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  • Westwood's Blade Runner is an all-time classic in danger of being forgotten

  • Ferral 07/10/2017

    Been playing through this again after I don't know how many years and loving every minute of it.

    Picked up a big box copy off eBay for around £15 earlier this year.

    Getting it running was pretty easy in all fairness, you do a full install and then download a few files that join everything together and makes it run on modern systems without the need of the discs (something to do with the cinematics).

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  • Share your favourite moments from Obsidian games and win consoles!

  • Ferral 11/09/2017

    The bit on South Park : Stick of Truth where you end up in your parents bedroom, having to dodge body parts (for the want of better words) while fighting the Underpants Gnomes. Yeah it is wrong on so many levels but absolutely hilarious at the same time. Much like the bit with Big Gay Al which comes a close second! Reply 0
  • Near mint: A conversation with game collectors

  • Ferral 20/08/2017

    I have just counted up my entire collection, I have 2362 physical games, around 80 of those are modern titles like Skyrim for the PC but it is just a Steam code with the disk and PS3 & PS4 games. Biggest set of games is for my Commodore 64 which is now at 1038, Amstrad at 274 and Atari ST at 259.

    I love the artwork and tactile feel of the boxes and their manuals and the old media like 3.5"/5.25" discs and the good old audio cassette. I do tend to buy stuff now for the C64 that I couldn't get back in the mid to late 80's due to age and being at school. I got my C64 back around 2013 and a load of stuff was missing, thankfully machine and my favourite games were there (bar Zak McKraken on disc), it came back with a fair bit of stuff. Over the past 4 years via eBay and other sites I have managed to replace most of the missing stuff.

    Love the old machines as well as new stuff, the big box Atari ST & Amiga stuff are what REALLY take up the space much like big box PC games of the era. I wish on the ST & Amiga with most games they used the small card boxes, Addams Family as an example is a single 3.5" disc and the instructions are a littlle larger, it comes in an A4 sized box! I can understand the Microprose Sims and games like Monkey Island which had loads of extras in the box and loads of discs but for single/double disc games a jewel case or small box would have been adequate.

    I know one day I will have to let all this stuff go when I get older but in the here and now I love it and use it regularly!
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  • Watch: The Crackdown game you never knew existed

  • Ferral 25/06/2017

    Love Crack Down, it's one of my all time favourite games (never seen the arcade out in the wild though to this day) have it on tape for C64 and Atari ST disc, I do have the Amiga version also but it's in the thin small card square box that is the Kixx re release. Great game that is even better in co op. One of the classic games that has aged really well and still plays as good today as it did nearly 30 years ago.

    The C64 version in the pic I bought from Topsoft in Stockton late 80's, it has survived nicely and still works great.

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  • Ubisoft E3 2017 live report

  • Ferral 12/06/2017

    Looks like its BGE 2 :) Reply 0
  • Ferral 12/06/2017

    We need Beyond Good & Evil 2 Reply 0
  • EA Play 2017 live report

  • Ferral 10/06/2017

    Its cool they are moving away from a season pass, the first game split the playerbase up into what you owned, the DLC content had its own area.

    Pleased they are doing what Respawn done with Titanfall 2
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  • Watch: The Friday the 13th game you never knew existed

  • Ferral 09/06/2017

    @IanHigton I have a HUGE collection of Commodore 64 stuff, been updating my spreadsheet over past few days and I now have 976 original titles for the machine!! Reply +3
  • Ferral 09/06/2017

    @IanHigton I got lucky, as I was replacing my missing childhood copy and only paid around a tenner for it delivered and I discovered the capsules in there! Reply 0
  • Ferral 09/06/2017

    I have this on my C64 on tape, still has the original foaming capsules there but they are dried out and squashed, certainly wouldn't want to use them!! The home computer version were a bit of a let down, trouble was the instructions are clear as mud, you have to get as many councillors to the safe haven which you have to find certain items and place them there first. Then you have to work out who Jason is actually mimicking and take them out. Reply +1
  • PlayStation 3 production ends soon in Japan

  • Ferral 17/03/2017

    How can you miss Demon's Souls in the other exclusives bit at the end?!

    Yeah there was King's Field before it but Demon's Souls rocketed From Software to fame and the now loved be many Dark Souls.

    I do like my PS3, I have it setup on a second TV in the bedroom, there are some great games on it, exclusive or not. I do love my PS4 but keep going back to Shadows of the Damned, MGS4, Red Dead Redemption and quite a few others.

    A few weeks back I replaced all the contact pads in the controllers so they are working like new again, I noticed the batteries are starting to swell a little so will replace them in the next few days. (Cheaper than new controllers!
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  • Watch: Johnny cooks stuffed grape leaves from The Elder Scrolls Online

  • Ferral 22/02/2017

    To cool rice down refill the pan with cold water, rice keeps cooking while it is boiling hot.

    Enjoying these weekly shows :)
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  • Broken dragons: In praise of Morrowind, a game about game design

  • Ferral 07/02/2017

    I reinstalled Morrowind a few weeks back and installed Morroblivion which makes it run as an Oblivion mod so the combat feels better and it looks amazing

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  • Watch: How Aoife learned to love multiplayer games again

  • Ferral 21/12/2016

    I got back into multiplayer this year with Titanfall 2, no death count recorded in a match and scored on the objective, had me hooked from the moment I started it. Reply +1
  • PlayStation Experience 2016 live report

  • Ferral 03/12/2016

    Hoping for at least PS1 discs available to play on PS4 Reply 0
  • Black Friday deals for Saturday 26th November

  • Ferral 26/11/2016

    You can get Mafia 3 on PC (Steam - Europe & UK) for £16.35 at Instant Gaming presently :

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  • Titanfall 2 fails to beat Titanfall sales in UK

  • Ferral 31/10/2016

    I am loving Titanfall 2, a campaign worth playing and the multiplayer is excellent, the multiplayer is great regardless of skill as you can rack up points via objectives, participation is key.

    It is strange that they have released it between 2 of this years biggest names, maybe a few weeks earlier or later in November would have been a better idea.

    After all the positive reviews I am hoping that the franchise will continue in the future
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  • THQ Nordic buys Delta Force, F-22 series and is open to revival ideas

  • Ferral 31/10/2016

    Tachyon is one of my favorite space games, have the original big box PC version and also have it on Steam, Bruce Campbell's voice talent adds to it nicely. A new game in that universe would be cool and some new Delta Force games, last one I played was Land Warrior which was excellent. Reply +5
  • Digital Foundry vs Skyrim Special Edition

  • Ferral 30/10/2016

    I got this free with having the original and all dlc already on PC.

    I was looking at the mods on the PC version on day of release, I installed a few environmental ones, nothing that messes with the mechanics or would be classed as cheats, adding a few buildings to things like mines so the people there have homes and they can be used in the radiant quests. When loading a save game though the achievements get disabled unlike the original with Steam Workshop.

    Not really sure on it at the moment, yeah it is Skyrim which is awesome regardless but a modded PC version I feel looks way better.
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  • Infamous video game movie director Uwe Boll retires from filmmaking

  • Ferral 27/10/2016

    I remember watching his Postal movie and laughed all the way through it, his bad directing etc depicted the game perfectly. The 2nd Dungeon Siege movie he done with Dolph Lungdren in all fairness was pretty good.

    Strange guy, just who will the internet rib on next for bad movie adapted games
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  • Stars align for Diablo 4 reveal at BlizzCon

  • Ferral 17/10/2016

    Shouldn't the sub header on this article be "Always to the East" Reply 0
  • Spectrum classic Slightly Magic gets remastered on Steam

  • Ferral 04/10/2016

    I bought this on Android & IOS, great game, going to grab it on Steam now, at under £3 it is worth every penny

    Just noticed that there are some free desktop wallpapers on Steam for it :)
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  • Game Genie declassified: That summer I played 230 Game Boy games

  • Ferral 24/09/2016

    @Some_Goats I now own an original +2 and the black +2A, the Multiface 3 I have doesn't work on the original grey machine.

    Usually with the 128k stuff like the Ocean conversions and film tie ins they are single load and you freeze them once loaded and then enter the pokes and restart game (same way as the C64 AR carts)

    However some slightly older games like Rastan on the Spectrum you have to stop the tape when the music starts and then enter the pokes, restart and then load the level afterwards.

    I remember there being a bug in the first JSW on Speccy where you couldn't collect one of the items and the devs issues a poke so you could collect it (poke was distributed to the computer shops and it also got sent to Crash and Your Sinclair etc), a few weeks later the game was fixed and new verrsion released.
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  • Ferral 24/09/2016

    I never owned a Gameboy or Game Genie at the time as still into my C64 & Amiga 500 early 90's. I had (and still have) my Action Replay Mk 4 for my C64 which allows you to enter pokes usually found in Zzap or other magazines of the day.

    It is cool reading articles like this, at the time when using things like the Game Genie, Action Replay, Multiface etc you never really put much thought into where the codes came from
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  • PlayStation Meeting 2016 live report

  • Ferral 07/09/2016

    CoD meets Doom & Aliens Reply 0
  • Ferral 07/09/2016

    @alexatkin Yeah, same here, looks like what an upper mid range PC can do and has been doing for around a year or so now Reply +1
  • Ferral 07/09/2016

    Think they need to tone the bloom effect back a bit Reply 0
  • Ferral 07/09/2016


    Probably Killzone
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  • Ferral 07/09/2016

    Hope they are going to introduce some sort of backwards compatibility with PS1&2, got a stack of games here and would like to be able to put the machines away! Reply 0
  • The battle to fix Britain's internet heats up

  • Ferral 06/09/2016

    BT keep going on about upping broadband speeds but instead of doing that in big cities why not invest in bringing better fiber broadband to smaller towns. I live in a smallish village less than 1Km away from the town, the fiber goes to a cabinet 900m away from our property but the speed is terrible, at times only hitting 7Mbps during peak hours and then levelling out between 18-22Mbps overnight (usually after 10pm).

    Something needs doing as Virgin Media aren't in my area, they have installed to the next town over from us and we are hoping they come our way but there is nothing as of yet, a few people from our street have registered on cable my street from them so fingers crossed.
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  • Three seasons of Hitman episodes apparently planned

  • Ferral 08/08/2016

    @jabberwocky I was thinking the same thing!!

    Bangkok is 4th!!
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  • Watch: Ian introduces Chris to the ZX Spectrum

  • Ferral 08/08/2016


    Ok, so one similar to Tantalus was Terminus

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  • Ferral 08/08/2016

    @BobbyDeNiro How about Nonteraqueous or Phantom of the Asteroids by Mastertronic

    Soul of a Robot

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  • Ferral 08/08/2016

    @BobbyDeNiro There is Captain Fizz which is a top down Gauntlet esque game set on a spaceship which has pretty small sprites.

    There is also Laser Tag and Space Crusade which are top down on 8 Bit.

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  • Ferral 07/08/2016

    @BobbyDeNiro That actually sounds like Alien, top view of the ship and you have to move the team around on the different floors to get supplies etc and eventually escape

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  • Ferral 07/08/2016

    @djayjp Yeah, the NES did come here but it was in such a large competetive market. My wife owned one back in the day but for the most part Spectrum & Commodore were the kings in the UK with only a handful owning Atari 8 Bit and the MSX machines.

    We had computing for schools where the BBC had Acorn design a computer that would be put into schools. Hence why there is a lot of love for the BBC Model B, granted only the really rich kids had BBC computers though at home! These Model B's introduced a lot of us to computing early 80s so we went home and badgered our parents for a computer and they bought us one for "homework :P"

    We also didn't suffer from the early 80s videogame crash that affected North America. Once again this was down to the home grown Spectrum 48k and the American Commodore 64.

    Biggest let down with the 8 Bits was were the NES has 2 buttons for games, one for jump and another to fire or whatever else the machines we had only had 1 fire button so you had to push up on your joystick to jump, so games like Commando you had to tap space bar to throw a grenade and Gryzor (Contra) you had to tap space to jump.

    Either way, computers were big in the UK and Europe. Nintendo designed and marketed the NES as a toy, hence why they initially released it with that robot. They done this to get it into Toys R Us in the USA and restore faith in the market, Nintendo essentially were the company that fixed the declining market
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  • Ferral 06/08/2016

    @djayjp Yeah but the NES wasn't really that big in the UK, first major console to land was the 16Bit Megadrive which came out in PAL territories 1990.

    Up until then the home computer still thrived, early 90s I was still buying tapes and disks for my C64.

    Not forgetting that the Amiga which launched 1987 (followed by the Atari ST once Jack Tramiel left CBM and took over Atari).

    1989 a lot of us 8Bit computer users were still using things like the Amstrad CPC, C64 & Spectrum 128 machines. Some of the best games came out late in their lives.

    The games alone on tape were between £8-£10 which were affordable to teens back then, the pricing of the NES carts were £30 putting them out the price range for us.

    Then throw in that a lot of us started using the Amiga & Atari ST after getting a job / apprenticeship so we bought these new 16Bit machines late 80s & early 90s by either saving up or buying them from a catalogue.

    So again the NES for us computer users was a bit pointless
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  • Ferral 06/08/2016

    @HewsonConsultantsLtd See, you guys should know me, more of a C64 guy owning most the HEWSON catalogue on tape (bought back on Day 1 and still own them), Cybernoid 2 on C64 & ST but preferred the original on the Speccy.

    Mind you Zamzara & Slayer on your Rack It label are still some of my favorites!
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  • Ferral 06/08/2016

    I think you need to replace your drive belts on that +2, it is rewinding REALLY slowly. You can get new belts from Dataserve Retro.

    You can get modded Commodore 64 C2N Datasettes that have had a speaker attached if you wanted to hear the tape loading sound.

    Personally us C64 owners back in the day always battled with the Spectrum owners on the school yard. After getting my 1985 C64 Breadbin back in 2013 from my mother I decided to pick up a Spectrum +2, the one I have is a black +2A which is more inkeeping with the older Spectrum machines. Must admit I do love the machine, has some great looking graphics and a lot of the Ocean games are a single longer load (things like Robocop & Batman).

    I was given a grey +2 last year from one of my wifes friends, the power in adapter was coming loose from the motherboard, the drive belts had kinks in them with standing for so long and the screen was all garbled as a heatsink had been added to the ULA and there was way to much thermal paste added so I hd to remove heatsink and clean all the pins that were covered in thermal compound.

    Spare parts bought from Dataserve and I replaced the power connector and belts and now the machine works like new.

    Favourite games on Speccy :

    Head Over Heels
    Ghouls & Ghosts 128
    Karnov (way better than C64 version)
    New Zealand Story
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  • Amazon marks GTA5, FIFA 16, Minecraft and more as "exclusively for Prime members"

  • Ferral 22/04/2016

    @riceNpea It is decent enough but I feel Netflix has a better selection. You do get Prime Music also which is really good. Prime Video does have series that Netflix doesn't have like Constantine, Black Sails and so on.

    As a whole package it is pretty good, one thing it does have over Netflix is that you can rent movies from them (like movies on PS4 or through the Sky Store), ideal for the movies that are watch once type thing
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  • Ferral 22/04/2016

    You can do monthly now with Prime which gives you access to their movies and music on top of the next day delivery.

    The streaming movies and tv shows aren't quite as good as Netflix as some of the stuff you still have to pay for but I have found stuff that isn't on Netflix is usually on Amazon and vice versa. The Amazon music streaming is REALLY good, it adds purchased CD's to your account but you also have access to user playlists (also creating your own) and so much music you would be hard pushed to not find what you are looking for.

    Then the next day delivery, granted having to wait in all day can be a pain, this only matters though if it is larger items but games and media will just post through letterbox.

    So for £8 a month it is a pretty good service

    On the flip side of that though the Amazon Prime price is higher than buying from a marketplace seller that offers free delivery
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  • Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D now on Steam

  • Ferral 30/03/2016

    Strange that it has took this long to land on Steam, it released a while ago on GOG when they started releasing the Lucasarts Star Wars stuff. Cool regardless :) Reply +2
  • Digital Foundry: the best gaming CPUs for the money

  • Ferral 13/03/2016

    I would love to know where Digital Foundry managed to get hold of an FX 8350 for less than £100, even their link to Amazon has it priced at £140.

    I honestly don't know where they are getting their 8350 figures from, I am asuming that they have mixed something up as the FX8350 comes in on recommended spec for games on PC now alongside the i7

    I am running an FX8350 with 8Gb DDR3 1600 and a Radeon R9 380 Nitro and not seeing low frames etc from it in the light that DF are currently showing.

    I think there is something wrong with the test methodology here when a dual core i3 is out performing an 8 core FX chip......
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  • Is it finally time to upgrade your Core i5 2500K?

  • Ferral 21/02/2016

    I am quite surprised that Digital Foundry don't include some of the AMD CPU's in articles like these. Take the Phenom II X4 965BE which can be overclocked pretty high which is also from 2011, at the time that CPU came in a lot cheaper than the Intel CPU's. In turn this is great for people with families as it means you can afford something mid / higher range without breaking the bank (AM3 Boards were cheaper that the Intel boards also)

    Newer generation things like the FX 8350 should be included for higher end tests, again this CPU is a fair bit cheaper than the Intel line. Looking at Sys Requirements site, Steam and so on newer games are asking for quad core as minimum (usually 3.4Ghz) and recommended points at an i7 or the FX 8350.
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  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon on Wii U Virtual Console this week

  • Ferral 08/02/2016

    @Saddoking Yeah, the new 3DS can play all 3DS games and also the older DS stuff, you can also get changeable face plates for it. I decided against personally with only 1 game available for it. Mind you the extra analog you get on it does mean you have a full 3D camera on stuff like Majoras mask.

    I went standard XL though as my wife just over a week later allowed me to order the Xenoblade Wii U bundle and a few games to keep expenditure down a bit.
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  • Ferral 08/02/2016

    @Saddoking I picked up a Silver 3DS XL with Luigis Mansion 2 (Dark Moon) for just over £100 from Amazon a few weeks back and loving it. There is also the New 3DS and XL version but so far there has only been Xenoblade Chronicles released for it (not compatiblle with prior 3DS either)

    So I would go for one of the XL bundles available, bear in mind that Nintendo no longer put a charger in the box with the 3DS either so you will need to either already own one or get one when you buy the machine.

    As for games definitely pick up Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask, they are priced at around £35 each so get one at a time, I would also get A Link Between Worlds (I do enjoy the Zelda games). My favorite Mario game on it is Dream Team which is kind of like Mario RPG, full 3D world to explore but the battlles play out turn based like Final Fantasy.
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  • Jade Raymond building "Assassin's Creed-style game" for EA

  • Ferral 17/11/2015

    Must admit The Saboteur was a pretty good open world game, done by Pandemic and published by EA. They could always return to that world and expand on it. Reply +3
  • SNES game Super Star Wars out on PS4/Vita this week

  • Ferral 16/11/2015

    Bloody hell, this is something big right here, loved the trilogy on SNES, Factor 5 also did an awesome Indiana Jones game which plays similar.

    Watching PSN now for release
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  • PlayStation Paris Games Week 2015 conference live report

  • Ferral 27/10/2015

    I am hoping that they announce classics (PS1 & 2) on the PS4 either digital or being able to run orginal discs. Reply 0
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 2GB vs 4GB review

  • Ferral 18/10/2015

    @CaptainKid Yeah, I had it overclocked a few days back up to 3.8 and it made a difference with games that have a lot of physics.

    I am on the stock cooler though and when running prime 95 it was maxxing out close to upper safe temperature (62 Celcius) so dropped it back to stock.

    I will be doing the overclock again in a few weeks time when I get a better CPU cooler
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