +1
  • First WOW: Mists Of Pandaria trailer

  • Findus 21/10/2011

    WOW has officially jumped the shark surely? Reply +5
  • New F1 2011 details

  • Findus 08/07/2011

    @Harmonica agree about the Codies forums it's so Cliquey these days that any criticism towards Codemasters and you are set upon like wolves and the moderators are so far up codies ass it's embarrasing Reply -3
  • Kinect Disneyland Adventures video

  • Findus 07/07/2011

    Music is from the Disney's nighttime spectacular Fantasmic/DisneyGeek Reply +1
  • Sony redesigning PSN – report

  • Findus 05/07/2011

    Any chance they could update the flash player for the web browser during their tweakages? I don't know how long it's been like this but I can no longer view HD videos on YouTube either using you tube classic view or the youTubeXL page. I had a look at the sytem information and it said the the PS3 is flash enabled copyright 2007.

    Does this mean the flash player is 4 years out of date??
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  • Sacked Duke Nukem PR Redner responds

  • Findus 21/06/2011

    But doesn't it also work the other way also when reviewers review games and heap praise only to be caught out later when there are bugs and game breaking features that where never mentioned.

    Take F1 2010 for example. It was reviewed as one of the best racing game in years yet the reviews failed to take into account corrupt saves, impossible race AI, fake timings, incorrect fuel simulation as well as others yet still reviewed the game possitively and even won a BAFTA (o_0)

    Of course reviewing is a personal process but surely making an opinion and heaping praise when there are fundamental issues found quite quickly into the game only adds to the be speculation that there is a lot of behind the scenes stuff the reader is not privy to /tinfoilHat.

    Wasn't Jeff Gerstmann who worked at Gamespot fired after pressure from Eidos over the review he gave Kane and Lynch?
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  • Live Microsoft E3 Xbox conference

  • Findus 06/06/2011

    @lusterpurge yup with laughter Reply 0
  • Findus 06/06/2011

    come on!! was that shot really her?? Reply 0
  • Findus 06/06/2011

    Kinect sesame street.. Nope nope nope nope uh huh uh huh Reply 0
  • Findus 06/06/2011

    on rails again by the look of things Reply 0
  • Findus 06/06/2011

    the Disney geek inside is excited but kinect quickly removes that Reply 0
  • Findus 06/06/2011

    on rails? Reply 0
  • Findus 06/06/2011

    UFC..Definately a U.S only feature Reply 0
  • Findus 06/06/2011

    So still no BBC iplayer Reply 0
  • Findus 06/06/2011

    bing coming to xbox.....errr ok...... Reply 0
  • Sony delays MotorStorm's Japan launch

  • Findus 14/03/2011


    If I remember it cut out a massive cutscene as Arsenal Gear plowed through the financial District of New York. MGS2: Substance contains the city model including the twin towers but the cutscene itself has never appeared in public as far as I'm aware.
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  • Bizarre says goodbye with farewell video

  • Findus 18/02/2011

    Looks as though the Bizarre Creations Website has been taken down now as well. :-(

    For me without Bizarre creations I would not have chose a Playstation for my 16th Birthday at the chip shop in Liverpool back in 1997.

    I loved F1 97 to bits and still play the game sometimes and see things in there that have not been bettered such as the dual commentary and the atmosphere of F1 the game brought.

    I was luckliy enough to interview them on their F1 series a few years ago and was amazed at their passion for the game they where still proud of.

    PGR2 was another that set the boundaries of what made games fun, playable and damnright awesome. The constant tries to get the platinums...Arrgh. The way they where ahead of the curve in terms of online pressence in the online leaderboads, broken down by player and vehicle type on the courses as well as the weekly challenges way before they became the norm.

    So yes I salute them and wish them all the best to all the staff...
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  • Xbox TV channel coming this autumn?

  • Findus 07/02/2011

    It's stuff like this that really irks me about how Microsoft do their business in other regions. Yes I know it's all copyright and legal wranglings that prevents the majority of stuff transported abroad, but why don't they use the money that people are paying their subs for into a regionalised base of operations to supply UK/French/everywhere else services/competions/freebies apart from America. Instead Major Nelson Et al, go on about upcoming competitions features which the majority will be asterixed (US Only).

    How come Sony can rollout the BBC Iplayer/4OD/ITV player lovefilm etc on a free to play service, yet Microsoft seem to offer little for silver members or worse provide the US, features and goodies on their gold subs but still request we roughly pay the same for an inferior service.
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  • Will EA drop Andy Gray for FIFA 12?

  • Findus 25/01/2011

    With the integrated Sky Sports logos and stuff in 2011 I wonder if Sky will have a say in whether an ex employee can represent their brand. Somehow I doubt it. Reply +3
  • Gamers' Voice to report Black Ops to OFT

  • Findus 24/01/2011

    @jtodroc completely agree when features of the game simply do not work in certain scenarios (Fuel sim in full race distance modes, or the infamous pit bug and the FAKED Practice and qualifiying times) which remain post patch as well as the wall of silence Codies have come out confirming IF these will be fixed in another patch (Timings aside as apparently this cannot be fixed) then the game simply feels as though it was a beta for the 2011 game.

    The outcome then makes the purchaser think how can I trust a developer next time when they promise the world but fail to deliver. I hope Activision gets a pasting and serves as a warning to other developers that a game should be release in a state that a can be patched quickly or b face a delay to make sure the game is released in a "safe state".

    Or you can blame Sony ;-)
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  • Xbox 360 update hurts COD, Halo pirates

  • Findus 20/01/2011

    I would be interested in an article whether it is fully justified for Infinity Ward to blame Sony as a whole for it's online issues and how the deveolper itself seems to have seemed to have failed to protect it's own game. Reply +13
  • European Nintendo 3DS Conference

  • Findus 19/01/2011

    What a cop out by Nintendo. Reply 0
  • Findus 19/01/2011

    "PES uses the familiar theme of football"

    What theme's that?

    "you're shit and you know you are"
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