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  • Reader Review of the Month - July

  • Fayt 09/08/2011

    Thanks for the kind words :) and well done to the winner and other runner up, both well deserved. Reply 0
  • Star Ocean: The Last Hope for spring

  • Fayt 29/01/2009

    That twist ruined of what I thought, up until that point had been a great storyline. I really hope that the Last Hope doesn't have such stupidity going and spoiling things. Reply 0
  • Fallout 3 to be patched on all platforms

  • Fayt 24/11/2008

    Other people have had the same issue and as far as I can see my disc looks fine, but thanks for trying to help anyway. It might have something to do with certain 360 consoles compatability with the game, or more likely people haven't done whatever it is that triggers the bugs. Whatever it is, some people have had next to no problems (in which case I'm happy for you, for being able to enjoy a fantastic game without any problems), whilst others like me are left feeling frustrated at some serious bugs (or whatever it is they are) which I sure hope the incoming patch will swat. Reply 0
  • Fayt 24/11/2008

    It keeps crashing when I visit Rivet city, every single time without fail, meaning some quests are currently inaccessible to me. Minor bugs are acceptable with such an ambitious game, but for things like this to happen it's simply unacceptable, especially when you consider the price of games. It's easily the buggiest and most broken game I've ever had the displeasure of playing, which is a shame as everything is in place for a fantastic experience and indeed it is when everything is working as it should. Reply 0
  • BioShock

  • Fayt 23/07/2008

    I played the 360 version and whilst it was a very good game, it was far from the near perfection that most reviews seemed to suggest. On occassion I found it to be repetitive, especially some of the latter moments of the game and didn't like the fact that due to the overy generous checkpoint system there was next to no challenge in the game. but the atmosphere and story were both easily the strongest elements and to play, it was solid (though flawed) Reply 0
  • Jade Empire added to Xbox Originals

  • Fayt 23/07/2008

    Yeah, Jade Empire is brilliant. I prefer its martial arts theme over Mass Effect's science fiction theme (which isn't to say I didn't enjoy it, because I very much did) I preferred the combat to KOTOR and loved the lovely graphical style. I may very well make a return trip to it one of these days, but to play a sequel would be even better, so I sure hope that shows up sometime in the near future. Reply 0
  • Rise of the Argonauts

  • Fayt 07/07/2008

    As much as I don't like the mans interpretation of what an RPG should be, I'm still liking the sound of this. Reply 0
  • No Ass Creed 2 this year, confirms Ubi

  • Fayt 25/06/2008

    It may not have delivered all that it promised, but personally, I found the first game to be hugely entertaining. Because of Altiair's smooth animation, he was an utter joy to take charge of, whilst the world was wonderfully immersive. It was far from perfect, with repetition being its primary issue, but I'd still go as far to say that it was one of my games of 2007. Reply 0
  • Buzz! Quiz TV

  • Fayt 25/06/2008

    I have never played a Buzz game before, but have this one ordered :) Reply 0
  • PSP Roundup

  • Fayt 17/06/2008

    Riviera is great, perhaps even one of the PSP's better RPGS. It's sense of humour is utterly charming and the inventiveness of the gameplay facets gives it a lovely refreshing feel. The only real problems I had with it was its dreadfully limited inventory space, of which becomes progressively more difficult to manage as you get further in and of course the trigger point problem that is brought up in the review, is also a bit of an issue. But otherwise I've got a lot of love for the game :) Reply 0
  • Double-header for XBLA tomorrow

  • Fayt 17/06/2008

    Both of them sound rather interesting, so I'm looking forward to trying them both out. Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy XIII on show this summer

  • Fayt 11/06/2008

    I really hope this is a return to form after FFXII. I did enjoy it, but compared to all the other games of the series that I've played, it's not brilliant and not even amongst the best RPGS. Very good game, yes, but certainly not in the league of the best FF's. Reply 0
  • Infinite Undiscovery

  • Fayt 10/06/2008

    I hope it plays as good as it looks. Reply 0
  • Star Ocean: The Last Hope

  • Fayt 10/06/2008

    Inquisitor, yeah, I completely agree about the character designs. They look uninspired and could have easily been lifted from any number of JRPGS. Though if the game itself is as good as Star Ocean 3, such minor flaws will be overshadowed by what will surely be one of the best RPGS around. Reply 0
  • Square Enix reveals 360 release dates

  • Fayt 10/06/2008

    After the genre was almost completely unrepresented on the original Xbox, who would have thought the 360 would become the home of Japanese RPGS, certainly not me. Reply 0
  • Call of Duty 5 name and details

  • Fayt 09/06/2008

    I actually preferred COD3 over the second game. The large scale battles were even more intense and the inclusion of partial destruction in the environments played at least a small part in that. In regards to bugs, I didn't experience a single problem during my time with the game. Personally I find it to be a far better game than its prequel, but not quite as good as the wonderful COD4. So even though it may not be in the hands of Infinty Ward I'm still looking very forward to playing the fifth game. Reply 0
  • The Incredible Hulk - Launch trailer

  • Fayt 08/06/2008

    I hope this is as "incredible" as Ultimate Destruction. It Certainly looks nice anyway. Reply 0
  • Secret Apprentice for Soulcalibur IV

  • Fayt 06/06/2008

    They're cramming a lot of content into this, so I'm just hoping that they've still concentrated on the one area that really matters (the gameplay you dummies;) If they have, then very good news indeed for having a beautiful, enjoyable and amazingly substantial game. Reply 0
  • Ninja Gaiden's Itagaki quits Tecmo

  • Fayt 03/06/2008

    His output has been very good, though in my view, he certainly doesn't possess the genius of the likes of Miyamoto and Kojima. I do hope he get himself a job elsewhere in the industry though, as I feel he would be somewhat of a loss, of which I'm sure Team Ninja will be currently feeling at losing their master ninja. Reply 0
  • PS3 "first and foremost" a games console

  • Fayt 03/06/2008

    Hopefully, this will mean more good games for the future. Reply 0
  • Alpha Protocol

  • Fayt 02/06/2008

    I'm very interested in seeing how this turns out, and am very much intrigued by the meshing of RPG and spy themes. Reply 0
  • Wii Roundup

  • Fayt 31/05/2008

    Really enjoying Tunguska myself, though I have to admit that being largely a console based gamer, I've played few games of its type. Some of the puzzles are a bit obscure and the voice acting ranges from average to awful, but I'm liking it enough to see more of what the genre has to offer. Reply 0
  • Atari's Phil Harrison

  • Fayt 29/05/2008

    For me, nothing beats a well crafted single player game, which isn't to say that from time to time I don't enjoy the occassional multiplayer skirmish and whatnot. But generally multiplayer focused games and modes lack the immersion and substantial narrative that I seek from my games and just overall don't offer as satisfying as an experience. Despite what Phil Harrison says, happily I don't see single player games dying out any time soon as there's certainly no sign of them drying up. Reply 0
  • Saints Row 2 delayed to October

  • Fayt 29/05/2008

    I'm glad it's been delayed as I heard it was a bit buggy, so hopefully some of these bugs will be ironed out (probably not all though as sandbox games are with them being ambitious and all, prone to bugs) . I really enjoyed the first game too, though overall it does now feel a bit dated next to GTAIV. It does stil manage to do certain aspects more proficiently than Rockstars game though, such as the GPS system and the side-missions. I'm looking forward to see how this sequel compares to GTAIV and I can't wait to play what I'm sure will be a very good alternative. Reply 0
  • WiiWare Roundup

  • Fayt 29/05/2008

    Already have My Life As a King and Lost Winds (both of which are excellent) but out of that handful of games I'm interested in playing Toki Tori and TV Show King. Reply 0
  • Death's daughter to star in Venetica

  • Fayt 28/05/2008

    Gnort, you may very well be right, though there's a chance it's an action RPG. Reply 0
  • Fayt 28/05/2008

    It's an RPG so that gets my interest levels peaked immediately, so hope this is another good addition to a genre I enjoy very much. From a visual standpoint, it does look rather average and archaic, though I do hope it fares better in the all important enjoyment department. Reply 0
  • Alone in the Dark

  • Fayt 28/05/2008

    This is easily one of my most wanted games of the year, I just hope it won't turn out to be a disappointment. Reply 0
  • Capcom confirms SF IV for consoles, PC

  • Fayt 28/05/2008

    Looking forward to it, and this time I might even make the effort to learn how to play it properly. Reply 0
  • Persona 4 - Rush trailer

  • Fayt 27/05/2008

    I'm sure good old Koei will bring it our way. Reply 0
  • Super Mario Galaxy

  • Fayt 23/05/2008

    Very, enjoyable review. Reply 0
  • Resi 5 to feature online co-op

  • Fayt 23/05/2008

    I don't mind the inclusion of this, but I do hope they haven't focussed too much on it in favour of the single player. It would also be nice if they cut out the repetitive sections that the fourth game at times suffered from and of which was one of few real faults, along with the fact that - with few real jumps and no zombies - it just didn't feel like a Resident Evil game. Reply 0
  • New Oddworld game on the way

  • Fayt 23/05/2008

    I loved the older games, but felt that Stranger was a tad overated, so I hope the new game takes inspiration from those. Either way, I'm looking very much forward to playing it. Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

  • Fayt 21/05/2008

    Chose My Life as a King over Lost Winds and, whilst it has its share of flaws it is indeed a seriously addictive game, so very happy with my purchase. I only hope developers can keep up this level of quality for future Wiiware titles! Reply 0
  • We Love Golf!

  • Fayt 20/05/2008

    It is hideously ugly, cartoon-y visuals have been executed with far more detail in zillions of other games. But I'm confident that with Camelot's track record (I lost many hours to the original Everybody's golf) We Love Golf will play an immensely enjoyable round of golf and I'm looking very much forward to playing it, even with its hideous warts ;) Reply 0
  • The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon

  • Fayt 20/05/2008

    It looks beautiul, but if it's anything like the last game, to play it will be merely average. Reply 0
  • Jade Empire 2 makes noises

  • Fayt 06/01/2008

    Really enjoyed the first game and preferred the martial arts theme to Mass Effect's Science fiction theme. A sequel would be great! Reply 0
  • Resident Evil: Degeneration - Trailer

  • Fayt 06/01/2008

    But the games story and voice acting are the equivalent of a B movie, so it is really quite fitting, isn't it? I only wish for the reasons of true authenticity and hilarity that it was just as cheesy as the games. Reply 0
  • The Club - Renwick and Dragov

  • Fayt 31/12/2007

    It's very similar to Total Overdose and Chilli Con Carnage, which is no bad thing. Reply 0
  • Endless Ocean

  • Fayt 03/11/2007

    This looks to be a relaxing game. Reply 0
  • PS3: 12 Games of Christmas

  • Fayt 03/11/2007

    For those who just own a PS3, it's a more than a solid line up. However if you own a 360 too, it's not quite so good, though there is at least still games like Uncharted to look forward to for the remainder of the year. Reply 0
  • Uwe hits out at "Boll bashers"

  • Fayt 17/08/2007

    To be fair, Boll does make some good points. For instance I feel that a lot of people who slate his movies, haven't even sat down and watched one and are simply just bashing them because it's currently one of the "cool" things to do. I watched Bloodrayne and whilst it's far from a classic, it is at the very least an average film and enjoyable enough to watch at least once. Reply 0
  • Red Steel

  • Fayt 26/12/2006

    Great, informative review! I only wish I could write as well as some of you guys can :( Reply 0
  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

  • Fayt 20/12/2006

    A very enjoyable review! Reply 0
  • Sonic The Hedgehog

  • Fayt 20/12/2006

    Brilliantly written and fair review! Reply 0
  • Black

  • Fayt 14/11/2006

    Fantastic review for a fantastic game :) Reply 0
  • Beat Down: Fist of Vengeance

  • Fayt 06/07/2006

    Fantastically written review, good job! Reply 0
  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

  • Fayt 06/07/2006

    A good, straight-to-the-point review! Reply 0
  • Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams

  • Fayt 23/06/2006

    Brilliantly written review, well done!! Reply 0
  • Map to a Lost Planet

  • Fayt 02/06/2006

    The demo is quite good, but the AI is truly dire. Reply 0