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  • Three seasons of Hitman episodes apparently planned

  • Ferral 08/08/2016

    @jabberwocky I was thinking the same thing!!

    Bangkok is 4th!!
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  • Watch: Ian introduces Chris to the ZX Spectrum

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    Ok, so one similar to Tantalus was Terminus

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    @BobbyDeNiro How about Nonteraqueous or Phantom of the Asteroids by Mastertronic

    Soul of a Robot

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    @BobbyDeNiro There is Captain Fizz which is a top down Gauntlet esque game set on a spaceship which has pretty small sprites.

    There is also Laser Tag and Space Crusade which are top down on 8 Bit.

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  • Ferral 07/08/2016

    @BobbyDeNiro That actually sounds like Alien, top view of the ship and you have to move the team around on the different floors to get supplies etc and eventually escape

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  • Ferral 07/08/2016

    @djayjp Yeah, the NES did come here but it was in such a large competetive market. My wife owned one back in the day but for the most part Spectrum & Commodore were the kings in the UK with only a handful owning Atari 8 Bit and the MSX machines.

    We had computing for schools where the BBC had Acorn design a computer that would be put into schools. Hence why there is a lot of love for the BBC Model B, granted only the really rich kids had BBC computers though at home! These Model B's introduced a lot of us to computing early 80s so we went home and badgered our parents for a computer and they bought us one for "homework :P"

    We also didn't suffer from the early 80s videogame crash that affected North America. Once again this was down to the home grown Spectrum 48k and the American Commodore 64.

    Biggest let down with the 8 Bits was were the NES has 2 buttons for games, one for jump and another to fire or whatever else the machines we had only had 1 fire button so you had to push up on your joystick to jump, so games like Commando you had to tap space bar to throw a grenade and Gryzor (Contra) you had to tap space to jump.

    Either way, computers were big in the UK and Europe. Nintendo designed and marketed the NES as a toy, hence why they initially released it with that robot. They done this to get it into Toys R Us in the USA and restore faith in the market, Nintendo essentially were the company that fixed the declining market
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  • Ferral 06/08/2016

    @djayjp Yeah but the NES wasn't really that big in the UK, first major console to land was the 16Bit Megadrive which came out in PAL territories 1990.

    Up until then the home computer still thrived, early 90s I was still buying tapes and disks for my C64.

    Not forgetting that the Amiga which launched 1987 (followed by the Atari ST once Jack Tramiel left CBM and took over Atari).

    1989 a lot of us 8Bit computer users were still using things like the Amstrad CPC, C64 & Spectrum 128 machines. Some of the best games came out late in their lives.

    The games alone on tape were between £8-£10 which were affordable to teens back then, the pricing of the NES carts were £30 putting them out the price range for us.

    Then throw in that a lot of us started using the Amiga & Atari ST after getting a job / apprenticeship so we bought these new 16Bit machines late 80s & early 90s by either saving up or buying them from a catalogue.

    So again the NES for us computer users was a bit pointless
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  • Ferral 06/08/2016

    @HewsonConsultantsLtd See, you guys should know me, more of a C64 guy owning most the HEWSON catalogue on tape (bought back on Day 1 and still own them), Cybernoid 2 on C64 & ST but preferred the original on the Speccy.

    Mind you Zamzara & Slayer on your Rack It label are still some of my favorites!
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  • Ferral 06/08/2016

    I think you need to replace your drive belts on that +2, it is rewinding REALLY slowly. You can get new belts from Dataserve Retro.

    You can get modded Commodore 64 C2N Datasettes that have had a speaker attached if you wanted to hear the tape loading sound.

    Personally us C64 owners back in the day always battled with the Spectrum owners on the school yard. After getting my 1985 C64 Breadbin back in 2013 from my mother I decided to pick up a Spectrum +2, the one I have is a black +2A which is more inkeeping with the older Spectrum machines. Must admit I do love the machine, has some great looking graphics and a lot of the Ocean games are a single longer load (things like Robocop & Batman).

    I was given a grey +2 last year from one of my wifes friends, the power in adapter was coming loose from the motherboard, the drive belts had kinks in them with standing for so long and the screen was all garbled as a heatsink had been added to the ULA and there was way to much thermal paste added so I hd to remove heatsink and clean all the pins that were covered in thermal compound.

    Spare parts bought from Dataserve and I replaced the power connector and belts and now the machine works like new.

    Favourite games on Speccy :

    Head Over Heels
    Ghouls & Ghosts 128
    Karnov (way better than C64 version)
    New Zealand Story
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  • Amazon marks GTA5, FIFA 16, Minecraft and more as "exclusively for Prime members"

  • Ferral 22/04/2016

    @riceNpea It is decent enough but I feel Netflix has a better selection. You do get Prime Music also which is really good. Prime Video does have series that Netflix doesn't have like Constantine, Black Sails and so on.

    As a whole package it is pretty good, one thing it does have over Netflix is that you can rent movies from them (like movies on PS4 or through the Sky Store), ideal for the movies that are watch once type thing
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  • Ferral 22/04/2016

    You can do monthly now with Prime which gives you access to their movies and music on top of the next day delivery.

    The streaming movies and tv shows aren't quite as good as Netflix as some of the stuff you still have to pay for but I have found stuff that isn't on Netflix is usually on Amazon and vice versa. The Amazon music streaming is REALLY good, it adds purchased CD's to your account but you also have access to user playlists (also creating your own) and so much music you would be hard pushed to not find what you are looking for.

    Then the next day delivery, granted having to wait in all day can be a pain, this only matters though if it is larger items but games and media will just post through letterbox.

    So for £8 a month it is a pretty good service

    On the flip side of that though the Amazon Prime price is higher than buying from a marketplace seller that offers free delivery
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  • Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D now on Steam

  • Ferral 30/03/2016

    Strange that it has took this long to land on Steam, it released a while ago on GOG when they started releasing the Lucasarts Star Wars stuff. Cool regardless :) Reply +2
  • Digital Foundry: the best gaming CPUs for the money

  • Ferral 13/03/2016

    I would love to know where Digital Foundry managed to get hold of an FX 8350 for less than £100, even their link to Amazon has it priced at £140.

    I honestly don't know where they are getting their 8350 figures from, I am asuming that they have mixed something up as the FX8350 comes in on recommended spec for games on PC now alongside the i7

    I am running an FX8350 with 8Gb DDR3 1600 and a Radeon R9 380 Nitro and not seeing low frames etc from it in the light that DF are currently showing.

    I think there is something wrong with the test methodology here when a dual core i3 is out performing an 8 core FX chip......
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  • Is it finally time to upgrade your Core i5 2500K?

  • Ferral 21/02/2016

    I am quite surprised that Digital Foundry don't include some of the AMD CPU's in articles like these. Take the Phenom II X4 965BE which can be overclocked pretty high which is also from 2011, at the time that CPU came in a lot cheaper than the Intel CPU's. In turn this is great for people with families as it means you can afford something mid / higher range without breaking the bank (AM3 Boards were cheaper that the Intel boards also)

    Newer generation things like the FX 8350 should be included for higher end tests, again this CPU is a fair bit cheaper than the Intel line. Looking at Sys Requirements site, Steam and so on newer games are asking for quad core as minimum (usually 3.4Ghz) and recommended points at an i7 or the FX 8350.
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  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon on Wii U Virtual Console this week

  • Ferral 08/02/2016

    @Saddoking Yeah, the new 3DS can play all 3DS games and also the older DS stuff, you can also get changeable face plates for it. I decided against personally with only 1 game available for it. Mind you the extra analog you get on it does mean you have a full 3D camera on stuff like Majoras mask.

    I went standard XL though as my wife just over a week later allowed me to order the Xenoblade Wii U bundle and a few games to keep expenditure down a bit.
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  • Ferral 08/02/2016

    @Saddoking I picked up a Silver 3DS XL with Luigis Mansion 2 (Dark Moon) for just over £100 from Amazon a few weeks back and loving it. There is also the New 3DS and XL version but so far there has only been Xenoblade Chronicles released for it (not compatiblle with prior 3DS either)

    So I would go for one of the XL bundles available, bear in mind that Nintendo no longer put a charger in the box with the 3DS either so you will need to either already own one or get one when you buy the machine.

    As for games definitely pick up Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask, they are priced at around £35 each so get one at a time, I would also get A Link Between Worlds (I do enjoy the Zelda games). My favorite Mario game on it is Dream Team which is kind of like Mario RPG, full 3D world to explore but the battlles play out turn based like Final Fantasy.
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  • Jade Raymond building "Assassin's Creed-style game" for EA

  • Ferral 17/11/2015

    Must admit The Saboteur was a pretty good open world game, done by Pandemic and published by EA. They could always return to that world and expand on it. Reply +3
  • SNES game Super Star Wars out on PS4/Vita this week

  • Ferral 16/11/2015

    Bloody hell, this is something big right here, loved the trilogy on SNES, Factor 5 also did an awesome Indiana Jones game which plays similar.

    Watching PSN now for release
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  • PlayStation Paris Games Week 2015 conference live report

  • Ferral 27/10/2015

    I am hoping that they announce classics (PS1 & 2) on the PS4 either digital or being able to run orginal discs. Reply 0
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 2GB vs 4GB review

  • Ferral 18/10/2015

    @CaptainKid Yeah, I had it overclocked a few days back up to 3.8 and it made a difference with games that have a lot of physics.

    I am on the stock cooler though and when running prime 95 it was maxxing out close to upper safe temperature (62 Celcius) so dropped it back to stock.

    I will be doing the overclock again in a few weeks time when I get a better CPU cooler
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  • Ferral 18/10/2015

    I would be a little hesitant with the Gigabyte card as it only comes with a 12 month warranty, the Zotac board with 4Gb Vram has 2 years.

    I was looking into this last week, choice between a Sapphire Radeon R9 380 4 Gb Nitro and the Zotac GTX 960 4Gb, both were the same price bar a few pence. In the end decided to go with the Radeon with it having the 256 Bit bus over the 960's 128 Bit.

    Everything is running buttery smooth maxxed out on my now ageing Phenom 2 965 Black Edition with 8 Gb Ram (Upgraded card from an MSI GTX 570 PE OC)
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  • Rediscovering Lego Dimensions through the eyes of a child

  • Ferral 08/10/2015

    I have a feeling this will be landing for Christmas, my son is now 14 but we play co op retro stuff on PS2 & Megadrive and he does still like the LEGO games for the humour Reply +5
  • What returning to Gears of War says about the series' future

  • Ferral 28/08/2015

    I am hoping that they do the full original trilogy and also release the full trilogy on PC. Recently been playing the PC version of the first game (bought day 1), was gutted when they stated that due to piracy no PC sequels. Reply +3
  • A great explanation for how oldschool graphics worked

  • Ferral 20/08/2015

    My 1985 Breadbin C64 is set up beside me at the minute hooked up to a Toshiba 21" CRT, was playing Turrican on it yesterday and just before that X Out (also Rainbow Arts) and Cybernoid 2 from the awesome guys at Hewson.

    Given the restraints of these systems back in the 80's it is amazing they managed to pull off what they did with what was available. The Spectrum didn't have the whole hardware sprites and benefit of the VIC II chip, graphics had to be hand drawn and animated.

    Long live the 8 & 16 Bit era!!!
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  • The Amiga is 30 years old today

  • Ferral 23/07/2015

    I own a 600 and 1200 now, back in the day though a 500 (Kickstart 1.3) with the ram expansion taking it to 1Mb.

    I bought a few games from eBay last night for my Miggy : Syndicate, F29 Retaliator, Corporation & Jaws. Should be here in a few days and will be firing them up on my 600.

    I do need to find a new keyboard for my 1200, membrane is gone on it and Amigakit don't have any in stock, keyboards either :(

    Such an awesome amazing machine
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  • PlayStation Plus July Instant Game Collection revealed

  • Ferral 02/07/2015

    I am pleased that Styx has landed, been thinking on getting it for a while now so perfect timing. I enjoyed Of Orcs and Men and it expands on that universe and the Goblin.

    Rocket League looks interesting
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  • Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is coming to PC

  • Ferral 17/06/2015

    I still have my retail copy of Gears of War for PC which I bought from Game back when it was released.

    Looking forward to this and hoping that 2 & 3 will get spruced up and finally bring the entire trilogy to PC
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  • PS Now UK beta rental prices are pretty high

  • Ferral 11/06/2015

    They should do some form of discount for people that own the originals on PS3 or via PSN.

    Maybe look into emulating PS1 & 2 stuff like they did previously so we don't have to rent stuff we already own.
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  • Jon Blyth on: The National Videogame Arcade

  • Ferral 09/05/2015

    That pic of the Competition Pro is wrong on so many levels. That there is mine, opened up just so you can see where the wiring goes for a start, nowhere near the main shaft. In the center is the metal shaft the goes right through the rubber that returns it to position held in place with a spring washer.

    I couldn't be bothered to dismantle it completely, I couldn't find the diagram for where the wiring / switches go to put back together!
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  • You now have to spend at least $5 to access some Steam features

  • Ferral 20/04/2015

    Not a bad idea, over the last 5 - 6 weeks I have had loads of invites from Level 0 users that I don't know. A lot of them using the same avatars (Gabe Newell in the religious garb you often see round the net when a sale is upcoming etc) Reply +6
  • The best and worst of April Fools' Day 2015 in gaming

  • Ferral 01/04/2015

    HEXUS done an article on 3DFX Voodoo Reloaded :

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  • Video: Eurogamer's Christmas live stream spectacular

  • Ferral 18/12/2014

    Awesome, I love Robocod, have it still on my Megadrive, Atari ST, Amiga and also on C64 tape in the small card box, this should be fun to watch

    James Pond 2 C64 Tape
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  • Don't call it a comeback: Xbox One's first year

  • Ferral 22/11/2014

    I would really like to see an article like this on the Nintendo Wii U to see how it is shaping up against the more powerful XB1 & PS4. Nintendo have been working hard lately since the loss of 3rd party support and I have been reading that the machine has many must have titles and now is the time to buy.

    I was talking with my wife a few days back about the 3 main contenders this Christmas, I was all but set on a PS4 as The Order and Bloodborne are out next year, then I started looking at other titles, granted there are a few that are XB1, PS4 & PC exclusive but most games are still coming out on the 360 & PS3.

    My PC is now 3 yrs old and can still run stuff 1080p high detail which is roughly on par with the XB1 & PS4 (I have wired my PC direct to my TV in the front room now also and have been using a wireless 360 pad and playing stuff on the TV over my PC screen). Console exclusives are still landing on PS3 so I can honestly say I won't get a PS4 or XB1 now till next Christmas, when they will no doubt have a stronger line up of games and development for the 360 & PS3 have slowed right down or even come to a complete stop.

    This Christmas though I have actually decided on getting a Wii U, getting either the Mario / Luigi U Bundle or the Mario Kart Bundle, an extra Pro Controller and going to pick up Watch Dogs for it. Looking at next years line up that has already been announced there are some great games coming out on the machine.

    On Christmas day I will hit up the eShop and grab some SNES classics like Metroid, Donkey Kong Country and Castlevania. Not forgetting the N64 is landing on the Wii U eShop (been waiting a while on this from what I have read), but I wouldn't be surprised at all if the N64 happened in time for Christmas so could be looking at stuff like Ocarina of Time also.
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  • Bungie pays tribute to Destiny's famous loot cave

  • Ferral 15/10/2014

    @YenRug I was stood behind them, not in the area in front of them just watching what they were doing. Fair play if I was in the respawn area but I wasn't Reply 0
  • Ferral 15/10/2014

    Whilst playing a few weeks back on PS3 I noticed 2 people shooting at the 2nd loot cave area. Decided to watch what they were doing for a minute or two but not joining in and the numpties started attacking me just because I just happened to be there, I was doing the patrol missions and where I was heading just happened to go past where they were.

    Quite surprised by the mentality in all honesty, they weren't doing any damage to me but for some reason I was a threat to their loot farming
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  • GOG.com adds movies section with documentaries aimed at gamers

  • Ferral 27/08/2014

    I for one am very happy with their new fair pricing policy, my bank was taking the mick whenever I paid with my card charging me £1.50 per transaction. I am happy with the fact I can now pay in pounds sterling and the fact that users can if they so wish still pay in their own currency or in USD.

    So now I am happy to buy from GOG again :)
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  • Some celebrity games that don't feature Kim Kardashian

  • Ferral 27/08/2014

    I have found the best emulator to use at the minute that is free for the Spectrum is ZX Spin :


    Quite far down the list in the second section there.

    It supports all the various Spectrum machines from the early 16k model up to the QL. File support it runs everything from TZX, TAP and even the disc images if you set it to +3. Also supports various interfaces and a standard Windows Game Pad works fine with it. Best bet is just stick with Kempston which is the Atari 9 pin standard.

    Spin works fine on 64 Bit systems hence why I use it.

    If you really want to go retro you can get a USB to 9 pin Atari compatible adapter from Funstock, this allows you to use your old single button joysticks like the Powerplay Cruiser & Competition Pro sticks which you would use on C64, Amiga, Atari systems and via the Kempston Interface on a Spectrum.


    That's the one I use which I got from Funstock and it works a treat when using Vice (C64), WinUAE (Amiga), APE (Amstrad CPC), Steem (Atari ST) & ZX Spin (Spectrum)

    You can't beat proper hardware and I use my machines regularly but emulation has come on leaps and bounds for the 8 & 16 Bit machines over the past few years, if I want a quick fix if I have 20 minutes spare in my day emulation is just fine.
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  • EA's Gamescom 2014 briefing

  • Ferral 13/08/2014

    Yeah, they do now. It was originally done by EA though many moons ago! Reply 0
  • Ferral 13/08/2014

    I would love to see EA bringing back some of their really old franchises, games like Bards Tale & Neromancer Reply 0
  • Remember Sierra? Looks like it's coming back

  • Ferral 08/08/2014

    Cool, I noticed Gold Rush was released on Steam a few weeks back and you can get the various Quest series of games on GOG, if they are selling well there is no reason not to revive the awesome name :) Reply 0
  • Video: Ian's about to tell you all about his favourite game

  • Ferral 04/08/2014

    I have the Dizzy collection on my C64 and all the games as singles on my ZX Spectrum. Fantasy World Dizzy has to be my favorite out of the entire series followed by Crystal Kingdom.

    Has to be said, even today they stand up well as fun, quirky arcade adventures that are still enjoyable to play through. Even my 13yr old son will sit and play them for hours, one afternoon a few weeks back we were playing them without using a solution firing ideas on what to do next, great fun.
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  • UK game publisher Mastertronic suffers layoffs

  • Ferral 31/07/2014

    I really hope things turn out ok for these guys, they looked after us in the 80's with their budget range, pocket money prices for us kids back then on the various machines like C64, Spectrum & Amstrad, would hate to see them disappear into memory. Reply +46
  • Remembering Rick Dangerous, the original tomb raider

  • Ferral 06/07/2014

    Love Rick Dangerous, have it for all my 8 & 16 bit systems, recently there has also been a homebrew version released on SNES and the creator is trying to get a limited cartridge run for that machine so looking out for it. I do have the original big blue Firebird cardboard box version on my C64 bought June 1989, has the comic and poster with instructions on the back, it hasn't actually been loaded in that much as it is a single load and I backed it up onto a disk many years ago with my Action Replay and just play it from there preserving the tape.

    The 16 bit versions has the famous Waaaaaa and each level is actually bigger than the 8 bit versions. Where a level finishes on C64, Spectrum & Amstrad there are around another 16 or so screens per level on Amiga & ST.

    Going to fire it up at NERG today I think on the Amiga or C64 that is there, its a great classic game that deserves a bit of attention, has that one more go to get a bit further each time you play.
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  • Lionhead teases Fable Anniversary for PC

  • Ferral 03/06/2014

    Its pretty cool that they are doing this for PC, I still play Fable on Steam and enjoy it, its just one of those games that are fun to play. We also need Fable 2 on PC, I bought a 360 (now dead ion the water) for Fable 2 and it was a blast.

    We do need them to also sort out Fable 3 and make it Steamworks before GFWL shuts down, must admit I did enjoy Fable 3 on PC and hate to think it will become a digital coaster sitting on my Steam account if they don't sort it out.
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  • Midnight Resistance retrospective

  • Ferral 11/05/2014

    I have this on Amiga, C64, Amstrad CPC and Spectrum.

    Fun arcade game and they did a decent conversion considering what they had to work with. One thing I do really like about the Spectrum version is that the color clash isn't to bad, no large block of color round the character when moving over the different color backdrops, same can be said for Cobra on Spectrum.

    Love the C64 version, fast moving with decent sprites, backgrounds look pretty cool also.

    Special FX did some great games back in the day, they also did the conversion of Hysteria and they did do a few non arcade or movie tie in games like Gutz which is similar kind of to Alien Syndrome but a top down angled view point.
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  • Block rockin' beeps: What's behind gaming's greatest soundtracks

  • Ferral 30/04/2014

    Can't beat the Last Ninja 2 Soundtrack on the C64, by far my favorite piece of game music ever, from the Central Park loading tune and level itself and different atmospheric music for each level, it is superb.

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  • Sony survey hints at possible PlayStation 4 features

  • Ferral 02/04/2014

    Didn't they mention last year that Flixster was coming to PS3 - Still waiting on them delivering that one. Reply -1
  • Win a £400 Sony Entertainment Network voucher

  • Ferral 21/02/2014

    Fallout New Vegas : Old World Blues

    After waking in the research center after losing your brain, heart and spine, you are tasked by the scientists (brains in jars using monitors for eyes and mouths) to save them from their experiments. You would think after losing those vital parts of your anatomy that you would either die or at least have difficulty getting about, but no, you have had a weird makeover that gives you a few new perks to help get you on your way!!

    This DLC has a very 50's / 60's Sci Fi Americana feel to it like an old black & white B Movie. A decent sized underground set of labs filled with mutants and various other strange oddities and not forgetting the atomic robots / dogs, you still have to stop Dr Mobius also (Mad Wacked Out Scientist).

    The voice acting alongside the whole setting is superb, each of the scientists talk in different ways like one only talks in static and another only shouts. There is some great fun dialogue in there.

    It is a genuinely funny and superb slice of DLC for New Vegas after the poorer Honest Hearts and Dead Money. I felt it had a kind of similar feel to where you are in the sleep tank in Fallout 3 and go back to the 50's with full black and White filter!

    This is the type of DLC I personally enjoy, yeah its Fallout but manages to disconnect enough to take you on a surreal funny ride.
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  • Suda 51's Killer is Dead hits PC in May

  • Ferral 17/02/2014

    Cool to see the PC getting a few games that were console only titles.

    I would like to see Shadows of the Damned on PC next, have it on PS3 already and love it, granted very weird but highly playable action / horror game.
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  • Microsoft's PC gaming chief leaves after just six months

  • Ferral 13/02/2014

    @bad09 Yeah completely agree, there are unofficial fixes to remove GFWL for quite a few titles and like you say fixed files to bypass authentication etc It's easy enough to do this taking only a few seconds to fix the game.

    Thing is though we should not have to do that with games we have bought and legally own.

    If stuff doesn't get GFWL removed by the companies involved they are literally saying to us tough, we have your money now scoot (being polite there!! )
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