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  • Outlast's Whistleblower DLC breaks loose in May

  • FatalHybrid 11/04/2014

    Looking forward to this despite only finding the first 20 minutes of the base game scary. Hopefully they have worked on making the expansion less predictable as that's the only reason the scares failed to work on me. Reply +1
  • Tickets go on sale for EGX London 2014

  • FatalHybrid 02/04/2014

    Super pass bought. Looking forward to it :D. Reply 0
  • Unreal Engine 4 open to all for a $19 monthly fee

  • FatalHybrid 20/03/2014

    @arcam We won't see one dominant engine again..

    EA have;

    - Frostbite
    - CryEngine
    - Chameleon

    UbiSoft have;

    - Anvil Next
    - Disrupt Engine
    - Snowdrop Engine

    Square Enix have;

    - Luminous Engine

    ZeniMax have;

    - iD Tech 5
    - Creation Engine
    - Void Engine


    Every major developer/publisher at this point have their own proprietary engines. At one time they all had to rely on companies like Epic Games and Havok for engines, but now they don't. So for Epic Games to have such requirements will only limit the amount of buyers.
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  • Wii U has finally overtaken Xbox 360 in Japan

  • FatalHybrid 26/02/2014

    @kassmageant I don't think the same will happen here. In Japanese culture it's still very much the done thing to see friends in person and game with them. With this in mind handhelds are incredibly effective. In the West we have embraced the Internet far more to the point where meeting up in person still happens, but not as much. We're happier just logging on to Xbox Live or Steam if we want to play a game with a friend. Unless there is a huge shift in culture I don't see handhelds being the primary platform in the US and Europe. Reply +4
  • Microsoft turned down PlayStation 4 exclusive Rime

  • FatalHybrid 20/02/2014

    Companies in this industry will always make mistakes you just have to hope your mistakes aren't too costly. I remember Sony passing on Halo back in the day. Microsoft passed on Heavy Rain recently. Sometimes you just get it wrong and that's the best part of human run businesses, we make mistakes and that's what keeps things interesting. Reply +3
  • inFamous: Second Son will require a 24GB install

  • FatalHybrid 20/02/2014

    @bleeder Absolutely correct! The Xbox One lacks the ability to upgrade without voiding the warranty which is a silly move to be honest. What's more confusing is the system lacks any expansion bays of any kind for Microsoft to sell their own hard drives like they did with the Xbox 360. It's 100% non-upgradeable. Reply +2
  • FatalHybrid 19/02/2014

    @bleeder Just buy a PS4 and while you're at it order a 2TB HDD.. It'll probably end up cheaper than what Sony will charge for a 1TB model. The PS4 can be upgraded without voiding the warranty so you may as well do it. Reply +25
  • Current-gen and next-gen Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes compared in new video

  • FatalHybrid 19/02/2014

    @MoGamer2006 Just look at games like The Order: 1886 and you'll see what can be achieved when a game is built from the ground up for next-gen only. The Order: 1886 looks like it's from a completely different console generation than even the PlayStation 4 version of this game. Reply +2
  • PS4 sales shoot through 5m target ahead of Japan launch

  • FatalHybrid 18/02/2014

    @null I'd agree with that. I considered the Xbox One an impulse buy and I'm hardly rich or anything. There are so many things out there these days that dwarf the price of both these consoles that consumers buy on an almost yearly basis. The amount of people I know that upgrade their iPhone yearly at 600+. When that is taken into consideration 350 for something you'll be upgrading 5 years from now at the earliest is a bargain. Reply +1
  • Flappy Bird dev is removing popular app for some reason

  • FatalHybrid 09/02/2014

    "It also ruins my simple life".

    Erm, what? If it affects you so much just go away from the computer and enjoy life knowing you have a game making you a small fortune. I understand that some people just don't handle popularity well, but you can be popular and still be reclusive and ignore it all. In his case it's as easy as not going on Twitter..
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  • Call of Duty series enters three-year dev cycle

  • FatalHybrid 06/02/2014

    @ProtoformX Micro-DLC is the Activision term for Microtransactions. It's basically the premium weapon skins in Ghosts and Black Ops 2. You could just use the free ones provided but if you want your gun covered in bacon you gotta pay 3 for the privilege. Reply +17
  • MGS: Ground Zeroes can be completed in under two hours

  • FatalHybrid 05/02/2014

    @bad09 Especially considering it's only part 1 of Metal Gear Solid V. The Phantom Pain could be 200 hours long but the fact remains that Ground Zeroes is 30 and The Phantom Pain is 50. Is Metal Gear Solid V really worth 80 for the standard edition? I'm a huge Metal Gear Solid fanboy and even I can't defend this shit.. Reply +6
  • Titanfall's PC system requirements revealed

  • FatalHybrid 05/02/2014

    Anyone running Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will max this game with ease due to its Source heritage. I'd be surprised if most gaming PC owners weren't getting 120FPS+ from this title. Reply +3
  • 13GB Dead Rising 3 update released ahead of Operation Broken Eagle DLC

  • FatalHybrid 21/01/2014

    @TFM_Excalibur The fuss comes from the fact that it's still downloading 13GB and that on Xbox Live is a nightmare. I wouldn't mind if downloads were quick on the Xbox One but they aren't. The sad fact is I could download Max Payne 3 on Steam (36GB) and be half way through the campaign before this update finished. That's where I get annoyed, I don't care about size all that much. Reply +3
  • For this developer, Steam sales "screw your fans"

  • FatalHybrid 16/01/2014

    New game tax... I've always held the firm belief that if you want something first you always pay more than the guys willing to wait. These are merely decisions you have to make at the time and if the customer decides that they must play the game first then its on them if it goes for 75% off 3 months later. Reply +1
  • Codemasters has its own endless runner - with cars of course

  • FatalHybrid 13/01/2014

    Make it a lane switcher like Audiosurf and they could have something pretty fun but this just looks awkward. The one thing about having a static vehicle with the road moving is that they can all sorts of gameplay. They could have a speed mechanic that rewards you style points for going faster than the norm. Here the only thing that gets harder is the track and maybe I'm just not an "endless runner" fan but that's boring.. Reply +2
  • This is Get Even, the next-gen FPS from Painkiller dev The Farm 51

  • FatalHybrid 08/01/2014

    @Laythe_AD You only have to look at some of the Ureal Engine 4 demo's running on Tegra K1 to see how photoreal scenes can get with the right lighting applied. If photoreal scenes can be accomplished on a mobile GPU with likely one twentieth of the power modern GPU's have then this is likely legit. Reply -2
  • Third EA-owned company loses its leaders this month

  • FatalHybrid 06/01/2014

    @frazzl I'd hazard a guess at a simple lack of creative control..

    Take a studio like Chillingo. They likely got into the industry and mobile gaming so that they could make all sorts of games, but that just hasn't happened because since the EA takeover they've had to work on their one major success which was Cut The Rope.

    Move on to Criterion. They are a hugely successful studio and made some of the best racing games of all time. They created Burnout and they single handedly revitalized Need For Speed before inexplicably being taken off future games in the series. If one thing outlines a complete lack of control it's getting taken off a series that you've turned into one of the best around.

    EA are treating these studios like factories that pump out just one specific game. It wouldn't surprise me if the DICE founders are the next to go if EA drop them from Battlefield after the recent fiasco. EA isn't giving anyone a chance to try new things and when that happens this happens.
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  • UK chart: COD, it's Ghosts town

  • FatalHybrid 16/12/2013

    @grassyknoll Not looking likely. The top selling game for both PS4 and XONE is Call of Duty: Ghosts, followed by Battlefield 4, followed by FIFA 14.. I think unless those series go away or do something really bad to lose consumer loyalty it'll remain like this for a long time. Reply +16
  • Overachiever For a Day

  • FatalHybrid 15/12/2013

    @Old_Books Microsoft have changed it abit on Xbox One. You still get points but they now have timed challenges for instance "kill 10,000 zombies in Dead Rising 3 in the first 2 weeks after launch" if you do it you unlock a new avatar or clothing item or something else. These challenges can actually be somewhat challenging as well and because there are no points involved you do them because you want to, it works well. Reply +1
  • Beyonce's onto something, you know

  • FatalHybrid 14/12/2013

    This distribution path only works if you are big enough for people to actually give a shit. So realistically this path would likely only work for games like Assassins Creed, Call of Duty, Battlefield and FIFA which are all games that are so big that people will buy them based on the trailer at the announcement/launch event. This is why Beyonce has done this as it's not that much of a risk for her as she's the Call of Duty of the pop world, people buy her records en masse regardless of the advertising. Ultimately we now need to see what happens when a less popular artist does this, although I have a feeling that they won't because the more modest sized artists rely heavily on the advertising hype train just like most games do. Reply +1
  • PlayStation 4 outsells the Xbox One in US retail

  • FatalHybrid 13/12/2013

    @Merlynov Regularly.. Just the other day I chased down and shouted at someone leaving the store with a Samsung TV.. Being the owner of an LG one I just had to tell them how much of a noob they were for not getting the same one as me.. Don't you do this? Reply +17
  • Fable Anniversary release date and bonuses announced

  • FatalHybrid 12/12/2013

    Never understood how companies with such close ties to a console manufacturer can still end up releasing this on Xbox 360. Maybe it's just me but if I was in charge of heading up content for Xbox One, a remake of an unpolished gem such as this would make ideal launch window content. Reply +15
  • This Steam Machine "doesn't make any compromises for performance"

  • FatalHybrid 12/12/2013

    Shipping with a Titan at this point is a bit redundant considering the 780Ti has it beat and sells for less. Why would a Steam Machine SKU hell bent on performance, performance, performance have a Titan when it's not the best gaming GPU and actually makes the SKU a good 200 more expensive than it could be. Reply +5
  • Outside Xbox investigates The Division

  • FatalHybrid 07/12/2013

    @andrewsqual... at 30FPS. Reply +10
  • DICE has halted "future projects" while it fixes Battlefield 4

  • FatalHybrid 05/12/2013

    Scrap Battlefield 4 and give the world Battlefront 3.. We've waited long enough for it. Reply 0
  • Next-Gen Face-Off: Call of Duty: Ghosts

  • FatalHybrid 28/11/2013

    @hurst21uk They updated the engine and now everything seems to run worse. This is a game that requires a PC far more powerful than a next-gen console to stay at 60FPS as well. It's likely the engine and a lack of optimisation more than anything. Reply 0
  • Face-Off: Batman: Arkham Origins

  • FatalHybrid 17/11/2013

    @null Blame the CPU. The CPU in the Wii U is the weak link as the GPU is actually rather good all things considered. The CPU though is a huge bottleneck and I've heard numerous accounts that the CPU is that slow the CPU in an Xbox 360 beats it. It's unfortunate as if the CPU was better the games on Wii U would look drastically better than they do, perhaps not PS4 level as the GPU isn't to that level but closer than it is now. Reply +2
  • Downloadable Xbox One games have 1000 Gamerscore

  • FatalHybrid 15/11/2013

    "Games are games" - Microsoft..

    Clearing up a definition that gamers have never been confused by..
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  • Live: PlayStation 4 US launch event

  • FatalHybrid 14/11/2013

    Guess I'm waking up at 4am.. I'm not even buying a PS4 until early 2014 but I just can't get enough of live streams. Reply +1
  • This is how long it takes Xbox One to switch on

  • FatalHybrid 14/11/2013

    @xboner I agree with that. I'll probably spend the first week using the voice commands and then the novelty will die. Reply +2
  • FatalHybrid 14/11/2013

    I'll take a 10-15 second boot up time considering at this point and it may be my console but Xbox 360 takes like 60+ seconds to get me from turning it on to the dashboard. Reply +5
  • Sony investigating reports of defective PS4s

  • FatalHybrid 14/11/2013

    @bemaniac It was always going to happen but not because of issues.

    I always pictured people cancelling as the launch got closer because the reality of spending 350+ becomes more real, so people start to question if they really want it. Though Sony haven't helped matters by revealing some negatives about the console right as people will be doubting if it's worth it.

    The MP3/CD issue couldn't have come at a worse time. The End User Licence update which re-iterated games couldn't be sold and that Sony may record voice, text and video at all times didn't help. The loss of games pre-release didn't help.

    So pre-orders would have already started to get cancelled without the negatives, but the negatives merely helped that process along.
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  • Need for Speed Rivals runs at 1080p on Xbox One and PS4

  • FatalHybrid 13/11/2013

    @RoOhDaMite The PC version is locked to 30FPS as well so the frame rate is no indication of platform power in this instance.. The devs explained why a while back and I forget exactly, something about a gameplay mechanic they added worked better at 30FPS or something. A Google search should find the article though. Reply +3
  • PlayStation 4 doesn't support 3D Blu-rays

  • FatalHybrid 13/11/2013

    @djronz. Xbox One can't play 3D Blu-Rays either though in Microsoft's case it's less surprising as they've never really cared for 3D. Sony not supporting the format though is bizarre. Reply +13
  • Angry Birds Star Wars confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One

  • FatalHybrid 30/10/2013

    Sealed the deal for me. I'm getting a next-gen system.. Reply 0
  • Face-Off Preview: Battlefield 4 next-gen vs. PC

  • FatalHybrid 29/10/2013

    @Farrow The same reason why TV stores crank up the brightness and contrast to near unusable levels because it looks amazing at first glance.

    If you look through the NeoGAF forum on these comparisons there are more people saying they prefer the Xbox One version because of this. High contrast and sharper looking images seem to appeal to more people than more natural looking images do.

    It all comes down to preference but it seems quite a lot of people like the image quality Microsoft are going for on Xbox One. Though we should already be aware of this as the same thing happened 8 years ago with the Xbox 360.
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  • FatalHybrid 29/10/2013

    @Kittenwithbeer I personally think anyone that was pre-ordering the Xbox One believing it would match PS4 in every game was always going to be disappointed.

    I pre-ordered the Xbox One over the PS4 knowing it wouldn't win in most face off's. I pre-ordered the Xbox One because the launch titles appealed to me more. So seeing this doesn't disappoint me in the slightest.

    Though I am in a situation where once games like InFamous comes out I'll be getting the PS4 as well, so maybe that has a part to play in quelling any disappointment I perhaps should have, who knows. This is great for early PS4 adopters though as BF4 is looking pretty good.
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  • Rockstar explains GTA Online cash stimulus delay

  • FatalHybrid 25/10/2013

    I'm waiting for the announcement where it's now going to be $750,000 just to make up for the delay of free money. Reply +27
  • Watch Microsoft's expensive-looking Xbox One ad, starring Steven Gerrard and Spock

  • FatalHybrid 25/10/2013

    @breaking_good It works doesn't it? I mean they've seen a market growth of close to 65 million customers in a generation. The Kinect for a failure sold close to half the 80 million units the Xbox 360 sold and Xbox is now synonymous with some of the biggest franchises in the world. They may have thrown money at things to get to this point but its worked and considering that I cannot fault Microsoft for continuing to do what works. Reply +10
  • Letter from America: why Wii U isn't selling

  • FatalHybrid 20/10/2013

    @Pinky_Floyd I don't own an Xbox One or PS4 yet but I'm definitely and expert on them. I could tell anyone everything about them from games to interface to in-depth hardware specs.

    You don't need to own something to know everything about it. Hell I probably know more about the Wii U than most Wii U owners because that's the kind of research I put in.

    It's like with anything though. It's often the people that don't buy into something that know the most about it because they did the research to realise it's not for them.
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  • Crytek boss discusses Xbox One exclusive Ryse's 900p resolution

  • FatalHybrid 30/09/2013

    @Ignatius_Cheese As sad and as wasteful as it may be I only have the Day One edition of the game pre-ordered so I have the full set of Day One edition games. I have very little interest in the title itself which may actually help me enjoy it if I do play it as I have very low expectations. Reply 0
  • Xbox One exclusive Ryse runs at 900p

  • FatalHybrid 17/09/2013

    While this is a concern as someone with an Xbox One pre-order I will perhaps naively assume that this is launch title teething issues, I'm just hoping that further into the consoles lifespan that this starts to become less common. Reply -2
  • PlayStation 4 bundle includes Killzone, Camera, second DualShock

  • FatalHybrid 30/08/2013

    @DSR3 ShopTo have a swap feature, the button will be next to your pre-order in the my account area. Click that button and it gives you a list of bundles you can swap to in place of your current pre-order without losing your place in line. Reply +6
  • PlayStation 4 launch line-up revealed

  • FatalHybrid 21/08/2013

    @harzo January 2014 release, it's about as close to launch window without being in the launch window. Reply 0
  • Xbox One built to automatically tackle overheating

  • FatalHybrid 14/08/2013

    This is a good idea provided it works.. Not 100% confident in it working as intended though. Reply 0
  • id Software's first attempt at Doom 4 "didn't have a personality"

  • FatalHybrid 05/08/2013

    I'd love them to release a trailer showing us what the original Doom 4 was going to look like. I mean yes we got the leaked artwork but it's another to see it in real time. I know asking to see something like that is potentially teasing especially if gamers like the direction it was heading, but so many of these things remain hidden when they could be used as an almost "what not to do in game development" guide if it was that bad. Reply 0
  • Capcom announces Ultra Street Fighter 4

  • FatalHybrid 15/07/2013

    @Vashetti Lots;

    Street Fighter II
    Street Fighter II: Champion Edition
    Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting
    Super Street Fighter II
    Super Street Fighter II Turbo
    Hyper Street Fighter II
    Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

    So far Street Fighter IV isn't as bad as that, though it is getting there. If they manage to draw out an arcade edition of Ultra Street Fighter IV in a year or two then it'll be approaching the same number of editions as the classic above.
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  • New real-money Xbox dash raises game prices

  • FatalHybrid 10/07/2013

    Maybe this is why I'm not a businessman but if I ran a company that was actually selling things slightly cheaper than my nearest rival my mind would not instantly jump to, "oh joy! I can now start charging more for my games". If anything I would be more inclined to keep the price difference or work towards making the gap even larger. To me great marketing can come from "our stuff is 2 cheaper, or 4 cheaper than on PS3", why would they make that price disparity disappear? I get that they will get more money in the short term, but I like to think that if you price something low enough you'll attract everyone thus making more money long term.. Reply +6
  • Windows chief set to replace Don Mattrick as Xbox boss

  • FatalHybrid 03/07/2013

    I'd have taken the arrogant and smug looking Phil Spencer over this appointment as at least he knows games and is at least interested in them. I think that is what Microsoft are lacking, they are lacking someone at the top that actually cares about games.

    I mean look at Sony you have Jack Tretton who exudes love and enthusiasm for games, you can tell that when he has a bit of spare time he's smashing some hours into The Last of Us. You then have Shuhei Yoshida and Mark Cerny that live and breath gaming, I mean Mark Cerny has spent 35 years of his life in this industry and you can tell he loves every minute of it but you get none of that from Microsoft.
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