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  • Xbox One April system update includes voice messages

  • Farzlepot 27/03/2015


    Or any wireless keyboards. I keep a cheap Logitech keyboard on hand for just this reason.
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  • Double Xbox Games with Gold titles announced for April

  • Farzlepot 26/03/2015


    Some of the modern day bits won't make too much sense, but thankfully the modern day bits are fairly few and far between and you can safely ignore them. At least, that's what I did (I hadn't played an AC game since #2 when I picked it up, so I missed a bunch of plot).
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  • Farzlepot 26/03/2015

    With the 7th gen effectively over, I've been spending the last 24 months hoovering up the classics now that they're cheap. I never once stopped to consider GwG.

    So virtually every 360 title worth having on GwG - Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Saints Row 3, Black Flag, you name it - is one that I've *very* recently bought. This time is no different, but the hurt is double!

    Oh well, I prefer having the physical copies anyway.

    @cloudskipa If you've not played Black Flag before, you're in for a treat - it's the best of the bunch in my view. Heck, it's one of my favourite last-gen games.
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  • Sega Steam sale makes Alien: Isolation a mere 7.99

  • Farzlepot 26/03/2015

    "whopping 92 per cent off [...] a mere 59.99"

    Wait, what?

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  • Valve-approved Half-Life 2: Update headed to Steam

  • Farzlepot 26/03/2015


    The biggest problem with HL2 graphically these days is the texture quality (which was criticised by some at release though), and perhaps some of the particle effects. It's not too bad in other areas and absolutely hasn't aged badly at all. And I'm yet to see a game handle facial animation as well as HL2 does. Even LA Noire - the game based around facial animations - seemed unnatural, somehow, in comparison.
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  • Farzlepot 26/03/2015


    Also because it's on Steam...?
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  • Is Bloodborne the best game ever, or just the second best?

  • Farzlepot 24/03/2015

    What's the price of Bloodbourne then?

    I don't mean the price, I mean the controller price.
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  • Mortal Kombat X Quitalities explode rage quitters' heads

  • Farzlepot 23/03/2015

    I think punishments for rage quitters have to be tempered against the knowledge that some people leave a match early for different reasons, such as "my internet is shit," or "my child has just consumed bleach and is about to die," or that age-old chestnut of "OHFUCKI'VEBEENPLAYINGALLNIGHTANDI'MLATEFORWORKBYE!" Reply +3
  • Google Nexus 6 review

  • Farzlepot 22/03/2015


    It's called 'airplane mode'. It's been a thing for years.
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  • Nyko's Xbox One "Intercooler" seems rather pointless

  • Farzlepot 11/03/2015


    That's the real purpose behind this device. It stops people from putting crap on top of their XBO. That fan doesn't even move!
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  • Here's your first look at Cliff Bleszinski's new game

  • Farzlepot 10/03/2015

    First and last look for me, then.
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  • 20GB Elder Scrolls Online patch is biggest yet

  • Farzlepot 07/03/2015


    The Elder Scrolls is about being THE hero. It's about imbuing the player with powers and making them believe that they are the most important individual in the mythological world. It's about immersion and freedom and selfishness. It's about losing yourself in the world, exploring unknown realms and beating the crap out of bad guys that terrify everybody else.

    It's not about queuing for the same quest that 20,000 other dickheads named "l33tsk1ll5-64" have just taken, and exploring tombs full of people saying "innit".

    Frankly, the people who've been begging for multiplayer to be added to Skyrim et al can fuck off to one of the many, many other fantasy games that are already online. Leave singleplayers their dwindling stock.
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  • Steam now shows Steam Machines and their prices

  • Farzlepot 06/03/2015

    Some of these look like they were designed by the chavs that sit in their blinged-up cars on Tesco car park every night. Reply 0
  • EA shuts down Spore and SimCity developer Maxis

  • Farzlepot 04/03/2015

    @null Mass Effect 3 was a good game sans a satisfying ending. The hate was largely a minority, and sales were brilliant. Reply 0
  • The Elder Scrolls: Total War brought to life by modder

  • Farzlepot 04/03/2015

    Great, now I want to play Skyrim again. Thanks a bunch EG, I only just got it out of my system! Reply 0
  • Gone Home is no longer in development for consoles

  • Farzlepot 04/03/2015

    @sloth09 While I'm no fan of the bizarre platform-centric posturing exhibited here sometimes, I think in this instance he meant "As a PC gamer..." to mean "as somebody who uses the platform this game was released for, and therefore has firsthand experience of it..." rather than "lol master race."

    I could be wrong, of course.
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  • Unreal Engine 4 is now free. For everyone. Really

  • Farzlepot 02/03/2015

    Prepare for the onslaught of plastic people, people! Reply 0
  • Eurogamer readership survey 2015

  • Farzlepot 02/03/2015

    We'll owe you one.
    I'll hold you to that!
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  • Cara Ellison on: The Sims 4

  • Farzlepot 28/02/2015

    This is all very interesting, but can you still make Sims of people you don't like and then remove all of the ladders from the swimming pool they're in? Reply +2
  • Paranautical Activity resurfaces on Steam after its dev threatened Gabe Newell

  • Farzlepot 18/02/2015

    @BabyBabyBabyOh The horse would have to stand for it. Sitting down would make it impossible. Reply +1
  • Farzlepot 18/02/2015


    I think you meant to say "the synergy of words in the language space is, moving forward, becoming doubleplus-ungood."
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  • Video: When games humiliate us with pity

  • Farzlepot 25/01/2015

    @Dan1382 That's a pretty odd reason to watch a gaming video when you clearly have access to the Internet. Reply +5
  • Ori and the Blind Forest gets PC, Xbox One release date

  • Farzlepot 20/01/2015

    I thought you said "Planet Moon Studios" and got all excited. Reply 0
  • Face-Off: Resident Evil HD Remaster

  • Farzlepot 20/01/2015


    And just like that, everybody knows that you're worried that women may be lying when they say size doesn't matter.
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  • Watch Dark Souls completed in under 50 minutes

  • Farzlepot 20/01/2015

    I don't think it's a odd shot in the dark. It takes some people 50 minutes to beat the first enemy in Dark Souls. Reply +17
  • Microsoft announces Forza Motorsport 6 for Xbox One

  • Farzlepot 13/01/2015

    My biggest peeve with FM5 is always starting in 14th place, and only having two laps to get into the lead. This isn't such a problem on the easier AI difficulties, but on harder difficulties it becomes almost impossible to get to 1st place in such a short space of time without resorting to dirty driving. And given how violently aggressive the Drivatars are sometimes, I get the sense that others have found this to be true also.

    I don't want to start in 1st place every time, as that makes things too easy (and takes away from the actual racing side of things), but I do hope they come up with some kind of better system. An extra lap would probably do the trick.
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  • Apple raises price of 69p apps

  • Farzlepot 10/01/2015


    While s and s and $s are reasonably stable currencies, the rouble is completely fucked at the moment.
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  • Japan's console market at lowest point for 24 years

  • Farzlepot 08/01/2015


    To the Japanese, the 'smartphone revolution' we've recently undergone is a bit old hat. Their mobile phones are their lives to an extent that makes our phones seem like expendable trinkets by comparison, and this is far from a new phenomenon. They love them, and you can bet your bottom yen that they game the fuck out of the things.
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  • Aliens: Colonial Marines and AvP (2010) have vanished from Steam

  • Farzlepot 02/01/2015

    Game over man, game over? Really? Nobody? Reply +8
  • Games of 2014: Far Cry 4

  • Farzlepot 30/12/2014

    I picked this up not long ago, and even though I've only completed a handful of missions I'm reeeaaally struggling to force myself to continue. It's just so... meh. So much meh. Reply 0
  • Halo 3: ODST campaign coming to Halo: The Master Chief Collection as DLC

  • Farzlepot 23/12/2014


    "You want to give me something free? To try and make up for your earlier mistake? Like, as a peace-offering?"

    "Yes. I'm sorry, and I hope it goes some way to making things right between us."


    That's how normal people react in their day-to-day lives, yes? I punch people in the face whenever they try to apologise to me. It's just how things are done.
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  • That Dragon, Cancer succeeds its Kickstarter goal

  • Farzlepot 10/12/2014

    @FMV-GAMER I said something about having had 'good innings' to my mum when she was diagnosed (pretty sure it was attached to an age joke) and she beat it just to stick it to me. That's just how we roll though. Reply +3
  • Minecraft gets Xbox-exclusive Star Wars DLC

  • Farzlepot 27/11/2014


    Slippery slope, eh?

    I have a bad feeling about this.
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  • GAME selling Xbox One and four games for 299

  • Farzlepot 27/11/2014


    You're right that it's "not quite a racer or on a current gen console", because it actually is a racer and on a current gen console.
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  • Brianna Wu's next game aims to "replace Twine"

  • Farzlepot 26/11/2014


    I've already told you, but I'll attempt to explain.

    A mental disorder is exactly that; a disorder, a psychological 'malfunction'. Part or all of the mind is not functioning according to specifications (this is an oversimplification, but it's the best I can do under the circumstances), with negative consequences. In many cases, talking therapy and/or pharmacological treatment can 'correct' the problem, or at least make it more manageable in long-term conditions.

    People presenting with gender dysphoria alone do not have psychological problems (though this is rare, and patients usually present with related psychological problems such as depression, for obvious and previously-highlighted reasons). Their brains are functioning perfectly normally (other conditions aside), to use lay terms.

    The treatment for gender dysphoria (in developed countries anyway), while always accompanied with psychological help around coping with their condition and the resultant changes if surgery is opted for, is medical in nature, because you can't 'fix it' psychologically - there is nothing to 'fix'. No more so than a psychiatrist could make you identify with a different gender, nor give you drugs to accomplish the same.

    While still poorly understood, a whole host of biological reasons are cited that may cause gender dysphoria - as I suggested, you should do some reading.

    And while this may all seem like 'splitting hairs' to you, for centuries people have believed it to be 'all in the mind', and lives have been utterly and brutally destroyed by attempting to 'correct' the perceived problem psychologically. The outcomes of these attempts, as with any other attempt to 'fix' a 'problem' which does not exist (I'm looking at those 'gay camps' they have in the USA as an example), have invariably been negative.

    I can't really think of any other way to explain this. I will admit that some of the terminology I've used to try and explain this may offend some, and I apologise for that in advance.

    EDIT: Your "not mental in a crazy way" comment, posted while I wrote this reply, suggests that this is a fruitless endeavour, unfortunately, and that taking you at your word when you proclaimed to be "not quite a lay person" earlier on was an error on my part.
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  • Farzlepot 26/11/2014


    You can keep repeating this outdated misinformation, but it won't become true. Please read some of the latest research on the matter if you are genuinely interested; it is freely available online, and if you choose to condemn them as 'disordered' after that, there isn't much more I can do.

    All I can say is that as somebody who deals with pre- and post-treatment people affected by gender dysphoria on a regular basis, they deserve neither to be casually dismissed as 'mentally disordered' nor to be treated with the vitriolic abuse others have been levelling against them here and elsewhere. It wasn't right to make gay people believe that they were somehow 'sick', and it's not right to do the same thing now to transgendered people. And this is by no means unique to or particularly common in the gaming community, despite what some may like to loudly argue. If anything, the gaming community is (usually) more tolerant than most when it comes this kind of thing, in my experience.

    to;dr, whatever you'd like to believe on this matter or any other, people just need to shut the hell up and be nicer to each other.
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  • Farzlepot 26/11/2014


    The Americans can call it what they like, of course. The NHS ( http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/Gender-dysphoria/Pages/Introduction.aspx ), and most reputable doctors, say otherwise.
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  • Farzlepot 26/11/2014


    What it would seem like to a layperson and what it actually is so far as medical science is concerned are completely different things, though, and that difference is far from 'splitting hairs'. While gender dysphoria is often presented to clinicians along with a slew of mental health problems - chief among them depression, which is rarely aided by such comments and intolerance as displayed in this thread - it is not, by itself, a mental health issue.
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  • Farzlepot 26/11/2014


    Gender dysphoria is a recognised medical condition (and not a mental health disorder). The recommended treatment for many cases (not all) is gender reassignment, depending on the patient. That's about as complicated as it gets.

    What relevance this subject has to the game announced in the article continues to baffle me, however. I doubt the game would have received half of this attention (if any at all) if the developer had not been transgender, which is quite sad IMO.
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  • Don't call it a comeback: Xbox One's first year

  • Farzlepot 22/11/2014

    This is the first time in a long time that I've been thinking about building a PC again. I let my last PC (top-end back in 2004 - AMD FX55, GeForce 6800 Ultra, the works - and now less powerful than my mobile phone) fade into being nothing more than a retro machine, as virtually all new games as of around 2006 - 2008 were console ports anyway.

    Now, of course, PC has entered something of a second golden age (ah, to be 2004 again), while consoles are floundering in an unexciting period of rehashes, with no innovation in sight. I'm sticking with last gen, as there are plenty of amazing releases I still haven't played, and now they're at bargain basement prices. In the meantime, I'll put some cash aside and start figuring out just what the hell has happened to PC components since I last looked in 2004.

    I mean, you put your graphics cards in PCI slots again now? When the hell did that happen?!
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  • Assassin's Creed Rogue review

  • Farzlepot 20/11/2014


    You like what you like. We have no particular reason to try to sway you from disliking a thing, unless any of us are shareholders in Ubisoft. Ignore the franchise and move on with your life, would be my advice.
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  • Farzlepot 20/11/2014


    Of the two I've played (ACII and Black Flag), Black Flag is by far the more enjoyable. To me, anyway.
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  • Farzlepot 20/11/2014


    I've only played ACII and ACIV, so can't comment on the quality of the others, but I have found both of those to be excellent quality. You'll probably find that there are a couple of teams working on a staggered schedule, giving each of them about two years to put a game together - which is a decent amount of time for a large team, provided they don't need to cobble together a new/heavily updated game engine as well as content (which probably explains the mess that Unity is in).

    I'm not saying that this annual release notion is anything other than a cash-in, or that I agree with it, but I have to reiterate that nobody is forcing you to buy them. Vote with your wallet etc.
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  • Farzlepot 20/11/2014

    I don't get why people keep saying that the series should take a break. Just don't play the damn things! I am currently playing through ACIV for the first time, and it's the first AC game I've played since ACII. I think it's a fantastic game, and as it's the first I've played in years it feels nice and fresh too.

    Literally nobody is forcing you to play these as soon as they come out. They don't go off if you don't buy them on release - indeed, they get cheaper. I paid just under 10 for a new copy of ACIV and it's been more than worth it so far.

    I may pick Rogue up in a year or two, as more of the same is exactly what I was hoping it would be. Seriously, how many pirate simulators do we get for 'more of the same' to be a bad thing in this instance?

    As an aside, I find it delicious that the 'quick last-gen cash-in' has proved to be better than the main, next -gen release. The Black Flag underpinnings may have something to do with that. Ubisoft should spin it off away from the AC franchise and make a dedicated piracy series if you ask me. I never understood why pirate games have been so few and far between, and I'm sure there's a market for them. Black Flag was the game I've been waiting for since I was a wee lad.
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  • Assassin's Creed: Unity launch beats Black Flag's in UK chart

  • Farzlepot 17/11/2014


    I second this question!
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  • Surgeon Simulator dev reveals first slice of I Am Bread gameplay

  • Farzlepot 20/10/2014

    I get the distinct impression that this entire article has been bread entirely to generate puns. Reply +5
  • UK gov changing law to get tough on internet trolling

  • Farzlepot 20/10/2014


    I'd just like to highlight that an IP address is not a good means of accusing somebody of something, as I once learned to my detriment courtesy of my sister (thanks again for my Year of Hell BTW, sis!).
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  • Farzlepot 20/10/2014


    If I knew that, I'd be a much richer man than I am now.
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  • Farzlepot 20/10/2014


    Perhaps you're right; the scare may discourage them from further misbehaving. And hopefully that's how this will be used, as a scare tactic.

    And I'm not trying to diminish the effect such behaviour has on the victims at all, but rather suggest that draconian, seemingly vindictive sentencing isn't a solution to the problem.
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  • Farzlepot 20/10/2014


    Sociopathy is a recognised disorder, though. Rather than locking sociopaths up with veteran sociopaths, it seems like they should be treated medically instead, assuming they are actual sociopaths.

    Chances are that the majority of 'trolls' are just misguided / poorly raised nerds with an anonymity shield. Either way, locking them away with violent criminals seems like the wrong way to handle this, and, as my first post implies, sets a dangerous, Orwellian precedent.
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